i want to take a million showers

Let's get real for a second

Being a single mom is hard. Like really hard.

Everything is on me, from things as small as cooking dinner to things as big as potty training. Every single day, every single minute I hear the constant whines, cries, laughter, and “mommy’s” I don’t know what silence is. I don’t know what it means to sit down and watch a 30 minute TV episode.

My house often goes unclean. Sometimes we eat Easy Mac for dinner. I usually go 3 days between showers.

New clothes, the cost of daycare, anything from Tylenol to toys to diapers is all paid for by me.

And the kicker? Society looks at single moms like WE’RE the ones that failed, that we couldn’t keep our legs closed, or we did something to make our man run away. But what society doesn’t see is the millions of articles I read to be a better mom, the time I’m taking off work so I can be at my son’s school party, or that I’m stretching myself thin to give my son everything he wants.

Single moms are by far the strongest beings on this entire planet and I think we deserve a little more recognition than we receive.

Oblivious || Part 3

being oblivious had its perks… but not so much this time. 

(part one) 

(part two) 





Clickclickclickclickclickclick- Your eyes shot open as the obnoxious clicking grew louder, your vision still slightly blurry with sleep. Immediately, you were greeted with what seemed like a million cameras in your face, along with not-so quiet questions being thrown at you from all directions. And to top it all off? It was raining. 

“Y/N! Y/N, what are you doing out here on the street?” 

“Y/N, can you confirm Harry and Camille’s relationship?” 

“Tell us about Harry’s upcoming tour!” 

“Wha- what-” You wiped away the dry drool from the corner of your mouth before quickly scrambling up to your feet when you realized where you were. Where you still were. Outside the club, leaning against a lamp post. What time was it? Did you seriously fall asleep against a lamp post? Where was Harry? Where was Camille? Did he ever get his damn jacket?? 

“Did Harry leave you out here? We saw you going into the club with him last night.”

“What are your thoughts on Harry’s new girl?”  

“N-No comment, no comment.” You shook your head, patting down your pockets to make sure you still had all your things with you. It was a miracle you hadn’t gotten robbed in the middle of the night, especially in downtown LA. You were a little lightheaded from the unpleasant awakening, and your thoughts were all muddled up in your head so you had no idea what to do. Not to mention, the fact that you were being crowded by at least 40 paps didn’t exactly help. You winced when droplets of rain began pebbling down on you, making you raise your hand up over your head. 

“S’cuse me, I have to get home.” You tried to squeeze your way through the crowd, but it seemed like every time you took a step, you were pushed back three steps. It wasn’t usually this bad when you were out with Harry, but maybe that was because he had four bodyguards with him all the time. And in this case, you were completely on your own. You just wanted to go home and take a hot shower… 

“Y/N, can you answer a couple questions?” 

“Why didn’t you go home with Harry last night?” 

“Y/N, Y/N! Over here, sweetheart! Can I get a smile?” At this point, you were starting to get overwhelmed, not only by the millions of questions but also because you were very much claustrophobic. Usually, you’d have Harry keeping you behind him while pulling you through, and that always kept you calm. Not so much this time. 

“Please- c’mon man, let me through!” You pleaded, elbowing your way through the crowd as aggressively as you could. You breathed a sigh of relief when you spotted a taxi coming down the road. As soon as you weaseled your way out of the crowd, you raised an arm to hail the cab. 

“Y/N, how many Victoria Secret models has Harry dated so far?” You nearly stumbled onto the ground as you beelined straight for the cab, trying your best to drown the questions out.

“Thoughts on the One Direction hiatus? It’s been 18 months and they’re not back together!” 

“Y/N, how do you feel knowing that Harry’ll never love you the way you love him?” 

“Wait- What did you- Pardon me?” You whipped around, your eyebrows knitting together as you tried to locate the source of the question. Maybe you had just imagined that. There were a dozen questions being asked at once, after all. 

“Lady, are you getting in or what?” You looked over the crowd one last time before quickly slipping into the taxi, wiping the stray droplets of rain off your forehead. Definitely an eventful start to the morning. 


As much as you wanted to go home and slip into bed (your back was killing you), a part of you knew you needed to go and see if Harry was alright. You wondered if he had taken his Advil yet, but then again, he probably wasn’t even up yet. You couldn’t exactly blame him for leaving you last night… After all, he was really drunk and could barely walk. 

You shivered as the elevator door opened to his flat entrance, the rainwater having completely soaked through your clothes. You had even made a stop to his favourite green-smoothie place since you knew he liked a boost of energy in the morning. 

“Fuckin’ freezing.” You muttered to yourself, reaching up and pressing the doorbell. It rang a couple times before you heard footsteps, making you perk up a little. If that was Harry, he most definitely sounded energetic! You’d have to thank Camille later on for helping him get hom-

“Can I help you?” That didn’t sound like Harry. You looked up, eyes widening at the sight of Camille standing in front of you in all her glory. She was dressed in nothing but Harry’s shirt from last night, a friendly smile on her face. “Oh! You’re, uh, shoot, I’m so bad with names…”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.” You trailed off, feeling a little more than defeated. She spent the night with Harry? He had just up and left you outside a damn club, and just to sprinkle some more salt in the wound, he spent the night with bloody ~Victoria Secret model~ Camille Rowe. “Is Harry alright?” 

“He’s fine! I just made breakfast for us - would you like to join us? I made chocolate chip pancakes, and I picked up some cantaloupe. Harry told me they were his favourite.” Yeah, because you made chocolate chip pancakes for him whenever he was recovering from a hangover. “Also, do you need a towel or something? You’re kinda…” She glanced down, gesturing to the puddle you had created. 

“Oh! No, no. I’m good, thanks. I just wanted to swing by and see if he was alright. I wasn’t expecting- um, I didn’t think he’d have guests over.” You smiled uneasily, ducking down a little when you caught a glimpse of Harry plopping himself down on the couch. “Can you at least remind him to take two Advil? And this is for him.” You handed her the green smoothie, keeping your fakest smile plastered on your face. 

“Right, yeah. Should I tell him you’re-”

No!” Camille’s eyes widened at your loud response. You cleared your throat and shook your head gently. The last thing you needed right now was for Harry to see you, a dripping mess, standing at his front door looking like you had just come out of a horror movie. And you didn’t exactly want to see him either… You were still humiliated over him now knowing about your feelings for him. 

“I just wanted to drop the smoothie off for him. I’ll be on my way now. Thanks again, for…” Dragging Harry away last night? Sleeping with him? Replacing me even though I’m not technically his girlfriend and he definitely doesn’t like me like that but I do girlfriend-y things and it really sucks that he’s doesn’t like me because I’m pretty sure I’m in love with him but here comes a Victoria’s Secret model and she’s so much prettier and fitter and funnier and probably smarter than me and that’s why I’ll never be Harry’s type and God I think my heart is breaking- “Getting him home safely. By the way, he likes it when you cut his fruit into cubes.” 


You had definitely never been this down in the dumps before. You kind of just wanted to curl up into a ball and drown in your own tears. Out of all the things to happen, why did you have to fall in love with Harry?! And why did you think you had a chance in the first place? You were just stupid, that’s what you were. Stupid, and lonely, and pathetic, but so, so in love with Harry Styles. And-


“Y/N, are you in there?” 


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BTS Reactions:

*Order: Descending/ Newest-Oldest

*I didn’t include the reactions that were broken up into individual parts for the members or the old MTL’s. It would literally take me a million years to link all of them, sorry.

BTS React to finding out their s/o used to be on bad girls club

BTS React to meeting a cute shy male tattooed fan at a fansign

BTS React to S/O wanting them to join them in the shower

BTS React to gf stealing/wearing their boxers

BTS React to you taking off your cloths and playing with your boobs. BUT they can’t touch. NSFW

BTS React to their ‘little’S/O acting bratty

BTS React to gf squirting NSFW

BTS React to shy S/O wearing swimsuit in front of them for the first time

BTS React to sleeping over at their S/O’s house, but they have to sleep on the floor

BTS React to S/O giving them a cute pet name :)

BTS React to gf moving her butt muscles

BTS React to S/O having a biting kink NSFW

BTS React to S/O being really short

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Let’s talk about sigils!

What is a sigil and how can you use them?

So basically a sigil is like a little symbol charged with magical intent. They tend to have just one (but sometimes multiple) purposes i.e. one sigil will do one thing ***USUALLY*** They’re a super easy way to incorporate witchcraft into your everyday life! Draw sigils on your wrist, or keep them in your wallet or even draw them with your finger when the mirror steams up after having a shower!

How do you draw a sigil?

There are a million and one ways to draw sigils so find a method that feels right for you. Try a few and see what works! This is the method I use:

  1. Write out your phrase of intent - so what you want the sigil to do; for example “I will to be happy”, “I am at peace”, “Protection from negative thoughts”. 
  2. Cross out the vowels and the repeating letters; for example “I will to be happy”, becomes “I will to be happy”
  3. Write out the remaining letters; taking the same example, what should be left is WLTBHPY
  4. Take the shape of the letters, you don’t need to use all of them, but the more the better and try to combine them. Rotate the letters if you need to, elongate certain  lines or make them shorter, you just need the impression of the letters. 
  5. Add what I call “witchy flares” like arrows and circles. These help direct the energy. 

Examples of my own sigils

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask! I’m not claiming to be the fountain of all knowledge on sigils but I can certainly give my advice or at least point you to a person who knows more than me haha!

Happy witching!

Washed Away

Nessian, 2.9k, Rated T

A/N: This is based on the moment in ACOWAR when Nesta admits that she can’t take baths anymore because of Hybern. I wanted Cassian to help her out with her fear.


Nesta stared at the tub filled with an ankle deep of water. Her breath came out shaky, causing small waves to form over the surface. A towel wrapped around her skin, and the fabric irritatingly rubbed against her body. She knew there was no possibility of submerging herself in the water, two buckets were already filled beside it, but she wanted to try dipping her foot in. Just for a bit. Feyre had already contracted someone to install a shower, but it wasn’t going to be finished for another two weeks. Thus, Nesta continued her routine of using buckets.

Inside, Nesta knew she must look ridiculous, for she was staring at a seemingly empty bathtub. There was nothing in that water that would hurt her, not something that shallow at least. She would lift her leg and dip a toe, nothing more. That would be enough. All of her muscles seemed locked in place as her mind urged her leg to twitch towards the water. She could barely breathe the longer she stared, her thoughts circling around the image of Elain being shoved in those waters, not knowing whether her sister or a corpse would escape. Those moments when Nesta could hear her own heart thundering in her chest, even without Fae hearing. Then, Nesta’s thoughts raced to her own drowning. The tight grip of the Hybern soldiers’s hands on her body. The rage coursing through her as she pointed her finger. The flooding of her lungs—

“By the Cauldron! I am so sorry!”

Nesta whipped around faster than one could winnow to see Cassian standing in the doorway.

“What. The hell. Cassian.”

He was already retreating out the door, covering his eyes with his forearm. “I’m sorry Nesta. I thought—‘

“Did no one ever teach you to knock when there’s a closed door?”

“I’m sorry—“

“Closed, Cassian, the door was closed.” Her breathing came out incredibly ragged, and she practically shrieked, “Get out!”

She turned with every ounce of dignity she had left.

“What are those?”

Her voice came out very clipped. “What do you mean, what are those?”

His silence stretched on between them, daring her to turn around. She only allowed her head to graze over her shoulder before she saw he was not looking anywhere near her. Instead, his gaze locked on the buckets on the floor, and his eyes showed where his thoughts were going.

“Cassian. I said get out,” she snarled at him as she turned to face him fully.

“Nesta, are those—“

“They’re nothing,” she breathed, losing all courage from before, “Just leave.”

His head nodded at the order, still not looking at her as he left, lost in his own mind. When he closed the door, she walked over to check the lock and rested her back against the wall. Cassian’s interruption dragged more fight out of her than she thought it would, and she couldn’t motivate herself to even approach the tub let alone dip her toes. Her fight mellowed the longer she stood there, and she slid to the floor.

Too damn weak. She felt so inadequate that she couldn’t even stand. Everything seemed unnecessary beyond her inability to clean herself. Last time she washed was yesterday. She hadn’t done anything strenuous today, so she could wait. She could wait until tomorrow when she would have to wrestle with herself all over again to enter the bathroom and fill the buckets. When she drenched herself in their water, she would always hold her breath and move as quickly as possible. Her record was six bucketfuls, she didn’t think she could handle anything beyond that.

The water was surely cold by now, and as she stood to empty it, her legs shook. Plunging her hand into the tub for the drain, her eyes closed and she felt two silent tears slowly run down her face. The gurgling of the water was the only noise for a while until she heaved the buckets up to drain in the bath as well. Her towel somehow stayed snug against her body the whole time, and she hid the pails under the sink before leaving the room. Where she saw a hulking bat sitting across the hallway from her.

His lips moved as if to speak, but Nesta shot him a glare and practically ran to her room. She heard him follow her, but she just moved faster before slamming her door in his face.

As quickly as she could, she disrobed and dressed herself as he sighed on the other side.

“Nesta—“ he paused, as if wondering if she was going to let him continue—“I’m sorry about earlier. I was debriefing Rhys downstairs and was walking backwards into the door. I didn’t see it was closed. My apologies.”

She could hear him turning to walk away, but for whatever cauldron-damned reason, she opened her door.

“You weren’t there.”

His back strained at her words and his wings hitched slightly.

“Nesta, you know that ever since Hy—“

“Not there. I know there’s nothing you could have done. I don’t think you do, but that’s for another time.”

He was facing her now, and his jaw worked as if he were going to say something. She held up her hand. “Let me finish. You weren’t at the meeting with Graysen.” She took a deep breath, somehow this private admission a million times harder than the one that she made so long ago. “Your eyes were on those buckets, and your thoughts seemed to be working faster than your mind could handle. So I, ah, guess you should hear it from me before you draw your own conclusions. Taking a bath is pretty difficult after —“ she gestured pathetically with her arms—“everything. Feyre’s getting a, what do you call it? A shower installed. It’ll be another two weeks, so I use buckets instead of a bath. I wanted to see if I could dip my feet today, or at least my toes,” she sighed, “turns out I’m a little too pathetic for even that.”

She didn’t realize that she never once looked at him the whole time, but when she did, his face was completely stricken with devastation. Her fingers scratched behind her ear, and she attempted to walk past him.

“Nesta.” His hand was on her arm and his gaze was intense. “Nothing about your situation is pathetic. We share at lot of sexual jokes, but I’m serious when I say I have a shower at my house that you can use in the mean time. If you need to. Want to.”

She’d never admit how grateful she was at his offer, but the look in his eyes showed that maybe he could feel her relief. “Thanks. I’ll think about it.”

Their gazes locked for a moment longer, before she turned to leave and his hand left her arm.

At Ritas that evening, the whole inner circle enjoyed a night out including Elain and Nesta. All together, they shared a few drinks though Nesta drank less than everyone and sat completely erect on a barstool. Their group swayed along to whatever tempo they pleased while Nesta stared amazed that even Amren joined in their revelry. Looking at them all, she knew she could join them, in fact, they’d already encouraged her multiple times. Cassian never directly asked her once, but his eyes skirted over to hers almost too often. As if now that she told him her fear, she would shatter if left to her own devices.

Nesta slowly nursed her water at his excessiveness until the prick behind her shoved into her the bar.

“Excuse—“ Nesta started as she turned around.

Her voice was drowned out by the fighting males behind her. And the full mug of ale that completely drenched her outfit. There was no time to become angry at her sodden state. The fighting pair continued as though nothing happened, and Nesta just stared at herself mouth agape.

“Hey, Hey, Hey, HEY.”

Nesta looked up at that.

Cassian stood with his arms erect, breaking up the fight. His words were hushed between the two swaying drunks. Whatever he said calmed them, and his main tactic seemed to be forcing them to break eye contact by repeatedly claiming “look at me”. Nesta heard him say it so much that she didn’t realize he was saying it to her until she looked up.

His eyes were inches from her face and stared at her with concern. “There you are.” He gave her a small smile. “Are you okay?”

“Of course I’m okay. I wasn’t in that fight,” she hummed, “Can you get out of my face?”

He moved as if he just now realized their proximity and skirted his gaze down her dress. With his raised eyebrows, she couldn’t help but look too. “Nesta, I’d always thought I’d see you wet, but these were not quite the circumstances I was imagining.”

Nesta’s jaw dropped for a second time that evening. “Is there a real reason you came over here? Or did you just want to make some poorly timed innuendos and have to disrupt that fight to do it?”

“If you must know—” he leaned in close again—“your damp state seemed like you were going to need to wash.”

Nesta froze. She had not thought about that part of her evening yet.

“And I thought maybe you’d…want to come to my place.” The last words came so fast that she almost thought she misheard him. Almost. Which was why her response felt like too much.

“Fine. But you’re not allowed any more innuendos.”

He put his hands up in defense but wore a grin of satisfaction before leading the way out.

Not a word was spoken between them as they winded through the streets of Velaris. Nesta’s anxiety grew the longer they walked. From an outsider perspective, their situation would look promiscuous as he took her home, but there was nothing sexual about their silence. They weaved their way through town, down alleys, and Nesta could’ve sworn they‘d cross the Sidra twice. The peace shared between them seemed so delicate that Nesta had no desire to break it, especially since Cassian was offering so much to let her use his shower. A slight breeze passed, and Nesta’s dress, clinging to her body now that it was soaked, caused her to shiver.

She could feel Cassian look at her out of the corner of his eye and almost snapped. Tear him apart for taking them in a seemingly pointless journey through Velaris when there had to be a better route. Her mouth opened slightly to voice—

“Here we are,” Cassian gestured to a single brick townhouse, identical to all the others on the street. To Nesta’s surprise, every window had a lush garden growing in boxes underneath them. Cassian walked up the stairs, and Nesta stared at his back without really seeing it.

“Do all Illyrians in this city live in townhouses?” Nesta inquired.

Cassian jangled his keys, and Nesta began to ascend the stairs after him. “At least we’re not compensating for anything—” he turned to wink at her—“But considering there’s only three of us, yes we all do.”

Nesta scoffed at that and stepped aside as Cassian opened the door. As though he forgot she was there, he stumbled into his home without any bravado, not even turning on a light, and lightly made his away upstairs.

“Nesta, there’s definitely no water out there. If you would like to enjoy the particulars of indoor plumbing, you’ll need to follow me to the bedroom,” he called as he turned towards her.

“We agreed on no innuendos.”

“And there has yet to be one. The only bathroom with a shower here is upstairs—“ he turned back around—“So my offer still stands, but you’ll need to enter the room where I sleep.”

Nesta padded up after him.

His bathroom was huge. Everything in it was built to accommodate wings, making it all three times larger than necessary. What she assumed was his shower had three spigots each with two handles underneath. Cassian left her there unceremoniously, and she’d already stripped herself bare. Though she claimed she would be fine, there were too many levers and the water shot down in a pounding waves so hard that Nesta immediately turned it off, scared of its power. She cracked the door open.

“Cassian,” she practically whispered as if he’d be right inside his bedroom. No response.

“Cassian.” Much louder.

Footsteps sounded from downstairs, and she waited for his approach. She felt like an uncivilized idiot who couldn’t even learn how to use a freaking shower.

Someone tapped lightly on the door. “Can I come in, Nesta?” he sounded incredibly tired on the other side. She let him in.

“I don’t know how to work the shower,” she stated, “I mean I don’t know how to make the water more tolerable.”

He just stared at her. “Is the rain okay?”


“You’ve been out in the rain since the cauldron. Is the rain okay?”

She thought back to memories of such gloomy weather and nodded. With those directions, he turned some dials on the faucets and spun the handles so water came out.

“That should feel like a light storm. If all three are too much, just use the one in the middle. The knobs underneath control the water temperature.”

A wave of exhaustion passed through her so strong that she had nothing to remind him that she knew how to turn it on. She left it at, “Thank you.”

As he left, he called, “When you’re done, just come get me to bring you home. I’ll be downstairs.”

She nodded before he turned and walked away. The bathroom that once seemed huge, now appeared tiny. Nothing in that room mattered except for the dripping water. Nesta stared at it a little, astonished that Cassian had been so generous throughout this whole situation. After so many years in that hovel, she was trained not to waste water, no matter how much she wished she could just stare at it and be clean. The towel dropped to the floor as she caught a waft of her beer-ladder self. Tentatively, she raised her arm and let the water cascade down. She could stop herself whenever she felt, but she chose to step over the tiny ledge on the floor anyway.

The sensation of all that water hitting her at once was too much. The warmth of it enveloping her to a point of choking that she blindly grasped for the faucet on her right, shutting the flow off immediately. On her other side, she fumbled more, but still managed to find it rather quickly. Above her, water came at a calming, leisurely rate. She closed her eyes. It’s just rain. It’s just rain. It’s just rain.

Her breathing slowed, slightly.

She could do this.

She’d already stood there for longer than those buckets could ever drench her. That thought though, forced herself to exit the stream. Her toes remained wet. She couldn’t help but think of only a few hours ago when she’d restrained from even putting her foot in the water. A sharp laugh escaped her.

Lathering herself in soap and washing multiple times, Nesta could only stand in the water for maybe a minute at a time before believing the shower a rainstorm washed away. All in all, she stayed there for maybe seven minutes. A short wash for anyone else, but the longest Nesta had had in months. Though they’d won the war, this felt like  Nesta’s largest victory. Cassian’s towel felt like velvet as she wrapped herself in it, wondering if she just thought that way because of the significance of her evening.

Outside, folded neatly on the bed, were a small stack of clothes meant for her. She quietly wandered downstairs to find Cassian. As she passed through his living room, she thought maybe he was in the kitchen only to find it empty. Rather, after some insistent searching, she found him curled on the couch, his wings forming a cocoon in place of blanket, making it appear as though he never meant to fall asleep.

His face seemed peaceful, more so than she had maybe ever seen it. After everything he had done for her tonight, he deserved some rest. She found a blanket and draped him in it before realizing that with his hulking form, there was really no place for her to sleep down here. Scrambling back up the stairs was her only option. First, she opened the door across the hall from his room, hoping to find a guest suite, but it was an office filled with maps and strategies. Which meant her only option was his bed. It felt like a personal intrusion, but the more exhausted part of her mind reminded her she’d already used his shower, so why not surrender to the comforts of his sheets.

Immediately, his scent invaded her nose the tighter she tucked herself in, but she found it intoxicating. A depressant stronger than any alcohol consumed that evening. She pulled the sheets tightly, almost feeling like Cassian was there with her. After almost no time at all, she fell asleep, her dreams filled with not a single drop of water.

In the morning, Cassian woke her up by poking her shoulder. They’d shared a small smile before he walked her home, and again neither of them said anything until they reached Rhys’s home where Nesta thanked him. Then, kissed him on the cheek, an action that surprised them both.

No matter how much shock there was though, Cassian welcomed her to his home for showers every day before Feyre got one installed. And thankfully never commented when she occasionally stopped in after it was.


Paring: Changkyun x reader

Genre: fluff

Word count: 1,299

Originally posted by changkyunho

It’s not very easy to understand Changkyun. He’s an introvert. He’d rather spend his free time indoors than go out like this friends. His brain works in the strangest ways. Don’t get this the wrong way. Changkyun is smart. A lot smarter than most people and he thinks of stuff most people wouldn’t. Also, Changkyun is never good with words. He can’t speak his emotions. It’s just very difficult for him to show people how he really feels. If he’s upset with someone, he won’t tell him off and just keep it to himself. And if he has feelings for someone…well that’ll be very hard for him to convey. But the only way only he can convey what he feels is through words that he writes on his sheets and combines them with the amazing music that he creates.

Besides Changkyun there’s another person that’s not very easy to understand and that’s his girlfriend. Your case is not as bad as Changkyun’s. You aren’t that bad with expressing your feelings. You’re just not very affectionate..in a touchy way. You don’t hate skinship. You just prefer not being touched (if that made any sense). It doesn’t exactly bother you, but to a certain degree, it does make you uncomfortable.

But that’s not how you feel with Changkyun. You want to get affectionate with him, you just didn’t know how to initiate it. At times it baffles you how effortlessly Minhyuk does it. He just throws himself on people and hugs them all the time. Sometimes it’s a little too much but no one complains.

It’s not like you went 7 months of your relationship without touching each other. You two hold hands all the time, hug and kiss each other and cuddle with each other at every chance you get because they are times when you hardly ever get see him. It’s Changkyun that initiates them almost every time. And when he doesn’t initiate, you just look at him lost and confused with a million thoughts running through your mind. Although Changkyun has never admitted it, he does like that look on your face. He just likes teasing you.

You feel awful that it’s always Changkyun that hugs you first or kisses your first. And you really want to be the one to do it first and take him by surprise but every time you try, you get nervous, your hands start to sweat and eventually you end up looking like a tomato. You really just don’t know what to do.

Eyebrows furrowed cutely, lips in a small pout and hands fidgeting in your lap, you stare at your idol boyfriend leaning forward on the table with his face buried in his hands. You can tell he’s stressed. Changkyun has been trying to finish his song for hours now but his brain does not want to cooperate. He has to finish his song to perfection in less than four days and he hasn’t even come up with a tune let alone lyrics (I have absolutely no idea how long it takes to write a song).

You wish you could help but don’t know anything about composting. You tried to take him out to his favourite restaurant but he refuses to leave his studio. You release a small sigh as you stare mindlessly at the deep green walls of the tiny room. Trying to come up with million ideas to help your very stressed boyfriend, you remember Kihyun telling you that the best stress reliever for a guy is kisses from his love. But you wouldn’t want to listen to Kihyun, he likes his girlfriends clingy and who showers him with tons of attention. He’s fancy like that.

But when you watch Changkyun slump back into his chair with a groan escaping his lips, you have a mental debate. Should you take Kihyun’s advice? Or throw yourself at changkyun and give him a bear hug like Minhyuk does? The latter sounds a bit dangerous actually. Sometimes Changkyun suffocates when Minhyuk does that and it takes him some time to even his breathing. You wouldn’t want to kill you boyfriend in an attempt to help him.

Changkyun plays a tune on his keyboard then grumbles while disheveling his hair. He stomps his feet and slumps back into his chair again, mumbling something under his breath. He’s been doing this for hours now. You pout a sad pout. What kind of a terrible girlfriend are you? Changkyun is troubled and stress and all you can do is watch him? No! You get to your feet and wipe your palms on your shorts. They weren’t sweaty but just in case y’know.

“Changkyun?” You call out in a small voice. You can feel the heat reaching to your cheeks already. ‘Don’t be weak now’ you tell yourself as you tug a loose strand of your hair behind your ears. Changkyun replies you with a simple hum.  

“Do you want me to smother you with kisses?”


You took a few steps towards him while playing with the hem of your shirt “Okay. If you insist”

“I didn’t say anything-” Changkyun raises his eyebrows in confusion as he blinks you.

“Alright! Alright! I’ll do it! You don’t have to force me” You very carefully climb onto his lap with each leg on either side of his thighs and your small hands placed on his chest.

Changkyun gives you puzzled look “Baby. What are you doing?”

A smile tugs on the corner of your lips “Shush. Don’t talk” you whisper as you bit onto your lower lip. Taking his hands and placing them on your hips, you cup his face in your small hands. Changkyun blinks at you a few time but doesn’t say anything. You take that as queue and lean forward. You place a gentle kiss on his left cheek, then the right cheek and then you kiss his forehead, the tip of his nose, and his temples. You kiss each of his eyelids and you can feel the hold on your hips tighten when you moved lower to the side of his face. You take the soft fabric of his shirt between your fingers as you trail kisses down from his jaw to his neck. Changkyun moaned when you bit and nibbled on his sensitive spot.

You move back a bit to admire your little artwork and giggled when Changkyun whines. His hand travels to the back of your neck and pulled you down to him again but this time capturing your lips with his. The kiss started off gentle but became rough and hungry in a matter of seconds. He bit your lip causing you to open your mouth so he could slip his tongue in. Your hands were in his soft hair as you moaned into the kiss.

Changkyun pecked your lips one last time before breaking the kiss. With a wide grin, he stares at your now red face and swollen lips. You give him your own version of a wide smile and giggle shyly. Leaning down you wrap your hands around his chest and nuzzle your face into the crook of his neck. His arms travel down and wrapped around your torso, hugging you closer to him.

“Do  you feel less stressed now?” You ask, breathing his scent in.

When he releases why did you become so affectionate all of the sudden, a deep chuckle leaves his lips “Yes. I feel less stressed now” he returns with his fingers combing gently through your hair. You hummed softly and smiled in satisfaction “I’m glad. Kihyun told me kisses are the best stress reliever” you tell him innocently.

Changkyun chuckles again “Baby. I don’t think this is what Kihyun meant”

Thursday Night Surprise // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by jaebuvm

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You come home after a stressful day to find your caring boyfriend Jaebum waiting for you. He takes care of you like the loving ball of fluff he is deep down inside ^_^

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Hold On

Request: If there were ever to be a Tony Stark/Reader hall of fame, “Closer” should be number one. There’s a sad shortage of great Tony/Reader smut. Could you write more? xoxoxoxo thank you!

Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: ~1650

Warnings: Fluff, Smut, a sprinkling of angst, unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving)

A/N: This one is for @crocodilerocker. Thank you so much for the request. This one came along after listening to the Hamilton soundtrack a million and one times, taking songs like “That Would Be Enough” and “Best of Wives and Best of Women” as inspiration. The title comes from this really beautiful Michael Buble song. I hope you this was everything you hoped for, and thank you for your support.

On another note: I’m providing the link for Closer should anyone in the mood.


The mission was rough, but it was a success. It also left you extremely tired so you decided, upon arriving back at the compound, that all you wanted was a hot shower and a good night’s sleep. That was hours ago.

You sit up in bed, blinking a few times as your eyes adjust to the darkness. You reach out to the space beside you, sighing when you find it empty. Though, it’s not only empty but untouched. You throw back the covers, the floor cold beneath your feet as you stand. You make your way from the room. You stop at the end of the hall, looking around but finding it completely empty.

You go to the elevator, pushing the down button and waiting for the doors to open. Once you’re in, you push the button for the basement level. When the doors open again, you continue down the long corridor.

You turn to the glass wall, sighing at the scene in front of you. You press your hand to the sensor, and when the light turns green, you push the door open.

Originally posted by akamatthewmurdock

“Tony, baby, how long have you been down here?”

“What time is it?”

“It’s after 5.”

“What time did we get back?”

“Almost 1.”

“Then it’s been about four hours.”

You move toward him, wrapping your arms around his neck from behind and leaning into him.

“I’m almost done.”

“It can wait.” You turn your head so that your lips are at his ear, whispering, “Come to bed.”

He shakes his head, continuing on with his work, “I have to finish this.”

You look down at the device in his hands, “What is that?”

“It’s the reactor.”

You pull away from him, turning his chair around, “What’s going on, Tony?”

He sighs, taking your hands and pulling you into his lap, “I didn’t want to tell you until I figured out the problem and how to fix it.”

“What happened?”

“The suit started to fail in the middle of the fight. It didn’t go down completely, but…”

You take a deep breath, carding your fingers through his hair and resting your hand against the back of his neck, “Did you fix it?”


“Then leave it for now and come to bed. Please?”

He seems reluctant, but he agrees. You smile as you stand up from his lap, keeping his hands in yours so that you can pull him to his feet. The lights turn off behind as you leave the lab. He holds you close for the duration of the elevator ride back to your floor.

Once you’ve returned to your bedroom and you attempt to climb back into bed, he tightens his grip on your hand and pulls you back to him.

“You know how much I love you, right?”


“Because I do. At first, I was just going to take the reactor to the lab and leave it. I was going to come to bed. I just couldn’t.”

You place your hands on his chest. His own hands move up and down along your upper arms.

“You shouldn’t have had to come looking for me.”

“You act like it was such a difficult search.” You chuckle, “I knew something was wrong. I just didn’t expect you to still be down there when I got up.”

“Neither did I.” he puts his hand against your cheek, his thumb moving lightly over your skin, “I’m sorry, baby.”

“It’s okay.”

Originally posted by relationshipaims

His thumb finds your lips in the dark, providing the direction his own lips need to press against yours. You fist your hands in his shirt, pulling him closer. He stoops down a bit to wrap his hands around your thighs, effortlessly lifting you from the floor. Your legs wrap around his waist; he holds you tight to him as he climbs onto the bed.

Your feet fall to the mattress as he settles you on your back with his body between your parted thighs. His hips grind slowly against yours, his hardening length pressing to your clothed core through his jeans. The t-shirt you’d worn to bed is like a straightjacket as you arch up and into his touch, his hand brushing over the hard peak of your breast. His name is little more than a breath as it passes between your lips.

He smirks down at you, obviously pleased by your reaction but still wanting more. His touch moves beneath the shirt. The warmth of his skin against yours as he pushes the fabric up is almost too much for your unexpectedly sensitive body. In your desperation to further the contact, you grab at the hem of you shirt, yanking it over your head in one swift motion and tossing it away.

He groans in appreciation, his lips descending to your neck, moving over your pulse point. By now, you’re certain he can feel the rushing of your blood beneath your skin. The movement of his hips, once gentle, becomes rougher as he presses down harder.

“Tony… please…”

You don’t mean to beg, but the aching between your thighs is becoming too much. He chuckles softly, leaning away from you and sitting back on his heels. You watch the muscles in his arms and chest flex as he removes his shirt. Your eyes follow his hands to the buckle of his belt. You bite your lip as he pulls the leather from his belt loops. You moan softly as he pops the button and pulls down the zipper. Your whining continues as he stands and pushes his jeans down, kicking them away.

His hands slide up your calves, over your knees, your thighs, and up to your hips. His fingers curl around the elastic of your panties. Your hips rise as he pulls the fabric away from your body and tosses it to the floor. He kisses up your inner thigh but skips your waiting core, eliciting a frustrated groan from you.

“Patience, baby girl.” He chuckles, his voice rough as he whispers into your ear.

You gasp as his fingertips tease your slick entrance, his palm pressing against your clit but not providing nearly enough pressure to relieve the tension coursing through your body. Then his fingers are inside of you, moving slowly back and forth, the tips of them grazing your g-spot again and again. He kisses down your body inch-by-inch before his tongue licks out against the most sensitive spot at the apex of your thighs.

You tread your fingers through his hair, fisting them in the short length of it. He groans against you as you pull it, your hips rolling into his ministrations.

“Tony,” you whimper, “I need you, baby. Please.”

Prompted by your demands, his body moves to hover over yours again. His fingers continue on in their sweet movements as you grab at his boxers, working them down his body. He chuckles softly, his forehead falling to your shoulder for a moment before he finally decides to help. Once they’re gone, his lips come down against yours.

In one swift movement, he’s deep inside of you, his hips flush to yours. You clutch to his body as he begins to rock his hips back and forth. You moan against his skin, your breath coming in short gasps, each one punctuated by each forward thrust. When his pace falters for a moment, you take the opportunity to push him to his back.

Now free to set your own pace, you move slow at first. You smile, reveling in the feeling of his fingertips digging into your hips. Your nails dig into his chest as the knot once wound tight inside of you begins to come apart. You lean into him, pressing your lips to his as his fingers thread into your hair. You roll your hips steadily. The new angle allows you to feel the tension building in his muscles.

You push yourself back up, determined now to bring him to his finish first, but then his thumb is working your clit in small, fast circles. He tenses beneath you, coming undone as you follow barely a minute later.

You take a deep breath as you collapse against him, your ear pressing against his chest over his rapidly beating heart.

“Tony?” you whisper into the darkness.

He hums in response, finding your hand in the darkness and lacing his fingers with yours.

Originally posted by pinepizzalove

“You know, there was a time when that reactor was your heart. There was a time when it failing meant you could die.”

“I know.” He raises your hand to his lip, kissing your knuckles softly.

“You should have told me what happened sooner.”

“I know.”

“I’m terrified of losing you, but that’s why I deserve to know when things like that happen.”


You sit up, putting your hands on either side of his head, “You shouldn’t have to deal those things alone.”


You press a hand over his mouth, “I love you, Tony Stark, but I will kill you myself if you hide anything else like this from me.”

He smiles beneath your hand, kissing your palm. His next words are muffled but clear all at the same time.

“I love you too.” His arms wrap around your waist, and he flips you to your back, “No more secrets.”

You smile, putting your hand to his cheek and guiding his lips down to yours. He kisses your forehead before he pulls away, pushing off the bed and heading for the bathroom. You lay there, closing your eyes to the sound of the shower.

“Hey!” he calls.

You open one eye and look over at him, “What?”

“Ya comin’?”

You giggle, getting up and running toward him. He catches you as you jump into his arms, your legs wrapping around his waist as he carries you into the shower.

7 Years: Part 2

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: It’s been 7 years since you walked away from the love of your life.

Warnings: angst, mentions of cheating, bullying

Part 1

A/N: I guess this is gonna be a short series. Also, if you’d like to be tagged for this series, send me an ask or message me to let me know!

When Bucky arrived back to the apartment he shared with his best friend, army pal, and fellow police officer, Steve Rogers, he collapsed onto the couch. He mind was reeling. He saw you for the first time in seven years. Not only that, he had a daughter! He shared a daughter with you! Was he upset that you didn’t tell him he had a daughter and he missed part of her life? Of course! But that didn’t matter. What mattered was that he was going to fight tooth and nail to not only be a part of Isabelle’s life, but yours as well. He wanted to have his happily ever after that he never got.

“Hey, man. Why all slumpy?” Steve asked walking out into the kitchen.

Bucky stood up from the couch and followed him, “I saw Y/N today. At the park.”

Steve’s eyes widened in shock, “Wow. That must’ve been surprising.” Steve took a glass and poured water into then drank from it.

Bucky nodded, “What was even more surprising was meeting my daughter.”

Steve choked on the water, “What?!”

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Missed Birthday Surprise

request: hey so this is gonna sound really weird but last night i had a dream that my family and i planned a surprise birthday party for shawn and he didn’t show up until it was completely over. do you think you could do an imagine based on that please. ily💛💛💛

Shawn’s birthday was in a few, but you weren’t going to be home due to a work event, so you wanted to throw him a party in advance. You had called Karen, and asked what day would work for her and Manny, since you had already talked to Aaliyah.

A surprise party? For his twentieth?” Karen asked.

“Yeah, I figure it’s probably been a hot minute since he’s had a surprise party, and I just wanna throw one, really. Do you think you guys could come down on the 4th? It’s the Saturday before, and it’s the last Saturday I’ll be home before I leave for work.”

Um,” Karen flipped the calander in their kitchen, and you saw Shawn pull into his parking space in front of the apartment building. “That day’s fine! See you then!” She said, and you promised to send her the time and everything later.

Shawn walked into the apartment, and you smiled at him. “Good evening, Shawn.”

“Hey, how was your day? Do anything exciting?” He asked, kissing you.

“No, just a little cleaning.” You said. “How was your day? Record anything good?” You asked, knowing he was having trouble with his album.

Shawn perked up, and nodded. He got out his phone, and played a voice memo for you, saying it was a song he was working on, “It doesn’t have a prechrous, or a title yet, but I think it’s going to be my favorite one from the album!”

The day came for Shawn’s party, and his sister and parents got there first. “So, what time is Shawn supposed to come home?” Aaliyah asked, texting some boy she’s been talking to lately.

“Fourish, maybe closer to five.” You said, looking out the window. “Why?”

“Because I have a date at six.”

“Ooh!” You teased the teenager, and she blushed. “I’m happy for you, Liyah.” You hugged her, and waved to Brian and his girlfriend as they walked in.

It didn’t take long for everyone to get to the apartment, aside from Shawn. It was nearing four o’clock, so you escaped to the balcony and called him. “Hello? Babe?” Shawn asked, answering the phone.

“Hi, hun, do you know when you’re going to be home?” You asked, looking out over the Toronto skyline.

Should be like, another half hour? Why? You got something planned?” Shawn asked, and you thought he knew about the parrty.

“No, just wanna cuddle my boyfriend. It’s been a while since we had a movie night, maybe we can have one tonight. Double feature if you leave soon enough.” You tried to persuade him.

Shawn laughed through the phone. “I’ll be home soon enough, love. I’ll send you a text when I leave.” He said, before hanging up.

It was eight-thirteen when Shawn walked through the door to the apartment. Everyone aside from Shawn’s parents had left, and that was only because they were helping you clean up. “What’s gonig on?” Shawn asked, dropping his keys into the ceramic dish next to the door.

You frowned, looking at the discarded “Happy Birthday!” banner on the floor. “Nothing, don’t worry about it.”

Shawn looked at his mom, who walked over, and handed him a card. “It’s from your sister.” She said, before she and Manny left, both saying goodnight to you.

The singer looked at you, and you felt your lower lip tremble. “Baby, is this- did you throw me a party?”

“Tried to.” You whispered, setting the garbage bag on the floor. “Wanted to surprise you. Since I won’t be home for your birthday.”

Shawn felt his heart shatter into a million pieces when he saw a tear running down your cheek. “Baby, no, don’t cry.”

“I just- I just wanted to surprise you! B-but you didn’t come home, and I felt so stupid, surrounded by all of your friends! They probably think I’m such a ditz now!” You couldn’t stop the tears, and Shawn wrapped you up in his arms, hands rubbing your back.

“They don’t, honey. They don’t think that.” He whispered, glancing in the kitchen. He saw the cake sitting on the counter, and his frown deepened. “Why don’t you go take a shower, hm? It’ll make you fell better.” Shawn said, knowing how you always perked up after a shower.

“I need to finish cleaning-”

“I got it, darling. Just go shower, ok? Think you can do that?” Shawn asked, kissing youre forehead.

You nodded, wiping away your tears. Shawn made sure he heard the shower start before he started cleaning up, and throwing out cups and plates. He put the lid back on the cake, and slid it into the fridge, before sitting on the couch, and looking at the small book on the cushion next to him. He opened it, and felt his heart constrict when he saw it was full of Polaroids, notes, normal photo prints- all labeled underneath, dated. You had been making a small photo album for Shawn, documenting your relationship, so when he went on tour, and missed you, he can open this.

“It’s my gift, had the photos printed specially on smaller photo paper so they would fit.” You said, and Shawn jumped, he didn’t even hear you come down the hall.

“Baby, thank you.” Shawn hugged you, and you smiled. “I’m so sorry I missed the party, but this,” he held up the album, “is the greatest gift you could ever get me.”

You hugged Shawn once more, happy he liked the birthday gift.

a/n: :( but also :) 

Smile with Me

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: You were having a bad day, but you didn’t want Jungkook to worry. However, Jungkook did worry and he wanted nothing more but for you to smile again.

Word Count: 1767

Originally posted by bottomkookie

If anyone took a look at your bed, they’d just say it was a total mess with the blankets all jumbled up in the middle. Was that the case? Nope. The blankets weren’t JUST jumbled up in the middle, they were jumbled up with you in the middle. You were encased in a blanket burrito in the center of your bed sobbing because today just wasn’t your day. 

It started off pretty good. You woke up to the birds chirping, your breakfast wasn’t burnt this time, and your boyfriend was actually able to stay and eat with you in the morning. That last one was a rare occurrence especially the kind of job he held as part of an idol group. It was all going well until you had missed the bus. You would’ve asked Jungkook to drive you but, he had his own work to get to and you knew how demanding it was. Instead, you decided to walk over to the next station hoping that there would be another bus you could take to school. You didn’t actually reach your class until an hour in, and by the time you took a seat the lecture was already almost finished. Your professor wasn’t all that understanding either and gave you a full absence. And since you couldn’t attend class during prior occasions, you were forced to drop it for having too many absences. 

After school, you headed off to work where you thought you could relax. You liked your work as an employee at a local clothing store, but one ill-tempered customer just had to disrupt your peace. The customer claimed that you had insulted her when she had asked you how a dress she was trying on fit her. You simply said that she might want to try a larger size not because you were trying to insult her, but because she just plainly looked uncomfortable with the snug fit. But of course, she went all ballistic on you and called for your manager who had to repeatedly apologize and ended up giving the lady the dress for free. Your manager was a little more understanding, but that didn’t prevent him from cutting your pay for the rest of the month in order to pay for the dress. 

You weren’t the type of person to share your problems easily, and so you tended to keep your stresses all bottled up. These incidents with your added stress from the everyday things in life had finally pushed you over the edge.  You were breaking down, your head hurt from overthinking everything.

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peetaspikelets  asked:

Hey Jessa! I hope things are going well. Have you ever considered writing any fan fic for the hating game? I've just finished re-reading it and I need more but there's nothing out there 😭😩 I'm not brave enough to attempt it myself lol

I thought about it so many times but I was always too afraid to mess with the perfection of that book. But here’s a little drabble because I was feeling inspired! I hope you like it. 

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The Joker x Reader - “Old Habits”

Everyone in the underworld answers to The Organization. This only happens once, but you will be auctioned to the other members that already served their term and for 6 months you will belong to that person. You have to do anything they ask, both on personal and business level. All the profits go to The Organization; you can’t keep anything for yourself; you can’t escape, you can’t avoid it, just postpone the inevitable. After your 6 months, you can choose and stay as a bidder (just like you did).

“We’ll start the bidding at $500.000 ! “ the auctioneer points towards The Joker, who is chained to the wall and sure doesn’t look pleased with this evening’s events. But there is nothing he can do about it and he is aware of it. He certainly fought them, that’s why he’s tight up. J should have known better but …there he is.

You lift your hand up and so do several more.

“You’re popular, Mister Joker” the announcer snickers and you know J enough to notice he might snap soon. Please don’t do anything reckless, it’s only going to make it worse, you think to yourself, worried.

“What about a million dollars, hm?”

Poison Ivy turns towards you, winking:

“Wanna share him? We can go half-half girl,” she bites her lip, enthusiastic.

“Not on J, Ivy”, you answer, determined to hold your ground.

“Uhhhh, you’re no fun Y/N! But I can understand how powerful an old flame can be… ” she sighs, playing with her hair.

“ 2 million?” you hear and you lift your hand again. So many wanting him… If anybody else gets The Clown Prince of Crime it won’t be pretty. He can probably handle it… and yet something inside you doesn’t want you to give up.

“ 5 million! “ you raise your voice and all heads turn towards you.

The Joker finally notices you and grinds his teeth, definitely not glad with the encounter.

“6!” Ivy waves at the auctioneer, excited.

“7!” you keep on going, irritated she is just doing it to antagonize you.


You take a deep breath and loudly exclaim:

“12 million!” People start talking and whispering and Ivy pouts, already bored:

“She can have him for that price,” she giggles, elbowing you. You pinch her arm, smiling and relieved you won.

“12 million going once, going twice…. Mister Joker is sold to Miss Y/N for 12 million!”

Everyone starts clapping and congratulating you; he just stares with a blank expression on his face, wanting to kill everyone in the huge room. At least he didn’t do anything stupid for once.


“Untie him,” you command once J is brought to your quarters. He starts cussing, trying to kick the guards and you cover his mouth while they take the chains off.

“Please shut up, you’ll get in trouble. It’s your turn and there is nothing you can do about it. If you run or try to trick them, they will take away everything from you and you’ll have nothing to get back to in Gotham, you know it. Most than likely you’ll end up dead; they don’t like rebellions, no matter who the person is. Are you good now?” you ask and his chest goes up and down really fast but he nods a yes. “Good, “you let go and the guards are done too. “Leave us,” you signal and once they are gone you close the door behind them, finally relaxing a bit.

“Where the hell were you???!!!” he stomps towards you, extremely furious and pushes you so brutally you almost fall on your back. “You just left me without a word???!!  Gone for 8 months and now I find myself here with you as my buyer for the next half a year?!!! Do…do you know how long I’ve… I’ve searched for you?” he takes it down a notch, keeping his hands in his hair, panting.

You just regain your balance and calmly inform him:

“You know I postponed my time for as long as I could until they didn’t play along anymore. They came for me at my apartment and I had to go. I couldn’t contact you because they don’t allow it, you know the rules. I thought you would have guessed on why I disappeared…I didn’t leave you…” you blink faster, rubbing your cheeks, not wanting to get too emotional about it.

“Why didn’t you come back, hm?” he points his finger at you, still mad. “Your 6 months were up two months ago!!!”

“I stayed for you!” you suddenly scream and he frowns, not expecting it. “I knew your time will be up soon and you won’t be able to avoid it. I wanted to buy you so none of the ones having a grudge against you will !!!! Once you leave you can’t come back so I stayed. That’s why I chose to remain here as a bidder, you, you…ungrateful JERK!!!” you lash out at him, upset and almost regretting your decision.

“Jeez, thanks,” The Joker has the nerve to sarcastically mock you, even if on the inside he gets the picture.

“You dare talking to me like this, J?!” you tremble with anger, trying not to have a meltdown. “You know this is everyone’s chance to get revenge on those whom they don’t like or have a grudge against. And you, King of Gotham… “ you smirk, fuming with vexation,”… have a lot of enemies among our own. You should be so grateful right now that you’re mine and not someone else’s! Do you know Ivy wanted to share, huh? Do you know what happens to the men she buys? I’ve seen it and it’s not pretty. Harvey hates you, he would have torn you to pieces until the bitter end of your 6 months. Riddler would have driven you insane, really insane; you wouldn’t have recognized yourself at the end of your time!!! You think you know mind games? HA! Try his!… And the list goes on and on!”

You take a deep breath because spitting out this stuff made you all worked up.

J definitely seems speechless for once; he keeps on looking at you up and down, debating:

“Who… who bought you?” he utters, taking off his jacket and placing it on the bed.

“I was lucky it was Dr. Freeze,” you sniffle. “Due to his…condition, I mostly just had to do the business part for The Organization. A few times…”, he sees your eyes getting teary, “…I don’t want to talk about it, OK? And then I stayed…waiting for you…so I can get you and nobody else. That’s how much I cared. But don’t worry, that’s not the case anymore,” you hiss at him, regaining your composure. “ I just wanted to repay you for that time during the Wayne Industry heist you saved my life. I don’t want to owe you, understand?” you quickly make up a reason this way it won’t show how hurt you are. He has no idea what you’ve been through and what it took for you to stay when all you desired was to leave and run back to him.

The Joker just lifts his shoulders up, puckering his lips:

“So this means I don’t have to sleep with you and all that stuff since I’m yours for 6 months?”

“Exactly, I don’t want you to touch me; just worry about the business part of it and get them as much money as they want!  I’m responsible for you so try not to get us both killed. Then you’re done and that’s it. If you want to stay as a bidder afterwards, it will be your choice,” you grumble, shaking your head since J is really getting on your nerves.

He deliberates for a few seconds before talking again:

“So…what am I supposed to do if I…get…the urge, Doll?”

“What?!” you snarl, not amused. The Joker was hoping it would make you smile.“Whatever you did while I was gone!” you bark at him and head towards the bathroom, adamant to take a shower, maybe it will help cool you off.

You hear the knock in the door and it scares you. Were you two really loud?! Hopefully they didn’t hear the argument or you’re in big trouble.

“Take your shirt off, quickly!” you tell him while you pull your dress over your head, taking your bra off and tossing it to the side. He knows why so for once he does as asked and you push him in bed, getting on top of him really fast and covering everything you can with the blanket.

“Come in,” you turn your head and one of the guards walks in, averting his eyes when he sees the both of you like that.

“What is it? I’m busy enjoying my prize!” you growl, covering your breasts with your hands.

“I’m so…so sorry to interrupt, Miss Y/N. I have the Organization’s list of everything Mister Joker has to do for 6 months, all the heists, kidnappings and…”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” J replies, irked, getting on his elbows. “Just get out, we know the drill; the lady’s having fun, OK? She sure wants her money’s worth so I have to get back to business, like…NOW!”

“Leave that stuff on the table,” you point with your head and the guard obliges, turning around afterwards and exiting your quarters.

“Of course, m-my apologies again,” he nervously stammers, closing the door.

“Good, this helped, it looks believable,” you whisper. “Would you take your hand out of my bikini?!” you slap his arm, trying to kick him in the crotch as you get off him.

“Heyyyy, watch the merchandise, you paid 12 million for it!” J snickers and he doesn’t like the fact that you’re still upset. But he was a complete ass, so…

“You’re not worth it, trust me…” you sadly reply and he bites his tongue because he sure wants to say something very mean. “I’m going for a shower, I have 2 more bathrooms in my quarters, pick one,” you let him know with a sour expression on your face, heading back towards your own.


“So I’m sleeping here?” he inquires, slamming 4 pillows on the bed.

“Yes, you know the rules: you have to sleep in the same bed with your buyer. Sometimes they raid the rooms at night, they sure don’t care about privacy too much. You can’t lock the doors, ever.  We have to follow protocol.”

The Joker huffs, fiddling around with his boxers before sitting down.

“How was sleeping in the same bed with Dr. Freeze?” he inquires, watching you roll your eyes:

“Cold!” you shortly reply and continue: “This is a double king so there’s plenty of space. Make sure you stay on your side, don’t try your sneaky ways with me,” you warn him, getting comfortable under your comforter. You reach your hand and turn off the lamp when you hear:

“Hey, Y/N, do they have stripers here?”

“Shut the hell up, J!” you place the cover on top of your head, hoping he’ll be quiet.

“No, seriously, do they?” he tries again.

Since you don’t answer, The Joker assumes he can continue yapping:

“I think you should know I might have got somebody pregnant.”

“For God’s sake, give it a rest, will you?” you turn on the other side. “I don’t care!”  but after a few seconds he is so pleased to hear your muffled voice from under the covers: “Did you really?!”

His maniacal laughter resonates in the bedroom and you decide not to say anything anymore.


You wake up sweating, feeling really hot and you realize why: he got under your comforter and he’s squeezing the life out of you in his sleep.

“J, wake up, go on your side!” you take his hands away from around your waist, not wanting him so close to you. “This better be your gun!” you push him away, not entertained at the situation.

“Nope, not my gun, you know I sleep naked,” he groans, half asleep. “Old habits, don’t flatter yourself,” and he tries to snuggle by you again.

“I’m not. Stop bugging me, I mean it!” you punch him in the arm, aggravated again.

“Don’t hit me!” he musters, trying really hard not to hit you back. “…What the hell is this?!” J grumbles, feeling your skin from under your t-shirt.

“Not all my missions were easy, I have more scars now, “you confess, not happy at the memories, pulling away from him and he finally lets go and rolls over towards his side of the bed.

“I’m sure you deserved it,” he maliciously responds, getting cozy with his pillows. He certainly likes to bite.
“Just make sure you do what you have to do for your 6 months and then you’re done…we’re done with this nonsense…” you sulk since you are fed up with his crap.

“Whatever, I don’t give a damn!” he has one last outburst before winding down. “Hey, Y/N, can you imagine me sleeping in the same bed with Dead Shot or Harvey? Those guys are boring.”

And you thought he was done. But you don’t reply.

“But Ivy though… that woman knows how to make other men want her and… ouch, hey, watch it!” The Joker protests when he receives one of your pillows right in the face. “ I’m keeping this one too,” he decides, and he hears you mumble not very nice things; it pleases him to realize he still has the power to antagonize you.


He came back from one of his mission with a black eye. Because of his pale skin, it looks so much worse than it is.

“Can you see?” you ask, staring at his eye: definitely doesn’t look clear blue anymore: just red, swollen and inflamed.

“Somewhat,” J sighs, grabbing the ice bag from your hand and placing it over his bruise.

“You should go to one of the doctors here, I don’t want you to go blind,” you pout, unconsciously keeping your hand on top of his.
“I thought you don’t care, Doll,” he pushes your hand away, pretending to be in pain.

“I don’t,” you are fast to respond. “I just want you to be able to continue with your assignments, remember I am responsible for you.  Are you sure you don’t need a doctor?”

“Pffttt, I’m OK, I’m The Joker. I don’t need anybody for anything,” he puffs, hinting at you not being important to him.

Like you need clues.

“Yes, honey,” you make it a point of being overly sarcastic while saying it, “we are all aware of that!” and you slam the door, leaving the confused J sitting on the couch with a displeased expression on his face. He sure believed you will put up with his temper and venomous remarks and baby him. This is what you used to do…


He returned from a robbery with two bullet wounds in his right arm. The medical team took care of that and patched him up well, but you know it’s not going to be easy: he’s never been a good patient.

He keeps on tossing and turning, wincing in pain while you want to nap. You try not to pay attention but he won’t quit. You even cover your head with a pillow; it’s no use.

“Doll, I think I have a fever,” he whines, pulling at your blanket.

“Uuuhhhhh,” you get up on your side, wishing you have shared him with Ivy so she can get a taste of his wonderful interpersonal skills. But since you didn’t…joke’s on you. “No you don’t!” you snap but move towards him anyway to check. Old habits

“See? I’m burning up,” J complains and starts purring when you touch his forehead.

“You’re fine, you don’t seem… too…hot…” you utter and glare when he takes your hand and kisses it.

“I am hot, maybe horny, can’t really tell,” he flashes his silver smile at you, winking.

“Stop your stupid games!” you back out, regretting you felt for it.

“What games?! I got shot and I’m in pain. Com’ere,” he gestures for you and it makes you cringe.

“No, I’m fine where I am,” you decline and The Joker is not used with rejection. He opens his mouth to say something vicious and you just ignore him. “Good night!” you cut it short, wanting to rest. You manage to put your ear plugs in, not willing to listen to a single word that comes out of his mouth anymore. He sure blurred out a lot of things that you didn’t hear.


2 in the morning and you wake up startled, not knowing why. You stretch, adjusting against your body pillow when you hear J groan in his sleep, uncomfortable from his fresh wounds he got on another commision today.

He’s dozing off in the middle of the bed and since you have the nightlight on you can distinguish the grimace of pain on his face and messy green hair all over the place. You watch his restless sleep for a while and bite your cheek, worried without even noticing. You move close to him and touch his forehead but it doesn’t seem like he has a fever.

You remember how you used to comfort him when he got injured in the past and you press your lips against the bandages, not even knowing why you’re doing it. Old habits

“What are you doing, Pumpkin?” J yawns, scrunching up his face with his eyes closed.

“Kissing it better,” you bitterly reply and can’t help but sensing your heart beating faster when he answers:

“It does feel better…” and he softly pulls on your hair, snoozing, playing with the long strands until he’s out cold again. You wouldn’t know that what you did sure relaxed him; he wouldn’t admit to it even if it kills him, but he really misses your touch. Old habits

You swear in your mind this is the only time you will be nice to him since he really screwed up. You have to be strong, this way you can have revenge for all the anguish you suffered for his sake.


Today is the end of his 6 months service and The Joker ended up being stabbed on his mission. Since it’s quite a superficial lesion, they allowed him to take the rest of the day off. He mopes around the quarters, delighted his ordeal is over with. He sure didn’t enjoy serving his time for The Organization. So much money, diamonds and guns he got for them and he couldn’t keep anything. He completely detests it but there was no way around it.

Where is she? J wonders since he didn’t see you at all today. He really wants to get out of there as soon as possible.

You enter the rooms with the 4 guards and seem deep in thought. When you leave the premises for good you have to always be accompanied by them; you can’t take anything with you; all stays behind.

“Finally, Y/N, let’s get out of here!” he impatiently grabs your hand and starts dragging you out. “Walk faster!” J barks and after a few moments you yank your hand away, staying behind while the security team closely follows his steps. He turns his head, reaching for you again while pacing down the hallway.

“Come on, what you are doing?! Move it!”

“I’m staying…” The Joker hears your voice echoing and he halts, alarmed, not even knowing why he has this strong desire for you to follow him.

“You’re what?!” he tilts his head, irritated and wants to head back towards you but the guards won’t let him.

“You can’t go back, sir, you know the rules. Please keep on walking!”

“What the hell are you doing, Y/N?! Let’s go!” he yells, trapped in between the wardens.

You blink fast a few times, hesitant. You sure want to get out of the place as fast as him… yet:

“They’re bringing Frost in tomorrow,” you talk loud enough so he can hear you. “I want to get him; a lot of them hate Jonny for his connection to you.”

“That’s so stupid, Doll! I thought you want to run out of here as soon as I was done with my time!” he shouts as the guards make him move again.

He keeps on looking back and you don’t say anything; you just lift your hand and wave a faint good-bye, your eyes getting watery while watch him depart. You don’t even know why you are so upset; he’s definitely not worth it.

“Fuck!” J grumbles, irked he won’t see you anytime soon. He can’t understand why his selfish self keeps on having doubts about leaving you behind; you’re definitely not worth it. “Hold on!” he gets the attention of his wardens. He takes a deep breath and passes his fingers through his hair, wanting to keep his mouth shut but something inside makes him pronounce the words: “I’m staying as a bidder.”

“Are you sure, Mister Joker?” one of the guys double checks.

“Yes, I’m sure, even if I’m aware this is the most stupid ass decision I’ve ever made…besides dating her, of course,” he scoffs, heading back towards you.

You pretend you don’t care at all when he comes in front of you and starts rambling, dramatically gesturing to accentuate his feelings:

“If you think you will get Frost and sleep with him in the same bed without me supervising the whole damn thing, you’re wrong!”

“Huh?!” you look so confused when he angrily hugs you.

Him and his stupid jealousy… Old habit.

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Team Kent

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A/N: This took me like three days and I did a lot of revising, and I really tried to make it extra good, but I feel drained. Anyway, I hyped this so much and I’m kinda worried I over-hyped it but I like it so here you go, as promised.

Warnings: Smut, spanking, semi-choking, oral, cursing.

Summary: Clark wants to have a baby and reader is unsure for a brief moment.

Clark and I were sitting in the living room. The air outside was chilled and the ground covered in a thick layer of white. I was leaning back with my feet in his lap and a book in mine. Clark was simply looking out the window. He wasn’t saying much, just looking. As if he looked anywhere else he would surely over whelm his mind. He stopped rubbing my calf long ago and almost drew back from me completely.

“Clark, dear what is it?” He didn’t look at me. I knew he heard me, he heard everything. I placed my hand on his shoulder. “Sweetheart, whatever it is, you can tell me.”

“I wanna have a baby.” He whispered.

I felt my heart stop when his gave flickered over to meet mine. A baby? Am I ready for a baby? “I don’t know if I’d even be a good mother,” I tried to reason.

“Of course you would.” He answered. He moved to his knees, settling down in front of the couch. “Honey, nobody’s ever ready for a baby, but I’m ready to try.” He took my hand in his, to further convince me.

The desperation in his voice had me ready to burst. I felt conflicted. I did want children but I was also scared. Of course we had talked about it a million times, but to have him here asking me for this was terrifying.

“Baby I know this is a lot, you can think on it if you want, just know I’m all in on this. I have been since I married you, and that won’t change. You’re my girl and I want us to have a family. He kissed my forehead, and walked off to take a long shower, where he would surely bury his feelings, and leave me here to drown in mine.

That was two weeks ago. Poor Clark has been waiting on my answer so patiently. He hadn’t even brought it up. I almost thought he forgot about it.

“Wow. A baby. Y/n that’s a big thing. Do you think you’re ready?” My best friend Bobbi asked. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and sipped her disgustingly bitter coffee.

“I really don’t know B, I mean, I want kids of course, I’m just terrified… What if I suck?” My head was hurting from these thoughts. “Come on Y/N, what are you afraid of? Just think, even if you mess the kid up, you can always try again with a new one.” She seemed to rest her case, looking at her watch and then gulping down her luke warm coffee. “Ooh and if that one turns into a serial killer there’s always adoption.” She pointed at me like it helped her point any.

“So your answer is try and try again until I don’t fuck up my children? That’s really reassuring B.” My tea warmed my insides as I drank. “Exactly,” she exclaimed.

I took a deep breath “Even so I can’t keep Clark waiting like this. I know he really wants a little Kent running around.” I smiled at the thought. A little Clark Jr. with black hair, my nose, his lips. That little boy would be so happy with Clark as a dad. Terrible dad jokes, and wrestling in the living room while I shout at them not to break anything.

“He would make an amazing father wouldn’t he?” She asked, smiling at me knowingly. “What are you thinking about?”

I looked up, snapping out of my thoughts, and smiled bigger. “Clark as a daddy.” I felt so light. If Osiris was to weigh my heart right now he would find it lifting off the scale.

“You look so happy.” Bobbi commented.

“I feel happy.” I looked up at her. “You won’t mess this up Y/N. All they need is love. And food, and shelter, and all that but really just love.” She laughed a breathy laugh, but I could hear the genuineness behind her humor. “I know you’ll love that baby more than life itself and so will Clark, and so will I. I’m right beside you guys. I always have been.”

I felt like crying, she really was my best friend. “You just want me to name her after you.”

She nodded her head, “yeah if you could do that, that’d be great.” She always knew when I needed a laugh.

I rubbed my hands together. “I think I have to go find Clark.”

Bobbi laughed happily. “Get your ass moving and make me an aunty,” she shouted.

I grinned back at her, left a few bucks on the table and jumped up, running out the door.

Lucky for me Clark was at home today. I flagged down a taxi, gave him the address and jumped around in my seat the whole way. I couldn’t wait to get home. All that I could think was I’m gonna be a mommy over and over again. The smile on my face couldn’t get any bigger. All the fear was gone and my imagination was going wild with thoughts of our future daughter or son. When I finally got home I had to take a deep breath and calm myself.

Wing it, just go in and tell him.

I felt my feet float away from the ground and carry me inside. I could hardly even remember the trip here, all that mattered was Clark and our future baby coming to life.

The door pushed open easily under my hand, just like always. “Clark? Babe are you here?”

I made my way to the bedroom so find him sleeping, curled up in the blankets. He looked so nice like this. His features so soft and lovable.

Stripping myself of my shoes and coat, I pulled the covers back and strattled him, yanking the covers back up. “Clark,” I whispered as I kissed his neck. “Clark, dear, wake up.” I gave a few more small kisses and lightly sucked while I brushed his hair back with my fingers.

“I was awake when you walked in and called my name Y/N, I am Superman ya’know.” He grunted out, his smile spreading across his whole face.

I giggled but kept kissing his neck. “Yes, I know, you remind me all the time.” He coughed to cover his groan when I bit him.

“Maybe you need to be reminded, because you do unexpected things like this.” He gripped my hips and brought me down so I could feel his growing erection. I yelped, trying to wiggle away and only making it worse. I clenched my fists in his shirt. Jesus, I could feel him harden beneath me. “Why the blush sweetheart? You didn’t think you’d get to have all the fun did you?” His face grew a cocky smirk.

I ground down on him, his teasing making me more confident. “I’m still gonna try.” He groaned under me, and bucked up.

Faster than a speeding bullet, he flipped us over and pinned me down. My hands wrapped in one of his and held above my head, my legs pressed down and open by his hips. “I don’t think so.” He licked his lips. “You’ve had your fun dear. Now it’s my turn.”

He kissed me deeply, while he snuck his other hand up my shirt, feeling just under my breast. He leaned away just enough for me to grab the bottom of his shirt and tug it up.

When it was gone, I took my time feeling his chest and running my fingers through the hair covering his skin. He stayed still for a moment, just looking at me. Then he leaned back down pulling me flush against him, and pecked my lips before moving slowly to my neck. These little kisses were just to build the anticipation, he knew where my spot was. He was getting me back for ruining his nap. A lick here, a bite there, and I was already putty in his hands. I melted for him, forming to his body, like we were two puzzle pieces. He reached between us to undo my pants but didn’t pull them off. I almost did it myself but he snaked his hand down and rubbed me over my panties. I bucked up into him and gasped.

“Clark don’t tease me baby.” He smirked. “I’m just having my fun dear. Now be quiet.” He gave me two more strokes before he pulled back all the way and stood up. I whimpered at the loss of contact. He had me so worked up I almost used my own hand. “Strip,” he commanded.

He’d never asked me to do that before. Not that it was a big deal, but I felt so dirty under his gaze, like I wasn’t supposed to be doing this. Shyness was creeping it’s way in but I wouldn’t take my eyes from his, as I peeled of each piece of cloth covering my body.

“Fuck baby doll,” He sighed when I had finished. He grabbed my ankles and pulled me down the bed. “Clark! What the hell?” He only flipped me over so I was bent over the bed. “I told you to be quiet.” Smack! I jumped forward with a yelp. His hands were cold on my bare ass.

“You remember our safe word yes?” I nodded.

“Let me hear it dove.”

“Apple.” He gripped my hair. “Good girl.” I bit my lip as he gave me another harsh smack. I was trying so hard to be quiet, but the way he soothed each sting and whispered praises in my ear had me quivering.

Just when I thought he was done his finger dipped under me to see how he had done. “That’s what I like angel.” His finger was teasing my entrance gathering evidence of my arousal. Each stroke he would dip into me a little more, making me bite my lip to keep quiet. I was grinding my hips against him now, trying to take him deeper, but he only gave me the bare minimum. He pulled his fingers from me and planted them in his mouth, licking up what I had given him.

“You are such a fucking tease Clark.” He laughed heartily. “Baby girl, I fully intend to take my time with you. I’m going to walk you to the edge, pull you back, then shove you over whenever I damn well please.”

I gaped at him. He had never said anything like that before. The quirk in his eyebrow told me he was completely serious, and it only added to the pool between my legs. My breathing quickened. I knew he was about to destroy me and I was beyond ready for him.

“Clark please I can’t take much more of this,” I pleaded with him.

Clark wasn’t smiling now. He looked more like a hungry wolf, who just got a free sample of a lamb.

His lips resumed right where they left off. From my neck he moved to my clavicle. Sucking, biting, kissing, licking, to leave his mark all over me. From my clavicle he moved down again, while he grinded himself into me. The rough cloth of his sweatpants felt like sweet relief after he had denied me.

Clark gave me a hickey on the top of each breast and finally, sucked a nipple into his mouth. His right hand massaged my left breast while he nibbled and worked the other. I moaned out for him, pulling at his hair to get him closer and spreading my legs wider for him.

I writhed beneath him. “Clark please. I need you now.” His hips pushed against me harder and I mewled for him. I was done with the anticipation and waiting.

“Okay princess. Since you asked so nicely.”  His other hand reached down between us and lightly touched my heat. He watched me bite my lip, and close my eyes. I lifted my hips, needing more of him. He pressed two fingers flat against me and I grinded against them. That’s all he allowed. “Such a good girl for me princess. Listen to those sounds you make. Sound so naughty underneath me, moaning like that.”

His fingertips dipped inside me, making me crave more. I groaned for him and tried to take more. Clark’s other hand gripped my hips and held me down, I knew there would be bruises tomorrow. He certainly wasn’t going to let me help myself right now. “Clark please, I can’t take it.” I was so desperate for him that I was willing to sign away my soul right now for his touch. “Baby I need you.”

He pushed his fingers in just a little more. “Mmm.” Clark took them back out and toyed with me. “Clark quit messing with me please,” I moaned out. I was trying to get more friction against his fingers. Ever so slightly they grazed my clit and I yelped. “Oh sweetheart, that’s cute.” He looked so certain. “I’m not messing with you, I’m ruining you.”

Before I could react he had me on top of him, sitting on his face, while he ate me. He had to catch me, I almost fell over from the sensation. “Fuck Clark!” He was devouring me. Tongue deep and showing no sign of slowing down. His tongue soothed my clit and I screamed out in pleasure.

His tongue flicking over my clit as I stared at the tent in his sweatpants. I fingered his chest hair and rubbed his abdominal muscles. He sank his fingers back inside me, all the way, bit my lip but it didn’t stifle my loud moan. I would have to get him back for this.

I ran my hand from his stomach down to the line of his boxers sticking out of his pants, and snuck a hand just barely inside the waistband. “Baby girl, what do you think you’re doing?” He pulled his mouth away but his fingers still rubbed me from the inside. “Clark, baby please, let me taste you. I need it.” He flattened his tongue and licked a long strip up my pussy. Quickly I pushed my hand further and gripped his dick. He grunted in response then let out a deep sigh. “Ok angel, suck daddy’s cock.”

I didn’t say anything else, I didn’t want him changing his mind. I pushed his boxers down his thighs and pumped him a few times before I gave him a kitten lick. He groaned against my pussy, encouraging me to do more. I wanted to tease him back but I also couldn’t help how badly I wanted this.

I flattened my tongue, rubbing it along the tip. “Mmm that’s it angel.” I smiled it felt so good to please him. Just as I took him in my mouth he nibbled my clit and I moaned around him. The vibrations made him tighten his grip on my hip and pull me closer. I only whimpered more the harder he went. His tongue delved inside me, replacing his fingers and I gagged on his length. The euphoria he gave me encouraged me to go deeper.

Slowly I took more of him in my mouth, I had pushed past the point of gagging and moved to deep throating him. It took a lot and I choked on him but forced myself to relax my throat. I couldn’t last much longer if he kept eating me this way. His fingers had hit my G-spot, and I choked again. I forced myself to swallow around him and he growled. I felt him pull away. “Look at you angel. Taking my cock so well.” He tongued my clit again, rubbing up and down. I shivered against him.

“Fuck princess,” He breathed out. He was trying so hard not to fuck my mouth right now. The micro movements of his hips and heavy breathing told me he needed to cum soon. I had to pull away and just jerk him to catch my breath. He was devouring my cunt, eating me like his last meal. My legs were shaking and moans falling from my swollen lips like a waterfall. “Oh shit, yes Clark.”

I was so close, and I knew he was too. I was ready to finish but he had other ideas. “Fuck, Clark I’m gonna cum!” His tongue flicked my clit once more and then pulled away.

He flipped me on my back again. I couldn’t stand being denied. I was ready to cry from need. He had barely touched me then gave it to me all at once, and now he left me deprived.

“Open those legs up for me darling.” I took a deep breath, and spread out for him. He kicked his sweatpants off his ankles and settled between my legs.

Cock in hand, he rubbed it up and down my slit, both of us sounding our appreciation for the feeling. Then he was pushing in. Slowly at first, letting me feel him stretch me. I don’t think he could take it any longer either, because once he was sure I was good to go, he built up a quick pace gaining momentum with each thrust.

I was already so sensitive, it was like I was on fire, and he was the only thing that could put me out. I felt every inch of him pulling out and pushing back in, trying to get to the oasis in the desert. I wrapped around him wanting him closer and deeper.

“Oh god, Kal!”

Something inside him snapped when I said that. He pulled my legs from his waist to his shoulders and pounder my pussy like it was the most important thing in the world. “Say it again.” He sounded so commanding, there was nobody who would ever deny that voice.

“Kal,” I moaned his name. “Fuck angel, you feel like heaven.”

He wrapped his hand around my throat, not choking me just holding, and caressing. “Again angel. Let everyone know who makes you beg and scream like this.”

“You Kal! Fuck right there!” He hit my G spot while I was screaming for him. His other hand reached down and toyed with my clit.

“That’s it doll. Who do you belong to, huh? Who owns this pussy?” He gave a hard thrust that had me shaking below him, begging for a release.

“Please I can’t-“

“Who do you belong to Y/N?”

“Fuck fuck fuck, you Kal! I belong to you!”

My breathing was ragged and I was seeing stars. His hips were stuttering and I was clenching around him.

“Again,” He ordered.

“I belong to you Kal,” I screamed his birth name like it was the only thing I knew how to say, as I came around him. I felt as if the dam had finally broken and never had I felt so good. He grunted as he spilt his seed deep inside me, filling me up with all he had.

He worked us down from our highs as I caught my breath.

“Fuck that was good,” he commented. I couldn’t even react.

“I came to tell you,” I looked over at him, laying next to me. “I wanna have a baby.”

His eyes went wide.

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Nct reaction to nips being pierced?! 👀👀👅

A/N: Finding these gifs slayed my ass, why are they so fcking good looking- what on god’s greeen earth are these beings, they’re unreal


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He’d be a bit flustered. He’d be curious about them, but keep his questions to himself [probably Googling them later by himself].


Originally posted by shutupxiumin

*not-so-discreet glances at your chest*
He wouldn’t really give much of a reaction after his surprise fades. Similarly to Taeil, he wouldn’t want to make a big deal out of them since you didn’t see it as a big deal…


Originally posted by sour-satang

He’d be cute, smiling to himself as you told him. He’d really be into though and use excuses to see them walking in on you in the shower later bc he ‘forgot’ his socks.
“Just don’t show them to anyone but me.”


Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

We all know Johnny would be sly as hell.
He’d play innocent and curious though, really just using it as an excuse to 1. have sex, or 2. fondle your breasts.
“Can I see them?”


Originally posted by tenchittaphonsnose

*slightly shook*
He probably wouldn’t believe you at first. It’d probably be the most exciting part of his day to be honest. He’d ask a million questions, wanting to see them.
“If we have kids together could you still breastfeed them?”


Originally posted by doyoungk

Introducing shy Doyoung
The information would probably take him off guard and he may become a bit bashful.
He’d be kind of reserved about voicing his thoughts, but he’d definitely be curious to see them.


Originally posted by ginny-gr

gtg dig my grave

His astonishment would quickly fade and I think he’d giggle a bit [possibly from finding out such an intimate detail so casually].
He may tease you a bit.
“So do I.”
He’d actually be very curious beneath the surface about the reason why you decided to do it, if it hurt, etc…


Originally posted by seungkwansthighs

“What are ‘nips’?”
He’s pure, let him live, he couldn’t handle the truth.

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Do you have anymore head canons for Stanfou?

I do. This’ll be a mix of cute fluffy things, smutty things and modern AU things

- Lefou being hot for Stanley in heels (it’s a serious kink)

- Their favorite place to have dates is either Stanley’s home (because it’s big and cozy at the same time) or the park where almost no one ever comes.

- Stanley being a famous drag queen, and Lefou being his #1 fan, and him being at every show.

- Shower sex AT LEAST once a month.

- Stanley braiding LeFou’s hair and him loving it and wearing it proudly. (idk if I said this one before)


- SERIOUSLY, both of them wearing man buns and just walking through town hand in hand, how adorable is that

- Lefou being ticklish, so him playfully threatening to “beat Stanley up” whenever he tries to tickle him

- A wedding full of peach-colored flowers (this is Stanley’s fault)

- Little Chip being the flowerboy on their wedding

- Everyone crying at their wedding, including themselves

- Stanley LOVES to kiss LeFou’s legs, because for some reason he feels really insecure about them and Stanley wants him to feel good (no, great) about himself.

- Lefou not expecting this the first time and (because he’s so ticklish) nearly kicking Stanley in the face.

- Him apologising a million times afterwards and Stanley’s just laughing his ass off because it was so funny.

- Them staying at home when the other’s having a bad day, and showering them with kisses and cuddles and not leaving the house until the other feels better.

- Same goes for when one of them is sick (and the other will just be like “i don’t care if I get sick, I’m going to take care of you and love you”)

- Stanley refusing to let Lefou take the lead in dancing, even when he’s wearing a dress, because he likes being the dominant one

- same thing during sex, but also because Lefou’s the biggest bottom ever.

- They keep reciting romantic poems in public, and everyone’s so used to it by now that some even join along with them.


- Dick being fucking clueless (as he does), but Tom just goes along with it because he’s liked Dick for a while now.

- Just everything about Stanfou being the #1 Tomick shippers.

Hope this was fun to read, haha. I hope I’ll have more later (i’m at school rn), but you can just send me a message and  I’ll send in some more. (if you even like these, idk if you do haha but oh well)

Unexpected Outcomes (Sincerely 3 x Reader)

A/N: hey all! here with a new fic. i was gonna post this tomorrow, but an actual friend of mine basically gave me a death threat yesterday so… @maladus1, sorry and hope this makes up for me “scarring” you.

TW: cursing i think. pretty much just pure fluff. very brief mention of smut but for like, sentence.

“Well we need someone!” Connor huffed sitting down on the couch. “It’s not like we’re all 100% gay. We need a girl.”

Jared rubbed his back, “Look, Con. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but who’s gonna want to be our partner? We’re the biggest losers in the school! Not to mention that they may be weirded out by it.”

Evan sat there twiddling his thumbs, “w-well… there may be someone… see, see? There’s this um… well there’s this girl in my history class, and she’s really cute and funny. And and it didn’t seem like she was dating anyone.”

“Well who was it?”

“Um um… (Y/N)? (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?”

“Oh yeah… she is pretty cute. And if I must say, she’s got a damn good ass and I pretty nice-”

“Jared, I beg of you, you’re scaring Evan…”
“H-how are we gonna talk to her?”

“Hm… how about-”

.         .         .

“A party? Zoe are you crazy? You know I don’t go to these things.”

“I know (Y/N) I know. but it really would mean a lot to me if you could be there. Besides, you can meet some new people, make friends, a boyfriend maybe?”
You scoff, “yeah right. Like anyone’d want to date me.”

“I’m serious.”
“And so am I!” you sigh, “fine, I’ll come. But there better be food.”

She hugs you tightly, “yay! I’ll see you there! And wear something nice.”

.         .         .

You showed up at the Murphy’s party and sat on the couch in the corner. You’d promised your mom to have the car back by 12, so you had to stay sober to drive. You just sat there scrolling through twitter on your phone.

You weren’t the fan of parties really. Too many people and the music was always too loud. You feel the couch sink a bit and see a very anxious boy next to you.

“Um… hi?”

“Oh right right hi, sorry. I’m Evan.”

“(Y/N), aren’t you in my science class?” you shake his hand.

“Yeah, sorry about before. See I just was zoning for a moment and didn’t see that you were talking to me. I a-also thought you were talking to someone else but yeah sorry.” He spoke so quickly it almost seemed like one sentence.

“It’s fine it’s fine don’t worry about it.”
“You say that a lot don’t you?”

“Yeah s-” he stopped himself. “So what are you doing here?”

“Oh, Zoe invited me here, I don’t really like parties and… yeah here I am. What about you?”

“Similar thing. My friends insisted on coming and I was kinda stuck.”
You nod. You hated to admit it, but he was really cute. “D-do you wanna maybe… go somewhere more quiet? Maybe then we can talk more? And not be yelling so much” you giggle slightly.

“Y-yeah… that’d be good… come on. I know just the spot…”

He takes your hand and leads you upstairs to a closed door next to Zoe’s room.

“This already seems quie- oh my god!”

The moment he opens the door, you see Connor and Jared having a heavy make out session on Connor’s bed.

Once they hear you, they instantly pull apart. “Right… so I’m gonna go… don’t wanna intrude on anything…”

“No you’re not. You’re good. It’s all good.” Jared sat up and muttered not so subtly to Connor, “I told you we shouldn’t be up here. That it would ruin the entire plan.”
“I’m sorry what? What plan?”

Evan closes the door, “p-please don’t be too mad at us okay?”

“Um… I’ll try?”
Evan started, “Look… we all have been looking for…”
“A new partner you see,” Jared started right where Evan started stuttering. “it’s kind of a thing and we were looking for a girl to join us and we were…”
“Kinda wondering if you’d be interested.” Connor finished it off.

“A-are you serious?”

“Why wouldn’t we be?”

“I don’t know, some people are like that…”
“Y-you can say no if you want to, I-I mean, it’s a big decision.”

Was he kidding? If you had the ability to be with the three guys you’ve had a crush on since freshmen year at the same time, you were gonna take the chance without question.

“N-no I’d like that. I’d like that a lot.”

Evan quickly goes in for a tight hug and showers your face with kisses and murmurs about a million “thank you”s. Jared and Connor both chuckle, “we’ll wait.”

It takes a few moments, but Evan soon pulls away from you. Connor was next and pulled you down on the bed with him. He quickly goes in for a kiss. It was so much softer and passionate than you’d expect it to be. His hand goes to your cheek as you run a hand through his hair. You break away and rest your forehead against his, “I’m glad you said yes.”
“Me too.”

Jared was last, and he pulled you into his lap. He just stays for a moment stroking your cheek until he goes in for a gentle but desperate kiss. His hands start to move down from your waist towards your ass. He breaks away from the kiss.

“I guess I finally get to do this now.” he gives it a light squeeze and you giggle, resting your head on his chest. It stays like that for a few moments until you look up at him abruptly.

“That was part of the plan wasn’t it?”
“Wasn’t what?”
“Evan was supposed to get me up here so we could walk in on you two. Am I wrong?”

Connor groans, “see? This is why I said it was stupid! I told you she’d figure it out.”
you giggle and kiss his cheek, “No I think it’s cute… can we stay up here and cuddle a bit?”
“Of course. What else are we gonna do? Go down to the party?”
Everyone fell into a fit of giggles and squished together on Connor’s bed.

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Deku sinday?

  • Midoriya is actually really good at giving oral.
    • He read a lot of books about it and took notes and even bought fruit to practice on. “Izuku, why did we buy so many peaches/bananas?” / “U-U-U-Uh, no r-reason, Mom!”
    • He accidentally hit you with his teeth the first time he tried, and he does not want to make that mistake again. 
  • He really likes receiving blowjobs.
    • But he’ll make a million excuses about why he doesn’t want one.
    • “I-I-I don’t want to trouble you and I haven’t had a chance to take a good shower and I think I forgot to shave and you look tired so-”
    • Just get in between his legs and give him one. He’ll be surprised and flustered, but he’ll enjoy every millisecond of it. 

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I imagined He Tian being a rock star or something like that and now I can´t stop listening to 'rockstar 101' by rihanna. It reminds me of him SO MUCH.

Anonymous asked: Okay there’s this song ‘sexy back’ by Justin Timberlake and it’s completely He Tian. Fuck. I can’t stop thinking about him while this song is playing.

i had to put these two asks together because i’ve been wondering for a while about what kind of music he tian listens to, and both of these made me imagine him blasting this kind of self-loving, empowering songs every morning before getting our of his apartment, and i know it’s silly and not even that funny, but it made me laugh A LOT

i bet he sings “i’m sexy and i know it” to himself every day in front of the mirror after stepping out of the shower, just to boost himself up and get ready for the day!!

on a more serious note, the first ask mentioned he tian being a rock star or something and now i can’t stop imagining famous singer he tian, who is also an amazing dancer and has millions of fans all over the world, taking interest on newbie rapper guan shan, who is still rough around the edges but has amazing skills, a nice singing voice, and surprisingly deep lyrics in his songs. he tian really wants to do a collaboration with him, but guan shan is not very keen to it at the beginning, and to add to that, he is also part of a really bad company, with she li as his manager, who works him into the ground and doesn’t care about him as long as he brings money in

i don’t really have proper headcanons for this AU yet, but i kinda like it, and of course by the end of it guan shan is going to move to he tian’s company and the two of them will get together together and make a fantastic collaboration!!

also not gonna lie, im imagining he tian singing these lines of ‘sexy back'……

dirty babe
you see these shackles
baby im your slave
i’ll let you whip me if i misbehave
it’s just that no one makes me feel this way

……while looking straight into guan shan’s eyes and that’s making me sweat a little;;;;;;


I know I said I was going to find an ask involving UF Paps, but then I thought a fic would be better ^_^ A gift for my sick and dying friend, @elvhenyoung​. I hope you feel better!

Rating: T


You sniffle and groan as you shift in your sticky bed, your head throbbing and your stomach aching, like you’ve been stabbed a million times. Sweat breaks from your hot forehead and you’re desperately thirsty, but getting up and quenching your agony feels like too much work. Even just lifting your finger takes a lot of energy. God you want a shower.

You hear the front door slam and the familiar heel clicks against the hardwood floor approaching your room. Oh no…you love him, but you can’t deal with him right now. Maybe you should pretend to sleep. No, that wouldn’t work, your skeleton boyfriend would only drag you out of bed anyway. Maybe you should just throw up. You are fully capable of doing that right now and Fell HATES vomit, surely that would be enough to leave you alone.

But before you can make your decision, Fell kicks down your door, his dark and spiky armour radiating power and command, “DATEMATE! WHY ARE YOU IN BED?! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE HELPING ME TRAIN TODAY!”

His bombastic voice rings in your ear, making you even more dizzy as your vision fades in and out. You whine and bury yourself further under your blanket, sinking yourself in the darkness. Maybe if he doesn’t see you, he’ll go away.

“DON’T BE A LAZYASS LIKE SANS, YOU PROMISED!” Fell grabs the edge of your blanket, and whips it off of you, the cool air stinging your skin.

You yelp and shiver, your teeth clattering and your skin prickling with goosebumps, despite your heating body. Whimpering, you hold yourself close, hoping to regain the warmth that you lost.

“WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU, LET’S-” Fell grabs your arm, but pulled back as your skin burns his bone, “(Y/N)….?”

He crouches by your bedside and touches your forehead, frowning at the heat and the sweat. He notices your tired, red eyes and he finally understands. The skeleton sighs and tucks you back in your blanket before leaving your room. As much as you wanted him to leave you alone, you find yourself suddenly missing his soft touch, but a few minutes later, Fell returns with a tray with hot soup and a cup of water. He helps you sit up and kisses your forehead before feeding you.


You slowly nod your head and finish off your meal, regaining a little bit of your strength. Moving over, you invite your boyfriend to lay with you. He hesitates, concerned about your germs getting him sit, but he does anyway, laying on top of the covers rather than under it. That’s good enough for you and you fall back asleep holding his hand.