i want to take a million showers

In addition to the more obvious problems we have to face ahead of us these next unfortunate four years, I’d like you all to remember that the well being of our planet and our survival is literally all now in the hands of our people. Donald Trump doesn’t believe in climate change. There will be no sustainable energy. There will be no progression, at least in terms of government. But I want to remind everyone of what we CAN do, what we have complete control over. We can choose to stop eating meat and dairy to cut back on the disastrous effects of animal agriculture, we can turn lights off when not in use, take shorter showers, recycle, anything to help the state of our planet because the reality is, if we don’t no one will. The sea levels are rising putting all coastal areas at risk of being under water which would displace millions. It’s a risk of national security. We’re wiping out entire species, and anyone that had forth grade science knows the chain reaction of the food chain. Just, please in the midst of all of this, remember that no one will be helping us or our home here on earth. It’s up to us.

I’m taking this back to the beginning…. X-Factor….. Audition stages…………

There are over 350 million people in America, and I bet half of us think we sound great singing in the shower. So naturally, when a talent show puts out an open call for participants, we remember our shower vocals and think, why not.

These big televised talent shows, like X-Factor and American Idol, make it seem like thousands of hopefuls, just show up with dream in hand, at an audition site, and get told yes or no. That’s not how these things work.

People who want to participate, first have to submit a video, usually between 3 to 5 minutes long, of themselves singing, telling a bit about themselves, and why they are passionate about being on the show. They submit the video to an allotted website or E-mail address.

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Imagine B.A.P trying to distract you from your homework cause they want kiss you (Requested)

Yongguk: “Argh, homework again?! You work too hard, jagi… You could use a break” *he exclaims as he pulls you closer to sit on his lap. He wraps his arms around your waist protectively as he tries to convince you*

Himchan: “Come on jagiya, just one quick kiss.” *moves closer until his lips are a few inches away from yours and closes your books without taking his eyes off you. He slowly smirks as he leaves one of his kisses on your cheek for ‘safe keeping’ *

Daehyun: “So you want to play hard to get do yah?” *smirks as he picks you up and lays you on the bed to shower your face with millions of ticklish kisses as he can’t get enough of your laugh when your tickled*

Youngjae: “Here, I’ll help you. That way you can study and you can finish it quicker. "He smiles and pulls you to the bed with your books to study and he helps you out. You finish and he gives you a kiss on your forehead for doing a good job*

Jongup: "Oh no, doing homework now? Ok then, I can wait." *giggles and patiently waits for your to finish. He watches you with a loving expression as you concentrate wondering how he ever got so lucky to have you*

Zelo: "Aish, doing homework when I come over. Wahhh!” *pouts and sits on the floor puting folding his arms as he looks up at you with his eyes upset that he was to wait a few hours to kiss you or to teach you how to ride his skateboard*

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I am so disappointed in Netflix. How you gonna rain blessings down on me with The Get Down then feed me this Deathnote trash??? Why does this Light “Turner” look like he hasn’t showered in a month? Why did that trailer look so grunge? The feel is completely wrong. I don’t even know why whitewashing surprises me anymore but fuck, it does. Every time. I’ll never understand how a group of people can sit around a table and take a property that has been celebrated and is loved by millions still to this day and think yes, this is what the people will want, some whiter than white emo dude with bad hair. I don’t really buy this interpreting for an American audience. First off, your audience already exist and if they like that shit they’re gonna let people know. And this ain’t the movies, it’s netflix. If it’s any consolation at least we know what happens at the end. It could be captivating television to see a white guy raise himself so high only to fall lol. If they don’t change anything that is. Which they most likely will. 😂😂

(I agree though about Willem Defoe. He gonna kill it. Do it for Ryuk.)

You sleep so peacefully… Did you know that? Your face is so still, a statue fit for any art museum. When you first fall asleep, your eyelids flutter like the wings of a hummingbird. A million butterfly kisses gifted to the sandman for granting you sleep… Is it terrible of me that I’m almost jealous? Every night you shower him in kisses, and all I want to do is take his place. I know. I’m being silly.

That’s when all motion stops. So many nights have passed where I’ve had to restrain myself from reaching out to you to make sure you were still breathing. I know I just have to wait, the stillness passes, and soon the rise and fall of your chest will comfort me. I still worry though. I will never understand how one can look so alive and yet be so still at the same time. There are so many thing about you that will never cease to amaze me. 

One of these days I’ll gather the courage to tell you all them. All of the ways you mystify me, and all of the ways I love you. But until then, I’ll just lay here by your side, one arm wrapped around your waist and my legs tangled with yours as I watch you drift off to sleep. And eventually I’ll join you in your dreams.

NTs think “self care” is taking time for your hobbies, healthy exercise, spa baths, buying yourself nice/happy things, fluffy blankets and Netflix, lotioning/moisturizing….

self care is taking a shower after 5 days.
Self care is finally taking my meds.
Self care is crying as I change my dirty sheets.
self care is BEING OUTSIDE cuz omg I’ve been inside for a week on end and I want to die.
Self care is wearing a fresh shirt and feeling like a million bucks cuz I put on lipstick YES
self care is having my dog literally WALK ME but that’s okay cuz she made a poop and we’re both refreshed.
Self care is organizing my school work in tears with my mom, but when it’s finally done the stars are perfectly in line.

Self care is many things,,, but for brainweird folk it is not bath bombs, and stickers and ur fav movie and yoga. It’s literally day-to-day shit that we trying to handle.

If this show made any sense...

…then Aria would be the one with the twin because of the way Eddie Lamb reacted when he first met her… and now he’s disappeared and it’s 5 years later and we still have no idea where the heck he is and we may never know…
I just want to know where he is. And I wanna find out ON the show, not Twitter or some interview.

Instead of answers, we get 23 recycled red coat clues for CeCe being A, plus 1 yellow dress clue
A few last minutes clues half way through season 6A for Charlotte/CeCe/Charles
One ridiculous stock photo “clue” for Sara Harvey.
NO clues for Sara Harvey being red coat AND black widow
NO clue for Sara being the star of this whole show
50 scenes of Sara taking showers that were ACTUAL clues and not red herrings
3435 red herrings that are still better than the shower clues
623511 million clues that lead NOWHERE…
94342344 billion plotholes and 2 incest stories
And 2 of the lamest motives in television history

And ships, ships and more ships. Ships that probably will be broken up by the end of 6B, so there’s no point for wasting so much time on them.
Basically, this show is just dragging all the shippers along for ratings. All these promises that you just have to wait and see for Emison and Co to happen…
All the promises that all our questions will be answered… all we have to do is… WAIT FOR IT.
It’s all lies.
We are like what, half way through 6B now? And all we got is emojis, recycled plots and suspects, and someone hiding behind a Scooby Doo mask.
So many unanswered questions and so little time left to answer them.
At this rate the end of the show will be as anticlimatic and disappointing as the summer finale was.

Wow, and this turned into a rant.. All I was going to saw was that Aria should be the one with the twin because EDDIE LAMB, man. Maybe he just disappeared to have a shower, though.

no i’m sorry but seriously though-

Sara is always disappearing, she takes off all the time

her story about her mother is so sketchy

she takes 50 million showers, like is she actually showering that much? why does she disappear so often? what is she actually doing? does she still have that burner phone? could she have tipped charles/ -A off about the girls, is she listening to emily’s conversations without emily realizing it?

why doesn’t she have a tracking chip like the others?

she was supposedly trapped the longest, so why doesn’t charles want her back? he could have easily taken her when the girls were out of the house and she was ‘sleeping’

he pretended to knife her but didn’t, she came out fine.

why did he even let her be found to begin with and let her escape? after she had been there for years apparently? probably completely out of her mind and brainwashed if she had been in there so long, the girls are cracking after only mere weeks in there?

she was in the dollhouse all that time and the girls never saw her till spencer saw her? not even mona? really? when she was probably delivering food to mona like she did to spencer.

she constantly looks drugged and like her eyes are black underneath. 

and then she just got emily’s address miraculously from the hospital. 

and now pam found her up on her roof? which is all too close for me to marion and the ‘fragile patient’ being up on the roof when marion ‘fell off’ and died. a girl who is supposed to have been blonde, who dr. palmer said was a dilaurentis. what if sara was charles’ alison all along? and she believed she was alison even back then? what if she is a radley patient too and believes she’s a dilaurentis??

When I joined this fandom I had gone through two band break ups. Big time rush and the wanted. I watched as the fandoms fell apart and in some cases pull each other apart. I have never seen a fandom pull a band apart. I have never seen a fandom tear down those we are supposed to support. We are FANS. Our entire goal is to promote, band together and love five/four idiots. In return they create beautiful music and spend some of the best years of their lives away from family, friends, and other loved ones.

Growing up I used to think being famous would be amazing, but looking at it now, even the millions the boys make wouldn’t be enough. Think of that personal snapchat you sent to that friend of yours, or the text to someone you desperately want to be with. Now imagine that posted for the entire world to see. Or better yet someone FORCEFULLY TAKES A PICTURE OF YOU IN THE SHOWER AND THEN POSTS IT. To you that would be an evasion of privacy but its completely okay to steal someone’s phone number or emails or whatever, the point is I know you want answers but let the boys tell you… Let THEM share that snap chat instead of forcefully taking it. Trust me it’ll mean a lot more when you’re given something than when you take it.