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I wanted to submit what I will say but it's closed XD. I am a bit late for something very particurlar for me : It's been one year (well a bit more now) ! One year I discovered your amazing blog and followed every adventures ! It's one of the best blogs I love to follow :D ! I am sorry I don't send a lot of asks at all (I just submitted a message once and only one ask too). It's because I am afraid you don't see my ask XD. For this year just one thing to tell : THANK YOU SO MUCH

Oh wow! Thank you for hanging around for a whole year!! And thank you so much for the compliment!

Well you can always drop in an ask if you have a burning question! I try my best to keep up on the inbox and respond to everybody! The only reason I won’t respond within the day is because I might be trying to decide whether we can use it for a comic or it goes into one of these posts! _(┐「ε:)_


Anna: Oresama!

Dusty: Anime (˶◕‿◕˶✿)

And there’s still so much more to come!

Tem!Frisk( @ifellforundertale ) : I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS. I’m one of those people that have too many ideas and not enough time. However! Working on Underline has definitely inspired me to actually do something/anything with them. I will wait until we’re completely finished with everything Undertale related we want to do before I work on original stuff. I would like to continue to help Dusty with comics though. (๑>ᴗ<๑); (Unfortunately all my original content stuff needs a lot of work, so I’m not going to share any of it)

Dusty( @sureisdusty ) : I’m writing a book ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anna( @littlegrumblranna ) : I actually started writing fanfictions last year in preparation for writing original stories. I’m in the middle of my last one right now (I had around 4 fanfics swirling in my head that I wanted to write) and have made all the preparations for my first original piece that’ll start probably late 2017/early 2018. While i’ll say all of my fanfics are video game related, my first original work will be taking place in an era I adore - Edo period Japan. Expect Yokais! It will be found along with my fics at my AO3 - which is right here.

Thank you all so much!!

College advice!

So I realized I had a lot I wanted to say (most of it what I wish someone would have told me), so I opted to submit rather than reply or reblog?  So, sorry for the long submission but I hope it’ll help!

  • Read ahead if the syllabus shows you what to expect.  I’ve found that when I know what chapters we’ll cover, reading them ahead of time and making my own notes usually helps.
  • Those little tab things you can write on are SUPER useful when you go back to study later.
  • If you might be watching certain movies in a class, try your best to watch them ahead of time (and take notes about what you notice, it can help a LOT!).  If you’ve already seen the movie previous to the class, I’d still rewatch it just to remind yourself of details you may have forgotten.  Again, notes are a great tool, and you can always ask your professors what they’re planning to teach from that movie to keep an eye out for it.  Not all will tell you, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • Don’t hesitate to take advantage of office hours, and if your class schedule makes it hard to use those hours, talk to your professor after the first class to let them know.  The good professors are willing to work with you to find alternate hours you can meet in person.
  • Any class that includes essay writing, take advantage of any tutoring or writing labs your school offers.
  • Also, assume your printer is going to short out/the school’s printing lab will be filled to capacity/etc. is going to happen, and that you’re internet will cut out the hour before your class starts if you have to submit things online.  Schedule your time, and try not to procrastinate TOO much (some happens.  Its normal, sadly)
  • Make friends with your classmates!  You don’t have to become super close share everything with type friends, but its easier to form study groups if you talk every now and then.
  • Find places on campus to hang out between classes!  If you live near campus (ie, can do something that costs you no gas to get to and from, and is reliable), it might be tempted to head home and chill then head back for the next class.  If you are anything like me, this is a BAD IDEA.  I tried that once, realized I didn’t want to go back.
  • Try to find a club of some kind to join.  It helps, being able to go there.
  • If there’s an on-campus gym free to students, use it!  I regret not using the one I had available to me.

I’m sure there are other things, but that’s what I’ve got


hey guys, i need some help with my concentration for my art class. i want to do at least 6 large canvas pieces of influential LGBT+ people, but i want to hear from you guys so i can gather more ideas and things! it’s not due until the end of the year, but my canvases are 36" and up, and i’d like to get started asap.
if you submit, please give me some info about this person!

thank you so much 😘😘😘😘

why you should not dismiss research unless you rly truly mean it

Internet, I am a queer researcher of queer health and I have something to say.

A few weeks back, a study went viral about the relationship between marriage equality policy and queer teen suicide rates, and a lot of people reacted thusly: “queer mental health is better when we’re not discriminated against! BREAKING: SKY IS BLUE, WATER IS WET”

This happens a lot. People see research about a thing ~Everyone Already Knows~ and they mock it. Now I want to make two things really clear:

1. Everyone does not already know.

2. This shit can lose these projects their funding.

Did you know that media coverage is a crucial factor in funding allocation? When we submit our application for grant renewal, we have to provide a list of news articles about our research so they can decide whether the public cares enough about us to let us keep doing our work. And most research doesn’t get all that much coverage, so individual reactions can really matter. If the primary reaction to our publications is eyerolling, we legitimately might not be able to continue.

I’ve seen some frustration from people who believe this research funding would be better put to use “actually helping” the affected populations instead of–I don’t know, pinning them under microscopes or whatever it is they think we do. But funding for policy initiatives is driven by research. I know you wish politicians would listen to individual voices telling them where the problems are, but that’s honestly not a smart way to direct limited resources. We need solid evidence. And a lot of the areas that need the most attention aren’t obvious–who knew bisexual people are at a much higher risk for physical and mental health disparities than gay and lesbian people? Who would have guessed that transgender folks are more likely than any other group (including straight people) to be military veterans, but overwhelmingly don’t claim their benefits? I’m sure some people noticed these patterns, but they definitely weren’t common knowledge within the queer communities I’ve grown up around, and those findings are leading to direct action as we speak.

I get that it can be frustrating to feel like your identity is being reduced to facts and figures for the benefit of red tape. But trust me, the researchers aren’t your enemy here. Most of us are queer too. All of us are just as frustrated by this crap as you are. We are doing our best, and I swear to you this work really is making a difference. Please don’t sabotage it.

hi thomas, i hope you’re having a wonderful day/night/whatever time is it. i want you to see this before mermay ends bc i’m very proud of this one so i’m submitting again

 i hadn’t draw in a while bc of everythings that has been going on in my country lately (venezuela fyi) and i just felt very sad and unmotivated, but your videos are one of the few things that manage to make me genuinely smile and keep going and you have been one of the reasons my mental health is crumbling so i wanted to make you this to thank you. i know you’ve struggled with you body positivity before but i think you sould know you’re a very handsome man no matter what and wanted to express that with my drawing

♡ te quiero mucho, gracias por existir ♡

(i don’t think this counts as nsfw but idk) 

also here’s the link to the original post in case you want to reblog it 

- andrea 

Thomas: AMAZING!!! Goodness gracious, you all are so talented, and I’m happy to be able to help you any way I can!!! Love this!

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More tidbits pls? Gonna put your blog on notify. :D

haha sure! i mean, i’m just recalling snippets of things she said while she was sketching but

  • coach’s first name is richard and that is indeed why bitty’s middle name is richard
  • jack is loosely based off of sidney crosby in that ngozi wanted to see what it would be like if she ruined his life (sort of, see previous post)
  • bad bob is supposed to be wayne gretzky, basically
  • pretty much everyone on the team comes from some sort of privilege because let’s face it hockey is an expensive sport. even the bittles are distinctly not-poor because coach is a football coach in the south and that is a thing
  • ransom’s parents are super educated; i think at least his mother is a scientist
  • lardo is a first generation american; chowder is not. his parents met at samwell
  • shitty’s parents met at andover and immediately fell in love; shitty’s childhood was a push-pull of her, very liberal, wanting to make sure he grew up aware of his privilege and him, rich legacy, wanting shitty to uphold that legacy
  • zimmermann is spelled with two ‘n’s to make him distinct from george zimmerman
  • bitty was originally supposed to be a prep school kid from connecticut (laughing so hard because i am in fact from connecticut)
  • bitty grew less intense and jack grew more intense during the conception phase
  • there was a fascinating discussion about jack and kent’s names and nicknames: they each sort of have three tiers from casual to intimate (zimmermann - jack - zimms and kent - parse - kenny, i believe). when they usually talk they are in the middle at jack & parse. when they are pissed at each other it’s zimmermann & kent. when they are having more intimate conversation it’s zimms & kenny
  • from last livestream: bitty would be something like a jigglypuff if he were a pokemon. if he were a trainer he would totally have like a level 70 charmander he wouldn’t make evolve. jack would have something like a growlithe and also a gyarados and would probably legitimately think gyarados was cute. he’d think it was weird bitty didn’t have a charizard by now and his team would be mostly intimidating pokemon. (i may or may not have spent like 3 solid hours trying to make jack and bitty’s perfect teams from the original 150 because who has time for anything else now really)
  • parse is a slytherin
  • jack is not that good at photography and probably knows it, but he doesn’t care
  • bad bob’s friends actually call him ‘bobby’
  • holster and ransom have a fuck-ton of sisters between them lol
  • jack has a hard time letting anyone in and that includes shitty (i.e. there are things about him even shitty does not know)

but probably the best and most important piece of information is that, in the spirit of stanford’s tree, samwell’s mascot is a fucking dancing well. like the kind you draw water from. idk how canon ngozi actually intended that to be, but the sketch she drew was PRICELESS (and she said it’d go up somewhere)

  • Shiro: Coran treats me like I’m a low level employee.
  • Lance: [arms crossed] Better then being treated like the goofball. The joker. The magician.
  • [Makes a magician’s gesture with his hands]
  • Shiro: I thought you were gonna do like a trick there, like the fireball.
  • Lance: I was. It didn’t go off. God these things never go off when you want them to.

Name: Blain
Gender: Male
Occupation: Florist by day, bartender by night.
Personality traits: Sassy, flirtatious (but if someone actually flirts back he’s a blushing clumsy mess), a bit stupid.

(Actually debated for a while if I should submit this guy or not. I wasn’t sure if I was happy with his design or not so if you want to change things up with him (if you do use him in anyway) be my guest, I give full permission. ;u; love your art btw…k bye))

art by freshkaleid

guys Amys birthday is coming up and i think we should do something cute

ok right according to Amy’s twitter, her birthday is on the 21st May and i thought it might be kinda cute to make something for her.

So I thought it’d be pretty cool to make a mosaic of her, created by selfies of us holding notes saying “happy birthday” or anything you want really, and art pieces.


- Submit your art or selfies holding your note to me [submit box here] or ask me for my email address if you would prefer that. I am also on twitter and you can DM me your picture there too.

- Closing date for selfies and art is the 20th May 11pm GMT!!

- Will not accept crude, insulting things obviously duh.

- Please don’t tell her about this bc i want it to be a nice surprise.

That’s it man, they’re the rules lmao.

I believe God wants to do amazing things in our lives. There is however an enemy of our souls who does not want you to ever reach your potential in Christ. Keep this in mind, the attacks on your life are not about who you have been in the past, but who you may be in the future. Submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee. Then become everything you were created to be.

On Applying to 20+ Colleges

I completed 24 college applications, submitted 17 (to Princeton, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Rice, Amherst, Georgetown, Emory, UCLA, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, UNC-Chapel Hill, UVA, University of Pittsburgh, Williams, Washington University in St. Louis, Harvard and Yale) and received admission to all except the last four.

N.B. Some of this info may be dated/inaccurate and 100% of it is tinged w/ my own bias.

Things To Think About

Why do you want to apply to so many colleges? 

  • If it’s hubris (i.e. “I want to collect admissions offers like trophies”) or fear (i.e. “If I submit more applications, I’m less likely to be shut out from every school I apply to"), stop and reevaluate. I applied to Vanderbilt even though I knew I’d never want to head south. The reason? It traditionally takes a lot of kids from my HS. Yeah, don’t be like me.

Do you really want to spend all that money? 

  • I ended up wasting $2500 (and that’s a conservative estimate) on 17 schools. I’ll only be attending one college in the fall.

That said…it can be done.

General Tips

  • The “Why Us” essay isn’t asking “why would you choose our college?” so much as “why should our college choose you?” Emphasize how you’ll contribute to the college—inside the classroom and out—by referencing specific programs, classes, and extracurriculars.
  • Creating a template is a major time-saver. Once you have an effective “skeleton,” all you have to do is insert school-specific details. 
  •  Stay organized.
    • Create a spreadsheet. These were my columns: College Name, Application Type, Application & Aid Deadline, Standardized Test Report, Transcript & SS Form, Recommendation Letter Deadline, Creative Writing Supplement (Y/N), Interview (Y/N), Merit Scholarship (Y/N), CSS Profile, FAFSA, Sticker Price, Response Date.
    • If you use Google Drive, create a folder for each college.
  • Consider making a CV/resume. Keep it short (~1 page). Possible uses: upload as a part of your application; hand it to alumni interviewer.


  • Don’t apply to Georgetown unless you really really like it. There’s a separate application (not Common App) that’s cumbersome to fill out, and you can’t access it until you pay the application fee (which also happens to be p expensive)
  • Optional essays are NEVER optional. Hopefully, this is obvious.
  • The more selective publics (UC Berkeley, UCLA, UVA, UNC, UMich) are more holistic than you think. They reject high stats kids on the reg (anecdote: a dude from my school who got into Caltech didn’t get into Berkeley; another who got into Cornell didn’t get into UMich) so PAY ATTENTION to the essays.
  • Alumni interviews don’t matter AT ALL unless you make a terrible impression—or possibly if you’re a borderline applicant.

N.B. Applying to colleges based on the perceived difficulty of the application isn’t the greatest idea. That said, for your reference:

Easy College Applications

Vanderbilt University

  • Very easy. Only a 100-word extracurricular essay, I believe. Unless you want to fill out a scholarship application.

Washington University in St. Louis

  • Also very easy. No supplement unless you fill out scholarship app.

Amherst College

  • Zero work if you have a graded school essay you’re proud of (can upload in lieu of a college supplement)

Harvard University

  • I think there’s just one supplement and you can write about whatever you want.

Cornell University

  • Just one “Why Us” essay

University of Pennsylvania

  • One “Why Us” Essay, unless you’re applying to Engineering or a special program like Wharton, M&T, etc.

Moderate College Applications

Duke University

  • Three supplements, I think. All fairly straightforward. There’s a diversity essay that’s optional (refer to the Miscellaneous section)

Princeton University

  • A lot of short, lighthearted questions (favorite keepsake, favorite movie, etc.) and an essay (they give you three prompts to choose between)

Stanford University

  • Three fairly straightforward, 150-word essays. There’s a letter to your roommate, an intellectual interest essay, and something else.

Emory University

  • Easy, short supplements, but there are three of them.

All the UCs

  • There’s one UC application for all the UC schools (Berkeley, LA, Irvine, etc.) so same essays and everything, but you have to pay an application fee for each school you apply to. There are a lot of questions (called Personal Insight Questions) so it’s not quick, but once you’re done you’ve covered multiple schools. Also, if you are applying, ask your counselor about the UC GPA.


  • Three short essays, one of which is “Why Major.” Another is an extracurricular essay. Don’t remember the third.


  • I don’t really remember the supplements, but they weren’t that bad.  

Difficult/Thought-Provoking College Applications

Yale University

  • This is hard because there are a ton of questions with 35, 100, and 150- word limits. “Why Yale” essay. Hard to come up with insightful answers/make an impression with so little space.


  • I personally wasn’t a fan of the cutesy/philosophical prompts, and the essays that I wrote (but ultimately never submitted) reflected my utter lack of interest. If you enjoy them, UChicago may just be the school for you :P

Dartmouth College

  • Only three short i.e. 150 word essays, but one of them referenced Sesame Street. Something along the lines of ‘It’s not easy being green. Discuss.” There was another one on describing a time when you said YES to something. Anyway, I disliked them and never completed my application.


  • I think there are three short essays, but they require a decent amount of thought. Although UVA is a public school, craft your essays well. The admission officers care a lot about them.

Williams College

  • There’s only one short supplement, but it’s a real pain. Hard not to veer into cliche territory.

Tedious College Applications

Columbia University

  • So many (five?) supplements. Some are generic though. “Why Columbia,” a list of books you’ve read/media you’ve consumed.  

Rice University

  • Also a lot of supplements. “Why Rice,” “Why Major,” Diversity essay, the famous box (where you can upload any image you want).
you are my sunshine (i tried)

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

Error felt at ease with the soft sound of inks voice filling his ears(?) in a calming matter. Error was laying on his back with his head in inks lap slowly getting rocked back and forward while ink was sing a familiar tune which seemed to put all errors nerves into a relaxed mode as he just laid there with his eyes closed listening to the voice he loved most.

You make me happy when skies are gray

error wanted to smile at the cheesy song ink was singing maybe tease him about it a little. But when he tried to open his mouth words didn’t come out, only a little whimper got escape his teeth. Error frowned. why couldn’t he speak? and why did he throat hurt? Error thought to himself as he started noticing the burning feeling at the bottom of his neck which was slowly making its way up to his mouth.

You’ll never know dear, how much I love you

Error tried to move so he could get up and maybe get a drink but he could only move his fingers and maybe lift his arms a little. He felt heavy so heavy what’s going on? Ink why can’t I move?  He tried again so speak, to move, anything but all he could do was open his eyes a little and see inks blurry from above him.

Please don’t take my sunshine aw-ay

his voice broke on the last word, followed by a soft sob which were slowly growing louder and louder. Was ink … crying? Error started panicking a little now, ink almost never cried. Ink starts mumbling soft words in between his sobs, error could only make out few of the words. “I’m … sorry ……… error ….. hang ……. say…….don’t die” die? Was somebody dying? Is that why in was crying? Oke stupid question that was probably what was going on, but who how could be the person ink would cry over like this? … unless

The it hit error, memories came flooding back into his mind. The argument between them, ink going after error, hiding in another au not wanting to confront ink, the angry people wanting error away, the mean words, not being able to escape, the hit.

Error was dying.      


No, he can’t. he doesn’t want to die, not jet. Fear took over errors senses, fear of leaving this world alone, fear of leaving ink alone. He doesn’t want to go now he finally has something to hold dear.

He tried to move again, to reach up or get a hold on something, anything. but he only became painfully aware of how numb his body really was, like every body part was asleep and never walking up again with a thick heavy blanket over himself that he couldn’t push of. And it was slowly getting worse, starting by his toots making its way up bit by bit.

Ink must have noticed how error was struggling, because he gently lifted his head out of his lap careful not to jolts him and moved him a bit higher up to his face, this way error could see ink clearly even though at that moment he wish he couldn’t.

Inks face did bring a sense of clam over error but a wave of sadness as well. Ink had his eyes almost closed, tears constantly seeping out from the little space they could and slowly making their way down his cheeks dripping into his scarf and sometimes on error.

With his the little energy he had error tried to speak again, maybe now he was closer to ink he could actually hear him. So he opened his mouth and spoke in a breathy barely audibly voice.


Inks eyes snapped open looking down to error with big eyes as if he couldn’t believe he was still alive much less speaking to him.

“error you’re awake”

Ink spoke in a voice that didn’t really fit him. A sad one like there was no hope anymore, error didn’t like this voice on him.

“why do you sound so sad?”

Error tried his best to speak clearly but it just tired him out faster, he needed to be more careful picking his words.

“b-because” ink paused a for a minute looking for the right words to say. “because I don’t know what to do error” another sob followed by some fresh tears going down his cheeks.

“please don’t die don’t leave me alone error” ink got out between hiccups and heavy breaths trying to get his breathing under control so he could speak clearly.

Error tried to get the last of his strength together and raised his hand a little up to inks face but right when he got his hand halfway up it almost fell down again if it wasn’t for ink taking a hold of it and bring it up to his face.

He gently Pressed errors hand against his cheek, nuzzling into it a little. making sure to keep it there as long as he could. “please” ink murmured in a small voice “I don’t want to be alone again”.

Error didn’t know what to say, but then what do you say when you’re dying in your “boyfriends” arms. “hey it’s going to be oke” nailed it. (nice one error)

Ink chuckled, he acutely chuckled. “you really aren’t the best with words error” error had to agree with that one “I know” he murmured weakly.

His voice was growing more and more tired, Like his body was growing more and more limp and right now both ink and error are well known of that fact. All there is to it is to say goodbye now.

“hey skittles” ink let out an amused breath at the nickname “yeah?” error took a deep breath “can you do me a favour?” error slowly moved his thump over inks cheek bone gently wiping away some of the tears that were still flowing down.

“of course what is it?” the numb feeling was at errors waist now (work with me here) but he managed to show a little smile “remember me oke”  inks eyes widened a little “w-what do you mean I’m no…” his words got cut of but error covering his mouth.

“sing with me”

Error started humming the same tune ink was sing to error a little while ago. It was low and maybe a bit raspy but ink could still hear error was starting where he left of so he didn’t want to take this away from error and started singing again.

You told me once, dear, you really loved me

Error smiled, inks voice once again putting his nerves to ease.

He kept humming.

And no one else could come between.

The numbness was taking over fully now, he could feel himself slowly disappear.

He was still humming.

But now you’ve left me and love another.

Error stopped humming.

You have shattered all of my dreams.

His hand fell but never hit the ground.

You are…

 “goodbye ink…. I love you”

 A loud cry slipped from inks teeth he clutched errors jacket against his chest pressing his nose (?) into the only thing there’s left of him now.

 “I won’t forget error” he cried into the jacket careful, to not let his tears black tears stain the fabric.

 “I promise”

 “I love you too”  


well this took me a lot longer the i wanted but yeah stuff happens

anyway here you go this is dased around a drawing you made sorry i can’t really rememder which one it was

sorry for the mistakes hope you like it

Submitted by  idk-likesomeone


Imagine Castiel outing your secret relationship with him

Gif submitted by the beautiful @sortaathief

“So I had her legs wrapped around my head,” Dean’s eyes widen in delight as he recounted last night’s venture. You half listened, eyes glanced over at Castiel; who was standing over Sam as he researched on his laptop. The angel looked at you and smiled softly; you looked down to your lap, trying to hide a smirk.

“And then she did this one thing with her tongue,” Dean groaned in remembrance. You laughed and playfully shoved the hunter.

“Yeah, I heard you,” you smirked.

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Favourite Smut Materlist

Kim Seokjin:

Fuck Me! / rainyseok

Kim Namjoon:

Dipped In Ink / houseofbangtaninternational

Jung Hoseok:

Triplicity (feat. Yoongi) / kainks

Min Yoongi:

King Of Wishful Thinking / btssmutgalore

Miss Dial / versigny

Aquiver / floralseokjin

Delicate / floralseokjin

Triplicity (feat. Hoseok) / kainks

Park Jimin:

Visualette / noir0neko

I Feel It Coming / park9495

GOOD BOY / btssmutgalore

Kim Taehyung:

Camera / jinxkook

Puhing Your Limits / aexthetic-suga

Darling / celestialjoon

Pour Up (feat. Jungkook) / jungkxook (originally posted by taekookie-bts)

Jeon Jungkook:

Room For Dessert / avveh

Laggard / pinkeukook

When you catch him masturbating / gloomybow1

Overcome / fightmejeonkook

Baby Boy / btsstoriesand-astrology

Not So Honest / wonhopes

The Resolve (feat. Monsta X’s Wonho) / wonhopes

In Bloom / tayegi

Threats & Paybacks / pantaemonium (originally posted by jungkookfortunekookies)

Pour Up (feat. Taehyung) / jungkxook (originally posted by taekookie-bts)

Out Of The Blue (Dog Hybrid AU) / imaginethisbts

Boy x Boy:

The Good Doctor (link) / author: snarcsics, posted: bangtxn-smut – JiKook

Slowly (link) / author: cryinghobi – YoonKook

[That’s a] Good Boy (link) / author: cigarettes_and_cocacola – TaeKook

4 Times Taehyung Fantasized About Jimin’s Thighs and the 1 Time Fantasy Became Reality (link) / author: skateboardsound – VMin

Mono(orangosis?) (link) / author: prkjimin – TaeGi

Human (link) / author: officialkth – TaeKook

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Dear littles!!

If he doesn’t make you feel small
Leave him.

If he doesn’t make you feel loved
Leave him.

If he doesn’t make you feel important
Leave him.

If he doesn’t make you feel special
Leave him.

If he says he likes clingy but doesn’t even bother to reply to your clingyness
Leave him.

If it feels one Sided
Leave him.

If he’s not around when you need him
Leave!!! him!!!!

You deserve much more. You deserve someone who makes you feel like you’re their world! Being a little is having a daddy that would priorities you.
Being a little is finally getting the love you lack and need or crave! Yeah you submit to him but it doesn’t mean should let him hurt you however he wants or step on you like you’re a piece of worthless thing!!
It’ll hurt when you first leave him but after you do I promise you you’re able to get a better daddy!! A daddy who actually deserves a princess just like you!!


I’m really not sure about the ending but I didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer! Thank you for reading and for being so excited about me writing again after months of nothing- it means the whole world and more (also thank you if you’ve even bothered to read this boring, sappy note). 

Enjoy my lovelies and let me know your thoughts, I’m quite proud of the most part of this xx

Originally posted by ohstylesno

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My contribution to the humans-are-space-orcs/ earth-is-space-australia

Ok so I know that humans bond with almost anything they consider cute/ cuddly and even some things that aren’t. These things are mostly dangerous, with the exception of earth dogs, cats etc. What if for aliens the opposite were true? Like the grotesque thing that are bug-like, slime filled and disgusting are actually the cute things to aliens species.


Human: Aghhh! WTF IS THAT THING?

*glob of goop with antenna, multiple eyes, and spiderlike legs sticking out from the sides*

Alien: oh that? That’s just a wild Kneerook, aren’t they cute? * picks up and cuddles it* Many are kept as pets. I thought you humans liked keeping pets? Dont you guys bond with all sorts of dangerous things? Wouldn’t something harmless be a good change of pace?

Human: yeah but I don’t want a pet that looks like THAT! And what do you mean harmless? It just melted a ROCK. It’s leaving a trail of goop everywhere! And are those PINCERS?

Alein: well how else would the take their outer skin off to clean?


Submitted by: @kayyeh1