i want to stop loving them

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well, at least Obama isn't restricted anymore and can finally stop being polite :/ i'm waiting for him to go savage on ppl and tell them what he really thinks and not what the presidency requires him to say

Tbh I love Obama so much and I can’t wait until I see how he contributes to the community after his presidency,, but for now I honestly want him and his family to take a long ass vacation. his wife had been through so much, their daughters have been through so much, hell I even bet the dog has been through some shit. and of course, Obama has been through so much. I can only imagine how hard it was for him to be a black man president…… and he has worked so hard and put up with so much bullshit for the past 8 years. and I can’t wait till we meet Unapologetic Obama™,… but for now he needs to rest. He deserves it.

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Vanderwood with an MC who's like adorably clingy? And blunt? Like they will tug on their sleeve and just say "I want attention." Or crawl in their lap because warm boyfriend. Or even just hug them randomly because "I just love you a lot." (Lots of face kisses included. Or arm kisses because short MC can't reach but still wants to give kisses.) And sometimes they just do things that turn Vanderwood into a blushing mess because SO CUTE FUCK. (Also I adore your writing and Vanderwood THANK YOU.)

✿ sorry next few days are gonna be vanderwood spam because, while i don’t have the energy for big long headcanons atm, i always have the energy for my One True Love.

  • “Get off, you damnable monkey” practically becomes their catchphrase, and every time you wriggle onto their lap they tell you to stop treating them like they’re Mount Everest.
  • You do not listen.
  • Weirdly enough, they aren’t really sure how to deal with your clearly articulated demands. Vanderwood is the type of person who isn’t shy about saying exactly what they want from someone, but when you’re there, in front of them, arms crossed and toe tapping - they just… don’t know what do do???
  • you want??? affection????? how can you be so blunt omfg do you feel no shame?
  • Tries petting you on the head like a dog as if that will, somehow, satisfy you. Whether it does or not is probably up to how much you want them to suffer at that moment.
  • When you sprawl over their lap, they just kind of sigh and adjust themselves so you aren’t cutting off the bloodflow in their leg. And when you ooze over the back of the couch, draping your arms across their chest as you rest your chin on top of their head, they mumble something about getting you an actual headrest or something.
  • “Why would I want to replace something that’s already perfect” JESUS HOW CAN YOU JUST SAY THAT
  • UGH
  • shut up they are not blushing.
  • ‘”Excuse me,” they say as you plop down into their lap and then steal their jacket, which you then drape over yourself like a blanket.
  • “You’re excused.”
  • oh my god you sassy little - 
  • Finally, they give in, and give you a taste of your own medicine by using your shoulders as elbowrests.
  • You don’t mind, since they’re warm, until their shoulders start getting a bit pokey, which you alleviate by, once more, crawling all over them like a cat.

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Who would be the centaur that attacked Meg, or in this case, Yurio? (Omigosh, I can't stop fangirling over your art! -3-)

Well not “attacked”… Yurio don’t know why but the centaurs are fully in love with him and want to carry him around, put flowers in his hair and play with him - because “he is a tiny human”.

Well - he tries to escape them every time they came near.

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I LOVE RASPBERRY VS. RETAIL! Forget having a crush on one of the daycare parents, I want Raspberry to have a crush on a retail worker so he has more reason to show up and assert his "superiority". Headcanons? :3 Please?


-So you know how I said he has a tendency to fight clerks over the decorations? He starts picking out their least favorite coworkers and taking the fight to them

-He also militantly patrols for shoplifters. When he finds one he makes a big display out of stopping them right in front of his crush

-Pissy customers will soon feel the wrath of the Terrible and Maleficent Sans. Don’t yell at his crush about your gift card not being applicable here. He’ll threaten you, and you can’t report him to the Better Business Bureau

-He spends a lot of time hiding from the manager, given that the two don’t get along. Mostly for above reasons.

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Is there anything that your ferrets hate? As in, what makes them hiss and bite?

Haha, what they hate, what makes them hiss, and what makes them bite are all different things!

What they hate - I’ve had several ferrets who hate squeaky toys.  I hear a lot of ferret owners claiming their ferrets love squeaky toys because they come running every time they hear it, but I (and a lot of other ferret people) believe it’s usually a distress reaction and they want the noise to stop. (The fact that some ferrets will bite if it doesn’t stop is a tiny clue. ^_^)  The theory is that squeaky toys sound like baby ferrets screaming, which I didn’t really understand until I heard a video of baby ferrets.  Shango, my first ferret, hated ALL noises and would get VERY upset if she asked you to stop and you didn’t.  Some of the noises she hated: squeaky toys, bells, beeps, velcro, zippers, shuffling cards, turning pages in a book, scratching a pair of jeans, my dad playing the harmonica (well, we all hated that), etc.  Sometimes Tux and Miss Rudy react to similar noises, but they don’t get as upset as Shango did.

What makes them hiss - For some ferrets, hissing is a really casual thing.  My Elmer hissed all the time over anything and everything because he was deaf.  It sounded like a little frustrated sigh.  Miss Rudy hisses sooooo much if you play with her with a cat toy (like, the ball on a string type) and she catches it but you don’t let her drag it away.  I find some ferrets are big hissers and some aren’t.  Like, I’ve never heard Tux hiss, so if he did, I’d know he was upset.  But Miss Rudy hisses about everything, so whatever. ^_^

What makes them bite - Most of my ferrets just weren’t biters.  Shango, my first ferret, was the biggest biter.  She would bite if you had ankles.  (She didn’t bite me, though - only other people.)  She also learned to extort treats from my dad by threatening to bite him.  My current ferrets will play bite.  Like, if they’re all jumping and wrestling and fighting and you join in with your hand, they’ll basically treat your hand like another ferret, which I don’t have a problem with unless they get *too* rough.  Elmer wouldn’t even play bite, though.  He’d just open his mouth and go “AAAAAAA” at you but never close it.

Yesterday Miss Rudy bit me because she wanted to go into my bedroom but I closed the door. ^_^  She doesn’t bite hard, but she seems to bite for communication a lot.

Things that happened to me after watching Voltron season 2:

-I cannot see klance at all. Sorry. I cant.
-I am in love with Keith. I love him. I want to protect him.
-I was lowkey but actually highkey bothered by how many food jokes hunk made?? Like legit– stop???
-Shidge is stronger than ever. My sister who has not watched past episode 5 in the first season, watched the ‘youre a survivor’ scene from season 2 ep10 and was like 'theyre a thing right?’
-Keith and Hunk are fucking adorable and now I cant help but ship them. Fuck theyre so cute. And like the galra Keith jokes were a bit much after a while but it was all in jest a d hunk never looked at him differently and im like crying theyre so beautiful and pure.

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My friends keep talking about how great the new president is and I just kinda wanna.. slap them?

I don’t wanna say violence is the answer here, but gosh ;; that’s not… Er, I can see why you would want to. ;; I’m sending you my love! And remember that if a friend is making you feel uncomfortable you can stop talking for a bit and decide where you want to go from there, ok?

VLD Season 2

Okay, so i know everyone’s doing this, but I gotta do this too.

Things I Didn’t Like:

  1. Klance not being canon, or just very few Klance things in general.
  2. Along with that, them teasing it. Like, I love how they had the bathroom scene with Pidge, but when they teased exploring sexuality, I wanted my son to be gay!
  3. Hunk deserves WAY more character development.
  4. I wanted to see Lance’s reaction to Keith being part Galra. Honestly, they stuck him with everyone but Lance for the missions.
  6. Also, Allura, you need to chill. Keith had no idea he was part Galra. No idea!

Things That Made Me Scream (the most):

  1. Coran in the first episode. Perfection.
  2. Keith being part Galra. I was never huge into the theory, but a) it grew on me, and b) it’s fricking canon.
  3. Hagger being Altean.
  4. Lotor.

Things I Loved:

  1. Again, Coran in the first episode.
  2. The caterpillars and Pidge’s junk sculptures.
  3. Pidge geeking out about all the different technology.
  4. Keith loves Shiro like a brother.
  5. The snowball fight was the purest thing they’ve ever gotten to do.
  6. Klance in the elevator.
  7. My son is so beautiful and has backstory now.
  8. Keith in general.
  9. Lance’s cow.
  11. The animation was amazing.


I don’t know why I write to you still. I don’t know why I want to check on you. I don’t know why I still look for you when I am at my lowest.

You were always there for me. You knew me best. You knew how to sooth me and give me the love and support I needed. I even still look for you on here. Just in case you might have written to me… I wish I could stop it. You meant more to me than anything.

Now you are with someone else and could care less about me. I just hope you are genuinely happy. I hope you are good to them and they are good to you.

I wish you all the best.

All my love,


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Hey, just wanted to stop by and leave some greetings :'D My favorite fellow Sheith shipper and probably the kindest and sweetest of them all! I love you, you're awesome, please don't change <3


have a sheith hug (because that’s how i’ll be hugging you guys from now on)


I have an announcement and a proposition.

First of all, we need a pick up in submissions to keep ourselves from having to rely on reserves. This isn’t a life ending problem, we made the reserves for a reason and didnt actually expect to stop relying on them until 50-100 designs were out. Its just that if you were nervous about designs not getting in once submitted or if you dont think your art style is developed enough please do not be afraid! We love seeing your work.

To help fight the loss of interest I’ve been throwing around the idea of posting inspiration throughout the week on a side blog. You can weigh in on how you want this blog to be run (if you want it) by answering the survey here.

Thanks for reading this kind of long post, and thanks for 200 followers Y’all are amazing!

So… not gonna go on a rant because I’m too tired. But as I got my Brotherhood of Steel tattoo done a few Fallout fans stopped by and we chatted. Jokingly I was called “Nazi” for being a supporter of the BoS (yes I support them fully and no I’m not gonna explain it, see above statement).

Yeah it may have been a joke, but a highly offensive one at that. I love the Brotherhood, it’s ideals, code, etc. But I hate it when, even as a joke, I’m criticized for it. It makes me not wanna play the game again because I don’t want people calling me names.

It’s Boxing Day but these assholes will wear their ugly sweaters until after New Years you can’t stop them.

There is, has been, and always will be, a rotation of what is “bad to ship”. Specifically: m/m vs m/f vs f/f vs platonic.

It cycles from: “Only shipping m/f is homophobic, why don’t you have m/m or f/f too?”

Then it goes to: “The only reason you ship m/m or f/f is because you’re fetishising it! Go write your m/f and stop being gross.”

Then the inevitable: “Why are you only writing m/f or m/m as romantic? They can just be friends too! Stop being hetero-normative/homophobic.”

And there is always the: “I blame the fandom for not creating more of the ship I like [insert insult from above].”

My point is- Keep shipping what you want. Keep creating what you want. You can’t please everyone all of the time. What we are seeing now is just a louder version of what has always been. It will cycle, and it is cycling even faster now thanks to the way sites like tumblr allow quick discussion with a large audience. Don’t try to predict it. And you owe no one an explanation as to why you like something.

daily reminder: create things for jack and the community but mostly for yourself bc you want to and you enjoy it. i love jack but i dont make things for him, i make them for us and if he likes it then thats cool too! this helps get rid of the idea that if jack doesnt notice the thing you’ve created, its worthless. because its not. you have enjoyed it and the community has enjoyed it. 

never stop creating.