i want to steal his house

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flower stealing au: john and dirk are going out and john wants to get dirk flowers but doesnt have any money so he goes into someones yard and casually takes a bunch. he house is dirks and hes squinting at him from behind the blinds but cant rlly make out his face and the next day when john hands dirk a big bundle of the flowers dirk socks him in the fucking gut.

There’s literally nothing I could add to imbrove this. God fuckin’ bless.

Dating Damon Salvatore would include:

• you both walking around shirtless in the salvatore house
• piggyback rides
• day and night drinking
• literally everywhere
• y'all are like bunnies, keep on goin at it
• you guys break the bed at some point
• him trying his best to do selfless good for you
• you being adorably annoying to him
• being best friends with Stefan
• *whistles* “Damn, Y/N, you’re looking so hot today”
• “what? I wasn’t hot yesterday?”
• when he messes up, you give him a long talk about being stupid
• “I literally want to slap you and make love to you at the same time”
• stealing his shirts and wearing them
• cooking together
• when the mystic falls gang catches a bad guy, you convince Damon not to torture them
• “ Damon, you’re like, really ugly”
• “oh really? That’s why you were screaming my name last night”
• him making you blush like 24/7
• comforting each other
• road trips
• solving problems together
• adorable Damon when you guys are alone
• strip teases when y'all are feeling kinky
• cute forehead + temple kisses
• never giving up on each other when things go wrong

I’m literally just study sonic characters atm for art and i’m looking at the 3 S bois and looking at their ages….

  • Shadow: 50+
  • Sonic: 16
  • Silver: 14

Shadow is the eldest out of the boys and I’m ashamed of all the sonic fans that haven’t been making the edgy grandpa jokes. I bet Shadow is so tired babysitting these little hedgehogs and having to teach them really simple things because they are so different from him

“No, you boys can’t break into someone’s house just because you want to say hi that’s illegal.”

“Sonic this is your last chili dog for the day, this is why you get stomach aches.”

“Silver, if you teleport you’re way to the kitchen when you’re 3 feet away from it I’m going to kick you.”

“Sonic, be nice to Amy! Sonic quit bullying Silver! SONIC SIT STILL!!”

“I don’t care if you like it, Silver. If you teleport it to yourself without paying it’s stealing!”

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Can you do coldwave for the parent thing?

Oh goodness it’s hard for me to imagine them as parents too SO I’m gonna say this is them with Jax (bc they lowkey adopted him lbr) and chilling out with their friends’ kids or something. 

  • who’s the one to wake up the kids: Len, because Mick will be snoring ‘til 12 and will threaten to burn anyone who dares to wake him up. 
  • who makes the breakfast: Len. Mick is banned from making breakfast since last time he did he set the microwave on fire. On purpose. 
  • who’s the one to cry for everything: *ahem* And now, a scenario: 
    • Jax: “Listen, I need you two to teach me how to pick a lock. And I need to borrow some of your material.” 
    • Len: “And why is that?” 
    • Jax: “Wally and I are in a prank war and I want to break into his house and steal some of his stuff.” *pauses* “And then freeze it.” 
    • Mick: “And why should we help you?” 
    • Jax: “I’ll freeze Barry’s entire room?” 
    • Len: *crying and giving him the material* “Here you go kid, take everything you need. 
    • 100% accurate and realistic scenario, 10/10 very likely to happen. 
  • who’s the more discipline parent and who’s the more lenient one: Len is the more disciplined one while Mick is the one who’ll encourage you to break those same rules like 5 seconds later. 
  • who helps with the science fair: LEONARD but he uses it to sabotage other kids’ science projects (*cough* Dawn and Don’s projects have been frozen so many times). I said in the Captain Canary one that she stops him from sabotaging it, but with Mick? Nah he helps his criminal husband sabotage everything. 
  • who does baby talk: Psh neither. 
  • who wakes up for midnight feedings: Len because I simply cannot imagine Mick doing this. 
  • who’s the one who always worries: Len’s a huge worrier in his own way; Mick isn’t worried unless the kid is being directly threatened in which case  he goes oddly quiet. 
  • who picks up the kids early from school for some fun: Miiiiick he’s a Bad Influence ™ and will ditch with them constantly. 
  • who’s the competitive parent: Len Snart is the biggest competitor ever he is petty af.
  • who kisses the ouches: Please don’t make me imagine either of them doing this. 
  • who’s the sucker for the puppy eyes: Lowkey Len and also Mick, except Mick claims it’s because he HATES the look and want them to stop making it. 
  • who makes the “dad jokes”: Mm, neither. Jax does it for them lmfao, especially when they’re babysitting other kids. 
  • who embarrassed their kid for fun: Mick would 100% try to be embarrassing but this probably also includes something wildly illegal. 
  • who’s the over protective one: So both of them are but Len is more quiet with it and will be watching them constantly and not interfere, while Mick will be pretty quiet - but if he thinks there’s danger he immediately goes in front of them and is ready to Fight™.
  • who’s the “take a sweater!” parent: Len because he honestly cannot help himself and will literally force his own jacket on you if you’re cold (and he will DEFINITELY make a cold pun if they ask if he’ll be cold because again, he cannot help himself). 

Big Mistake


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Can you do a Theo’s imagine when some random guy of school start to hang out with the reader, and Theo tell her that stay away from him because he’s bad and they get into in a HUGE fight and she tell him that he is THE bad. And they don’t speak each other for days and one night she knocks his door house and she’s bruised and wounded and she say sorry to him bc he was right(the guy maybe wanted steal her powers) and they have a fluff make up and the next day Theo made pay the guy for try to kill her?

Side Note: I just picked a random name for the guy, hope that’s okay!

Everyone at Beacon Hills High School knew not to touch Theo Raeken’s girl, it was like the single most well known rule. You and Theo had begun dating shortly after he arrived in Beacon Hills, despite initial warnings from some people to stay away you however did the opposite and got to know Theo on multiple levels. He wasn’t the easiest person to be in a relationship with, but despite his need to be very over-protective, random mood swings, a jealous strike and so much more you wouldn’t change a thing.

You were partnered up with a guy name Adam who like Theo had just recently moved to Beacon Hills. He was your lab partner for an upcoming assignment which meant spending quite a great deal of time together, naturally Theo didn’t like it one bit. It was getting late and you had an evening planned with Theo so you started to collect all your things and put them in your bag. Adam came back from being at the printer and saw that your side of the desk was fully empty.

“Are we done already?” he asked.

You laughed, “I wish but no I have plans with Theo and well my brain is completely fried from working for 3 hours straight. And plus it would be a good idea to take a break and come back with fresh, well rested eyes tomorrow”.

“Your right, hey maybe tomorrow we could spend the whole day working on it. I mean that is if your free?”.

Glancing at your watch time you promised Theo that you would finish studying around 6, it was exactly 6:10 which meant you were 10 minutes late. “I’ll text you” you said hurrying this conversation along. Before Adam responded you were already half way out of the library, rushing to spend a quiet evening in with your boyfriend.

Walking into Theo’s house was a normal occurrence for you there was no need to knock, at least that’s what he always use to say when you entered you saw him sitting at the table. “Hey babe, sorry I’m late time just got away from me”.

You gave him a quick peck on the cheek before heading to the kitchen to grab a quick snack.

“You said you’ll be back at 6”.

Coming back to the living room you sat down next to Theo, “I know but this assignment has been taking up more time than I thought. But good news is Adam and I are nearly finished, which means pretty soon I’m all yours”.
Silence fell upon the room and immediately you knew that it wasn’t a good thing.

“Everything okay Theo?” you asked.

“No babygirl it isn’t. I hate the fact that you’ve been spending all your time with Adam, his bad news”.

“Where is this coming from?”. You suspected that Theo was jealous but you never realized that it was to this extent. This was another level even for him.

“It’s coming from the fact that Beacon Hills isn’t exactly the safest town and I don’t want you to get hurt. Who knows who this Adam guy really is.” he couldn’t sit down anymore so he stood, lightly pacing within the room.

“Theo aren’t you forgetting that people especially Scott didn’t know of your intentions when you first came here. But yet he gave you the benefit of the doubt, more than once I might add.”

“That’s different”.

Now you were the one who couldn’t sit down, you stood up feeling Theo’s eyes on you. “Oh okay I see, because it’s you that’s what makes it different?”.

“See you’re finally getting it”.

Shaking your head Theo at the best of times could be a real pain in the ass, he always had to be the one that was right no matter the topic or discussion.

“You’re unbelievable!”. You pushed past him heading to the kitchen.

“Why thanks babe” he said.

You spun around, pointing you finger at him. “That wasn’t a compliment!”.

“I want you to stop seeing him” he said like it was no big deal to even ask such a thing.

“And I want you to stop being a jerk, but that’s never going to happen so it looks like we both don’t get what we want.”

“I’m your boyfriend, were in a relationship! I’m suppose to protect you and me telling you to stay away from Adam is doing just that.“

This conversation was starting to give you a massive headache, it was beyond intense and the atmosphere wasn’t one any person would want to be in.

"You know what screw you Theo. Just because were in a relationship doesn’t give you the right to dictate who I can and can’t see. The problem isn’t with Adam, the problem is with you!”

“Would you stop being stubborn for once in your life and listen to me!”

“I’m not going to listen to you, if it bothers you Theo or if you don’t approve then there’s the door. You’re welcome to leave if I’m being too stubborn for you!”.

Fed up with the auguring you grabbed your coat and marched towards the door, “Actually you know what Theo, I’ll leave. I can’t keep on having the same argument with you whenever you get jealous or suspicious of some guy, who may or may not be evil….But then again what do I know? I mean out of the two of us you would know what a bad guy looks like,right? Considering you were one not too long ago! So of course every other person in this damn town is bad in your eyes”

Slamming the door behind you, you heard a shatter. Automatically you knew that Theo had either broken something or smashed something against the floor or wall.

This was the worst fight you and Theo have had during the duration of the relationship. It felt like all those other tiny fights rolled together to create a massive blow out, which is what just occurred. Obviously you didn’t want to go back so the next best thing was to head over to Lydia’s, out of everyone in the pack she was the least judgment, well apart from Scott that is and you knew that whenever you needed her help she would always be there.

A few days had past and you and Theo hadn’t spoken. Lydia and her mum were kind enough to allow you to stay as long as you needed too. A few nights ago you had told Lydia what the entire fight was about, she didn’t interrupt when you were explaining and she was your shoulder to cry on.

Driving along the main road your car made a funny sound, deciding that it was better to pull over you got out and opened the hood of the car. The engine and everything else seemed to be okay, so what had made that sound?.  While you were busy trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with your car, a hand covered your mouth.

Fear, adrenaline and fight all kicked in. Knowing that whoever this was you couldn’t overpower them, so you bit their hand instead. They yelled out in pain, which gave you a chance to run. Wasting no time you headed down the road to see if you could flag down a car, your attacker was gaining and you prayed that someone would be around to help.

“This would be a whole lot easier if you didn’t fight Y/N”.

Wait a minute? You knew that voice, the street lights blinded you for a moment but once your vision came back into focus you saw Adam coming towards you.

“Adam? What are you doing?” you asked him.

“Ah Y/N you should of listened to Theo, but I guess I was just too damn charming for you to resist. I can’t believe how easy it was to get you to trust me.” he laughed which made you feel sick inside. The one person you so desperately needed and they weren’t here, all because you were being too stubborn to actually listen to reason.

“Your insane!” you shouted.

He came closer each time you took a step backwards. What you needed to do was to get back to your car, and the only way to do that was to run. Deciding to blot now you only got a few meters ahead, when Adam grabbed your waist. Thrashing and screaming he threw you against the pole to get you to shut up.

Reaching around your hand came in contact with a large thick stick, picking it up you waited for the perfect moment and whacked Adam across the head. He fell almost instantly, taking that as your chance you fought back the pain and ran towards your car not daring to look back.

You quickly closed the hood and opened the car door and thanked god that you didn’t take the keys out of the ignition. Starting up the car you could see Adam coming towards you, stepping on the gas you sped down the road as fast as the car would go leaving Adam behind.

Theo was all that you were thinking about, he was right and you ignored his pleas to stop seeing Adam and what happened to you just now, that was your karma. Not bothering to park right you frantically got out of the car and scanned the surroundings making sure Adam wasn’t near, who even knows if he followed you.

Knocking on the door repeatedly in hopes that Theo was in fact home, because you had no idea what to do if he wasn’t. “Alright come down, I’m coming”.
A sign of relief washed over your entire body when you heard his voice on the other side of the door, he opened it and his expression screamed anger because you probably looked like a mess and shock at the state you were currently in.

Tears were now making they way down you face, “I’m sorry. I should of listened, but I didn’t and now Adam came after me and I had no idea what to do. You were right Theo, my god you were right.”

He pulled you in for a tight hug and shut the door, “It’s okay babygirl you’re safe now. I swear I won’t let him near you ever again”.

He took you towards the bathroom where he carefully lifted you up onto the counter, “This might hurt a little okay” when the cloth came in contact with your skin you winched back in pain.

“I’m sorry, I know it hurts but I have to clean yours cuts before they get infected. Hey babygirl look at me okay, keep your eyes focused on me”.

And that’s what you did, your eyes didn’t leave Theo not even for a second because he was the only one who could make this pain go away. Picking you up he gently laid you down onto his bed, wasting no time in joining you under the covers.

“I’m sorry” you whispered.

He stroked your cheek, “You need to stop apologizing this wasn’t your fault”

“But it was, if only I listened to you none of this wouldn’t of happened. I can’t believe I said what I did, I didn’t mean any of it Theo you have to know that”.

Pulling you close, you felt nothing but safe in Theo’s arms. “I do know that. We were caught up in the heat of the moment, but that’s all forgiven and forgotten about. I promise you he won’t get away with what he did. No-one touches my girl and gets away with it”.

“Please Theo don’t do anything that you’ll regret, I don’t want you to get hurt because of me”.

Kissing the top of your head, he ran his fingers along your back which made you feel sleepy. The last words you heard him say before exhaustion took over was.

“The only one getting hurt is him”.

Going to school the next day wasn’t going to be pleasant. Most of your cuts and wounds had healed, but they were a few that were visible. Putting on a long sleeve top and jeans Theo was by your side the entire morning, this time around he was extra protective and wouldn’t leave you unless it was absolutely necessary.

The both of you walked into the parking lot hand in hand, but his hand slipped away from yours when he saw Adam getting out of his car. Wasting no time he hurried over to him and landed the first punch.

“What the hell man!” Adam shouted which caused a crowd to now gather around.

Theo wasn’t falling for that, he grabbed Adam and slammed his back against the car “Touch her again and I swear I’ll do more than just beat the crap out of you” Adam had a sick smile on his face and leaned in, “If you want me to stay away from your precious girl Raeken, then the only way for that to happen is to kill me.”

“Listen here you sick son of a bitch, if you come after her again then you have   to go through me! And you better watch your back, because if you even so look at her I will kill you. Stay away, I’m warning you”.

Theo threw him on the ground before walking away, leaving everyone stunned at what they just witnessed.

“What did he say to you Theo?” you asked following him back to his truck.

“Nothing, he was just taunting me”.

He saw your worried expression and came over, taking you hand in his he looked right into your eyes. “You have nothing to worry about babygirl, his not going to come after you ever again. Come on let’s go home”.

Climbing into his truck you looked out the window and saw Adam staring, shivers traveled throughout your body and you had a feeling that this wasn’t over. However whatever came your way next you could deal with, as long as Theo was by your side.

"Things My Roommates Have Said" Starters
  • "That's racist, now put on the sombrero."
  • "He's an old guy with money, he's the perfect victim."
  • "Why did you replace all the pizza with booze?"
  • "Is that your naked blanket or your sleeping blanket?"
  • "I promise I'll tell you if I ever consider stealing your husband for his money."
  • "I'm in my twenties and yet I'm calling some anime high schoolers senpai, can I really be trusted to make decisions?"
  • "Hey you opened my booze! Thanks Mom!"
  • "No one wants to rob a house with dicks hanging on the walls."
  • "Let the weight of those blankets push the sadness out of your body."
  • "If you can't suck ten dicks at once then how do you expect to get away with murder?"
  • "I love my new background, just look at all the tentacles and anime tiddies!"
  • "You know what makes people do anything? Shame."
  • "This kid is gonna be so confused because she now has five moms and she calls two of them dad."
  • "Most of my ideas might be illegal, but they usually work."
  • "My mom said we're not allowed to sell drugs again."
  • "The only sex rule in the apartment is to not have sex in the kitchen, I cook there."
  • "This is family time, that means we look at dicks together."
  • "I told you that playing drunk uno would destroy friendships, I warned you and you didn't listen to me, and now you suffer."
  • "Why are all my shoes in the fridge?"

(John x Reader)

The loud banging at your door, ripped you ungently out of your sleep. You groaned, pulled over a shirt and headed to the door. You were very inclined to just slam it into his face when you saw John standing there.

“Please wait.” He quickly tells you when you start to turn back, “I need your help.”

“Oh really? Why? You have the sudden urge to steal my hunts again and tell me it would have been to dangerous? Or do you just want to…-” You looked down at the floor, only now seeing the blood dripping down from his stomach. You had been so angry when you saw him and didn’t pay much attention to anything else.

“Fuck…come in. What the hell did you do this time you idiot?” You mumble, walking through the house and into the guest room, “Lie down.”

John sits down on the bed and you go threw the drawers, looking for the first aid kid and some alcohol that’s been stashed away there.

You take the needle out and give him a bright smile, “That might hurt a little.”

“Could you at least pretend you’re not going to enjoy that, kiddo.”

“No, grandpa.”

You sit onto him, your knees on both sides of his legs and pull up his shirt to look at the wound. It was pretty deep but nothing you hadn’t seen before. Being a hunter yourself, you had seen worse things. He’d live another day. The man was too stubborn to die anyway.

“You’re a bit heavy on my legs.”


He grabs your waist, pulling you up higher so you sit in his lap. He smirks at you and leans back a little, “That is way more comfortable.”

“Glad you’re having such a great time…let me make it even better.” You take the bottle and start cleaning his wound. He occasionally groans and hisses at you but stays quiet most of the time. You take the needle and see him flinch away.

“What’s wrong tough guy? You wouldn’t be scared of a little needle, would you?”

“No but I don’t think that is really necessary. Just put some bandages on.”

“Yeah…that won’t do if you actually want to have blood left in you tomorrow morning.”

You start to stich him up, getting some very threatening looks in the process. You try to be quick, though you liked to see him in pain a little there was no need to make it more unpleasant than you had to. You were tempted…but no. You wrapped some bandages around the wound when you finished and put the stuff away.

“All right, sleep a little. You should be good to go tomorrow.”  

“You’re not staying?” John asks when you turn to leave the room.

“Ha, nice try. No I’m not.”

“I’m a dying man you should be more considerate.” He says with a smug face, holding out his arms to you.

“You’ll be just fine, John.”

“You don’t know that for sure.”

Men. Sometimes you really couldn’t believe it, they could be such cry-babies. You sigh and flop down on the bed. You knew how this would end if you didn’t give in, not a single quiet minute the whole night.

John smiles and wraps his arms around you, pulling you in for a close hug.

“I’m still mad at you, don’t think you’ll get a free pass just because you’re hurt.”

“You’re always so mean. I don’t know why I always worry about you, you’d scare the monsters away with your attitude.”

“Idiot.” You mumble and turn your back to him, so he doesn’t see the small smile appearing on your face.

Please picture Kuroyaku where Yaku is cold one day and doesn’t have his volleyball jacket so he borrows Kuroo’s

Picture how the ends of the sleeves would flop around on Yaku’s arms and how much cuter and tinier Kuroo would think his cute tiny boyfriend looks

Picture Kuroo stealing Yaku’s jacket the next time Yaku comes over to Kuroo’s house and pretending that Yaku just lost it somewhere so he has an excuse to keep lending him his jacket

Picture how much shit Kuroo would be in when Yaku found his jacket in Kuroo’s bedroom later (probably under his pillow or something that boy is such a sap)

A burglar of great talent

Gif’s not mine!

Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairing: Bilbo Baggins x (hobbit!)reader
Genres: fluff
Words: 1.011
Request: Anonymous: Hi first of all I love you. Second, can I have a bilbo x reader where he /steals/ reader’s first kiss? (Haha get it because he’s a burglar) thanks bae. <3
Notes: Well, what can I say - enjoy! :)

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so i made a new house in the sims 4 thats just dm, dite, and saga living together… admittedly i did this because i wanted to see who dite would end up dating first, but ANYWAYS here’s what’s happened in the past 24 hours:

  • shiryu got into an argument with dm and kicked over his garbage can while laughing, which prompted dm to cry
  • saga went to go visit the bronze saints next door and got into a fist fight with ikki
  • saga keeps stealing dite’s bed? saga has his own bed but wherever dite ends up napping, saga goes there immediately afterwards and sleeps for like 8 hours…
  • deathmask REFUSES to wear a shirt inside the house
  • saga and the dio brando i made have become friends. im worried.
  • shun said hi to dite and dite left IMMEDIATELY
  • dite set the kitchen on fire TWICE while making macaroni
  • seiya showed up at dite/dm/saga house and when they wouldn’t let him in he suddenly just dropped and started doing pushups at their front door
A Coincidence

Summary: It’s been 15 years since Dan and Phil had broken up, and they’ve both moved on from each other and started new lives. Phil meets a young girl named Luna Howell, only to find that she’s the daughter of his ex-boyfriend who he happens to still be in love with.
Genre: AU, Fluff
Word Count: 2,170
Beta: thanks to phangirlingforphan for beta’ing again! <3

A/N: Okay, sorry for so many mpreg fics but I’m quite proud of how this fic ended so let me know what you think of it? xx

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Christmas Drarry Headcanon

(I posted this as an ask from my main blog on someone’s drarry blog, and now I have a drarry blog and I want to remember this headcanon, so here it is. In other words, I didn’t steal it if you saw the original post)

Draco has always adored Christmas because it means tons of presents, but unlike Dudley he likes giving them too, because Lucius would always help him pick out presents for Narcissa (Because come on, you can’t tell me that he wouldn’t have doted on her!). So Draco loves buying heaps of presents for people, including hundreds of really little cute ones that he can hide around the house as well as really expensive ones that show off his wealth and that only he could possibly afford. So he finds out that THE WEASLEYS of all people are the only people to have given Harry a proper Christmas, and that’s just not on, so it becomes this massive competition every year to create the best Christmas ever, and Harry absolutely loves it, but he also wins every year by just buying one single present that is the absolute perfect thing Draco could want. Because while Draco always had presents bought for him, he never knew what he really wanted most, so he could never ask for it. But Harry listens to him like no one else has, in ways no one else could, and it’s perfect every time.

And here’s a song to match: “That’s Christmas to Me” - Pentatonix.

so i had a much longer version of this post that i won’t bother with, but basically, i want to talk about maccready and caps.

why does he need them, to a degree that he brings it up nearly every other time you talk to him? his clothes are a wreck, his house is nonexistant. he proves perfectly well that he can steal ammo for his gun like a little pickup zigzagoon. he says he wants a trailer with leopard print interior, and those are not the words of a man interested in showing off his money as a status symbol. no amount of caps in the world could convince anyone to tromp out to med-tek on a suicide mission for a cure that might not even exist. so, why? what was so important that he took his most marketable skill (maccready is a talented shot - he had to be, in order to protect the community of little lamplight, and living outside of it probably only made him better) and deliberately made the decision to murder people in order to cash in on it?

i want to present this:

the wasteland taught maccready. this is important - he grew up there, he saw the dirt and dust and dried blood under his fingernails every single day of his life. even without considering little lamplight, he was on his own from the ages of fifteen to twenty-two - and even with all of his experiences, those are formative years! he scraped together the caps then to provide for lucy and duncan (and then, duncan) but i don’t believe that was the only thing driving him, and this is why.

the wasteland taught maccready (a kid!!! a kid, he is only twenty-two when you meet him) that he needed caps in order to survive. he learned this trying to provide for his family, and he carried it with him. he spent so long just - doing exactly that. surviving. he knows exactly how much money he needs, could probably tell you the price of stale bread in every settlement on the road from the capital wasteland to the commonwealth off the top of his head. so why the overkill? why continue to take on bigger mercenary jobs with such a clear idea of your own budget?

i believe it’s because the wasteland took this kid, maccready, and said, “either you become a killer, or your family starves.” maccready is Good. his decision was obvious then. he knows the game by now, knows that money talks. he could plan for his own survival.

but then it said, “either your son becomes a killer, or you make damn sure he never has to fight.”

and maccready doesn’t know how many caps that’ll take, but he’ll do whatever he has to do in order to get them.

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Hmmmm. I bet kid mm!Ishi went hungry at school a lot because people would ruin his lunches, steal them, or take any money he got for lunches because 'my parents say you owe us'

THIS HURT ME AND I WANT IT LIKE— PLEA S E, you dont understand this probably did happen, they probably stole his food or smashed it on the ground, anything and ishimaru would probably go hungry for days or even weeks cause he probably didnt have much to eat at his house either after their downfall, he literally probably only had miso and white rice which is probably why thats all he eats now

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Hi so i wanted to ask you a question i culdnt figure out about floo powder and thought that yiu might know. Can you steal stuff from people by flooing to their house when they arnt there and just taking stuff? I didnt find anything on internet. Thank

so i know that people can lock their fireplaces (like how the ministry is able to shut them down) so i’d imagine that most wizarding families would put some sort of grate or lock over their fireplaces if they aren’t home. also there is a registry with the ministry for floo networks, isn’t there? so there would either be a tracking system or some way to note who’s travelling from place to place if needed (for example, if someone’s house had been robbed, there would be a directory in the ministry so they could see who travelled at what time from what place) but yeah i mean i guess if there wasn’t a good method to protect people’s fireplaces they’d all be a bit screwed

If I was a dude idk which I’d rather do…. Find Ben Affleck’s car while he’s out doing whatever he does in his spare time. Steal the tires off Ben Affleck’s car and fight him. All in attempt to make him cast me as Jason. Or walk up to his house, ring the doorbell, start to fight him and say “Hello, Father. I imagined you taller.” And then make him cast me as Damian. But, alas, I’m not a dude so this can never happen….

My Darling (Psycho!Luke) [Part 2]

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part one

While sitting at breakfast the next morning, I had never felt more hatred for one person in my life.

This man had taken me away from everything I had loved; from my home, my parents, and my friends. He watched me for months. He locked me in his house (where three previous girls had been who he presumably murdered).

I didn’t care if he was mentally disabled, he was my captor and I hated him with every fiber of my being.

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Request by anon: I hope if every week is JP week 😂 what about you’re his wife who’s not really socialized and he want you make some friends! You don’t have anyone to hang out with due some bad things happen at your past so you spend alot of time alone at house !!

-Admin Kitty

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December is your favourite time of month: over-sized mugs filled with hot chocolate, quilts by the fireplace and a good excuse to steal Jay’s soft black sweaters two sizes too big for you.

You pull the sleeves of his sweater down past your fingertips to keep from scolding yourself on the hot chocolate you just made yourself. The cup is so big you have to hold it with two hands and the steam hits your face every time you take a sip.

You gaze outside, marveling at everything covered in a soft white blanket of snow. When you were younger, every opportunity to be outside, there you’d be, no matter what the weather. But nowadays, you found more and more the beauty of being indoors, you’d took on a new found appreciation for central heating and painting and interior design. Lately, you’d even adopted an affection for cleaning.

“I thought I’d found you here.”

Icy cold palms press against the bare skin of your waist underneath the sweater and you flinch slightly before relaxing again.

Jay’s cheek presses into the curve of your neck as he comes to rest his chin on your shoulder, “Hey, you.” He says quietly, nudging the hollow behind your ear with his nose.

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  • me: sorry for stealing your brother's bed
  • dude: it's cool when he had a house party apparently one of his friends had sex on mine so you can do whatever you want to his. i encourage it. burn it. i don't care