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Ok update real quick! I’m going to try to speed asks along by answering simple things with more text and a small uncoloured doodle and answering big/more character development driven asks with coloured images! Im not going to post a crappy sketch and call it done, I’ll clean up the lines and make it easy to tell what’s going on and all that!

So if in the future you send a silly fun ask and only get a simple picture in response understand it’s not personal! I just want to get to replies a little quicker :) this will also lighten the work load.

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all toriels r my fav and teeny toriels r no exception

@friisans is the creator of the altertale aus and such so u kno give her a look will u :y

Some Tiny Rick with Morty WITH SWEATERS.

I saw a photo of them in sweaters and I was like, sign me tf up-
LOOK AT THE SHY LITTLE BAB <3 All flustered from holding Morty’s hand ;v;

I honestly want more of Tiny Rick and Morty together, and Tiny Rick actually wanting to stay in the body becauses it’s the only way he can be with him without getting shit for it

Solangelo Soulmate Ink AU:

In case some one doesn’t know, A Soulmate Ink AU is this thing in which whatever marks your soulmate gets on their skin, tattoos/markers or pen marks, appear on you

~~Nico’s P.O.V~~

Nico turned in bed as light flooded through the window of his room, which he shared with Jason in their shared apartment. He didn’t want to get up. Morning were too bright, too busy for him.

But there was school. And Nico, despite hating school in general, didn’t want to miss his first class, which was English, but they didn’t do much of anything, except read books from Mrs. Ros’s incredible collection of books. Nico likes to read, despite his dyslexia, and this was the place to do it.

He rolls out of bed, blinking his eyes repeatedly. He throws on a shirt and walks into the kitchen, where Jason was already eating cereal. The blond boy looks up. “Hey, Nico. Finally got up I— oh my gods!”

The boy drops his spoon, staring at Nico’s arm. “What did your Soulmate DO?”

Nico blinks, and slowly looks at his arm. ‘Not again, please not again …’

From a few inches over his wrist to his shoulder, his arms were completely covered in countless of scribbles. Some were black, others green, and some were even pink. Flowers, smiley faces, stick figures, everywhere.

It happened again.

Why? Why does his Soulmate let this happen to himself? Over the last few months, Nico has been waking up to scribbles similar to these ones, and his Soulmate didn’t seem to care. Nico had asked them a few weeks back. His Soulmate was apparently staying with their aunt and uncle, who had many kids, most young. They like to doodle on them, and the Soulmate simply said he thought it was cute. Nico doesn’t.

Jason is looking at him sympathetically. “That’s got to suck. I thought you told them to stop?”

Nico grumbles. “I did. They seem to be quite stubborn.”

He turns to his room to find a marker. He picks up a wide black one, and in big letters, writes ‘WASH IT OFF YOU STUPID MULE’ onto his arm.

Only seconds later, he gets a reply. 'I don’t want to.’

'I need to go to school, ant it’s to hot to wear a sweater. Wash. It. Off.’

'I’m starting a new school today, and I don’t care.’

Nico curses under his breath. 'I’m not you.’

'But you’re meant to be with me. So deal with it.’ The sassy writing appears.

'I hate you.’

'Keep telling yourself that, Sunshine.’

'Do NOT call me Sunshine.’

'Will do, Sunshine. Will. Haha.’

'I don’t get why you’re laughing, I don’t care why you’re laughing. Please go die.’

And with that, Nico throws the marker onto a table, and goes get ready for school.


~~Will’s P.O.V~~

Will sighs. Another argument with his supposed love of his life. He wonders how they’ll ever get along.

“Will, could ya’ get yourself somethin’ to eat, darlin’? I gotta get to work early, ya’ know how it is.” He hears his aunt call. He smiles at her Southern accent, reminding him too much of his mom.

He comes down. “No problem. Do you need some help loading everything into the car?” He asks as he watched his aunt struggle with her bags. His uncle had already left to drop the kids at school, so Will was the only one left.

His aunt smiles. “Don’t worry yourself, sweetheart. Ya’ go and find yourself somethin’ to eat, Lord knows ya’ll need it. New school an’ all.” With this, the woman walks out the door, into the driveway of the house.

Will closes the door behind her, and makes himself some eggs. New school, huh? Hopefully, he thinks while making some eggs, it’ll be better than the last one.


~~Will’s P.O.V~~

“Here’s your schedule, sweetie. Hazel will show you to your first class.” The office lady tells him, handing him a piece of paper and motioning to a girl nearby, with curly golder-brown hair and amber-like eyes. The girl stands and walks over to me, nodding to the woman, before motioning for me to follow.

We start down the hallway. “So, you’re new here. What’s your schedule?” Hazel asks.

Will hands her the paper. “Uh, it seems I have English first, with Mrs. Ros. And uh, I’m Will. Will Solace.”

The girls, despite seeming to be a Sophomore, is a bit intimidating. (BTW, idk what Will’s birthday is, so let’s just say he’s older than Nico but in the same grade.)

“Hazel Levesque. You’ll be having a few classes with my brother.” She replies. “Including English. I’ll point him out to you. You have first, third, fourth, and seventh with him. English, Biology, Gym, and Art.”

I smile a little, not sure how to reply. He hoped the brother was t as scary as the sister. “Thanks. I hope I get along with him.”

At this she smiles a little. “Don’t count on it. Especially today. He texted me that his Soulmate has a bunch of colored doodles on his arm, and now he has to deal with them.”

Will blinks. That sounded similar to his situation.

They reach a door. Hazel knocks, and seconds later, it’s opened by a teacher. She beams. “Hello, Hazel dear! Is this the new student? Come in, come in.”

Talk about friendly.

Will step into the room, and Hazel does as well. She taps his shoulder. “Over in the corner, the boy sitting alone with the black hoodie? That’s my brother. His name is Nico. He probably won’t kill you.”

The boy looks up momentarily. Will blinks. 'Damn, he’s cute.’ Big chocolaty dark brown eyes, thick and messy black hair, pale skin. The boy waves a slender hand at his sister, who looks nothing like him. Hazel smiles back, then points at Will. 'Be nice.’ She mouths.

Nico rolls his eyes, but nods as of to humor her. He gives Will a once-over, then quickly looks down back at his book.

Hazel shrugs. “That’s Nico. He’s a bit anti social, and snappy, and has low patience, but he’s not mean. Sorta. Anyway, he’ll try his best not to kill you.”

Will nods, not at all convinced. Cute and violent. Sounds like a dangerous combination. But still, he couldn’t quite stop the butterflies in his stomach as Mrs. Ros hands Hazel a chocolate, letting the girl leave, therefore leaving Will alone. He surveys the room, and seeing no other place to sit, walks over to Nico’s table.

“Um, uh, hi.” Will tells the boy.

Nico looks up again, his big eyes focusing on Will. “Hi.”

Will stares at him. Nico sighs. “Name’s Nico di Angelo. If Hazel told you I was going to kill you, I won’t. Probably. If you’re scared, go sit with the Stoll brothers.” He gestures at two boys who were reading visual novels while occasionally stealing their classmates supplies.

Will looks back at Nico. “I’m Will Solace. And I think I’m alright here.”

Nico shrugs. “Your choice, Sunshi—” He bites his cheek, as if surprised by the words.

He turns back down to his book.

Sunshine. That’s what Will always call his Soulmate.

~~Nico’s P.O.V~~

The cite boy did make his morning somewhat better. Will. Will Solace. He was taller than Nico, with wavy golden hair and bright sparkling blue eyes. He reminded him a bit of Jason, but their air was completely different. Jason was, in a word, more like lightning, thanks to his love of storms and spur of the moment ideas. Will, if anything, reminded him more of sunshine, that being the reason in which Nico almost called him that.

Will was very pretty. Very. And Nico was pretty sure he picked up on a Southern accent. When the boy first walked in and Nico looked him over, he couldn’t help but to feel flustered. He seemed so, well, sunshiny. This kind of personality sometimes annoyed Nico, bug there was something that let Will pull it off.

Ugh. It was way too hot to be waring a hoodie. His thoughts circled back to his Soulmate. Stupid scribbles.


~~Nico’s P.O.V~~

The rest of English class had gone quietly, Will mentioning their other classes together. Nico had felt a bit happy about their similar schedule, but was pretty sure Will was planning to avoid him.

Then came Biology. Again, Will sat with Nico. He looks up at the uncertain blue eyed boy. “Feel free to sit. The chair won’t bite.”

Will raises an eyebrow, which Nico finds impossibly attractive. “And whatta 'bout you?”

Had to be a Southern accent.

Nico smirks. “Depends.”

Will shirts and sits down, although he still looks nervous. They talk more this time around. Will asks him where Nico’s from (Italy) (That apparently “Explains the accent. Pretty cool.”), if Hazel and him are really related (half-siblings), and a few other things.

The boys walk out of class together after turning in a worksheet. “Uh, I have Gym now. Hazel mentioned that you do to. Could ya'—could you show me where it is?”

Nico raises at the correction of his accent. “Sure, Southie.”

Will looks at him. “What?”

“Your accent. It’s not too strong, but it’s there.”


The boys walk into the Gym room, were they are greeted by a middle age man. “Hey, Cupcakes! You’re the new student, I take it? Well, you’re in for a treat. Since it’s so hot, we’re using the pools today! You got your school issued swim suit, right, Cupcake?”

Will is silent for a second, as he takes in the Gym Coach. “Yeah, I mean, yes. I have it. Uh,” he glances at his schedule. “Coach Hedge.”

The mans nods appreciatively. “What’s your name, Cupcake?”

“Will Solace.”

Nico chuckles silently. Will looks like he’s waiting for a bomb to drop.

“Well, Solace, di Angelo will show you to the lockers.”

Nico guides Will to the changing room, and realizes. Pool. Changing. Scribbles.

Damn it. Fudging damn it.

~~Will’s P.O.V~~

Will takes a pen out of his pocket, writing on his hand. 'Hey, I have Gym, and we’re going to use the pools. The drawings will be in open view.’

A couple seconds later, his Soulmate answers. 'How coincidental. I’m in the same situation. I hate you.’

'No you don’t’

A small drawing of a skill show up, with the caption 'I will murder you.’

'No you won’t.’

His Soulmate doesn’t reply. Besides my shower stall, Nico grumbles something and turns the water on. I catch a few words. “Stupid scribbles— Murder —Ugh.”

At the same time, the answers of my Soulmate being to disappear, as if they are being washed away. My eyes widen. It’s just a coincidence. They have the to go to the pool too. It just happens to be at the same time as Nico.

Will turns on the water and watches as part of the scribbles disappear or fade, although many don’t go away completely.

A few minutes later, we both turn the water and walk out, letting some other boys file into the showers. Nic has a towel around his shoulders, which causes him to look absolutely adorable.

He looks over at me, then away again. I raise my eyebrows. I’m not using a towel, and am only wearing the swim trunks. Is Nico flustered? I don’t think he’s … Well, gay, but what if?

He looks back at me, not looking below my neck. “Pool’s over here.” He walks towards a door, and opens it. But I’m not paying so much attention to that as to his legs.

We walk outside, and I take notice of a blond girl sitting outside the pool with a timer, and a boy with dark hair doing laps. The boy reaches the end, and the girl presses the button. “Good job Percy! That took about three seconds less than last week.”

The boy makes unenthusiastic jazz hands. “Three seconds! Yes, very good job me!”

The girl rolls her eyes and slaps his shoulder, then looks up. “Hey Nico.”

“Hi Annabeth. Hey Percy.” The dark haired boy greets them. “This is Will Solace, he’s new.”

The two smile at Will. “Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson.” The girl says.

Percy squints at me, then Nico. “Is this one your type?” He asks Nico.

Annabeth looks up at the sky and mutters something, while Nico glares at Percy. “Are you ever going to let that go? Is it that hard to accept that I don’t like you anymore? Plus, you have a girlfriend, and she is right there. And I barely know Will.”

Will shakes his head confused. “I’m tempted to not even ask.”

Annabeth looks at Nico, who frowns, then shrugs. “Well,” she starts. “Nico used to like Percy. Last year, Nico told Percy about it, but also that he was over it because Percy wasn’t Nico’s type. Now Seaweed Brain over here is still hanged up about it, since even if he doesn’t feel that way about Nico, he can’t believe he isn’t his type.”

Well then. Nico was gay. Who would have thought?

Percy looks at Will’s arm. “Dude, what’s with all the scribbles? Did your Soulmate do that?”

“Actually, well, my cousins like to draw on me, and I let them. The agitated, faded black writing is my Soulmate wishing me death.”

The couple blinks. “Wow.”

But it’s Nico that catches his attention. He stares at Will’s arm, then his face, then, while using the towel as a cover, he looks at his arm.

He looks back up at Will, walks towards him and … .

Pushes him into the pool.

Will’s arms flail, and he looses balance, and fall, creating a large splash. He’s submerged in water for a second, the swim up. He break the surface.

“What was that for!?” Will complains.

Nico drops the towel, showing him his arm. Will’s eyes widen. “No way … .”

The four of us are all quiet for a moment. Then Nico balls up the towel, and throws it at Will’s face. “I am going to murder you.”

Will looks up at him. “Sorry, Sunshine, but that’s not Soulmate etiquette.”

Will grabs his foot, pulling Nico in. The smaller boy yelps, falling into Will. They go under the surface, and Will quickly kisses Nico’s cheek. They swim back up.

Nico splutters, blushing.“I am not sure whether to break your arm, or celebrate.” His voice sounds shocked and flustered, causing his Italian accent to thicken.

Will grins. “The way I see it, ya’ finally got yourself a type, Sunshine. That’s sounds like somethin’ to celebrate 'bout.”

Nico’s face flushes more, and Will hear him mumble 'stupid accent.’ He comes closer to Will and splashes his face. “Sorry Percy! You lose!”


Annabeth laughs. While the couple banters with each other, Nico turns to Will, and pecks his lips. Now it’s Will turn to blush. “I still plan to kill you.”

“Feel free to kill me with love, Sunshine.”

This is my first go at a Soulmate AU, not to mention my first real Tumblr post, and Solangelo writing piece. Sorry if it sucks. Please leave constructive criticism!

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for the prompt thing “Was I just a replacement for you?” marichat (with a possible reveal pretty please)

Today’s drabble is dedicated to @ycantwebefriends to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful day full of sunshine and happiness!

“Was I just a replacement for you?”

Marinette reached over and tipped up Chat Noir’s hat to ruffle his hair. “Aww, is the kitty feeling insecure?”

He sniffed, pulling the hat back down over his dark ears and hair. “Well, when someone admits you’re just a replacement, it’s hard to not feel a little insecure.” He tightened the trench coat around him and glanced around the small cafe warily.

“You’re not a replacement, you’re, uh…an alternative,” Marinette finished lamely. “If it makes it any better, I’m really glad you’re the one here with me. You make me feel calmer.” She knocked her coffee cup against his. “Seriously, Chat. It really means a lot that you came out with me this morning. You made the train ride ten times more bearable. I would have been a nervous wreck on my own.”

He shrugged self-consciously. “It was really no problem. When you said Alya couldn’t make it, I didn’t want you to have to come alone, even if I did need to wear a disguise,” he chuckled. “How are you feeling?”

“Terrified but excited?” She took in a deep breath as the sun rose a little higher in the sky. “This internship could be a big step for me if I can land it.”

“Of course you’ll get it.” Chat Noir stirred another packet of sugar into his coffee and hummed. “You’re amazing, Marinette.”

She flushed and began to doodle on her napkin with a red pen. “What about you? Now that Hawkmoth is defeated, surely you have some plans of your own. Are you going to stay in Paris?”

“I’ll stay as long as my Lady needs me,” he answered simply, setting his cup back down. “There are always going to be bad people in the world. I don’t see why Paris won’t continue to need us.”

Marinette worried at her bottom lip with her teeth. “And what if Ladybug wants to leave?”

Chat Noir looked up at her in surprise and then a frown settled over his features. “I guess I hadn’t thought of that.” He ran the tip of a claw along the edge of his coffee mug. “She probably does want to do something else after all these years.”

“Would you keep doing this even if she left?”

He furrowed his brows. “I don’t know. I guess I should ask her about it.”

“Isn’t there something you want to do though, Chat? Surely you have a life outside the black leather.” Marinette tried for a smile but it came off more of a grimace. She returned her attention to her doodle.

“I do,” he nodded, “but she’s…” He trailed off, shaking his head. “We should concentrate on you today, Princess. How much longer until you can go in for your interview?”

Marinette looked down at her phone. “Eleven minutes. Do you think it’s too early to check in?”

“I think it would be a mark in your favor actually. It’s not too early and shows you’re serious about this.”

She stood and began to gather her things. “What are you going to do while I’m in there?”

He pushed back his chair and stretched. “You made me get up pawfully early. Maybe I’ll find a sunbeam to curl up in for a catnap.”

Marinette smiled. “Enjoy, Chaton. I’ll call you when I get out.” She grabbed up the rest of her things and hurried to the building’s lobby without looking back.

“Chaton,” Chat Noir repeated quietly to himself. He looked down at the table and a flash of red caught his eye. He picked up the napkin she had been doodling on to see a small ladybug drawn in red ink with a series of cat paws trailing after it. The words “Come with me” sat underneath. Eyes widening, he looked back up to see Marinette watching him from the building lobby outside the glass doors of the cafe. She smiled at him before she was escorted away to her interview.

Chat Noir looked back down at the note in his hand with a smile of his own. “Anywhere you go, my Lady,” he murmured.

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eyyy just a head’s up that I’m going to be visiting family over the weekend from Friday through to Sunday, so TPoH will update on Sunday but it will be posted late! Like, UK evening time late, so don’t you be staying up until 3am for it (yeah I see you back there American timezone folks I know what’s up)

also I wanted to get the doodle comic done before then but it ain’t gonna happen so sorry about that MAYBE NEXT WEEK


“I do want to ask you not to touch anything during your stay. The amount of valuable objects here is nearly uncountable, massive diamonds, exotic butterflies, magical manuscripts-”

“And a WHALE!”

I went to the efteling yesterday and symbolica nearly made me cry and then I remembered this REALLY GOOD REQUEST from a while ago so heres that + a study + a redesign inspired by a cool jester hood i saw once! LOV YA STAMPY @onemanstampede

doodling dancing terumobs gives me life

(Teruki: where did you learn to dance like this?

Shigeo: let’s discuss it later /and stay focused on dance, Teru/)

Thank you anon ;; I’ll for sure make 707′s comic in the future! For now, here’s some love for you <3 I always imagine saeyoung’s being clinging to saeran all the time like, taking care of him, making sure he’s not lost again lol 

Sorry for the messy quality i’m doing it half asleep it’s almost 2 am here my mom’s gonna kill me if she finds out i’m staying up this late lol but i want to reply your answer :v

So please enjoy and good night!

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Every time I see your URL in my feed I imagine Acnalogia in tightish bright rainbow colored boxers with kittens on them. Why? I'll never know.

I have no idea either

and don’t you dare ask me why I drew this