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Hi I recently started watching Ultraman Mebius and I was wondering if there are any other Ultraman series you recomend I should watch.

Everything on Crunchyroll and Shout Factory TV.
…I guess if you wanted a list of preferences, I’d say that my next recommendations are Ultraman X and Ultraman Nexus. Max is fantastic too.
Ultra Q, Ultraman, and Ultra Seven are great for one to get a better sense of where the series started and how far we’ve come, and there are some wildly inventive stories and effects in both, even if they’re somewhat disjointed - which is a growing pain of the genre back in the 60′s.

And Ultraman Gaia was just added! I’m super pumped to watch that. And I’ve heard good things about Ultraman Leo and Ultraman 80.


K’s blogrates is back yo! So I’m almost done with watching Daredevil (I know I’m late) and I’m thinking of which series to watch next! Here are the list you can choose from:

  • Jessica Jones
  • Arrow
  • Flash
  • The 100
  • Gotham
  • Rewatch Gossip Girl from the start

And the blograte rules as follows:

  • mbf this minho slut
  • check out my marvel/dc sidehoeblog
  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask telling me which series you chose and why and random things about this series (it can be your otp, an unpopular opinion, anything. NO SPOILERS!)

Block ‘k does blogrates’ if you don’t want me to clog your dash. Doing this til I’m sure which one to watch, so that’s a long time. Format under the cut.

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If you want to be up-to-date fandom-wise on gravity falls, i reccomend binge-watching it for the next 2 and a half weeks because the season (and series) finale is on febuary 15th! But its also a very plot driven show that you should enjoy and over anaylze to find a bunch of foreshadowing and symbolism and such. (You may think you got into it too late, but you will never know the pain of a cliffhanger on hiatus. You are fortunate)

Actually, I started watching *because* of the impending series finale.

I’ve actually been putting off watching the show for a long while. Wish I would’ve watched it sooner tbh, it’s pretty great

-Name: Beatriz (Beah)
-Age: 21+
-I am a native speaker of: Brazilian Language (Br Portuguese)
-I want to practice: German, Dutch, Korean, Irish, English and French. But I also want to learn Arabic and Greek, so…
-Interests/hobbies: Asian pop and culture; Dance; Writing articles about mythology and History for a website; learning new languages; watch TV Series and ship characters; debating about feminism, culture, filosophy, music…
-Personal message: So, I’m another nerd in the world… I dream on being a translator and interpreter, so I’m gonna make everything I can to get into college next year. I started my language learning for good with English when I was 13. Since then, I never stopped, but I don’t have much access to other languages over here, so I’m kind of stuck on other languages such as Irish, Korean and German. Help meeee! //o//

You can contact me at: Tumblr  ,  e-mail  ,  DeviantArt (:P)

Remember playing this amazing game back in the day? Want to watch it replayed but this time while listening to two people who don’t know much about video games talk about random things, including how this game doesn’t make much sense? Here’s your chance! A friend and I have recently started a series where we do just what I described. It’s fun and we would like your opinion on how to keep improving this random idea of a fun project. Head over to The Paisano YouTube channel and check it out. Comment what game you think we should take on next! #crashbandicootwarped #ps1 #thepaisano #newspaper #sanantonio #texas

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01. ) NAME / ALIAS: Hugo / Code
02. ) BIRTHDAY:  31/08/2016 
03. ) ZODIAC SIGN: Virgo
04. ) HEIGHT: 5′3 (im so shoooorttt 8′C)
05. ) TIME: 6:51pm
07. ) FAVOURITE BOOKS: Harry Potter series pretty much
8. ) FAVOURITE ARTISTS: i dont even know where to start, there’s a lot, probably all my friends haha!
09. ) LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: I think it was Bugsy Malone I barely watch movies unless i really want to
10. ) COLLEGE: Not there yet! Hopefully I can get there after the next year of school!
11. ) DREAM JOB: Animation, character design or illustration, something along that line
12.) Meaning of URL: Tiny; the OC I have based this blog off is super short ewe
Executioner; His job 8′C

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January was a bit of a rush. My host family came back from their visit of the grandparents in the South of France, I started applying for University and went out almost every single evening on the weekends. 

I enjoyed that I don’t have to attend my language course anymore. It means I can sleep in almost every single day, go back to my favourite hobby that is watching series. I have much more free time. I started going jogging and doing a little work-out every second day, I started learning some Italian (it started as a joke…) - not very seriously, just to see if it might be the next language I want to learn (probably not. Io bevo un caffè con latte! Io sono Friederike.).

Applying for the University is not as easy as originally assumed. I do not understand some things (mainly tax-related). I’ve neber paid taxes for example, and if I did it would have been to the German government, not to the French. I don’t see how such informations are important as I don’t even have the intention of requestion “la bourse” (financial support). And this is only the first step, so it makes me nervous about what else is to come.

This Saturday I will go to a day of open doors at UPMC. I definitely want to study there. It is hard to describe but when I enter the Campus, I feel like this is the best place to concentrate, work and learn. I really like it a lot. And going to another University would make me much less happy so I will try everything I can to get into that place!

I have been spared of being homesick until I returned after Christmas. I guess it was just so nice to hear my mother tongue all around me, spend quality time with family and friends and go back to all the places that I love and make me feel at home. In German, there is a word for the place you live at at the moment (Zuhause) and the place of your origin (Heimat). France is my Zuhause now and I am very happy about it, but I started missing my Heimat for the first time. This hits in especially in the evening and I often can’t wait for the parents to return so I can go into my bed and be miserable about that, because I think it’s important to let it out. None of my friends in Paris are german, they come from all over the world, but none of them understand what I am talking about when I say I miss Laugengebäck or (more specific) the cold, windy, rainy beach of Eckernförde in winter. I think I need another couple of weeks to get over it, but for now I am fine, I just need some time to deal with it.

I am look forward to have my mom and godmother with me for Valentine’s day, my best friend Katharina for a week in the begining of March, Mali for another week directly after and visiting Lissy in London!!! (and seeing a show of les yeux d’la tête (video beneath), whom I have discovered on the small Wilwarin festival back home 2 years ago!)

I will try to give weekly updates again starting in february.

Im Januar war ich ein wenig gestresst. Meine Gastfamilie ist von ihrem Besuch der Großeltern in Südfrankreich zurückgekommen, ich habe damit begonnen, mich für die Uni zu bewerben und bin an fast jedem Abend am Wochenende ausgegangen.

I genieße es, nicht mehr zur Sprachschule zu gehen. Ich kann jetzt an fast jedem Tag unter der Woche ausschlafen. Ich bin wieder zu meinem Lieblingshobby zurückgekehrt (Serien gucken). Ich habe so viel mehr Freizeit. Ich habe angefangen, jeden zweitenTag joggen zu ghenen und ein bisschen Sport zu betreiben. Ich habe mir ein wenig Italienisch beigebracht (das verfolge ich nicht besonders ernsthaft, ich wollte nur mal sehen, ob es sich als nächste Sprache eignen würde (eher nicht) -Io bevo un caffè con latte, Io sono Friederike-).

Es stellt sich heraus, dass der Bewerbungsvorgang für die Uni doch wesentlich komplizierter ist, als zunächst angenommen.Es gibt einige Dinge, die ich nicht verstehe (besonders den Steuer-Teil). Ich habe beispielsweise noch nie in meinem jungen Leben Steuern gezahlt, und wenn ich das getan hätte, dann hätte ich sie an die deutsche, nicht die französische Regierung entrichtet. I verstehe nicht, wieso das Bildungsministerium diese Infos benötigt, besonders weil ich bis jetzt noch gar nicht die Intention habe, französisches Bafög zu beantragen. Es ist nur der erste Schritt, aber es gibt mir ein ungutes Gefühl was den Rest des Bewerbungsvorgangs angeht.

Morgen gehe ich zum Tag der offenen Tür der UMPC (Université Pierre et Marie Curie). Ich will unbedingt dort studieren. Es ist schwer zu beschreiben, aber wenn man den Campus betritt, hat man sofort das Gefühl, dass man sich besser konzentrieren, arbeiten, lernen kann. Ich mag es wirklich sehr, dort zu sein. Und eine andere Uni zu besuchen würde mich weniger glücklich machen, also werde ich alles daran setzen, einen Platz zu ergattern!

Bis Weihnachten bin ich von Heimweh weitgehend verschont geblieben. Aber ich schätze es war einfach so schön, meine Muttersprache überall zu hören, Zeit mit Familie und Freunden zu verbringen und an die Ort zurück zu kehren, die ich liebe und die mir ein Heimatgefühl geben, dass es passieren musste. Paris ist jetzt mein Zuhause, aber ich vermisse meine Heimat. Abends ist es besonders schlimm, häufig warte ich, dass die Eltern nach Hause kommen, damit ich in mein Bett kriechen und darüber nachdenken kann. Es ist wichtig, dass ich mich damit beschäftige. Keiner meiner Freunde hier ist deutsch. Die kommen aus der ganzen Welt, aber keiner kann nachvollziehen was ich meine, wenn ich sage ich vermisse Laugengebäck oder (spezifischer) das Recall, Schauburg oder den kalten, nassen, windigen Strand von Eckernförde im Winter. Ich glaube ich brauche noch ein paar Wochen, aber es ist ok. Ich brauche nur ein bisschen Zeit, dann geht das Gefühl wieder weg.

Ich freue mich so sehr auf Besuche in den nächsten Wochen! Meine Mutter & Patentante kommen mich über das Valentinstags-Wochenende besuchen, meine beste Freundin Katha kommt für eine Woche im März, gefolgt von einer Woche mit Mali und einer Woche, in der ich Lissy in London besuche. (ich freue mich außerdem, Les Yeux d’la tête live zu sehen (siehe Video), die ich vor 2 Jahren auf dem Wilwarin-Festival entdeckt habe!)

Ich versuche ab jetzt wieder wöchentliche Updates rauszugeben.


I keep telling my self to be patient and let God do his work.. But I just want to find my soulmate already. I miss being in a long term relationship. Where you know everything about each other. Messy hair and flaws don’t mean a thing because of how in love you are. Showers together and making dinner and watching netfilx series you both love while cuddling until you fall asleep.. Then waking up and feeling their arms still wrapped around you… Enjoying going to see their family who has now become your own.

I don’t want to start over again because the likely hood is that I’m too young for the next few people to be my last. I don’t want to keep going through this. I want one person to be my forever for forever.

I had a dream last night where I was stuck in the rain while trying to go to work. I was drenched when I finally showed and the receptionist gave me a towel to dry off. In the middle of towel my hair, it started to turn white. Next thing i knew, i was being wrestled out of the building by police officers and a random doctor, all of them saying ‘It’s her, the-!’ I have no idea what they were calling me but they hauled me off to jail and started questioning who I was.

Then it ended just before I could answer very much of any of their questions. I have a feeling that either I need to stop watching Hannibal right before bed or I really want to be in a crime investigation series. 

Or maybe I just want to be blonde again. Who knows?