i want to stalk you all even more

I just would like to remind anyone that is having doubts about not meeting Taylor, or ever or her following you or anything. Know that Taylor, sees WAY more than you think. And I know we all say this all of the time, but it’s true. Most of the time, just because she doesn’t follow you, like, say anything to you…it’s a 113% she knows who you are. For so long, I never thought I would ever get a chance to meet Taylor or if she knew who I was. But last October Taylor swift wanted to meet me…her and her team stalked me for a while and at first I didn’t even know they were but then I caught on. They like to surprise people, that reaction of pure joy and excitement. So if you ever feel down…don’t. Taylor and her team do the very best they can, and I promise you Taylor loves you more than you know. Just because she doesn’t like your post, doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate you. Never give up, and always know…somewhere in the distance a Taylor swift is lurking ;)

Do you like Killing Stalking? Then read these!

I promise this is a 99.99% KS content blog, but I want to take a moment to gush about my favorites in the psychological/horror genre (some which might be even more fucked up than KS even).

1. DEAD TUBE (ongoing)
This is one of my all-time favorite ongoing manga. It. Is. BLOODY. There’s gore everywhere and there’s always someone losing some limbs or dying. 
There’s this site called… you guessed it: Dead Tube. It’s like Youtube or Vine but about a million times ‘WTF’. The aim is to create videos that will shock as many people as possible. People will murder, torture, do sexual acts, take unsolicited videos of other people, and pretty much do every single fucked up thing imaginable on the list. Once you’re trapped in the game you can’t get out. If your videos don’t get many views, you get killed. Every single character in the manga is batshit crazy. There’s extreme violence, gore, and nudity every chapter. KS is probably ten times tamer, so if it’s your limit, I suggest you at least tread lightly at first. (NSFW pictures under cut). 

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To Become A Hunter

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sister!reader, John Winchester, Sam Winchester [mentioned]

Words: 3900+ (I’m really sorry about that, but there was no good place to split it)

Warnings: Can’t think of anything specific, really, maybe just that there’s going to be a verbal fight, I dunno. Maybe a bit of swearing, not too much.

A/N: This is the fic I was talking about! It’s a pre-series sister AU, that takes place in between around 2003. Dean is 24, Sam is 20 and at Stanford and you are 17 years old. It’ll also be a mini-series, so there’s more parts to come. It might be a bit all over the place, but I was trying to create a certain feeling. (I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I hope you like it!)

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Hunting is hard, and that’s no surprise, really. It’s physically challenging, you have to be smart, have technique, and it’s just hard emotionally as well. And, not only is it hard, but you hate it as well.

Okay, hate is a strong word, but things about it, you really do hate. You hate the way you have to sacrifice what feels like everything for it. You hate the way you feel like you miss out on life. You hate the pain and the constant fear. You hate the way it forces you to see the world more black and white instead of with all the shades of grey. You hate the way you get shut down every time you question this. You hate the way your dad responds with ’because you have to’ when you ask ’why?’.

John Winchester used to be in the military and it shows, you could testify to that. All your life he has been hard on you and your brothers. But, despite this, you are not afraid to stand up to him, question him, call him out. Although it often comes with consequences.

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hey so uh I’ve seen this floating around and just wanted to say

If you’ve reblogged this, fucking unfollow me

I don’t want anything to do with you. You’re a nasty, nasty person. As far as I’m aware, there are two (2) reasons people hate Jieun- because she’s unfriendly, and, in some cases, because she “gets in the way of the yaoiz xP”.


You know who deserves to die?? The guy who’s murdered, abused (and possibly even sexually assaulted) people, the guy who manipulates everyone around him into believing he’s a good person. Because you know what? I’m pretty sure Sangwoo has done a LOT more horrible things to Bum than Jieun has, and I don’t see many of you calling for /his/ fucking head.

Those who want Jieun dead, those who call her a bitch or a whore, those who “justify” your actions, you’re all transparent as fuck. Killing Stalking isn’t fucking yaoi, and Jieun didn’t get in the way of your disgusting, abusive ship.


Tutor — Park Jimin (02)

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Part 1

Requested: Yes
Words: 2880
Warnings: fuckboy!Jimin, Smut!!!
Description: Park Jimin, the guy in school that everyone wants, is your tutor. While tutoring you, things get a little heated.


It was Saturday morning and you woke up fairly late, because you had trouble going to sleep last night.

No matter how hard you tried to think of something else, he was still on your mind.

Park Jimin.

Your school’s fuckboy, your tutor, your crush.

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First of stop shouting loser.



Guess who doesn’t think of sakura as irrilevant ;) The one who wanted her love during the whole manga while your oppai hime was stalking him



I guess your eyes are even worse than your shitty hime eyes


OH you mean  the moments that showed how desperate naruto was to go away from shitnata?

Or perhaps naruto sleeping in a fucking sofa and drinking instead of staying with someone like hinata

Get back in your lane and grow some balls before calling me a bitch, shithead. That’s why the hinata fandom is even worse than the character herself.

Who’s Your Daddy?

Masterlist | 

/ Part 1 / / Part 2 / / Part 3 / / Part 4 / / Part 5 / / Part 6 /

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested:  Who’s your daddy is so good! 😍,  I can’t wait for 7!!,  Are you going to make another who your daddy?, please do a part 7 to who is your daddy!!!!,  When r u going to update who’s your daddy???,  Who’s your daddy part 7 !!!, Can you do an update on who’s your daddy please 💖,  Hey!! I really liked your ‘who’s your daddy’ imagine and I was just wondering if you’re planning on making any other parts..? I really hope so ❤️

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Warnings: Swearing, pregnant!reader, daddy!gladers

Summary: The creators sent up a new greenie instead of supplies…they weren’t expecting a girl. And to put the icing on the cake, she’s pregnant with a note rested upon her bulging belly. Once the note is read, and the girl wakes up…all hell will break loose.  Who is she? Why is she there? Who is the father of her baby?

What the bloody hell was that? Am I out of my bloody mind, he thought as he continued to limp to the other side of the glade. If it weren’t for the heat, you would be able to tell that he was flustered, embarrassed at the mistake he nearly made. Looking around, he made sure no one saw, sighing in relief once he concluded that he was right. 

He was already beating himself up for getting caught by Gally. Newt knew that he wasn’t giving Y/n CPR, only an idiot would believe that. He was just conflicted as to why he kissed her in the first place. It was like he couldn’t stop the urge and the next thing he knew…

“So what exactly is our game plan here?” 

Startled by the sudden intrusion of his thoughts, he turns to be greeted by Gally. With his arms crossed, his expression held one of irritation, which only brought an amused raise of Newt’s eyebrow. 

“I see you changed your shirt. If the child is yours, I would get used to being covered in vomit if I were you.” 

Gally only rolls his eyes, looking around. “Where is she anyways?” 

“I left her with Chuck, they’re currently with the gardeners.”

“Really? Cause I’m looking at Chuck right now, running after a piglet he just let get loose.” Gally looked past Newt, in the direction where the slicers were located. Turning around so fast, his neck nearly snapping, Newt indeed saw Chuck running after said animal that was no doubt about to be dinner. 

Cursing under his breath, Newt turns back to where Y/n was supposed to be sitting, only to see that she was no where to be found. Slowly panicking, he nearly had a heart attack when he saw who was walking hesitantly toward the maze opening. 

“Oh, shit.” Gally takes off into a full sprint, Newt not far behind him. Seeing the both of them running alarmed those around them, until they too saw who was getting a little too close for comfort. 

He had only left not even five minutes ago, how could she have gotten so close without anybody noticing? 

“Y/n! Get away from there!” 

Few more gladers took off running toward her as well, others shouting, but too far for her to hear any of them clearly. Her eyes were trained on the large opening before her, curiosity too grand to ignore the opportunity before her. What was the big deal, she wondered. Where had she seen walls like this before? 

Y/n was about to take a few more steps forward, only to be stopped by a couple of firm voices coming from the void that was in front of her. 

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” 

“Stop right there, girly.” 

Squinting her eyes, she sees two silhouettes jogging toward her. Once the light had reached them, Minho and Thomas held looks of shock and relief. Thank God they got back earlier than normal; what the hell was she doing by the maze? 

Seeing that she stopped, a couple of gladers that were able to get to her before Gally could, grabbed her by the arms, quickly pulling her away from the opening. 

Stopping in front of them, Minho leaned backward to catch his breath while Thomas waved his hands at everyone that was gathering around them.

“W-What the [pant] the hell is she [pant] why the fu- [pant] Just gimme a minute…” He finally leaned forward, hands resting on his knees. 

“Why was she near the maze? Who the hell was supposed to be watching her?” Alby asked the crowd, all of them wondering the same thing. Gally and Newt had finally caught up, breathing heavily as everyone’s eyes were now on them. “Start talking, you two.” 

Newt looked around, finding exactly who he was looking for. “Don’t you hide from me, shank. I told you to keep an eye on her, not leave her in one spot then disappear!” 

Chuck revealed himself from hiding behind Winston, while holding the escaped piglet in his arms. He refused to make eye contact, knowing Newt’s were shooting daggers. Before he could explain himself, Alby cut right back in.

“I told you she was your problem, our way of living is on you four, and you’ll need all the time you need. Which means you don’t hand her off to someone else to watch her. As for the runners, today is your last day to run the maze until further notice.” 

“Wait, what?” Minho raised his eyebrows. “Alby-”

“We can’t risk giving you guys more portions of food so you’ll have your energy to run, we have to manage with what’s left.” 

“So, she’s not only in the way of our food and supplies, but our way out as well?” Ben interjected. “Anything else you want to take from us, princess?”

“Screw you, I didn’t ask for any of this!”

“Yeah, sure you didn’t-” 

“Knock it off, will ya?” Gally snaps, shoving Ben a few steps back. This seemed to surprise everyone, including himself, confused as to where the impulse came from. “Just…lay off, alright? She’s got enough to deal with as it is.”

Shaking his head, Ben stalks back to wherever he was before all of this. Everyone slowly goes about their business as well, all eyes never leaving the five of them while Y/n just looked at the ground in frustration. Now feeling even more that they were never going to trust her.

“I meant it, you four. She’s your responsibility.” 

With that being said, Alby takes his leave, leaving them to stand in front of the maze doors. The creaking of its gears being the only sound between the group as no one said anything for a good minute. 

“Shouldn’t someone give a pep talk or something?” Minho finally broke the ice.

“I just want to know what the bloody hell you were thinking, Y/n. I told you not to go near the maze, and what do you do? You go near it! I can’t keep you safe if you don’t listen-”

“I’m not something that needs to be looked after 24/7, Newt!”

"You are literally shucking pregnant! Yes, you do! And a lot more now, after that little stunt you almost pulled, we are definitely not letting you out of our sights. How could you be so bloody reckless, putting yourself in danger like that? If Minho and Thomas hadn’t come back in time, you could have gotten yourself killed!” 

“Newt..” Thomas warned, seeing that his tone wasn’t making things any better. 

“I don’t know who you are, or what you are to me, but I’m sick and tired of almost having a bloody heart attack every time you vanish!” 

“Cool it, shank.” Minho raised a hand slowly, trying to get him to stop. 

“Do you want to be the reason your baby dies? Hm? Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen if you so much as set foot into the maze!”  

“Stop it.” Y/n whispers, a single tear slipping down her cheek, making Newt’s breath hitch in his throat. “I get it, okay? You’ve all made it perfectly clear what a nuisance I am, I get it. But, what you’re not gonna do is put that kind of burden in my head.” 

Before they could see her cry, Y/n pushed past the Brit, walking somewhere she could be alone. But, not before adding, “And to think I thought you were different.” 

Once she was far enough, the remanding three that watched the two of them argue, exchanged looks. Minho sighs heavily, making his way to the map room, not before patting Newt’s shoulder.

“Nice talk.” 

He took his leave, as well as Gally. Silence filled the area yet again, this time leaving Thomas and Newt to suffocate in it. Now staring at the spot Y/n used to be, Newt now had something else to beat himself up about; why did she have to say that? As if he can’t handle his own shucking emotions as it is.

Looking up from his melancholy thoughts, he finally noticed that Thomas had been staring at him. 

“You mind telling me what the hell that was, just now? You’ve been the calmest one so far, what happened?” 

He had no answer to give, honestly. Newt was aware that all of what he was angry about came from somewhere else, deep down, but he hasn’t the slightest clue as to where. 

“Do you think it’s yours, Tommy?” 

The question threw him off guard. Not because if its random appearance, but because it was the same one he had asked Minho. Blinking a couple of times, his mouth suddenly ran dry; the thought of her alone made his heart speed up, no doubt.  Looking back at Newt, Thomas nodded his head ever so slightly, now catching Newt off guard. 

“Yes. Yes, I do.”  Definitely not the answer he was expecting. 

Nor was he hoping for.

Okay! So, we have a bit of a problem! Yeah… it’s come to my attention that some of my fave people are feeling a little down… unappreciated… uncared for… and we cannot let this stand! SO, I have some things to say. And… yes, this will probably be one long a** post but… please bear with me?

First things first. I’m still relatively new to this community. I don’t know everyone. I’m 10000% sure of that. Which means I will probably not get everyone… (I’m like 100000% sure I /haven’t/ gotten everyone!) And for that I am sorry… BUT, if you’d like to help me fix it you can! Please do! It’s super easy! Just send me one of the <3 + URL things, and I’ll do my best to add them to the list! Or, or, or! You could reblog this and add them yourself!!

Off we go!!

@smolsickficwriter : You are honestly the best! Like, whether you choose to write sickfic again or not I love you! I wouldn’t even be on Tumblr if not for you! I’m always here if you wanna chat! *hugs* <333 Plus Kel and Anslem are the first ocs I read about on here, and I love them so freaking much! There are a great many of your fics which I keep bumping to the top of my likes!

@cabbagespoon : Your writing is flipping gold! And I know I’ve already commented that on a fic but it’s true. Entirely true. Your fics are beyond fabulous, and I look forward to every single one!

@dontfeelsogood : Hey! We’ve been chatting lately, and I think you’re super, super cool! Your ocs make me kinda crazy as well? Like tbh, Nik and Edi are such sweethearts, and I love them so much! And that prompt you filled for me? It was so great! I honestly just want to wrap those boys up and cuddle them!

@its-a-goddamn-heartbreak : You literally encourage every. Single. Freaking. Blog. I don’t really know how you do it? You sent my first ever ask, and I know I took forever and a half to fill it (im sorry) but I will never forget that! Your ocs are also really, really awesome! I especially like Ruairi and Saoirse!

@anonyony1 : Right, so you’re just plain incredible! Like… the superwoman of sickfic! I sometimes wonder if you’re ever not writing? The stuff you put out is fantastic A+++ content, and I’m in love with every single one of your ocs! Also, I’m ridiculously excited for more Ozzy and Julien… as well as Joel and Max… and Ira and Eno… and Porter and Becca… and Liam and Vera… just… I think you get the point. All of them. They are all my faves.

@dont-look-so-good : You’re one of the first people I got up the courage to talk to, and I really couldn’t be more thankful? You’re one of the sweetest people I know! And I love you so much! I love reading your fics! Alistair and Julius are the actual cutest. Like, ever. And /Jasper/!! That boy is adorable! *legit gathering all the blankets to wrap him in rn*

@i-am-too-sick : Heey hun! You’re gorgeous, and your writing is gorgeous… just all the gorgeousness is on this blog. You’re also one of the first blogs I followed, and I love, love, love reading your fics! *sighs* You always manage to fill my Soleangelo cravings. And you do it so well! I love those two, but I don’t think I could ever write them and you just… basically blow my mind with how good you are at it??

@brites : SO, I’ve been sorta high-key stalking this blog… the fics are all superb, and there is. So. Much. Fic. Like, to the point where I’m dubious about my ability to read it all? And I read a Lot… But basically I love this blog so much, and everyone should check them out! *waves v nervously* You guys are all crazy good writers and I really admire you all!

@sickandvomiting : Okay, so Victor and Saoirse are really adorable! I love them so much! And also… Max and Oscar! I really, really like those two! You’re also another one of the blogs I followed when I first joined Tumblr, and I’m so glad we’ve had the chance to talk! Btw that garlic pan seared steak was so, so, SO good! Thank you for enlightening me and broadening my steak eating horizons!

@sickficlover : Eek! Hi! You were both my second note and the second person I followed on Tumblr!! I love your blog! You’re such a great writer, and I honestly admire your skill so much! I can’t wait for more fics!

@tomato-sickfics : Your ocs give me life! Pretty much everything about Bradley and Cade is my favourite! They’re so freaking adorable! And their interactions are the best! I’m always excited to read your fics, and I think you seem like a really cool person! I’d love to get to know you!

@feelingalittlesick : Overdose is so cool! I love it! How did you guys come up with that idea?! Junsu and Daehyun are perfect! The characters are all so well developed, and I kinda want to punch Changmin in the face… like… a lot? … All the time? … Forever and always? Eh, I think you get the idea:)

@nerdlycharming : Hiya! We haven’t talked in a while! I’d love to talk more if you’re up for it! You always reblog the best stuff though! Like I stalk your blog pretty much anytime I’m bored because I know you’ll have reblogged something great! I think I found a good 10% of the blogs I follow through your reblogs? And your art is fan/freaking/tastic! I wish I had even an ounce of your skill!

@itisasign : *squeals* Okay! So! I love your Voltron fanfics so much! You write them so well! And you seem like a really nice person, and I’d love to chat sometime!

@totallyexhausted : Here’s the deal. You are an incredible writer!! Your Yuri on Ice fics are SO FLIPPING GOOD! And your headcanons are the actual best! I want to write like every single one of them and I hardly even write fanfiction, and when I do I’m like maybe sorta really bad at it? Ugh! I love your writing! Keep it up!

@thesickficsideblog : You’re another of my fave Voltron blogs! I love all your writing and hope to see more of it in the future!! *hugs*

@emetoandotherthings : Est!! I hope you know that I love pretty much every single thing about every single one of your ocs!! … Except for Mattie… *shudders* that boy can stay away. Far, far away. It’s honestly not fair though! I’m like really high-key in love with Lyle and /why is he not real/?? Ugh. Life is /soOOoO/ unfair. But for real, I’m always looking forward to your next fic! Love you! (ps: yes! tummy sleepers!! <3)

@taylor-tut : Hey there! So I may have had a mini freak out when I saw that little notification that you had followed me… You’re like the best Lump Mother one could ever ask for, and I love you so much? I hope you’re doing well and I can’t wait to read more fics!

@emetofiend2dand3d : Both your art and your writing is fabulous! I love it all! And I’m crazy excited for the next part of the fic where Rei witnesses a car accident! That fic is gold, and I’m so, SO ready for more!

@tossing-cookies : Your YOI fics are super great! I honestly love them so much and have read and reread them more times than I can count… Like… I think I’ve bumped a few of them to the top of my likes at least 4 or 5 times!

@yoisickfics : Ah! I love your fics! Your ideas are so great, and I love reading your work! I’m really excited to read more in the future!!

@toosicktoocare : You’re one of my favourite blogs ever! Ki, you have such great content! And for all my fave fandoms? You write so much and so well and I really, really admire your skill! You’re actually the whole reason I got into BMC!!

@sneezehq : Okay, Domestic Bliss is the BEST!! I love it so freaking much!! I’ve rec’d it to multiple friends, and they all really liked it as well! So we fangirled over it for hours! And I still can’t pick a fave chapter since they’re all so good, but I think one of my fave lines is: ‘Maybe Yuri tried to summon a demon in his room again, and was successful this time?’ I can’t wait for more! And this goes for all of your writing as well!!

@mypoorfaves : So, this blog I stalked. I def stalked this blog… Because the fics are so good and I love them all so much, and you and Casper are the reason I started watching YOI. I just love all of your fics incredibly much!

@lickstynine : James, your ocs honestly feel /so real/! Like I told you this before, but it’s honestly so true. I feel like you’re writing fics about real people and not ocs! They are all so well developed, and it makes me so happy whenever I see that you’ve posted a new fic! Russ and Cody and the Di Roma boys are my faves! I love it when Lucas starts talking soothingly to his brothers in French! It’s just so cute! And I love them so much!!

@feelingsick : I’ve been following you for ages and for some reason I didn’t realise that I wasn’t following the OriginalSickfics… like I honestly don’t know how but anyways I love, love, love your writing! Angel… is an actual angel? I really, really hope you write more with him! Foster and Rory too! Those two are great! And your other ocs are all fabulous as well!

@fluffyllamas22 : Your Voltron fanfics are everything! They are so, so flipping good! I’m always ready for more fics from you! Like you write Shiro so well? And I really don’t know how? It’s sorta mindblowing? Also, Shiro can be your Space Husband so long as I can be your guy’s Space Daughter.

@hold-my-hair-back : Do I have enough words to express how much I love your writing? I don’t think so… But I can try!! I love your fics SOOO MUCH! Emmett and Aiden? Yeah, they are like THE OTP. They’re so lovely, and I just want to hug them and, and, and..! Basically if anyone doesn’t like them they can fight me. I will win. They are incredible. Nuff said.

@cubesickocs : I only found this blog recently, but already I have so many questions! Like, I wanna know everything about all your ocs!! Especially Elias and Vic and Blaine!! I love everything I’ve read about them so far!

@seasicklover : I am in love with your ocs Jax and Marcus! I love their relationship so much! I can’t wait for more fics with the two of them!!

@emetofeels : So, I’m kinda obsessed with Jay and Elliot? They’re such sweeties! I love 'em so much! When I found your blog, I binge read basically everything about them! I’m ridiculously excited for more!

@builder051 : Okay, another blog I just recently found! I LOVE your fics though, and I can’t wait for more! You write Bucky and Steve so well? I’ve been looking for more stuff for them, so I’m really glad I found you!!

Alright! There we go! Please let me know who I’ve missed! Or reblog and add them yourself! I’m sure there are tons of creators out there who should be on this list as well!

Screw You - Doctor Strange x Reader [SMUT]

Title: Screw You - Doctor Strange x Reader [Smut]

Pairing: Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) x reader

Characters: Reader, Stephen Strange and Tony Stark (There is no one better to interrupt smut)

Request:  #4 “There you go again: walking away from me when I’m trying to have a decent conversation with you." 

#10 "It’s not what it looks like…" 

#11 "Screw you." 

Loved this request anon :) So much fun to write <3

Summary: You love the doctor, no doubt about it. But happens when he confronts you about your feelings in the kitchen? Smut ensues…

Word Count: 1520

Warnings: Smut ensues with the cape of levitation getting involved… Read at your own risk for some smutty cape scenes with the Doctor himself. 

A/N:  Christine doesn’t exist for this request even though I love her character in the new film. I wrote this to the song Starboy by the Weeknd ft. Daft Punk. It inspired me I suppose, I’m not sure how… Perhaps the beat? 

I loved Doctor Strange so much! I can’t wait to see it again tomorrow with my best friend!!! :) 

If you have any requests then please do message me or drop a comment on here :)


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So okay, this is the other, angry version of Percy having a post-episode 100 breakdown. And this one comes with a very important preface - not everything Percy says is right. He says some shit that he has strong opinions about but he is not necessarily correct. He is mad about some things he is not necessarily justified in being angry about. Anger isn’t always logical or reasonable. Do not get on my ass about this. I know. 

“I’m going outside,” Percy says in a flat tone of voice that brooks no argument.

Everyone looks up at him with varying degrees of concern but if Percy spends one more minute in this monument to bad memories, he’s going to start screaming, so he bypasses all of them and heads down the tunnels.

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Summary: Dean buys the reader her favorite holiday treat to cheer her up.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,711

Christmas Request by: @feelmyroarrrr

“Supply run, people. What do you guys want?” Dean asks striding fast into the library.

“Bananas, apples, green beans, bread…see if you can find a wok somewhere.” Sam answers instantly.

“A what?!” Dean exclaims looking a little scared.

“It’s a pan.” Sam says sighing.

“Right. I’ll make sure to look for that.” Dean scoffs giving him a funny look.

“What about you, Y/N?”

“Oreos, IBC root beer, frozen pizza and candy canes.” Dean nods relieved like you’re finally speaking in a language he can understand.

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sonhoedesrazao  asked:

OOOH JIMON: "Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?" (make it a love declaration scene and i'll love you forever)


Simon is gonna be late to class, he just knows it. Three months being exclusively nocturnal have really ruined him for normal things like timetables, public transportation and traffic. He gets off on the next station and decides to walk the rest of the way.

Still. Despite his racing thoughts and irrational fear that his professor will hate him forever for being a few minutes late, he’s excited. He’s going back to school! He’ll take classes again and be bored beyond relief over static lectures and be looked down upon by much cooler classmates. Things will go back to something resembling normal.

Simon checks his phone again. Twelve minutes until his class begins. He could use his vampire speed, but the streets are busy and swarming with people. That’d be a little hard to explain. He takes a deep breath and takes wider steps.

Someone bumps into him. 

“You’ve been avoiding me.” 

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Sidney Crosby #4.2

Because I know a lot of you weren’t happy with this Sidney Crosby drabble, I did a part two!! Yay! <3 I hope you like this one. Enjoy!


Word count: 1, 061

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You know how when you spend too much time with a person, you catch all their quirks and you become more alike? Your mom, who hated Japanese food, turned out loving sushi after being married to your dad for years. Your cousin eventually liked listening to All Time Low after dating that punk-rocker wannabe… things like that.

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Please post pics of your new mixer attachments?


(spoiler: maybe the ice cream maker, almost certainly not the juicer)

when last we left our heroes, i did not have a stand mixer, but then my dad bought me one and then very recently bought me some fancy attachments for… my brother’s birthday?? i don’t really know why, maybe he just likes buying kitchen shit but has run out of room in his own kitchen and is living vicariously through me. who knows, whatever.

i’m using this recipe for ice cream, and this kitchenaid ice cream attachment thing. at least i assume that’s the one, it’s the most popular one on amazon and that’s generally how my dad makes purchasing decisions. the new york times claimed to have the only ice cream recipe i would ever need, but it involved, like, cooking some egg yolks and milk in a saucepan and basically making a fancy fucking custard as step one, and that’s too many goddamn steps. all of the recipes that came with this fucking attachment were just as bad so fuck that, if this recipe is good enough for ben and/or jerry it’s good enough for me, i’ll save the fancy shit for when i’m in the mood to really hate myself. where was i.

don’t @ me about the imitation vanilla, i know i should be using real vanilla and not dollar store fake shit, i don’t care. this tiny corner of the counter used to be my designated tea corner but it’s kind of become overwhelmed by fifty million fucking appliances, but especially this goddamn stand mixer. it’s huge. it’s fucking monstrous. i’m really hoping we can get a table, or an island, or a buffet or something to keep this thing on once we get rid of the kitchen couch. don’t ask about the kitchen couch.

that picture is from last september, why the fuck have we had a kitchen couch for so long. anyway this recipe says to whisk together eggs and sugar until they’re fluffy but not firm, which i guess means whisk the shit out of it but don’t make a meringue? i don’t know what constitutes fluffy.

once i arbitrarily decided it was fluffy enough i dumped all the milk and cream and fake vanilla in there, but like, there ended up being just a bunch of egg yolk sorta stuck to the bottom of the bowl that i didn’t find until later when it was too late. this happens every goddamn time i use this fucking whisk and you’d think i’d learn but i do not. @kitchenaid why

here’s the real moment of truth, the ice cream maker. i’ve been keeping the bowl in the freezer since i got it and it takes up literally half of my dinky little freezer. they say to freeze it for a minimum of 15 hours but to keep it in the freezer all the time so you can make ice cream on a whim, but they sorely overestimate the size of my freezer or underestimate how much room i need for pizza rolls.

when i took this picture i had actually already started making it, but originally i was going to just… idk. ladle the mix into the ice cream bowl out of the big silver bowl. that was A TERRIBLE FUCKING IDEA, and ice cream mix got everywhere, and i don’t have any pictures of that because it turned out you could see my reflection in the silver bowl and i’m not wearing pants. i haven’t been wearing pants this whole time. wait, does that picture from earlier have my reflection in it? shit. it fucking does. i’m going to edit that with a sticker or something but only people who’ve made it this far into the post will know why that’s there. there’s going to be a cut here but to people on mobile it will just look like the post ends and for that i apologize (or maybe… you’re welcome???)

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Okay so I just have to request this prompt for Modern Kylo Ren it's perfect: I came as a Jedi for a Halloween party and now there’s a person dressed as Darth Vader trying to hit me up. (it's kylo-renne btw)

The “I came as a Jedi for a Halloween party and now there’s a person dressed as Darth Vader trying to hit me up” prompt is too perfect for a modern kylo fic LOL please do it if you can

Haha, it is such a perfect prompt for him! Omg thank you for requesting bebes ( @kylo-renne ), I hope you like this!

Modern AU Kylo Ren +  “I came as a Jedi for a Halloween party and now there’s a person dressed as Darth Vader trying to hit me up”

“What are you supposed to be?”

You rolled your eyes, it was at least the third time in the night someone had asked you. Though you had only been there for about an hour, or so it seemed, many of the attendee’s were inquiring about your personalized costume. The fact that you were one of the hand full of people actually dressed as a character and not something as bland as a basic animal of some sort only added to your annoyance. This was obviously not a crowd that shared many common interests with you. 

You sighed, “A Jedi.”

The girl in bunny ears stared at you, obviously processing what you were saying before she just looked you over and gave you a nod, “Oh.”

Giving her a fake smile you nodded and began walking away, “Great talking to you.”

Rey snickered at you as she shook her head, “I sense the subtly in your sarcastic responses is slowly slipping away.”

“Oh definitely.”

Rey walked in front of you, turning to look over her shoulder as she made her way to the kitchen.

“I’m going to get us some more drinks.”

You nodded, “I’ll be here.”

Leaning up against the wall you sighed as your eyes scanned the room. You truly enjoyed most parties, letting loose and seeing all of your friends, this time however it didn’t feel quite the same this time. Poe and Finn were far less interested in spending time with you and Rey as they danced together, basking in their festive happiness. Rey was of course by your side but seemed far more interested in scoping out dates than spending time with you. You couldn’t blame her, that was something you used to enjoy at parties too.

Suddenly a baritone voice came up to your side, “I see the force is strong with you.”

Instantly you turned to your side and looked to see who the first person to correctly refer to your attire was. To no surprise, he was dressed as another infamous character from the franchise; Darth Vader. Had you showed up in that far more people would have likely known who you were. You gave them a small smile, realizing now just how tall this individual was. 

“And with you.”

They stood there for a moment, seeming as though they were actually thinking through what to say next. Suddenly they spoke up again, leaning down towards you a little more.

“I like your costume.”

You nodded, “I like yours too. The buttons look very real.”

An awkward silence fell between you two as the Vader mask simply stared back at you, as if waiting for you to say something. Clearing your throat as you were unable to handle the awkward lack of conversation you gave them a smile.

“I’m gonna go find my friend. Nice talking to you.”

After walking off to find Rey, thinking Vader was going to be a small presence in your evening, you were soon proven wrong. The person, who you decifered was likely a man, constantly found their way back to you no matter where you were in the party. As if they had a natural instinct to track you down. Not to mention they continually attempted to speak to you, still remaining as awkward as the first time they spoke to you. You kept wondering if they were going to improve in their approach and yet, it never happened.

When he came around a fifth time you rolled your eyes. You had wanted to leave earlier, but at this point it seemed like you needed to if Darth Vader was going to continue being your shadow. Placing your hand on your hip you groaned at the tall figure.

“What do you want now Lord Vader?”

They paused for a moment, seeming to almost slow their approach. You couldn’t entirely read them considering you only had body language as a reference with the mask still on, but you swore they seemed to almost be hurt by your sudden change in tone.

“I just wanted to talk to you.”

“You’ve literally talked to me multiple times in the evening and none of those conversations have gone anywhere. What do you possibly have to say this time? Or are you here to challenge me to a lightsaber duel?”

The man seemed to be growing more physically uncomfortable. 

“How’s your evening going?”

You scoffed, “It’s shit to be quite frank. Especially with you trailing behind my ass all night long. Do you realize how creepy it is? Are you a stalker or something?”


“You should really stop acting like one then.”

“I’m not stalking you.”

“Then what are you doing?!”

“I’m trying to talk to you normally so I can ask if you would like to go to dinner sometime!”

Your brows furrowed, “Take me to dinner? Why would I go to dinner with you?”

The man sighed as his shoulders dropped, “Forget it. Happy Halloween.”

You stood there for a moment trying to process what had just been said as the man sauntered off. Rey walked up to you with furrowed brows.

“What was that about?”

You sighed, “Ah it was nothing.”

“You sure? Kylo hardly ever talks to anyone besides Hux and Phasma, and even they’re exceptions. It’s rare for him to approach you so willingly.”

Your heart suddenly felt as though it stopped, “The guy in the Vader costume was Kylo? As in your cousin Kylo?”

Rey nodded with a faint snort, “Of course it was Kylo. He’s a Vader fanatic.”

You turned to look towards the crowd seeing no sign of him any longer. Though you had never heard Kylo speak before you had certainly seen him before. You knew how intimidating yet shy he was. Had you known it was him under the mask your reactions would have likely been much different than they were. There had been many instances and small whispers over the years about the fact that he was attracted to you. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t find him attractive too, especially in the years after junior year. Knowing Kylo however, you knew he didn’t know how to approach you no matter how much he liked you. Even behind a mask to hide his anxiety he struggled. The thought alone gave your gut a dull ache. 

Your shoulders slumped, “I’m an asshole.” 

“It was a joke, im don’t really want you to commit suicide”

“I’m not really gonna come to your house, stab your whole family, and brutally murder you and your pets for genderbending character 😒”

“Oh my God I want all [insert problematic ship] shippers to die” “OH DONT GET SO OFFENDED IT WAS JUST A JOKE 😂😂”

1. Y'all have told me to die/harassed me so many times unironically i dont know what’s joking and what isnt any more

2. Even if you’re just joking some people still take that very personal and some us are already very suicidal so i recommend you don’t even “”“"joke”“”“’ about wanting to kill us

About Killing Stalking

Even though I respect the opinion of those who totally despise Sangwoo and want him to go straight to jail asap, I feel like I need to write this down:

• As you probably already know, Sangwoo had been abused by his father. He currently has some form of mental illness, so don’t hate him too much for being abusive. I do realize that this does not take back his crimes, but it’s not his fault he grew up to become this kind of person.

• In case you think Sangwoo did not kill Bum because he is a guy, this is most likely not the case. Sangwoo let Bum live because he said he loves him. And even though it’s a fact that Sangwoo abused Bum, if he really didn’t care whether Bum cares about him or not, he would have:

1) left him in the basement when Bum begged him to take him upstairs.

2) ignored him when Bum said his legs hurt instead of buying him painkillers and bandaging his legs.

3) let Bum die when he tried to commit suicide.

-And some more events-

• Sangwoo does care a lot about Bum. Even if that does not move you, it is still a fact. He just does not know how to show affection like a normal human and, if you ask me, he needs therapy a lot more than he needs to go to jail.

I guess that’s all I wanted to say.

I know a lot of you may disagree, but no hate comments please. ^^;

EXO Reaction: You’re the new girl and you have a “bad girl” image

Chanyeol: You and your girl group were debuting tonight. Surprisingly, you were the “bad girl” of the group, and you definitely looked the part. Dark clothes, dark makeup, dark hair. Every picture, you had a slight smirk etched onto your face. However, that wasn’t entirely you, and everyone in the company could see that. Especially Chanyeol. Though he absolutely loved when you smirked as you walked by- it drove him absolutely crazy- he also loved the girl behind the look. 


“Yeah, Chan?”

“Good luck tonight!” 

You smirked. “Thanks, Chan.” 

Turning and walking away, you missed the slight blush that crept onto his cheeks and the way he admired your figure as you walked away.

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

D.O.: He wasn’t sure what to think. You and your girl group would be debuting right after EXO performed and his eyes couldn’t leave you as you laughed and smiled. How did you look so dark, yet act so happy? Nonetheless, he couldn’t help but feel his heart speed up every time you listened to someone talk. Your face would go stony as you listened, completely concentrated on the person addressing you. To put it simply, he found it hot. Very hot. 

“Yah! Soo! Stop staring at Y/N for five minutes and pay attention to the change in choreography.” 

“Yeah, Yixing… okay. Sounds good.” 

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Sehun: Oh man okay here we go. He would be so in love with your image. Honestly, he’d be sneaking small glances at you as soon as you got on stage to practice for the company concert. His eyes wouldn’t leave you during the entire performance. When the choreographer came over to talk to you about possibly changing a move because he felt it didn’t fit with the song, your face became very serious as you nodded your head, absorbing every word he said. That would turn Sehun on to no end. That boy would not miss the chance to flirt with you. However, the flirting would be a little awkward at first because Sehun would be so nervous to talk to you. After a couple of attempts to get you to reply to him, he’d finally get something out of you.

“Hey Y/N. Do you want to play a game?”

You’d sigh, finally giving in to his flirting, even though you secretly loved it. “Sure, Sehun. What game.” 

“Let’s play Titanic. You be the iceberg and I’ll go-”


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Baekhyun: This boy would waste no time flirting with you. He would absolutely love the look and honestly, he would be a little jealous of how much better your eyeliner was than his. He’d probably try to convince you he was the bad boy of EXO, which would cause you to roll your eyes. He’d be watching you during the performance and would see just how bad you could be. After the concert, he would come up to you and compliment you, finally getting the courage to ask for your number.

“You know, Y/N. If you ever want to be bad, come find me.” 

Originally posted by pangguk

Lay: Lay would have wanted to talk to you ever since he knocked you down. It sounds a lot worse than it was. Lay had been walking into the dorm when you were walking out. Though you were only the new girl, SM had decided your bad girl image could help in EXO’s new music video. As you were leaving after the meeting, Lay was walking into the dorm, back from a shopping trip as it was his week to get the groceries for EXO. He hadn’t been paying attention and had slammed directly into you, knocking you flat on your butt. His momentum had carried him forward and he’d landed on top of you, groceries spilling everywhere, his chest pressed against your face. 

Now, you and your girl group were finished performing your debut song and coming off stage. Lay realized this was his chance to apologize and ask for your number. 

“Hello, I am Yixing and I am very sorry for knocking you over please forgive me I think you are very pretty and your image is very intimidating I MEAN I LIKE IT it’s different and I just wanted to know if I can get your number and maybe take you on a date and if not that’s okay and-”

“Here’s my number. I’m looking forward to that date.” 

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Xiumin: Being one of the oldest, your image wouldn’t intimidate him so much as turn him on. He’d been watching you practice before the company concert in a tight black dress and he couldn’t help but watch the end of it inch up your thighs and cup your butt. You didn’t care; you had spandex shorts on underneath it purely because the dress liked to inch up. But Xiumin didn’t know that. All of the boys noticed him giving you the once-over as you walked past them off of the stage. They all told him to get your number and, finally, he went up to you.

“After the show tonight, do you think I could take you out to celebrate? If your practicing is showing me anything, it’s that you’ll be amazing tonight. Why not celebrate perfection?” 

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Kai: You image had already caught his eye, and your dancing had made him fall in love with you. Not just that, but the way you acted the part of a bad girl. It was amazing. Just as there was a noticeable difference between Kai and Jongin, there was a noticeable difference between “Bad Girl Y/N” and “Y/N”. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched you, and he was planning on getting your number. Now if only he could get the courage to manage that…

Turns out, he didn’t have to get the courage. After three hours of Kai staring at you, you hoped you were picking up on actual signs and decided to ask Kai for his number.

“Here’s my number. Please, use it.”

You left him a blushing, giddy mess. 

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Suho: Suho would be so into your look. Bad girl with an amazing voice and amazing dancing skills? Sign him up. He’d be a little less noticeable about his crush on you than some of the others would be, but his members would still pick up on it. The way he watched your every move when you performed. The way a small smile made its way onto his face when you laughed. The way he shifted when your gaze landed on him. Though everything he did was subtle, he was definitely into you. It was a total surprise to you when he came up to you. Though you had been doing everything you could to get him to notice you, you didn’t think he’d even realized you were crazy about him. But you were about to find out he was even crazier about you than you were about him.

“Hello, Y/N. I am EXO’s Suho. Welcome to the family. Would you like to go out for dinner with me, to celebrate your debut?” 

You nodded and Suho was so relieved he hugged you before pulling away shuffling his feet before handing you his phone, indicating he wanted your number. After you’d given it to him, he smiled shyly and turned away to hide the grin inching its way onto his face. 

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Chen: At first, Chen wouldn’t be too into the look. He thought the image was who you were and that was why SM had chosen to give it to you. However, in the months of training, he’d gotten to see different sides of you. You and your girl group were only given four months before your debut to train. It was an insane task, but somehow you’d managed, with only three mental breakdowns. Chen had been there to comfort you your first breakdown. You’d been so embarrassed; you didn’t even personally know this hot adorable guy and suddenly he had his arm around you. However, Chen was grateful he’d found you during your mental breakdown. As odd as it sounded, it had been the thing to make him fall in love with you. Still, he loved to tease you about how little time you had to prepare.

“You know, Y/N, if you mess up, my arms will always be open.”

“No they won’t Chen.”

“I’m serious Y/N. I was ju-”

“No, I mean they will be crossed over your chest. Stop making me nervous asshole.” 

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Luhan: Luhan is manly. He would LOVE your image. To be blunt, it would turn him on. His only problem would be getting to know you. Sure, he always saw you around, but you were always surrounded by people, whether it be some of your members, choreographers, vocal coaches, or friends. He finally got his lucky break when you went to get your makeup done for your debut. Luhan ran after you to reach you before you disappeared into the dressing room. Tapping your shoulder, you jumped, turning. As you turned, his fingers brushed against your exposed skin on your stomach. He pulled back and looked down, shrugging his shoulders before looking up at you again and smiling sweetly. 

“I apologize for scaring you. You are just so beautiful and I wanted to wish you luck with your performance tonight. Please, come find me afterwards.” 

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Tao: Tao would act like a complete dork around you. Your image had defiantly caught his attention, and he was going to let you know that. For weeks before your debut he’d been trying to get your attention, whether it was through his dancing or rapping or even his style. He’d heard you say in passing that you loved when guys rolled up the sleeves on button down shirts. The next day, you’d never guess what he wore. He thought you hadn’t noticed him, but you had. Of course you had. He was absolutely hot adorable, and you could see the effort he put into getting you to notice him. Finally, he got up the courage to try to talk to you, though it didn’t go exactly as planned, as he kept stumbling over his words and blushing.

“Wow, okay, can I start over?”

You laughed. “Of course.”

“Can I have your number?”

“See! That was easy. Here.”

“I know it was easy. I just wanted to make you feel more comfortable.” 

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Kris: Totally. His. Style. He would low-key stalk you until he finally got up the courage to flirt with you. Kris is such a flirt. He’d try to be cool and wow you with terrible pick up lines. You’d find it amusing and even start to write down in a notebook all of the pick up lines he told you. Some of your favorites were: 

Are you Google? Because you have everything I’m searching for.

I went to the doctor today he said I was lacking in vitamin u.

I lost my teddy bear, will you sleep with me instead? 

Finally, he got the courage to simply ask for your number.

“Did you finally run out of pickup lines?”

“No, I figured it was time to stop playing games and just ask the girl of my dreams out.”

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Request something! 


Someone has been a busy bee. Between learning/locking down printing through DTRPG, ordering proofs, freelance writing, freelance graphic design, Red Markets successfully funding, Kickstarter prep, GenCon, and just general 9-5 employment things have been a little hectic. 

So rather than leave you all out to dry I wanted to give you a sneak peek at something we’re working on. Granted, the text is CRAZY rough and hasn’t even been edited once yet but just look at the pretty pictures, pretty layout, and those darn pretty (and balanced) racial stats.

Nereun is something you will (hopefully) be seeing a lot more of in the coming months! It’s a mountainous, arctic, cursed hellhole of a world stalked by immortal Horrors and Cursebeasts. If you like your dark fantasy to be actually dark without going full grimderp then boy oh boy is Nereun for you.

We threw all the core races in the garbage and completely rewrote what most people assume is humanity’s greatest edge in addition to creating five all new races (the zajec being the most vanilla of them all) that live with horrific curses due to their hubris. Isn’t that swell?

The art is by the absolutely wonderful Michael Sanchez (who despite my protests still lacks an internet presence).

Jeff Skinner - Future With You Part 2

Team: Carolina Hurricanes

Requested: Yes (Just a few ;) girrrrl imma need a part 2 of future with you. you can’t leave me hanging and Part 2 to the Skinner Imagine please and Ummmm is there going to be a part 2 to future with you because I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE and could you do a part 2 of the jeff skinner one and Please tell me there’s a part 2 of the Jeff Skinner imagine!!!

Edited: Yes

Word count: 1, 352

Summary: you meet again and he finds out you’re pregnant, he finally wants to move relationship forward

Part 1

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