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Imagine where Y/N overhears Jackson/Mark (idc which one) call her clingy so she starts acting weird and he confronts her about it

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When the guys had gotten back from tour they’d all asked you to come over whenever you had the time, you’d often bring them food at the studio or come over to play games with Youngjae, but you’d never thought that you were being too forward till you’d over heard a conversation between Jackson and Jinyoung. You’d been about to walk into the kitchen when it happened, neither of them had noticed you yet so you backed out the second you heard your name. “Y/N is just.. shes around so often now… kind of clingy,” Jackson murmured to him then sucked his teeth a little, but you didn’t stick around to hear the end of the conversation you left quietly attempting to figure out how you hadn’t noticed when you’d become a burden. 

The problem was you’d always assumed you were annoying or too clingy, but he’d never shown any inclination that he hated it or wanted you to stop - in fact he seemed to cling to you with ten fold the vigor you had him. Your heart sunk again, rubbing the back of your neck as you walked into your studio apartment. it was a mess, you hadn’t been home long enough to clean so you started there, attempting to rid your thoughts of the words you’d heard was harder than you’d imagined. “king of clingy”  the words still rung in your head long after your apartment was clean.

Days passed, and even when you did come over you stopped hugging them so much or talking to them too animatedly, you toned down your personality not wanting to upset them anymore than you probably had. Youngjae was the first to notice, he asked you what was wrong but you shook your head them continued playing the game with him before sighing a little. It was only after two weeks that Jackson pulled you to the side when you were helping Jinyoung make dinner that you began to panic, “whats wrong with you?” he asked furrowing a brow as put his hand on your arm, “You’ve been different for a while now, and I figured maybe you were going through a slump or something but; honestly I figured you’d be back to normal so tell me whats going on,”

He seemed determined on finding out what was bothering you, but how could you tell him that it was him? Jackson the king of being kind, charitable, and an overall perfect person was the reason your self esteem had taken a plunge worse than even in high school. “It’s nothing, I’m fine just stressed with work is all,” you murmured barely meeting his eyes.

Jackson shook his head grabbing your face between his hands then smushing your cheeks, “ I don’t believe you,” he said emphasizing his words by squishing them every time he spoke making you smile a little - you hadn’t realized how much you’d missed the skin ship with him till now.

“I’m too clingy, you said so yourself,” you mumbled and his hands fell away from your face, “I didn’t want to bother you anymore so I stopped with the skin ship and being overly friendly because I don’t want you to hate me,” admitting it out loud was a lot different than saying it in your head. It hurt more to vocalize the words, which is why you hadn’t spoken about it to anyone having kept all the feelings inside. 

Jackson sighed a little then pushed a hand through his hair seemingly distressed, “Y/N, no I … you didn’t stay to hear what I had to say after?” he murmured as he looked at you, his brow furrowed and he pulled you into his arms kissing the crown of your head affectionately. 

“I didn’t want to hear anything else because I was scared,” you whispered as you leaned into him the tears pricking your eyes as you gently grasped onto his shirt still not sure how comfortable he was with you touching him.

He lifted your head so your eyes could meet his own, “I told Jinyoung that you’re clingy, but right after that I said I love how she can dish out whatever I give; it makes me feel loved how much she gives back to us in terms of physical affection - not many girls would be comfortable with it; but you’re different, you don’t cringe up or get awkward you take it for what it is, friendly interactions,” 

Suddenly you felt stupid. “Oh,” you murmured lightly then wet your lips a little, “I see,”

He nodded, “But I also told him I wished you weren’t so comfortable with touching the other members because  I kind of want you to myself,” he whispered the last part and you were positive your heard slowed down to almost a complete stop, “Y/N - I could never think you were annoying or too clingy because I never want you to stop touching me to begin with, if either of us is annoying its me,”

The admission of feelings from Jackson once again left you breathless, his eyes were intently staring into your own as if searching for some kind of answer “I ..” you stammer over yours words but decide on showing him how you felt would be better so you leaned up pressing your lips against his, and you felt the smile crawl onto his face it was then you knew everything would be okay.

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Babysitter || Kim Taehyung

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Word Count: 2.2k

Genre: Fluff

Y/B/F - your best friend

The sound of your phone ringing was the first thing that you heard. Taehyung groaned beside you and rolled back over onto his stomach, burying his face in the pillow. The sound of your ringtone going off that early made his ear drums ache.

In your sleepy haze, you managed to grab the phone, answering it and muttering a lazy hello into the microphone.

“Y/n!” Your best friends voice flooded over the line. There was a sense of panic in her voice that caused you to sit up straight in bed. Taehyung groaned even louder beside you, not wanting to be up this early but you had never heard y/b/f sound like this before.

She sounded incredibly worried and scared, and you thought that maybe something had happened. You weren’t sure exactly what, but it had to be important.

“My babysitter quit on me. I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t leave Bora at home, but I can’t bring her to work with me. And I can’t call in sick because then my boss will be angry at me.” Your friend continued to ramble on and on.

You knew how hard it had become for y/b/f ever since she had Bora. Bora’s father had disappeared one day and never returned, making y/b/f’s life more difficult then ever. It didn’t help that she didn’t make as much money as she needed to pay for everything they needed.

You had watched Bora a few times for her, taking the four year old for the day and treating her in ways that her mother couldn’t.

For a four year old, Bora understood that it was tough for her mom. She was possibly one of the smartest kids you had ever met, and it amazed how much she gave up to make her mom happy. She didn’t care about not being able to attend her first year of school, she didn’t care about having the newest toys and such.

It amazed you how mature she was. And you knew that y/b/f really was blessed to have a daughter like Bora.

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Excuses, Excuses

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Prompt: Bones continues to find small reasons for Reader to stay away from her engineering job because he sees the job as dangerous (Drabble)

Warnings: None

Word Count: 874

A/n: Fics won’t be as consistent for a while friends. I’m nearing the end of the school year and I have oodles of projects, homework, and studying for finals I have to do so I have very little time for writing. Don’t worry, once the school year is over and summer break begins, I’ll get back on track and hopefully spit fics out like crazy!

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BTS Reaction to Their Girlfriend Wearing his Sweater.

Namjoon: ”She looks so cute why am I so lucky?”he thinks to himself as he walks to the kitchen with takeout. 

You blush looking down at your hands,”I got cold and all my sweaters are in the laundry basket.” 

He smiles going over to you as he wraps his arms around your waist kissing your temple chuckling,”I think it looks better on you then on me.” 

“Oh does it?”you asked smiling up at him. 

“Yea I think you should keep it. Come on lets eat and then we can watch a movie or something,”he said smiling not taking his eyes of you the whole time.

Taehyung: “Jagiya have you seen my blue sweater?”he asks looking through his closet. 

“No I haven’t seen it at all you said quickly going to your room looking through the pile of dirty clothes. Whenever Taehyung left for group activities you always wore it. He never noticed that you would borrow his sweater because you would always hang it back in his closet but this time you forgot. 

“(Y/N) what are you doing?”he asked. “I want food and I have $10 in one of jeans,”you lied not facing him. 

“Is that my blue sweater?”he asked walking over to the small desk. You blushed,”Oh look your sweater…” He looked at you laughing,”You’re as red as a tomato Jagi!” 

“Shut up Tae,”you said hiding your face. He continued to tease you throughout the day and also let you keep the blue sweater.

Hoseok: He just came back home from tour and wanted to surprise you. It was around one in the afternoon so he knew you’d be awake. He opened the door to your apartment and went into the living room where you were fast asleep. He instantly smiled seeing you wearing an oversized BTS sweatshirt. “Jagi! I’m home!”he yelled smiling. 

“Hoseok!”you screaming falling of the couch. 

He started laughing,”Ah, (Y/N) you look so cute in that sweatshirt you should’ve modeled for it.” 

“Aren’t you going to help me get up?”you asked angrily,”Don’t ever surprise me like that or else you won’t have a model next time.”

Jin: You had the day off work so you decided to clean the apartment you shared with Jin. It was fairly chilly inside the apartment and you didn’t know how to work the heater yet since it was old so you took one of Jin’s sweaters. You plugged your phone to the speakers putting it on shuffle. You were sure Jin wouldn’t come back home until later on tonight since he was preparing for their next comeback so you started to dance while cleaning up. 

Boy in luv came on and you turned it up a bit higher. You were mopping at this point but you dropped the mop not hearing Jin opening the door. You started singing and dancing smiling pleased with yourself. Jin was watching you amused trying to hold back the laughter. You spun around facing him out of breath,”Jin!” 

“Why are you sweating on my pink sweater!”he explained. “I’ll buy you a new one,”you said pushing back your hair. “Ugh I guess you have to keep that sweater that makes you much more adorable. What a shame,”he said smiling picking you up as you wrapped your legs on his waist. 

“Does it really look good on me?”you asked smiling. “Yes it does,”he said kissing your nose.

Jungkook: “Jungkook did you eat the sandwich I made?”you yelled looking at the fridge again. “No,”he tapping your shoulder. He was holding your sandwich smirking at you eating it. “Jeon Jungkook!”you said going towards him. 

“Why are you mad Jagi?”he asked laughing running away from you. “I just worked out and I’m hungry as hell,”you said trying to keep up with him. He stopped holding less than half of your sandwich in his hand,”Here take a bite.” 

You rolled your eyes,”No I don’t want it anymore.” He shrugged his shoulders and ate the rest. “I’ll be right back,”you said smiling heading up stairs to his room. “Two can play at this game,”you thought to yourself putting on his favorite sweater and also his snapback. You walked back to the living room where he was playing video games. “I’ll be right back,”you said kissing his cheek. He stared at you wide eyed. “It looks good on me doesn’t?”you asked smiling. 

“Come here,”he said grabbing your hand,”You know I don’t like sharing clothes but just because you’re so damn cute I’ll let it slide for now.” You laughed as he shut you up with a kiss,”Go before I make you late to wherever you have to be.”

Yoongi: “So you’re going away for three months?”he asked frowning. 

You nodded,”I haven’t seen my parent in over three year so I want to spend time with them.” “I understand,”he said relating to your situation. 

You used to work back in the US but got transferred to South Korea. You never had time to go on vacation that often and when you did you really didn’t have a lot of money but you’ve been saved up enough to spend some months to be with your family. 

“So do you just want to stay home or go out?”you asked looking at him. “We should go out,”he said surprising you. “Come on (Y/N) before I change my mind,”he said grabbing your hand. 

You smiled wondering where he was going to take you. He took you to various stores buying you little presents for your family. You got back to your apartment tired laying on the couch. “After this it’ll probably take you a decade to get me to go out again,”he said laying on the floor. 

You laughed,”You were the one who said let’s go out!” “I know,”he said,”Jagiya before you leave take one of my shirts or sweaters so you won’t forget me.” 

You laughed looking down at him,”It’s not like I’m leaving for 3 years.” 

“I know but it’s going to feel like it,”he said looking at you with sad eyes. You walked to his room taking one of the three sweaters he had putting it on,”Yoongi I’m going to have to buy you more sweaters while I’m over there.” When he looked up at you he started smiling real big,”Come lay down with me on the floor.”

Jimin: You and Jimin were playing a boxing game at the boys dorm. “I’m so going to beat you (Y/N),”he said trying to swing at you but you blocked it. “It won’t be that easy Jiminie,”you said taking a swing at him. “I’m obviously taking it easy if I would actually be trying I would’ve beat you 10 seconds into the game,”he said concentrating on the game. 

You rolled your eyes as you took one punch and beat him,”Ha!” “Like I said I was going easy on you,”he said crossing his arms. You were dancing around rubbing it in his face. “Come here,”he said pulling you into his arms,”Aren’t you cold?” “A little but it’s ok,”you said smiling at him. “If you want I’ll let you borrow one of my sweaters,”he whispered pressing his lips on the back of your neck making you laugh. 

“I want the one the grey Winnie the Pooh one with the pom poms,”you said thinking back to when you made him buy it. “I still can’t believe you got me to buy it. It looks so horrible,”he said making a face taking you to his room. He looked through his closet throwing the grey sweater at you the pom poms almost hitting your eyes. 

“These things can leave a person blind,”you said putting it on,”I’ll just cut them off.” “Aww you look like a little girl Jagi!”he said smiling squishing your cheeks. “Jimin cut it out,”you said pushing his hands away. 

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Do you think Shiro has ever seen Keith cry? Like, really cry? And vice versa.

OH MAN. Brace yourself, I got carried away!

Alright so I know ppl don’t really believe in astrology anymore but it’s a big part of my religion so it’s very real to me, right? Well, I hc Keith as being an Aries. And coming from experience, typically we don’t like to cry. Especially not in front of others. Like. People tend to make Arians feel like they always have to be tough and strong and bare no emotions blah blah. But really… we’re just people at the end of the day. We /feel/ things. Things hurt sometimes. There’s only so much we can hide before we explode.

I think this is very much true for Keith. Growing up as an orphan, he had to grow a very strong backbone at an early age. He learnt to suppress his emotions. He learnt how to turn whatever was making him sad into a tiny ball n squish it. During his years at the garrison, it was the same thing. When he lost Shiro the first time, it was a little different. He probably hurt so bad, but only allowed himself to cry when he was alone. 

After losing Shiro for the second time… I think he probably would lock up his emotions again. He wouldn’t cry (he really wanted to bc lets face it - this HURTS) because he wanted to be 100% focused on finding Shiro. He wanted to be focused on being the head of Voltron. He didn’t want to mess this up like he messed up his career at the garrison because of emotions.

Now… after they find Shiro…. I think that’s when he would break. Embracing Shiro, this is when he allows his sadness and fear to break free. And, sure, Shiro has seen him cry, like quiet tears and crying due to physical pain. But not like this. This is just pure raw emotion. Never has Shiro seen Keith look so vulnerable and afraid and hurt. So, it’s a complete shock to him and to the rest of the team (especially them because this whole time Keith didn’t look too depressed by Shiro’s disappearance so maybe they kinda just assumed he was handling it well when in reality he wasn’t) to see Keith just break down, but I think Shiro would handle this well - reassuring whispers, tight hugs, pecks to the forehead.

As for Shiro, I like to think that he’s very open with Keith. We saw in S2E1 that Shiro trusts in Keith to help him when he’s in trouble, he can let his guard down around him and doesn’t have to be the #1 Leader, Ace Pilot that everyone makes him out to be. There’s so much trust between them, Shiro isn’t afraid of showing his emotions to Keith because he knows Keith would never judge him for it, or shame him, or anything like that.

And, maybe it was hard at first to do after the whole Voltron thing. Maybe he felt like he didn’t know how things stood between him and Keith after a whole year of absence. He didn’t want Keith to feel like he was obligated to be his rock when he needed support. But over time, he saw that Keith was always there for him, always worrying about him and looking out for possible signs of a ptsd episode coming on. So, maybe one night after failing to sleep due to nightmares and shit, he seeks out Keith. And at first, they just talk - about what this means for their relationship, about what they want out of this relationship since things are very much different than they were back in their garrison years. And after they both agree that nothing’s changed, their feelings remain the same about each other, that’s when he allows himself to be weak around Keith. He allows himself to cry and to be held, especially after nightmares since he finds that to help bring him down from the panic.

TL;DR - Yes and yes! Let boys cry and be sensitive!

Not Okay

In which Simon is feeling insecure because he has been sent hate, so you, being the bigger YouTuber, decided to do something about it. 

Requested? Yes

I woke up to the birds chirping outside and the sun shining through the windows of Simon’s bedroom. We had been together for so long, and moving in with him and some of the other boys was one of the best decisions in my life. I rolled over, hoping to curl up to Simon’s sleepily warm body, only to curl up on cold bed sheets. I opened my eyes to see I was alone in bed, which was a first.

I struggled to sit up, and pushed all the messy strands of hair out of my face. The door to Simon’s bathroom as open, and I could just about see him standing in front of the sink, staring at himself in the mirror. I shielded my eyes from the sun with my hand.

‘Si?’ I asked, my voice groggy with sleep. But Simon didn’t budge. He just continued staring at himself with an empty expression. He was topless; he usually sleeps in just his boxers. 'Simon,’ I repeated which made him snap out of his trance.

'Hm?’ He asked, brushing through his hair with his fingers awkwardly, then pulling a loose SDMN t-shirt over his head.

'What are you doing?’ I asked, my voice laced with a giggle.

'Nothing,’ He said but he didn’t sound too happy. I ripped the bedsheets off my bare legs and got out of bed, walking up to him and wrapping my arms around his waist. I looked up at him with a smile  that burned my cheeks. 'Good morning, handsome.’ I leaned up to kiss his cheek.

'Good morning,’ He smiled weakly. He wasn’t being his usual self.

'What’s wrong?’ You asked, reaching up to his face with one hand, caressing one cheek softly. He looked genuinely upset.

'Nothing, I just want some time alone.’ He said, taking my hand and bringing it back down. He carefully pushed me out of the way and left the room, leaving me standing there, confused.

For the rest of the day, Simon locked himself up in his room as he filmed and edited his videos. It felt wrong to leave him alone, but that’s what the other boys suggested I should do.

Little did I know that this would go on for the rest of the week. Josh claimed that he was just having a moment, and that he’d be fine within the next couple of days, but I was still worrying my ass off. I couldn’t remember a time where Simon had been acting this weird.

Being a YouTuber myself, I decided to sit down in front of my cameras one quiet afternoon. If I couldn’t reach Simon, I figured I’d reach out to the viewers. That, and I knew he watched all my videos. I hated talking about it, but I had more subscribers that Simon did, so I hoped this would reach as many people as possible.

'Right guys, here I am, sitting in an oversized SDMN sweater and literally nothing else.’ I said to the camera, and then laughed at how awkward I was. 'This video is going to be a little more serious than my other videos are, so get comfortable because we’re going to have a talk, like mature adults do.’ As I spoke, I got myself comfortable too.

'I think you guys might have noticed that I’ve been a little inactive lately, and so has Simon. If you don’t know who Simon is, then either you’re a new subscriber or you’ve been living under a rock.’ I laughed. 'No but seriously, Simon and I have been dating for a long time and lately he’s been acting… he hasn’t been acting like himself.’

I shuffled around in my seat. 'Now, I have Twitter. I get nice messages from you guys all the time on Twitter, but I also see the hate. Not only towards me, but towards other people as well. And recently, I’ve seen a lot of that hate going to my boyfriend. A lot more than usual, a lot more than what is healthy. And I know that recording this video probably won’t make a difference because the people that hate is will still hate us, if not more.’

'I just really don’t understand what the point is behind sending hate. Like, why would you do that? Why would you waste your time on making someone feel bad? It’s just something that I would personally never do and that I would never support.’

'I guess what I’m saying is, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it. And I’m pretty sure that phrase is copyrighted by primary teachers, but I’ll say it anyway.’ I laughed again.

'Just please stop spreading the negativity, and spread positivity instead. You know, try it out! It’s a good feeling, I promise. And it makes people happy, so where could you possibly go wrong? Anyways, that’s what’s been on my mind lately. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one, ciao!’ I smiled and waved at the camera, then stopped recording.

Within an hour I had finished editing and making a thumbnail, and it was now processing on my channel. After that, it was up, and as usual, I immediately got many different notifications on all different social medias. I left my phone and computer and went into the kitchen to grab an apple. I was hungry, but not too hungry, and not in the mood for a light unhealthy snack either. I figured an apple will do.

'Ooh, you uploaded a new video!’ Vik exclaimed. He was sitting at the kitchen island behind a laptop, clicking about. And then I heard my own voice from the video and cringed. I heard someone’s door being opened from upstairs, and then footsteps coming down the stairs.

I looked up and to my surprise it was Simon. His blonde hair was a mess so that the front of it was plastered to his forehead. His eyes were a darker shade of blue and looked tired, matched with the bags underneath his eyes. He probably hadn’t slept well in days. There was stubble growing from his cheeks and he was wearing his oldest clothes. Not even socks. Not even a necklace.

'Hey,’ I smiled at him.

'Can I talk to you?’ He asked. I bit my lip and nodded, no matter how much I was scared of what he was going to say. I followed him back up the stairs and to his room, where he sat down on our bed and I plopped down next to him, sitting crosslegged.

'Come here,’ He said and enveloped me into a hug, so I was squished between his long lanky arms and pressed against his chest. I wrapped my arms back around him and smiled happily.

'Simon, I can’t breathe,’ I struggled to say. He let me go a little.

'I want to cuddle,’ He pleaded with big, lighter blue eyes. I giggled at him as we wormed underneath the duvet and cuddled up to each other. Simon’s arms were quick to find my waist and wrap themselves around me. 'I’m sorry I haven’t been acting normal,’ He apologies and started planting kisses all over my face.

'Si, don’t apologise.’ I laughed as he continued kissing me. He stopped for a second and smiled, dimples appearing in both his cheeks. I leaned in and fluttered my eyes closed, pecking his soft pink lips momentarily.

When I pulled away, he pouted. 'That was such a short kiss.’ He complained, making me burst out laughing even harder.

'By the way, stubble doesn’t look too bad on you.’ I complimented with a wink, placing one hand on his cheek and going in for another little kiss. 'Also, don’t listen to the hate. I get how difficult it can be.’

'Especially when everyone ships your girlfriend with one of your best friends.’ He rolled his eyes dramatically.

'I’m pretty sure Chris ships himself with me more than the fans ship him with me.’ I giggled and booped his nose.

What I said made him smile, and he strengthened his hold around me and pressed me closer to him, rocking me back and forth.

'You’re the best. The best girlfriend. I love you,’ He whispered in my ear.

Spooning with Sam

Imagine … big spooning Sam Winchester.

Ok, this is my first fanfic on Tumblr, so feedback is helpful.
Basically I just like to subvert norms and I think it would be cute snuggling into Sam’s back and being ‘big spoon’ even though he’s so big. 😆

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Word count: 744
Fluffy fluff

Sam Winchester is a cover stealer. Nobody told you that before you had to share a bed with him (because reasons).
You lay shivering one side of the bed, the cover running out just before your right arm and letting the cold air of the motel room seep into your skin. You glance over at Sam, tucked happily up on his side, right near the edge of the bed, the duvet bunched up around him. Even though he has his knees bent, his feet still poke out of the bottom. Still, so warm and toasty, you think, sighing.
You shuffle a little closer to him so the duvet drapes over you. You can feel the warmth radiating from his bare torso. You wriggle closer, craving the warmth you can now feel, and leaving most of the bedspace behind you. This is closer than you’ve lain to him before, but you don’t care. You lie on your side facing him. you wriggle up to him until your body presses up against his back.
The warmth of his skin is delightful. You bury your face between his shoulder blades. He stirs a little, inhales deeply, then settles back to sleep. you slide your bent knees into his, and by this point, your face only reaches his upper back.
You really have no right to be the big spoon, but you’d challenge anyone to fight you right now. His warmth is pooling into you and you sigh contentedly. You nuzzle into his back and boldly run your hand over his side and onto his stomach. You really have to resist running your hand all over those abs.
You pull yourself closer to him, pressed against him firmly and clinging on. Like this, you drift off to sleep.
You wake up when you feel him shifting. You can feel the heat in your rosy cheeks, your own breath dampening his skin as your face squishes into his back. your hand has made its way up to his chest now, his hand on top of yours and you realise that your legs are intertwined with his too.
There’s a knock on the door and Dean’s voice. Sam tries to slowly roll onto his back, but you are in the way. You don’t move.
‘Y/N? Can you shift over a bit please?’ he murmers. ‘I don’t want to squish you.’
You groan. ‘comfy,’ you mumble into his back. he half sighs, half chuckles.
‘Y/N.’ he rolls slowly, so you are virtually underneath him, and he reaches his arm behind him to tap you. It just so happens to be your ass he makes contact with. He sighs again, a little more exhasperated, flicking his hair out of his face, you imagine.
You hear the door open then close.
‘Rise and shine, Sammy. I got breakfast.’ You hear Dean’s heavy footsteps and clattering as he puts whatever it is he got down.
‘Mornin’,’ Sam says, his voice still fuzzy from sleep. he clears his throat. You feel it vibrate through his back and you giggle.
‘Where’s Y/N?’ Dean asks.
You plant a little kiss on Sam’s back. Just because. You imagine his expression as he pulls back the cover to show dean your curled up form squished and wedged at his back.
‘Mornin’,’ you echo.
Dean pauses a second, then says, ‘Now that’s adorable.’
‘It’s… uncomfortable,’ Sam mutters, trying to sound annoyed, but you can hear the smile in his voice. ‘come on, Y/N. Shift.’
You groan, but you relent, rolling back just enough to let him flop down to lie on his back. but no sooner has he settled than you roll back, assuming your position snuggled to his chest this time. It’s very nice there. You rest your hand on his muscular shoulder and again give him a little kiss on his nicely toned pec.
He laughs, then settles his arm around you.
‘I’ve got us a case,’ dean continues. ‘And it’s only about an hour’s drive from here. You in?’
‘Of course,’ Sam answers, his voice rumbling in his chest. It’s a comforting sound and you nuzzle deeper, content. He talks some more and you listen to the pattern of his words, the beating of his heart and the rise and fall of his chest.
‘Ok, Y/N you in?’ Dean says finally.
There is no response except a soft snore. Sam tilts his head to look down at your face.
‘Yeah, she’s asleep.’

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How would the Paladins (post war against Zarkon) react to them and their s/o expecting a set of multiples (like twins or triplets)?

Give me all of Team Voltron having children! Sadly no Pidge though, I’m not sure how long after the war you were thinking, I’m going with 3-4 because I feel as though Hunk, Keith and Lance would roughly be 20-21 (if they’re 17-18 during Voltron).

If you were thinking farther in the future let me know and I can redo or simply add Pidge!

~He’d be overjoyed with just one baby
~Tell him that there’s going to be 2 or 3
~Oh boy… prepare for the hug of your life
~Of course he’d be extra gentle because he would want to risk squishing his little soon to be bundles of joy
~Once you’re farther along prepare for him to be overprotective af
~I mean, more than usual
~Want to go on a walk? He’s going with
~He’d be the man who literally pushes you into a chair and tells you to relax the second you try to do anything.
~But putting up with it all would be completely worth it
~The look on his face when he sees the twins/triplets would just be… indescribable

~Same with Shiro
~Ecstatic for one baby, over the moon for multiple
~He’s going to start buying everything ASAP
~And it’s all going to be in pairs, so that way they can match
~Every night he will have his head on you stomach listening to the baby’s
~Even before you start showing
~He’s going to become 10x more affectionate
~A kiss every time he walks past you
~A hug anytime you leave the house
~He will definitely be a blubbering mess during and after the birth
~He’ll just sit there blubbering about how adorable and precious the baby’s are

~He’ll be excited too, but he won’t lose control when you give him the big news
~He will be the one that immediately looks up how much you should be eating to keep both/all of the baby’s healthy
~Will probably try to get you to eat different things that he read were good for baby’s
~Anytime you’re folding laundry, washing dishes, cooking dinner, anything, he will come up behind you just to hug you and rest his hands on your stomach
~He will also be that man who will walk into the kitchen at 3am to make you something to eat
~Or he’ll go out to get you something
~But since he’d prefer to know exactly what you’re eating, he’d probably make everything himself
~He really hates to let you all the “junky” things you crave
~Sometimes he puts his foot down if it’s something really considered bad for you
~But for the most part all you have to do his give him “the look” and he’ll cave
~Will have his arm wrapped around you after the birth while you’re holding the baby’s and he’ll just look back and forth between you and them and wonder how he got so lucky

~Nervous af
~You’ll definitely have to calm him down multiple times during the pregnancy
~He’ll constantly worry about what’s going to happen once they’re born
~If he’ll do a good job raising them
~He was always a bit scared of having a child
~And now he’s suddenly going to have 2/3 at the same time?
~Tbt, he will probably get light headed and almost or completely faint when you tell him
~Of course he’ll be a bit like Hunk and Shiro and get a little harder about what you should eat and what you should and shouldn’t do
~Not because he wants to tell you how to live you life
~He’s just worried and doesn’t want anything to go wrong with the pregnancy
~That is lowkey one of his biggest fears
~Even after the birth he will still be a nervous wreck
~But he calms down like, 10% once he gets to hold the baby’s

#VictuuriWeek: Day 4

Day 4: Free for all.

Title: Day off.
Author: NekkiYaoi
Rating: K+ (just to make sure, ‘cause Yurio is in there)
Warnings: Fluff? Like most of my fics.
Summary: Viktor, Yuuri and Yurio spend their day off relaxing at Yuuri’s place. Viktor kinda wishes Yurio would leave so he can have his fiance all to himself, but oh well.


Viktor was far away in his dreamland, his dreams filled with delicious homemade food that his beautiful fiancé cooked for him with love. Both of them loved food too much and it was a shame they could not treat themselves often because they had to keep in shape and watch their weight carefully (even more for Yuuri); that was one of the sacrifices a professional skater had to make.

Viktor did not want to wake up but… he could not help himself when his fiancé voice filtered through his sleepy ears. More specifically, Yuuri’s humming voice filtered through his sleepy ears.

The Russian man stretched happily, with a mischievous smile tugging on his lips. He was going to sneak around Yuuri (without making any noise, of course), and give him a surprise morning hug from behind. Yes, he was going to do that! And then maybe steal a kiss from him when he turned around, startled.

That would be a good way to start the day, Viktor thought dreamy.

As he started to get up, he heard another voice that did not belong to his beloved. “……mama.”

Oh, it’s just Yurio. Viktor let out a sigh. He had totally forgotten that Yurio come up to visit them, saying something about not being able to fully relax if he did not come to the onsen. A pity, because with Yurio here he could not shower his Yuuri with affections, as Yurio got extra grumpy and he let loose his sharp tongue to lash at the both of them when they were too lovey-dovey with each other…

Wait. His train of thought screeched to a halt. What was that? Did Yurio really utter the words mama aloud?

“Yes, Yuri? What is it?” Yuuri answered softly.

Waitwaitwait– did Yurio just call Yuuri mama? And was Yuuri acting like it was not a big deal!?

“I want you to braid my hair.” Yurio requested, not demanded like he always did.

“Okay, let me finish brushing this side and- there we go!” he said proudly.

Viktor slide the door careful to not make a sound and alert the two of his presence, peeking curiously.

“Your hair sure grows fast, Yuri. Doesn’t it bother you?” asked the Japanese man, gently taking blond strands of hair to braid them.

“You are one to talk, didn’t you let your hair grow lately?” the younger Russian threw the question back, with a smug smile.

“Well, yeah… but you have longer hair than mine.” Yuuri pouted slightly.

“Sometimes it gets bothersome, but I like it. Not sure if I’m gonna let it grow that long, like Viktor’s when he was younger and less bald.”

The comment hit straight to Viktor’s heart like an arrow. W… Was he really getting bald? He hoped not, he did not want to lose Yuuri’s love when his friends convinced him to date someone younger than Viktor, and with silkier hair!

Viktor was just being overdramatic, like always.

As if there was someone who could replace Viktor Nikiforov’s place in Yuuri’s heart. That boy only had eyes for Viktor.

“Viktor is not bald, Yuri! He just has a very wide forehead.” his fiancé scolded the blond boy.

My Yuuri is defending me! Inside his head, Viktor was shrieking like a girl.

“Yeah, a very, very wide forehead. Think we could rent it to advertise famous brands? He seems fond of doing advertisements, honestly.” Yurio grumbled, remembering the day of their face-off, that Viktor totally forgot and was just advertising the place like it was not a big deal.

The older Russian felt betrayed when his fiancé tried to stifle his laugh. “Yuri, don’t be mean.” he reminded him after he calmed down.

“Please, you agree with me.”

Viktor decided then that they had enough fun and let his presence be known to the pair.

Yuuri~” Viktor whined, throwing himself on Yuuri’s back and enveloping him in a tight hug. Little Yurio hissed as he got squished below them. Payback, it was hard to not let a satisfied smile bloom on his face. “Yuuri, I want my good morning kiss from you~”

Yuuri sighed, tying Yurio’s hair as he finished and granted his lover’s request.

He heard Yurio make a gagging sound next to them, proving that he was right about not being able to be lovey-dovey with the love of his life.

Viktor suddenly wished for Yurio to go back to Russia.

“Oi Katsudon, make some breakfast.” the blond demanded aggressively, pushing Yuuri out the door.

“Okay, okay! I’m going, I’m going.” Yuuri sighed and made his way to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the three of them.

Viktor glanced at Yurio from the corner of his eye. “Is he Katsudon now? What happened with mama, Yuratchka?” he said it all with a relatively calm voice, trying to contain the laughter that was building inside him.

Y-you heard it all? WERE YOU FAKING TO BE ASLEEP, OLD MAN!? DON’T YOU DARE SAY A WORD ABOUT THIS OR YOU ARE DEAD, GOT IT!?” Yurio yelled loudly, his face covered in bright pink from the tips of his ears to his neck.

Viktor could not stifle his laugh anymore and he laughed so hard that his stomach started hurting and he momentarily forgot how to breathe.

[Just felt like writing about podium family and having Yuuri and Yuri interacting sweetly <3]

anonymous asked:

Do you do fic requests? Would you do some Solangelo or Jasper please?

‘Is this seat taken?’ Piper’s voice sounds innocent, unassuming. She’s also pointing at Jason’s lap, and that makes Jason choke a little on the laugh that follows. ‘No? Cool. Mind if I join you?’
‘Not at all,’ He answers in the same vein; as if they’re strangers who’ve just met. But he’s blushing, so he loses a little of that casual air Piper manages to exude. `I saved this spot just for you.`

They’re disgustingly cute, Nico thinks, watching them out of the corner of his eye.

Piper’s response is a grin, and then comes the bit that looks practiced. She gently situates herself on his lap right as Jason moves back a little to allow her more room, and his arm curls around her middle as she leans back into his chest–joking with one another all the while. That’s the part that baffles Nico. Jason and Piper managed to make it look so easy. He knew Jason was awkward beyond belief, and he knew Piper was a little frightened of rejection, but the two of them together made it work in a way that looked comfortable. Piper wasn’t scared of taking a risk with him, and Jason wasn’t scared of embarrassing himself with her. The end result was that strange bubble of closeness that seemed to engulf both of them, let them be idiots together. Disgustingly cute, Nico reminds himself. Is that how you want to be, too?

Well… Yes. No. Maybe? It’s not the toothache inducing level of sweetness he wants, it’s the ease. The familiarity. The space to breath and joke and not worry about whether he was matching up to the standard of a Good Boyfriend or not. Maybe that just came with being more open, or something? Gods, he doesn’t know. Maybe this being cute thing had something to it that he was missing out on?

‘Hiya, handsome. Mind if I join you?’

Nico blinks and Will’s freckled face comes into sharp focus. The sense of relief is almost palpable–now he’s not awkwardly sitting on his own in one corner of the cabin party, there’s no danger of uncomfortable discussions with strangers, either. Nico almost scoots to one side of the armchair he’s in, before he stops. Then, he stretches himself back, just as he’d seen Jason do to make room for Piper. Will stays standing, smiling still, though now a little confused. Now or never, Nico, he tells himself.

‘Yeah, sure. I–um,’ Don’t be a chicken, di Angelo. ‘I saved you a seat here.’ His cheeks turn pink as he says it, eyes going from his lap, to Will.

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Prompt: Kai is a single dad and you’re unsure about your future together

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1066

Fall in love.

Get married.

Have a child, a little bundle of joy.

That was the ideal order.

And everything about him was almost perfect.

He was everything you were looking for, and he loved you too. He cared for you. But as amazing as he was, he wasn’t ideal.

He asked you to understand.

“Just one more thing. I know it’s not everything that you had planned but please give her a chance. She’s really sweet.”

So now you were waiting for him at your apartment. He said he had to pick her up from daycare.

“If…If you’re still not sure about it, I won’t…” he took a deep breath, “I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to. I still love you though, regardless of your choice.”

Three knocks. A pause between the second and the third.

That meant it was Jongin.

Opening the door, you were greeted by him holding a little baby girl in the crook of his arm. She was sleeping. One of her cheeks was squished against her father’s shoulder, her baby fat cushioning her face as she slept. Her tiny hands lay against his chest, fingers delicately curled around the fabric of his shirt.

Jongin pressed a finger to his lips.

You nodded, unable to take your eyes off his daughter. She had the same skin tone as him, and that made you smile, thinking about how proud Jongin said he would be to share his beautiful tanned skin with his children.

You watched as he gently, ever so gently lay her on the couch so her head would rest on your softest pillow. He slowly removed her hands from his shirt and carefully tucked the corners of a nearby blanket around her shoulders.

Jongin pressed his lips against his baby girl’s forehead. She made a soft noise in her sleep.

He straightened up and faced you, eyes averted.

“I didn’t mean for her to fall asleep but…” he trailed off, unable to come up with anything to say.

“What’s her name?”

“Eunmin. Her mother picked it out before she…before she passed away.” Jongin’s eyes were sad.

He had told you about what happened. His wife, Eunmin’s mother died a few minutes after giving birth to her. She had told Jongin not to mourn her for too long. For her sake and for Eunmin’s future.

“I want,” he piped up after a few moments of silence. “I want her to have a mother. A good mother that is caring and sweet and selfless and can love her even though she isn’t her child.” He looked up at you for the first time since he arrived. “For months, I could only ever see you as the best mother for her. I still can only see you as the perfect mother for her now. I’m not trying to say you’re a replacement, a substitute. Please don’t take it that way.”

Jongin took your hands in his, eyes still holding their gaze with yours. “I love you for you, not as some stand-in for her, my wife before. Although I still love her and I miss her, I hope you’ll understand that I love you.”

“Jongin, I-” you broke the eye contact, shifting your attention to the child sleeping soundly on the couch. She was grasping at your heart.

Growing up without a parent…It’s so hard.

Something was stirring, and it wasn’t just out of a moral duty to give this child a motherly figure. Something about Eunmin, this small angel with tiny, invisible wings curled around her, this child resting peacefully in your home.

It left you breathless.

She was like the child you’d wish for, hope for.

You couldn’t say anything.

Eunmin let out a tiny groan as she did a full-body stretch. Her hands clenched into little fists. Legs and arms outstretched, she looked like she was making a snow angel, a star.

She relaxed and opened her eyes. Chocolate colored. A deeper brown than Jongin’s. Something her mother had gifted her along with her nose. She had Jongin’s lips, though slightly thinner.

“Appa?” she called out. Her new surroundings confusing her.

“I’m right here, Appa’s here.”

Eunmin took a few seconds to figure out how to sit up, then she locked eyes with you.

And stared.

“It’s ok, she’s a nice lady that Appa loves a lot,” Jongin soothed, afraid that Eunmin might not take in everything very well, especially since it was so sudden. But she seemed fine, curious even.

“More than me?” She began to pout.

Jongin let out an amused chuckle. “No, baby, not more than you, but I love her just as much as I love you.”

“Oh.” She looked at her father, clearly thinking really hard. “Then you love her a lot,” she echoed.

You smiled, taken aback by her sweet, small voice and her beautiful mind. “Hello, Eunmin-ah. Did you sleep well?”

She turned her attention back to you and nodded quickly before playing with the blanket around her legs.

“Is Appa happy?” she asked suddenly, quietly, looking up at you and studying your face.

“Uhm…yeah,” she caught you off guard and you replied with a smile. “Yeah, I think he’s happier now.”

“That’s right, Eunmin-ah, she makes me very very happy,” Jongin added, just as flustered as you were.

“So she’s like an eomma.”

The two of you froze. She had officially punched you in the heart with her small delicate fists.

Jongin remained quiet, not wanting to speak for you.

Yes, this wasn’t exactly ideal. Jongin had a child, but was it really his fault that he was a single parent? He loved you, and this precious young child was already willing to call you “eomma” even though she had no judgement of your character other than by word of mouth between you and her father. How desperately would she want and need a mother as she grew up?

How, after everything between you and Jongin, could the simple existence of such an innocent soul be the single deciding factor of spending the rest of your life with this family?

How could such little hands already grasp large pieces of your heart?

“Yes, Eunminnie.” Eunmin began to giggle at the nickname and Jongin whipped his head to the side, staring at you in astonishment. “Yes, I’m like an eomma.”

“Can you be my eomma?”

“I plan on it.”

I Don’t Want You to Leave

A/N: Sorry this fic took so long to be put up, I had lots of school work this week and I got stressed the fuck out. But anyways, like always I hope you guys enjoy this fic! Also, I’m writing this fic a bit differently, normally I write in second person, but this time I wanted to try to write it in first person. Change things up a bit you know?

Word Count: 1, 342

Your POV

I wake up feeling the morning sun slowly heating me up. I slowly open my eyes, and see my beautiful boyfriend sleeping peacefully next to me. He has his arms wrapped around me, and his face nuzzled into my neck. I sit up in bed cautiously, making sure not to wake Dan up while I go check the time. 10:00 am, we should probably get out of bed. I look down at Dan, and remember what happened last night. I came to sleep over again, we don’t live together, and I only see him every once in a while. We’ve been together for 3 years, and I still can’t get over how amazing Daniel James Howell is.

I look down at him, running my fingers through his messy hair, staring down at his sleeping figure. I can’t help but smile, he looks so cute and peaceful. I cannot wait for the day when I wake up to his squishy little face every day. Waking up next to him, and us cuddling for as long as we want without worrying about each other’s schedules. I continue combing his hair with my fingers, and I see the corners of his mouth point upwards, and he tries to pull me closer.

“Squish we need to get up.” I say, still smiling at him.

“But I wanna just stay here” Dan whines with his eyes still closed.

“We both have things to do.” My smile instantly turns into a frown, I don’t want to leave, but I have to. A woman has got to pay her rent somehow. 

“I don’t want you to leave though.” Dan’s eyes open, and he looks up at me. It’s like this guy can read my mind. 

“I know I don’t either.” i force a smile, still looking down at him. 

“Cuddle with me for a bit longer love?” He looks at me with puppy dog eyes, and I don’t resist. I squirm back to lay down again, and turn over so Dan and I are facing each other. 

“I don’t want to leave either Dan.” I confess, staring into his beautiful eyes. Dan stares back into mine for a bit, he looks like he’s thinking of what to say. Or even to say what he wants to or not. He opens his mouth to speak, but shakes his head and doesn’t say anything. 

“I love you.” He says, kissing your forehead.

“I love you too Squish, but what were you going to say?” I ask, now kissing his nose. 

“I-I um…I was wondering if you just wanted to move in? We barely get to see each other because of where we live, you always have to take a train here on the weekend. It kills me not being able to my little nerd every day.” He forces a smile, staring at you with a loving look. 

I stare at him, of course I wanted to move in. But that’s such a big change; I’ve been living on my own for a long time, ever since I moved here. I couldn’t speak because Dan’s question put me into so much shock. SAY YES NERD 

“I mean, I understand if you don’t want to. Your job and everything…” He avoids eye contact, probably regretting that he asked me to move in with him. 

“No Dan,” I reach my hand up to his cheek, and he looks back into my eyes. His dark brown eyes were becoming glossy, was Dan tearing up? “Of course I want to move in with you. It’s just a big change, but it’s a good change.” I give Dan a genuine smile and kiss his lips. 

“Wait really?” Dan’s eyes lit up, and it wasn’t all coming from the sun, which was finding its way into the room slowly.

“Yeah, I mean we’ve been together for how long? And I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you so why not?” I realize what I said during the last part, and I feel my cheeks heating up. I cover my face with my hands and start to chuckle, “Oh god why did I say that.”  

I feel Dan’s hands grab mine and remove them from my face, and he leans in quickly to give me another kiss. “And I thought I was the awkward one” Dan laughs.  

“Shut up!” I say, hitting his arm softly. 

“Awww did I hurt poor little Y/N’s feelings?” Dan playfully pouts at me.

“Yes, that’s my cue to leave.” I say, unwrapping his arms that were around my waist, and getting up from the bed. 

“WAIT NO I’M SORRY” He jumps at me, almost knocking me over as I sit on the edge of the bed. 


“You’re not going anywhere.” He readjusts himself so now he’s sitting on the end of the bed next to me, with his arms wrapped around my body. 

“Yes I am.” I say, trying to squirm so he’d let go. 

“Not on my watch loser.” His grip tightens, and he kisses my neck, making me giggle. 

“DANIEL STOP IT” I say, trying to wiggle out of his grasp.

“Nope” He emphasises the “P” and kisses my neck again. 

“Fine, I guess I won’t make pancakes.” I shrug, and turn my head towards his direction. 

“Fineeeeee” Dan whines, and lets me go. I get up and walk towards the kitchen. I’m wearing one of Dan’s t-shirts, and wearing shorts underneath it, so if Phil walks in, he won’t be scarred for life. As I’m getting the ingredients out, I feel someone’s arms wrap around my waist. 

“Dan, you wanna help?” I spin around, and wrap my arms around his neck, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. 


~Small Time skip~ 

"FLIP THE PANCAKE Y/N YOU GOT THIS.” Dan keeps trying to get me to flip the pancake and I finally give in. I try to flip the pancake but instead it flies up into the air, hits my arm and flops onto the ground. Dan and I start laughing our asses off, as he attempts to clean up the mess I’ve made. 

“I tried, NEVER AGAIN” I say, putting the pan back onto the stove. 

“No, you will succeed. Let me show you.” Dan pours more pancake mix onto the pan, and waits a few minutes until it’s time to flip again. He hands the pan to me, and I stare at him confused. 

“Giving me the pan isn’t helping, I suck at this.” We both laugh, and he walks to go behind me. One of his arms wrap around my waist as the other grabs my hand, along with the handle of the pan. 

“Like this.” He makes a swift motion with his hand and the pancake goes up into the air, and lands on the pan. I place the pan back onto the stove and jump into his arms happily. 

“WE DID IT!” I kiss him again, but this time the kiss lingers as we passionately kiss each other. We pull away, Dan’s hands are on my waist and mine are wrapped around his neck, we lean our foreheads against each other’s.

“I love you so much.” Dan says smiling at me. 

“As do I” I wink at him, and try to turn around so I can check on the pancake, and he pulls me back, our faces inches away from each other again. 

“Ahem” He clears his throat, raising one eyebrow waiting for me to say I love you back. 

“Fine, I love you too.” I kiss his nose, then turn around again. 

“That’s better” Dan says, giving my cheek another peck.

                Dan and I spend the rest of the morning together, laughing, talking, and cuddling with each other before I have to leave for work. Except this time by next month, I won’t be going to my own flat afterwards. After work every day I’ll be going to the love of my life’s home (obviously with his best friend too), but by then it will be our home.

That’s Not How It Goes

Originally posted by colinmorgan

Fandom: Merlin

Pairing: Merlin x Reader

Author: (me) multifandomimaginesandstuff

Request: Hi there! I LOVE There’s No Place Like Home and I’d like to request a one shot, please. Could you do a Merlin x reader where the reader is a noblewoman visiting Camelot and Arthur assigns him as her servant and Merlin, for the life of him, cannot figure out how to lace her bodice (and, of course, neither does she) and fluffy stuff ensues as they figure it out together? Thanks very much! Love your blog

Word Count: 1861

(So I got the idea of the reader being an actual member of the royal court, rather than just some nobleman’s daughter, from a book called The Runaway King, by Jennifer A. Nielsen. It’s the second book in a series and all of the books are really awesome. Okay, that is all.)

Being a noble woman wasn’t as easy as everyone would think. You had to arrange all of the king’s files (something that the men didn’t feel lead to do), you had to arrange dates, set up meetings, it was hectic and since you were a woman you never got recognition for any of it. Sure, you were treated better than the townspeople, which you hated, but you were treated like an object by every man that ever laid eyes on you.

The king never really left his home, nor did the higher standing males so, that just left you to go on all of the business trips, but you didn’t mind. It was a few weeks that you had to yourself to do whatever your heart desired. Sure you encountered a few bandits along the way but contrary to popular belief you could take care of yourself. So, when you were told to go to Camelot to take care of some business the kind deemed unworthy of his presence you were elated.

You always had a bag pre-packed for things like this, not that anyone knew that about you. You didn’t want anyone to know how eager you were to get away from your home. It’s not that you didn’t like the people there, you loved the townspeople, but traveling was something that you longed to do. You wanted to see the world and by doing these jobs you got to do just that.


The ride to Camelot was exhilarating. The wind blowing through your hair energized you, made you feel alive. Having the woods all around made you feel more at home than you ever felt at the castle.

Camelot was a beautiful place. Everyone was so nice when you rode through the gates, the guards helped you off of your horse and just as your feet hit the stone in the square you were greeted by none other than the king of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon. “Welcome, Lady Y/N. I hope that you found your way here with minimal problems.” His voice was warm and inviting, making you feel like you should be there.

“Well, I am looking forward to doing business with you to make our two kingdoms allies, but before that there will be a feast to honor your arrival. I want you to take my servant, Merlin, to help you prepare for tonight.” You blushed and looked at the ground, nervous to be honored in such a way.

You didn’t see why they would do that. You were just there to do work for your king. You weren’t really doing anything that special. The alliance between Camelot and your kingdom was needed for the two lands to be safe.

You looked up as the sound of footsteps racing towards you caught your attention. There was a pale boy running towards you with raven hair and a red neckerchief. “I’m…sorry…I’m…late.” He wheezed out between labored breaths.

“Just take Lady Y/N to her room and help her get ready, Merlin.” Arthur growled.

Merlin nodded hastily and rushed to take your belongings. You chuckled a little as he fumbled with the bags, unsuccessfully trying to take them all at once. You marched over to him and laid your hand gently on his. “I can help with that, Merlin.” You said his name just to see how it would feel rolling off of your tongue.

It felt nice.

You internally smirked as you saw the blush that dusted Merlin’s pale cheeks. You took the bags and started to walk to the castle, signaling to Merlin that he should do the same. The sound of his shoes scuffing across the square was your only confirmation that he had taken the hint.


The room that you were set to stay in was nice. It was spacious with a four-poster bed against the wall and a dresser sitting in the corner. It was a very nice place for someone that would only be in it for a few days. You couldn’t help but wonder how many rooms in the castle were just like this. You also couldn’t help but fathom how many townspeople could be housed here, rather than leaving the rooms empty and useless. It’s not like they were ever used by people. The only time they probably ever had anyone in them was when the maids were cleaning, preparing for a nobleman or woman. “Um, m’lady.” You were startled to hear Merlin’s voice.

“I’m sorry, I must have blanked out.” You muttered apologetically.

“It’s quite alright, but I have to help you get ready for the feast.” You nodded shyly.

You slipped behind the screen that was set up and shimmied out of your dress, leaving you standing there in nothing but your underclothes. You weren’t ashamed of your body, but having someone like Merlin help you dress made you nervous. You thought he was attractive, very attractive so, having him help you dress would be quite unnerving. “M-Merlin,” You stuttered quietly, hoping he couldn’t sense how uncomfortable you were with this. “Can you please pass me my skirt?” You asked.

The only reply you got was the skirt coming over the screen. You slipped it on quickly, relishing in the sense of security that it gave you in this situation. You smiled a little as you saw your blouse tossed over a few seconds later. You slipped it over your head and walked from behind the screen, waiting for the most dreaded part of getting dressed for anything, your bodice. It was a beautiful Y/F/C and you had to admit that you were a little excited about this, only because it would tie the outfit together. Because, let’s face it, who in their right mind would ever want to be squished into something that was used to bring out their ‘feminine’ figure.

You mentally prepared yourself for the few minutes of torture you would have to go through to get it on. “So, what do I do with this?” You hear Merlin’s voice ask innocently.

He was holding the cause of your dread in his hand, looking at it like it was something that he had never seen before in his life. You sighed heavily before you started to explain, “ it’s my bodice. It goes around my torso and then gets laced.”

“Oh, well, then I guess I should probably do that.” You silently chuckled as he wrapped the piece around your body and started to lace it, but then you realised that no lacing was happening.

“What’s wrong, Merlin?” You asked, concern evident in your voice.

You couldn’t help it. You thought that maybe something was wrong with him and well for obvious reasons that wouldn’t be great. But if he fell ill then what chance would you have of getting to know him better and maybe actually becoming his friend? “Oh, n-nothing…I mean it’s something but I can figure it out…well okay, I can’t but I have to,” there was a pause “okay how do you lace one of these things?” Your eyes widened at the question.

“How detrimental would it be if I said that I had no idea?” You muttered, internally cringing at how stupid you sounded.

“It would be very, very bad because, Arthur is going to kill me if I don’t have you ready on time, oh my god I’m going to die because I could lace up a bodice.” You couldn’t help but laugh out loud at his rambling.

“I have an idea.” You said carefully.

You took the bodice from your torso and laid it onto the table that rested in the middle of the chamber that you were in. “Maybe, just maybe, we can try to do this without me in it and both learn together.” You pulled out two chairs and sat down, waiting for Merlin to follow suit.


“Okay, so I think that this goes here and then you take this string and move it across and crisscross it all the way down and tie it in a bow maybe? Does that sound stupid?” You questioned.

You and Merlin had been attempting to figure out the bodice for at least an hour to no avail. “Okay, I just give up, maybe I can just find a new dress or something.” You grumbled, tired of trying to lace the stupid piece of clothing.

“You’re really quite adorable when you’re angry.” Your head shot up to look at Merlin.

“Did I just say that out loud? Oh my god I’m such a clotpole! I’m so sorry, this is so awkward now.” You giggled quietly as he went on and on about how stupid he was.

“I think you’re adorable when you ramble because you’re nervous.” You stated, like it was common knowledge that you found the bumbling raven haired boy captivating.

“Y-you do?” He looked so shocked at your statement.

“Well of course.” You looked into his blue eyes and smiled.

He had to have been, by far, the cutest human being that you had ever encountered. He was kind and witty. He was clumsy and pure. He seemed so innocent and for some reason that drew you in.

You held eye contact with him for what seemed like years until his eyes fluttered closed and his head tilted slightly to the side as he leaned forward. You couldn’t help but do the same and when your lips collided it was like magic. You never wanted to break the kiss, but you still had to figure out how to lace the stupid torture device that laid on the table in front of you. “I hate that stupid thing.” You groaned as the two of you started working once again towards, what seemed like the most impossible goal that you had ever set.


“Did we do it?” You asked hopefully as you looked down at the now fully laced bodice that was in front of you.

“I think we did!” Merlin’s smile was so big that you were almost sure that his face was going to split in half.

“You know that now we have to try and lace it while it’s on my body.” Merlin groaned and you sighed, neither of you were looking forward to re-lacing  the major pain in the ass.

You lifted your arms sluggishly as the final piece to your outfit was wrapped around you. You didn’t even care anymore, you just wanted for this to be over. “I got it!” Merlin cheered.

In that moment you couldn’t help yourself, you turned around and hugged him like you had never hugged anyone before. You pulled back and looked into his eyes once again and crashed your lips into his, savoring the feeling. There was a knock on the door and you groaned, knowing that it was your cue to go to the feast. Merlin laughed and bowed to you goofily. He held his arm out to you, “M’lady.” You laughed loudly and hooked your arm with his.

“Why thank you, m’lord.” The two of you laughed the whole way down the corridor to the doors of the dining hall.

(I hope that the Anon who requested this likes it (and anyone else who reads it) and thank you for requesting in the first place, it was really sweet! This kind of isn’t the best, but I tried! Have a nice day/night/whatever it is where you guys are!)

Monsta X Reaction #10 - Their s/o unexpectedly gives them a back hug

@epic-liar asked: Hi dearie! I’m back with requests!~ Can you do Monsta X reaction when their S/O gives them back hug unexpectedly please? I love back hugs so much tbh qwq

Hyunwoo: When you back hugged him out of no where he’d jump a little. Once he realized it was you, he would smile and grab your hands, leaning back against you slightly. He’d smile sweetly, but still shyly, and ask you what brought that on. After a while when you refused to let him go, he’d get super flustered and stutter, trying to walk out of your grip as you clung to him like a Koala. He’d have a meltdown from your cuteness, and tell you to let go because he could only handle such cuteness in small doses

Originally posted by garisanee

Hoseok: “Jagi, are you okay? Or are you just needy for cuddles today?” he’d chuckle and rest his hands on yours for a moment before turning you around for you to face him. He’d then rest his chin on the top of your head and hum to you as you spoke to him, or just stood there in silence.

Originally posted by monsta-x-cuties

Kihyun: He would laugh in surprise when he felt your arms wrap around his stomach. “Babe, what are you doing?” I think he’d be a little nervous, but giddy at the same time? Like he’s really happy that you’re being clingy but he’s nervous because it’s unusual for you to do that. He would end up unclasping your hands from around him and turning around to squish you against his chest as he cooed about how cute you were

Originally posted by kihqun

Minhyuk: “Yah! You’re so clingy today!” *laughs, but he grabs your hands when you try to let him go* “No, no. I like it, but you’re okay right?” He’d lean his head back to rest on the top of your head and you’d laugh through his hair that clung to your face. When he finally turned around to face you after joking with you like that for a while, he’d kiss you gently on the lips and then the forehead, smiling at you the entire time

Originally posted by wonhontology

Hyungwon: Being honest here, he’d probably jump 10 feet in the air because he wasn’t expecting your hug. He would turn to you and clutch his heart dramatically, taking a deep breathe before saying “Y/n!! Don’t do that without warning me first! I almost had a heart attack!!” He’d hug you normally then as you laughed at him

Originally posted by wonhontology

Jooheon: He’d be like Hyungwon to the point that he’d be shocked and jump at first, but once Jooheon realized it was you back hugging him he’d squeal in happiness. “Jagi~ you’re being so cute, come here!! You can back hug me now! Sorry for screaming!” he’d laugh and let you back hug him for all of three seconds before not being able to stand it anymore. He’d whip you around to face you and hug you hard, squishing you nearly to death as he ranted about how cute you were

Originally posted by lostinmonstax

Changkyun: He’d feel a little awkward when you did this because of the unfamiliarity of it. If you did this more often then he’d be a lot less awkward, but I still see him blushing a little. As much as he wants people to believe that he doesn’t get nervous around people he’s attracted to, I think he’d be the most squishy and nervous of all the members. He’d be so blushy afterwords that you’d end up teasing him for hours. His face was just so red after all and though he hated you teasing him about it, you just had to.

Originally posted by ew-wonho

A/N: Hello dear!! Thank you so much for your adorable request and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING BACK TO REQUEST AGAIN!! I always love hearing from you~ I hope you liked this reaction!

BTS Reaction To Their Crush Falling Asleep On Them


Mama Jin mode activated. He starts to worry and fuss over you because he just wants you to be comfortable. Tries to reach for a blanket to cover you with and worries if your head is uncomfortable or if that position is gonna give you cricks, so he tries to adjust himself to optimize your comfort. In the end, he accidentally wakes you up and regrets it because he would have liked to have you close to him for longer.

“That can’t be comfortable.”


Suga was already asleep when you had finally drifted off, your head falling onto his lap. He would stir a bit once he felt your weight on him, smile lightly while running his fingers through your hair once then going back to sleep.



He would be a smiling mess over how adorable you are and he wouldn’t be able to get over how close you are and how much he loves it. He would be overcome with affection and possessiveness, he couldn’t help but start lightly running his fingers through your hair.

“I want you to be mine.”

Originally posted by jiminrolls


This angel is so happy and excited and has a huge smile on his face because he has never been this close to you before. He takes it as some sort of sign like you are meant to be with him because you are drawn to him even in your sleep. His mind keeps running through all sorts of things, already planning your wedding day and what you are going name the kids you two will have.

“What does this mean!?”


This little squish can hardly contain his happiness. He would wanna squeal and bounce around like a fanboy (because he’s your biggest fan), but he doesn’t want to wake you, he just wants to prolong this moment for as long as possible.



This boy did not know what was happening. Suddenly he felt a weight on his shoulder and he looked over and you had your head on his shoulder. Contemplates the idea that you’re faking it just to be close to him.

“What? Is she faking it? Does this mean she likes me too?”


Expect complete and utter shock. This shy boy would not know what to do, heart beating out of his chest, he would just freeze, he wouldn’t move and would barely breath because as shy and nervous as it made him he still didn’t want to wake you up or have you move.

“What do I do?”


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hi! i'd definitely like to ask winter/holiday cuddles from zen and jumin! if you'd do this, i'd thank you forever. they are my most favorite characters in mystic messenger. thank you!

a|n: your request is my command! here you go! a cuddling request for zen and jumin, on-the-go~~ sorry for the long wait! i hope you guys like it!

Zen/Jumin + MC cuddle scenarios


❝Hey, I-found-you-lying-around-and-I-felt-sleepy-too-so-I’ll-join-you Cuddles❞

Today was not only physically but emotionally exhausting that you decided to go home right after your day’s business. Your responsibilities had, just like any other day, gotten the best of your energy. With a wandering mind and a tired body, you barely even noticed the first snowfall of the month which apparently was today. The comfort of your home was too inviting that the moment your foot broke free of your shoes’ evil tight grasp, you flopped down the nearest soft abode you can ever find. Time suddenly had no meaning at all as you felt the heavy lids of your eyes gently close themselves, inviting you to a soft and peaceful slumber.

After what seemed like an eternity, you mildly woke up when you smelled a soft, sweet scent hovering through the air, making your nose tug a little in its wake. You raised a hand as you rubbed the lids of your eyes, forcing them open as you squinted to a now dark living room. You fell asleep on the sofa. Night had finally won the battle against the day. Adjusting through the darkness was a bit of a bother since every time you shut your eyes, you can see little stars once you open them again. Your eyes caught the blaring red letters of your digital clock hanging up the wall above the TV set you and Zen bought just last year.

You moaned a bit when you felt your shoulders ache probably because of lying down in the same position for quite some time. Your eyes then traveled towards the small window pane, noticing that half of it was already covered in a thick blanket of white.


Upon realizing what you just saw, you squealed blithely, your excitement getting the best of you. Regardless of your age, snow still excites your system. The thought of you being able to make snowmen and snow angels still brought tingles to your spine. You only stopped when you heard a light ‘ow’ just beside you and an arm who seemed to pull you closer from behind. Then and there, your blood rushed to your cheeks, making your entire face the same color as the Red Christmas Lights flashing outside the window.

        “Mhm …” he moaned for a bit, making you cover your mouth as you realized that you were making too much noise. Zen’s voice was a mixture of a hoarse, deep-sounding sleepy one. Your eyes scanned below his head and you almost yelped in surprise when you saw him without his shirt on as he slept peacefully beside you. You were a bit incredulous with the fact that someone can sleep without their shirt on with such low temperatures outside.

As your gaze lingered down his body, you couldn’t help but think of naughty thoughts as your eyes traced every crack and shape of his seemingly bashful abs who were, by the way, sharing their naked glory with you. Zen did take care of his body quite well. You brought a finger and traced the shape of his chest and when he stirred with your touch, you immediately brought it back.

But before you can fully take your finger away, his strong hand had captured your own, gently pulling you closer to his warmth at the very same time. Little did you know, he had been awake for quite some time when you were gazing at his luscious body. You yelped in shock as you watched how he cracked a small grin towards your way with one of his eyes open. His ruby red orb was gazing at you naughtily, your hand now being kissed by his soft, full lips. He traced kisses from each of your fingers down to your hand and to your arm, sending bolts to your nerves.

         “Hmm~ Like what you see?” Zen playfully asked as he now enveloped you to a strong hug, dragging you down to lie with him again from your sitting position earlier. You tried to smack his arms that were now snaked just below your breasts but it turned out to be quite a playful hit.
His low chuckle made you blush further as he gently peppered the top of your head with small kissies. “You smell so nice …”

His sweet, loving voice made you sigh against his touch. You watched at how visible your breath became due to the cold, snowy weather. You squirmed against his hold so that you can turn and hug him properly with the front of your body. He laughed at your movements and it was your turn to embrace his strong chest with your soft, weak arms.
        “Zen? It’s snowing! Have you seen what it looks outside? I wanna make some snow angels! Don’t you like snow angels?” you said as you tilted your head up to look at him. With his attention now towards you, he graced your eyes with a soft smile as he pulled you again to a tight, squishy hug. And all be damned since he smelled like after shave and chocolates that only made you want to devour him whole.
Right then and there.

        “I can see that, babe.” he commented as he snuggled you close to him like what a little kid would do to his hotdog pillow. You laughed at how, despite his strong physique, he was holding you quite gently with restricted force. “Let’s stay here though. I like how you perfectly feel against my body.”

Your face heat up when you realized how intimate the cuddle position was. Your legs were intertwined with his, his arms hugging you so close, your breasts squished gently against his strong chest and his manhood just in the right position, if he may wish to tease you, to rub itself in between your thighs.

Apparently, Zen noticed this as he brought his lips to the tip of your ear and whispered, albeit with a minor hint of playfulness, the words:

     “Princess, I happen to know something more fun than that …”

You deff smacked him then and there.


❝I-miss-you-so-I’ll-come-back-to-you-immediately Cuddles❞

Weeks. It’s been weeks since you last saw him. He flew to another country to apparently take care of a contract with the Oil Prince’s son and he won’t be back until 2 days before Christmas eve. 2 days before Christmas eve! How ridiculous was that?
Your growing longing and loneliness felt very much evident as time passed by each day. You ached to be with him, every inch of your body wanted him close to you — to be able to do whatever normal couples do during Christmas.
It was even your first Holiday together.
The Christmassy air suddenly didn’t feel so Christmassy at all.

Being stuck inside his penthouse with no one else to accompany you aside his bodyguards was unnerving. His men wouldn’t even dare lay a single look at you! If not for Elizabeth the 3rd you swore you could’ve gone mad already. Even Jaehee, Zen, Seven and Yoosung were celebrating their holidays happily to the point that they couldn’t meet you even if you asked, no, scratch that, almost begged for their company.

One late afternoon filled with nothing but silence prompted you to go down the resident Coffee Shop of the building. But instead of getting calmed with the scent of ground coffee beans, your eyes almost twitched in annoyance with the surroundings. Every table were filled with couples. What is this, Valentines Day? With a loud sigh, you left the place.
While walking back, you thought of how you’ve wanted to hold his hand during a short stroll on the snow-filled walk paths while talking about anything and everything. Perhaps, an afternoon stay outside his rooftop garden would suffice as well as you brew him his favorite flavor of tea. You imagined him in one of his winter clothing. You’ve thought of watching movies together as well or show him the new techniques you’ve learned regarding tea ceremony and tea brewing. He always told you he loved the way you handled your ‘etiquette of tea’ every afternoon.

You just wanted him by your side, that’s all.

The first snowfall of the year had been several weeks ago. Sadly, that was also the time when Jumin left for business. Phone calls seemed to not be enough anymore. Everyday, Jumin makes sure to give you a call to ask you about random things you did for the day. You’d always tell him what you did for the entire course of the day. If the length of the call permits, it was always you who led things from one to another. You almost initiated phone sex if not with him being inside a board room filled with potential business partners.

All the Christmas Carols you can hear outside did not seem so appealing at the moment as you laid back on the couch beside the large window pane of his living room, which, by the way, boasts a grand view of the metropolitan snow-covered state. Elizabeth the 3rd cuddled up on your tummy, enjoying your body heat. The Television served as a soft background sound that slowly lulled you to sleep.

For what seemed like hours of sleeping, you jerked up awake when you stretched your entire body, a bolt of sudden realization hitting you like thunder. ‘If you stretched far enough, you might fall down.’ But you were surprised to see yourself covered in the soft, dark blue silk sheets of Jumin’s bedroom. Adjusting your eyes from the darkness of the place, you trailed your vision and you almost jumped in surprise when you saw a mop of black hair beside you together with an arm wrapped around your frame. You gasped when you realize who it was, your chest swelling up with emotions you didn’t know you’d acquire through his absence.

You brought your finger to poke his cheeks, trying to feel if he was real or not. A part of you was screaming that everything must only be a product of your dreams, perhaps making you think he was real or any of this was real.
But when your finger felt the soft skin of his cheeks and when he stirred a bit from his sleep, your eyes started to water. You remembered it was still a week before his supposed date of return.

He’s real.
He’s here.
He’s right beside you.

Jumin’s gentle breathing continued as he tightened his hug around you, making you fall back into the bed. He snuggled his face in between the crook of your neck and shoulder, making you inhale his favorite expensive perfume. You noted that he was wearing a black turtle neck long-sleeve underneath his black leather jacket. Your nose scrunched when you saw his baggage just beside the door of the bedroom. It seems he just arrived. You played with his hair for a bit while staring through his sleeping face.
He was so peaceful he looked divine.

       “Mm … You can stare at me all day tomorrow during breakfast, MC.”
Jumin spoke in his low, bedroom voice as he traced circles on the side of your boob to where his wrapped arm can reach. You yelped due to the very ticklish sensation he was giving you but you couldn’t smack his arm away. You actually liked how it felt.

       “Wha — Hey! I-I’m not staring at you! I … I just missed you, that’s all! I - I’m not doing this on purpose! And why are you even here already — ” Panic rose up your tone when you were busted but you were only met with a low, baritone chuckle. His pattern drawing on the side of your boob stopped when he fully grasped it whole, making you moan a bit.

      “Hush, my love. We’ll talk more when the sun rises.” He ordered albeit with a gentle voice. You felt Elizabeth the 3rd crawl up on the side of the bed, doing some massaging movements with her paws before she seemed to settle to lay down there. But your entire body was more alert due to a certain finger drawing several patterns on a very inappropriate area of your body. You kept on squirming against his touch. Jesus! Whoever said someone won’t die from a pleasant surprise should be sued!

       “Sleep. Or I’ll make you sleep with me,” he cooed as he snuggled closer, locking the lower half of your body with his leg seemingly using you as his very own pillow. “A different kind of sleep, per se.”

You definitely tried to go back to sleep.
But you failed miserably.

anonymous asked:

How the characters would act during and after a mid-day nap.

How cute~

Yoosung sometimes gets drowsy after a long day of school and gaming on LOLOL. You’d come over to see him face down on the keyboard, snoozing the afternoon away. He looks so cute when he sleeps, his eyes closed so peacefully, his breathing long and steady, his cheek squished over one eye. You’ll have a hard time waking him up because your conscience wants to watch him sleep a little longer. When he wakes up, his eyes sparkle from seeing you’re there. He’ll yawn and rub his eye with a smile, “Oh… Hey, (Y/n). Sorry, I must’ve dozed off… Alright, I’ll go to my bed. But… will you join me?”

Zen’s canon to be a night owl, so it’s not all surprising to catch him catching some beauty sleep in the middle of the day. You’ll probably find him asleep on the couch in his living room, his script open and laid on his face, his left arm drooping off the couch. You figure he wants to catch up on his sleep for his rehearsal tonight, so you carefully climb on top of him and nuzzle your head against his chest. To your surprise, he stirs to play with your hair. Half asleep, he mumbles “My princess… You’re so cute, haha..” before he continues to drift away in comatose.

Jaehee? Napping? That’s a first. The only time she’ll take a break is if she gets really exhausted and just passes out in the middle of doing work at her desk. You’d notice how beautiful she looks with her hair mangled and her glasses off, her plush lips taking in relaxed breaths. You worry she’ll get aches if she continues to sleep like that, so you encourage her to go to bed to nap, but she mumbles something like “I need to finish working”. You have to be firm in order to get her to finally comply, having her lie down on the bed and covering her with a duvet. “I really shouldn’t have fallen asleep… but then again, even I should relax once in a while. Thank you, (Y/n).”

Jumin manages to get Jaehee ticked off because he doesn’t show up to work and he misses an important meeting, so she asks you to get him there. You find him snoozing while sitting on the sofa, his arms crossed. His face is stoic like he spent time in a coffin, his head tilted slightly downwards. When you attempt to get him up, he grabs you by your wrist and pulls you towards his body, his back falling onto the sofa cushions. Before you can say anything, he silences you by nuzzling his face in your neck as you’re laying on top of him. “I’m aware I have business to attend to, but… I rather stay like this all day.” You better believe he called Jaehee to cancel all of his plans for the rest of the day and evening.

Seven pretty much sleeps during the day anyway, so this is nothing new. You come over to his place to see it being a total pigsty- empty Dr. Pepper cans and Honey Buddha Chips scattered everywhere. You don’t see his maid anywhere, so you go to his computer room to see him K.O’ed on his keyboard at his desk, snoring and drooling like no tomorrow. You shake his shoulder lightly to get him up and he scARES THE LIVING SHIT out of you by jolting with an outburst like “FOURTH WALL BREAKING”. As soon as he realizes you standing there, he’d quickly wipe the drool of his lip and chuckle sheepishly. “Hehe, It’s you, (Y/n). Don’t worry, ahaha! I’m going to bed. Only if you join me though~” He’ll lay with you and get comfortable in your arms, kissing your cheek before he gets comfortable. Right when you expect him to be sleeping, he whispers, “Hey (Y/n)? What do you call a sleepwalking nun? … A roamin Catholic. :D” “SAEYOUNG I SWEAR TO GLOB–”

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would u rather yoongi give u the stankface or hoseok give u the middle finger

give me that yoongi face omfg he’s so cute no matter what :’)))))) 

I’ll still want to squish his little face in my hands

ML Requests: Toddler Adrienette

Requested by: @blurrymindblurryeyes

Sorry it took me so long to get to this! I hope it is everything you were hoping for- Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

Adrien’s mother was throwing a large gala for her husband to celebrate the successful launch of his new fall line. She of course wanted only the best food at the party and what better place to purchase quality sweets other than the Dupain-Cheng Bakery. With her son in tow Mama Agreste walked into the homey little bakery. Thankfully the bakery had not been very busy that morning. Mama Agreste approached Sabine a bright smile on her face. Adrien’s eyes however were glued to the small girl next to Sabine. The small girl wore a pink apron and little black pigtails. She held onto a little notebook and a red crayon and walked around her mother making little check marks on her notebook as if checking on the bakery supply. Little Adrien’s smile brightened. While the women chatted Adrien slipped his hand away from his mothers and pressed his face up against the glass making faces at the girl he could see behind the counter through it.

When Marinette saw the boy she smiled wide and pressed her face up against the glass too. He stuck his tongue out and she puffed out her already chubby cheeks. Adrien pulled his cheeks open with his fingers and Marinette pressed her nose up on the glass squishing it upward.

“Adrien dear, stop that you’re going to fog up the glass,” Mama Agreste scolded. Marinette continued to make silly faces in the glass while Adrien hung his head sadly. Sabine looked down at the sweet boy and smiled, a thought occurring. Sabine crouched down to speak to her small daughter.

“Marinette dear why don’t you take our little customer’s order while I go in the back and show his mother the cakes,” Sabine suggested. Marinette nodded a wide grin on her face. Sabine led Mama Agreste into the back to discuss what she wanted for her husbands gala.

Marinette ran out from behind the counter and giggled at the boy. He grinned. Marinette set a professional expression on her face and held up her notebook and crayon.

“What do you like?” She smiled brightly the boy looked all around the bakery with wonder in his eyes.

“Cookies?” He asked unsure. The girls eyes lit up. Cookies were her favorite too.

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