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✨✨Congratulation to Victor Nikiforov for Winning Otomart Valentine 2017 [Character I Want to Give Chocolate To] ✨✨

✨and for Katsuki Yuuri to place ninth ✨

Suwabe Junichi voiced two characters who are in top ten Otomart Valentine 2017, Victor Nikiforov who placed first and Atobe Keigo who placed tenth.

Uchiyama Kouki’s Yuri Plisetsky placed 12th while Tsukishima Kei placed 17th. 


Patty Tolan, queen of the bisexuals ™

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I wish even what going to happen, you going to continue to support me in anything.

I really want to thanks my friends for to be always with me and to not feel to be alone. I really have awesome friends who not give up when I feel UP and DOWN … more down moment. Wish you going to continue to be me friends in this years too. Many thank you for you

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Happy New Year 2017


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Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Reader x Bellamy Blake
Word Count: 870

You rolled on your bed, trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. You and Bellamy had slept next to each other for the past week, and because of that you had trouble sleeping alone. You wished that he was next to you, his hands wrapped around your waist. But he wasn’t. The two of you had to keep a low profile as some of the 100 were growing suspicious of your relationship with Bellamy. Not that there was a relationship. The two of you had been friends with benefits for the last month, and that was it. Although you had to admit that you were feeling a little bit more than you did in the beginning. Your feelings for Bellamy were growing, but currently you were satisfied with the position you had in his life, even if it was only his sleeping buddy.

The agreement between the two of you came out of the blue. The two of you had been drunk due to Monty’s moonlight, and that led to kissing and sleeping together. At some point he told you that the two of you should be friends with benefits, and you agreed. The next morning you woke up with a headache and a slight uncertainty about the agreement as you weren’t sure whether Bellamy even remembered about it or not. He proved to you that he remembered when he asked you to come to his tent for a talk, which ended up being a lot more than just a talk.

You pulled your blanket up to your neck as you lied on your back, your eyes looking at the ceiling. You closed them for a second, but opened them just as quickly as you had closed them. You sat up, running your hand through your hair as you looked around your tent, searching for your jacket. You didn’t manage to find it, and then you remembered that you had forgotten it to a treeless spot near the camp, but still inside of the forest.

“Goddammit.” You mumbled under your breath as you pushed the blanket off you, standing up and pulling your cargo pants on top of your oversized shirt you used as a nightgown. You took another jacket you owned, making your way out of your tent, closing it on our way out.

Slight snores sounded from another tents, and you noticed Jasper and Monty sleeping on the ground near the fire, Monty on top of Jasper. You chuckled to yourself, stumbling over the branches that were brought to the camp as firewood. The stars in the sky were your only light source as you tried your best not to fall down. You spotted the spot you had left your jacket to and started to make your way towards it when suddenly arms wrapped around you, raising you into the air as you screamed. But now sound came out from it due to the person’s hand blocking your mouth.

“Shh, you wouldn’t want to wake everyone up, now would you?” You heard Bellamy question as you shoved his hand away.

“Do you want to scare me to death?” You asked whispering, earning a chuckle from him.

“No, because then I couldn’t do this.” He said, pushing you against the first tree around the two of you. His lips crashed into yours as your hand moved to his neck, pulling him closer to you.

“And this.” He said, his lips moving to your neck as you let out a sigh. You pulled away, looking into his eyes with a smirk on your face.

“What happened to staying away from each other?” You asked as Bellamy moved closer to you, his lips trying to kiss yours when you suddenly turned your cheek, making his lips kiss your cheek instead. You chuckled as you turned to Bellamy, seeing him look over to you with a grin on his face.

“You’re teasing me right now, aren’t you?” He asked, making you nod when you suddenly kissed him, catching him by surprise. The kissed lasted for seconds, and when you pulled away Bellamy’s hands travelled to your thigs, pushing you upwards so that your legs were wrapped around his.

“Who would have thought that we end up doing something like this?” He asked, kissing you again.

“Why did you even want to be friends with benefits with me?” You asked, looking over to Bellamy with a raised eyebrow.

“You know, when I offered you to accept an agreement to be friends with benefits I didn’t even think you’d agree.” He answered, his lips forming a smirk.

“Oh my god, this I didn’t expect.” You heard Clarke’s voice coming from a large bush not too far from you. You stood still, surprised that she would be sneaking up to the two of you. But when Finn, Octavia, Murphy and Atom moved from behind the same bush you silently cursed all of them, even though you knew that they were growing suspicious. You exchanged a look with Bellamy, making him drop you onto the ground. Each and every one of you stood still when suddenly Clarke started running towards the camp, her fellow companions behind her.

“You guys, Y/N and Bellamy are friends with benefits!”

Title: Teasing is a Fun Game

anonymous requested: A fic with Jason Crouse and a history teacher

Character(s): Jason Crouse and Reader
Summary: After a few trysts with Jason, he shows up unexpectedly during your lecture and all you can think of are the intimate moments you two shared. 
Word Count: 2,249
Warning: SMUT!!! (and dirty talk!) 
Author’s Note: Whoever sent this in, thank you so much! I love writing Jason Crouse and I wanted to show a different side to him (that I think he hides in the TV show, but that’s just me lmao). I mean, Jason Crouse talking dirty and teasing you??? Yes, please

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REQUEST: Can you do a fluffy blurb about sitting under the stars with Bucky?

“So, this is nice.” Bucky spoke aloud after a few minutes of silence. The two of you were sitting outside on the grass looking up at the stars. They seemed to be shining extra bright that night.

As a child, you were enchanted by the stars in the sky. You spent so much time learning about constellations. There were posters all over your bedroom when you were a kid. You pointed out your favorite constellations to Bucky now.

“Can we escape the rest of the team and do this more often?” You rested your back against his chest and he wrapped his arms around you. You couldn’t see his face but you knew he was smiling.

“Of course we can. I prefer being in your presence more than there’s.”

“Don’t let Steve hear that.” You joked.

“If he had a girlfriend as amazing as you, I’m sure he’d understand.” Bucky kissed the top of your head softly and it made your insides stir. James Buchanan Barnes was your everything. Just by being in his presence made all of your worries and problems go away.

“You’re just saying that.”

“I swear on all of these beautiful stars in the sky that it’s the truth. You are amazingly wonderful and I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Bucky kissed your cheek softly making you get those feelings inside again. You felt so lucky to be with him. He was supportive and incredible every single day. He constantly lifted your spirits when needed and was your source of joy. You felt like you truly began to live the day you met him.

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Title: Playing with Fire

@negantrashlucille23​ requested: Maybe OC being the daughter of a very important customer… but like Ike is still married so that there can be some angst but there’s definitely something between Ike and OC And smut x) fluff anything you want really ^.^

Character(s): Ike Evans and Reader
Summary: Your father stays in one of the suites at the Miramar Playa, and the hotel’s owner, caters to his every need. But, when you finally see what this man looks like, you cannot help but tease him every chance you could get.
Word Count: 2,877
Warning: SMUT!!!
Author’s Note: Thank you, @negantrashlucille23​ for this request! It was so much fun to write. Plus, I wanted this to be as steamy as possible, so I hope I accomplished that! I also changed it from being Ike and an OC to Ike and the Reader, if you don’t mind! Thank you again, and enjoy! :-)

Forever Taglist: @disfigured-it-out || @chunex || @jasoncrouse || @oceanicseries || @dixonsbait || @negan–is–god || @see-you-then-winchester || @sable-the-trans-ham || @k4veggies || @labyrinthofheartagrams || @purplemuse89 || @ladyynegan || @scentofpineandhazelnutlattes || @may85 || @a-girl-interupted || @spn-cw123

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