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After seeing how natural H is at holding babies I kinda want someone to write a fic where his wife is really struggling with bonding with their first born & he’s super supportive when she’s scared to hold their baby. Be all like “just a baby love. & they want Mommy” & when he hands their baby over & said baby snuggles into his wife’s chest & he’s all like “yeah they want mommy, you’re doing so good. I love you so much” god he’d be so supportive & help bring your confidence up when you’re unsure

He’s striding the space at the end of the bed, a black tee hanging loose on his body, speckled with dribbles of spit-up and baby sick and a little damp in places from the cries his daughter let off and it probably smelt a little, with black boxers, that clung to his hips and probably hadn’t been changed in a few days, cradling his daughter in the crook of an elbow as he brought his other hand up to wipe over his tired face, to rub at his tired eyes and to run through his greasy hair to push back his fringe that tickled his forehead. His wife, sitting upright in the bed and being supported by plenty of pillows behind her, watching as he tried to soothe the little girl in his arm. Eventually giving up with walking the carpet and wearing the floorboards out and taking space beside his wife on the mattress, kicking his feet up and resting his baby on his chest. A yawn escaping his lips.

“S’our little girl, darling. There’s nothin’ to be scared of. I don’t think these cries are for daddy. I think they’re because she wants a cuddle with mummy,” he hums softly, turning his head and directing his eyes up to the woman beside him, a smile soft but barely there on his lips, “c’mon, she wants you, love. Give ‘er a cuddle and then I’ll get he dressed and put her to bed and we can have a cuddle ourselves. We haven’t had one in a while.”

“What if-”

“Don’t think about the what ifs right now. Don’t put your mind in a state of unsettlement. She’s going to cry. She’s going to be a bit disgruntled by the change. She’s been here for a couple of days now and you haven’t,” he sees her face drop and a pang of guilt settles in his chest, “no, no. I worded that horrifically. Baby, she can’t be dependent on me all the time. I don’t have the mothering nurture that you have. I don’t have boobs either and I think she’s tried latching on to me a couple of times. Felt a bit weird when she clung to me,” a soft snicker leaves her mouth as the smile rises on his lips, “she wants you, doesn’t she? Just a mummy cuddle. Because daddy needs a wee and, well, I haven’t quite got the skill of doing that one handed.”

His fingers, delicately, drag up his daughter’s bare back, her nappy loose on her hips but still secure to her lower half. Squirming on his chest as her tiny toes brushed up the material covering his abdomen.

“You think I’m not half as terrified? I’m so scared,” he admits, his chin dropping to his chest as he presses his lips against the baby-shampoo scented hair upon his daughter’s head, “I’ve never been a dad before. Much like you’ve never been a mum before. But, I think we’re doing alright so far, yeah? She’s settled in perfectly. Loves sleeping. Loves eating, too. Christ, I’m confused as to where she’s gotten this appetite from.”

“You eat a lot. You think I don’t notice but,” his wife grins and drags a foot up his calf, “I notice.”

“Busted,” he mutters beneath his breath before chuckle, “take her. Get cosy with her now that she’s calmed down a little. You’re her mum. Nothing you do is ever going to be wrong. Cuddle her against your chest, talk to her, love her. That’s all she wants from you, okay? She’s freshly changed, been fed, been burped. All she needs is a mummy cuddle before bed.”

His wife, wearily and a little hesitantly, took the baby from his chest, hearing her soft grunts and grumbles of a parent change, gulping thickly as she settled her little girl against her own chest. Cradling her in one arm as she trailed her fingertips down the baby’s belly and down a leg, tickling at her tiny toes. Harry watching in awe and rolling onto his side.

“See? She loves you so much. She knows you. You carried her for nine months. She knows your heartbeat. Your smell. Your touch. She loves your warmth. She’s been in that exact warmth and comfort for nine months, hasn’t she, hm?” Harry drapes an arm across her legs and cups her hip with his palm, “you’re doing so good? I know it’s hard being a new parent and I know it’s scary because we’ve never done this before but you’re amazing already and you’re the best mother to her. I wouldn’t want anyone else doing this with me.”

“She’s okay, right? Like this, I mean. She’s okay here?”

“Of course she is,” he presses a kiss to the sole of his daughter’s tiny foot and grins, “you look like a natural. A complete and utter natural. There’s nothing to be unsure of, do you understand me? Don’t pay any mind to parenting blogs or websites because we all parent in different ways. As long as our little girl is content and perfect and happy where she is, I think we’re doing something right,” he looks up towards his wife, seeing her staring in awe at the little baby curled up in her arm, “and right now, I think she’s pretty happy where she is. Don’t you?” xx

Back Home - Steve Rogers (smut)

Originally posted by yalica

Paring: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1069

Rating; 18+ (unprotected sex)

Requests and taglist are open! 

Y/N is standing in the kitchen, baking a cake for Steve. She always makes him a cake when he comes home for a mission.

It makes him happy to come home to a house smelling good and having something amazing to eat, so Y/N bakes him a cake every time.

The door opens and with a loud bang it closes behind Steve.

Y/N turns around and looks at the man standing in their shared home. Steve looks rough and pissed off.

‘Hi’ she says softly stepping closer to the blonde man. He looks out of place in the tiny apartment with his large body.

He signs and with two large steps he is right in front of her, wrapping his arms around her. He picks her up and spins her around.

His rough lips meet hers for a quick kiss and when he puts her down he turns around and walks to their shared bedroom without saying a word.

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*wake up at like 2:30 am, hungry*

*stumble into kitchen to make food, turn on light*

*Frisbee and Cake, happy-sibling-cuddling together for the first time in ages, turn in unison and blink at me*

*turn light off*

*make food in the dark so as not to disturb the kitties*

Irish Coffee

Hey guys! Long time no see. Working my way back into writing by doing a little drabble or two. For those of you who remember I did a thank you poll when I hit 500 followers and A LOT of people voted to have me try writing outside gajevy…upon another poll the most requested pair was lelu brotp! So here we are. Don’t worry, the gajevy is still strong, but this was a nice little way to get back into the groove. Lots of fun fluff ahead, and maybe a quick appearance by some of our favorite dragonslayers! I hope yall enjoy. As always, leave me a comment, reblog, tag, whatever you want to interact so I know what yall like! Get ready for more fic soon…I have ideas…many, many ideas :)

Pairing: Lelu brotp

Prompt: Sleepover

Length: 1.1k

Irish Coffee

Eighteen hours until the wedding. Levy clutched her stomach, laughing, as she snuggled against the fluffy pillow resting on her best friend. Sweet alcohol tickled her tongue, and she finished the last sip of her drink.

“I miss times like this,” she sighed, “When was our last sleepover?”

“Not since you moved out of Fairy Hills,” Lucy replied. A smile crept across her face as she thought back on countless nights huddled under blankets, watching movies, and joking about books and boys. Those nights were when Lucy realized she’d found a friend to lean on; in good times and bad, she’d always be able to count on Levy. A loud chime came from the microwave, and both girls jumped up from the couch, falling into their designated snack preparation roles like no time had passed. Lucy grabbed the popcorn, adding an extra dusting of salt, while Levy carefully walked back with their drinks. Reaching for her mug, the one covered in constellations, Lucy took a sip of Levy’s latest concoction. Alcohol burned her throat unexpectedly, forcing her to gasp. “What is this?”

“Irish coffee,” Levy giggled, “Gajeel taught me. Once you have a little whiskey in your coffee you’ll never go back to just cream.” Her face was tinged pink by laughter and drink.

Lucy put down her mug and eyed her friend. “I think he’s rubbing off on you a little too much.”

Levy sighed, letting her head fall onto the pillow. “Not tonight he’s not.” A brief moment passed in silence before both girls exploded in laughter, blushing even more. Innuendos went out the door during girls’ night.

“It’s a tradition,” Lucy chided.

“A stupid tradition,” Levy grumbled back, fisting another handful of popcorn into her mouth.

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Wanted a lil snuggling from @blazebonevu so i invited him over to my place. As soon as he got there he asked me “do you wanna snuggle naked?” but before i could answer he was undressing me. So i started undressed him, then i led him to my bed, climbed on top of him, hugged him, kissing him, grinding my body on his, and well we all know its all innocent until someone gets a boner. What was suppose to be an innocent snuggle night turned into a SNUGGLEFUCK. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other, he went down on me sucking my pussy like a starved animal. He then flipped me over with my eyes starring right at that BBC of his. “Mmm damn” i moaned and went to work on it, sucking, deepthroating, gagging and spitting all over it. I told him my pussy was jealous of my mouth, so he quickly made her happy. Shoving his cock deep inside my pussy, juices splashing all over. Mmm what a night!  We fucked for hours, both of us moaning and groaning until we both came.

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Moffat Era Rewatch: The Doctor’s Wife

Neil Gaiman writes Doctor Who and this viewer couldn’t be happier…

Warning: Spoilers Sweetie 

  • I love this episode so much. It is one of those episodes that you want to wrap your arms around and snuggle and keep it safe from all the bad things this world has to offer.
  • When this episode first aired Suranne Jones was probably still best known for being in Corrie. Now she’s probably the biggest actress on British television. And deservedly so.   
  • This episode is very… green.
  • I really like Auntie and Uncle. They’re a fun little pair of evil minions. 
  • I wonder who Idris was before all this or how she ended up down the plughole of the universe. 
  • Amy is still rockin’ the plaid. 
  • What’s great about this episode is that it is clearly written by a fan, but one who understands that fan service is no substitute for a good story. So all the little references to the show’s past (such as those psychic messaging containers) are all used in service of the narrative. 
  • “Didn’t feel like himself unless he had the tattoo. Or herself, a couple of times.” The road to Jodie Whittaker started here. 
  • I hope that one day Gaiman finds time in his busy schedule to write a novelisation of this episode. 
  • “So we’re in a tiny bubble universe, sticking to the side of the bigger bubble universe?” "Yeah. No. But if it helps, yes.” 
  • The Doctor can now cross “Making out with the TARDIS” off his bucket list.
  • “Biting’s excellent. It’s like kissing, only there’s a winner.”
  • I love an Ood too, but i wish we’d got to see Gaiman original, more horrific, idea for Nephew 
  • House (brilliantly voiced by Michael Sheen) is such a great villain, one of my favourites from this era and probably the best one off villain of Matt’s tenure, which is all the more impressive considering because he is just a voice. 
  • “You want to be forgiven.” “Don’t we all.”
  • Rule 1. The Doctor lies.  
  • “It’s just what they’re called. It doesn’t mean he actually knows what he’s doing.” Amy has got the Doctor all figure out by this point. 
  • The little boxes have made him angry. 
  • Matt and Suranne is one of those pairings you wish you could see more off, but known that is probably better than you don’t because it makes their scenes together in this episode all the more special. 
  • “Are all people like this?” “Like what?” "So much bigger on the inside.”
  • “You were thinking you could build a working Tardis console out of broken remnants of a hundred different models. And you don’t care that it’s impossible.” It’s not impossible, Sexy. I can tell because ‘I Am the Doctor’ is playing. 
  • This is the second time in NuWho where we see other parts of the TARDIS. Sadly, budget limitations mean we only get to see the same bland corridors over and over again. 
  • “No, but I always took you where you needed to go.” 
  • It’s great that the TARDIS thinks of the companions as strays. Sahme there wasn’t time to hear her personal opinion of each and every one. 
  • Why didn’t Amy and Rory just stay close together so House couldn’t separate them? 
  • This makeshift TARDIS was design by a young fan who won a Blue Peter competition to design their own TARDIS. You just gotta love that Doctor Who is the kind of show that does stuff like that. 
  • Love how she just randomly adds a coat hanger, like the whole thing won’t work without it. 
  • House’s torture of Amy is really difficult to watch. Amy just did not have a good time this season.  
  • Of course Rory is the pretty one. Was there really any doubt? 
  • No, don’t split up again. Dammit. Amy and Rory are basically trapped in a haunted house and are making all the classic mistakes. 
  • Delight for Amy is her wedding day. *shipper joy* 
  • Hello, RTD era console room. 
  • RIP Nephew. Another Ood the Doctor failed to save. 
  • “She’s the TARDIS and she’s a woman.” “Did you wish really hard?” Like I said, Amy knows him so well at this point. 
  • “Always liked it when you called me old girl.” Me too. 
  • Farewell, RTD era console room. 
  • He may not have read the manual, but no one knows his TARDIS like the Doctor. 
  • “Fear me. I’ve killed hundreds of Time Lords.” "Fear me. I’ve killed all of them.” There’s a boast he can’t make again  
  • Rather appropriate that the TARDIS is the one who gets to kick the bad guy’s arse in this episode. 
  • This is so sad. I mean, the TARDIS doesn’t really die, but this will be the only time they will ever talk. I’m assuming. Who knows.
  • “I just wanted to say hello. Hello, Doctor. It’s so very, very nice to meet you.” *gross sobbing*
  • “The only water in the forest is the river” As foreshadowing goes, that is a little on the obvious side. 
  • Aww, Rory. You are too adorable. 
  • “No, bunkbeds are cool. A bed! With a ladder!”
  • The Doctor doesn’t need a room, the entire TARDIS is his room. 
  • ‘The Madman with a Box’ is one of Murray Gold’s best themes and a big reason why he will be so deeply missed if he does indeed leave after ‘Twice Upon a Time’ . 
  • Eleven excitedly running around the console and doing his little twirl never fails to put a smile on my face. This is pretty much the perfect Eleventh Doctor story. I’m sure it could’ve been made to fit any Doctor, but I don’t think it would’v worked quite as well as it does with this Doctor. 

Next Time: The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People

Me when other people talk to their pets in baby voices: Ugh I hate when people talk to their pets like they’re spineless babies. It’s an animal not a fucking infant. It doesn’t even know what you’re saying. Grow up. 



Ivan held Alfred close, letting him know that he loved him. Alfred was snuggled up to Ivan, gently rubbing his chest. “What now?..” he panted. Ivan shrugged slightly. “Whatever you want I guess?..”

Alfred smiled and nodded slightly. “I’m hungry. Can we go get something after-..” he blushed looking down at their bodies stuck together. Ivan chuckled. “Sure”

I should just open a period store

It’ll sell pads, tampons, diva cups, assorted pain killers, sweat pants, comfortable underwear, XXXL t-shirts, fuzzy socks, heating pads, hot water bottles.. There will be a snack session, assorted sweet and salty treats, assorted flowers, stuffed animals, people can drop off coupons (Free ice cream cone anyone?) as donations.. There will be a lounge in the back of the store where you can chill and watch chick flicks and snack and bitch about your bitchiness, it’ll be great