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Titled: ‘Tease’

Warnings: Gaston/Luke Evans feels, FLUFF 

Word Count: 1,392 

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A/N:   Request from @btrombley13:  You should write a Gaston x reader where, much like Belle, he just keeps trying to win her over but the reader just keeps denying. Maybe where the reader continously teases him, whether it’s by joking with him or wearing a dress which just compliments the reader in best ways. I just thought that would be funny and actually kind of cute. Cause lets face it, Luke Evans Gaston is amazing ^_^ have a good day :)

A/N: Sure! Of course! I hope this was what you were looking for!! 

For years, Gaston offered you his heart and hand, but you would respectfully decline his wish. You liked Gaston and all, but you feared of settling. You didn’t want to settle to early on in life. You were young and ambitious. Plus, Gaston and you have been companions longer then before Gaston showed you signs of love. You also didn’t want to see that kindled relationship be destroyed if things fell through. Gaston, on the other hand, knew he had you reeled in, it only just a matter of time. But since you and Gaston were still only friends, you were certainly not shy from the idea of messing with one another. 

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Don't Let Me Go

Request; Can you write an imagine where Spencer and the reader get in a fight before a case and the whole time Spencer is being passive aggressive with her until she ends up seriously hurt and he thinks she’s going to die before they got to make up? I LOOOOVE YOUR WRITING BTW ❤❤❤❤❤

Warnings; angst, gore, violence


This is kind of saaaaaad. Thank you for the request!


“You never hang out with me anymore!” You yell as Spencer tries pushing past you to leave the house.

 "Y/N, I hang out with you all the time,“ he says calmly as you stare up at him accusingly.

"No, you don’t,” you frown. “We come home and you either read or sleep.”

“Oh my god, Y/N, move!” Spencer tries getting past again but you push him forward. 

“Are you cheating?” You accuse angrily. “Tell me the truth, right now." 

"I’m not cheating!” He replies incredulously. “Why would you even think that?" 

"Because you’ve been leaving every day and not coming home until late,” You reply, saddened. “I mean, it’s not like you have friends or anything.” The words left your mouth accidentally, and you regretted letting them free. Spencer’s calm demeanor had changed from calm to hurt and angry.

“I don’t have friends?” He asks with an eyebrow raised.

“Spence, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that.” You tried to fix your mistake, but the damage was already done. Spencer was staring at you like you had just killed someone, and that someone being him.

“Then what did you mean, Y/N?” He questions with disappointment. “You know, out of all the people who could have said that to me, I never thought it would be you. I’ve heard it before, trust me. I guess bullies never mature.”

Bullies?” You scoff, taken aback. “Spencer, it was an honest mistake. It’s just that you never go out and the people who are your friends don’t go out like this.”

“Just save it,” Spencer cuts you off and shakes his head. “I have to go.”

You watch as Spencer leaves the house once again like he did every day. His satchel and coat in hand as he left without saying a goodbye. No kiss, no hug, no ‘I love you’, just silence. You didn’t want to believe he was cheating, but it was the only logical explanation. This was so unusual for him, and at first, you suspected he had fallen back into taking dilaudid, but you would recognize the signs and he wasn’t showing them.

You let out an exasperated sigh as you plopped down onto the couch and looked out the window to see Spencer driving down the street and then disappearing when he turned the corner. Your phone sitting on the end table beside you began to vibrate, you figured it was Spencer, but when JJ’s name flashed on the screen, you knew it would be too good to be true.

“Hello?” You answer as you press the phone to your ear.

“Hey Y/N, sorry to be bothering you and Spencer on a Saturday, but we really need your guys’ help on this case.”

“Oh, it’s fine,” you brushed off the little sting in your heart at the mention of Spencer’s name. “I’ll be right there.” And with that, you hung up.

When you arrived at the BAU a little later than everyone, you hastily apologized for being late and quickly slipped into one of the chairs on the round table. Your gaze lands on Spencer, he’s facing towards the screen where Penelope is showing the murders and paying no attention to you.

“Damn, Y/L/N, did you miss the bus or something?” Morgan teases and you roll your eyes.

“Actually yeah,” you purse your lips and glance over at Spencer, “second vehicle that took off without me.”

Everyone diverted their attention Penelope as she explained the case, and you did too. You wanted to focus on every detail and let your mind focus on that instead of on Spencer. If he could ignore you so easily, you hoped you could do the same.

“You know, the unsub’s victimology looks a lot like Y/N,” Emily points out and everyone turns to look at you.

“You’re right, long/short h/c hair, e/c eyes, light/tan/dark skin,” Rossi observes all your features and nods. “You’re a match.”

“Well, we could use that to our advantage,” Hotch adds. “Only in extreme circumstances, though. I don’t want one of my agents getting hurt while getting used as bait.”

“I could do that,” you agreed, peering up at Spencer to see if he would interject, but he never did. His eyes were fixated on the files in front of him, scanning every word on the page.

“Alright, wheels up in 30,” Hotch announces and everyone gathers their stuff to leave the room.

You waited until everyone left and you hurried towards Spencer.

“Hey,” you greet, but his eyes didn’t meet yours. “Spence, I’m sorry. Can we stop fighting?”

“I have to finish reading the case,” Spencer says nonchalantly as he walks out of the office with his face still buried in the file. You frown and head outside to meet everyone in the jet, completely frustrated with Spencer.

Once you landed in the unsub’s territory and reported to the local P.D., you couldn’t help but look back at the plane ride to here. Spencer ignored you like he had in the meeting room, and he talked to everyone but you. Usually, he would sit by you and the two of you would either talk or read something, but he avoided you like the black plague. You tried meeting up with him when he was getting coffee, but he poured it at the speed of light just so he could avoid speaking to you.

“Y/L/N, are you feeling okay?” Hotch asks you silently after he assigned everyone to different locations. “You seem out of it.”

“Yeah, just the case has me feeling uneasy,” you lie, but he takes it.

“Alright then, you and Morgan better get to the coroner’s then,” he nods towards the car and you agree. You slip into the passenger’s seat and wait impatiently for Derek to get into the car.

“Come on, Derek,” you call for him outside the window. “I’m not getting any younger here.”

“Alright, alright, princess,” he puts his hands out in defense as he steps out of the sheriff’s department. “No rush.”

“Yes rush,” you scoff. “People are dying.”

“What’s got you so mad anyway?” Morgan asks as he starts the car. “Trouble in paradise?”

“What makes you think that?” You question curiously as you look out the window.

“Your usual bubbly self is quiet and irritated, you got here late and without Reid. Plus, the kid’s not giving you the time of day.”

“That obvious?”

“You guys aren’t slick,” Morgan chuckles.

While the two of you are at a stoplight, a car pulls up beside you. A large, rusted white pickup truck. You feel an uneasy feeling in your stomach and you gulp as the man driving the car looks at you with such wonder and lust in his eyes.

“Morgan, the vehicle beside me matches the unsub’s,” you explain quietly.

“What?” Morgan looks to your side, but the car was gone. “Y/N, you sure you’re alright?”

Seconds after the question rolls off his lips, a car slams into the rear end of the car, sending both you and Morgan flying forward toward the dashboard with the seatbelts still holding you back. Morgan regains his composure quickly and tries driving off, but in the seconds that the two of you were off guard, the unsub had driven to face your side.

“Morgan, go!” You yell. Morgan had tried speeding away, but the unsub was quicker. The unsub smashed into your side, causing the whole car to turn over. Pieces of glass were digging into your skin and you could feel the blood trickling down your head as the car lied on its side.

“Y/N!” Morgan calls as the two of you absorb the third hit, flipping the car completely upside down. You began to cough violently, the world was spinning and you could barely focus. The street intersection was a ghost town except for the rusty truck parked beside the totaled squad car. A pair of boots hit the pavement beside you, causing all your blood to run cold. You attempted to unbuckle your seatbelt, but you noticed a huge piece of glass sticking out of your side. You peer over at Derek to find him unconscious with little to no scratches.

As you were reaching over to the control center to call for help, you hear the door beside you open and you’re met with the same black boots from earlier.


There is going to be a part 2 to this!! It would have been way too long to be one imagine so I am going to split it! Sorry for any mistakes ;’)))

For the Love of Harry, Part Seven (probable final chapter)

Trigger warnings: Kidnapping, physical assault, attempted sexual assault


“She would have told me if she wasn’t going to be here!” Harry insists, as he tells his people you are missing. He paces back and forth, his fingers constantly finding his hair.

“Tell me again…” Jeffrey starts.

“The driver that was supposed to pick her up from work to bring her home said someone called him on my behalf, saying she didn’t need a ride tonight,” Harry explained again. “I didn’t make that call or ask anyone to make it for me! Isn’t that proof enough that something has happened?”

“What time did she get off work?” the police investigator asked.

“She gets off at 5 every night unless she works late for some reason,” Harry answered, taking a deep breath.

“And have you tried calling her workplace, or any friends that she may be with?” he asks.

“Her supervisor said she left regular time, and the only friend she would have left with is her best friend, who hasn’t seen her,” Harry’s voice said, shaking a bit.

“Hey,” Jeffrey says, placing a hand on Harry’s shoulder, “We’ll find her, okay?” Harry nods nervously.


“Open this door and let me out right now!” you demand, trying to open the locked doors.

“Babes, just relax, alright?” Alex says to you, trying to calm you. He tries to hold your hand but you pull it away quickly.

“I am not your babes!” you yell at him. “Do you realize that kidnapping is a crime? Are you a complete idiot?”

“I just want to talk to you!” he insists. “You won’t let me talk with you.”

“Alex!” you scream. “You had a fake driver pick me up, then jumped in the car down the street and locked me inside, not to mention you hit me recently! Now, ask yourself why I might not want to talk to you!”

“I understand,” he says calmly. “I apologized for hitting you, but in all fairness, you deserved it, didn’t you? Pay for our sins, don’t we?”

“So now you’re our lord and savior?” you ask, growing more angry. You grab your phone and start to dial Harry’s number but Alex grabs the phone out of your hand. “Give me my phone!”

He tucks it into his pocket and ignores your request. “Sweetheart, you are going to come back to my apartment and, once you are calm and cooperating, we are going to have a little talk.”

“The fuck we are,” you say. You reach for your phone again, until you feel Alex’s fist smash your cheek and see your world fade to black.


Jeffrey opens Harry’s front door as the investigator returns.

“We retrieved the surveillance footage from her workplace,” the investigator informs. “This is the car she got into.” They watch a copy of the footage showing you walk from the building to the car and getting inside, then the car pulling away. “We’ve checked the car and it was rented. We’re working on finding out who rented it and who the driver is.”

“God, I can’t believe this is happening,” Harry exhales, watching as the footage of you getting into the car plays again. “Where could she be, Jeffrey? Who’s taken her?”

“Mr. Styles,” the investigator continues. “I assure you we are doing everything in our power to find her.”

Harry looks at him, lost, for a moment, then nods. “Thank you.”


The pounding in your head wakes you. Your eyes slowly open as the ceiling of the room comes into view. You blink, trying to gain better focus of your surroundings. Where am I? you wonder. You look around the tiny room, sparse of furniture and not very clean. There is a musty, dingy smell that makes you crinkle your nose. You pull yourself to sitting up, your hand quickly finding your thumping skull as the memory of why your head hurts so badly comes back to you.

You look around the room, gloomy and dark, save for a lamp with no shade in one of the corners, it’s bulb burning dimly to keep the room from being a cave from the large boards over what must be windows. What in the hell? What has he done?

“Well, did you have a nice little nap, sweetheart?” you hear Alex say behind you as he walks in from another room. “Didn’t think you were ever going to wake up!”

“Maybe if you hadn’t smashed my head with your fist…” you start.

“That was not my fault,” he smiles at you, shaking his head. “You were not cooperating. I told you I just want to talk with you, and you treat me so cruel.”

“I treat you cruel?” you scoff. “Are you fucking kidding me right now? Who is holding whom hostage?”

“Hostage?” Alex questions in shock. “You’re not my hostage! You’re my girlfriend!”

“The hell I am!” you yell. “Alex, this is kidnapping! Even you should be able to see that!”

Alex ignores your comment and smiles. “Want to see something?” he says, looking at you sweetly. “I got something for you.”

“I don’t want anything from you,” you spit. “I want to go home. Now!”

“Look,” Alex says, ignoring your demand. He opens the breast of his shirt, revealing a tattoo on his chest, which is your name with a rose next to it. “I got it for you, darling. Now you are forever next to my heart.”

You were in shock. You could not believe he got a tattoo because of you.

“You’re insane,” you say pointedly. “You…are insane!”

You stand quickly causing your head to spin. Alex jumps to grab your arm and sets you back down on the bed.

“Careful, princess,” he instructs. “Mustn’t endanger yourself while your head is not well.”

You pull your arm from his grasp and look at him with disgust. He leans to you, trying to kiss you and you push him away.

“No! Stop it!” you yell at him. “Stay away from me!”

You instinctively grab a glass vase with dead flowers that is setting on the table next to the bed, hurling it at Alex’s head, breaking as it makes contact with his scalp. Alex yells in pain as you stand to run away, but feel his hand grab your leg and pull you to the ground. You fight him with every ounce of strength that you have, kicking him in the balls, causing him to fall to the floor in pain. You stand and run to the door of the apartment, struggling to open it. You stare unbelievingly at the locks stacked one on top of each other down the length of the door. You begin to cry slightly, realizing each lock required a key to open. You look around, searching for a key, then feel another blow to your head, as you drop to the floor in blackness.


Harry opens the front door of his home, allowing Kari to come inside. She immediately wraps her arms around him, tears streaming her face. He comforts her, then leads her to a chair to sit in.

“Where is she, Harry? Why hasn’t anyone found her yet?” Kari begs, crying and wiping her face with a tissue.

“I wish I knew, love,” Harry says, holding her hand in his. “The police are searching and trying to find her. They are going to be showing her photo on the news and in the papers, hoping someone somewhere has seen her. I wanted you to know before it happened.”

Kari nods her head and wipes her running nose. “This is just crazy! Do they have any suspects of who may have taken her, at least?”

Harry clinches his jaw and shakes his head.

“I’ve hired my own investigators to work with the police to try and find her,” Harry tells her. “We’ll find her, sweetheart. We just have to.” Harry hugs her again, trying to comfort your best friend, knowing she is hurting just as much as he is.


Your eyes slit open as your head spins again. So tired. You feel like you could sleep for a week. You lift your head and look in front of you, seeing you are sitting in one of the dining chairs at the table. Your arms are secured somehow behind the back of the chair, and your feet around the front legs. You try to free yourself, but you are zapped of strength and nauseous.

“Good morning, sunshine! I’m fixing us some breakfast. You must be hungry! You ate nothing last night,” Alex said as he stirred the eggs on the stovetop. “Still like scrambled eggs, I’m guessing?” He looks at you, expecting you to speak or at least nod, but you just look at him in shock. “Oh, come on now. This isn’t so bad, is it? We lived together for two years. I suppose I owe you a few meals now.”

You watch him as he cooks the eggs, and butters toast after it pops up from the toaster on the counter. As he pours you both a glass of juice, you take the opportunity to scope out the apartment. The apartment seemed large, although it didn’t have much furniture and no decorations, so maybe it just appeared larger than it was. You notice again the large pieces of wood covering all of the windows. There was a sofa and one chair, the dining table and two chairs, a door that had led to the little bedroom you awoke in the day before, and another door which you assumed led to the bathroom. You are shocked out of your visual tour by the sound of a plate and fork being sat on the table in front of you, with a glass of juice next to it. Alex sat in the other chair, moving it close to you. You felt his hand on your knee under the table and tried to move your leg away the best you could with being bound to a chair.

“Eat up, now,” Alex grins.

“Yeah?” you ask. “And how the fuck am I supposed to do that? Untie my hands!”

“I can’t do that, now can I?” Alex teases with a giggle. “Someone hasn’t learned how to control her temper.”

Alex takes your fork, digs it through the food, and holds it to your mouth. You pull your head back away from the fork, refusing to eat.

“You need to eat, babes,” Alex insists. “You need to keep up your strength. Can’t have you weak for that animalistic sex we’re going to have later.” He laughs at the look you give him. “I tease…that will come later. I know you aren’t ready for that again yet.”

You couldn’t believe how delusional he was. You knew he didn’t take the breakup well, but this was crazy. Alex tries again to get you to eat but you move your face away from him.

“Alright, have it your way,” Alex says, eating the bite himself and scraping the food off your plate and onto his. “But at some point, you’re going to have to eat.”

After what must have been hours of sitting in that chair, you realize you are nodding off to sleep. You jolt awake when you hear Alex yawn loudly. He flips through the tv channels, not finding anything he wants to watch.

“I have to pee, Alex,” you say to him directly. He ignores you. “Alex!” He looks at you, then throws the remote on the sofa next to him, seeming irritated that you are interrupting his tv time. Alex walks to where you are sitting in the dining chair, and kneels in front of you, placing his hands on your knees.

“Do…not…try…anything,” he says with a cold, dark look in his eyes that frightens you. “You will start peeing where you sit if you do. Is that understood?” You look at him, your heart beating in your throat, and nod. “Good girl.” He unbinds your feet, then looks at you again before unbinding your hands. Knowing you are probably weak from lack of nutrition and movement, he grabs you elbow to help you up. After walking you to the bathroom door, he stands at the doorway, allowing you to walk inside. You look at him as you close the door, looking at the handle, confused.

“There is no lock,” you hear from outside the door. You take a deep breath and pull your panties down from under your dress, allowing your bladder to empty with great relief into the toilet. You clean yourself, flush, and wash your hands, looking at your reflection in the mirror. You were a mess…hair ragged, falling from it’s now-quite-literal messy bun…bruise on your cheek, and feeling a slight, tender lump on the back of your head. “Hurry my darling or I will come in and get you,” he says with a chuckle. You look around the room quickly in an attempt at a quick visualization of the area, then open the door. You pull the band from your hair and smooth your straying hair back into a bun on top of your head.

“So lovely, princess,” Alex says, reaching for your hair as you pull back away from him. You note the irritated look on his face, then walk past him into the other room. “Now, if you promise to be a good girl, I’ll let you sit on the sofa for a few minutes.” You look at him, then walk to the sofa, as he attempts to sit next to you. Without second thinking it, you stand and sit in the chair, leaving him to the sofa.

“What are you trying to get from this, Alex?” you boldly ask. “Hm? What could you possibly get from this besides a sentence to prison?”

“Oh, I’m not worried about that, sweetheart,” he scoffs with a smirk. “I told you, I just want to talk.”

“So talk,” you say, plainly. “So far all you’ve done is hit. If you want to talk…then talk, so I can go home.”

“What you seem to forget is, I am in charge now,” he squints his eyes at you, making you shiver slightly. “I don’t do what you say. You do what I say. We will talk, don’t you fret. But right now, I need to run an errand.”

Alex stands, walking into the bedroom for a moment then swiftly returning. He walks to the table and pulls out a chair, tapping it with his hand. You stay sitting in your chair defiantly.

“Come on now, princess,” he says. “Don’t make this more difficult than it needs to be. I’m going to go get something for you. I promise I’ll be right back. Won’t have time to miss me.”

You continue looking at him from your chair with an intense look of anger. He sighs deeply, dropping his ring of keys down into his pocket and walking quickly to you. Your heart begins to race as swallowing seems difficult. He stands in front of you, grabbing you and pulling you up from the chair.

“Let go of me!” you yell in his face. “Stop! Alex, let go of me, you prick!”

Alex lifts you from the floor so that your feet dangle near his ankles, your arms bound by his hold, as he carries you to the kitchen, setting you roughly down on the chair. You fight against him, causing him to struggle, and he becomes angry.

“Just…cooperate!” He yells at you, as you sink your teeth into his hand. He screams in pain as you try to run, but he grabs you and you fall face first to the wood floor, your chin hitting it as blood drips from your mouth to the floor. You feel him quickly wrap something around your wrists, clasping then tightly behind your back as you yell. He lifts you from the floor, causing pain in your arms and shoulders, and heaves you heavily into the chair, binding you once again into it. When he finishes, he looks at you with a disgusted and exhausted look, pissed that you make him work so hard to keep you.

Alex takes one finger and wipes the blood from the corner of your mouth, examining the growing welt on your chin. You see the anger in his face and prepare yourself mentally for the blow you expect him to inflict on you, closing your eyes tightly. After a short moment, you open your eyes and see him backing away from you and walking toward the door. He unlocks all of the locks with the keys from the ring he had dropped into his pocket. He looks at you then closes the door, relocking all of the locks from the outside, as you hear his footsteps fading down the hallway.


Harry sits on his sofa, rocking back and forth without realizing. It had been four days already. Four days without you. Four days without knowing where you are, or if you are okay. He had been surrounded by family and friends who had come to comfort and support him, but now he found himself alone somehow. He stood and grabbed his phone from the table. He looked at your contact photo, touching your lips with his thumb, begging that if there is a god, to please, let you pick up when he calls. He pushes your name, sending the call through and hears the ringing on his end.

“Please, baby,” he says softly, “Please, pick up, pick up, pick up….”

He hears it go to your voicemail, and breaks down at the sound of your voice. He hears the familiar beep…the same one he’s heard with every message he’s left since you disappeared. He hates that beep.

“Baby,” Harry says, sniffing and wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. “If you have any way of hearing this…know that we are looking for you. I will never…ever stop looking for you. I love you…so much…” his voice tightens, as the message cuts off.


Alex sets the plate of food down in front of you, with a bottle of water next to it.

“Now…are you going to cooperate with me today, princess?” Alex asks sweetly, smiling at you with a wink. “You have to eat, angel. You’ve barely eaten a morsel since…well, since you’ve been living with me again. The water isn’t going to hold you. You need nutrition. Now…” he says, placing food on the fork and holding it in front of your mouth. “Little bite for me, love?”

You look at the food on the fork. You are starving. Your stomach hurts due to the lack of food in it. You wrap your mouth around the tongs, pulling the food into your mouth.

“Aw!” Alex praises. “That’s my girl!”

Alex closes his eyes as he feels the food from your mouth spat into his face. He looks at you with irritation, lifting his napkin to his face and wiping it clean. You smirk at him, knowing you’ve pissed him off and happy about it.

“Shame,” Alex says, setting his napkin down again. “Tastes really good tonight.”

Alex continues to eat as you sit and watch, starving but not giving him the satisfaction of caving to him.


Harry’s family and friends surround him, his mom and sister on either side of him, as he speaks into the camera of the press conference.

“And to the person who took her…please…please bring her home. She is terribly missed,” Harry says as he wipes a tear from his eye. “And love…if you can hear me…I love you more than you can imagine, and we will get you home again. Stay strong, sweetheart.”

Harry turns the conference to his PR, who fields questions. They show posters with a current photo of you on it, pleading with the public to keep their eyes open, and to contact the police if they suspect anything at all.

When the press conference ends, Harry returns to his home with his loved ones. It’s a somber time, but Harry refuses to believe you will not be returned to him.

“She just has to come home again, mum,” he says, his throat full of tension and eyes filled with tears. “I love her so much.”

“I know you do, sweetheart,” she comforts him.

Harry leans over and lays his head on his mom’s shoulder as she strokes his hair. Sitting in a daze, the doorbell rings and someone answers it and walks to Harry.

“Harry,” the person says, getting his attention. “There’s someone here to see you. Says he’s an old friend and just heard. Name’s Alex.”

Harry leans up in surprise, unbelieving that Alex has come to see him. He stands and walks to the door, opening it and seeing Alex standing in front of him, seeming distraught.

“Harry,” Alex says, shaking his head. “Mate, I’m so sorry. I just heard. Saw your press conference in the pub earlier.” Harry just looks at him, unsure what to say. “Do you have any leads? Can I help in any way?”

Harry looks at him before speaking, then shakes his head, untrusting and curious. “No. No real leads yet.” He says nothing more and looks at Alex in suspicion.

“I hate hearing it,” Alex says. “I know you and I had our differences that involved her, but once you were my best mate. And once she was the love of my life. I’m sure she’ll show up at some point. Girl’s holiday, maybe.” Alex smiled at Harry, but Harry’s stare was unwavering.

“What happened to your lip?” Harry asks pointedly. Alex put his hand to the wound on his lip that he had acquired the evening before when you had caught him off guard. Harry notices what looks like a bite mark on Alex’s hand, but says nothing as Alex lowers his hand.

“Got into a bit of a scuffle with someone from work…nothing really…my fault,” Alex says, hoping he convinces Harry. The look on Harry’s face makes Alex feel it is time for him to leave. “Listen…if there’s anything I can do…or if you need anything…maybe we’ve had our differences, but I want to help if I can.”

Harry stares then nods slightly as Alex turns around and walks quickly to his car. Harry watches as he pulls away and out of the drive on the property. Harry looks at the police inspector who is talking to someone nearby.

“Him,” Harry says, sternly. “You need to check him out.”

The inspector walks to him. “Who is he? Why do you think we should look into him?”

“He’s her ex,” Harry said. “She broke up with him and he had a hard time getting over it. He and I used to be mates until I got together with her. He also has a split lip and a bite mark on his hand. Can you please check into him?”

The inspector nods and takes down the information Harry gives him. Why Harry hadn’t thought of Alex before now makes Harry angry and remorseful. He hoped that if Alex was involved with your disappearance, that he hadn’t hurt you.


You feel like shit. Weak, tired, and sad. You’ve managed to steal a morsel of food here and there, but somehow that has just made it worse. You saw the dark circles under your eyes when you looked in the bathroom mirror. You knew not eating was slowly killing you, but you made sure to drink water when he gave it to you. You knew you wouldn’t survive long without it, and you were determined to see Harry again.

Alex had slacked back a bit as you became weaker and less combative. He allowed you to not be tied down when he left, knowing that you could never manage to get through all the locks on the door, and the windows were boarded tightly in with screws. He felt comfortable knowing you couldn’t escape.

“I’m going to leave for a bit,” Alex told you. “Are you going to stay in bed and sleep all day, princess?”

You didn’t look at him, continuing to stare at the dirty white wall of the apartment. “Yes,” you said admittedly.

“Alright then,” he says, laughing. “There is food in the kitchen. I suggest you eat. You’re not looking very good today.” You shoot him a ‘go to hell’ look then stare at the wall again. “It’s not my fault you won’t eat, love. I’ll see you in a bit.”

Alex walks to the door, unlocking all the locks, then pulling the door closed behind him, relocking them. You drag yourself out of bed and use the restroom, then walk into the kitchen and find something to eat, just enough to keep you from passing out but not enough that Alex would notice. You walk around the apartment, going crazy.

“Is it too much to ask for some fucking fresh air?!” you yell loudly.

You walk to the large windows, covered in boards, and look at them closely. You notice they are screwed in and inspect them thoughtfully. You try to pull on the corners but they have no give. You quickly walk to the bathroom where you saw a small pair of clippers, then returned to the large windows. Using the straight edge of the small file, you place it in the slit of the screw head and slowly move it. You smile and breath more rapidly as you realize it is actually turning the screws. You finally get one screw out and use the file to ream out the hole a bit, making it look as if it is still screwed but actually turning freely. You work on another screw, which is in much tighter than the first. As you try to turn the tiny screw head, the file of the clipper abruptly breaks, sending the piece of metal flying into the air.

“Shit!” you say, exasperated.

You panic slightly, knowing that if Alex found out what you were doing, you would pay for it, but also knowing that now his clipper file was broken. How would you explain that? You found the piece that had broken and flown, and hid it in a crack in the wall, then continued working on the screw. You aren’t sure how long you worked on it, but as your were about to start another hole, you hear the locks turning on the door. You quickly hide the nail file deep down under the cushions of the sofa and turn, pretending to be napping on the sofa.

Alex pushes the door open, seeing you asleep on the sofa, and shakes his head, smiling.

“Lazy muffin, you are,” he grins.

You hear him locking the locks back, hearing only 3 of the 6 lock into place. You scrunch your brows slightly as you try to peer through the slits of your eyes, but see him walking toward you and squeeze them closed again. Without thinking, Alex sets the key ring down on the table and walks to where you lay. He watches your face and checks your breathing, convinced you are asleep, then walks to the washroom. You hear the door shut, sitting up on the edge of the sofa, and quietly tip-toeing to the table. You carefully pick up the keys, trying to not make a sound, then shuffling to the door and trying the keys in the locks. Your fingers shake as you try the first key in the top lock and it doesn’t work. You try it in the second, groaning quietly in frustration as it again doesn’t work. In the third lock, you quietly hear the lock release and smile. You grab another key and begin trying it in another lock, but as you hear the lock, you realize it has locked that lock instead of unlocking it.

‘That bastard!’ you yell in your head. He was smarter than you gave him credit for, locking specific locks so that even if you figured out which key went to which lock, you would always be locking some of them. You become flustered and try another key in another lock, shaking and beginning to perspire slightly from your nerves, as you feel a hand over your mouth, and Alex dragging you toward the kitchen chair.

“Very…bad…girl…” he says in your ear. “I’m too smart for you, princess. You’ll never escape from me.”

With much struggling and fighting, he manages to get you secured and bound into the chair once again, as your tears begin to flow down your face and you openly cry. You had always considered yourself a very strong person, but you didn’t know how much more you could take. It did indeed seem like Alex had planned this so meticulously that you had no chance of getting away from him.

You wept, sitting in the chair, feeling helpless and hopeless. Alex stood still, watching you, and genuinely felt bad. As warped as his intentions were with you, he didn’t want you to be sad with him. He wanted you to be happy with him. He left you there to cry and went into the other room.


“Have you found anything yet?” Harry asked the police inspector as he opened the door for him.

“Nothing substantial, but we have been investigating Alex,” he returned. “Quite an odd duck.”

“Yes,” Harry agreed, “but why do you say so?”

The inspector describes what they’ve found so far. “His purchase activity with his credit card is very odd. Nothing unusual with food purchases or personal care items,” he explained. “But…an unusual amount of tape rolls…large box of screws and boards…several decks of cards…and some haphazard furniture choices at a second-hand shop. Plus the address we show for him, he no longer lives at, and we can’t seem to find where he does live.”

Harry put his head down, shaking his head in frustration.

“It’s been a week, sir,” Harry says, exhausted, only sleeping here and there. “And you have nothing else?”

“I’m sorry,” he says. “We’re trying. We’re subpoenaing his workplace to see if they have a new address for him. Hopefully that may lead us somewhere.”

Harry showed the inspector out, then got into his car and began driving. He had been staying home, in hopes that at some point, you would somehow show up there. Feeling that was not going to happy, he took to driving the streets, hoping to see you somewhere maybe. It was a very long shot, but he was trying everything he could think of.

As he drove down the street your work building sat on, he looked toward the little tea shop you both liked. He glanced into the front window of the shop and saw someone that looked very much like you. His heart sped up a bit as he quickly parked his car. He ran into the store and to the person, laying his hand on her shoulder and turning her. His face fell, seeing it wasn’t in fact you.

“Oh my god, Harry Styles!” the girl yelled. “Harry, may I have my picture taken with you?”

Harry looked at her, disbelieving, and turned and walked away, leaving the girl hollering at him for a picture. He quickly jumped back into his vehicle, driving a while longer, until he finally gave up for the night and went home.

Harry lay in the bed, clutching your pillow, trying to smell your scent on it. He missed you and felt helpless.


As Alex was gone that day, saying he was going to the market for food, you quickly walked to the large window and began again to work on the screws. After getting one corner pried up a bit, you could see sunlight shining through the little crack and smiled. You knew that it was going to take more work to remove enough of the screws to pull the board back far enough for you to slide your body through, plus open the window, as well. But you were determined. Little by little, day by day, you were determined to escape that stupid little apartment.

You thought about the situation with Alex and tried to develop a strategy. You figured you knew him pretty well, having been involved with him for over two years. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the Alex you once knew. That night as you sat bored on the sofa, Alex handed you a book.

“What’s this?” you ask.

“I know it’s one of your favorites,” he said sweetly. “I thought it would help you pass time. I know you’re bored.”

You were surprised by his thoughtfulness. It crossed your mind that if you made him believe that you weren’t quite as miserable anymore as you had been, that it wasn’t so bad after all, that he may let his guard down a bit. Enough for you to eventually escape. You had lost all track of time and had no idea how long you had been there.

“Cards,” you say to him. He looks at you strangely.

“What?” he asks.

“You said the other day that you bought playing cards,” you look at him, trying to have less hatred in your face for him. “I thought maybe we could build a house of cards…if you want. Pass time”

Alex smiles at you as you force a small grin.

“Yes!” Alex exclaims. “That sounds like fun!”

He runs to the kitchen and begins looking through the drawers, grabbing several decks of cards still in their wrapping. He takes them to the table, where you walk toward him and sit in the chair without complaint. He looks at you as if you just gave him the best gift in the world. You take one of the decks and open it, holding one card in the center of the table, waiting for his next move. He smiles, taking a card from his deck, and leaning it against yours. You know you have already accomplished what you set out for…a step to gaining his trust.


You lose your breath, feeling a weight on top of you, as you are awoken from your sleep with Alex above you.

“Get off of me!” you yell loudly. “Alex, no!” You angrily butt your head against him, hearing him yell and feeling the blood drip onto your face from his nose. He rolls off of you, holding his nose, and standing quickly.

“You bitch!” he screamed at you. “Fuck!”

He walked into the bathroom and held a towel to his nose while wetting another, cleaning himself up. He looks at the blood on his shirt and cusses again.

He walks back into the bedroom, a look of anger on his face, as he sees you cleaning the blood from your face with tissue.

“Go clean yourself up. You’re a fright,” he says coldly.

You stand and walk quickly into the bathroom, cleaning the blood from your skin. There is no trying to get it off your dress. This same, disgusting dress you had been wearing since the day he took you. You had tried a couple of times to hand wash it a bit with soap or shampoo, but it didn’t help much.

Walking back into the bedroom, you see Alex sitting in a chair next to the bed. He looks like he’s calmed a bit, but you are still jumpy around him.

“Come sit,” he says, almost pleasantly. “It’s time for our talk now.”

You sit on the bed, looking at him, not sure if you should say something or wait for him to speak. You decide on the latter.

“You know, I didn’t bring you here because I am desperately in love with you or anything,” he says, matter-of-factly. “But I do intend to win you back.”

“Win me back,” you say, trying to process his words. “Alex, you can never…ever, win me back. You know I’m in love with Harry.”

“If it wasn’t for me, you would have never met Harry,” he says coldly. “You’re with him, ultimately, thanks to me.”

You couldn’t really deny that. In its own perverted way, it was true.

“Someone like you would never have had a chance with someone like Harry,” he says, uncaring that he is being harsh. “Harry dates models and celebrities…not frumps from America who lifted her knickers for the first British accent she heard.”

“You bastard,” you say, unafraid. “You know, you’re probably right. I would most likely have never had the opportunity to meet Harry, if I hadn’t met you first.” You see him smile. “Thank god for small favors, I guess.”

He glares at you, then smiles his evil smile again.

“If you don’t love me, then why? Why did you do all of this?” you ask, shaking your head, confused.

“Because, princess,” he smiles. “If I wasn’t going to get to have you, then Harry sure as hell wasn’t going to have you, either.”

“So you thought kidnapping me was the answer? You really are insane, do you know that?” you ask, chuckling.

“Sweetheart…this isn’t insane,” he grins. “I didn’t kidnap you. I saved you.”

“Saved me?” you laugh. “You need help. Professional, psychological help.”

“Oh beautiful, you aren’t good enough for Harry,” he says gently. “I’m just saving you from the embarrassment and pain you’ll feel when he realizes that and sends you off. He’s done it before with others, you know. As soon as he’s tired of you, you’re history. But I’m offering you an opportunity here. Kick him to the curb first. That will show him, don’t you think?”

“You’re such a liar!” you yell. “You are delusional! Oh my god!” You laugh at him, then feel his hand smartly slap your face. You catch your breath, holding your cheek with your hand, then looking at him again. “Does it make you feel good to hit me, Alex? Is that what this is about? You like being in control of me now?”

He weighs the thought in his mind with a smart ass look on his face, then smirks.

“Maybe a bit, yes,” he admits. “But, no. Like I said, this is more about Harry not having what is mine.” You laugh, unbelieving of how delusional he is. “You know, I sent you loads of flowers, trying to show you that I still cared, and trying to show Harry that he was going to lose you.”

“You sent all of those flowers?” you ask.

“Of course I did,” he answers. “I leaked to the paparazzi and some fans where you were at sometimes also. Spread them around, making it nearly impossible for the two of you to go out in public together. It worked, too, I think. Saw them plastered in the papers and magazines and online. Anything to try and make things more difficult and unpleasant for the two of you.”

“So you did all of that, to try and make us miserable, so we would break up?” you ask and he nods. “You are warped. You are…unbalanced! You need medication and a therapist!” Again he slaps your face as you cuss at him loudly.

“One of these days, maybe you’ll be smart enough to realize that your smart mouth is what causes that pain in your face,” he says cockily. “One of these days…you will realize you should be with me.”

“Why? You just admitted you’re not in love with me!” you scream.

“That’s right, I’m not,” he says, calmly. “But just because you didn’t like the sex between us, doesn’t mean I didn’t. Haven’t had a steady girl since around the time we broke up. Karina took off right after that.

“Did you hit her, too?” you ask with a smart mouth. You see him stretch his fingers and waited for the slap, but it didn’t come. He breathed in through his nose and out again.

“Karina thought I was obsessed with you,” he admits, “and I suppose, to an extent, I was.”

“You think?” you smart off. “What tipped you off, Sherlock? The inability to accept rejection? Or the forced kidnapping when I wouldn’t go with you quietly?”

You jump slightly as he cracks his knuckles loudly. You were scared but you’d be damned if you were going to show that to him. At this point, you justify it by thinking, what have you got to lose now? You are slightly intimidated as he simply sits, staring at you, saying nothing.

“Come on, Alex,” you say softly. “You can’t win in this situation. I mean, how long do you seriously think you can keep me here against my will? How long do you think it’s going to take for the police, and Harry, to figure out it was you, and find me?”

“I’ve talked to Harry,” Alex smirks. Your eyes become huge and you feel like crying. “Didn’t know that, did you?”

You swallow hard. “When? Wh…how? What did you say…what did he say?”

“I went to, sort of, pay my condolences to him,” Alex smiles. “Explained to him how horribly sorry I am because you are missing. Told him if there is anything I can do, to please let me know.”

“You liar,” you choke out. “Harry wouldn’t believe you. If anything, it would make him more suspicious of you.”

“Oh?” he asks, looking around the room, then back at you. “Where is he then? I don’t see him or the police breaking down my door, do you?” You look sadly at him. “Oh, princess. Face it. Harry isn’t looking for you. Maybe the police is, out of obligation, but nothing will ever come of it. I’ve covered my tracks too well. Outsmarted you all. You’re with me now, and once you’ve accepted it, and the fact that Harry is out of your life for good now, everything will be perfect for us.”

“Even if Harry was out of my life for good,” you say clearly, “I will never…never…be with you.”

“Now, that’s not the way to negotiate, is it?” he chuckles.

You look at him suspiciously. “Negotiate?”

“Of course, love,” he smiles. “Might be able to work something out with you so you can see the light of day again, have a bit of fresh air.”

“Like what?” you say, intrigued.

“Stop fighting me on this,” he says. “Whatever you had with Harry…is over now. Accept it and move on…with me. I’m lonely, and I enjoyed our friendship, even if it wasn’t the healthiest relationship. Until you became so unhappy…with me…I was probably the happiest I’ve ever been in a relationship, until I wasn’t.”

“And if I refuse?” you ask, exhausted.

“Oh, you won’t,” he giggles. “Going to take a while yet to convince you, I think…but I will.”

“And my other options?” you ask, hopefully.

He looks at you, staring into your eyes. “You have none.” You swallow hard, feeling nearly defeated. “You will choose to be with me, if it takes the rest of our lives in this dingy apartment to convince you. Now…I suggest you get some sleep. I have a few things to do tomorrow, and I’m tired.”

You sit thinking, trying to compute all that this discussion held. You are mentally and physically exhausted.

“By the way,” he says to you as he is about to enter the bathroom again, “Tomorrow night is a special night. Do you remember?” You look at him, confused. “It’s the anniversary of the first time we made love. And we’re going to celebrate it in the most beautiful way imaginable. And you will not fight me on this.” He looks at you with that same, cold, evil stare that gives you bumps on your skin. “Just a warning…”

You shutter as he walks into the washroom, hating the thought of tomorrow night. You knew what he meant. He was going to force sex on you, even if he had to tie you down or knock you out. You knew he was wrong, too. He was always terrible with dates. The first time the two of you ever had sex was in the dead of winter in the American midwest. You don’t forget those winters, much less the first sexual experience with a new boyfriend. But in his delusional mind, he had convinced himself otherwise, whether because he just didn’t realize, or because he just didn’t care.

You lay down in the bed, grabbing the covers and pulling them up on yourself. You had no idea if it was afternoon, night, or middle of night. But you knew one thing for sure. Tomorrow was it. The day you had to escape. You just prayed he would be away long enough for you to manage it.


“Harry?” Jeffrey said his name, walking toward where he sat on a swing in his yard. Harry didn’t move or even blink. “Hey, H!” he said again. Harry looked and saw Jeffrey walking down the path to where he sat. “Hey, just letting you know, the inspector just called and said he’s on his way over. Wants to brief us a bit on what’s happening with the case.”

“Something’s changed?” Harry asks, hoarsely. His lack of sleep, and inability to care about taking care of himself, left him exhausted and nearly to the point of giving up…but he couldn’t give up. You were his life, and he was feeling you slip away from him as each day passed. All the dreams he had of having a long life with you, children and grandchildren…they were all disappearing as he found it more and more difficult to hang on to hope.

“Did you hear me?” Jeffrey asked.

“I’m sorry, what?” Harry asked.

“I said, I don’t know what he’s going to tell us. He just said he wanted to discuss a couple of things with you. Update us a bit, I think,” he explained. Harry nodded and looked at the ground in front of him. “H, go get a shower, man. And after the inspector leaves, I want you to lay down and nap. You’re exhausted. Sleep on the sofa if you want, but try to sleep.”

“I can’t sleep, Jeffrey,” Harry bats back. “Everytime I try, my thoughts go to her, and what she may be going through. How she may be suffering. Is she being taken care? Eating? Getting water? Is…she safe, or…is she being hurt?” He looks at Jeffrey. “I can’t sleep.”

About that time they see the inspector’s car pull up to the gate and allowed inside. They go inside the house and discuss everything.

“We had someone call the station about an hour ago,” he starts. Harry looks at him intently, listening to his every word. “A woman in a more dismal part of the city. She claims that not too long ago, the man that lives upstairs from her brought a woman home, matching the description we gave through the media outlets. She says he comes and goes, but she never sees the woman leave.”

“Let’s go then!” Harry says, standing, ready to go straight away. “What are we waiting for?”

“Just wait a moment,” the inspector interrupts. “We can’t just go force our way into someone’s apartment without due cause. We are looking into who lives there, where he works, what his situation is. The woman who called, she’s a bit of a loon. We deal with her a lot. Last month she said she was having tea with the queen and John Lennon in her living room, and they had a threesome.”

Harry closed his eyes, afraid this was just going to be another dead end like all the rest.

“But,” he continues, “if she’s right, and the man above her doesn’t check out, or if anything at all sounds unusual, we will be there straight away. If he is the person who has taken her, we don’t want to scare him away with her, do we?”

“So we just wait…and wait…and fuckin’ wait some more, like always,” Harry says, tired and irritable.

“It’s the best I have for now, I’m sorry,” he says, standing to leave. “As soon as I know anything, I will call. Might I suggest you try getting a bit of rest. Want to be cheery and well-rested when we bring her home, don’t you?”

Harry looks at him and thinks that’s the first sane thing someone has said to him in a long time. Jeffrey walks the inspector out the door as Harry goes upstairs, taking a hot shower and relaxing, letting the water hit him. He cries into his hands, not just from sadness, but from exhaustion and fear. He swore to God that if He brought you home safely, he would never take anyone or anything for granted ever again…and he promised he would never let you go.


As you hear Alex walking around the apartment, you pretend to sleep while trying to peak through squinted eyes at him. You see him look at himself in the mirror, primping and humming, making sure he is pleased with himself and how he looks. You watch as he walks to a drawer in the kitchen, opening it and pulling out a pad of paper. He stands reading it, smiling to himself, then putting it back into the drawer. You see him walk back toward the bedroom, looking at you, and quickly close your eyes completely.

“Love, are you awake?” he whispers. You don’t move, disguising your breathing in an effort to sound like you are in a deep sleep. “Tonight, princess. It’s going to be the best night of your life. Going to make you cum so many times, you’re going to be begging me for more.” You feel him lean down on the bed, and feel his lips press against your forehead, then pull his weight back off the bed and leave the room. You listen as you hear the locks on the door click, then hear them locking once again from the other side.

You quickly jump out of bed, running into the front room and pressing your ear to the door, hearing nothing. You take the hair band from around your wrist, pulling your hair up haphazardly to get it out of your face, then run to the sofa, digging into the cushions, finding the metal clipper file you had been using on the screws. Every time Alex would leave, you would work on the screws securing the boards to the window, but today it was desperation. Sheer desperation that fueled you. You were not about to let Alex lay his hands on you again. You’d rather die than be stuck with him for the rest of your life.

You begin working on another screw, and groan as you try turning it without breaking the file. You feel the file bending slightly in your hand and stop, closing your eyes. You try again and can’t get it to budge.

“God please!” you say under your breath. “Don’t let me die here or be stuck here the rest of my life. Please!”

You try again, moving the file carefully until you feel a little give in the screw. You smile slightly as it begins rotating counter-clockwise, and you are soon able to pull it out. You use the file to pull out the other screws, already loosened from your hard work days before, and set them all on the window ledge. You slide your fingers under the panel of wood and pull with all of your might. You see a burst of sunlight stream in the crack and you laugh out loud. The heat of the sun felt good on your hand.

Just one more screw and you will have it, you thought. You work on the head of that screw until you soon have it pulled out and lay it on the seal with the others. You pull the board back enough to fit your arms behind it. You look behind the board the best you can to see how the window is latched. That’s when you see it.

The world had never looked more beautiful to you, even in that dingy little suburb of the city. You saw buildings, cars honking, and people walking in and out of buildings and businesses. You pull the wood back enough to stick your face against the glass, eager to breath in the fresh air on the other side. You see the latch on the window and stretch your arm high up behind the board, until you finally reach it and push the window opened. You laugh as a tear falls from your eye. As you breath in the fresh air, you stop suddenly as your heart races and stomach feels sick. Walking across the street toward the building is Alex.

You knew you had to hurry. You had removed enough screws from the wood, you thought, to slide your body between the wood and the opened window. You watch as you see Alex stop and nod to someone on the street, then answer his phone. You watch closely, then quickly move the wood back the second you see him glance up at his apartment windows. You try to remember how to breathe, then peak out again and see Alex disconnect his call and walk toward the entrance of the building. Your time was of the essence. You could see the apartment was a few stories up, and you knew he had locks to unlock before opening the door. You pull the large panel of wood as far away from the window as you can and slide your head and shoulders up behind it. As quickly as possible, you shimmy your body upward and outward, until you are halfway outside and halfway in. You lean down to fall out onto the fire escape, when you suddenly feel hands grasping roughly at your legs and feet from the inside. You scream, kicking at Alex as hard as you can.

“You bitch!” he yelled. “Get back in here now! I’m going to kill you for this!”

You continue kicking, trying to free your body from his grasp, when you reach your arm around the wood and grab at whatever it can find. You dig your fingernails into him and hear him scream, as he releases you and you slip onto the metal escape. You quickly get to your feet as you see his arms reaching between the wood panel and you, grabbing your ankle, but he is too big to fit through. You try to back away, nearly falling over the edge of the tall building’s fire escape. Without thinking really, you use your hand to break the glass of one of the windows, causing blood to drip from your arm to the ground far below. Grabbing a piece of the glass, you hear him scream as you stab Alex’s hand with it, then his arm, before he yanks it back inside.

You turn quickly and make your way down the escape as fast as you can, jumping from the ladder to the ground below. You look around and start running, pushing the feeling of pain far out of your mind. You run faster than you’ve ever ran in your life, searching for a place to hide. Down the small street, the only open business is a small bakery with a mother and child walking out smiling. Running inside, the mess that you are, you beg them to hide you.

“Please!” you cry. “I’m being chased by a man! He kidnapped me! Please, call the police and hide me! He’ll kill me!”

The older man who owned the store quickly helps you to the back office, setting you in a chair, and ushering his old wife in to stay with you and call the police, then locks the door to secure your safety. As he approaches the front of the store again, he encounters a wild looking man, looking all around and yelling a woman’s name.

“You leave here!” the old man yells at him. “You’re scaring my customers! I just called the police and they are on their way!”

Alex looks around, trying to see you, as the blood from his hand and arm drips on the floor. When he doesn’t see you, and hears the police sirens in the far distance, he panics and runs from the store.


The ride in the police car was nerve-wracking for Harry.

“What did they say?” Harry asks the inspector. “Please!”

“The owner from the bakery said that a woman ran into their store, screaming that a man was trying to kill her and begged them to hide her. That was all she knew at the time,” the inspector reiterates. “Harry, it may not even be her.”

“And what if it is?” Harry wrings his fingers as his palms sweat. He brushes his fingers through his hair as he tries to remember how to breathe. He closes his eyes and begs into the air for it to be you and that you are okay.

As the police car stops in front of the bakery, the inspector tells Harry to stay in the safety of the car, but before he can even finish his sentence, Harry has already jumped out and is running inside the bakery, past two policemen who were trying to direct customers to leave. He looks around, seeing crying bakery workers being comforted by other workers, and an old man looking at him with a bit of fear.

“Where’s the girl who came in?” Harry asks, breathless and feeling he could vomit.

The police inspector follows Harry inside and walks to the old man.

“It’s okay,” he assures him. “Where’s the girl, sir?”

“Follow me,” the old man says. “She’s locked in the office with my wife.”

As the old man unlocks the door, Harry rushes in past the man and looks around, seeing only the old woman.

“Please…where is she?” he begs.

The old woman sees the look of pain and sadness on Harry’s face and steps away from the desk, moving the chair away, and pointing under. Harry walks to the desk, takes a deep breath, and kneels down. He sees you sitting against the far side, practically hugging the wall underneath, your face in your hands, and trembling terribly. He reaches his hand in slowly and starts to touch your arm, but you pull it back and scream, crying louder.

Harry’s voice catches as a sob escapes, knowing it is definitely you, even though he still hasn’t seen your face. He sees you are still wearing the dress you had on the day you were taken, although much dirtier and tattered a bit. Your hair was half up and half fallen as you cried, sobbing and shaking, still terrified that Alex was going to jump out at you and take you back to that dirty, dingy, horrible nightmare.

Harry looked back at the inspector, nodding his head, then sat down on the floor, inching closer to you. He sniffed, wiping his face a bit, then spoke to you.

“Baby?” his voice wavering, feeling like he was about to break down. “Love, it’s me. It’s Harry.” He tries to touch you again and you cry loudly, shaking terribly. “It’s okay, sweetheart, it’s just me. We’ve found you, babe. It’s time to get you home now.”

He ever-so-lightly strokes your hair with his hand, remembering how much you used to love for him to do that. He feels you still trembling in fear, but not crying as loudly, and not pulling away from his touch.

“Baby,” Harry says a bit more firmly. “Look at me, sweetheart. I’m right here next to you. Whoever did this to you, they’ll never hurt you again, alright? You’re safe now, love.” He looks at you as your cries soften a bit more. “You did so well, babe. You got away, ran into this bakery, and begged for help. You did so well. I’m so proud of you.”

Harry watches as your head slowly lifts up and your eyes look at him in the dimness under the desk. He sees the fear still in your eyes, as well as a dullness that only a horrible tragedy such as you had been through could cause. You look at him and cry, touching his face, unsure if you are dreaming him or not. He kisses your hand, then takes it in his and presses his cheek firmly against your palm.

“It’s really me, baby,” Harry says, crying softly. “You’re safe now.”

You feel Harry slowly wrap his arms around you and hold you tightly. You feel his kisses covering your face…your head…your cheek. You feel an urgency to his touch, almost as if he is afraid to let go of you, afraid you are a dream he will wake from and you will be gone.

The two of you sit in the darkness under the desk for another moment, holding each other and crying.

“Harry,” the inspector bends down and says, “We have an ambulance waiting. Medics are going to evaluate her and take her to hospital.”

Harry nods and kisses your face. “Baby, we’re going to take you to see a doctor, okay?”

Harry slides out from under the desk. As you start to slide to the area he had been sat at, your body aches with pains, your senses becoming more alive now. You wish you were numb. You are exhausted and sleepy and pained, and still not sure if you are just dreaming the entire scene.

Harry moves out of the way, allowing the medics to carefully help you from the floor and onto the stretcher, where Harry is once again at your side. He kisses you tenderly, over and over, whispering “I love you’s” into your ear. Your eyes are closed as the exhaustion begins to take over, causing time for the next few hours to become a grey blur.


“Please call my mum, too,” you hear Harry say quietly into his phone. “Let her know what’s happening. She’ll want to come.” Harry sees you slowly opening your eyes and moving your head. “I’ve got to go. I’ll talk to you soon. Thank you for everything.”

Harry disconnects the call and is immediately standing next to you, leaning over and kissing your face, taking your hand in one of his, as his other hand strokes the hair away from your face.

“Hello again, love,” Harry says quietly, kissing your temple. You look at him with a look of sadness. “You alright?” he asks, knowing the answer. He sees a tear leave your eye and fall down your bruised cheek. Harry wipes the tear away and kisses the dampness. “I know, baby.”

After a few hours at hospital, being evaluated and repaired, you are released and Harry takes you home. You’ve not said anything, but he is afraid to push you, not knowing what all you’ve been through. He helps you into the house slowly, your body still pained and sore, and takes you upstairs, getting you laid into bed. You look at him and start crying.

“What is it, angel? What’s wrong?” Harry asks, concerned.

You cry. “Our bed. I thought I’d never be here in it with you again.” Harry cries with you as he holds you, lying down next to you and keeping his arms around you until you are sleeping well, and he himself drifts off to a much needed sleep.


The two of you sleep for many hours, until finally you wake. Harry helps you shower and put on fresh clothes, throwing the dress that used to be one of your favorites into the trash, ready to burn it. You never want to see that dress again.

You slowly walk down the stairs with Harry beside you for physical and emotional support, until you reach the sofa and sit. A few people are there already…his mom and sister, Jeffrey, the police inspector, and a couple of others, all to support you and Harry.

“I’m going to fix you both something to eat,” Anne says, leaning over you to kiss you both. “I’m so glad you’re home again, sweetheart. We missed you.”

You nod, wiping a tear from the corner of your eye and feeling Harry kiss the side of your head.

The police inspector walks to where you are and sits on the coffee table directly in front of you and Harry.

“Miss, I’m the chief inspector who has been working on your case,” he says, calmly. “First I’d like to say, welcome home. We’re all very happy you’re okay and back home again.”

“Thank you,” you whisper.

“I know you may not be ready to talk about what happened to you,” he speculates. “And you don’t have to yet, if you aren’t ready. But, if you could tell us who did this to you, we could at least…”

“It was Alex,” you say with a hoarse throat. You clear your throat a bit although it doesn’t help the scratchiness that is a temporary result of what you’ve been through.

“The same guy who…” he starts.

“Yeah,” Harry affirms. “The guy who came by here awhile back and I asked you to check into him.”

“Well, I’m sorry we didn’t get this resolved more quickly, but we were on his trail, at least,” he says, disappointed that he didn’t save you and you were left to save yourself. “We’re searching for him. We did find the apartment just a short time ago.” Harry feels you tremble and holds you more tightly. “Nothing there with his name, and he used a fake name to get the apartment, but I showed a photo the woman who called in, and she confirmed it was him. We also found a list he had made on a pad of paper in the kitchen, basically detailing his entire plan.”

Harry nodded as you used a tissue to wipe at your nose and eyes.

“I’m sorry for what you’ve been through, miss,” he says. “We’ll keep looking for him. Until then, Harry, I would keep your security on guard.”

“It’s already arranged and in place,” he says, nodding.

“Alright then,” the inspector says as he stands. “I’m going to leave you folks to have some privacy. Harry, call me if you need anything, and I’ll be in touch.”

Harry extends his hand to him, shaking it in appreciation.

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done,” Harry says, earnestly.

He nods and leaves, Jeffrey showing him out. You lean your head over on Harry’s shoulder and he caresses you.

“Doing alright, love?” Harry asks lovingly.

You nod, not wanting to admit how much of a mess you felt like, but knowing it would take time to feel normal again.

After a long, exhausting day, everyone had left except for the added security Harry had gotten. He walks you up the stairs, helping you get ready for bed while he did, and lays down beside you, turning off the light.

You sleep quickly, as does Harry, but your mind runs rampant with what seems like thousands of wild thoughts. Flashes of Alex hitting you, spitting food at him, pushing him off of you, stabbing his hand and arm with a shard of glass, flood your mind. You’ve yet to tell your tale to anyone, not yet wanting to relive it, but knowing that at some point you would need to, not just for obvious reasons, but for yourself, to release it and not think on it anymore.

Harry sat straight up in bed, panting heavily, sweating slightly, before looking to your side of the bed. His heart began to calm as he sees you lying next to him, sleeping as soundly as possible. Harry moves closely to you, wrapping his body around you as gently as possible so as not to wake you. He places light kisses wherever his lips touch your skin. He thought he had lost you, and was eternally grateful that he had you next to him again.

He feels your body jerk and tense, and sees your eyes open quickly, possibly from a bad dream, or a vivid memory of your trauma, then slowly begin to close again in sleepiness.

“Shh,” he whispers in your ear as he kisses your face lightly. “Shh. It’s okay. You’re safe, baby. Nobody is going to hurt you ever again. You’re home now, love. And I’m never letting you go.”


So, what did you think? Did you like this story? This is the first chaptered Harry story (sort of) I’ve written, and I’m comfortable with ending it here, I think. I have other chaptered stories in the making, but I’m curious how many people really like them.

Please shoot me an ask and let me know what you thought of this story! It will help me in future writing, and let me know if I need to bother with writing others, or keep the chaptered ones to myself. The music imagines come very easily to me, but these are much more work, although I still enjoy writing them. I appreciate your thoughts and comments. If you didn’t like it, no worries! Just let me know what you didn’t like about it so I can considerate it and apply it to future stories.

Thank you for reading and following my blog! You are very appreciated! xo


ode to the childhood you deserved

Because @hemnalini said, “rani, love, i’m being real greedy but could you please write something with fitz telling his mum in the near future that jemma’s preggers and he’s afraid about being a dad? i’ll love you forever.” Got kinda ~intense~, I hope this is okay! (tw: abuse mentions)

Read below or at AO3!


When Jemma tells Fitz she’s pregnant, waving the test in front of him as if she can’t believe it herself and needs him to confirm it for her, Fitz can’t even parse out his own emotions. Shock, for one, because after nearly a year of trying he’d attempted as best he could not to get his hopes up. The letdown, arriving at precisely the correct day each month, sure as clockwork, was devastating enough for Jemma; he’d started to feel he didn’t have the right to any additional grief of his own.

Happiness, for another. Elation, even. Is there a better word for it? He doesn’t know, can’t process synonyms at the moment because Jemma has buried herself in his arms and for once her shuddering tears don’t require any comfort from him.

But it’s something darker too. With the tiny plus sign, it’s real to him in a way it had never been before. Not when they’d discussed it abstractly, not when years later they decided a baby was something they actually wanted for their lives. Not when he’d seen the way Jemma wistfully glanced at other couples with children. Then, it had still been conceptual, a theorem studied in textbooks.

Now, it’s doctor appointments and choosing colors for a nursery and arguing over names and trying to feel any sign of movement, hands pressed down so carefully on Jemma’s still-flat belly.

Now, it’s a fear he’d never realized he possessed, coiled tight in his stomach.


Jemma insists they wait until the first trimester is over before telling anyone. She comes armed with statistics, as if he would argue, and he understands her need for control over this. He is a little surprised that she won’t even tell Daisy or her own parents, but he understands. He’s the one who held her every month as she mourned a lost possibility, after all.

It’s such a strange secret to keep. He goes into work and makes small talk. He eats dinner at nice restaurants with Jemma and their friends. He visits his mother every week. And all the time he thinks, Can’t you see it? Isn’t it obvious? How is my entire life changing and no one knows?

“Have you told your mum yet?” Jemma asks one night, when he’s hung up with his mother and crawled into bed.

Fitz frowns at her, unsure if she’s serious or not. “Of course not. We agreed to wait. I wouldn’t break your trust.”

Jemma smiles while rolling her eyes. “I know, I just…I would understand. If you did.” She looks down at her hands which are fidgeting with some threads on their comforter.

“Uh…is something wrong?” Fitz asks. Normally she’d be making him recount his entire conversation or spinning out ideas for the next day at work. Instead she seems oddly subdued.

“No,” she rushes to reassure him, “not really. I just realized…you know, I have my reasons for wanting to keep this a secret for now, but this is our child and sometimes I think…” She pauses, rubbing at her eyes in clear frustration. “I feel like there are things you’re not telling me.”

“What?” Fitz is scrambling to follow this conversation and suddenly horrified that he’s done anything to make Jemma think he’s not entirely supportive. “What am I not telling you? Jemma, I agreed to all of this. I wanted all of this—” he throws his hand out, his gesture encompassing everything: their marriage, their child, the life they’ve built together.

“Something’s bothering you,” she cuts him off, twisting so that she meets his eyes fully for the first time. “And I think I have an idea, and I think you want to talk to your mum about it, and I don’t want you to keep waiting for my sake. I trust your mum not to tell anyone else, so you…you can tell her. If you want.”

“Nothing’s bothering me,” he protests, but even as he says it, that familiar tight feeling squeezes against his lungs and he swallows the rest of his words back down. He feels devastated because he had one job in all of this, and he’s letting his wife down spectacularly.

“I’m sorry, Jemma,” he says, resting his forehead against her shoulder. “I’m so sorry.”

“Oh, Fitz,” she sighs, reaching down and twining his fingers with her own. “There’s nothing to apologize for. This is a big change for both of us.” She places a kiss against his hairline, so gentle his heart breaks. “I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone but you, and I trust you more than I trust myself. But I think…you know, if you need to talk to your mum, or…”

She trails off with a small shrug and he sighs, sweeping a hand along her side, her ribcage, until it rests against her stomach. Sometimes he’s afraid he’s imagining all of it.

“Yeah,” he finally responds. “Yeah, okay.”


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To Have and to Hold

PAIRING: Reader x Bucky


WARNINGS: FLUFF Dad!Bucky Mom!Reader, basically family fluff! 

So I’ve been obsessed with the thought of Bucky as a Dad and this idea popped into my head a work one day. I’d like to make it a series possibly? But it wouldn’t be in chronological order so I’m not sure if it would make a lot of sense? But anyway enjoy this little family one shot!

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

It was quite, blissfully quite. You moaned softy, slowly working your muscles after the late and rather strenuous night with your husband. Speaking of the man in question you turned your head to watch his sleeping form. Seven, no eight years of marriage and the two years of dating on top of that and he was still beautiful. You smiled to yourself only imagining what he would say to that. Despite technically being well over one hundred years old he was still as handsome as the day you met him. Apart from the few wrinkles around his eyes and the slight smattering of grey hairs in his beard when he let it grown out he hadn’t changed a bit.

“Stop staring at me and get over here” you smirked at the deep raspy voice muffled slightly by the pillow. Taking his word you slid under the metal appendage nestling yourself into his chest.

“Can’t a wife marvel at her husband?” you teased playfully.

“Depends on what you were marveling at doll, it had better have been my ass” he emphasized this with a playful tap to yours, earning a soft squeal.

“No you sex crazed manic, I was just thinking how great you look, despite the wrinkles and the grey hairs”

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Take A Seat

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Chris Evans, Sara (OFC - Reader’s friend), Dean (Mechanic - yeah I might have done that on purpose), big dude in diner (nameless).  

Pairing: Chris x reader (well sorta)

Warnings: Awkward first met, cheeky friend, cheeky handsome stranger, crowded places, language.

Wordcount: 1500ish

A/N: This is a lesson in don’t tell Sara stuff, less you want fic prompts thrown in your face and being forced to write them :P In other words I completely blame @bkwrm523 for this.

I tangled a few easter eggs for my other fandoms into this one. Catch them if you can ;) And I left a small nod to @blacktithe7 too, I bet you can find that one Erin ;)

Thanks to the amazing, sweet @percywinchester27 for betaing this for me.

Today was one of those days where everything just seemed to be working against you. You had overslept because you, in your tired haze the night before, had set it to 6pm rather than 6am. When you had finally gotten your ass out of bed it was because your co-worker had called you to ask what was keeping you. There was nothing more embarrassing than admitting you had overslept to her. You knew she was going to be joking about it for weeks, making you feel worse than horrible about your mistake.

Still that wasn’t all that had gone wrong that morning. Your water heater had broken which you had found out the very cold way, as a wall of ice, or what felt like it, rained down upon you. You had had to call your super as you ran down the stairs, still shaking from the freezing cold bath, you had, had to endure.

Again, had that been all the bad luck you had had that morning, you would have been lucky, but it wasn’t. When you got to the garage your car wouldn’t start and you were close to tears when you called your, luckily understanding boss, asking for a personal day, so you could get your car to the garage.

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Can you make one with Hobi where you guys always act like you hate each other so the boys set you two up and it ends in really rough sex (like hair pulling, name calling,etc) I love your blog btw okai bai *hides in corner*

No one requested jhope bc he’s just all the other horse ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) No but really can I get the most hardcore jhope smut ty love you and ur smuts

Hiiiiii! I have a request for you but first I wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE you writing! Okay down to the request! *cough* could I have a kinky smut for J-Hope? The kinks : rough, teasing, dirty talking and public sex. Thanks in advance! I hope I’m not bothering youuuuu

~Here you go sweetie I hope you like it!~


“Y/N your assignment is Hoseok.“ Your boss told you, not looking up from his clipboard. You had to contain a sigh once you heard the name that came out of his mouth. Hoseok rolled his eyes, not even trying to hide his disdain.

You walked over to your station where the young rapper was waiting for you. No words were said as you got out the eyeliner and started to apply it. When you got to his hair he wouldn’t stop complaining that you were hurting him and that he thought you would be at least be good at your job. You had to stop yourself from slapping him.

"Hoseok! Whats the matter with you? Shut up and let the lady do her job, stop being such a douche.” Yoongi snapped at him.

You couldn’t take it. “I am so tired of this shit.” You didn’t yell, but you talked loud enough for the whole room to hear you. “It’s been years!” Everybody stopped and stared at you two “When will you grow the fuck up and get over it?!” You snapped at him before he could even answer Yoongi. You looked down, tears threatening you. You couldn’t cry, not here, not in front of him.

You felt a comforting hand rubbing your back. You flinched at the touch and tried to pull away from it but it followed you. You noticed little droplets of water hitting the floor.

Where did those come from?

Whoever it was rubbing you back pulled you into a hug.

“It’s okay.” Said a soft sounding voice, that made you feel comforted at once. You looked up to see Jimin giving hoseok a harsh glare, one that you didn’t even a sweet boy like him could pull off. He lead you out of the room with his arm wrapped around your shoulder, holding you close.

As you walked down the hall with him it was silent, except for a couple a sobs that managed to escape. He sat you down in the lobby of the venue they were playing. A fountain lit up by neon led lights ran behind you.

“If you don’t mind.” Jimin finally spoke up “Can you tell me what happened between you and Hobi?”

You looked up at him with red puffy eyes. “I used to be a little shit.” You took a deep breath “When Hoseok and I were kids we were best friends, up until the first year of middle school. That’s when Hoseok started getting bullied. I didn’t help him. They basically made his life hell, and I just stood there and laughed. Sometimes I even helped them.” Your voice faltered “All because I wanted to be liked and fit in with a crowd I didn’t belong with.”. You started crying again, but this time it wasn’t because of Hoseok.

Jimin sat in silence, taking in all the information that he just received. Hoseok never told him he was bullied. He gave you a faint smile “Wow, you were a little shit.” He said bringing you closer so you could cry on his shoulder.


It was your last day in the Bangtans Boys dressing room, you were going to quit. Normally you would give a two weeks notice but this had been a last minute decision. You couldn’t take it anymore. You couldn’t take Hoseoks insults, the same ones you said to him at one point. You remembered when you were first introduced to the boys, how Hoseok expression when from loving to hate. The gaze he gave you had made you cold, you could still feel it even after he turned away. You spent the whole car ride rehearsing what you would say to your boss, to the boys.

You hurried to the dressing room. You only saw Hoseok and Jimin joking around on the couch, of course Hoseoks smile disappeared right after he saw you.

“Where is everybody?” You asked putting your stuff down at your station .

“They went to go get food.” Jimin replied cheerfully. “Now that you’re here I can leave.” He said shooting up from the couch, smile never leaving from face. “I’m going to lock you guys in a room together! Then you guys will make up and be friends again!” He was buttoning up his coat now “Don’t yell to loud guys, people are still in the building.”

“Jimin!” Hoseok yelled after him “It doesn’t work like that!”

“Sure it does, I saw it on TV.” Jimin replied with a smirk in his voice while closing the door behind him. You heard a lock clicking shortly afterwards.

You looked at Hoseok but he quickly looked away. “COME ON JIMIN.” He said walking up to the door and banging on it. It felt like hours until her finally gave up and realized that Jimin didn’t plan on opening the door for a very long time.

The tension filled room was quiet while Hoseok sat on his phone and you focused on setting up your workspace. You heard him sigh and the sound of a phone hitting the couch. You look up a the mirror to see him get up off the couch and start walking towards you. He stood at the other side of the table, messing with the brushes you just put out.

“Can you put that down?” You asked, not looking up.

He put it down in place “Listen, Y/N maybe Jimin is right and we do need to talk.”

You looked up, taken aback. You stared at him for a moment, trying to find some clue that he was just fucking with you. “Okay.” You said after not being able to find one.

He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding “I’ve been acting childish and I’m sorry. The past is the past.”

You smiled at his apology “Im sorry for everything I did. I was a stupid kid. I tried to fit into a place where I didn’t belong.”

He smiled and for the first time in years you saw the Hoseok that you loved a trusted.

“Okay so we can tell Jimin th-” Without warning Hoseok smashed his lips against yours. The kiss was hungry, full of lust and anger. He pulled away, leaving you short of breath. He smirked and licked his lips, tempting you to close the gap between your lips and his. Craving the feeling of his lips on yours, you closed the gap. He stumbled back a little bit from the force of the kiss. You held his face, deepening the kiss. He picked you up, wrapping your legs around his waist he carried you over to the love seat and laid you down with force, still not breaking the kiss. In this new position he was on top of you.

He broke the kiss and pushed your legs open. You felt his hard erection cover in the fabric of his sweatpants against your clothed warmth. He started adding pressure as moved in circular movements. He went to go bite your neck as you turned into a moaning mess.

“Don’t tease.” You whined

He smirked but didn’t stop, if anything he grinded harder. He started to unbutton your shirt. You felt the cold air hit your stomach as he ran his hands down your sides. He finally stopped grinding, leaving you gasping for air under him. He kissed down your neck, in between your boobs, and down your stomach. He placed a kiss on your belly button, making you shiver. He stop right below your belly button. He started slowly pulling down your jeans. He pulled your jeans away along with your shoes, revealing a wet spot in your white underwear where your arousal pooled.

“Are you a little slut for me…Or for everybody?” He said with a smirk

You moaned at his words “You.”

“I don’t believe you.”

He slowly gave the wet spot a lick as a south moan left your lips. “Remember Jimin is right outside that door.” He reminded you as he pulled your panties to the side. You felt him connect his mouth to your clit. The feeling of his warm mouth on your bare warmth made you shiver. He started sucking, making you arch your back. He digged his fingernails into your thighs, leaving crescent bruises. He stopped sucking as started dipping is tongue into your entrance. Your juices where dripping down his chin. You bite the skin on your hand, trying your best to keep quiet.

He removed his mouth from your slit with a pop. You whined from the lost. Your heavy breathing filled the room as he whipped your arousal from his chin. “Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes.” You breathed trying to gain your composer.

“Now it’s time to repay me.” He started to pull down his pants “You’re going to suck me off like slut you are.” He roughly pulled you off the love seat and to your knees by your arm. He pointed the tip of his length at your mouth. You happily took it. He bite his lip as he watched you take his tip into your mouth. You could feel his burning stare on you, melting you to your core. You felt the precum spilling out on you tongue.You took a moment to take in his bitter sweet taste. You relaxed your throat as you took more of him into your mouth, your tongue flat against his base.

“Fuck.” He hissed

You looked up at him, his nose scrunched up with pleasure. You took even more of him into your mouth. He suddenly thrusted forward, making you gag. He held both sides of your face as he started to mouth fuck you harder. You felt the tip hit the back of your throat with each thrust. He started to feel himself reach the edge. Tears formed at corner of yours eyes when he finally stopped, not wanting to reach his high before you reached yours.

“Finally. We found something you’re good at.” He said In a cold voice that sent shivers down your spine. “On all fours.” He demanded.

You quickly got on all fours anticipating the upcoming euphoria. He got behind you and leaned forward so he could whisper in your ear “I’m going to make you scream so hard that the people outside the building are going to be able to hear you.” He said with venom in his voice. You could feel his hard cock on your thigh making your need for him stronger.

He slowly rubbed his tip on your slit, making you whine. He placed his tip at your entrance “Beg for it.”.

“Please, sir! I need you inside of me. I need to know how you feel.” You begged throwing away your dignity.

He pushed into you without warning make you scream out. In the first thrust he hit your g-spot. Without letting you adjust to his size he started pounding into you, filling the room with the sound of skin slapping against skin. Each thrust had years of pent up anger behind it. A long river of curses flowed from his lips as he wrapped your hair around his hand. He pulled your hair back, forcing you to look up. After noticing you were holding in all your moans and screams he started pounding into you harder, almost making your arms give up from under you. “You’re going to fucking scream.” He growled.

Moans started to escape you as you felt the knot in your stomach loosen. He used his free hand to rub circles on your clit. The room became filled with your scream of over stimulation. You screamed out his name as you fell head first into your orgasm.

“On your knees.” He grunted pulling out

You got on your knees as he started jacking off. With a loud “Fuck yes.” He came, shooting the seed into your mouth. You swallowed it all, opening your mouth to prove it. He brought you into one more heated kiss, this time tasting himself.

Jimin knocked on the door “Can you put your clothes on so I come inside? It sounds like you guys made up. The rest of the guys came back with food. But they left talking about how they need a new dressing room now.”

Hoseok sighed as he helped you to your feet. “You’re coming over to my place later tonight right?”


Table for three

Pairing: jikook/kookmin, established relationship.
Genre: fluff, very slight angst… bc i can’t write that shit to save my life
Warning: contains mpreg

A/N: This was requested by lilyrasy on AFF. You can also read it there .

“Hey Jeon! Weren’t you supposed to leave early today?”

Jungkook jumped on his seat, suddenly snapping back to reality and tearing his eyes apart from the computer screen when his cubicle mate, Kim Yungyeom, almost screamed directly on his ear.

The young man looked dumbfounded at the other for a second before looking at the watch sitting on his wrist, eyebrows creasing even more in concentration in an attempt to decipher what was the time.

“Fuck” he  muttered to himself, because he was indeed supposed to leave early today, he even asked -begged- his boss to allow him to leave ten minutes early and here he was, thirty minutes past the hour, still sitting on his uncomfortable chair working.

Jimin’s gonna kill me.

The other male laughed at Jungkook’s contorted face and clapped a hand against his shoulder.

“Don’t worry buddy, I cover you. I know how much you’ve been working your ass off these past months.”

“Thanks…” exhaled Jungkook exhausted. He quickly stood up, collecting all his things and rushed to the elevator. Once out the building he sent a quick message to Jimin to alert him he would be late, getting in response a couple of angered emojis and complains about how the dinner would be cold for when Jungkook managed to get home.

Jungkook grimaced while igniting his car, motor roaring loudly in the silence of the parking lot; He knew he would need to apologize to Jimin with tender kisses and tight hugs to compensate his husband for his late arrival when he swore to be on time. Jungkook promised Jimin he would be home tonight early so they could have dinner together after Jimin had been persisting all week with solids arguments like:

We don’t see each other much lately, you are always busy working. I miss you.

With the bonus of a big fat pout on his beautiful lips. And Jungkook couldn’t say no to those, especially not combined with sad puppy eyes; not to mention that the older was right. Jungkook had spend more time on the office the past six months than on his own home, working his ass off to make his boss notice him and finally give him the promotion he knew he deserved.

Jimin was understanding, after all, Jungkook knew the older one had been patient with him for as long as he could remember and didn’t pressure him much when Jungkook called to say he would be late home or had to cancel their weekend plans.

But the younger wasn’t stupid, he didn’t miss the sad glint on the older’s eyes, the soft smile that tried to be reassuring and understanding but that didn’t really reach those brown eyes Jungkook was so enamored with.

And somehow they had grown a bit distant, Jungkook was aware of it, and it wasn’t like he wasn’t in love with his husband anymore; after seven years of relationship and five of marriage Jungkook was proud to proclaim himself as one of those persons that was still deeply in love with the person he chose to marry, in comparision with some of his co-workers that got a divorce after two years of commitment.

Jungkook parked the car on the street to save time. Anyways he would have to leave the house early in the morning and the automatized door of the garage always made a squeaky sound that made the dogs nearby bark madly at six in the morning.

Jungkook unlocked the front door slowly, -maybe fearing to see the sadness and disappointment on Jimin’s eyes once again- and was greeted by the smell of food, homey and sweet enough to put a smile on his face.

He made his way to the dinner room, bitting his lips at the sight of the table put beautifully, with a jar full of roses - Jungkook’s favorites- sitting in the middle of a pair of lit candles. He felt  warmth spread through his body for a second before culpability hit him hard, cursing to himself for being late. Jimin probably wanted to make dinner together and set the table together, and do everything together.

“Jiminnie?” he called out with a weak voice, trying to ignore the crack that the knot in his throat provoked. He felt horrible for neglecting his husband’s attention.

Jimin stepped out the kitchen then,with a tray on his hands filled to the rim with smashed potatoes with cheese - once again, Jungkook’s favorites- and smiled softly at the younger.

“Hey, didn’t hear you arrive.” said Jimin while setting the tray on the table. Jungkook clenched his jaw in an attempt to not let his guilt consume him entirely.

He chose to lean in and peck Jimin’s lips softly before saying anything.

“I’m sorry I’m late-“

“It’s okay.” sighed Jimin, eyes understanding and Jungkook told himself he hated to make Jimin go through this so commonly. ”Go change into something more comfy and then we can start dinner, okay?”

Jungkook nodded and went to their room upstairs to change, his brain going crazy and formulating endless apologies to tell the other.

When he went downstairs again Jimin was already sitting with both plates full of food and soft smile on his lips. Jungkook sat in front of his husband, admiring how the light of the candles made Jimin look even more beautiful than usual; it was just a reminder of how lucky he was to have Jimin all for himself.

They eat in comfortable silence, or at least Jungkook tried to convince himself it was like this, because it was unusual for the elder to be so quiet. After all, Jimin had always been outgoing and loud, conversation never faltering between them, and after so many days spent almost separated from each other, Jungkook thought Jimin would be filling him with stories he may had missed for when he was working.

“It was all delicious, Hyung.” spoke Jungkook softly, afraid to break the silence. “You got better with cooking by time.” He added a chuckle after that, trying to alleviate the tense aura that apparently only him could feel. “I remember when we started dating and you almost burnt the whole kitchen trying to cook noodles.”

Jimin laughed, really laughed, eyes sparkling and coming to life again, and Jungkook then got aware of how much he had missed those eyes, tha smile; how much he had missed Jimin himself.

Jimin muttered something along the lines of as if you were any better, and both males chuckled amused with fondness as the memories of their first years together rushed back to their brains.

But they fell silent after that, and Jungkook’s heart did a weird jump inside his chest when Jimin, suddenly, took out from somewhere a white envelope and handed it to Jungkook not really meeting his eyes.

“I’ve been wanting to tell you something for a while…” started Jimin worrying his bottom lip with his front teeth. “But you have been busy and…” Jimin shrugged, breathing heavily through his nose. He was nervous, Jungkook could tell, and that made the younger worry even more.

Jungkook just stared dumbfounded at the white envelope as blood drained from his face. The younger was feeling his world crumble upon his feet at the thought of what could that envelope contain. He knew they had grown a bit distant lately, that he had spent too many hours away from home and from the warmth of Jimin’s body, but it wasn’t enough to himself to justify this. To justify Jimin leaving him, asking for a divorce.

Jungkook had loved Jimin with all his heart and soul, he still loved him and thought Jimin was with him on this, that they were together through hard times like they had been before. He couldn’t stop the guilt to consume him this time, hating himself for hurting Jimin enough to make him run out of patience and give up on them.

“I know you’ve been working hard to give us both the best and that’s why I hesitated to tell you this before, not wanting to put any more stress on you but…You need to know after all-“

“Jimin.” cut Jungkook with a strained voice, wide eyes fixed on the thin white envelope in front of him. “I know I’ve fucked up big time, that I haven’t been home a lot lately but this…” He sighed, desperate and suddenly very exhausted, shaking hands running through his hair. “I don’t know how to apologize for abandoning you… I want to compensate you for this, really. I will try to do my best to win you over and prove to you that I still love you with all my heart, let me- I will- I…” Jungkook couldn’t finish then, knot tight in his throat. He felt his eyes stink with unreleased tears and his heart beating like crazy against his ribcage. Saying he was nervous was an understatement, he was going to make Jimin stay with him, fell in love with Jungkook all over again; There was no way Jungkook was allowing Jimin to walk away from his life without putting up a fight.

“Give me another chance, I promise I will do it good this time. I can’t sign this papers just yet, let’s try to make it work-“

“Jungkook…” interrupted Jimin, brows furrowed in a questioning form.

“Look, I admit that I hasn’t been a perfect husband like I promised to but, aren’t you giving up on us too soon?” Jungkook was so desperate that he didn’t even notice Jimin’s call of his name. His heart was pounding like crazy and there was no way he could hear anything except for the blood rushing everywhere inside his veins.

“What the-“

“In a month my boss will make official my promotion and then we will have all the time to travel or go somewhere- wherever you want, I promise, like a second honemoon-“


“-And we can go on dates to the beach, like we used to do during college. You won’t regret giving me a second chance-“

“Jungkook!” screamed Jimin, making Jungkook jump in surprise but efficiently shutting him up.

The younger looked dumbfounded at his yet husband with worried eyes, because no, they weren’t on yelling terms yet, right?

“What are you talking about?” asked Jimin when he finally got Jungkook’s attention.

“I- the divorce-”

Divorce?” Squeaked Jimin, opening and closing his mouth like an idiot for a couple of seconds before shutting it completely and give Jungkook his best questioning gaze.

“Weren’t you talking about divorce? This…” said Jungkook in a whisper signaling with a shaking hand the white envelope still in front of him.

Silence surrounded them for two full seconds before Jimin burst out laughing.

“What? Oh my God, Jungkook did you really think- I can’t believe you thought I would ask for a divorce just like this without warning or-“ Jimin said with a high pitched voice, sounding half offended and half amused at the situation.

“What were you talking about, then?” questioned Jungkook with anger mixed on his voice because he wasn’t understanding what was going on anymore.

“Just open that, idiot.” answered cryptically Jimin, smile on his lips.

Jungkook swallowed nervously while eyeing the paper. If those weren’t the papers of divorce then he had no clue what to expect inside of it. But he had never backed away from a challenge or from something unknown, so after taking a deep breath he reached for the envelope, still with shaky fingers, and opened it.

He stared blankly at the photography that greeted him for a second and then his eyebrows furrowed trying to understand what was in front of him.


“I’m pregnant, Jungkook” said Jimin softly.

Jungkook lowered the photography and stared directly at Jimin.


Jimin laughed loudly as he stood up from his chair, circling the table until he reached Jungkook and sat on his lap, passing his arms through the younger’s shoulders.

“I’m ten weeks pregnant…” breathed out Jimin adding a breathless chuckle after, as if he himself wasn’t believing what he was saying. “I wanted to tell you before but you were so stressed because of work and the doctor said that the first weeks could be a bit dangerous for the fetus, they not always survive the first weeks. I thought it would be better to wait until the baby was safe and healthy enough to make it official…” explained Jimin slowly, as if he were talking to a little kid.

Jungkook was still in shock, trying to process the information that Jimin was pregnant.

Jimin was pregnant.

With his baby.

With their baby.

“Holy shit.” he said managing to make Jimin laugh once again. “Holy shit!” he exclaimed again, circling his arms around Jimin’s waist to press him against his body. Now the tears accumulated at the corners of his eyes where from a totally different emotion; happiness and joy was the only thing he could think of because holy shit he was going to be a dad.

They were going to be dads.

He kissed Jimin, then, allowing the tears to fall from his eyes and making sure to put into the kiss all the love and passion he felt for his husband.

Jimin whipped  away the tears from the younger’s cheeks with his fingers in a tender touch after pulling away from his lips, smiling brightly before giving another soft kiss to Jungkook’s mouth.

Jungkook lifted again the hand that was holding the first photography of his child, taking in all the details that formed the image; There was a big patch of black and a curled up form inside of it, the part that was bigger and rounder than the other was the head, and the rest the body. Jungkook smiled, his nose scrunching up and teeth showing under his stretched lips. Jimin smiled back at him, eyes sparkling beautifully, just like how Jungkook liked them the best.

“We are going to be parents…” he whispered on Jimin’s lips, who nodded as a tear rolled down his cheek. “Fuck, this is amazing.”

“You better cut the cursing for when the baby is born, young man.” laughed Jimin, fingers caressing Jungkook’s dark-brown locks.

The younger laughed too as one of his hands went to rest on Jimin’s tummy. It looked flat at first glance, but now that the he put attention to it he noticed the slight curvature of it; roundness that would grow bigger and bigger as the days would start to go.

Jimin put his hand above the younger’s and rested his forehead on Jungkook’s.

“I have an appointment with the doctor next Thursday, you coming, right?”

“Of course!” exclaimed without hesitance the younger. “I’m not gonna miss this, I promise…” he said with determination, looking straight to Jimin’s eyes to make even more real his statement.

Jimin smiled before leaning down to capture the younger’s lips into a sweet kiss.

“I know…” he breathed out on Jungkook’s mouth. “You are going to be a good dad, Kkook.”

Jungkook didn’t know he needed to hear that from Jimin until that moment. He wasn’t perfect, way far from that, but somehow the determination in which Jimin had said that made the younger gain strength and confidence in himself, dissipating suddenly any fear and hesitation that had lodged up on his brain at the worry of having a life under his responsibility.

“Thanks… I- we both will do our best, right?” Jimin nodded again, adoration and fondness dancing together in his eyes as he looked at the younger’s ones, portraying similar sparkle to them.

Jungkook was ready for this; was ready for a long life beside Jimin and a growing family.

Jungkook was ready to give his all for his most beloved ones.

That Night >> Mino, You (Part 2)

Originally posted by winnerbutts

Part 1

“I thought about it.”

“I don’t want to end it with you.”

“I don’t want to get the divorce done. We can try again, huh?”

It had been nine days since you left.

Amy wasn’t around much, she started to take distance and he didn’t really think of her that much.

The one who filled his mind was you.

You who came into his life like a catastrophic disaster and existed his life with a few trace of your beautiful smile in his mind.

A few encouraged words from you when he was stressed from work, always worked like a magic and he found himself smiling, feeling better. He missed those moments.

Your heart.

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Guess I Thought Wrong (Pt 2)

Originally posted by mydopebiebs

I got sooooooo many requests to do a part 2 so here it is :)

I hope it lives up to your expectations! <3

Read Part 1 here

Six months. It had been six whole months since you had seen him. Four months since you had even spoken to him. After the incident you both had tried to make efforts in texting but it had been so awkward that eventually the both of you had just stopped trying.

You missed him, you didn’t even think it was humanly possible to miss someone this much but when it came to him it was. 

You missed everything about him, his hugs, his smile, his huge brown eyes, his touch, his voice, everything.

You had caught yourself on more than one occasional automatically beginning to dial his number when you had had a shit day or a fantastic day or even just on a normal day to talk to him about it.

The only one positive thing from this whole situation, if you would even consider it positive was the fact that you realized you were totally, head over heels in love with him. 

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Summary: In which Ben is a Metamorphmagus, Phil can’t pinpoint that amazing scent he’s smelling, and Jack just wants to finish his potion in peace. 

Genre: Hogwarts AU/Fluff

Rating: PG-13 for swearing

Word Count: 2367

A/N: prompt fill for memesandflowercrowns - thanks, beb! and of course, beta-d by the beautiful constipatedhowell. *note: this fic isn’t part of the utve universe for obvious reasons, but i hope you like it anyway! 

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Connection: Ahkmenrah x Reader

Request:  can you do a imagine about the reader ( really shy but friendly) who is one of Shepseheret’s slaves and has a crush on Ahkmenrah. Shepseheret sees how the reader looks at her son and comforting her about her feelings and tells also Ahkmenrah about the feelings from the reader. So Ahkmenrah confronting the reader about her feelings and she is very afraid what will happen now to her. But she get to live in the palace as Ahkmenrahs Fiancee 😄 that would be so great if u could do it 💕

Word count: 1,360

You filled her cup with wine, then kneeled down next to her throne. Shepseheret thanked you and proceeded to watch the act in front of her. You looked at the beautiful girls, belly dancing in front of you, shiny decorations attached to their skirts. Shepseheret and Merenkahre were watching the girls, but as you glanced at Ahkmenrah, he was lazily looking around the place, probably bored. You were surprised he didn’t look at the girls, as they were very pretty. 

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Can't control my feelings for you(Josh Diaz Imagine)

Request: Can you please write an imagine for josh where he cant control his feelings for you so he kind of pushes you off a lot and ignores you and when u confront him about it he growls in frustration and he short circuits the house with his electricity or something lol

 A/n: i was so confused at first who Josh was and then it clicked and i was like ohhh he’s part of Theo’s pack. But yeah hope you like it lol x

 There’s not a day that goes by were i don’t think what the hell i did to Josh. One day to the other he stopped hanging out with me and he just push me away. It’s like he doesn’t want us to be friends anymore.

 Today was no different. Ever since he disappeared for a couple of days, he never came back the same. I walked into school and the first person i saw Josh. He was standing next to his locker with Corey. 

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Daddy Dearest

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Title: Daddy Dearest

Couple: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Reader had been dating Bucky in secret for the last 5 months. Reader is having to tell Tony, her father, that they have been dating in order to proceed with their relationship. 

A/N: Requested by samson2619 , I really hope this is something along the lines that you wanted. I tried to go at it a bit of a different way, usually its people accidentally finding out. Ummm yea I didn’t get a chance to read this over and i was to excited to finally get something up, so if this is messed up somehow please let me know :) Also sorry it’s so long, i tried to cut it down.

You breathed in and out of a paper bag as Bucky rubbed your back while you sat in your room. “Sweetheart, it shouldn’t be this hard. If you’re not ready that’s okay, we can wait longer”, he tried to calm you down but his words only made you feel worse.

You removed the bag from you lips and looked to him. “We’ve kept us a secret for 5 months, how can I not tell him. Sooner I tell him, sooner we can tell everyone and stop hiding in the freaking dark” Your hands were waving around and you looked like a maniac, but for some reason Bucky still found you to be beyond beautiful and perfect. In fact the only fault that Bucky could ever find about you was the fact your father was Tony Stark.

“But if you’re going to have a panic attack doing it, I think that just shows how bad of timing it is” Bucky looked to the door where he could hear people coming this way. He immediately got up and walked into the bathroom. This happened so often that you didn’t even have to guess what was happening.

Wanda and Steve walked in both with huge smiles on their faces, they came over and engulfed you into a hug. They were like family to you and considering the fact you grew up with just your mom and didn’t even know Tony was your dad till you were 10, having new family was always welcomed to you.

Steve pulled away first and looked around, the super soldier knew something was different but ignored his instincts and looked back to you. “Finally moving in with us, it’s about time! Tony must be proud of his genius daughter, finishing your doctorates degree in 4 years. Heard he even has a big surprise for you” you gave a short sweet laugh and looked down to your bedding, muttering ‘not as big as mine’.

“What was that?” Wanda asked raising her eyebrow, you looked to her surprised she could hear that.

“I said I bet I already know. He’s probably going to offer me a position working for him” Wanda smiled and grabbed onto Steve’s arm; shrugging and pulling him out of the room she called out a “Who knows” in a musical tone. You laughed and waited a minute till they were gone, then Bucky came back in. He looked to you and then to the door.

“You almost got caught you know?” He pointed out what you already knew, you gave a slight glare. “Sorry, I just don’t want someone to find out and us have to worry about them keeping their mouths shut if you decide not to tell tonight” He had a point as always, but you also had no intentions of backing out this close to finally being able to be with him in public.

You got up and walked over to him, standing on your tip toes you placed your lips lightly against his. He placed his hands on your hips and pulled you closer, smiling into the kiss. Though a few minutes later when the innocent kiss had escalated to a full blown makeout, he pulled away, sighed deeply and brushed his fingers against your face while looking you in the eyes before walking back into the bathroom.

This time it was Tony, he had a huge smile on his face and his normal dark brown eyes looked like they had been replaced with smiley faces. “Dinner’s going to be in 10. Do you need any help unpacking?” You shook your head. You always gave credit to him, you never thought the Tony Stark would be that much of a father figure or even would want to be one, but as soon as he found out about you he was there for everything, from parent-teacher conferences to piano recitals. The strange thing was that he loved it, he loved being a dad and even more loved being your dad, which also led to him being an extremely over protective father that terrified all your past boyfriends away.

“No, I got it covered, thank you though. But can w…” FRIDAY came over the intercom telling tony that there had been a mishaps with the bot him and Bruce had been working on earlier, hearing that your dad looked like he was going to lose his mind. He apologized and hurried out saying something about talking later.

You shut the door, locking it. “Alright Buck” he opened the door, stepping out while reading a magazine you had left in the bathroom.

“You should really get more books in there” He looked to you and gave a wicked smile. He looked over to your clock “Crap, I was suppose to meet up with Steve 10 minutes ago” He gave you a quick kiss and jogged out of the room.

You grabbed your phone and headed out to the elevator to take you to the dinning room. You were hoping to talk to Tony before all the avengers made it to the dining room, but he was no were to be found till the very last moment when the food was being brought out and everyone sat.

Tony took his glass in his hands and clinked it, bring attention to him. “I know we normally don’t do family dinners, but I wanted to properly bring y/n into the house and congratulate her on finishing college. Brilliant just like her father” He winked at you and started to laugh with everyone else. Everyone congratulated you and you couldn’t help but blush. “Also” You looked back to your dad, “Bruce and I would like to offer you a position working with us in the lab. Pay’s great and the people are spectacular”

“Only if you want to” Bruce said to you, not wanting to pressure you.

“Of course she wants to, right y/n?” Tony said looking from Bruce to you.

“Before I accept your offer I really need to talk to you, can we go somewhere else” You asked and he just nodded, you both walked out of the room to the hall. You knew that every one of the avengers was up against the door listening, but it didn’t bother you, it would save you time later. Tony’s smile started to fade, “I’ll accept the job, if you accept this… Me and Bucky are dating” you could hear gasp from the other side of the door, “We’ve been dating for the last 5 months”

Tony shook his head “Why… Why… He’s like a hundred” He didn’t give you time to respond, he opened the door, pushing past Clint and Wanda to see Bucky was sitting at the table still, just waiting. “…You’re dating my daughter? MY daughter?” Tony motioned for the suit and within seconds piece by piece the suit flew onto your father. “So really what I’m getting from this is that you’re pretty much done living” Bucky only watched as Tony walked closer to him. Tony lunged at him from across the table, Bucky tumbled and they started to throw punches, but it didn’t last long till Tony was grabbed by Thor and Bucky by Steve.

You rushed over to the two, you grabbed onto Bucky’s hand and looked at your dad. “I love both of you. You’re an amazing dad, you support me with everything and without you I couldn’t have made it to where I am or could have meant someone so special to me”

“Great, so it’s my fault my little girl is dating a dinosaur” Tony leaned against the table and shook his head, but looked back to you. “You love him?” You just nodded. “What about you metal head?” Bucky looked from him to you.

“I love her. More than I can say” You wanted to smash your lips onto his, this was the first time you guys had told each other that you love them, but you felt that would have been a little too hasty considering your dad hadn’t said anything yet. Bucky looked to him, “I promise you I will love her and protect her for as long as she will let me, and even after that.” The group all ‘awed’ as Tony made a barfing face.

“FINE! Fine! Date my daughter, but know that you will be watched. There will be rules, no kissing, no breaking her heart, no going to her bedroom or vis versa. If you disobey I will be more than happy to rip you limb from limb” Tony looked from Bucky to you. “You start work Monday, don’t be late” He quickly pointed to Bucky “And don’t you dare come visit during those hours! It’s daddy-daughter time!”

“I thought it was work hours” Bruce spoke up and Tony glared at him, “Okay, daddy-daughter and Bruce to the side time it is than”

Everyone laughed, you went to Tony and hugged him and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you dad”

Getting Hurt

❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀~ ❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀

Title: Getting Hurt

Character/s: Gray

Genre: Angst-Fluff

Word Count: 1083

Notes: I’ve been reading countless of angst scenarios for the past few hours and I suddenly felt like writing one.

❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀~ ❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀

Originally posted by olltiboy

It’s been a while since you and Gray had a proper date. He’s been busy writing songs for his album and also Jay’s upcoming album. Today was your anniversary, and you knew that Gray wasn’t the kind of guy who would forget important dates such as this one; or so you thought. Knowing Gray was busy, you decided to make an anniversary dinner for the two of you at home. So, before Gray left for work this morning, you told him to spare at least an hour for dinner at 6pm tonight. You also texted and called him to remind him about your plans during his lunch break. You prepared his favorite food and decorated the whole dining room and your bedroom for the occasion. You purposely left the living room undecorated to surprise him.

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Idols Chapter Six

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 *Chapter 6* Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Synopsis: When you moved to Korea to finish your Oxford language and translations degree in Korean. You never expected you’d become best friends with one of the biggest boy groups of the K Pop industry. Let alone dating a member of another. Life was perfect for you. But it soon came crashing down like a tone of bricks.

Word Count: 2836

Originally posted by hugtae

The slender arms wrapped around your stomach from behind you and familiar lips attached themselves to your neck.

“Stop. The boys are around.” You laughed, batting away the boy behind you.

“We’re nothing to hide.” The recognisable voice whispered in your ear as you tried to cook breakfast for him and his members. The two of you cuddling in the kitchen was customary by now, but you would never do anything with the other members around. If one of them was to walk in, you’d just want to crumble in on yourself.

“What if someone walks in?” You giggled as he tickled your sides, pulling you closer to him.

“They’ve seen us cuddle before.” His warm breath brushed against your cheek and his lips soon followed.

When your body was spun around and pressed to the counter while his lips smashed against yours, you wrapped your arms tightly around his neck, pulling him in. Soon after, a scream echoed through the kitchen along with the patter of feet.

Pulling away with a dissatisfied look on his face, he muttered, “Dammed maknae.” Before walking out of the room; but not before throwing a wink your way.

Running your hand through your messy hair, you grinned at what just happened. You had been waiting for him to kiss you again for too long. And even if this was a dream, you were happy you even got this much time to kiss him.

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Anon Request: MFW Guys reencounter MC years after their divorce. Got two anon requests for this (and some really positive reblog comments) and it makes me so happy!!!

Some of them are a lot of years apart, especially Takao, whose story picks up after the ending short from Part One:

When he saw you that day, he felt his fragile heart fall apart again. It’s been four years of careful nursing, careful handling of his emotions to keep himself composed and alive. As he walked in for a coffee, you were there, talking to a man over some pastries.
Ayame was sitting there, she should be eleven now, grinning at the man.
He felt a growl of jealousy in his stomach. That was HIS daughter. Who the hell is he? His grasp tightened around his coffee, and a few hot droplets sting as they slosh onto his hand.
As he stood and stared, the man got up and left. Saeki made it a point to bump into him as he leaves the café. You notice him.
You still used his last name, and it felt like a punch to his chest.
“Daddy?!” Ayame leaps to her feet and runs over to him. She hugs him hard. “DADDY!”
Flustered, you try to scramble over and ease Ayame off of Saeki. He picks up Ayame before you could pull her away, and the girl eagerly submits to her father’s embrace.
“Who’s that?” Saeki manages to force some words through his tight throat. He cuddles his daughter close, heart almost bursting from the joy that she still recognized him.
“A friend.” You reply carefully, unsure what to think. Your heart still pounded in your chest for this man, aching as you watch him interact with your child. The memories of his affair twist like a disease within your stomach. “Why does it matter to you anyway?”
Saeki winced at the bitterness lingering in your voice.
“I’m sorry, ________.” He kisses his daughter lightly on the forehead. “I miss you still. I want you back. Please. I never spoke to her again. Please, ________.”
You bite your lip hard, trying not to make a scene in the middle of the café.
“Tell me, please. If he’s your new lover, I’ll back off. If you are truly happy now, I’ll back off. But please. If you still want me…” He trails off and snuggles his daughter tighter, desperately trying to revel in her presence before you vanish with her again.
You draw a deep breath, analyzing the pain in his eyes, questioning yourself if you actually wanted this man so badly.
You did.
“He’s not, Takamasa.”
Saeki’s eyes light up with hope as he looks at you. You manage a feeble smile and he reaches to you with one hand and pulls you to him.
“Honey, please… Let me love you. I promise I’ll never make the mistake again.”

Tears well up in her eyes, and she runs into her older brother’s arms. Over her head, Norio sees you approach from the other end of the street.
“Kiyomi!” You call out to her, and she lifts her head from his shoulder and glances back at you.
You walk up to your children cautiously. Masao gives you a cold, hard stare. Norio looked a little more forgiving, and you focus on him. He has grown into a reflection of his father’s younger days, and you feel a twinge of pain deep in your chest. He doesn’t question why you were here.
“Do you want to come up for dinner?” Norio’s polite voice was shaking, his arms tight around Kiyomi, showing no signs of wanting to let her go. “I’m sure… dad wants to see you.”
Norio led the way, even if you knew every turn and step of this building by heart. Your thoughts whirled.
What would Takao say?
It was true that you missed him. It’s been years upon years, all of your children grown, and you still missed him. Sure, he hadn’t been passionate or as thrilling as you once wished love was. With the passage of time, you finally came to realize the value of love that flowed subtly, endless like a river. You missed sharing your life with him.
Your oldest son admits you into the apartment.
“Why are you two so late today?” Takao’s voice rings from the dining room. “I’ve gotten it all set up. Do you have the beef?”
“Dad, we have guests!” Norio calls out. Masao was still silent, glaring at you with anger that simmered underneath the grey eyes.
“Guests? We’re not prepared for too many, do we have any extr-“ He appears at the doorway to the dining room, on his search for utensils and additional food. He freezes when he sees you. The entire house sank into eerie silence. He feels his heart tremble.
Kiyomi spoke.
And she crashed into his arms, crying.
Takao’s arms wrap around his daughter, feeling the tears come as he buries his face against her messy bun. His daughter. His precious youngest child. His heart soared as he felt the memories flood back to his mind.
“_________.” He looks at you over Kiyomi’s head.
“I’m sorry.” You whisper. “I know what you’re going to say. I know I was horrible. I just… I don’t know… I missed you…” Norio gives you a nudge and you slowly walk over to him, terrified, braced for his reply. “I’m so sorry.”
Kiyomi peels off from her father and watches Takao reach out for you. He takes your hand carefully, studying your face. Gently, he caresses your cheek. Your heart softens at his touch. His gaze runs over you, seeing the white that streaked your hair, the minute creases around your eyes. It’s been all too long.
“Welcome home.” His forehead presses against yours and you break down into his arms.

Sometimes he wondered if he was doing the right thing. When you left with Etsuko, he was lost and broken and helpless in the flow of life. To try and help himself heal, he had decided to start writing, ripping his emotions out of his mind and spreading them across pages and pages of biography.
Putting his feelings into words changed him. It was a difficult process to accept that he was wrong, to accept that he had been stupidly immature, but he crawled through the hell that was his own mind and finished his book in two years.
He was signing today, autographing for people who came for his books and for his fame in comedy. He was still popular, widely liked, and acceptance of his more serious and thoughtful sarcasm was high.
The day went by as a blur until a little boy came bouncing up to him.
He looks up mid-signature to look into his son’s face. The Sharpie hits the table and his voice comes out louder than intended.
Everyone in the bookstore turned to look at him in surprise, and he apologizes quickly.
“Daddy!” His son skids around the table and runs into his arms. Pulling him into his lap, Yuta muffles his face into the head of curls, wondering what magic and godly power had returned his son to him, even for a minute.
“Yuta.” Your voice pierced him like a needle in his heart.
“________… You brought him here?”
“He read your book, and wanted to see you.” You reply softly, meeting his gaze a little awkwardly. Ripples of anxiety splashed behind your calm look. “I couldn’t deny him a glimpse of his dad.”
Yuta clutched his son tighter, and Etsuko hugs him back eagerly.
“Thank you, _________.”
“You’ve changed a lot.” Your tone was tender, almost like the days you spent as his wife.
“In a good way, hopefully.” He gives a dry chuckle.
“You’re…” You give a slight sigh. “You’re different now. More serious. It’s good.” He gazed at you, and wondered if it was distant longing that glowed in your eyes.
“I want to become better for you.” He reaches out slowly for your hand as he stands, Etsuko held in one arm. You look down nervously at his gesture. “I want you back, _______. I can be your man now. Please.”
You look at his eyes, brimming with a desperation that was the same as two years ago, but no longer childish and naïve.
You slip your hand into his and his face blossoms into a true grin.

It had been a normal afternoon. He was marking tests, students had made stupid mistakes, and his red pen was grinding across the pages.
An unknown number surfaced on his cellphone. He dismissed the call.
It rang again and he frowned, throwing down his pen, and picked it up.
“Yamato speaking.” He said, almost curiously, into the microphone.
“We need to talk.” Your voice stunned him. It’s been so long since he has seen you. So goddamn long. A ton of questions smashed down on his head, but he managed to stay silent while you told him where and when to meet you. He agreed to it without consulting his schedule.
He needed to see you even if he was to die for it.
You were waiting in Kunihiko’s bar, drinking slowly as he walked in. It was still the same old drink in your hands as all those years before.
“What is it, _______?”
“Michiko is getting married in a month.” Your reply was cool and even. Yamato didn’t know what hurt him more, the idea that his daughter was engaged and leaving the family, or the fact that your cold gaze regarded him with complete indifference. “I didn’t think you needed to know, but well, there you go.”
“Why did you tell me then?” His voice was a slight growl as he felt his temper rising. “Why bother telling me when I’m not part of the plan?” You could have just taken his daughter away from him and never let him know. It hurt even more to find out through you, and face the reality that he has nothing to do with her or the wedding. He wanted you to be with him when she ran in with her happy announcement, not to hear an unrelated story through the lips he could no longer kiss. His heart felt torn open again as he glared at you.
“Because you ARE part of the plan.” You roll your eyes as if it had been obvious. “Michiko wants you to walk her down the aisle, not Kento. And she wants her brother present.”
So much emotion came rushing to him at once Yamato felt dizzy. He grabs himself a barstool and crumples into it. The frustration fizzles out.
“She wants me?” He was shocked, overjoyed, terrified but glad.
“For some reason.”
“She’s my daughter, after all.” He manages a smile. You wrinkle your nose a little, just like the stubborn way you used to do it. His stomach clenches at the familiar movement.
“Kento raised her for most of her life, I’m surprised she remembers or even cares about you.”
The second mention of the name drills into Yamato’s soul.
“You remarried?”
Something broke inside him completely. The last dying ember of love vanished under a foot, and Yamato thought there was something in his chest that was crying.

It felt hollow, ruling the kingdom by day and lying alone at night. He missed having you beside him, even if it was a silent presence, reassuring him every step of the way. Being a king was nothing.
He kept in contact with you and Aina, but he never had the time to fly over to Japan to see you. It was just the occasional update on her life. If that even counted as “in contact”, he didn’t really know.
He kept the garden to remember the two of you. In the quietest section of the manse’s backyard, there was the patch of flowers and plants he kept flawlessly groomed. He himself did the weeding, the watering, and the planting. He wondered if you doted over his memory as he did you.
After a month of solid planning and scheduling with Daniel, he scraped himself a week away from duties. Ren flew to Japan.
He really didn’t know what he was expecting. Would you want to see him? Would Aina recognize him? After all, it’s been five years.
When he arrived at Kunihiko’s bar as he mentioned to you in an email, you were sitting there at the counter, smiling faintly at him. A twelve-year-old blonde scrambled over to you, stumbling in her own excitement.
Her embrace was warm and tight and Ren felt his entire existence melt into her touch as his daughter wrapped her arms around him.
He heaves her up, noting that she had grown much taller and heavier than he remembered. Walking over to you, his chest tightens anxiously. Your eyes seemed to shimmer with a fondness that he had missed for so long.
“Daniel told me how hard you worked to come see us.” You were blinking back tears. “I… I don’t know… I’m so sorry…”
“What for?” Ren lets his daughter slide from his lap and nuzzle into his side. He draped an arm around her. His voice quivered with a sliver of hope.
“I just… I should have been more patient…” You burst out and the drops come tumbling down your cheeks. “I was under a lot of pressure, I… I didn’t know how to cope, and you were always so BUSY…”
Ren reaches out and wipes your tears with his spare hand.
“I can imagine.” He said gently, trembling as he prayed for your next words to match his dreams.
“I missed you, Ren…” Your eyes meet his, and in an instant, he felt all the negativity drown out. “I just… I can’t…”
“It’s okay, ________.” He whispers. “Please… Come home with me. I promise. I know how to make time for you now. I’m used to the duties now. It will be easier.”
You look up with tear filled eyes, and he watches you intently, eagerly, hopefully. Your lips stayed shut.
“I love you, ______. Please come home with me.”
Your eyes give it away, and his face breaks into a smile brighter than anything else. His arm finds his way around you, and he knew. He knew.
His queen was coming home.

It’s been five years since he saw you and Tsutomu. Five years’ worth of suffocating himself in work, breaking away from management at the bar, neglecting any duties other than to his job and to his son.
Kunihiko was stumbling home that night, drunk and swinging his suit jacket around to keep his balance. There had been a business arrangement, and perhaps drinking that last two rounds of whiskey was not a good idea. Everything was a little blurry and slow. He waved his hand drunkenly for a taxi, and almost fell into the headlights of a passing car.
“Whoah, watch it there!” Hands grabbed him and dragged him back. A boy, about fifteen, was staring at him. “You alright there?”
“Tsutomu, what are you doing?” Your voice rings out from inside the small corner restaurant. “Who are you talking t-“
When Kunihiko’s hazy eyes focus on you, he stiffens and the blood flees his head.
“Kunihiko?” You reply with equal surprise. Tsutomu goes over to you, looking confused. “What are you doing here? What happened?”
Any disdain associated with his memory vaporized into concern as you hurry over and pull him into the restaurant so he doesn’t pass out into the sidewalk. Tsutomu helps you sit him down in a booth.
“Ack, I’m fine.” Kunihiko groans and hits his head with the base of his palm. You fish around in his pocket and takes out his phone, and stuff it into Tsutomu’s hand.
“Call Toshio and say his dad is too drunk to get home.”
Tsutomu gave you a blank look. Sighing, you take the phone and send him scuttling off for a wet towel.
You tap the contact with your older son’s smiling face. He’s nineteen now, grinning at you from his father’s cellphone.
A young man answers with a cool tone.
“Toshio Aikawa speaking.”
“Your father is too drunk to get home. Can you come get him…?” You trail off into your address.
“I’ll be over in twenty.” He guarantees. “Who is this?”
You swallow hard and answer.
“Your mother.”
There was a moment of silence on the other end, and he hangs up without another word.
Your heart bleeds a little at his indifference, but you turn back to Kunihiko, wiping his face with a damp towel that Tsutomu brought him. He puts it down when he sees you. His face is red and tired.
“Toshio will be picking you up in twenty minutes.” You reach out to take his towel away, and he grabs your hand, pulling you to sit beside him. “What are you doing?!”
His breath was thick with alcohol.
“Please… ________… Don’t leave me again…” He mumbles into your shoulder.
“You’re drunk, Kunihiko.” You try to shove him off.
“I’m drunk… but I know what I’m saying.” He groans against you. “Please… These five years… they weren’t easy… I want you… I want you back with me…” Something snapped in the back of his mind and everything came tumbling out at once. He needed to be childish this once, drunk and spilling truth out in front of you. Kunihiko looks up at you with pleading violet eyes. “You mean everything to me… Please… I’ll try to understand… I want another chance…” The heat of alcohol evaporated every scrap of doubt he had, and the pleas came tumbling out of his mouth before he could even phrase them properly. It was embarrassing, he knew, but it was important, and his heart pumped harder, urging him on.
“Kunihiko, stop it!” Your teeth clench around your lip and you bite down painfully. “You don’t know what you are talking about!”
He rambles on, begging and persuading. Every emotion that he never used to share came flowing out of his mouth. To hell with traditional attitude, to hell with dignity, to hell with anything that kept you away from him.
In the morning, he remembered nothing of your reply, but there was a phone number written across his arm.

I love you~
TBH reconciliation never happens like this but for time limit sake and sanity sake let’s pretend it does. Thanks for the read!

"It will always be you" (Dean imagine)

How about a little domestic dean x reader realtionship, simple cute things, throw in a little jealousy and pure love and care for eachother? thanks

Sorry for the wait. Here :)

You sat at the kitchen table of Bobby’s house, with your second cup of coffee in front of you, the smell of the freshly ground beverage starting to wake you up, the effects of the first cup coming through to finish the job. You felt a pair of cold bare hands on your shoulders, wearing only a tank top, you had no cloth to protect you from the menace who lay their ice cold fingers on you, and who you presumed to be Dean, the early riser of the couple.
“Shit” you gasped, letting go of the handle of the coffee cup, to put your hands on those resting on your shoulders to push off.
You heard a mischievous giggle that you recognized as Dean’s as he retrieved his hands. You turned your head to see the 6’1” hunter, with a childish grin on his face, barley visible past your purple scarf he had around his neck.
“Dean what are you wearing” you tried to hold back a giggle but you didn’t want to burst the bubble of the man who was in a surprisingly happy mood this morning.
“Bobby stole my scarf to go to the mall and buy himself a winter coat, I couldn’t find Sam’s so I took this” you smiled at the thought of Bobby clothes shopping, then studied the man in front of you with his painted grin.
“Purples your colour” you half joked. Shockingly, it did suit him very well.
“Since when do you wear scarves anyway?”
“Since it got fucking freezing. Haven’t you seen the snow?” He asked, your eyes lighting up at the word snow. Every time it snowed, you had a snow ball fight with Dean, Sam and whoever else was around. Be it Ellen, Jo or Bobby, Hell even ruby joined in one year. You and Dean were a team, through thick an thin you stuck together. But when it snowed, you split up, winner of ‘rock paper scissors’ got Sam, and you fought till the death. (Not literally,but until someone gave up)
You slid off your seat leaving your coffee, and move towards the window. You moved the net blind and looked out at the 2 foot deep snow. It had started to snow last night but you didn’t imagine that it would build up to this amount.
“Holy Crap! Snowball fight?” You turned to Dean, expecting him to be behind you but couldn’t help but smile when you saw him tangled up in the scarf.
“Dean” you scoffed his name and walked towards him, untangling him easily
“That things a death trap” he turned his nose up at the scarf you just set down on the kitchen table, then turned his gaze to you.
“Snow is frozen, it’s like -20°c. I was gonna wake you up with snowballs at the window, but I lifted a chunk and realized it would go through, smash a window and probably give you a black eye if I got the aim right. So I decided against it”
“Good decision”
“Anyway, I’m going to the store to get food. I went to make breakfast for me you and Sammy after Bobby left, You know what I found in the fridge? An expired packet of ham from two months ago, two beers and a jar of beetroot”
“Bobby ought to go food shopping never mind finding himself a new gown”
“Exactly!” Dean agreed with you. You left the kitchen to go into the cupboard under the stairs, where apparently the boys never thought to look for clothes anymore. Dean’s brown leather jacket that once belonged to John was in there, Sam’s only beanie which he refused to replace because he had a nice one, was in there. And so was Bobby’s scarf.
You wrapped your fingers around the handle, yanked the door open, only for an umbrella to fall out at you. You dismissed the cobwebs, and lifted out the scarf, Sam’s hat, and a pair of gloves.
You returnees to Dean with the clothes in your hands.
“Hop up, if your going out and its 20 below, you need to be warm. Also don’t put your freezing hands on me again” you said shoving the gloves into Deans hands. He took them, and put them on instantly.

“Also, i will have a fanta lemon and a packet of skittles” You requested. He leant down to your lips and pecked them lightly.

“Sure thing. Be back soon” He said as he moved towards the door, you warned him to be careful before he left the house, and you returned to your seat at the table.

You glanced up at the clock as Sam sat beside you anxiously.

“Seven hours Sam” You looked at the youngest Winchester with a worried expression that matched his own. Seven hours since Dean left to go to the store.

“He will be fine, so will Bobby” Sam reassured, clearly having no clue whether or not there was truth in his words. You sighed heavily and bowed your head. No matter what Sam said, you would still be worried for the two men who had been out in what had turned into a snow storm for 7 hours. As you sat on the couch in the library, you suddenly heard the noise of the back door opening. You looked at Sam with wide eyes before rushing around the corner to see who it was, when you saw Bobby singer you were relieved and slightly disappointed at the same time. You were unbelievably happy to see Bobby, but knowing Dean was Still out there was terrible. “Bobby, thank god” you breathed as you walked over to the man and gripped him tight in a hug.

“I only went to the mall” he chuckled as he hugged you back. You leant back and put both of your hands on Bobby’s shoulders to look him in the eye.

“Have you seen Dean?” You asked, your tone of voice expressing your fear and worry.

“Sorry, I haven’t. He will be fine. I was ok, he will be too” You let go of Bobby, and walked back to the library, where Sam was still sitting.

“Bobby’s back, he’s gone for a shower” you passed on the information that he had just told you to Sam, as you bit your nails you sat back down.

“Y/n stop worrying” Sam put his hand on your back as an attempt at comfort.

“Ugh, I just don’t think I could live if anything happened to him” you looked at Sam as his face dropped.

“Shit I’m sorry, that was really insensitive wasn’t it?” You apologized reminding yourself that his girlfriend Jess had been killed, and Ruby as well. “It’s fine. My girlfriends passed a long time ago” he chewed on the inside of his cheek, you knew that you had brought back memories for him that were clearly upsetting.

“I’m so sorry” you apologized again.

“Hey it’s fine……You know, I think you and Jess would have Got along really well” he suggested.

“Sam, can I ask…what was she like?” Sam leant back on the couch as a tiny smile dared to cross his lips

“She was so beautiful, and really smart. But she also had a great sense of humor. She used to play practical jokes all the time if I annoyed her. I remember one time I promised I would babysit her cousin with her, who lived not far from the university, then I forgot so I went out with my friends. She obviously was really pissed, so she hid all of my underwear, socks, pants, and anything that was long enough to cover my manhood” he laughed

“What’d you do?”

“I had to walk around the apartment with no bottoms, I couldn’t go to class for two days” You let out a giggle

“It’s like something you would do to Dean, you would have been good friends”

“She’s sounds great, Sammy”

“She was, but things happen, right? Yellow eyes is dead, nothing more I can do” There was a silence for a moment, as Sam reminded himself of more times with Jess.

“But Dean’s fine. He will be I promise” You leant towards Sam as he wrapped an arm around you in a comforting hug. You with your head on his chest and you hand on his stomach for longer than you meant, and before you knew it you were asleep. 

“Sam. y/n?” Dean shouted as he walked through the door, a gust of wind blowing some snow inside before he shut it. He took off the scarf and gloves he was wearing, and carried his shopping bags in, setting them on the table before walking to the library. He stopped in his tracks when he saw you across Sam’s chest deep in slumber, with his baby brother’s arms wrapped around you.

“Y/N!” he shouted, you startled awake, jolting away from Sam as soon as you realised your position that you had been napping in for three hours.. You saw Dean in front of you and your heart filled with gratefulness that he was still alive. Maybe it was silly, but he went to a store 20 minutes away and came back 10 hours later.

“Dean thank god” You sighed with relief as Sam rubbed his eyes open. You stood up to give your boyfriend a hug when he stormed off, into the kitchen. You followed him in and walked up to him from behind and wrapped your arms around his waist.

“don’t” He commanded as he put his cold hands over yours to take them off him. He walked over to the tabled to his shopping bags and started to unpack. He didn’t look at you once, or speak a word as he finished putting the first bag of shopping away.

“What’s wrong with you?” You asked.

“Whats wrong with me?!?” He said in a loud tone of voice, quieting down when you put your finger vertically over your lip, silently telling him to be quieter incase Sam heard.

“What’s wrong with me isIi was out in the freezing cold for ten hours, trying to get food for my family, for you, while you cuddle up to my little brother!” He whispered sharply.

“I fell asleep, Dean” You tried to shrug of his annoyance, but he really was hurt. If you found Dean cuddled up with another woman you would pissed to, so you kind of understood his point.

“You fell asleep with your head on his chest and his arms around you? How did that happen?”


“Sometimes…” Dean paused for a moment to lightly shake his head. “Sometimes i think maybe you would be happier with Sam than with me. Sometimes i think you want Sam rather than me. Sometimes i half expect you to walk out the door with Sam, regretting that you even dated me first” He whimpered, still keeping his voice low, chewing on his bottom lip to hold back the trembling of it.

Your heart almost broke at the words coming out of his mouth. You loved Dean more than anything, you’d give up anything for him, you sacrifice everything for him, and it hurt that he thought you didn’t want him, but his brother.

"Dean, are you kidding me?” You asked softly, he looked up at you blankly, eyes glistening.

“Theres nothing more important to me in this whole universe than you, Dean Winchester” You stated, no longer thinking about your volume of voice. You walked over towards him, and picked up his hands.

“Don’t you dare ever think i would rather have Sam, or anybody over you”

“It’s just-”

“Dean no, You’re wrong. I want you, only you. Sam and I were talking about Jess before which is how we ended up hugging, and falling asleep. It won’t happen again. Dean you have to believe me" 

"I do” He replied, dropping your hands to grip you tight in a hug.

“I’m sorry, Dean. Honestly all those things you said will never happen in a million years, i promise. It’s always going to be you” You vowed. He kissed the top of your head then broke the hug to look you in the eye.

“I guess i over-reacted”

“I get it”

“Just so you know, for me, it will always be you to” Dean said before reaching down to you and pressing his lips to yours, not able to repress the smile that was shining through into the kiss.

He makes you self conscious pt.2

Requested: Yes by so many of you!

Description: part two of he makes you fell self conscious.

Idk why, but most of these are gifs from The Vampire Diaries.

Part 1

Ash:  The last time you and your “best friend”, Ashton, had spoken was 3 days ago, when he basically called you fat. His words hurt, a lot. They were basically tearing you apart. You didn’t eat in front of any one anymore, or at all for that matter. You hadn’t left the house since, afraid of what people would think of you body. You hadn’t even talked to your own parents in what felt like forever. And Ashton, hadn’t even attempted to apologize, until today.
“(y/n)” he called your name from the other side of your locked bedroom door.You groaned, not feeling like dealing with him. “What do you want?” you rather harshly said. “I-I want to talk things out,” he said. “There’s nothing to talk about,” you spat. There was no doubt in your mind he was sorry, but you wouldn’t give in that easily. “(y/n), come on,” he whined impatiently, knocking on the door a few times. “No, go away,” you enforced. “(y/n), if you won’t let me in, I’m just going to apologize from the other side of the door,” he told you, in an attempt to get you to let him in. “Then, you’ll just have to apologize through the door,” you remarked. You heard him sigh, and then he started apologizing. “I’m really sorry for the shit that I said. None of it is true at all. You are literally perfection, and the other girls are probably jealous. I know it might be a little too late, but I’m really sorry and I hope you can forgive me. Please, can I come in?” he apologized, sincerity laced in his voice. “Why’d you say it?” you asked. “I didn’t want it to come out this way,” he mumbled, tracing a hand through his curls. “Didn’t want what to come out this way?” you questioned. “Fine, I’m just gonna say it. (y/n) I like you, a lot. I want to be more than friends so bad, it hurts. I just thought that if I was mean to you, maybe I’d stop feeling the way I do. It’s hard to comfort you and hug you all the time, and give you advice on Calum, with out being able to smash my lips to yours and tell you it’ll all be alright,” he explained himself. It was dead silence between the two of you. “You don’t have to feel the same,” he whispered. Just then, your bedroom door flung open in front of his face, and you smashed your lips to his. “But maybe, I do feel the same,”

Cal: It had been 4 Fridays without seeing each other, since Calum had told you how horrible you were at making out. It was kind of a stupid reason to be upset, but it made you insecure. Could you really have been that bad? Tonight was a Friday. The Friday before the Australian leg of the tour kicked off. Calum had explained to you months before, that tonight would’ve been the best “Going-away” hook up ever. But clearly, that was not happening.
You cell phone started to ring, from inside your pocket. You, being forgetful, answered the phone without checking who was calling. “Hello,” you answered cheerfully. “(y/n), hey,” he nervously answered. “Oh, hi Cal, Did you need something?” you asked. “Yeah, actually, I just wanted to know why you don’t come around anymore? I miss you, baby, so much,” he asked, adding a flirty comment at the end. “I’ve been busy,” you casually answered. “Come on, we both know that’s a lie,” he told you. “No, I have uni and work, so I just can’t fit in casual sex with you anymore. Sorry,” you sarcastically said. “Woah, what’s your problem?” he asked, sounding generally confused. “Nothing, Calum. Absolutely nothing,” you spat. “Stop being like this, and just tell me what I did wrong. Was it when I said you weren’t good at making out?” he asked. You were silent, not wanting to answer because it was such a stupid reason to be upset. “(y/n), I was only kidding! I’m sorry, I didn’t know you would take it this harshly,” he apologized to you. “It’s okay, I forgive you,” you answered. “Good, baby girl, I miss you,” he said seductively. “I told you I forgave you, but that doesn’t mean we can be a thing again,” you sternly said. “What do you mean? You said we were all good,” he questioned you. “Yeah, we’re fine. This isn’t what I want anymore. I’m done,” you replied. “What? We were having so much fun,” he raised his voice with you. “No, you were having fun, and I was trying not to fall in love with you. It didn’t work because I still have feelings for you. I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to be casual anymore. If you aren’t committed to me, than this is over,” you shouted. “(y/n), I told you I can’t do feelings,” he yelled. “Than I can’t do hook ups,” you spat and hung up the phone.

Luke: You woke for the fifth night in a row on Ashton’s uncomfortable pull out sofa. Your back was cramped and your neck hurt, but anything was better than sleeping in the same bed as Luke. The sun show brightly in your eyes as you stretched and let out a yawn. “Morning, (y/n),” Ashton’s groggy morning voice said. “Morning,” you replied, tiredly trudging into the kitchen. You expected breakfast to be set on the table like it usually was, but instead you saw a man with a blonde quiff sitting at the table. “Morning,” Luke smiled. You rolled your eyes and asked Ashton if you could talk in the other room. It became evident to Luke, that you were talking about him. “What the hell is he doing here?” you whisper shouted. “(y/n) I let him in. It’s time to make amends and stop this,” he answered. As much as you hated it, he was right. So, you walked back to Luke all by yourself and sat down across from him.
“I’m sorry,” his voice cracked. “yeah, me too. Sorry for not being as good as Selena or Kendall,” you spat at him. “(y/n), no, I feel awful. I was drunk and I didn’t even know what was going on. Ashton had to remind me of what even happened,” he explained, with some bull shit excuse. “Drunk words are sober thoughts, Luke,” you remarked. “I swear to you, I didn’t mean a word of what I said,” Luke pleaded. “Okay,” you simply said, standing up to walk back to Ashton. “Wait,” Luke called, grabbing your forearm as you were walking past him. “I really only said those things because Calum and Michael were teasing me about being whipped,” he admitted, looking into your cold eyes. “What? When did they say this?” you sternly asked. “When you went to the bathroom. They were teasing me, so I was just trying to prove them wrong. And I got super drunk and said so many things I didn’t mean. I’m sorry,” he told you. You sighed looking into his sad blue eyes. “It’s okay, Luke. I forgive you,” you smiled. “Really?” his face lit up, smiling wider than ever. “Really.”

Mikey: Everyday after Michael had criticized your acne, you’d made sure to wear a full face of make up. Whether you and him were just lounging around the house, going to the store, or picking your child up from school, you’d made sure to cover your skin. It was just to please Michael, so surely he didn’t mind.
Tonight, Michael came into the bathroom as you were getting ready for bed. You finished washing off all of your make up. You pulled the white towel off of your face, to see Michael observing you in the doorway. “Hey, princess,” he smiled, walking over towards you. Immediately, you turned around to avoid him seeing your face. He wouldn’t want to look at it anyway. He hugged you from behind, coming closer and closer to you. “Michael, get away, I don’t have any make up on,” you complained, grabbing your towel and placing it over your face. “Is that what this has been about?” he asked you in a concerned tone. “What do you mean?” you questioned. You thought Michael liked you with the make up on. “All you’ve been doing lately is wear make up. You can’t go a day with out it,” he elaborated. “Michael, you told me to put more effort into things and told me I didn’t have clear skin. What did you expect? Did you think I’d just laugh and forget it?” you shouted, tears brimming your eyes. His face dropped. “No, I mean it’s okay to wear make up out on our dates and occasions, but you don’t need to wear it when we have a lazy day,” he told you, kissing your cheek. “But still, you pointed out I don’t have flawless skin, and I just want to be beautiful,” you said with a tear coming down your cheek. “What did you just say?” he yelled. “I want to be beautiful,” you whispered. “You have to be fucking kidding me if you don’t think your drop dead gorgeous,” he raised his voice. “Look, I can’t be gorgeous with this on my forehead,” you pointed to the pimple. “I barely noticed it,” he shrugged. “Now I’m gonna show you how beautiful you really are. Go to our bed, princess,” he kissed your forehead.