i want to sit in it and drink tea and watch the rain

happy things i think of when i think of the signs

Aries: loud concerts, swimming in ocean waves, feeling the hot sun on your back
Taurus: eating ice cream on a hot day, drinking hot chocolate on a cold day, cuddling up with your pet
Gemini: catching up with a good friend, walking in the rain
Cancer: sleeping in, feeling well rested, seeing the first snow of the winter
Leo: laughing until your sides hurt, finding your new favorite song
Virgo: curling up with a good book, finding a book you want to recommend to everyone in the world
Libra: feeling when you first fall in love,  drinking tea when you have had a long day
Scorpio: finally sitting down after a day where you walked a lot, watching your favorite movie or hearing your favorite song and feeling the memories rush back in
Sagittarius: spending a night out with your friends, eating your favorite candy or food
Capricorn: feeling cared about, feeling genuinely happy. the feeling of the first day of spring
Aquarius: the smell of rain, the smell of spring and new earth
Pisces: hugging someone after having a hard day, spending a day in bed