i want to show my awful handwriting

Introductions are in order

Hi! You can call me Niknik, (not my real name) I’ve actually been observing and on the sidelines of the studyblr community for a while (2 years) now. I’m from a tiny island, taking A levels in two years. I take lit, linguistics,math and econs. (art kids whoohoo) I’ve been sort of absorbing everything as of now, and I guess I want to really make a committed effort this time to participate. I’m going to be posting really non-aesthetic photos, firstly because I’m really bad at taking them XD but mostly because I want to show others that for me, the nitty gritty of work that gets done for me is when my desk and I look at our absolute worst. Sometimes there will be lack of variety of colours, awful handwriting and eraser dust everywhere, because for me, that’s how ish gets completed. :) I have little to none of trendy stationery, even though I do make googly eyes at those stuff, but for me, I don’t have the resources to purchase them and am doing just fine. I don’t have a proper schedule of posting, but fingers crossed, at least weekly. I appreciate it if you’ve even stopped by a for a peek, a small like/reblog, or even if any of my posts have given you the slightest pause. 

Also, these are some of the awesome studyblrs that I absolutely heart out there, and you probably do too as well:

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Honestly, just anyone out there who created a healthy environment. Props to you.

See any of you lurkers out there soon, jiayous for studying,


The awful thing about liking a character who shows up two-thirds of the way through the game and only sticks around for one full moon cycle is this feeling of being robbed, robbed of perfectly normal moments in Shinji’s life that we otherwise would have seen if his life weren’t so Fucked Up.

I want to know what Normal, Happy, Average Student Shinjiro Aragaki would have been like. Where did he sit in class? What did his notes look like? Were they well kept or was his handwriting a huge train wreck? Did he stay behind after school and clean the erasers because it was his job? Or because he didn’t want to lay the burden on someone else who had more important things to do, like club activities or group dates?

What would he bring for lunch every day? What in his picture perfect, perfectly cooked bento was the one thing he looked forward to all day? Would he eat in class and listen to the hum of different voices or eat alone on the roof?

Did he have a subject he liked? One he hated? Did the idea of gym shorts or poetry make him cringe but the idea of history make his eyes light up? Did he make trouble for his teachers? And if he did, did Aki punch his lights out after school as punishment? “Look what we have, Shinji, don’t screw this up!”

It’s 11:48pm and I have a lot of questions okay