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Some more headcanons about Peter growing up on Yondu’s ship

part 1

  • Yondu not having any idea what Terrans eat so he tries to give Peter like, raw meat and stuff, and Peter is disgusted and Yondu is confused (“What’s wrong, boy? It’s fresh! Eat it!”). Though Peter is even more bummed out when he finds out there’s no McDonalds in space.
  • Peter wanting video games but Yondu telling him flying an M-ship is way more exciting than any video game (“All right, if it is, let me fly one!” “You’re too young to fly, you’ll crash.” “No, I won’t! If I can’t play games, at least let me try!” “I said no!” “But Yonduuuuu!” “You’re an annoying little bugger, you know that?” *grumbling and muttering* “All right, follow me, you can give Tulk’s old ship a try, but you put one mark on it- one mark, one spill on the dash- and you don’t get to give it another shot til you’re fourteen.” “KRAGLIN! YONDU’S GONNA LET ME FLY!”)
  • Peter trying to tell the Ravagers about Halloween, but they just don’t get it, and when he scavenges the materials to dress up as a pirate, they don’t notice anything different (except Kraglin, who says, “Nice hat, Pete,” when a rather deflated Peter walks by in full costume).
  • Members of other factions sometimes thinking Kraglin is Peter’s dad, and Yondu getting lowkey pissed off about it (“Course that’s not his dad, ya moron! Quill, get back on the ship and stop causing trouble.”)
  • Kraglin losing his blaster and freaking out cause he can’t find his spare and Peter says, “Just go ask Yondu for one!” and Kraglin is like, “He’ll get mad!” and Peter is confused because apparently, “I do it all the time whenever I lose something, he doesn’t care,” which is weird, because last time Kraglin lost something and went to Yondu to see if he knew where it was, Yondu snapped at him, “If you don’t keep an eye on your stuff, it’s not my problem when you can’t find it.”
  • The crew getting new communication devices and Peter texting with Kraglin all the time so Yondu gets suspicious and is always nosing on Peter’s end (“Who you writing to all the time, boy? You planning a mutiny?”)
  • Peter going through puberty and everyone on the whole ship making fun of his voice cracking up to the point where he ends up getting in a fight with someone because he’s so sick of it and Yondu has to drag them apart and scold them both for being immature, but as he’s walking away, he imitates Peter too.
  • Peter getting his hands on an electric guitar and keeping half the crew from sleeping with his late-night shredding until Yondu finally starts locking Peter’s guitar in his cabin every night at 11:00 (“Kraglin, Yondu said I’m not allowed to practice sick riffs past 11:00…” *Kraglin internally fist-pumps* “Aww, sorry Pete.”)
  • Peter going on his first solo mission and Yondu being on edge the whole time, which means he’s extraordinarily irritable toward the crew, so they all come to dread Peter’s missions because Yondu’s so unpleasant while he’s gone.
  • Peter getting arrested on some planet and Yondu bailing him out the next morning. Peter’s mad at Yondu for not doing it the night he got in, but according to Yondu, every Ravager should spend at least a couple nights of their life in jail, and though he doesn’t say it, he’s pretty proud of Peter for having done something that could get him time.

transandtrash  asked:

do you take destiel as being canon??

I ship destiel, but I’ll never think it’s canon unless they actually go out and say it. I do see some signs between the characters that suggest a relationship, but ultimately it comes down to whether or not the writers (and actors) want to go with it.

I know Jensen is really uncomfortable with the idea, and I don’t want to force anything on him. I know sometimes friends can be weirdly sexual without an actual attraction (which can be bleeding into the show).

I ship destiel, but I don’t ever want to force it upon Jensen or Misha unless they both feel they can represent their characters like that comfortably. (My stance on destiel is basically I think it’s cute and I wouldn’t mind it being canon)
Thanks for the ask!

Girly (Yondu x Reader) Part 3

Click here for - Part 1, Part 2

This was kind of rushed as I wanted to post something before I head off to bed and binge some youtube, but hope you guys still enjoy!

Warnings: swearing, nudity (not like we can even see it – wish we could though)

Word count: 2.6k


Part 10.

After a lengthy sleep, you awake to the ship jostling as it lands. Frowning, you pull on some clothes and slip Yondu’s jacket back on. His Yaka arrow is in the waistband of your pants and hidden by the coat as you leave your room and head over to one of the windows and look outside. The ship’s landed on a planet you’ve never seen before, and you have a feeling it’s just a Ravager’s trading stop.

“We’re unloading the Kree cargo,” Kraglin says behind you.

Turning around, you look up at him. His eyes sweep over your body slowly, but linger on your neck. Touching it lightly, you wonder if it’s bruised. “I wasn’t going to ask, but … did the Cap’ do that to you or the Kree?”

Biting your bottom lip, you chuckle dryly, “Which do you want to hear? Because I know you’re loyal to that blue prick.”

The Ravager cracks a smile and shrugs, “Yondu is Yondu; he’s not perfect – he’s a thief and a murderer and a hard ass. It doesn’t matter what you tell me, it’s not going to change my opinion of him.”

You have a ghost of a smile on your lips as you reply, “It was a stupid fight – doesn’t matter now anyway.”

“You took his coat though, and his arrow.” After a pause, Kraglin adds, “He wouldn’t have hesitated to kill anyone else who did that to him.”

“And am I supposed to feel honoured or something?” you ask, trying to control your rising anger.

Kraglin begins walking away as he responds, “You should feel lucky he likes you enough not to end you.”

You watch as the man walks away quickly, almost jogging as he nears the end of the lengthy corridor and turns the corner.

Standing there quietly, you run your fingertips over the coat and lift the lapel to your nose. Closing your eyes, you inhale the musk and leather scent. Fucking blue prick, you grumble mentally. Why do you have to be so complicated?

Eventually, you walk to the hangar and slip past the Ravagers as they unload the crates full of apparently precious cargo.

The little corner of the planet you’re on is a mixture of shanty buildings and tall establishments with trinkets and such displayed in their windows.

As you walk down the streets, you manage to catch the attention of many Ravagers and passing aliens. They eye you and you don’t know if it’s because you’re a woman, Terran, or because they know whose coat you’re wearing.

You ignore them however, knowing you’re safe with your knife strapped to your upper thigh. “It’s not like I can even be kidnapped,” you mutter to yourself. “That blue prick can track me anywhere I go. I could visit Nowhere or any Kree province and he’d hunt my ass down.”

Furrowing your brows, you square your shoulders and stiffen your hips, trying to replicate Yondu’s walk and attitude as you point at an imaginary person in front of you and squint, “Now girly, where did ya think you wer’ goin’ huh? Tryna’ run from me?”

Increasing the pitch of your voice, you squeak, pretending to be a meek girl, “Oh no, I wasn’t, I swear! Please Yondu, you have to believe me!”

You deepen your voice again, “And why would I do that, huh girly?”

“You going to give me my coat and arrow back, or am I going to have to rip it off you?”

Jolting in surprise, you whirl around to see the blue man standing there, hands on his hips and wearing nothing but a muscle shirt, pants and worn combat boots.

Sneering at him, you cross your arms over your chest, “You can try. And if you do, I’ll cut your fucking hand off – like I should have done last night.” Your sneer turns into a cocky smile as you add, “Besides, you can’t do anything without your stupid arr-”

Yondu whistles in that instant and you feel the arrow slip out of waistband of your pants and back into his hand.

Gaping at him, you ball your fists tightly. How dare he? Who does he think he is?

As Yondu grins arrogantly at you, you bite down on your tongue to stop yourself from screaming at him.

He points to his coat then, red eyes gleaming. “Still want that back, girly.”

Without breaking eye contact, you shrug the coat off and drop it to the ground. You feel the slightest bit of satisfaction as you storm down the street, and know he’ll have to bend down to pick up his damn coat.

You end up spending almost an entire day roaming the small makeshift town, trying to avoid Yondu and his crew as best you can. You also know that since Yondu refuses to leave you behind, you can use this arrangement to your advantage. If he can’t find you in the first place, how’s Yondu going to take off?

You aren’t sure if the tracking collar gives out your exact location or is localised – and you don’t even know the range it has, or if it is simply localised. There’s many possibilities and this little revenge game will hopefully reveal to you the type of tracking collar you’re wearing.

And as the planet darkens and grows colder, you begin to become slightly apprehensive about the whole revenge plan.

“Is he coming to hunt me down, or did he actually leave without me?” you ask yourself as you slowly wander back in the direction of the ship. You’ve taken the time to explore some of the shops and stalls around the Ravager town – almost getting lost a few times – but through wandering about, you find your way back into somewhat familiar streets.  

Once the ship comes into view, you sigh with relief. Was I that worried they left without me? You ask yourself, frowning softly.  

Backing up a step, ready to turn back and walk off again, you hit something hard. Whirling around, you’re surprised to see Kraglin looking down at you. “What in the galaxy do you think you’re doing?!” you exclaim, pushing at his chest.

The slim man gives you a wide eyed look, “You need to get back on the ship now.”


The Ravager’s gaze flickers between you and the ship briefly, “Caps’ in a real bad mood.”

“Don’t tell me, because of me?” you roll your eyes.

“Well, you and some space punks. Cap’ was tryna’ sell some of the crates and they destroyed them with blasters. A few million units gone.” You hadn’t heard anything unusual during the day though.

Whistling, you look up at him with surprise. “Should get going then, huh?”

Kraglin nods and leads the way back to the ship. You almost try to hind behind him as he walks up into the hangar and closes the large metal door.

You can hear banging and yelling and know Yondu’s having a bit of a fit. You both freeze however, as the blue man storms through the hangar and slams the button which opens the hangar door – moments after Kraglin has closed it. You notice blood dripping from his fist as his hand leaves the button.

The Ravager is growling to himself as he stomps out of the ship and down the street.

“Let me guess, he’s going to a bar to drown his sorrows and then fuck his anger out?” you remark, mocking the blue man.

Kraglin purses his lips, “Just go to bed, (y/n).”


Part 11.

It’s early in the morning when you get up and quietly head to the kitchen, your stomach rumbling. You didn’t eat the night before and now your stomachs unhappy with you.

Taking some fruit from the cooler, you wander the corridors, before finding yourself outside Yondu’s room. Pausing, you have to blink a few more times before your brain processes where you actually are.

You don’t really want to see him, but after last night seeing him hurt, you feel drawn to him. Have I got a soft spot for him? You ask yourself. After a moment, you have to laugh as another thought passes through. Don’t the broken fix each other? Is that what we are to each other?

Sighing, you open the doors to the Ravager’s quarters and pause, staring at the bed. The empty, unused bed.

Frowning, you realise where he must be. “Still at the brothel, huh?”

Walking back down the corridor and weaving your way down to the hangar, you slip out of the ship and hurry down the street. You’re lucky that majority of the buildings on the strip of street are like pawn shops as you stumble across a well-hidden bar recessed between two brick-like buildings.

Opening the door, you slip inside the dingy looking establishment and look around. A few aliens are passed out in the booths and on the bar countertop.

Seeing a set of stairs at the end of the room, you head up them quickly and begin opening doors. Most are empty or only have a sexbot left on standby. As your heart slowly begins to sink, you reach the last door. You hesitate for a moment, before gathering yourself and pushing the door open quietly.

A mixture of relief and disappointment fills you as you spot the blue Ravager lying naked on the small bed.

Your eyes slowly move down his exposed body before landing on his nether regions. Looking away, you gag, but then find your eyes slipping back to have another good look. Oh galaxy, why do I keep looking at it? You think, feeling slightly ashamed and disgusted with yourself.

Closing the door behind you silently, you eye the sexbot as she sits on a chair in the corner of the room. Her eyes are blank – dead – but you still feel uncomfortable with her there.

Tip toeing over to the bed, you sit on the edge and stare at Yondu as he sleeps, lips parted and face smoothed out.

Sighing, you run your fingertips down his arm and open his palm to examine the wound. It’s an inch wide cut running along the middle of his palm. It’s crusted over with blood, making it look several days old. But as you extend his fingers gently, in the creases and grooves in his hand, you can see the dried blood coating his palm.

Slowly lying down beside him as to not wake the man up, you watch his chest rise and fall gently. Your heart is beating a million miles an hour – blood thrumming in your ears as you lay there. His body is littered with scars – big and small – old and new. It’s something that comes hand in hand with being a Ravager.

Once again, your eyes drift down his body and land on his genitals without any conscious thought. You gulp, feeling as though you shouldn’t look, but it’s odd. His member a slightly darker blue than the rest of his body and seemingly ‘ribbed’ along its length. His hair is a mixture of black and grey and curls loosely. A small trail of it runs up to his bellybutton before tapering off there-

“You goin’ to keep starin’ at it like its candy, girly?”

Jerking back, your face flames as you stare wide eyed at him. “Oh galaxy,” you breathe, embarrassed beyond belief.

Yondu’s voice is unusually hoarse as he slowly sits up and looks down at himself. He hums at his level of nudity and lazily turns back to you. “What time is it?”

You look outside the tiny window and bite your bottom lip. “It’s early morning. I don’t think anyone else was awake when I got up.”

“Why did ya’ come find me?” the blue man asks you gruffly as he slowly slides his legs to the end of the bed and sits up completely. Once there, he groans and palms his face and temples. He must have drank a lot last night to be in this kind of shape.

“I don’t know,” you whisper, looking down at your hands. When you look up, your eyes land on his back and widen considerably. You have to stop yourself from gasping as you stare at the thick scars littering his back. They’re much worse than the ones you’ve already seen on his front.

Gingerly, you crawl across the bed and sit behind the Ravager. Your hands are shaking as you hesitantly run your fingertips along the scars.

You feel him tense beneath your touch and reach behind him, grabbing both of your wrists. His hands are warm and rough from use as he holds you still.

You don’t realise you’re holding your breath until Yondu tells you, “I don’t … I don’t want you touching them.”

“Why not?” you feel the need to whisper, as if to not break the little bubble you two seem to be in.

His grip tightens a fraction as he thinks of a way to phrase it. When it doesn’t formulate properly, Yondu repeats, “I just don’t want you touching them.”

“They’re from the Kree, aren’t they? Mine aren’t as bad,” you tell him.

“You were mouthy too, huh?”

A bittersweet smile spreads across your face as you think about it. “Of course. Not always – I couldn’t handle the punishment sometimes, but when I could, I was rude to my ‘masters.’”

Releasing your hands, Yondu rubs his face again and mutters, “You and I aren’t all too different, huh girly?”

You shrug. “We both get angry easily, can kill people when needed and don’t mind thieving. You counting those too?”

Chuckling gruffly, Yondu slowly stands and gathers his clothes. You watch as he pulls them on and flickers his gaze over to you every so often.

When he’s dressed, he holds his hand out to you. You stare at it, wondering why he wants you to take it. As if reading your mind, the blue man grunts, “C’mon, we’re going back to the ship, aren’t we?”

Taking his hand hesitantly, he pulls you to your feet and slips his arm around your shoulders. You shoot him a look and he says defensively, “The ground is still moving; can’t be falling over, can I?”

Rolling your eyes, you try to ignore the fact that you two are in such close proximity to each other and help him down the staircase of the brothel and all the way back to the ship. “You stink really bad,” you mutter. 

The man doesn’t reply, but smiles to himself. 

Once he’s lying on his bed, you head towards the door and hear him call to you, “Girly?”


“Tell Kraglin it’s time to go.”

“Where to?” you question, leaning your arm against the doorframe.

Yondu’s ruby red eyes meet yours for a moment as he lies on the bed. For the briefest of moments, you believe he’s going to say ‘Earth,’ but the word never slips from his lips. Instead, he says, “Nowhere; just the galaxy for a while. Maybe until we get word of another cargo ship.”

Feeling your emotions fray, you plaster on a smile and nod. “Will do, old man.

Letting the door close behind you as you leave, you hold your head high and walk to Kraglin’s quarters. Your chest is tight, and you berate yourself for ever thinking he’ll let you go.

I’m still a dog. Different collar, same affect.

To be continued….

anonymous asked:

Hi! So... can you explain why you don't ship Creek? (It sounds bad. I didn't intended it tho. I love your blog, and basically everything that u're posting! I just want to know what you don't like about this ship, because I'm theirs trash lmao)

no worries, i dont mind explaining!

there’s a lot of things that bug me about creek? first off its origins because it all started with Tweek vs Craig back in 1999 which was literally their only interaction ever. and they were pitted against each other and fought the entire time. but somehow it became one of the most popular ships in the fandom and rivaled style for years. 

and like, i get rival ships, i do, because i love staig LOL and thats what youd expect to come out from that episode, right? but with tweek and craig no one really ships them as rivals? they ship them as like…cute and soft and gentle and loving and it just seems really out of character to me. i dont think id hate creek as much as i do if it was like, done right, you know? ive just never seen someone handle it in a way that appeals to me. (and a lot of the time people dont even get staig right… maybe im just really nitpicky mndfmsdfn)

and the whole Tweek x Craig episode really bothered me, too. i mean the episode was really funny but the thing that didnt sit right with me was…how they were basically forced together. and they kept claiming they weren’t gay, but everyone else was pushing that on to them. and even if they were gay, you should never force someone to come out? like…id want craig and tweek to come out and say it when they were ready not because they wanted to make everyone else happy. like it just made me uncomfortable because…theyre literally only together because of pressure and guilt. 

and even then, the only time they enjoy eachother’s company it seems is when theyre away from everyone else and. you know. being friends. but as soon as they have to act like a couple they just….have a blank expression and arent that into it. i just dont like that LOL

i love craig and tweek as their own characters but, when paired together i just…i dont know. its not something i can get behind, so im sorry creek shippers. 

anonymous asked:

In response to the previous ask, as a Marichat shipper, I just wanted to say why its my favourite ship. Both Marinette and Chat are their 'true' selves, as clumsy hardworking Marinette and Chat as escaping from his father and stifling home life. They're at their most honest, and aren't afraid of showing it. If they have moments where they care about each other, doesn't that provide so much more meaning to the rest of the love square?

Here you go, other anon!
In my opinion, while it’s an interesting ship, I think it’s presumptuous to assume that honest communication can only be applied exclusively to this ship. It seems that the fandom in general modifies the characters’ personalities in order to fit them into their own ideology regardless of the preferred ship.

anonymous asked:

So, I'm new! Cockles is a ship name for Jensen and misha? Y'all actually believe they're a gay thing or is it more for fun? Super curious.

Hey! Yes, cockles is taken from Collins and Ackles and is their ship name! 

Well, I can’t really speak for everybody but from what I’ve gathered very few people actually tinhat them (believe that they are together). 

The rest of us, myself included, want to believe, and there are a lot of things that either them or cast members have said or done that seriously suggests that they are together, but can’t really believe until they come out like making out and being like yeah we’ve been together this whole time. 

But all in all, whether you believe or not, shipping them is so much fun because of the amount of stuff that suggest they are together or shows how adorable they would be as a couple. 

Hope that helps! <3

Selling DIY Keychains and Pins?

So i got some questions…to see if anyone is interested.

Would you buys them?

I’m thinking about $6-$8 bucks but shipping going to be the problem :/. I don’t want to send it as a regular letter, seeing as a read that post office can handle them roughly. So I’m like thinking a bubble small envelope which would be considered a parcel that comes with a tracking number. It varies but that would be about $3 for shipping in USA and for international would about $6 (i don’t believe tracking number is included unless its Canada).

USA: Total + $3(shipping)

International: Total + $6 (shipping)….not sure if it worth it unless you buy in bundle maybe i can do a lil discount.

What designs would you like to see?

So far i have the following: Clan Techie, Thrawn with a flower crown (lol), Kalluzeb, Lieutenant Lyste (Notice me senpai)……..I’ll be thinking of more. Kinda like headshot though, of course all Star wars related stuff though..haha.

These design are a bit simple then the stickers i do but they are still quality work. I’ll post the design later this week, probably.

Payment method? Store?

Paypal, mostly since it’s the most common. Maybe i can open like a lil store? I don’t..i need to look into this ;^;!

I’m in the progress of making them and testing the final touches with a nice gloss finish. If you are interested i can show some samples when they are done and you can tell me if it’s worth it or not. Eeee ;v; <3

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Okay I love camilas new music so far but I keep seeing comments everywhere about Camren? I know it's about her and Lauren but I'm so confused this is the first I've heard of it? Can you explain what it is? Were they actually secretly dating or what?

Number 1 ;

Number 2 ;
https://teoriascamren.tumblr.com/posts check anything u want thereeeeeee baby, and suffer with us, im gonna tell you, once u want to know “camren” there is no way back, ogay ☝🏻

Number 3 ;
This ship has captain, andhttp://camrenillusion.tumblr.com/post/160671153709/im-new-to-this-ship-so-i-kind-of-wonder-why this blog will post will explain dat

Bonus ~> https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCT8vwVk6SCtDUF6YPt9K06A/channels

Welcomee to our ship!

Dahlings! In light of more ridiculousness in the Voltron fandom, I want to reiterate that this blog is a safe space away from the discourse. I am here to post cute art and write cute fic revolving around pretty much all the ships in the Voltron universe (because I can’t stop myself; seriously, it’s becoming a problem I love all these ships sfm). If you want to talk about the recent events, I am here to lend an ear but I won’t be posting any replies. 

Have a lovely Monday, blueberries!! Remember, if your dash is filled with upset, block blogs and tags! Create your own experience. You got this. 

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tbh im usually always after the red and blue pairing in a series but the interactions between keith and lance dont make me want to ship them..

i dont ship them either bc of their interactions in canon also–its very one-sided and the only one who engages it is l@nce like……all he likes to do is annoy ke!th its stupid–i mean i hope they can be friends in the future bUT GOD i cant stand them

errrbodylovesfinn  asked:

Please take my commissioned art off your blog. I make it very clear that with only very few exceptions, reylos are not to touch my stuff. And you ship Damerey too? Chile please.

Let me get this straight… You don’t want me spreading art that I found very beautiful and the artist very talented and in a nut shell I was like “FOLLOWERS! LOOK AT THIS! ISNT IT PRETTY?! I THOUGHT IT WAS PRETTY!” Because I ship two fictional ships that, in reality, really don’t mean all that much?

I’m sorry if this comes off as rude, I don’t mean it to be in the slightest but that is just bull shit. Just because I don’t ship finnrey alone I can’t have your art on my blog?

Again, I’m sorry if this comes off of as rude I’m just confused and slightly annoyed at it. (Not slightly. Very annoyed) But, because you asked nicely, I will try and find the art and remove it.

I’m sorry if I offended you in anyway. It wasn’t my intention.

But just so you know, I am way more than a reylo. I am a human being. I am way more than a Damerey. I am a daughter and a sister.

So maybe, just maybe, consider the other person at the opposite side of your screen before telling them what to do.

Tagged by @sakuraandharleyquinn to do top 10 naruto ships, Thank you very much!

(even tho I only have 8)

1. SasuSaku

Originally posted by missnhannn

This is my very first ship and probably the only canon ship I have (+ angsty ship is my weakness)

2. GaaNaru

Originally posted by kyotoxox

It’s so obvious that Gaara is in love with Naruto and vice versa

3. SasoSaku

Originally posted by veenia

This is my very ship where I ship sakura with other dude than sasuke and it’s worth it

4. InoSaku

Originally posted by uzumaki-sayuri

The ship I didn’t think I would get down with it but here I am

5. SakuKarin

I can’t describe this feeling except *clutch chest* this.

6. HashiMada

Originally posted by ladylilith91

Angsty ship (2)

7. GaaLee

Originally posted by senorita-gaara

The ship I didn’t think I would get down with it but here I am (2)

8. Kakashi/Happines

Originally posted by sarapyon

I just want him to be happy okay, I don’t care with who, I genuinely just want him to be happy :”)

yeah, that’s my naruto ships, I don’t really have many, but I’ll defend these till my last breath

I tag @blueeyedstark @introverted-roses @odaxelagnia13 @mydogisnamedpeanut @angry-bacon @loveslike

I’ve follow so many HP blogs and Marvel blogs, I don’t even know is there any Naruto related blog to tag *cries*

It was a good run

I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ll ever use Bendy again. He was a fun run and I got to meet some new friends, but he’s just died out. And seeing the people not understanding rule 34 and harassing others due to what they ship. Or ‘saving’ Bendy from ships. It’s really ruined it for me. 

If you want to still see me around, you can find me at my current RP blog @villanosblackhat

Trying to guilt trip me to use this blog will not be tolerated. The only use this blog will have is reblogging promos. Whether it’s my friends or my own. It’s now an advertisement blog I suppose.

It’s been a good run. But it’s time to say goodbye to this blog. I will say this; if I am ever to use Bendy again, it will be in at least a year. When the whole toxicity has died out and the game has finished and lost popularity and when maybe I’ll get his muse back.


The NoctLuna discourse that is going on in the tags…. lmao I get it if they’re arguing about the execution of their romance which I agree left me wanting for more, but the /validity/ of the romance within the game itself? That shit is obvious y'all, they fucking kissed at the end and got married on the astral plane even though they didn’t have to, why is the argument whether they were ‘in love’ or 'loved each other as friends but not in love’ still going on? 

I mean y'all can easily ship IgnisxAranea and PromptoxCindy even though those ships are purely on a superficial level and barely scraping the surface, yet write meta upon meta on how Noctis wasn’t in love with Luna and vice-versa when the game has clearly shown their relationship is romantic. 

I get it, the NoctLuna ship isn’t sexy because there was close to zero physical contact, you think them writing to each other through a notebook is lame and unfashionable, you /think/ Noctis and Luna have better chemistry with other girls/guys than each other, etc etc – but disguising your own preferences as 'facts’ is not the way to go, guys.

anonymous asked:

You're a bigot bc you hate on her for putting "whip" marks on Lafayette's back (*GASP* historical Lafayette was a white person!! Shock!!), and saying she's homophobic for shipping two men? Firstly. Being homophobic is HATING gay people, people of LGBT. Do you see her saying she's a hater of LGBT? Just because she's straight doesn't mean she can't ship them! Also, I recommend if you don't want to lose your followers, then stop starting shit, you asshole.

i would like to know who lied to u bc.. thats not what bigot means

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What was your favorite fight in ATLA?

i want to be generic and say the zuko/azula agni kai, because the visuals were mind blowingly beautiful and my zutara shipping heart just can’t ignore the lightning scene

but, i think truly, past all of my shipping emotions, my favourite fight was toph against the boulder and the other underground fighters after they had kidnapped aang and her. i think a big part of that is because i am one of the trashiest toph stans out and i would lay my life down for her because she is my wife. but also, she literally annihilated all her opponents and proved to her parents (even though they blatantly ignored it) that she wasn’t some precious, porcelain doll who couldn’t protect herself. she was a badass, capable of taking down grown men who could see clearly. she did that, a blind, less than 5ft, 12 year old girl did that. i fell in love with her character straight away, bc i can totally see where her brutish personality comes from. she was so used to suppressing her inner fire around her parents and then here she was, showing them exactly what kind of person she was, exactly how talented she was. i was so proud of her, and at that stage she had only had like fifteen minutes screen time, not including aang’s vision of her in the swamp. what a babe, is all i can say

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You bitch, stop shipping my daughter Wanda with that septuagenarian of Tony Stark. He's an old man that can be her father. Fuck you and horrible gifsets, kill yourself.

As far as we know, Tony Stark is forty six. 

Robert Downey Jr. is fifty two. 

And he looks like this:

Wanda Maximoff is an adult, so I can ship her with whoever I want. And Tony is not her father, I will never condemn the poor man having a daughter like her.

It doesn’t have to be “fuck and your horrible gifsets”? Tsk, grammar dearie 

And you are so lazy that you can’t kill me yourself? Antis are getting old. 

His grip was tightly woven within his silver hair, his voice thick with dirty intent, “Perhaps, Urza, you can serve me…”


I maaaaaaaay or may not have this really dumb crack pairing idea

First time actually trying to doodle Urza, however I am a slob and he just looks horrible 8,D

Also went with a random concept for Yawgmoth, just caus. Also pointy teeth >u>

Want to make a random ship name, pitch me ideas >>