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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,060

A/N: Anon requested ; “Was wondering if I could request something where Y/N feels stressed out & Shawn helps her unwind? As fluffy as possible, please & thank you! :3” OKAY SO PSA don’t listen to Hold On when reading this and especially not towards the end because I shed actual tears rip.


Shawn enters my room, his grey sweatshirt filled with things for me. “Okay… So I got us cookies to share, I got you some new pens, I brought your headphones that you left at my house, I have a sweatshirt of mine that I know you like and I also brought some muffins because why not?” He says pulling each item from underneath his top and placing it on my bed in front of me, “Is that okay? Did I forget anything? Do you want me to get you anything else?” He’s almost out of breath due to the speed the words are flying out of his mouth. I look up at him, our eyes meeting, as I give him a weak smile. My head has been hurting for about 72 hours straight now and the stress is getting to me. I’ve always hated finals and I have an interview for college soon and the fact that my family are basically at war with each other right now doesn’t help one bit. “That’s perfect, thank you so much.” I say, my voice quiet, not wanting to speak loud enough to make my head pound again. He sits beside me, on the bed, a troubled look on his face. “You’ll be okay, baby. I promise. I’m right here.” He says, placing his hand on my cheek, his large, warm hand heating my heart. My eyes begin to water as a result of my lack of sleep, churning brain and hurting heart. I lean my head against his shoulder, needing nothing more than for him to hold me. “Just hold me, please. I just need you to hold me.” I sob, my head buried in his chest, my hands gripping his soft sweatshirt. “Oh Y/N…” He says softly, placing both of his arms around me and hugging me tightly.

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Toby is such a cute name and suits you adorable muffin, congrat :D Oh, And Can you share your thought about Keith's way of getting Lance's attention please? I saw you mention it in another ask and I was curious?

aaa thank you!!

and about that, 

i just think it’s a bit of a pining!keith thing? that’s just my personal headcanons anyway. i like to think Keith actually enjoys engaging in banter with Lance or teasing him bc he’s a poor bean who just wants Lance’s attention and thinks Lance is cute when he gets annoyed :’D


Made myself a pattern for my blog and thought I could share it cuz I’m happy with how it turned out and how much fun I had making it >v<
(I’m surprised it works, I usually suck at making these XD).

You’re free to use it for your blog if you want to.
Credit’s not needed but would be highly appreciated ´w`~ <3
(and yes, Kylo’s helmet turned out too small - maybe that’s why he’s so pissed *snort*)

At 3:30am we woke up, grabbed muffins, and hit the road for a trip to the beach to take photos for the wonderful @freepeopleparamus. I just want to take a moment and express how happy I am right now. I don’t know if it’s the sand or the waves or just life in general, but it’s all so beautiful. Sounds corny but I also want to thank you guys for letting me share my weird obsessions/passions with you. Sometimes the beauty in this world and the good things are just too much to handle for me, and it’s amazing to share it all with others who think and appreciate the same ★

“No no no, I have not worked a fourteen hour day to have my mozzarella sticks taken from under my nose.” Casey said quickly, reaching over and snatching the fried snack back off the person sitting opposite her. “If you wanted them you should have ordered them. I ordered them to eat them, not share them.” Her tone was firm and there was clearly no room for negotiation. 

Hello fellow bunny lovers! I’m new here to help keep the bunny pictures coming. Since this is my first post, I wanted to introduce you to the most precious of buns: my own Muffin on his first snow adventure this year. He’s a 2 year old lionhead mix that I have the privilege of sharing with my best friends/roommates. He has more than enough love (and mischief) for all of us!