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Muffin Party!

So…it’s not really a party, but it should be!!!

As my way of saying thank you, I would like to do a small giveaway as an expression of my thanks. There will be three (3) winners.


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The prizes:

  • First place: 1 floral notebook, and a used copy of the following books: The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley, Lady of Devices by Shelly Adina, and The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly.
  • Second Place: 1 floral notebook, and a used copy of the following books: Lady of Devices by Shelly Adina, and The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly.
  • Third Place: 1 floral notebook, and a used copy of the following book:The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly.

All winners will be contacted via message or askbox and MUST respond within 24 hours.

Happy writing, everyone!


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,060

A/N: Anon requested ; “Was wondering if I could request something where Y/N feels stressed out & Shawn helps her unwind? As fluffy as possible, please & thank you! :3” OKAY SO PSA don’t listen to Hold On when reading this and especially not towards the end because I shed actual tears rip.


Shawn enters my room, his grey sweatshirt filled with things for me. “Okay… So I got us cookies to share, I got you some new pens, I brought your headphones that you left at my house, I have a sweatshirt of mine that I know you like and I also brought some muffins because why not?” He says pulling each item from underneath his top and placing it on my bed in front of me, “Is that okay? Did I forget anything? Do you want me to get you anything else?” He’s almost out of breath due to the speed the words are flying out of his mouth. I look up at him, our eyes meeting, as I give him a weak smile. My head has been hurting for about 72 hours straight now and the stress is getting to me. I’ve always hated finals and I have an interview for college soon and the fact that my family are basically at war with each other right now doesn’t help one bit. “That’s perfect, thank you so much.” I say, my voice quiet, not wanting to speak loud enough to make my head pound again. He sits beside me, on the bed, a troubled look on his face. “You’ll be okay, baby. I promise. I’m right here.” He says, placing his hand on my cheek, his large, warm hand heating my heart. My eyes begin to water as a result of my lack of sleep, churning brain and hurting heart. I lean my head against his shoulder, needing nothing more than for him to hold me. “Just hold me, please. I just need you to hold me.” I sob, my head buried in his chest, my hands gripping his soft sweatshirt. “Oh Y/N…” He says softly, placing both of his arms around me and hugging me tightly.

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Rainy Day

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader (and the reader can be any gender, 99.99% positive i did that)

This is set when Lin was still in the show

Word count: 864

Warnings: none, i don’t think i swore

Requests: anon: You should write some Lin fluff to celebrate :) and anon: But for real, can you do a fluffy Lin x reader?

A/N: it was raining last night and that inspired me to write this. it’s my first x reader fic (that’s what an imagine is, right?) so please tell me if you’d like to read more of those in the future.

this is to celebrate getting 100 followers (what the actual heck)

and also, i live in the united states, and as you probably know, the inauguration was today. personally, i’m terrified as to what the next four years are gonna bring (i’m a part of the lgbtq+ community so who knows what kind of discriminatory legislation is gonna be passed against me [and against others who are far worse off than me for that matter]), and i don’t want this to become a political author’s note, but this is some pretty big stuff going down. just stand up for what you believe in unless it puts you in danger. then stay safe.

okay i didn’t mean to ramble this much. have some fluffy Lin x reader



“It is pouring out there,” Lin remarked, staring out the cafe window. Rain was streaming down the glass, and it was dark and gray outside. You shivered and sipped your coffee.

“I can’t believe I have to go back out in that,” you complained. “It was hard enough getting here, and my socks are soaked.”

Lin turned back to you. “Well, we could just spend eight hours in here if you’d like.”

You pretended to consider this, making Lin laugh. He flicked a crumb of his muffin at you, and you leaned over and plucked a bit of the muffin off, popping it in your mouth.


You grinned and reclined in your chair.

Lin was one of your best friends. He always made time for you, even around performing all the time in his Broadway musical. He’d gotten you a ticket to it a few weeks ago, and it had been one of the most magical experiences of your life. You had even had the privilege of going backstage and meeting the cast, and you wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.

Well, you could think of a few possible things that might top that, but they were completely hypothetical, so they didn’t count.

“You doing anything special today?” Lin asked, twirling his coffee stirrer between his fingers.

“No, not that I can think of. I might stay here for longer than usual and see if the rain lets up,” you said, taking a long drink of your coffee. You set the cup down and noticed that Lin was staring at you. You felt a faint blush creeping onto your cheeks and Lin quickly looked away.

“What about you?” you tried, wanting this to be more of a normal conversation.

“Today’s actually a day that I’m not performing,” Lin said. You looked directly into his eyes and butterflies fluttered in your stomach. He had such beautiful eyes.

“So what do you wanna do? I don’t think we should actually spend eight hours here, they’d probably kick us out.”

Lin shrugged. “Free day. Fun day.”

“Pouring-down-rain day,” you added, and Lin playfully rolled his eyes.

“You want another muffin or something?” he asked, changing the subject. You nodded, and he tipped back his chair ever so slightly to read the menu. “Blueberry or chocolate chip?”

“I don’t know,” you mused. “Blueberry is healthier, but chocolate is delicious…hmm…”

“If you had to choose, if you had to choose…” Lin sang, and you giggled. “No, but seriously. What do you want?”

“Surprise me,” you offered, and you thought you heard Lin mumble something under his breath. “What was that?”

Maybe you were imagining that his face was reddening. “Nothing.”

You got blueberry.

“And it’s my favorite, so we have to share,” Lin said, walking back with the muffin. He’d gone up to the counter to buy it. “That’s the rule.”

“That’s not fair,” you complained.

“I did buy it,” Lin pointed out, and you conceded with a sigh.

“You’re almost as good at arguing as Alexander Hamilton,” you said, and Lin laughed, a real, honest laugh.

“Good one, Y/N.”

You shared the muffin with Lin in mostly silence, just thinking.

You had to admit to yourself now that you liked Lin. A lot. More than a friend. And you didn’t want to ruin the great friendship the two of you shared. But he would do things that bordered on flirting, and you didn’t know how to feel about that.

“What’re you thinking about, Y/N?” Lin asked, catching you off-guard. Startled, you jumped a bit and glanced up to see that he’d devoured his share of the muffin.

Your brain scrambled in a panic and for some reason you told the truth. “You.”
Lin raised an eyebrow, and you started laughing. “Can I ask exactly what you were thinking about me?”

Screw it, you were gonna be honest again. At this point, if it ruined your friendship, you had enough memories to be okay. Probably. “I kind of like you.”

“I’d hope so,” Lin cracked. “We are friends.”

“More than a friend, you idiot,” you said quietly, picking at a loose thread on your sleeve. Lin’s mouth fell open in a perfect O.

Neither of you said anything for several long moments, until you got the courage to look up. Lin was unashamedly staring at you, but it didn’t feel weird now. “That’s good,” he murmured. “Because I kind of like you more than a friend too.”

A relieved smile broke out on your face. Lin scooted his chair so that he was next to you. He brought your face to be level with his, and his eyes said the things that his mouth didn’t.

You leaned in without further instruction, and when your lips touched his, it felt like the world was settling into place.

“Finally,” the little old woman at the table next to yours muttered. “The sexual tension’s been killing me.”

You laughed against Lin’s mouth, and he pulled back for a second, rearranging your mouths together. As you kissed, you had one thought, and it was that this was a better memory than seeing Hamilton.

The rain continued to pour down.


Likes are appreciated, reblogs are wonderful, and nice comments or constructive criticism (even if it’s just AIUWFOUBWOUBF) make my day. also thanks again for 100 followers!! i can’t believe that many people want to read what i write

Two years ago today,

I started this blog. It’s been two years today and I am still speechless about how many of you there are out there who like my work.
10,478 of you to be exact.
I never ever dreamed that I would have this many followers
It’s been a very long day today..and I know my hiatus has lasted way longer than I thought it would, and so for that, I am sorry.
I have several prompts written up, I just haven’t had time to actually post them up…
But I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for still coming here and finding something in these words I share.
Much love from me to you, muffins.
Happy Writing, everyone!

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happy birthday to the light of my life, the rhythm of my heart, the best thing that's ever happened to me and my soul mate. i love you so much and i am so happy to have you in my life and to be able to share another one of your special days with you. May this year be worthy of you and may your day bring you laughter and smiles. I love you so much my pumpkin headed ninny muffin. Happy Happy Happy Birthday. I carry your heart in my heart <3

I was tempted to keep this just for myself in my ask box (like I’ve done with any of the million messages you’ve sent me over the years!) but I want to make sure that everyone who follows me knows just how incredibly lucky I am, how special you make me feel, and how absolutely perfect you are. 

I honestly don’t know where I’d be without you - or who I’d be, frankly - and I don’t even like to think about it. It’s nowhere good. You came blazing into my life like a comet and I hitched a ride and never looked back. No regrets, no doubts, just the greatest love and the most bone-deep happiness I have ever known. And when I say I’m lucky to have you, no one really knows just how true that is (not even you, I think) but trust me when I say that the day you tackled me out of the blue, I was well and truly blessed beyond words.

I love you so much, my treasure. More than all the stars in the heavens and deeper than any ocean. Always. Thank you for being mine.

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Sweets headcanons for Hanzo, Soldier 76, and Lucio? Like favorite desserts?

Ahh yiss, my overwatch boys + food = admins ultimate happiness. Thank you Beb! c: // agreed, plus i have a major sweet tooth. this ask is the best. - ryl


  • Is very picky when it comes to sweets, only likes certain ones
  • Didn’t have a very big sweet tooth growing up (unlike Genji) and discourages eating too many out of healthy habit
  • However, there are few sweets he really enjoys like Dango which is a chewy dumpling made from rice flour and is very much like mochi but it’s served on a stick
    -Loves them best when grilled over an open fire (kind of like marshmellows!)
    -Loves Hanami dango too which are white, green, and pink and his favorite are the green because it tastes like green tea
  • Castella which is like a simple sponge cake really but he eats that shit up
  • Loves peaches so he loves peach tarts and hakuto jelly which is basically jelly made from Hakuto peaches (if you google it Hakuto Jelly kind of looks like Jello to me, although its made to be in the shape and color of a Hakuto peach and is really pretty)
  • His all time favorite desert is Monaka
    -Monaka have a crispy outer shell and are filled with sweet ingredients such as red bean paste, chestnut paste, mochi and ice cream.
    -Hanzo likes his best with red bean paste or ice cream

Soldier 76:

  • Jack isn’t the biggest sweet tooth but he enjoys a variety of desserts (he grew up in like Indiana which is technically Midwestern but I totally hc he grew up in the southern part so boi you know he grew up eating those good southern sweets)
  • Loves really sticky, messy sweets because he thinks that’s how you know it’s going to be good
  • So he’s naturally a big cobbler fan because lets be real that shit is a mess and everythings kinda just mashed together and it’s delicious 
    -Caramel apple, blueberry, nectarine, and strawberry cobbler are all his favorite
    -Pecan Cobbler Dump Cake is his mothers greatest sin and it’s one of his favorite things of all time
  • Is a big banana pudding fan 
  •  Isn’t a big lemon fan, and also isn’t very keen on candies or chocolate
  • He greatly enjoyed raspberry muffins growing up and they still are his favorite breakfast choice 
  • Big cookie fan too, loves all of them really unless they are over abundantly filled with chocolate
    -His favorite are butter pecan cookies 
  • No one can tell me he doesn’t have like an army of Oatmeal cream pie boxes hidden in his room okay, I just feel it in my veins
    -When he’s going to be gone for awhile he packs a box with him and he doesn’t tell anyone not out of shame, but because he doesn’t want to share


  • Loves chocolate okay and damnit you know this boy has a stash of chocolate bars under his pillow of almost every kind you name it
  • Brigadeiro is a Brazilian chocolate truffle and it’s one of his favorite candies of all time
  • Loves rich, creamy desserts so he really enjoys Quindim which is basically a custard made from sugar, egg yolks, and coconut 
  • Bolo de rolo is a roll cake that he enjoys a lot (it’s like a swiss roll but instead of cream and cake, its thin layers of melted guava and cake)
  • Lúcio eats rice pudding for breakfast when he has the time to make it and it’s what him and his family ate growing up
    -Rice pudding isn’t sweet unless you add sugar or make it with condensed milk so it can legit be eaten as a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert
    -Little knowledge for you guys, Rice pudding is eaten all over the world and another name for it is Arroz con leche and it’s actually very good (Every once in awhile my mother makes my sister and I arroz con leche for breakfast and uses condensed milk to make it sweet and it’s my favorite breakfast tbh so I like to imagine Lúcio and his family did this too)
  • Creme de papaya is his favorite ice cream and it’s basically papaya blended with vanilla ice cream 
    -No one can tell me he doesn’t drown this in whipped cream
    -Some people put Crème de cassis on it which is like a wine (sweet, dark red liqueur) and I think Lúcio likes his with this (this stuff has only got like 15% ABV so it’s not enough to get him drunk so it’s all good)

(Drive Drabble #2)

Author: Mikala
Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Count: 700
Warnings: Some swearing. Mentions of wanting to shoot someone?? Lol
Author’s Note: Here’s the second fic for my “Drive” Drabble week! The prompt @bovaria provided for me was “Sit still, for the love of all the is Holy.” I rearranged it, though. Also, during June in New York, the sun rises around 5:30am EST, so that’s the time I used for this! Come back every day this week around 4pm (EST) for a new car-related drabble!
Previous Drabbles:

“Please, Y/N; for the love of all that is Holy, sit still.” Upon Steve’s request, you immediately froze, stopping your leg form bouncing up and down and halting your fingers’ incessant drumming on the armrest of the passenger door.

“You’re the one who dragged me out of bed at 4:30 in the morning. It’s your own fault for deciding to be a nice kidnapper and giving me two cups of coffee on the way out the door,” you retorted, silently begging your jittery body to stay motionless. Steve didn’t say anything else. It was after five now, and you were in his car as he cruised down a dark road that was unfamiliar to you. There wasn’t much traffic this early in the morning, and you could feel dawn coming.

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Something Crazy Part 4

Summary: The conclusion of the great date and fun time with your friends (I suck at synopsis.)

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1713

Warnings: smut (safe sex), fluffy, the word fuck my mother wouldn’t be proud of me right now.

A/N: This is the second real smut that I write so please be nice and I will love you forever.

PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3

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In 10 minutes you arrive at his house. You can see that he is a little nervous; you don’t know if is the excitement to having sex after all he is a man or if something else but you don’t want make him feel bad about this.

You hold his and place a delicate kiss on his lips “Are you okay Bucky? I don’t want you to feel that I am forcing you to do anything. If you want we can watch TV or I can go. ”

He sits on the edge of his bed putting his head between his hands “I want this … you. I just afraid of lose control and hurt you.” You sit by his side on the bed and he continues to talk “What I am saying is please if I do anything that is making you uncomfortable or hurting you let me know … even if you have to break a lamp in my head.”

You get up take your shoes slowly and in a few seconds your red dress is one the floor reviling your matching underwear. “God you are beautiful.” You came closer to him and he kisses your stomach. You sit in his lap “Can I take your shirt off?”

He nods and you take his shirt seeing a few scars on his chest. They are barely noticeable you only can imagine the history behind you start to tracing them gently and placing a few kisses on it. You attack his lips before he can be self-conscious about them.

His hands are in your ass as you start to grind on him; his lips are on your neck making you moan as he bites. You feel his hands trailing to your back stopping on your bra “May i?”

You nod a yes and he smoothly take of your bra placing in his mouth one of your breasts while he massages the other. He flips you over letting you rest on the bed while he take of his pants. You feel exposed to him and with an urge to cover yourself.

He gets on the bed and say “Relax baby girl I want make you feel good. Can I?” you whisper a yes and before you can even process his is kissing all the way down your body stopping in your panties.

Gently he takes of your panties getting his head between your legs. You are almost dying with anticipation and you lost control of all over your senses when his mouth makes contact with your clit. You are lost in your own pleasure that you don’t realize how loud your moans are or how tight you are griping his hair.

You know that you are close he was so god at this. His licks were so precise “Oh Bucky please don’t stop I am so close.” He continues his actions for a couple more of minutes until you climax. His is holding and kissing you tights while you calm down.

“You taste amazing Doll.” You smile at him and pull him for a kiss tasting you in his mouth. Getting one top of him you take his boxers and give him a few pumps before you can take him in your mouth he stops you “I want to cum inside you.”

He hands you a condom and before you place the condom in his shaft you kiss his tip. You slide in and start to riding him. The position is perfect. You can see his face in pure bliss and how much he is fight his moans.

“Moan for me baby, let it all out.” Your words seems to work and you can hear his moans and few fucks coming out of him “Baby girl you look so fucking good riding my cock like this.” The combination of the dirty talking with your g spot being hitting again and again perfectly is taking you over the edge.

“Your cook is so huge, so good to me I am not going to last much longer.” The pace starts to get faster and faster and his start to play with your clit. You feel your vision getting blurred and your orgasm is washing over you “You look so pretty when you come.”

In last the one minute after you climax he has his own. You would be lying if say that you didn’t enjoy see him lose control at his on climax dig his fingers on your hips and cursing like his life depends on this.

He gets up really fast but before you can think about anything he hand you a bottle of water “Drink up darling.” You thankfully accept the water feeling thirst and tired you lay in his bed and he pulls you to his chest kissing you hard.

His fingers are on your hair and you are almost sleeping when you hear him whispery “Thank you for trusting me.”

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Day 4

When you wake you don’t know what to do. Should you leave? For you this was more than one night stand but if he was only after sex and wants you to leave? Or if he wants you to stay? You look at him sleeping so peaceful you would hate leave right now but this is what you usually do if one night stands but he is not really a one night stand.

“Good morning.”  He says taking you away from your thoughts and kissing your shoulder “Morning.” You respond not knowing what else you could say but smiling at him “Do you want some breakfast? Or take a shower with me? Both would be great.”

You stare at his seductive smile and you can help yourself and place a kiss on his lips “Breakfast sounds delicious but I had to meet Wanda and Nat for breakfast and we both know that if I enter in that shower with you I not going to leave anytime soon.”

“But I could show you a really good time and feed you with my marvelous waffles. You wouldn’t want to leave after that.” You get up and put in your underwear but before you can put your dress back you climb on top of him.

“I think i will owe you one of these mornings and you can collect whatever you want along with your blowjob.” His mouth was in yours hungrily you can fell his hands everywhere “Are you trying to kill me?”

“You would die very happy.” You two change in silence but exchange a few kisses. “Do you want me to take you to find the girls?” You smile at his kindness “I don’t want to bother you Bucky please continue if your day.”

“I want to… And we can spend a little more time together.”

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“You are late.” You murmur a sorry and sit with them. Wanda looks at you and says “You look really pretty.” You smile at her “Thank you Wanda.” You are trying not to bring any attention for you or the fact that you are wearing your last night clothes.

“Are you two waiting for long?” Wanda smile at you “Oh no. I just got here with Natasha we not even look at the menu yet.” After order a few cappuccinos, muffins and croissants you three continue to talk.

Wanda was fascinating she was born in small country named Sokovia and came here to working to working for Tony Stark. “So me and my brother share an apartment but he didn’t want to come with me and boys to the beach he is kind of antisocial.” She says showing us a picture.

“He is cute.” You say and Nat aggress “Look at his eyes and hair.” Wanda makes a disgusted face “I wouldn’t be so excited he slept with everything’s that moves since we got here.” You too continue to eat having small talk.

“Sorry darling but I have to ask this is your last night dress?” You gave Nat a dirty look “Yes it is.” You say pretending not knowing where this is going “You are really fancy for a simple breakfast with your friends. Usually I see you sweatpants and tank tops.”

“It’s a cute dress I wanted to look nice for you guys.” You see Wanda take a sip of her coffee like this was the most fun she had in years “It’s kind of wrinkled almost like the dress was all night on the floor.”

“That’s because… it was.” You didn’t want to lie, you weren’t ashamed of your night and what you could say she knows, Wanda knows even the waiters knows because of the hickeys on your neck. “So tell us. How this pretty dresses end up on the floor?”

“You know how.” You are in shock because instead of Natasha who decide to to talk was Wanda “This explains the finger tips on her tights and the messy hair.  Please tell me was safe sex I don’t want to be an aunt to Bucky’s baby.”

“Yes it was, nobody is having a baby.” Natasha gave you a smirk “How was it? Give us details.” So you start to talking nonstop about how good it was and how caring and gentle Bucky was with you. You let the dirtiest details out of it but told them about what happened this morning.

“How cute!” You just shrug “Maybe this is just a one night stand for him.” Wanda put her hand on yours “I doubt, I know Bucky for more than one year and I never seen acting this way with any girl. He may seem a big flirt but he is a hopeless romantic.”

“Someone who only wants sex doesn’t try so hard, believe me.” Natasha says trying to give you a little peace of mind “Come on text him invite him and Steve for a Movie night. He is going to say yes in a heartbeat.”

After send the text you receive an answer in a couple of minutes

“Sure doll. I love that we already having double dates. I almost feel like an adult. “

“Steve says that we are bringing the pizza.”

“And I hope to have my sweater back.”

You smile at the screen and answer:

“You are going to have to take out of me.”


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Down the road pt.2

Part Two of Two / Part one
Taehyung & Jeongguk & OC.
Words: 9,028.
Genre: A little bit of everything.
Bonnie&Clyde!AU. Warning: This includes consumption of licit drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol. SMUT.
“In which you meet two guys who will take you to a route you’ve never seen before.”

A couple hours later, you feel someone moving beside you, making the entire bed creak a little bit which almost woke you up but a strong arm enveloped your hip, soon feeling a chest against your back and a faint kiss in your head. Soon, you fell asleep again.

The next time you wake up, the strong scent of coffee and an incredible need to pee didn’t allow you to fall asleep again so instead, you rolled to your side and softly opened your eyes. You were alone on the bed and the curtain was closed but a faint noise let you know they boys were awake. You got up –ignoring the sudden pounding on your head- and draw the curtain, only to be greeted with the sight of Jeongguk sitting on the kitchen isle, reading something on his phone and Taehyung taking a sit next to him while placing a mug on the table and fondly kissing the younger one’s ear.

“Good morning,” both of them look at your direction, suddenly making you feel shy and little. “I need to use the bathroom.”

“Good morning, baby girl,” Taehyung blows a kiss at you and Jeongguk softly waves his hand at you. “Go ahead, I’ll make some coffee for you.”

You nod and make your way to the toilet.

A few minutes later you are sitting next to Jeongguk, having a cup of coffee and sharing a raspberry muffin with Taehyung, who’s lazily playing with your hair.

“Do you have anything to do today?” Taehyung asks while stealing the last piece of muffin right before you could eat it.

“Hey!” You hit his hand and he laughs, “Not really, just go home and ignore this hangover, why?”

“How about we go get some lunch and then you spend the rest of the day here with us? Maybe watch a movie or something.”

You contemplate the idea for a couple seconds.

“Thank you but I think I’ll just go home.” Biting your lip, you avoid looking at Taehyung because you knew he would, one way or another, end up convincing you to stay.

“How about a real brunch?” Jeongguk interferes, making you raise your eyes to his direction, “I don’t think you deserve a cup of coffee with some shared muffin,” You really did want to stick to your previous answer but a real brunch sounded so tempting. “You can choose the place.”

“I… know a place that has the best pastries in town, they’re not expensive and it’s near my house… and I could really use a cinnamon roll right now.” As you finish your sentence, Taehyung chuckles and quickly jumps from his seat.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s get going!”

And just then, you wonder if accepting their offer was the right thing to do.

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i dont know if youre still taking friends themed prompts but if you are then "the one where joey tells rachel" with sterek when phoebe says she met monicas soulmate and introduces them and makes chandler all jealous and worried

“Guys,” Lydia ushers in a pretty, brunette woman and gestures to her, “I want you to meet Carla.” She taps Derek on the shoulder and gives him an intense look, “She’s the friend I mentioned that enjoys cooking, too.”

“Oh,” Stiles jumps in, throwing his legs over Derek’s lap to prevent him from standing. “You like cooking? Wow, that’s… so unusual. I don’t know anyone else that likes cooking.”

Derek smirks at him over his coffee cup, nods at Carla, “Nice to meet you.”

“Hi,” Carla goes to sit down next to Derek, and Stiles wiggles his feet at her, gives her an apologetic look. “Okay,” she says slowly, perching on the chair next to them instead. “I’d been hoping to run into Lydia again, actually,” she looks at Derek, smiles winningly. “I ate at your restaurant last month.”

“Oh no,” Derek pulls a face, “We were terribly short staffed all through June, I’m so sorry.”

“No, it was wonderful!” Carla touches his arm and Stiles eyeballs her hand so hard he thinks he pulls something. She doesn’t notice. Lydia does, however, and elbows him sharply. 

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beginners chapter 1

[korra and asami at university, or: asami is a little bit of a lonely genius and korra is a bad ass soccer player, and sometimes bad things happen, but they’re really very in love with each other.

chapter 1, or: korra & asami meet, and they’re really already kind of gross. also, jinora is a brilliantly kind human being. /// ao3.]


tonight the city is glimmered (an august monsoon is heat & wet)


All you want to do right now is take a nap. 

You’ve had 5:30 am practices for a week, and you’re exhausted—between those and how hard you’re having to work at Calc II, you don’t even want to bother walking back to your dorm when you can just nap in one of the big empty lecture halls they leave unlocked in the Bio building.

Despite the fact that you’re so tired, you really like it here: it’s way bigger than your old school, and your teammates are pretty cool; you’ve made some good friends in your Western Civ class already.

But you are tired, even if it’s a good place to be, and so you heft open the large door silently and almost just go straight to the back of the classroom, but then you’re caught off guard by the sound of someone writing on the blackboard, almost frantically.

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Air - Shawn Mendes imagine (requested)


Request: I don’t know if u r still doing this but can I have one were the reader is friends with a famous singer who is doing a song with Shawn and the reader writes a song for them and at the end Shawn and the reader get together and sing the song. Sorry if it’s a lot to ask for

A/N: I cannot write a song for shiz, okay? So I may have pretended that instead of Shawn writing ‘Air’ you wrote it, and instead of ‘ft Astrid’, it’s ‘ft Jacquie Lee’ okay? Cool.

[Y/n - ‘your name’ Y/l/n - ‘your last name’]

Y/n’s POV

I was humming to ‘Let it go’ by James Bay as I wrote another line of the new song. You see I’m a song writer, but I’m too scared to sing them in front of a crowd, so instead of hiding my songs, I write them for other artists. This time it’s for Jacquie lee and one of my favorite artists, Shawn Mendes.

They recently toured together and during the tour they had the idea to write a song. Shawn quickly became busy writing songs for his album, so he asked Jacquie to write it for them. See Jacquie is one of my close friends; I’ve known her since we were 14, so when she asked me to help her write the song, I didn’t even argue.

I just didn’t think I was writing the whole song. I was piqued with her absence, but yet being me, I wrote the song. Well, I’m almost finished I just have to write the bridge then I’m done.

“Y/n! You in there?” I heard Jacquie’s voice come from outside my apartment door.

I ran to the door and opened, looking back into my room to see that I accidentally knocked over a pile of paper on my rush to get to the door.

“Jac, I’m nearly done the so-” I stopped mid-sentence as my eyes met someone else’s. Shawn Mendes is right outside of my apartment.

“Y/n/n, you ok? You look like you’ve seen a ghost?” Jac grabbed my wrists and my attention immediately adverted to her.

“Huh? Oh-um-yeah, sorry, come in, both of you,” I opened my door wider to let Shawn in.

I then grabbed Jacquie’s forearm.

“Um-Shawn just make yourself comfortable, I just need to talk to Jacquie for a sec,” he nodded and plopped down on the couch instantly going on his phone.

I pulled Jacquie into the kitchen.

“What? What’s wrong Y/n?”

“You brought Shawn, Shawn Mendes, into my apartment without any warning? You know how much I adore him! Oh my god, I look like a mess!” I whisper-yelled at her.

“Gosh, Y/n, calm down, it’s not like he cares much, he’s here to see the song and make improvements that’s all.”

“Okay, fine, just the song that’s it,” she nodded before making her way to the living room. I was slightly more hesitant, making sure to look at the microwave screen to check my hair.

As I walked in Shawn’s eyes shot to mine and a smile graced his face.

“Hey, I’m Y/n,” I awkwardly said, pulling down the sleeves of my blue and green flannel.

“Hey,” Shawn said casually. God I sounded like a nervous wreck next to him.

“Um, do you want to see the draft of the song. It’s just in my room,” he nodded and stood up, putting his phone in his back pocket.

“Y/n, I have to go I have a meeting with Atlantic records. Shawn, just stay here and help her with the song,”she closed the door before I could say anything.

“O-kay, anyway my rooms just here,” I walked into the room where the walls were filled with pictures of everything I liked; my friends, family, places I had visited and places I’d want to visit.

“Wow, I like your room,” I just smiled softly at him before pulling out my desk chair and sitting down.

“Um, so here’s the song,” I moved the pencils on my notepad out of the way. Shawn placed his hand on the desk and the other on the back of my chair, before leaning down near my face to read over my shoulder.

“Trying to hold me down, but I’m surfacing. It’s hard to let you go, but I gotta leave.” 

Shawn sang quietly. I felt his warm breath close to my neck and he hummed the tune. I closed my eyes at the feeling.

“These are amazing lyrics; you came up with these on your own?” My eyes snapped open and I turned to him, he was, thankfully, looking at my notes.

“Uh-yeah-um-yeah, I wrote them a c-couple of minutes ago actually.” My voice was almost breathless. I was so embarrassed, even if he didn’t see it.

“That’s so cool. But I have some small, very minor details we can improve,” we spent roughly an hour changing the lyrics, Shawn sitting on the edge of my bed, whilst I sat on my chair.

You, you don’t mean no harm, but you’re stringin’ me along and I don’t have time to spare. And I, I’m trying hard to breathe, but you’re suffocating me. This time I’m coming up for air.” 

Shawn sang perfectly. I watched as he closed his eyes and how his nose crinkled when singing. His hands in the air, the way singers do, in a way, showing how much passion he was using singing.

“How was that?” Again I snapped out of my dream-like state, frazzled and confused.

“Uh- that, that was amazing,” I breathed out smiling. He smiled and looked down at his hands. I turned around to place the notebook back.

“So, Y/n, you write amazing songs. How come you don’t sing them?”

“Oh, I don’t sing. I just write the songs, and then give them to amazing artists, like you, so you can sing them instead,” he just nodded, and then a ping was heard. Shawn took his phone out of his pocket.

“Oh, shoot, I have to go now, Andrew wants me back on the bus,” he stood up and I lead him to the door.

“Thank you, really. For writing the song and letting me help you. I hope to see you soon,” Shawn hesitated before turning away from me and walking down the hallway to the elevator.  

Two weeks after

Y/n’s POV

Tomorrow is the day that Shawn and Jacquie perform the new song; I had left the title to be up to the two. They decided on ‘Air’, it was a fitting title.  

Throughout the past weeks, Shawn and I kept in close contact and started hanging out. Today was no different. We were going to meet at a small cafe a few blocks away from my apartment. It was well hidden and the people who went there didn’t even acknowledge Shawn’s presence.

I walked down the footpath to the alleyway. The cafe had a door that was on one of the walls of the alleyway, then a set of stairs. The cafe was almost like a rooftop garden, Shawn and I often met here.

“Y/n!” A familiar voice called out my name from the other end of the small cafe. Shawn stood as I approached him. He opened his arms and I snuggled into them, wrapping my arms around his waist, whilst his went around my neck.

We pulled away and I took a seat opposite.

“Sorry, I already ordered drinks for the two us. I got the one you always got don’t worry,” In the short time I’ve know Shawn, he knows, surprisingly, a lot about me. Not just drink orders, but he knows about my family, friends, what my hobbies are, he even picks up on small gesture I do that show a certain emotion. He’s something else. And I’m also pretty sure it’s obvious I’ve grown feelings for him. I wouldn’t say I love him, but an attraction, which I hope will one day be mutual, is definitely there.

“So how’s writing going? Any new songs?” I nodded getting out my notebook where my new song was written. I always give any new songs I’m working on to Shawn, as he’s an excellent editor and tells me what I need to change and what I need to add.

“Wow, is this for anyone special, ‘cause it’s amazing,” I blushed at the compliment.

“No. I just created this one through a spur of inspiration.”

’He’s completely oblivious, can’t he tell? Can’t he tell?’ This almost sounds like you’re talking about someone. Anyone I know?” I looked down at my hands on the table, fiddling with my fingers.

“No, it’s not about anyone specific, but a common feeling. Where ones attracted to someone but the other is completely oblivious or chooses not to care. It talks about the struggles of unrequited feelings,” Shawn nodded and turned the pages over reading ‘Air’.

“I’m so excited to sing this song. You’re so talented, you know that right?” Chuckling I nodded.

“Considering the times you told me, I sure do.”

We spent the day talking about what the future holds for the both of us, sharing inside jokes and so on.

Soon the cafe was closing and they shooed us out.

“You can come to my apartment if you want?”

“I have a free day so why not, eh?”

As we made it to my apartment, Shawn immediately went into the living room, whilst I went to the kitchen to grab a couple of snacks.

“Thanks,” Shawn said as I placed down a bowl of popcorn and two muffins on the coffee table, knowing it’s his favorite.

“Y/n, I want to ask you something. But please don’t say no before hearing what my idea is,” I just nodded and lay back down on the couch.

“Why don’t you come up on stage with me and sing ‘Air’.”

“Shawn I don-” I was about to interrupt, no way was I going up on a stage.

“Don’t shoot it down before hearing me out,” I nodded and let him go on.

“I talked to Jacquie and she thinks you should do it too, because you did write the song, you deserve to sing it. Look, just think about it, you don’t have to answer. Jacquie told me you can sing, you’re just afraid to. Look, the light shines in your eyes and you can barely see the crowd. All you have to do is let go and sing,” I knew he really wanted me to do it, and he almost persuaded me.

“Fine, I’ll think about it. But I don’t know. I could get scared and mess up the words, I haven’t sung in front of a cro-” Shawn got closer and grabbed my hands.

“I’ll be with you up there the whole time. You don’t have to even think about the crowd, just focus on me,” I looked down at our hands and noticed how perfectly they fitted together. I looked up at his eyes, they were honest and calming.

“Alright, but don’t you dare leave me, okay? I can’t do this without you,” Shawn smiled so wide and in that moment I wanted to kiss him, guess Shawn had the same feeling, because no sooner were we leaning in.

I closed my eyes and Shawn put his hand on my cheek, pulling me closer, and my hand on his chest grasping onto his shirt. Our lips connected and in seconds they were moving perfectly. His lips tasted of pineapple and blueberries, the smoothie he drank earlier. His tongue entered my mouth and it was a new and exciting feeling. We soon pulled away, my hands still holding his shirt, his still cupping my cheeks.

“I’ve been meaning to do that for a while now,” I noticed now that his cheeks were pink and his lips slightly swollen from kissing.

“Good thing too. But we should, you know, try again, huh?”

“Oh, definitely, maybe this time a little deeper,” and on to the next kiss we go.

That night was full of watching marathons of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, and stolen kisses from both ends.

The dreaded night arrived. I waited nervously backstage. Shawn had just sung one of his new songs ‘strings’ and now Jacquie was on stage singing ‘Broken ones’.

“Hey Y/n, come over here so we can get your ear buds fitted and hidden,” I nodded at Geoff’s instructions. Only a couple of seconds passed before Shawn came trudging in and placed his guitar on its stand and plopped down on the couch huffing.

“You okay?” I asked, the ear buds were hanging off my shoulders.

“Yeah, just slightly tired, but super excited considering you’re singing next,” I plopped down next to him.

“I’m terrified. No one knows me, and this song is by ‘Shawn Mendes ft Jacquie Lee’ not me. I don’t want your fans to hate me.”

“They’ll love you, trust me,” Shawn kissed my forehead and hugged me into his chest.

“Two minutes Shawn!” Geoff told Shawn before leaving the dressing room. It was just Shawn and I and my nerves began to take over. Shawn held my hands and told me it was going to be fine.

Shawn went on stage and told the crowd he was going to duet with someone with a new song.

“Give it up for Y/n Y/l/n,” Shawn clapped and even though the crowd didn’t know who I was the clapped and cheered.

“Y/n here actually wrote this song, I just helped her edit, but otherwise she did it all. So today, Y/n and I will be singing our new song, ‘Air’.”

Shawn started strumming the guitar. I cleared my throat, and watched in complete awe as Shawn sang with such passion and talent singing his first verse.

“Never thought that we would end up here, should’ve known it from the start. 

“I know you mean it when you say you love me, but we’re trying way too hard.”

I took a deep breath before singing,

“Used to think that we would last forever, how could I’ve been so wrong? 

“Never thought I’d be the one to say this, what if our time has come and gone?”

“You, you don’t mean no harm, but you’re stringin’ me along and I don’t have time to spare.

 “And I, I’m trying hard to breathe, but you’re suffocating me, this time I’m coming up for air. 

Air, air, air, air, air, air, air, air, air, air, air, air.” 

We harmonized perfectly.

I noticed that Shawn was right. The light beamed down on you, that you could barely see the crowd. With these ear pieces, the loud cheering of the crowd were muffled and made me feel more comfortable. I looked over at Shawn, his nose crinkled again as he closed his eyes. The amount of passion he had whilst singing was unimaginable. He put his heart and soul into singing and pleasing the crowd.

Soon we ended perfectly and the cheer grew in volume and we both did a slight bow and walked off stage.

“That was so exhilarating!” I yelled at Shawn as the crowd were still cheering. He placed his guitar on its stand. I felt the adrenaline fill my veins, I felt impulsive and excited. So I did do something impulsive. I jumped onto Shawn and cupped his face and kissed him. I kissed him so hard full of emotion. We were standing there for a couple of minutes; Shawn holding my thighs and kissing me. We pulled away and I looked at Shawn’s lips. Lipstick was spread across his whole mouth, he looked adorable.

“Thank you! Thank you for persuading me to sing on stage with you. Thank you, thank you, and thank you,” with every thank you, I planted a kiss on Shawn’s face.

“Well Y/n, thank you for listening to me and singing with me. You were amazing and the crowd loved you,” I just breathed out and felt the adrenaline slowly fade out of my body.

Singing with Shawn was by far the best moment of my life, and I’m happier I get to share it with a guy like Shawn.

school, joshua, you’re a trainee and he’s an english teacher, love story

You followed the principal to the teachers’ office, walking past students that were all looking at you with smiles and sometimes whispered a few words on your looks. You stepped in to the room after her, realizing that you were the only girl, excluding the principal, in the room. There 13 men, all of them sitting at their desks, that all got up to greet their boss.

“Hello, I have a trainee with me that is qualified in English. I exchanged a few words with Mr. Hong, you know that she is your trainee now, right?” She looked towards the desk with a plate engraved with the words ‘Hong Joshua’. The teacher looked at her and nodded. “I came here so you could all be welcoming about our dear trainee’s beginning and that she will soon be out on the working, starting her job as an English teacher.”

She looks at you with a warm smile. “Ah, yes! Hello, my name is __________, I’m training to become an English teacher!”

“We prepared a desk for you, right next to Mr. Hong’s. I hope you get the chance to become what you wanted.” She patted your shoulder then left you with the other employees.

They all walked up to you with charming smiles, introducing themselves and explaining how the school works. You wondered how lucky the students were to have such beautiful yet amazing teachers, they were all sweet, you wanted to become a student again. You took your place next to your now teacher, if you can think of Mr. Hong as the person that will teach you the way to becoming a teacher.

“Um, hi, my name is Joshua Hong, you don’t need to call me Mr. Hong.” He explainable in a soft voice that sent shivers down your spine. “So, well, here’s my schedule, we’ll be going to all these classes.”

He handed you a binder that was filled with paper. You flipped through them, slowly reading each students’ face and their information, such as their name, birthday, age. You checked the schedule, realizing how hectic it was. You saw him get up from his seat, without wanting to be unorganized on your first day, you grabbed your bag and took the binder with you, following him to the class.

“If you have any questions, you can ask me.” He said, walking up the stairs.

You approved of his words, walking past many male students that couldn’t keep their eyes off you. When  you got to class, gasps and weird expressions showed up on the students’ face. You swallowed your nervousness away, putting up a smile for them.

“Okay class, so today.” He coughed. “Hm, introduce yourself.”

“Hi, my name is __________ and I’m training to become an English teacher. I am sorry if I’m not as skilled as your teacher, but I hope that you will appreciate having me in your class!”

“Can we call you by your real name or do we have to say Mrs. ___?” One of the boys asked.

“She’s not your sister, you have to use the honorifics.” Joshua advised.

“Miss, do you have a boyfriend? Are you in a relationship?” The guy from the back asked.

“Mr. Hong! Are you dating her?!” One of the girls said with a hint of envy in her voice.

The two of you blushed, looking at each other like a secret was spilled but there was no secret. Yes, he is handsome and has a nice voice. He was sweet, calm, an adorable man and he works with kids! You tried to stop yourself from thinking of him as a dad, but it was hard.

Wait, how can I get distracted on my first trainee day?! Pay attention, _______!

After a short discussion about the two of you with the students, you started checking on the homework first. A few glares from there and here, a few sweet smiles from that guy and the other. The lesson then started with correcting the homework, a few things about grammar then a dictation that did just to see how good you were.

From time to time, you would look over the students to see how far they got in their sentences, and maybe just look a little bit at Joshua. You would sometimes catch him looking at you, which made him look away as fast as possible. The class went by pretty well, you collected the test and went back to the office, ready to correct the papers.

“Woah, why are you making her hold so many papers?! Let me help.” The math teacher Junhui proposed as he took your things.

“Are you hitting on her?! She just came today, give her sometime to adjust first!” The teacher that gave dancing lessons, Soonyoung, commented.

“What, no, I’m just helping her get her things to her desk.”

“You never did that to me, though.”  One of them with the plate ‘Lee Seokmin’ answered.

“Oh just let me! Plus Joshua is giving her too much work on her first day!” He laid your things on your table then smiled at you before going to his seat.

“Do you think it’s too much? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to overwork you-” Joshua started.

You smiled at him. “No, it’s fine. I’m actually excited. I want to start feeling like I’ve worked here since forever.” 

“You’ll start getting tired of the students, I’m telling you. So much whining on the homework. Then they blame us when they fail.” History teacher Seungkwan sighed as he turned on his wheelchair.

“But the girls sure give us a lot of gifts, yet they have many young men in their class.” Deep voice teacher (omg his job isn’t to teach them how to have a deep voice ok idk what he’s teaching) Wonwoo added as he undid the knot of the chocolate box.

“Shouldn’t you share with your best friend?” The tallest man said as he smiled to his co-worker.

You started getting used to the school, the atmosphere, the students, the staff, the halls, everything. You got along with many students, some of them had difficulties in English but it was easy to get their grades up. You always spent your lunch time with the other teachers, sometimes the music teacher Jihoon would hold a little show for you with Vernon, the science teacher and one of the really energetic teachers, Chan. You found out that Joshua had this talent of playing the guitar and tends to play it anywhere. Literally.

Joshua and you started hanging out outside of work. You got along really well, you even spent most of your time at each others house or at a cafe to just chat and do your work.

Joshua: Are you ready yet?! It’s -2 degrees, I’m freezing!!
______: Sorry I just finished brushing my teeth I need to change!!

You hurried into a sweater, a pair of jeans and your socks, then grabbed your coat, bag and hurried to your door. You slipped your boots on, flicked your lights off and exited your apartment, making sure you secured it before running down to the sidewalk, where your trainer was waiting for you.

“When did you wake up?! I’m going to die soon if I don’t warm up soon!” He complained as he sped walk his way to school.

“Ah, Josh, can we go get a coffee first? I didn’t eat my breakfast.” You exclaimed as you smelled the sweet smell of pastries from the shop.

He turned to you, almost slipping on the ice. You let out a laugh as he nodded, blush sticking on his pale skin. You got in to the coffee shop together, ordering your warm beverages and breakfast to go. It didn’t take long to get to your assigned room, leaving your food on your places at the office.

“Miss _____! I made these strawberry tarts yesterday, just for you!”

“Don’t lie, your mom made them because she wanted to ‘make a sweet snack for my little Jungminnie’s girlfriend!’, your sister told me everything.” The student with the name tag Hoonji.

The boy sent a glare to his friend that started laughing as he got to his seat. You smiled at your student and thanked him as you tried to ignore the comment about you ‘being’ his girlfriend. You bit into it and smiled at the sweet taste as you turned to Joshua.

“Do you want a bite?”

“Can I?” He asked as he got his lips closer to the pastry.

“Oh my god! Are they dating?! Jungmin, your girlfriend is cheating on you!” The students started laughing and gasping at the scene.

“Maybe later.” Joshua grinned with intense blush on his face.

“I heard girls screaming their pain out in the A4 classroom. Apparently the two of you are dating?” The gym teacher Seungcheol asked.

“W-what?! No we’re not! She just wanted to share her food with me and uh, they got it all wrong!” Joshua suddenly shouted.

“Ah yeah, true! Here, taste it.” You hand him the sweet.

“N-no, it’s okay! I’m okay!” He said shyly as he opened his binder.

“Why, aren’t you hungry? Try it, it’s really good!” You felt shy for forcing someone you probably liked with food that you liked. You weren’t the kind to share good food, but for some reason you made an exception for him.

“Can I eat it? I’m so hungry.” Minghao asked as he walked over to you.

“Yeah sur-”

You felt pressure coming from your hands, then the food suddenly had a lighter weight. You eyed Joshua that started chewing on the tart. “Eat your food, I don’t want a starving trainee.”

“Do you want a starving co-worker, then?!” Minghao asked.

“You can have my muffin.” You smiled at him as you handed him the muffin you bought from the shop.

“Are you serious? I didn’t wait thirty minutes for you outside your house then go buy breakfast with you that you won’t even eat after!” Joshua blurted out under his breath a bit too loudly.

“Wait, you waited for her outside her house?! In this kind of weather?! I never saw this side of you, Joshua.” Jeonghan said with a teasing smile.

“There’s something going on, we have to get to the bottom of it.” Vernon added as he looked at the other workers.

You started blushing at their words. You put Joshua in your sight, looking at him write down things quickly as he tried to get away from the boys’ upcoming conversation with the two of you about your relationship. You actually kind of liked him, but refused to admit your feelings. You were leaving soon, to actually get on the working field.

A few parties were thrown with some of your classes. The students gave you cards and flowers, hoping you would get to work at their school. You also had to attend a celebration made from the boys since they wanted to wish you good luck when you’ll finally start working. School ended a few hours ago, they all left home to their wives and children while you were packing your things from your desk with Joshua’s help.

“So… I guess you’re officially leaving us.” He sighed with a pout.

You nodded slowly, unable to accept the fact that you would be leaving them behind. “Do you…. Have any last wishes that I could grant before we part ways?”

You smiled. “Yes! Play a song for me, sing for me.”

He smiled back as he sat down on a sofa, pulling his guitar out from its case. His fingers run through the strings, a soft melody coming out of it. He started strumming then humming before starting to sing. You bobbed your head to the music, enjoying seeing him smile at you as sweet words came out of his mouth.

“I love you.” He sang as his fingers played one last note.

Was that a confession? No, it was probably just the lyrics.

You clapped at his performance, complimenting him on his talent. A few minutes later, you took your boxes and bag out of the room as you walked back to your apartment with him. He followed you up the stairs, waiting for you to unlock the door before he could settle your boxes in your living room.

“Well, I guess this is good bye.”

You nodded. “Yeah… I’m going to miss you.”

“Drop by sometime, okay? And text me whenever you want to.” He said shyly.

“I will, don’t worry.”

He made his way to the door before stopping mid-way to look at you.

“Did you understand the lyrics of the song?” He asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“Do I need to repeat myself?”

You raised an eyebrow. “Repeat what?”

“That I love you.”

anonymous asked:

can you rec your favorite girl!hl fics? :)

yes yes yes with pleasure ! i want to share my girl direction love with everyone. here you go muffin:

inhale and hold the evening by snsk

harry composes music. louis is making a movie.

The Beautiful Game by anonymous

“She always gives you thumbs up,” Zayn says, her legs balanced on a kitchen chair and her head inside the cereal cabinet. “She even mentioned you on twitter once.”
“The twitter that features gems of modern literature such as ‘Orange orange orange.’ or ‘Super hands’? And that’s just recently. Adorable and endearing, yes. Significant, not so much.”
“It said, and I quote ‘@thetommoway’s the best way.’ hashtag welovelou.” Not that Louis needs to be reminded. She’s a knock knock joke away from getting it tattooed on her forehead as it is.

or the one where Louis has a YouTube channel where she vlogs about football and Harry is a food blogger who makes a lot of sex puns and they’ve been pen pals for months but Harry doesn’t know that donnysoldier91 and Louis Tomlinson are the same girl and it becomes kind of a problem when they meet at Louis’ book launch.

i will be the sun (i will wake you up) by tomorrows

“You’re quite cute when you get all fussy about true love, you know that?”

Harry’s conviction falters for a second. “Thank you,” she deadpans. “It means very much a lot to me.” 

AU where Zayn gets turned into a mermaid, Harry and Louis are soulmates, and everyone’s a princess.

Turn Me On (in your blue jeans and short shorts) by tiedupliketwofics

Harry is short for Harriet and Louis is short for Harry (and also Louise). They have a love that shines brighter than the lazy morning sun of the first day off of school after exams together.

(or the one where Louis and Harry are girls and have lots of morning sex to celebrate their exams being over.)

Ridiculous by Star55

The first time they meet, Harry’s got her tits out and Louis inhales hairspray. The events might be related.

Lips Won’t Let Me Go by LoadedGunn

This is it. This is the highlight of Louis’ life. She hooks her chin on Harry’s shoulder, and then says ecstatically, “Driver? Roll up the partition please.”

Or, Harry and Louis are celebrity girlfriends who fuck in limos.

Nothing Gold by FeelsForBreakfast

A High School AU where Harry flirts with girls and Louis flirts with danger. Louis jumps off cliffs and drives like car crashes don’t apply to her because she likes the rush. Harry tells stories and tries to keep her safe. (ghosts, glow in the dark stars, and numb hands)

Her eyes are a challenge: Let go of the brake. Let yourself come down. Don’t be afraid. When you’re young, you aren’t afraid of falling and so you go as fast as you can to feel the rush. And you don’t fall.

Pictures Of You by FeelsForBreakfast

Louis decides she likes taking pictures of Harry. It’s not a thing. (mix tapes, shameless fluff, and happy endings)

“She smells like coconut and lime and the way summer afternoons feel.”

a bright future behind you by istajmaal

Orange is the New Black AU. Louis fucks a lot of people, Harry eats a lot of ass, Niall will smuggle a dildo to whomever gets more play, and Zayn thinks Harry and Louis should just make out already.

keep the light on inside (watch it through to sunrise) by istajmaal

Femslash!AU. As rumors that pop stars Harriet Styles and Niall Horan are secretly dating spread, they start to take a toll on Harry’s actual secret relationship.

the things we know by istajmaal

AU. As the two female members of One Direction, Harriet “Harry” Styles and Louise “Lou” Tomlinson face some unique challenges, keeping their relationship a secret not least among them.

you in your skinny jeans anyway by mozartspiano

“oi,” harry whispers, breath hot and short against louis’ mouth. “i said no funny business, remember?”
“hm?” louis asks, sliding her leg a bit further across harry’s lap. “what was that? you want to snog me forever?”

au in which harry and louis are a little sick of how the media portrays their relationship.


don’t let this go to your head but you’re the best i’ve ever had by Burncitybelle

loadedgunn asked for 19k of harry/louis genderswap (and some very fun playing around with typically gendered terms, because fuck those restrictions), consensual humiliation, wet thighs, exhibitionism in a glass elevator, wet thighs from a very wet cunt, wet thighs, daddy kink, wet thighs and a strap-on dildo attached to a thigh harness.

i can’t explain why i thought her absurd demands deserved to be met

The Way You Move For Me by MarchieTheHare

“You like girls in lingerie?” Harry asks.

“Yeah,” Louis says, lifting one eyebrow, a teasing smirk now on her face. “Why, Hazza? You gonna wear sexy underwear for me?”

(it’s louis and harry’s one year anniversary, and harry has a surprise)

Riding Comfortable by LoadedGunn

Louis is taking her in for just a moment, but Harry knows she’s not actually contemplating whether they’re fucking here or not. It’s more of a what am I going to do with you? look. “So what’s the point of this?” she finally asks.

Harry spreads her legs a tiny bit, playing with her skirt coyly and meeting Louis’ gaze through her lashes. “Was thirsty.”

Louis’ smile is more of a smirk this time. Harry can’t stop watching her lips, shiny-red and pouty and close. “That’s an awful line, H.”

Good thing she has more. “Should shut me up then.”

Or, Harry is the 18-year-old intern, Louis is the 26-year-old CEO, and they fuck in the office a lot.

Study Dates [Liam]

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Warnings: None.

Word count: 2,057

Your stomach growled as you stared deeply at your chemistry book, it was a sign that maybe you should stop staring so hard at your revision notes and maybe go home and eat or sleep but you ignored it and kept on reading. The clock on the wall told you that it was nearing nine and you told your boyfriend, Liam, that you would be at his house around ten ready for a weekend of ‘couple’ time whilst his parents were away but you just couldn’t seem to tear yourself away from what you were doing.

“Y/N, you’re allowed to stay here but I’m going home. Just make sure you lock up when you’re finished, okay?” The owner of the cafe, Mrs Johnston, said as she put the keys down on the main counter. You had known her since you were born, she was a dear friend of your mum’s and looked after you a lot when your dad had died. “Also, don’t stay too late dear, it won’t do you any good to be up all night with that, get Liam to come and get you.”

“I will do, thanks Mrs Johnston.” She kissed the top of your head and smiled at you before she left, the whole place becoming eerie. Letting out a sigh, you rested your head down on the table you were working at, tears filling your eyes as you felt like you were getting nowhere. Your eyes were really beginning to hurt and you were getting a huge headache, all you wanted was to now pack up and go to Liam’s but you didn’t seem to manage to will yourself to find the energy.

With one last sniffle, you grabbed your phone from in front of you and dialled Liam’s number, the only number you knew off by heart. 


“Liam?” You asked, breaking down in tears. “I need you to come and get me, I’m tired Liam.” 

“Hey, it’s okay, where are you?”

“Mrs Johnston’s cafe, please, I need you.”

“Yes, I’m on my way, I’ll be there soon, I promise.” Smiling to yourself, you grabbed all of your books and put them into your bag before locking up as you walked out to wait for Liam. Hugging yourself, you tried to keep as sheltered as possible from the rain that was starting to get worse until Liam appeared in Mason’s car and he got out, running towards you. “Hey, it’s okay.” His arms wrapped tightly around you as he held you tightly, making sure to tell you that he was there and he wasn’t going anywhere before he took your bag and your hand and led you towards Mason.

“Hey Y/N, how you doing?” Mason asked as you climbed into the back of his car, throwing your bags down on the seat before glancing up at him. 

“I’m okay, tired.” You replied, grabbing some paper from your bag and handing them to you. “You left your notes in bio earlier so I thought I’d keep them for when I saw you again which is well, now.”

“Wow, I don’t know how I’d make it, knowing that my bio notes were missing,” Mason joked, making you and Liam laughed before he thanked you and taking the two of you to Liam’s house. “Now guys, be safe,” Mason winked and Liam hit his shoulder with a playful glare before getting out and helping you. 

“See you soon Mason,” you called before taking Liam’s hand and walking up to his house. 

“So, the whole weekend without parents,” Liam said, dropping down onto his bed. Grinning, you nodded, dropping your stuff down before taking the spot beside him and nuzzling into his side. “But, how are you doing? I wasn’t really expecting you to phone me in tears.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I’m just so stressed.” 

“You’re going to be okay, we should do a study date on Tuesday night, ready for Wednesday and Thursday.” Nodding, you smiled up at your boyfriend, you knew he was stressed about these mid-terms too but he was hiding it for you sake. You lent your head down onto his chest and curled your legs around, tracing small circles onto his stomach. “Hm, I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you, Liam.”


Your bag slouched down from your shoulder as you entered Mrs Johnston’s, spotting Liam already sitting down at a table. Rubbing the sleep away from your tired eyes as you had skipped your last lesson of the day to take a power nap, you didn’t want to but Liam had dragged you to his house and tucked you under his quilt during lunch - you had been out like a light the minute your head hit his pillow.

You found yourself just staring at your boyfriend for a minute or so, smiling before you finally walked towards the table he was sat at, two drinks and two muffins on the table with him. He looked up at you, sending you one of his heart melting smiles as you sat down, leaning across the table to place a kiss on your lips before turning his attention to the book that was sprawled out on the table in front of him. He pushed some of his notes towards you, sending you a pleading look and you took them before reading them. 

“I know I’m going to fail this one, I’m so bad at it,” he sighed, sounding so defeated that it broke your head. Shaking your head, you grabbed his hand and kissed it before handing him his notes again. 

“No you’re not. These notes are really good, baby. You’ll ace this. I promise.” A smile lit up his face as he took a sip from the drink in front of him. “I know this is rich coming from me, but, try not to stress about this, you got this, I promise you Liam and then we’ll look through the notes for Thursday’s tomorrow night, okay?” He nodded and seemed to chill a little bit as the two of you sat there looking through notes and sharing kisses with one another.

“We’re staying at yours tonight, right?” 

“Yeah, my mum wants to wish us luck tomorrow, you know what she’s like,” Liam laughed and nodded, finishing off his drink and muffin before he lent his head down on his arm. You looked at the clock and then at your boyfriend and rubbed your hand on his arm gently, “are you tired?”

“Yeah, all this studying.” 

“It’s almost eight so at eight, we’ll pack all of this up and go home, sound good?” Liam just nodded before letting his eyes shut and you laughed lightly, shaking your head as you finished reading through your last notes before shutting up your book and putting it into your bag. “Let’s go, sleepy-head.” 

“Yeah, let’s go.” Liam said, grabbing his stuff before following you out and down the street towards your house. 

The smell of cooked food from hours ago still lingered in the house when you stepped in through the front door. Your mum was sat on the sofa half asleep, her eyes looked up at you and she suddenly looked more or less awake, making the cat suddenly jump off her lap and rush towards Liam - who she’d always liked. 

“Hello dear!” She greeted, kissing your cheek and hugging Liam. “How was studying, do you both feel ready for tomorrow?”

“Not really,” Liam said, “but Y/N has helped me feel a lot more confident about it. She’s amazing, really.” You blushed as his lips brushed against the side of your head. 

“She is, isn’t she?” Your mum gushed, “there is some food in the kitchen for you both and I’m going to head upstairs for bed, just shout if you need anything.”

“We will mum.” You and Liam headed towards the kitchen for food, you jumped up onto the counter as Liam heated up the food before he walked towards you, wrapping his arms around your waist and hugging you tightly. You didn’t question it, you just hugged him, pressing a kiss to his shoulder and nuzzling your face into his neck. The food was soon done, ending your moment but you didn’t mind, knowing you’d end up cuddled up in bed sooner rather than later.

“Early night?” Liam asked when the two of you finally made it upstairs around ten. Nodding, you grabbed some clothes and quickly put them on before getting under your quilt and nuzzling towards the warmth of Liam’s body. “Are you cold?” He asked and you nodded, making him smile as his arms held you tightly as you gently fell asleep against him, listening to the thud of his heartbeat.


“Got everything?” Your mum asked as you pulled up to school. 

“I think so.”

“Good, now, the two of you are going to smash this. Good luck and I’ll pick you both up in a couple hours!” She placed a kiss on your cheek and on Liam’s before the two of you got out of the car and walked towards where Mason was waiting along with the rest of the pack.

“Morning guys, we just wanted to wish the three of you luck!” Scott said and the rest of them agreed, it felt good, knowing that you all had such an amazing support system in times like this. “Not that you need it, you’re all going to be fine!” His arm wrapped around your shoulder and you knew that he knew how nervous all of you were. The bell rang, breaking up your party and you sighed. 

“See you later guys,” you mumbled and then all hugged you before rushing off towards their lessons. Liam’s hand found yours as you waited outside of the hall, his hand squeezed your tightly, reassuring both of you that it was going to be okay. “I know it’s going to be okay, it’s just it’s the first one.”

“I understand, Y/N but we’re all going to get this!” Mason cheered and you laughed before Liam’s name was shouting. He kissed you softly and sent you a smile before rushing into the hall to be seated. “Okay, I am a bit nervous,” Mason stated and you laughed, nodding along.

“I know how you feel.” 

“I know,” you felt better knowing that you and Mason were sitting with one another, it always comforted you knowing that your friends or boyfriend was near to you when you were stressed. You could see Liam from where you were sat, making you feel instantly better as the last few people were lead into the hall to take their seats.

“Right, this is two hours. You may now turn your papers and begin.”

You read through the first question, took a deep breathe and began writing down your answer, feeling a bit better about it all.

Grabbing your stuff, you felt two arms wrap around your waist and a head fall onto your shoulder. Turning around, you pressed your lips against Liam’s and slipped your bag on before taking his hand and following Mason out into the fresh air where the pack was waiting.

“How did it go?”

“I think it went okay,” Liam said and you agreed.

“Good, I’m glad about that,” Stiles said, pulling you into a hug. “You all look like you just woke up so we should probably let you go home and get ready for tomorrow’s as it’s the end of the day now, lucky shits that you get time off apart from mid-terms,” he winked and you shook your head, pushing his shoulder, knowing that they did too.

“Yeah, see you all later.”

“Hey guys!” Your mum shouted when the two of you got into the car, “so, how did it go?”

“Better than I thought it would.” Liam replied, linking his fingers with yours. “But, Y/N hasn’t said a word since we left the room.”

“No, I think it went great. I’m just really tired,” you laughed and Liam nodded.

“Well, I’m glad it went well, and don’t get too tired, got to get ready for tomorrow’s yet.” The two of you groaned whilst your mum just laughed as you pulled up to home, you were dreading all of these but in the end, you knew that it was gong to be okay in the end.

Stop Trying To Beat People, For God's Sake. ( Steve Rogers X Reader ) PT. 1 / 2

I got an idea based on this request,

your writing is magnificent! Could I request something Steve Rogers? I’m in a Cap mood *again* Maybe Cap is wanting to learn how to impress this girl and the girl being reader?

Y/N - your name

Steve had been acting very strange lately, and you had no idea why. It was like he was trying to one up everyone that you had talked to the past week, even himself at one point…


You were in a work out room with Clint doing your daily workout when Steve walked in. As you and Clint first started to spar, Steve started to wrap his hands and wail on a punching bag.

After about your third time fighting with the archer, and loosing, you heard Steve say from the other side of the room,

“Y/N, you call that fighting? I could beat Barton easy.”

“Well then, Rogers. If you think I am such a bad sparrer, then how about you come over here and fight me with your fists instead of your words, big shot.” Called out Barton with a laugh at the end.

Steve took off the wrap from his hands and threw the dirty ace tape in his duffle bag sitting on the bleachers against the wall. Once he had reached the fighting mat, you exited the grey mat and leaned up against a nearby wall.

“Ready to get your ass whooped, old man?”

“You are going to be the one getting the butt whooping, arrows. And language.”

After a whole lot more trash talking, the finally began fighting. Some punches were thrown between the two Avengers, then Steve kicked Clint in the gut, winding him.

“Hey, Y/N, did you see –”

After Steve kicked Clint, he turned around to talk to you. But, before the super soldier could finish the sentence, the archer had gotten up and punched him in the jaw, rendering him unconscious.

“I hate people who get cocky before the fight is even over.” Mumbled Clint has he limped off the mat.


“Hey, kiddo, is there anyway you can help me make some desserts?”

“Of course, Tony. Wait, can’t you just go buy a gourmet cake or something? You are a millionaire…”

“I could… but my grandma use to make me this apple pie every year for my birthday and I really want one. I’ll share with you if you help me. And I am a billionaire, darling, get it right.” He said the last sentence with a cocky wink.

“If it involves apple pie I am in.”

The two of you spent hours in the kitchen baking. You guys got a little carried away and made more stuff than just the apple pie. Things were made that varied from chicken to muffins, pizza to cookies. The two of you cooked, sung your hearts out, and bonded a whole lot. At one point Bucky came in, and with some convincing and bribing with food, he danced and participated in “Cooking Karaoke” with you both for quite a while. It was all fun and games until Steve walked in.

He had come in when you and Tony were jamming to “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas. You both didn’t even notice when he walked in and sat down at the kitchen table. Once you guys had finished singing your lungs out, you heard someone clear their throat behind you. The two of you whipped your heads around to see Steve with a pissed off look on his face.

“Oh, hey, Steve. We didn’t see you come in.”

“Yeah, I know you didn’t.”

You and Tony just looked to each other, not sure what to say next. The room stayed silent and awkward for sometime as you both continued baking. A few minutes into the silence, you finally gained enough courage to say something.

“Hey, Tony. Could you come help me take this pie out of the oven?”

“Yeah, sure, kiddo.”

“You don’t need him to help you, Y/N. I can help.”

“Um, sure, Steve…”

He ran over to help you take the scolding hot pie out of the oven. He did remember to put oven mitts on, but when he had it is his hands he paused to trash talk Tony. In the process he paused for a little too long, burning his hand through the thick fabric. From the shock of the heat, he dropped the pie to the ground, shattering the ceramic platter it was it.

“Good job, Capsicle. There goes Y/N and my hours of hard work. You really are a big help, super soldier.”

—— 5 DAYS AGO ——

You had been with Natasha the past hour just talking. Since Nat always dealt with everything in SHIELD she always knew what was happening everywhere, and she never failed to tell you (most of) it. The two of you were sitting the the large open living room talking about the daily gossip when Steve walked in.

“What are you two pretty ladies talking about?”

Steve asked ask plopping on the couch across the room from the both of you. You and Natasha both look around and giggled a little before you finally replied.

“Nat was just telling me a little a bit of drama going on. Apparently, our little Wanda and Vision are becoming very close.”

“I didn’t know that, Y/N…” Steve said with a puzzled look. “But, did you know that Tony got a new system thing to replace JARVIS, and he is called her FRIDAY.”

“Steve, darling, I know. I was there when he and Bruce first developed her. The wanted to name her LISA, but luckily I convinced them out of it.”

Steve gave you a confused look, and then came the puppy eyes. He gave you a look full of sadness, and then you mouthed to him ‘I’m sorry’ before he stood up and walked in the direction of his bedroom.

This is only part one to this, the next should be out very soon.

I hope you guys did enjoy!!

Also, thank you guys so, so much for 800 followers!! I do not deserve all of you amazing people in my life!!

If you have an requests, please tell me!!


Recently I’ve realized that my best days start when I not only have a healthy, delicious breakfast, but also when that breakfast looks as amazing as it tastes. Waking up to a big bowl of beautiful puts a much needed early morning smile on my face, especially since I’ve been waking extra early for morning yoga! I wanted to share some of my most recent breakfast creations, I hope they start your day with energy, nutrition, and a positive outlook too!

I try to alternate my breakfast each day between granola inspired yogurt bowls and big fruity green smoothies. Sometimes though, when I’m in a hurry, breakfast bars, mini muffins, and other make ahead baked goods are my go-to’s! You can get more pictures of my breakfasts, lunches, quick snacks, and more (including my adorable kitten!) on my instagram: piecesinprogress.

Oh and like me, all of these recipes are gluten free!

At 3:30am we woke up, grabbed muffins, and hit the road for a trip to the beach to take photos for the wonderful @freepeopleparamus. I just want to take a moment and express how happy I am right now. I don’t know if it’s the sand or the waves or just life in general, but it’s all so beautiful. Sounds corny but I also want to thank you guys for letting me share my weird obsessions/passions with you. Sometimes the beauty in this world and the good things are just too much to handle for me, and it’s amazing to share it all with others who think and appreciate the same ★


I have an amazing body image day today and I wanted to share with you what helped me to feel good about myself this morning :)

The mirror in my room is next to my bed. So when I got up I caught my own reflexion in the mirror and unfortunately there is still this old habit: the first things I notice are my stretchmarks and my “muffin top”. Don’t worry, I am not saying that about myself in a negative way. :) Instead of touching my “problematic areas” with disgust, like I used to do it, I looked at myself in the mirror, placed my hands on those areas to give them some “extra love”, I closed my eyes and I smiled. I gently touched those areas. sometimes I stroke them. Sometimes I close my eyes and give myself a hug. That might sound a little weird, but give it a try! :) Okay, so this morning I placed my hands on my stomach, looked at myself and told myself: “Good morning, beautiful! It’s amazing that I got another chance to live a happy day, I am very blessed that I woke up this morning. Thank you, my lovely body, for carrying me through another day. I promise to treat you with nothing but respect and love.” After doing yoga I took a shower and I always take care of how I touch my body. Wash yourself like you’d wash your children. Touch yourself softly and gently - especially those areas you used to give nothing but hate. After showering I put on lotion and I always kept in mind to be aware of how I treat myself. I listened to music and danced around in the bathroom - and I sang, I am not the best singer, but I can sing really loud, so yeah :) Just have some fun with yourself!! :) Whenever I caught my own glance in the mirror, I smiled at myself. 

Don’t pick your skin. Don’t allow yourself to squeeze those parts you don’t like or to touch yourself with disgust. Don’t allow this negative self talk! This is your body, this is your temple, it’s holding your organs and your soul! Once I decided to stop hating myself, my whole life changed. Normally I wouldn’t have been brave enough to upload those pictures, I would have been too shy to wear shorts. I would have been unhappy about my pale skin. I would have been too scared to show my love handles. No matter how much weight you’ll lose, there will always be something to be unhappy about. If you don’t change your mindset, you’ll never be in peace with your body. The decision to stop hating my body was the best decision I’ve ever made. It changed my life. If it’s hard for you to be kind with yourself, fake it ‘til you make it! In the beginning the negative voice was so loud and I wasn’t able to believe those things I told myself. But I practised everyday and pretended to be happy about the things I saw in the mirror - and slowly my mindset changed. And now I am happy. I am happy with all of my flaws. And that’s the best feeling - I wish I could make all of you feel this way.