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Get Comfortable

Warnings: brief mentions of nudity (nothing explicit)

Word Count: 1585

Request: “Hello! I’ve had this idea for a deanxreader imagine where Dean and the reader accidentally rent a motel room with only one bed and they wind up sharing that one bed because its really late and they just want to get some sleep. I kind of pictured this really awkward scene when they wake up, like something like the reader likes to sleep without a shirt on & wakes up shirtless and all pressed up against Dean”

A/N: YAY! My first oneshot back from my long ass hiatus. Hope you enjoy this one, as I loved getting back into the groove :)

You were tired. You were exhausted. You were just craving sleep in any form of bed.

You and Dean had just finished off a case in a small town in Ohio. The case was only two days long; it was easy enough to track down the whereabouts of the vampires that were cozying up in town as they were all pretty recently turned.

So Dean and yourself raided the nest on the second night, (you didn’t go during the day as their nest was sheltered right in the middle of town). But although they were fairly amateur vamps, they were very quick and their bloodlust for you made them aggressive. The fighting match went down without either of the two of you being injured, but resulted in two very worn-out hunters.

Dean pulled the Impala swiftly into a parking spot out the front of a small motel, waking you from your daze.

“We’ll drive back to the Bunker tomorrow,” Dean said flatly, ending it with a yawn. You nodded with approval, eager to sleep on anything but a car seat.

The pair of you slowly made your way to the motel’s front office to be greeted by a middle-aged man whose attention was directed towards a small TV beside him. Dean gave a small cough which alerted the man that he had company.

“Just one night thanks,” Dean tiredly told the man. He gave a small nod, before reaching to the wall behind him that hung just under a dozen room keys, and grabbing one labelled with a faded number six.

Dean took the key from the man, exchanging it for the credit card that was originally in his pocket. The man looked at the card, and gave a tired smile as he ran it successfully through the machine.

As he returned the card to Dean, he said, “Enjoy your stay Mr. Helsberg.” Dean gave a small nod as the pair of you exited the office. On your way out, you gave Dean a confused look as to why he would call Dean such a name. Dean responded by pointing towards the name printed on ‘his’ credit card, and continued to walk down towards your room.

The pair of you finally made it to your room, which despite being number 6, was the furthest room away from the front office.

Dean put the key into door, as his voice slightly perked up, “Man, I can’t wait to pass out in my very own bed.” You gave a tired nod in reply.

The door opened, after needing a little more of a push, and you reached over to the light switch, flicking it upwards. The room was instantly illuminated with the yellow-toned light that hung down from the ceiling in the center.

But when your eyes tiredly adjusted to what the room had to offer, both Dean’s and your eyes widened.

“There’s only one bed?!” you exclaimed to an unmoving Dean. A few moments went by before Dean took his pack and threw it onto the bed.

“Guess I’ll be having a sleeping buddy,” Dean smirked, giving you a wink. You rubbed your face in exhaustion, just wanting more than anything to have your own bed to sleep in for the night.

Looking at the single bed, you took a further sigh as it was just big enough to fit two people; but only if they slept together quite closely. It wasn’t that Dean was the problem; you just wanted a big bed all to yourself as you knew that was the way you would get the most comfortable sleep, after a few restless nights working on the case.

“You know what Dean?” you said tiredly, before stifling a yawn, “I’m exhausted. You’re exhausted. I don’t have the energy to argue or fight you on this one, so let’s just share and be done with it.” Dean’s eyebrows briefly lifted with excitement.

The both of you started to get ready for bed. You were wearing a flannel shirt, over the top of a singlet, and dirt-tracked jeans. You really didn’t want to sleep in jeans and didn’t overly care that Dean would be able to see your underwear.

It wasn’t the first time, as once on a hunt he turned around in the motel room when you were still changing, and you hadn’t put your pants on yet. That was embarrassing. But tonight it wasn’t a big deal. And to be honest, you were too tired to care.

Dean left his jeans on, as they weren’t too dirty at all, but slid his shirt off with ease, throwing it to the side.

You were turned the other way from the bed, so you couldn’t see Dean, but you heard the springs creak as he jumped onto the bed.

You took your flannel shirt off, so you were left with just your singlet on top. Your hands reached to take that off too, but then you stopped yourself. You were tired but still awake enough to remember Dean was in the room.

Usually, you preferred to sleep topless as it was just a feeling that you enjoyed and made you feel completely relaxed before you would drift to sleep. But that wouldn’t be happening tonight.

Instead you maneuvered your arms around until you had successfully taken off your bra without even lifting your singlet up.

You turned around ready for bed, and saw Dean lying down, looking at you.

“Damn Y/N, that took some serious skill,” Dean admitted before smirking, “As well as being insanely hot.”

You rolled your eyes at the older Winchester brother, before turning a lamp light on and turning the main light switch off.

As you made your way over to the bed, you noticed Dean’s shoulders in the dim light, and the way they looked so toned and muscular and…

You instantly snapped yourself out of it. Your brain clicking you back into the present for the second time that night.

You walked over to the bed and slid yourself under the covers. Both Dean’s and your shoulders were touching, unable to move unless you wanted to fall off the bed.

Dean reached over and turned the lamp off. As soon as the light disappeared, neither of you said a word; the exhaustion catching up to you and forcing you both to sleep.

Your eyes fluttered open.

The sun was gleaming brightly through the dusty blinds, telling you that it was well into the day.

It was then you noticed that your arm was around Dean, who still looked fast asleep. You gave a small smile, knowing that probably the reason you felt so relaxed and comfortable was because you were embracing Dean through the night.

As your eyes began to adjust and gain more focus to the new day, you noticed a difference. A feeling. It was comfortable. But definitely different than when you had fallen asleep.

You slowly looked down to your torso, seeing nothing.

Literally nothing.

Your singlet that you wore to bed from the night before was gone.

All that was left was your completely naked chest, pressed up against Dean’s also uncovered body.

You gave a small shriek in shock at the realisation that you had practically slept naked with Dean. And not just that. You slept naked wrapped around Dean.

“Don’t ruin the moment,” Dean murmured, eyes opening. His voice sound relaxed, but not tired like it should have sounded right after waking up.

“Are you telling me you’ve been awake and you just left me like this?” you exclaimed, your voice raising slightly, while also trying to untangle yourself from Dean’s grasp.

“I’ve been awake for about half an hour or so,” Dean smirked, “And as if I’m going to wake you up to tell you that you must have taken your shirt off in the night. I’m trying to enjoy the feeling of having you pressed up against me.”

Finally out of Dean’s grasp, you pull the cover up to hide your face that was growing redder by the second and gave a loud sigh.

“You must be in love with me Y/N, if you’re that keen to take it all off for me,” he smirked once more.

Because you had had enough, you ran towards the bathroom, attempting to cover your chest as you went there. “I’m having a long shower, alone!” you exclaimed, before closing the door and locking it.

Dean just continued to lay in the bed, listening to the shower turn on as you hopped under the hot running water.

He just smiled to himself, thinking of the way you looked. How beautiful you looked.

It wasn’t the sex appeal of seeing you topless or in your underwear; it was seeing you, and all of you. You had been made completely vulnerable, with not really anywhere to hide. He could just experience the real you.

Dean thought back to the few moments ago when he was lying with you entangled across him. He could feel your warmth. He could feel your heart beating. He could feel your chest rise and fall with each breath. He could see when you formed a faint smile in your sleep, because you were dreaming of something good.

He reached over to your side of the bed, and picked your singlet up off the ground. Dean held it to his chest, still being able to smell you from it, and smiled.

How lucky it was that he booked a room with only one bed.


kc mates · maybe I came on too strong, maybe I waited too long, maybe I played my cards wrong

Dear Caroline
From a young age I always hear my mother talk about love and mates, what a great thing is the day you find your mate, just like the kids when they first falling in love, sweet and pure.
She also talk about the respect you have to give your mate, she or he would be your equal, not someone under you; someone that will share your life to years to come, who will children with you, share problems and secrets, keep you in your toes. Your everything.
I lost the faith in find my mate so long ago; but then, there you were, by fate or chance, you look at me and I didn’t want to look at anyone that weren’t you. You were stronger than anyone I know, beautiful, full of life, so perfect. 
I never knew you were the someone waiting for me. I felt in love with you the moment you crashed the bottle in my head, I never told you because I didn’t want to scared you. I know I was a dick, but I didn’t know who made you see me, more than the alpha mate, more than your mate, I only wanted you see as Nik.
I tried made you see that I could make you happy, not because we were mates, because I wanted to share my life with you, make you laugh, dance with you barefoot at 3 in the morning. It was my only wish. But I failed, like I did so many times in my life.
By the time you read this, I’ll be in my way to New Orleans, you never hear about me again, I’ll respect your wishes. But know that I’ll always be for you, I’ll try to protect you the best way I can. 
If you find someone who love you, who you want to be, do not heists, you deserve than a more. But if you find in you that I deserve a chance, I’ll make my propose in life make you the most happy person ever. I’ll wait for you however long it takes.
I will always love you, Nik.

Okay, I was re-watching that scene with Rhea, Lar Ghand and Mon-El in the bar and I noticed things I haven’t before and I felt like sharing my heartbreak with you guys.

When Rhena starts to talk to him about how he was as a child, we can see the look in Mon-el’s eyes. I could feel his pain, I could noticed he was trying to hold back, that he kept holding the glass in his hand while she talked about how he would cling on to her.

And I think of what must have been going through his mind. Him, as a child, wanting his mother’s love so desperatly and strongely, hoping and hoping for the day she would exchange with him a mother and son relantionship. You could see in his eyes how desperetely he wanted that to be true, how much he wanted for her to actually love him and at the same time understanding she didn’t. Which shows in his behaviour with Kara. 

When he was talking about the King he wanted it to be, he knew it would not be the king he’s mother would allow him to be. Sure, one day she would ne gone and them he could rule Daxam as he saw fitting, or he would cave to everything around him yet again. 

A funny thing he talked was “for people to be able to speek”, which reminded me of brazilian coup d’état, which implies his parents, or even those who came previously, created a dictactorship as well. Living in a country that suffered with that situation for 20 years, I know very well the impact it have in people’s mind and actions. 

But I also started to think about Rhea. She has some serius grudge against Krypton and I seriously doubt is only because of “your parents did nothing to prevaint the apocalypse”, which only makes me more certain that there are more corpses in Krypton’s closet.

Mon-El came to earth as a coward, as someone who would run first and ask questions later. But now he’s is someone who wants to make Daxam better, and someone who was willing to sacrifice everything for Kara. He admires her strenght, her hopefulness, he admires her. 

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Do you think you can do an au if the sleepover episode of svtfoe where instead of star lying about her crush, it's Marco lying about his feelings for Tom?

Of course I can! I loved that episode so much! I thought Star shared some great wisdom! And it was a time to include my new ship! Oskar x Jackie Lynn Thomas! I hope you enjoy! Sorry it sort of derails and trails off, but I had a great idea I wanted to write! Enjoy!

“MARCO!” Janna cried. “Tell it the truth!” She was getting whipped around the room in some sort of tornado that the machine had created. Marco gripped the side of the wall to try and stop himself from getting blow about.

“I already did! My crush is on Jackie!” Marco yelled back. Star got blown over and crashed into her best friend.

“You’re lying! I told the truth! My crush is one Janna!” Star cried. Despite the dire situation Star was still blushing at her confession.

“And I really like Star!” Janna called back, trying to grip the floor as to not get whirled around. “We all told the truth Marco! It has to be you!” She accused again.

“I like JACKIE!” Marco yelled again. The game seemed to get angrier and pulled and pushed the children about. Star was getting pushed between two walls while Janna kept flying up and then dropping to the floor.

“We’re going to die in here unless somebody tells the truth! Jackie?” Star called.

“It’s true! I like Oskar! I just didn’t want to say anything because I thought Str still liked him!” Jackie admitted, not wanting to hurt her friend. Star smiled at the sweetness.

“Oskar is a lot less appealing than he seems, Jackie, you can do better!” Star yelled.

“THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW!” Janna screamed, getting thrashed around. She crashed into Star fan 13 who was almost crying. Afraid this would ruin her night with Star. “Marco! I know your tells! You’re lying can see it!” Janna screamed.

Marco put his arms up to sort of block himself from the harsh wind inside this cube. He shut his eyes tight and tried to block all of this out. He liked Jackie, that’s what they thought, and that’s what he would keep saying. The wind picked up and Marco began getting pulled forward, he looked up and saw a giant pile of fire that the game was pulling the human boy towards. Marco gasped and tried to run against it, but to no avail.

“Marco!” Star cried.

“Star! Help me!” He yelled.

“It won’t let you go until you tell the truth!” Ponyhead screamed at him. “We know you’re lying! If you weren’t the game wouldn’t be targeting you!” She explained. So tell the truth so we can get out of here!” She begged.

“FINE!” Marco cried. The wind stopped and everything seemed to hold still. Like time froze. Marco gulped as all eyes were on him. “I… guess I have… a bit of a crush on… Tom.” He whispered and bowed his head. “But it’s really nothing!” He assured. Star gasped and everything was still for another minute until the box lit up a bright red.

“SOMEONE IS LYING!” The box hissed. All the storm commotion started up again and the kids started yelling and getting tossed around.

“MARCO! WHAT DID YOU DO NOW!?!” Janna cried.

“Nothing! That’s the truth! It’s Tom!” Marco cried. The game seemed to get mad again and pushed them all around, swirling them in a rampage of commotion.

“Marco!” Star yelled. “Just tell us the truth!” She begged, about to get swallowed whole by this game meant to be “fun”. Marco bit his lip and put his head in his hands. He looked around at his friend and then up at the box.

“It’s not nothing!” He called. The commotion stopped once again. “You-you think I’m lying because I didn’t… I wasn’t honest with HOW my crush on Tom is.” Marco decided. “I said it’s nothing but that’s a lie. I really, REALLY like Tom Lucitor.” He admitted. “It’s not a ‘bit of a crush’. I… I think I’m in love with him.” Marco sighed. The box lit up a light blue color and all the metal walls around them shrunk down and receded back into the box.

“TRUTH.” It stated. Marco felt a deep blush cover his face and he lifted the box up.

“Woah.” Marco spun around and saw the group of girls staring at him totally shocked. Janned had her mouth wide open. “That was deep.” She stated. Marco blushed furiously and made a bit of an angry face, looking away.

“Okay! Fine! You all know!” He hissed. “I’m in love with Tom! I’m a fifteen-year-old human boy, who was dumb and careless enough to fall in love with a reckless, annoying, hot-headed demon! You can laugh all you want but… I can’t help how I feel.” Marco sighed. He looked away and toyed with the metal box in his hands. He looked up fast when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He saw Star smiling at him sweetly.

“Marco, we aren’t going to laugh at you.” She assured. Marco looked surprised. “Just because you fell in love young, and I might not see Tom as a suitable bachelor.” Star huffed this last part. “I’m happy you have somebody you care about. And if you really feel this strongly about him, we want to help you get him!” Star beamed.

“Really?” Marco asked. Star nodded.

“I wanna help spark some demon-human passion.” Janna teased, she was making a joking face that made it sound like she was talking about something scandalous.

“Tom’s the three-eyed kid?” Jackie asked. She then beamed. “I think you two would be super cool together.” She smiled.

“Okay ladies, okay ladies.” Ponyhead interrupted. “We all think Marco and agro would be great together. You know what this means, girls?” She asked. Star jumped up excitedly and Ponyhead smiled smugly. “Mm-hm. Star knows. Marco, we gonna dress you up and make you over. Make you a human that fire-hazard can’t resist.” She offered.

“Marco-makeover!” Janna cheered. Jackie jumped up and down and they ran into the bathroom to get beauty supplies.

“I’m in!” Jackie smiled.

“If Star’s doing it I will too!” Star Fan 13 promised. All the girls grabbed makeup and hairbrushes and clips and jewelry and crowded around Marco. They started poking and prodding, causing the human to become annoyed.

“Guys, come on! I can do my own makeup!” He complained.

“That takes all the fun out of it!” Star reminded, and she scontinued styling Marco’s hair. When they were finished Marco looked like a made-up show pony. With far too much colorful makeup and his hair curled and puffed out. “You look… perfect! I’m going to call Tom!” Star declared. Before Marco could object the girls were already crowded around the mirror.

Star dialed and Tom picked up the phone. When he saw the girl he seemed upset. “Did you mean to call your mom again?” He asked, assuming the worst. Star made a face.

“Oh stop it. Can’t I just call you to talk?” Star asked. Tom raised an eyebrow.
“That’s… not like you.” He pointed out. “And also you are surrounded by a clique of strangers… and Ponyhead. How have yu been?” He asked the horse.

“Okay. St. O’s is a party school now.” She told him. Tom nodded.

“I heard… so… bye?” He tried to hang up, confused about what this friendly chat was all about. But Star stopped him.

“Tom wait!” Star creid. “Marco is here! Isn’t that a surprise?” She asked.

“No? Doesn’t he live there?” Tom asked.

“Shut your face you are surprised.” Star seethed. She pulled Marco into view of the mirror. He was a blushing mess and he was holding his breath. As soon as Tom saw Marco he burst out laughing.

“What is wrong with your face? Why do you have your makeup done like a pageant clown?” Tom ridiculed. Marco huffed. “Are you a show pony? But with makeup and glitter?” Tom asked, laughing hysterically.

“Shut-up! Marco looks great!” Star defended.

“No, I don’t.” Marco assured her. “The girls did this.” Marco explained. Tom laughed again and shook his head.

“Well no wonder, you’re makeup never looks that bad.” He laughed. “You normally look nice, but this is like Dance Moms meet the circus.” He jabbed. Marco opened his mouth to back talk the demon for making fun of him., but stopped.

“Wait… you think I look nice normally?” Marco asked, blushing. Tom shrugged.

“Well yeah, you normally know how to put on makeup and you have a cute sense of style. But this is a little much.” He teased. Marco blushed and looked away.

“We um… it was just for fun.” He mumbled. Tom smiled.

“I can see that.” He grinned. “You guys have fun at your sleepover but… don’t go out of the house like that.” Tom grinned. He couldn’t hang up without getting in one last insult. Marco smiled and hung up after Tom, holding his hands to his heart. Tom thought Marco looked nice… most of the time at least.

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OMG I LOVE the picture you showed earlier... the pictures of the hug they shared at the London premiere... look at J's expression, so soft and tender, my heart melts... can you do a comparison of his expression with the hug and that with the " desperation incarnated?" You don't need a 20/20 vision to see the difference!

It’s always obvious when J is genuinely comfortable, relaxed or not trying to make a point. With D is easy as breathing and comes naturally because simply he feels it, wants it and he doesn’t have to pretend. While with the other there’s uneasiness and uncertainty on how they should even place their hands and that’s the result of disconnection and the stress of the show they have to put out there. All these are right in front of our eyes.


Sitting at your apartment, you sipped your coffee. After everything that happened with Jimin, you decided to take a week off from work just to completely recoup. Scrolling through the news, your jaw dropped. An article popped up. How I put my brother in prison. You re-read the title a million times, but finally you opened it. It was a viral post that people were constantly sharing, but it hit incredibly close to home.

When I would do something wrong, I would twist the story and my brother would fight for me. He protected me from people that I didn’t need protection from, but he didn’t know that. I preyed on my brother’s unconditional love and his need to protect me from the world. Soon, I had completely forgotten that I wasn’t invincible.

Most of you may know my brother, Park Jimin, as a criminal, but I want to tell you that he had no idea he was committing a crime. I didn’t tell him about my crimes, I didn’t tell him I had fled the country, I hid all of my secrets from him and he suffered.

Jimin was only doing what he had promised when he was young. He promised me that he would always protect me. But what I want to tell him is that he shouldn’t protect me from the world. He should protect himself from me.

Your eyes stung with tears as you read the post. JiHyun had posted it and people were sharing it at alarming rates. They found it heartwarming that a younger brother was looking out for his older sibling, but also heartbreaking. Scrolling to the comments, you saw a ton that asked the government to relook into the case, many were pushing for a petition to be signed to get Jimin released, and some cried that he was still a criminal. However, most supported Jimin and hoped for him to be released. You picked up your phone, but before you could dial a number, your boss was calling.

Y/N. His stern voice threw you off guard.

Yes? You answered and he sighed.

I need to take you off the Park Jimin case. You’ve had too much involvement with his brother and now with this post, have you seen it? He asked quickly and you told him you had. Well this post is causing us nothing but grief, we need to vet that this is JiHyun and then we have to make a deal. But you can’t be there. He said and your mouth hung open.

Why? You muttered, but your boss was already complaining about the mountain of paperwork he now had to complete because of JiHyun’s post. You sighed and hung up the phone. You thought about calling the house, but instead you laid down and put a hand over your eyes.

A flood of memories popped into your head. The little things that Jimin would do when you came into the house. How he would smile at you and his giggle would light up your day. But now you dreaded what the government was going to do, how they would react, you weren’t there to protect him anymore. You couldn’t help the sigh that escaped your lips once more. It hurt to know that Jimin would probably blame himself for you leaving, he would assume that him and his brother were the cause, but you knew you couldn’t reach out to him. The tears streamed down your face. It’s not supposed to be this hard. You whispered into the empty apartment.

Jimin stood in your office as the movers took everything from your desk. He watched intently and with a deep scowl on his face as they packed up boxes of papers and journals. Stripping away the light and life that you brought into that place. He walked back to his room and Yoongi knocked on his door.

What? Jimin said and Yoongi chuckled.

Wow, show me how you really care. He jeered and Jimin didn’t break his angry gaze.

Y/N is gone. No note, no warning, she said she was going on a couple day leave, now they are taking her things. Jimin threw his hands in the air, but Yoongi shook his head. Pulling his tablet out from behind his back, he lightly tossed it at the angry inmate.

Things aren’t as black and white as you thought. Yoongi replied and Jimin scanned the document. It was your hacked file and under your reason for leaving, there was a simple message.

Forceful reassignment? Jimin read it aloud and Yoongi nodded from the doorway.

Guess her bosses thought she was getting too cozy with us, plus with your brother coming to join the house, I’m sure they just wanted a new, clean slate. Yoongi shrugged. And I was actually starting to like her. He murmured and Jimin nodded.

Jimin didn’t tell anyone, but he was not only starting to like you, he was really starting to fall. He saw you as an escape from the pain that the house brought, he saw you as a center of calm in the chaos that was his life, but now you were gone and he didn’t know what to do. Looking at the document, he looked up at Yoongi.

I can still forge. He quietly spoke and Yoongi raised an eyebrow. Maybe, her boss will listen to a more intense government official. Jimin contemplated the idea, but he could see you shaking your head vehemently in his mind. He pictured you looking at him with disapproval in your gaze, Yoongi tried to humor the idea, but Jimin shook his head. No, no. She would kill me if I broke the law now. Jimin murmured and Yoongi left the room.

Jimin wanted to make you proud, even if that meant you were not longer his doctor. Jimin would try to do the right thing, so he could look you in the eye as a free man one day.


My best beloved Troll/Changeling Barbara, whom I have desperately wanted to share with you for the longest time! Here she is, in all her stony stunning beauty!

This is actually concept art/doodles for a fanfic I really hope to tackle for this fandom one far off day in an Alternate Universe where I have my life in order

Jim, being Jim, runs into trouble whilst Trollhunting and disappears, taking Claire and Toby with him and leaving all wondering and worried over his sudden and silent absence. 

Barbara, now being clued in to what’s been going and determined to do what mothers are supposed to do and take care of her son, goes to Draal for advice. Is there any way she can find Jim, help him…? 

Draal, being Draal, offers her a certain magical trinket he’s heard about, one that is supposed to give one newfound strength, Bar-ba-ra! 

Draal, being Draal, has once again magically messed things up. Something he comes to realize when he is suddenly a flesh bag Human–

–and Barbara wakes up to find her skin stone, neither her clothes or her glasses fitting her, and that she now has horns.HORNS, DRAAL!” 

Add in one bewildered Blinky and one equally bewildered (but also incredibly besotted) Strickler, and you’ve got Shenanigans Ensuing with the Unofficial Trollhunter Rescue Party as they deal with dangers untold, Newly Human Draal, Newly Troll/Changeling Barbara, prejudice, and the fact that even after everything and try as they might, Barbara and Strickler cannot deny what’s between them…

Like I said, I really wanna write it, and I hope that one day I shall! But in the mean time, have some concept art for it {the subtitles are just a bit of silliness on my part, not actual dialogue that shows up in the story} =) 

As I mentioned before, I was inspired by Gargoyles Demona for Troll/Changeling Barbara’s look…

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…but I hope I’ve kept her different enough to make her stand on her own! No tail and no wings, for one thing, which Barbara would probably be very thankful for. 

Her outfit here will be explained in the fanfic, and as for her eyes…they’re the only giveaway that she’s not a true Troll/Changeling. I went back and forth on this decision, but I ultimately think this is the right choice – her soul is Human, so her eyes are Human. 

Also, I am now seized by the desperate desire to do a full body drawing of Stricklander and Troll Barbara together posing romantically

Gosh, but I had fun coloring this! 

Glassy ceramic, indented pillows, the dog-eared pages and space in your pockets are where you can feel what substance this personless being has. Saw but not from any distance, held without the skin, and the only white from my eyes are in the endless black. Remind me of who I love and use it as a sword and shield, parry off my shared pain and use it to steel your spine. I could not be the one you loved then or now, nor should I want, but if you want to stay forever then you can always find me in the quiet and still.

My one shot fanfics  BTS  (M)

hey i want to share with you some of my old work again i hope you will like this and please don’t hesitate to text me if you have any request ^^

p.s u may find some grammar mistake or spelling mistakes !

-[BTS JHOPE ] My adrenaline  smut/angst/fluff

-[BTS JIMIN] You’re my girl..problem?  smut

-[BTS JUNGKOOK] Into your loving arms  fluff/angst/smut

- [BTSJUNGKOOK]  Carry your heart with me   fluff/angst/smut 

my latest work  ALEXANDER

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this isn't a question, but I just wanted to say in regards to your last answer that my favorite thing ever is when you talk about how dnp are two boys who have built a life together and supported each other over the last 8 years ;(( Because you're right that this is the fact they share with us, that is right in front of our eyes, and it's so beautiful, relationship or sexuality labels aside. wow, i'm emotional.

and a step in the right direction, bc like you said, ppl shouldn’t even have to come out. it’ll be all natural for them, just like it is now and always was. and maybe they’ll decide to share more parts of their shared life together one day, or they won’t, that’s fine and really doesn’t matter. their relationship is for them, and for them alone, and we’re lucky that they show us as much as they do. their love is so beautiful and yes, discussions about coming out tend to cheapen that a little. i would choose them being just genuine and natural over a forced and unnecessary coming out at any time of the day. they love each other and that’s beautiful and so natural, that it will just be what it is one day. just them existing. together. next to each other in life, sharing a beautiful and unique bond. and really, we already have all the ‘proof’ we need, and more than we ever had any right to. i’m happy with them just being happy as they are, it’s all i need.

ahhh i’m sorry it’s taken me so long to post this message but it was so immensely lovely to read and you articulated everything so well and i’m just rly obsessed w this thank you so much <3 while i def understand everyone’s curiosity about their official relationship status or their formal labels for their sexuality, and i would never rly shame anyone for wondering about it, it’s simultaneously kind of amazing to be reminded that those things are ultimately just words to plaster on top of this complex and incredibly rich connection and life that dnp so visibly share. they are forever a reminder that humans are rarely so simple. ahh ty for taking the time to write all of this out xxx 

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I want to share how I’m always woken up / not allowed to nap after work / treated as I’ve been gone “forever”:

First Aika scoots over and noses me to wake me up / get my attention after making her own deductions if it’s a good time or not:

Then comes then “Khajit has the wares if you got the coin” -look where she steals my closest arm as her prisoner:

^ Also known as “I’m sorry I’m begging for attention, but I love you so so so much” -look.

Then begins the “washup”. She can go on with this for minutes, if I allowed it. She’ll do it to both hands, check my ears and if I’m not up by then nuzzle below my chin. 

^ I usually stop her after she’s “checked” my fingers and scratch her behind her cheek fluffs.

So, content and happy that I sat up:

^ You said coffee? What are we waiting here for?

And back to normal: 

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drabble challenge: 103 for Klaroline

103: “Sharing is caring. Now give me your fries.”

Short and sweet…i think lol On FF.

Also, If you want me to do one!

What’s Yours Is Mine, What’s Mine Is Mine!

“Sweetheart, stop looking at me like a hungry lioness.”

Covering his hand with hers and looking deeply into his eyes, Caroline declared, “Klaus, I love you and I care about you, which is why I’m saying this, if you touch my fries again I will have to cut off your hands.”

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hey so i love ur blog. but i just wanted to share a noodle thing. maybe it's already shared but still. in the UK it's difficult to get those shirataki noodles at common supermarkets. but I've found that Morrison's stock Bare Naked's 12 cal per serving noodles. they taste great with light soya sauce etc. they're super filling too!! i just had them with veggies and it's the best low cal meal I've made! hope this helps someone. was a life saver for me personally as i love noodles but hate calories

^boom! To all my friends in the UK, I hope this helps. Thank you anon :)

Goodbye, Bones

i’m really sad that I’ll be missing the Bones finale tonight due to a prior commitment but I just wanted to share a few things about why I’ve loved this show for the past ten (10!!!!!!!!) years:

  • I discovered Bones after a bad break up and immediately fell in love with Booth’s kind soul (which was the opposite of my ex)
  • Booth x Brennan was one of my first OTPs for tv
  • I watched the first 3 seasons in 3.5 days and the months waiting for season 4 to premiere were pure torture
  • Bones spent 6 seasons before putting Booth and Brennan together as a couple for good - there was none of this “okay now they have to break up after a season BS” - the writers knew we as fans deserve more than that
  • THEY PUT THEM TOGETHER BY MAKING BRENNAN PREGNANT (!!!!!) and yes, I know this was mostly because Emily Deschanel was pregnant but whatever, they didn’t have to write it into the show if they didn’t want to
  • yes they had some major fights and issues post-season 6, but for the most part, the writers portrayed them as a strong, united, and loving couple and tbh we just don’t have enough of that on tv
  • again, 6 seasons of character development and angst paid off and we then got 6 seasons of (mostly) pure bliss
  • I’ll be honest - I didn’t always keep up with the show the last few years and tended to consistently fall a few months behind, but I always came back to it and caught up
  • The plotlines that spanned episodes and seasons (my favorite being the Pelant storyline) were awesome
  • Ryan O’Neil (he played Bones’ dad) stole every episode he was in
  • Christine and Hank and Parker forever <3

I will sincerely miss having new episodes of Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan on my tv, but I do know it is time to say goodbye to this show. Thank you for the past 10+ years, Bones. You will be missed.

So I’m about to start looking for a job and my mom, who interviews people on the regular, gave me some interview tips. One of which I really want to share with all my sapphic lovelies.

(My only frame of reference is USA so I don’t know if this holds true other places)

In an interview it is literally illegal for the person interviewing you to ask about your sexual orientation, gender identity, religion etc.

If they ask you this you do not have to answer! My mom said “I’m not sure how this relates to the position” is always a good answer. It lets them know that you know they aren’t allowed to ask that.

Although as my mom put it, if they ask you these questions you probably don’t want to work for them anyways because who wants to work for a bigot.

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Just wanted to share my cat is a natural ESA. When I am sad/crying she comes over to cheer me up with purrs and petting. If I try to hid from her (like in a closet), she will claw at the door, and cry, and not let me forget she is there. She does a good job, and is such a little helper. I love her a lot. <3

That is adorable Anon!  ❤ ❤ ❤

~ Lex (& Faith)


Baby On The Way
I’m sitting here trying to write this without puking, for the 100th time today, I just thought I had the flu. Turns out it’s baby number 3. I’m sharing this because I noticed something else I hit 1,400 Followers, I just wanted to say thank you for following me. I might post some weird shit over the next 9 months, please bare with me, pregnancy hormones are a big loud bitch. If I’m a part of your Challenge and the fic is late or almost due, I’ll have it up soon I haven’t forgotten. Thanks y'all. Much love.

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So I came out to my parents last night as bi and I was really, really scared to do it but they were just really nice and told me that they loved me no matter what and held me while I cried and I'm just so happy that they know now and I can tell them about the girl I've been dating for the last four months and I got a job on Friday so my whole life is suddenly looking wonderful 💙💜💖 and I just wanted to share idk

i am so happy for you!! thanks for sharing this, it’s really lovely to hear stories about people being accepted by their friends and family. 💕 i’m so so happy, i hope everything continues to go great and you and your gf continue to be happy!!