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I created a expression meme chart because I was REALLY bored  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Feel free to use it! ^^

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is the model you used for that lance aesthetic actually latino orrrrrrr 😬

i didn’t even know who he was and i realise now that i made a mistake and im really sorry please stop commenting on this i cannot change the image bc i didnt save the psd but i will be more aware and i wont make the same mistake in the future 

me: i’ll never find a paper topic, all of these sound so boring and political

wiki: At one point, the participants were even able to provoke the Communist militia to arrest 77 Santa Clauses or, on another occasion, anyone wearing anything orange.

me: alright, found my topic

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I just finished the final episode of the Balance Arc and like, I can’t believe how kind the narrative of the whole thing is. 

  • Their interdimensional ship runs on love! 
  • The real magic was literally the friends they made along the way! 
  • The found and lost and found again family repeatedly chooses to stick together against all odds! 
  • The character growth is grounded in learning to accept help and strengthening relationships instead of tearing them apart! 
  • The romances are born out of mutual respect and not needlessly complicated with miscommunication for conflict! 
  • Happiness and hope aren’t seen as naive, but as desirable states of being! 
  • Characters are allowed to be vulnerable and feel pain and aren’t mocked for it!
  • Not only is death not a vengeful, capricious, or malicious entity, but he’ll probably make you pancakes in the morning! 
  • They got called out for playing into a gross trope by killing off some of the women who love women and instead of being defensive about it they brought them back to life as BENEVOLENT, PROTECTIVE, STREET RACING DRYADS. 
  • LIKE. 
  • LIKE???

It’s not perfect. Pobody’s nerfect. But it was created with love at its core. Those dumb boys set out to kill some time and ended up sending more love and general good feelings out into the world than I think they’ll ever realize. They did good and I hope they feel good about it.

yuri on ice ask meme
  1. how did you find out about the show
  2. favorite episode and why
  3. favorite character and why
  4. least favorite character and why
  5. favorite rare pair 
  6. favorite costume(s)
  7. favorite short program 
  8. favorite free skate 
  9. favorite location
  10. favorite victuuri moment
  11. favorite line of dialogue
  12. favorite meta
  13. best character development arc 
  14. who would you want to be rink mates with 
  15. who would you want to get turnt with 
  16. who would you want to be your coach 
  17. which character are you most like 
  18. who do you think should have won the gpf 
  19. what are you expecting/hoping will be in the movie 
  20. headcanon for what yuuri and phichit majored in in university
  21. headcanon for victor’s level of education 
  22. favorite katsuki
  23. favorite russian skater 
  24. headcanon for how vicchan died 
  25. what’s your eros
  26. what’s your agape
  27. were you already a fan of figure skating before watching the show (if not, have you become a fan now because of the show)
  28. do you own any merchandise (share pics!!) 
  29. favorite official yoi event so far (and share if you’ve been to any)
  30. favorite fanworks (art and/or fic)