i want to see you playing it tho 8(

8 Questions Tag

I was tagged by @starbins ahh thank you for tagging me!!

1. How was your day? 

its been okay so far i guess!! how abt u im kinda tired tho lmao!!

2. Something you would like to learn in the future (an ability/skill/language etc)?

tbh for skills i want to be able to play piano properly one day!! and for languages ima say korean bc im studying rn but i feel a little overwhelmed sometimesdhiosadn but it would be useful to have!! (esp for those vlives lmao)

3. Last song you’ve listened to?

be quiet - monsta x its a bop yall,, omg changkyun’s boom boom boom always has me shakin tbhasjdsa

4. Pizza or pasta?

ummm pasta!!

5. Favourite drink?

iced tea!! 

6. Something you will never leave your house without?

headphones bc im antisocial & awkward

7. Is there currently anything you can’t wait for/look forward to?

im excited for the kcon livestream tonight!! and onf is going on asc tomrrow!! so omg jaeyoung come throughhhh a blessed time???? thank u??? and my wanna one album should be coming soon hopefully 

8. Please praise your bias (or any idol you think deserves praise) :)

for hoshi~

ummm a dance king???? visual king??? a literal prince???? you’re always working so hard to make choreos for the group and teaching the other members,,, thank you for always looking out for them ;-; i can only imagine how hard being a leader can be and esp for something like choreography,,,, you always try to make others happy & laugh n im so grateful for that :(( you’re so hardworking and sweet thank you for being a pillar for the group. get well soon hoshiii :( pls take care of yourself

does this count as praising bc im just emo 

my questions:

1. what are you worried about rn? or something that you can’t stop thinking about?

2. who are your top 3 biases? (you can do one for each - one for boy groups & one for girl groups if you want!!)

3. what triggers you the most? if so, why?

4. do you have any movie recommendations?

5. if you got to go a groups solo concert, what group would it be?

6. what’s the most tragic hair colour a bias of yours has had? (you can add pics if you want to!!)

7. which idol would you want to fight the most? why?

8. tell me an unpopular opinion you support (it can be for anything lol)

im tagging: @supersaiyum @parkswoojin @imeightout @minwnh @ anyone else who wants to lol

ofc feel free to ignore this!! pls yell at me if you don’t want to be tagged in stuff like this im sorry!!

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Rules: list 10 songs you’re currently vibing to & tag ten people

1.  Boys by Charli XCX 

2. I Like Me Better by Lauv 

3. Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz 

4. TaKillYA (Vinnie Maniscalco Remix) 

5. New Rules by Dua Lipa 

6. Breathe by Astrid S (Lauv Remix) 

7. You Can Count on Me by Ansel Elgort, Logic 

8. Up There by Post Malone 

9. Bounce Back by Big Sean (Vanic Remix) 

10. Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato 

Going to tag @firstdove15 and @thegrimzuera because they are beauties who actually tag me in stuff even tho i’m a living piece of garbage when it comes to tag games. but literally anyway else who sees this from my blog and wants to play, feel free to say I tagged you cause I would tag you all if i could. 💙