i want to see this soooo much!

I'm so sorry I don't want to start anything I just wanted to share what I found

So like in ski lodge you wanna know what I find funny?

Lucas *supposedly* has feelings for both Riley and Maya, correct?

When he sees Riley with Evan, a boy whom Riley stayed up all night with talking and could potentially develop feelings for, Lucas gets hella jealous.

But when he sees Maya giggle like a maniac and yell at how much she loves Topanga for inviting Josh on this trip, Josh whom everyone especially Lucas KNOWS Maya has feelings for, Lucas isn’t affected and doesn’t seem to really care at all.

Jealousy isn’t an attractive trait, I know, but this little comparison should really tell you who he really had true feelings for.

Also someone who is good at making gifs should make a parallel of Lucas’ reactions to both Josh and Evan in ski lodge 1 and 2.

P.S: I’m usually that fan with a bag of popcorn watching the fandom drama from the sidelines but I’m in way too deep with this show now I don’t know how it happened so then this post happened I’m sorry.

P.P.S: I don’t mean to offend L*caya shippers some of y'all are nice I’m just serving the truth tea sorry if it’s too hot :(

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I'm a really skeptical person! I've been in and out of the kaisoo tag for a few days but I haven't been able to find many analysis posts. I've seen a ton about kaisoo and I would really like to believe they're a real couple since I'm hella supportive of the lgbt+ community but I haven't see anything super convincing yet? Could you possibly link me to really good analysis posts?

Hello anon! Here some blogs that do really good analogies of kadi:

faakeid - absolutely amazing! She’s the person who inspired me to want to put my knowledge on psychology and body language to use by analyzing kadi. Here is the link to her analogies (x)

cckaisoo - she’s really good with body language, I like a lot of what she writes, and she also has a lot of knowledge about kadi so I totally recommend her analogies (x)

sleepingsoo - soooo intelligent on body language. She knows so much on that subject and it’s really impressive. I love her analogies and I agree with pretty much all of it. Here are her analogies (x)

magiclitchii - I’m not sure she does actual analogies but she has a really good idea about kadi and knows a lot about them. She was one of the first blogs I ever followed and one of the first to convince me about kadi. She’s also an amazing artist! Here is her kadi tag where you can find a lot (x)

I’m sure there are many more that I’m forgetting but these are the ones that I personally have liked the most/recall the best. I’m coming out with an analysis too about the difference in certain ships vs. Kadi if you want to check that out when it comes out, not sure how good it will be though haha.

Look who I finally got back to! He’s pretty annoyed at being ignored for so long, but he’s so, so close to being done! Soooo much fur detail. I underestimated just how much time all that fur would take. More very soon as I continue to juggle several projects (it’s kind of slow-motion juggling, I guess) at once. If you’re in the Orange County CA area and want to see this guy in person, come see me sculpting in my booth (58) at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts, www.foapom.com

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so you are like my favorite artist ever?? i love your style SO MUCH/ admire you and im soooo glad i found your account! seeing all these cute squish drawings have really inspired me and make me feel so happy/ warm inside. i just wanteds to let you know <3

Awh ty!!!! I’m glad :D 💕

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Soooo. I'm a girl but ever since I can remember I've kinda wanted to be a boy, as I grew up I realised that some people would be mean because of that and it scared me off. My girlfriend thinks that I might be trans or something but I don't know how I would go about becoming more masculine and trying to make people see me as male? I don't really understand much about gender in general but I'm really not that comfortable as a female.

You don’t need to start being more masculine or get people to see you as male in order to be a boy. You can be as feminine as you want and still be a 100% valid trans guy. How other people percieve you is nowhere near as important as how you feel about yourself.

But if you search for “ftm passing tips” or something similar on google or youtube etc. I imagine you will be able to find some information that will hopefully be useful to you.

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Hi. just to give you heads up. The stage actor for Kuroo is Kondou Shouri (twitter @p_shori_k412) and Kenma's actor is Takato Nagata (twitter @27Takato). the list of casts already out on this week Shounen Jump so it's official? Go check on them and tell me what's your opinion hehe. I'm not really sure on Datekou's actors social media. And Fukurodani & Shiratorizawa won't be appearing yet in this play.

AWWW i really wanted to see shiratorizawa!! (coughs ushijima) T___T ehhh i dont have that much opinion abt them bc im not attached to either characters but i heard kuroo’s actor is 184 cm tall so that’s good. also kenma’s actor has worked w/ kousuke in bleach musical soooo that’s also good!!

so i saw ghostbusters today and its SUCH a good movie, like, its really well written, and the ladies are all really funny and? the dynamic is sooo so good, i love it, it’s amazing

like i never liked the old ghotbusters much esp bc of that sleezy scene with the secretary lady and like??? this movie is SO much funnier, none of the jokes felt like they fell super flat, and like. the ladies are all just allowed to be dorky or destructive and its so good, im just. SO HAPPY. erin has a crush on kevin but like, it’s only played for laughs and nothing weird ever happens, also, kevin is the goddamn funniest male character ive ever seen because he’s so bad at everything it’s amazing

the ladies are all super smart and dorky and know their shit and it just. made me so happy to see tbh, they all stick together and support each other. also im gay for holtzman tbh

“Okay, here’s the scoop: he dated two other girls before you. The first one was named Juliet. She was amazing at dancing. You could ask her to do anything, and she could do it! But then another guy came along and stole her heart, so she dumped Garrid. We still see her once in a while. She’s actually a really nice person if you get to know her. Then there was Rapunzel. She was gorgeous! Like, seriously, no one could compete with her! She makes the Miss America look normal. Anyway, she told Garrid she loved him, but he freaked out and broke her heart,” Tawny said with a sly smile.

Soooo much to unpack here, but I just want to know why all Garrid’s exes are named after fairytale characters.  Does he have a screening process?

Shuffle Meme!

Rules: Shuffle your music library and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO DO IT I LOVE YOU ALL.

Tagged by @kianahsaro - you listen to Glitch Mob and Celldweller!! Aaaaaah!!! (Also Stripped is a great song)

Let’s see… using my Spotify library, which should be interesting seeing as I have a bad habit of dumping random shit in there. I’m only going to include songs that I actually know out of those since there’s soooo much.

  1. “Dangerous” by Big Data feat. Joywave
  2. “Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums” by A Perfect Circle
  3. “Under the Waves” by Pendulum
  4. “The Path to Decay” by Sirenia
  5. “Pur Dicesti” by Adelina Patti
  6. “The Last Rose of Summer” by Sir Peter Pears and Benjamin Britten
  7. “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone
  8. “Monument (The Inevitable End Version)” by Röyksopp feat. Robyn
  9. “Grace Kelly” by MIKA
  10. “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse

Conclusion: My musical taste is… eclectic. Also fun fact, that version of “Last Rose of Summer” is performed by the composer on piano and his partner singing. They’re buried together. It was a pretty big deal at the time (early 20th century!).

I tag: EVERYONE (unless you don’t wanna do it/have already done it) (but if not then you should do it + tag me bc I wanna see)

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I agree, to me he always seems kind of stubborn and not wanting to get help from others until completely necessary ??? Just bc he's a perfectionist and wants to do it all by himself. Yeah like I said earlier, it's soooo obvious how much he cares about the guys even if he tries to not be so direct about it and he loves joking around with them and when he does that smile omg where you can just see the joy radiating out of his face omg it kills me every time. I just want him to be happy lol

Can I just say that I’m so happy someone understands how I feel when it comes to Yoongi lol. I’ve seen so many people categorize him into stereotypes and personalities that are just so wrong and off the charts and it just makes me mad. I’m the type of person who has to silently watch/analyze others in order to get a vibe/feel of their personality and with yoongi I feel like he really embodies like… A tsundere type of feel, you know? Like he comes off as cold but is actually the biggest sweetheart.

Lol I’m sorry for all these feelings, Yoongi is just my #1 and I’m so weak for him.

I was tagged by @royalrory and I want to procrastinate, soooo 

tag 6 people u want to get to know better

relationship status: Taken 
pets: Two family pets, but every dog I see is my pet in my heart 
favorite color: Blue, green, brown… anything autumnal  
wake up time: 9am 
cats or dogs: Dogs, though I like to reject this dichotomy as much as possible 
coke or pepsi: Pepsihead through and through. Just trekked through the rain to get my Pepsi Max fix
call or text: Text
chapstick or lipstick: Lipstick but, in reality, most days I don’t bother 
last song i listened to: Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakamoto/ Albela Sajan from the Bajirao Mastani OST

And I’m tagging no-one, but as usual, feel free 

That guy there is one elite gunner. But to be using Eeyore as a mount? He just wants to lay back and be depressed, and now you make him work. I can’t see that working out well for either of them, honestly.

 Soooo life is pretty much as expected after starting HRT. Nothing happens, haha. It’s all about patience and taking meds as instructed. The pill itself takes maybe 30 seconds to dissolve under my tongue and that’s about it.

 With the alteration of the way my doctor does estrogen dosing compared to most, it will be interesting to see how long it takes changes to start taking place. Maybe it’ll be a bit different, maybe not, suppose it’s all about genetics with how my body responds. Being on the final dose in 4 weeks just seems surreal as it takes at least 3 months or more for most to be there.

 Guess I’ll just have to wait to find out. I’ve got nothing but time, so bring it, genetics!

 Other than that, still waiting for the text from my pharmacy telling me when my medication is ready. I still have 2 days of the estradiol though, so I’m not too concerned. I already took a walk, but will happily take another to get my medication and pick up a few things from the store while there. At this point though, it appears that it will be at the hotter time of the day. Oh well.

 I may make a second post tonight to basically tell people what I plan on posting and not posting as far as transition goes to weed out the people that hope I’ll be posting a lot of full on nudes or something (spoiler: I’m not). I’ll get into specifics either later tonight or later in the week, I’ll see.

 Anyway, hope you all have had a fabulous Tuesday! I know this has been one of my best days ever for obvious reasons!

 - Lana


2014 vs 2016… You don’t realize how much being out of school, and not having a stable job really effects your weight. I’ve gained like 25 pounds in 2 years being out of school, because I had no where to go every single day, plus I was on birth control that really effected my body. I seen this photo (the left) and wanted to compare it to a recent one. And I’m soooo heart broken to see how much I’ve let myself go. I need to do everything in my power to drop the 25 pounds I’ve gained, and hopefully even more than that. I love promoting body positivity and I truly believe that every body is beautiful, but if you do not love your body, YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO CHANGE THAT, (Also body positivity is a lot more than just your weight) but I need to make a change, because seeing that photo comparison I literally broke down.

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So iv never asked anything before but i kinda need some help. This guy i know is in a bad relationship and we've been talking. We've made out and has talked about more.iv never been the person to do this. Dont wanna be a side chick but what do i do!!

Okay I am going to answer this again because I thought about a better answer.

Even though you are giving him extensive comfort I would advise to stop this thing you have with him because he is just using you. I don’t want to see you hurt over someone like him in the future because he is unsure of his relationship at the moment. He is seeking your attention now but what would happen if you dated him and things went sour for the two of you, he would most likely find another girl willing to give him the time of day. Soooo love I would say he is a big NO and you deserve so much better than him 💛💛💛


I’m here once again 😄 I received this package much faster than I did the first time I ordered from you guys. I got my albums in just a week after purchasing them! Thank you, thank you, thank you for such amazing service and being able to provide kpop fans around the world with what they want in order to support the artist they love. Make sure you guys rest well and take it easy! I love you guys and I know I keep saying it, but thank you SOOOO much ♡♡♡


Thank you and super diligent postmen throughout the world!!! haha ^‿^  It’s sooooo happy to hear about shipment arrival and to see the products we sent are in customer’s hands safely.  Love awesome photos and send you many many thanks and hugs. =^‿^=♡ ♡ ♡

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I went to see Ghostbusters on opening day with my friend at like 2pm, and the theater was pretty empty. It was us, a guy and his little daughters and some middle aged people. I can't tell you how much those little girls LOVED that movie, because they were SOOOO into it. I enjoyed that almost as much as the movie itself. I haven't stopped thinking about Erin Gilbert's outfits (I WANT THEM) and Jillian Holtzmann (I WANT HER)!!!!

This a lovely story, anon! I think this movie is so important for girls.