i want to see this soooo much!


taylorswift hi taylor, i wanted you to know that i’m the 17 year old girl from england who’s loved you since she first heard love story, with the 28 inch long hair, who’s favourite song is sweeter than fiction and who spends most of her time drinking tea 😌 (british people probz) i’ll be seeing you in a couple of months in manchester (in pit asdfghjkl) and london (!!!) i’m so excited i’ve missed you soooo much, and i can’t wait to give you the biggest hug someday and take cute photos! thanks for inspiring me every day. i love you! 🌻✨🌞💛

I drew petitepasserine‘s character Virgia! I asked forever ago if I could design a fan design of her magical girl form and I finally did it! I had so much fun with designing and this color palette, I never want to stop drawing her now ; - ;

Muri is so sweet, and her art and designs and attention to detail is so inspiring to me. Everytime I see her art on my dash it makes me want to spark my creativity and design cute things!

I wanna show you all what I just got in the mail so BAD but my mom is obsessed with me and reads my tumblr (hi mom) and it is a present for her for Mother’s Day but I wanna SHOW YOUUUU

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hi jovan is it okay if i ask for advice?? my skin is soooo bad right now, like a face full of acne tbh and im on the verge of not even going to college and just shutting myself in for a week until i get my skin under control. what do you think i should do??

omg chill no one cares about skin that much im just over dramatic and wanted to make it a big deal because i love to see people copy me so i can say #myimpact, try witch hazel if its really oily and breaking out that can help dry it out and then use a oil free moisturizer with some SPF and just try to not touch your face and eat anything crazy like go boring and borderline vegetarian for a couple of days with heavy water thats what i do when i start getting bloated and can tell my skin is getting affected 

Seeing Spence and JJ work together this week reminded me how much I need more Jeid in my life. Their friendship is soooo beautifullll. Their chemistry is like distractingly magnetic. I want more.

P.S. someone who knows how to make videos should tooootallly make a video of Spencer/JJ to Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran like i’m just sayin

it’s mars’ and my six month so!! im makign a super gay #pda post Watchout!

!! these six months have been exponentially better than the six months before we dated, time flies so much quicker when i have u to spend it w !!! it seems v wild tht it’s been more than a year since i’ve seen u irl but it’s only like two months until i can see you again and it doesn’t even fele like a waiting game bc i enjoy every day i talk to you, even if it’s only textin or skyping!! im nt afraid to admit you have made my life sooo much better mars and i love u so much!!

I saw a couple get on the bus today that were dressed so touristy and I was like are they actual tourists or are they only dressed like that cuz it’s warm and sunny today? and if they are tourists, why would they want to visit here? nothing exciting happens here. but actually now that I think about it there’s a lot of cool places around town and we’re close to a lot of beaches and my street in particular is really pretty at this time of year and you can see the mountains and everything is always green because it rains 24/7 and like…this is a gorgeous place to live I’m very glad I live here

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have you seen this fancam of chanyeol performing el dorado???? i cannot get over it i thought my eyes were bad and it was actually kai but in the end i confirmed it was actually chanyeol!!! his dancing was soooo good in that performance i want to cry


and i knowww he has improved his dancing very much, i’m so proud of him, he must have worked really hard ;;


Tour Because Awesome: Union Transfer, Philadelphia 4/22/15

Too surreal. Thanks to everyone who made it happen and to some pretty awesome nerdfighters.

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So like do you not identify with any political standing? Like if you don't identify with liberal but you identify with being involved w/ social justice. I understand what social justice is lol and I identify as being involved with it too but I also identify as being liberal but your definition of liberalism confuses me a little? So what would you identify as? Just wondering! I don't mean to start trouble. Ps i hope you're having a great day :)

hi!!! and honestly i thought about that, and really i just identify /w social justice

i previously identified as liberalism because it was founded on equality, which i believe its still about. but i feel like social justice is more … broad spectrum?

social justice deals with misogyny, transphobia, islamphobia, homophobia, biphobia, racism, ableism, classism, whorephobia, cultural appropriation, imperialism like theres soooo many components and layers to it that i dont really see much of in liberalism

liberalism wants equality, but i feel like it really only focuses on homophobia, classism, sexism, and racism and thats because i dont think theyre really aware(?) of alot of human rights issues beyond that??? like they got the most popular issues covered. but the more lesser known(?) stuff i never rly hear liberals speak about

and that is why i identify as a social justicer(? idk if thats the proper term) instead or liberal. but im also not against liberalism either or anything

fruk vs usuk

honestly soooo stupid. who wants to hear a story?

when I first started hetalia, guess what my first ship was? usuk. it was my otp. I loved it so much, and, stereotypically, hated fruk. I hated it with a passion, to be honest.

soon, I got deeper into the fandom. fruk started popping up on my dash more and more, and I started to grow more comfortable with it. soon enough, I was shipping it myself.

while usuk is still one of biggest ships in general, I love fruk. I adore it, really.

you see? a hardcore usuk shipper went from hating fruk to loving it. all these shipping wars and ship hate are so stupid, and don’t need to happen! in the time I hated fruk, I still never bad mouthed it or said anything to shippers. if you don’t ship fruk or usuk, do as I did. keep your opinion to yourself, because nobody wants to hear it.

this has been a psa.

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OHHH MAN I can totally imagine how great scout felt when he got to see spy tickled too I bet he was so happy and so smug about it, and what you said about the orgasm denial?? good lord neither of them wanna beg but they want to soooo badly, I can invision them begging and squealing for them to stop and I bet demo and sniper would be having a great time teasing them too

Smug up until Sniper came at him with a feather. Sniper and Demo decide that one of them must be being tickled while the other is getting teased. Scout can’t stand either, the tickling is way too much sensation and the teasing frustrates him to no end, he thinks his dick is gonna fall off.

Spy can take the teasing, can hide his reaction to that pretty well, might even be able to slip over the edge. But he can’t take the tickling, He hates how ridiculous it makes him look, laughing like a loon, begging them to stop, it’s very unprofessional. He’s gonna have to kill them all afterwards. 


So now that I have finished prompts (finally orz) here’s my attempt at organizing all the things I need to write!

In regards to the poll I had up, new blip!verse won so that is guaranteed to be coming out before May 20th, since that was when I posted my first shinee fic three years ago :o But as you can see, I’m also doing SBB this year (first time omgggg) and all those things that I put to be done in April have to get done in April legit!! I cannot slack! And same for basically everything else but at the same time I’m doing a month-long course now, will be starting another course, and work two jobs that are getting increasingly demanding soooo! Let’s do this? (I’m gonna die tbh but I have so much I want to write ;^;)

This is not concrete though; I mean, I am going to write all these and I kind of have to stick to the time frames but I’ll probably squish more random stuff in too since I get a new idea a day. I will also be keeping my prompts open: I’m not going to do any games or anything like that but if you have an idea you can send it in. I also would love it if you guys would send in asks telling me what prompt i did for this last game you would most like to see expanded? My personal fave is already on the list up there but I want to know what you all thought too. ;3; And if I get a few different ones in I’ll put up a lil poll again or something.

Anyway yeah feel free to let me know what you think, anything you’re looking forward to/interested in because I use that kind of stuff to fuel my writing and wish me luck for these next few months because oh man they’re gonna be jam packed but I am feeling very creative and good all-around so I can do it.

my roommate is going to kill me so much. we’re supposed to go to this huge music festival in july but the day she really wants to go is the same day that frank is coming to wisconsin. soooo yeah im choosing frank OOPS i want to see frank way more than anyone at the music festival 

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All I said was just true, honestly. ♥♥♥ You're such a gift from Asgard to us Thor-fans. ♥♥♥ I'm missing that man right now... So, seeing you sharing your love towards him... Makes me feel much better. ♥ I want to hug him so badly. ;___;

omg this means soooo much to me you have no idea. i’m just super intense when it comes to thor because he helps me through a lot, all the time. and this is so sweet i’m gonna self combust. you should go and see aou just for thor tbh because he’s great in that and it’d make u feel better too:(( and i want to hug him as well.. who doesn’t….. he’s such a loveable overgrown puppy ;__;

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hi i'm sending this on anon for obvious reasons but i just wanted to say that i used to hate lasper shippers with a passion but then when i found your blog and read some of your arguments that my mindset was changed. what i'm trying to say is that i really think what you're doing is cool and i'm happy you're making a stand even though your opinions are kinda considered 'taboo' by a lot of people on here. keep being brave!!!

I LIVE FOR MESSAGES LIKE THIS IM SO HAPPY I CHANGED YOUR MIND! There are ships out there I hate soooo much and I cringe when I see them and sometimes it’s hard to separate the ship from the shipper but dang you just got to at some point realize that someone’s ship has no bearing on them as a person.


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Ahh I just wanted to thank you heaps! You practically introduced me to Catfish and the Bottleman (through photos, gifs etc) But oh my god I actually love them so much and just like thanks man

Hey man you are soooo welcome!!! I love running a music blog cause asks like this are soooo great to receive, I’m glad you like em n I hope you get to see em live soon! X