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I had a dream where I was watching the 2nd episode of season 4 of Rick and Morty

So Morty asks Rick about wanting to go back in time and see the big bang, and then Rick tells him that he already did. When Morty demands to be shown the time travel technology, Rick decides to send him into the future. (time travel portals are yellow, btw)

So Morty ends up in the 25th century which looks the same as the 21st century except rude teens are hanging around everywhere and there’re monsters. Morty eventually finds his way back in time, only to find out he never time traveled at all. Rick sent him to an alternate reality where Jesus was born 400 years earlier.

Athena Lopez, undertaker

I would like to register my strong approval of Athena Lopez, undertaker. 

  • She has excellent taste in music
  • She is rocking the Bettie Page look hard
    • I mean, I disapprove of this and all cosmetology on humorless feminist grounds, but I admire her staunch commitment to her choices  
  • Her name means ‘wisdom of wolves’
  • She took on the family business and is making a go of it on her own
  • She says, “What do you want?” and “What the hell are you doing in my house again?” with that go the fuck away tone
  • Tells her boyfriend not to slap her ass
  • She got into the make-up and special effects school
    • good work Athena!
    • more humorless feminist disapproval of cosmetology 
    • but what she’s talking about here is going to LA and getting herself a respected professional credential, which will lead to a union card and (hopefully) regular work making up live people instead of corpses
    • this is a dream which is both a big jump from what she now has and is reasonably attainable
    • this is a good plan
  • She’s ready to take out loans or let go of the family business to make her dream happen
    • and also let go of the family plot - the crypt Sarge disappears in front of says ‘Lopez’
  • She’s more into her dream than she is into her boyfriend
  • When her boyfriend goes to extreme measures to hijack the dream she’s perfectly capable of accomplishing on her own, and forcibly convert the future she’s planned into a gift he’s magnanimously giving her, she’s all, “ARE YOU INSANE?” and “You killed someone” and “Just get away from me.”
  • Dave points a gun at Dean and says, “I’m doing this for us.” Athena’s tied to a damn chair and she still says “There is no us.”

The woman’s got gumption.

One of Many Lists

(Damien/DA angst, because that’s my best, clearly.)

All the things I would ask you to do if I could go back in time to before this all started.

1. Let’s just get away, go somewhere no one knows who we are.

2. Snowy mountains, I think you’d love the snow. How beautiful and peaceful it is.

3. The sea, any quiet island away from the hustle and bustle. We’d have time, for once.

4. The Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis is suppose to be one of the world’s great wonders. Watching something so beautiful with you would be all I could ever ask for.

5. Home, a long forgotten apartment at a busy university. We could take a trip, reminisce over the past.

6. London, New York, Hong Kong, everywhere. I want to see the world with you.

7. Anywhere, just anywhere you want to go.


Please, just come back.

Tears start to fall and I bring my legs up to my chest as I sit on the table, staring out of a mirror I can never leave. I wish I could go back. I wish. I wish. I wish.

I’m sitting here choking on my loneliness and my heart is no longer beating, because you’re not here.

Just come back.

(Angst anyone? More District Attorney after the events of WKM for you.)

k so I know loads of people are saying how much they didn’t want Danny Elfman scoring Justice League and feel they were “robbed” but like….give the guy a break

for the record, I’m not a fan of Whedon, and this is coming from someone who adores Junkie XL/Hans Zimmer’s scores, but Elfman did a really fantastic job imo. I mean, come on, using the original Superman theme?! 👏👏👏 that put the biggest smile on my face

can we just………….I’m so tired of seeing so much negative bullshit everywhere pls can we stop now

  • Jimin said that he never felt the need to stand out but wanted to show a better him. and through serendipity, he was able to
  • Thanks to BTS and ARMY supporting him, whenever he’s filming or recording a song by himself he’s able to enjoy it
  • He is happy because he was able to see his face everywhere (meaning many people celebrated his birthday) and mentioned that his parents in Busan did too (He is talking about the ads and events made for him by the fans). So he thanked everyone because this birthday was so joyful to him
  • He mentioned that the flowers given to him on his birthday were from his father and he thanked his dad.
  • He showed a photo of the dome they will be performing at in Japan (It has been a dream of theirs to be there) and he said that “this is Taehyung and jin hyung but you can’t see them because of how big the dome is. It’s unbelievable”. He also added, “I’m so happy we get to perform at the dome tomorrow I will let you guys know how I feel tomorrow”. 
  • Chimchim, of course, will not go on Vlive without exposing BTS he said: “whenever we see us in the monitor coming up onto the stage during or concerts we look really ugly but we pretend to look cool
  • While thanking the fans “thanks to you guys we are able to perform at a dome” He read a fan saying “jimin’s gonna cry again” and replied “who is that?! I’m gonna say your name out loud”
  • Jimin kept thanking repeatedly during the Vlive: “today is a day full of touching events. thank you for wishing me happy birthday, letting us perform at a dome and giving us triple crown”
  • Jimin was barefaced so he told us “am I too barefaced right now? get used to it you guys have seen it a lot”
  • Fans kept asking him to stay healthy and eat well to which he replied “I say this many times but I eat a lot better than you think. so you don’t need to worry so much. I’m taking care of my health” (He also ate some chocolates)
  • When a fan stated that Jin picked his birthday cake. he was surprised as he didn’t know (he didn’t see the tweet).
  • Mochi is so pleased with Serendipity. Jimin said: “which song do you guys like the best? I cold heartedly will admit that I like serendipity the best”. he also added that he wants Suga to record serendipity and how he will change it.
  • He tried many filters (bunny, cherry flowers …). He also turned the image by mistake (clumsy Jimin ofc)
  • He went there adding more lies saying that he can’t wink and that he just end up blinking with both eyes
  • He ended the Vlive by saying that he will go wash up and that the fans to need to brush their teeth and go to bed.

Find the VLIVE HERE | Cr vantaekim

Omg, woah, Hi everyone! Idunno how to start here, so lets talk about the picture.

This is the last piece I did past year, was for a zine that at the end never came out, and I saved it for the beggining of 2nd season.

I know it started while ago, but today I finally saw the first chapter (let me say It was GREAT)

This is a very special piece for me,hope you enjoy it and a bit of my love while I was working on this reachs you.

Sorry for keeping myself so away of this fandom. This year was exhausting, the worst year emotionally and the most stressing I had in a long time.

And the only thing I really wanted was to… enjoy season 2 peacefully when it comes out, but the spoilers, OH MAN the spoilers where everywhere!!! So I took a step back, and now I’m ready to enjoy the chapters without knowing almost anything from them, and that pleases me a lot : >

Be prepared, because now I’m back for real, and fully inspired by the new chapters.

So, no more boring words

Ladybug and Chat Noir, is SO GOOD to see you again!

Hope we have a new great season together ^^

You know what I wanna see in the series?

Tadashi growing up to have his parents taken from him and having to take care of his young brother who’s too young to understand.

We all know Tadashi was the perfect role model for Hiro. Hell, he’s described as the perfect guy. Good-looking, smart, kind-hearted, funny… the best big brother in Hiro’s eyes. The perfect human-being.

But nobody’s perfect at 100%. Nobody has 0 flaws. Daniel Henney said that Tadashi had his bad days in his younger years.

Give me those “bad days”.

Show me Tadashi’s “darker” side. 

Show me young Tadashi grieving the death of his parents. Show me Tadashi having break downs and telling Aunt Cass “I can’t do this” when it comes to take care of Hiro in darker days. Show me Tadashi crying and whishing his parents were here to take care of him and his little brother.

Show me Tadashi showing jealousy towards Hiro’s gift as a genius; despite the fact he supports him fully, he still envies that natural gift. Show me Tadashi expressing that jealousy to Hiro, not realizing until the last minute his selfishness hurt his little brother. Show me Tadashi regretting it and putting more pressure on himself, promising himself he’ll supress that jealousy as best as he can for Hiro.

Show me Tadashi’s teenage years. Show me Tadashi with acne and facial hair, showing that yes, even if he grew up to be attractive, he went through those completely normal phases. Show me Tadashi being rebellious. Show me Tadashi being short-tempered, either with his aunt or his little brother. Show me Tadashi having disagreements with Aunt Cass and telling her a classic, but understandable “NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!” Show me that Tadashi wasn’t always the perfect role model growing up, and put a lot of pressure on himself for Hiro.

Show me Tadashi’s protectiveness. Show me Tadashi hitting himself mentally and guilt-tripping himself when Hiro cries to him about being bullied, and wishing he was there at the moment it happened to do something. Show me Tadashi wishing that everyone could accept his little bro for who he is, but his heart breaks every time Hiro tells him about being bullied. Show me Tadashi seeing red when he witnesses anyone trying to lay a hand on his baby brother. Show me Tadashi shoving one of Hiro’s bullies against the wall and having a fist fight, and being labeled as a “troublemaker” because of his tendency to pick fights with other kids bullying Hiro. Show me Tadashi apologizing to Hiro when the little boy witnesses him in a state of pure anger and violence aimed at the bullies that almost traumatized his little brother. Show me Tadashi being border-line overprotective, with Aunt Cass and later Hiro calling him out on it.

And most importantly, show me that despite the fact Tadashi took a lot of maturity at a young age after his parents’ death, he was still just a kid with a part of his childhood that got taken from him.

Show me that Tadashi wasn’t always the goody two-shoes he became to be until his death, because he was still human.

Dear showrunners

I’d like to start by saying that I’ve seen so many complaints about this particular subject, but it looks like you don’t see them, or more likely, you choose to ignore them.

As a young member of the LGBTQ+ community (you know these people who gather every year during the same season to party on the streets and spread colourful messages everywhere, but also those who ship your best Heterosexual Characters® together), I’ve had the chance to see a few queer characters on TV during my teenage years. I remember the first time was on Buffy The Vampire Slayer when I was only 10 (reruns), and I didn’t even know that I was gay at the time. Then, when I realized my sexuality, I decided to search for shows and movies to watch. And THAT is when I also realized that there was very few LGBTQ+ content available. If you wanted to see queer folks on TV you had to dig really deep.

Lucky for me, around 2010, producers learned that putting gay people in their mainstream shows was attracting a rather important fanbase. So they gave us: Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Glee, Modern Family, Degrassi, Skins, etc. And we thought “YAY THAT’S MY PEOPLE” and watched these TV shows religiously, memorizing and analyzing every interaction, stare, kiss, date, hand-holding, love scene, thinking that we finally got what we wanted.


Queer characters cheat, break up for no logical reason, end up alone, disappear, or in worst case scenario, die. Because why not, right?

And if nothing happens to our loving LGBTQ+ characters, the show is just canceled, as seen with Faking It and Sense 8.

But, our community is a fucking strong one. When we fight, we put everything we have. There is so little representation of our community that when there is we give all our attention to it. That’s why you lose audience when you make a character disappear or kill it, because if you respect us, then we’ll be the greatest fanbase you’ve ever seen. We’ll spend all our money to go to conventions, buy your merch, buy your DVDs, and your actors will be loved and admired and pushed to the next level thanks to us.  If you don’t respect us, then ciao adios we’re done.

So, why? Why do you keep repeating the same mistakes? Why in 2017 (almost 2018), having LGBTQ+ characters is still problematic? Why is it still impossible for a lead character to be queer in a mainstream TV show (except for OITNB, you’re doing great sweetie)? Why is it so difficult for you to consider making a non-canon queer couple canon? I mean, I’m not saying all of them, but when you have ships like Bechloe, Stilinski-Hale, Faberry, Johnlock, Supercorp, (and many others) where thousands and thousands of people believe in it and have countless undeniable arguments in favor of the same theory (and let’s be honest, it wouldn’t even matter that much since it’s sooo obvious), why would it be so stupid to even think about it? Give your series some new sparkly twists goddamit!

Make a queer person angry and you’ll have to deal with the whole squad, and trust me you don’t want to try it. We basically run your series. You should’ve learned with Clexa.

So, you’ll probably never see this because I’m nobody, but if you do please don’t ignore us.


- the Rainbow Community

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Bruise [ VIII ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 6k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

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The jacket around your chest felt too loose, cheeks puffy as the cool air nipped at them while you shuffle your feet against the damp pavement. The snow had melted but the low temperature had stayed, the ground covered by thin patches of ice. It was far too late out to be alone in front of the convenience store, but the buzzing of your phone fifteen minutes before hand had been enough to drag you outside at the hour. You’d wanted to see Chanyeol for days,  the both of you so busy you still hadn’t gotten a chance to see eachother more than a few minutes for an entire week. You’d been trying to focus on the overwhelming amount of coursework professors were dumping on you, while Chanyeol was having a busy time at the studio; at least that’s what he said.

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Request ⇾ Can I request a Mike imagine? Reader is Will’s twin. So when Mike wants to ask Reader to the Snow Ball but he has to go through Jonathan, Will, and Joyce’s interrogation.

Warnings ⇾ nothing, this is pure cuteness n fluff!

A/N ⇾ hope y'all enjoyed the ships! I may do more in the future!


“So, Mike. What makes you think you’re good for Y/N?” Jonathan began.

Currently, Mike was surrounded by all members of the Byers clan. He had Joyce direct across him, Will diagonally to his left and Jonathan diagonally to his right. All he had asked was if he could take Y/N to the snowball! Was it that big of a deal? They all seemed to think so. Y/N would get nothing but the best, and Mike seemed to think that was him.

“Yeah, Mike, what?” Will chimed in.

Mikes head turned directly to will, with an unamused look on his face. “Really, Will? You too?”

“Hey! This is my twin, Wheeler! We want to know your intolerance’s are right.”

“Intentions, baby, its intentions.” Joyce corrected Will, not taking her eyes off of Mike for a second.

“We want to know your intentions are right.” Will then corrected himself.

“My intentions? What the hell, Will? Of course they are! All I want to do is take Y/N to the snowball! What’s the big deal!”

“What’s the big, what’s the big deal?” Jonathan repeated, “Well, Mike, we want to know our little sister won’t have her heart broken!”

“Of course she won’t! Why would I do that? That would only ruin my chances of being with her!” Mike defended himself.

“So now you want to be with her?” Jonathan asked.

“Yes! I always have!” Mike responded, getting more annoyed as each question went by.

“You always have?” Joyce asked, “So, you’ve always known you wanted to be with Y/N?”

“Well, you know what I mean! I’ve known for a long time!”

“Well, Mike, you said always and now you’re saying a long time so you can see why we’re confused, can’t you?” Jonathan responded dryly, tilting his head to intimidate Mike further.

It honestly felt like Mike were down at the police station, hands cuffed and a bright yellow light was shining down on him. What had he done wrong? He just wanted to take Y/N to the snowball?! Why was he being punished like this?!

It went on for what seemed like hours, more questions were being spilled out everywhere and Mike was getting more flustered as they went by. They only stopped when Y/N entered the house, and saw all of her family surrounding Mike in a rather strange way.

“What is going on here?” She asked.

“Oh look,” Mike muttered to himself. “It’s a family affair!”

“Oh, nothing sweetie! Just talking to Mike, is all!” Joyce responded sweetly, ignoring Mike’s comment.

“No, they were not just talking to me! They were interrogating me!” Mike counteracted, standing up from the couch.

“Interrogating you? That seems a bit far fetched, doesn’t it Mike?” Jonathan said, standing up too.

“Wait! What do you mean? Why are you all surrounding him?”

Before Will, Jonathan or Joyce could answer, Mike ran up to Y/N and held her hand.

“Y/N, will you go to the snowball with me?” Mike asked turning his back towards the inquisitive family.

“Oh my god, yes!” Y/N answered in glee. “Yes, of course I will!”

“Wait, wait, wait–” Jonathan tried to intervene, but only got cut off by Mike again.

“Nope! Sorry, Jonathan! I already asked. No take backs!” He ran out of the house clutching Y/N’s hand, leaving a house full of three unamused Byers.

Treat me like your personal dog watcher? You can find another place to stay.

Sorry, this might be kinda long. TL;DR at the end.

My sister came home to visit this weekend. She went to college in a town two hours away and liked it so much she stayed there after graduating, but she still comes home to visit sometimes. She always brings her dog, but she has to stay in a kennel in my room because our house is very small and my room is the only place to put the kennel, but she can’t roam the house because we have three cats that are terrified of her whenever she’s here.

This morning I wake up to the dog barking and whining and realize my sister isn’t in the room. I check on the dog and see that my sister gave her a stuffed dinosaur that the cats like to play with, and she’s ripped it to shreds, stuffing everywhere. My sister is in the bathroom, so I knock on the door and tell my her she needs to clean it up if she doesn’t want her dog to eat it like she has before (and that resulted in a $1600 vet bill my dad had to pay for) and I go back to sleep.

I wake up a couple hours later to more barking and whining. My sister’s car is gone, and the dinosaur is still all over the kennel. I pick it up because I don’t want her to get another bowel obstruction, and call my sister to find out where she went, as I suspected that she had gone off with her friends, but she says she’s just getting gas and will be home in 15 minutes. She says don’t worry about taking the dog out to go potty, because she did that before she left and the dog should be good for a while.

An hour later my sister is still gone, and the dog is whining and scratching on her kennel floor. I don’t want to clean up a mess in my room, so I take her outside. When I come back in, my mom says she called my sister, who said she’s with her friends a few towns away. Exactly as I thought! Mom said my sister’s excuse was that she couldn’t ask me to watch the dog because I was sleeping, so just left, but that she’d pay me when she got home. This isn’t the first time my sister has done this, and it’s gotten old real fast. It would be one thing if her dog respected me and listened to me, but I’m not her master (mistress? Let’s just say owner). The dog doesn’t listen to any commands I give her, and frequently tries to pull me across the street to visit the dogs over there. It’s a hassle every time I have to take her out. Did I mention my sister lives with her boyfriend who is part owner of the dog, and she could leave her with him when she comes to town.

Now comes the revenge. My mom and I had a long talk about my sister and her total lack of respect for us and our house. (She comes home saying she wants to spend time with the family but then we don’t ever see her.) My mom decides she’s had enough. Do we bring the cats when we come to her town, and leave them for her to take care of while we do other things? No. Do we come stay with her and leave a mess? No. We never stay the night with her ever, because we respect her space, or lack thereof. We aren’t running a hotel or a kennel service. It’s not my dog, it’s not my responsibility to look after her. It’s not my job to make her bed to be ready when she gets here, just because that bed is in my room. It’s not our job to gather the things she leaves behind when she goes back home to her town, and bring them to her. I suggested an intervention but my mom had other ideas. As of now, my sister isn’t allowed to come home anymore. If she comes to town, she has to find someplace else to stay and someone else to watch her dog. If she wants to do something with us, we’ll make arrangements. Otherwise she has to stay somewhere else, or we will come see her in her town when we have a reason.

TL;DR: my sister is an inconsiderate jerk and my parents and I are sick of it, so she’s not allowed to come home anymore and has to stay somewhere else when she’s in town.

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I tend to see Melania and her obvious misery in her marriage as a lesson to women everywhere: If you’re going to  be a hot trophy wife and marry for money, at least make sure the guy isn’t a totally 100% loathsome human being first.

Hey, say what you want about Anna Nicole Smith, but at least she married an 80 year old who just wanted to buy her stuff and napped most of the time.

bts’ reaction to you being blindfolded and handcuffed.

-requested by anon

Your S/O other has been working from early in the morning to late at night. The sexual tension has been lingering around you all day. You put on your sexiest set of lingerie. Blindfolded and handcuffed to the bed you patiently waited for your love

Yoongi had been working on their new album all day and couldn’t wait to snuggle up in bed. He would slowly open the door, trying to be as quiet as possible expecting you to be asleep. “Daddy?? Is that you?” He turned on the light and cursed at the sight of you.

“Holy shit.. Jagi.. You look so good. I’m gonna make you feel like a princess tonight.”

Namjoon wouldnt be suprised to see you handcuffed and blindfolded because he was probably the one who bought all those props for you. He’d simply say. “Jagiya, have you been waiting for me?” All it took for him was a simple nod. Not even 2 seconds later you’d feel the vibration of a toy being pressed against your clothed clit.

He would be standing in awe. You were starting to think he wasn’t even in the same room due to the immense silence but soon you felt 2 hands wrapping around your waist and his boner poking against your vagina and you knew it was going to be one hell of a night.

“Baby, you’re going to feel so good tonight”

You would hear the bedroom door being closed and the light being flicked on. You spread your legs embracing yourself for whatever was going to happen. You felt Jimin hovering above you. His deep soft voice whispering in your ear sent goosebumps down your body.

“Hmm.. baby. Have you been waiting for my cock all day? You’re gonna want to see my while I pound into you.”

He would gently lay down next you on his side. He would start kissing your neck, leaving hickeys and love bites everywhere. He would slowly and teasingly take of your blindfold. Being greeted by his eyes full of lust his hand would move down from your breasts to your vagina. He’d slide his hand down your panties and start fingering you passionately.

Jungkook would already be expecting sex as soon as he walked into the room because of the sexy nude photos you had been sending him all day, including videos of you touching yourself moaning out his name and other various petnames.

“Got all dressed up and kinky for me? You wont be able to last tied up, you can’t keep your hands of me.”

Hoseok would get all dominant and kinky. You’d hear him unbuckle his belt and he’d take of your lingerie. Untying you and ripping of your blindfold pulling you from the bed and placing you on your knees.

“Open your mouth baby girl, I want you to suck on daddy’s cock.”


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anonymous asked:

Honestly I seriously hope Reputation will be my favourite album ever, I'm so tired of my inner battle of being unable to choose one between SN, Red & 1989. I want to see if Rep is actually capable of making us forget them since people who were at the ss are repeating the word "ART" everywhere.

From what we’ve heard this album is legit gonna be a killer like I’m legit so so SO excited I cannot wait to hear it akdjshjdbss

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you✨ 

I can’t believe my dream came true in the best way possible. Taylor, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for trusting me enough to invite me to your mom’s house to listen to your new album and hug you. I never would’ve even dreamed something this amazing would happen to me. There are so many things I wanted to say to you!! I wasn’t sure if you knew, but I’m the one with the little blue Swiftie car from Florida with the Rep promo on the back window! And I really wanted to tell you how my mom travels everywhere with me to see you and she loves you so much. She’s been to 10 shows with me (I’ve seen you 18 times total!) and she dressed up in costumes for all of them!! Also another very important thing I wanted to tell you…YOU’RE HAIR!!! IS INCREDIBLE!!! I LOVE!!! YOUR CURLY HAIR!!!! SOOOO!!! MUCH!!! 

What gets me the most emotional about being at the secret session was witnessing your pure, genuine happiness for your life and your album. It warmed my heart to know you’re so happy. You spoke to us like we were all friends hanging out and you were just telling us stories and explaining the inspiration behind the songs, and I just felt so honored you wanted me there for that. I can’t say thank you enough. I love you so much, Taylor. I’m so proud of you.

Midnight Memories // The Color Of My World Part Two [A Stiles Stilinski Soulmate AU]

Series Masterlist

Relationships: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC/Theo Raeken x Reader/Theo Raeken x OFC

Warnings: Making Out, A Smug Stiles Stilinski Talking About Sex, Swearing, Physical and Verbal Violence, Abusive Relationship, AND REALLY FUCKING ADORABLE STILES STILINSKI SERIOUSLY HE IS SUCH A CUTIE YOU’LL FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM ALL OVER AGAIN.

Word Count: 6,168  

Song: Kid In Love by Shawn Mendes (The lyrics are so spot on it’s actually kind of terrifying)

A/N: Thank you so much for loving part one y’all. Here’s part two that also ends with another cliffhanger because I’m addicted to making you guys go crazy lol

“Oh, shit.” Stiles gasped, letting go of me as I stood on my own.

The room remained full of life and color even though he was no longer touching me. My skin, however, felt lost without Stiles. His touch left a lingering burn in my body and I was already craving it again. I longed for someone I just met and, for some reason, it felt right.

“W-We’re-” I stuttered, my mind completely overwhelmed with what we just discovered.

“Soulmates.” He finished my sentence, his warm colored eyes piercing into mine.

Stiles Stilinski, the boy my boyfriend secretly despises, is my soulmate. It’s funny just how sadistic the universe really is.

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[ feel free to adjust any words to fit the character/starter ! ]

  • “we’re gonna do this?”
  • “let’s engage”
  • “get him, get him!”
  • “i’m going, i’m going!”
  • “shut up!”
  • “hey guys, do you see the-”
  • “are you okay?”
  • “nothing’s gonna go back to the way that it was.”
  • “i saw something.”
  • “what is it?”
  • “i don’t know…”
  • “i felt it. everywhere.”
  • “sometimes i feel like i still see her.”
  • “whatever is happening, is spreading” ( + “-from this place.” )
  • “what does it want?”
  • “not me. everyone else.”
  • “wake up!”
  • “abort! abort!”
  • “if you’re out there, just please. give me a sign.”
  • “no no no no no!”
  • “that’s impossible!”
  • “you know i despise [ video game ].”
  • “spill it, [ name ]!”
  • “you want information…i need something in return.”
  • “no way. you’re not getting a date with her.”
  • “i’m not prostituting my sister…”
  • “it’s for a good cause!”
  • “acne isn’t a rash.”
  • “it isn’t contagious, you prepubescent wastoid.”
  • “trick or treat!”
  • “well, aren’t you cute!”
  • “if i get another [ candy ], i’m gonna kill myself.”
  • “what’s wrong with [ candy ] ?
  • “it is top three for me!”
  • “god, gimmie a break.”
  • “holy SHIT, you should’ve seen the looks on your faces!”

here’s my part of the art trade with @zip-a-dee-not-so-scary-lady, here’s the other half

im so glad i got to contribute to the thrilling pumpkin saga!! jesus danny should probably stop wearing that pumpkin everywhere he goes if he doesn’t want his secret identity exposed 

The Bruises -- Billy Hargrove

Requested: “Can I get a ST x reader for Billy? His dad had just been really pissed off the entire weeks and took it out on him. It got really bad that night, he shows up at your house at 3 am. hes crying in your arms and tells you whats been happening all week (you were busy with school and work so you didn’t have time to see him the entire week) but you’re the only person that he’s ever told about it because you’re the only person he trusts. you’re like “I know babe, but its gonna be okay” lotta fluff plz”“Hey, could you do one with Billy when his father let’s out his anger on him for some stupid reason and he doesn’t want her to see him this weak but she comes over because she’s worried and takes care of him? Only if you’re comfortable with that, of course! Thank you!”

Warnings: Mention of violence.

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: After a week of avoiding you, Billy comes knocking on your window early in the morning, crying about his dad.

Words: 606

Listen to: All of Me by John Legend

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