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Since the reveal from Julie Andem’s interview, the part where she shares about how she contacted Tarjei( who plays isak) to ask him if he wants to play a role of a gay boy. He not only said YES, but also questioned the characters progress. He asked her is it will “take this long for him to come out in real” , and that Idk why but makes me see Isak/Tarjei in a new light. I am in love with the character Isak more than ever knowing that the mindset of Tarjei was so genuine when he was playing Isak.

Also the fact that he embraced the role of “Isak” so openly. Tarjei, I hope he knows or he already does, that his Character meant so much to all of us. He was so important ! He represented the community, the generation, stereotypes, struggles as young boy, and he portrayed with such accuracy. That’s art itself.

And kudos to Julie Andem for letting her actors be open and comfortable while filming. Not only putting her ideas out there but trying get everyone’s take on the show. Trying to fit in characters while keeping some of actors personalities. This took some serious thoughts, research and hard work. AND ITS PAYING OFF VERY WELL.

I just love the cast and crew of Skam, they are not big as Hollywood stars, but they are so much higher than them. They are people just like us and that’s the beauty of SKAM 💚



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So if you have any questions or need art advice, feel free to click the link above and scroll through to see if your question is already answered! :D

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#anyway talk to me about magnus being ready to fuck people up who get in his way whether or not they're asking for it - you called?? just imagine him shoving shadowhunters out of his way for simply that, being in his way. imagine his looks of pure disdain. imagine him being able to let out righteous anger when he's repeatedly called warlock over and over again until all he can feel is this rumbling in his veins

this is killing me help. harry’s look of disdain was so good, like you could see it just dripping with everything he wanted to say but couldn’t. but also?? i equally think about magnus not even having to shove them because they see him striding down that corridor and they’re just already diving out of the way, nobody wants to be like dave the intern who got flipped down that little set of stairs last week. especially when he lets his cat eyes shine through and he’s staring down everyone with them.

the idea of cat eyes + magnus’ cold fury from last night dialed to 11 and his fingers sparking red is doing terrible things to me. i want to see the full extent of it when he faces off with someone absolutely deserving of it like valentine or the inquisitor. like, they’re going to pretend they’re not affected, that an angry warlock means nothing to them even though the ground beneath their feet is already cracking apart, but you can see in their eyes they’re thinking, he’s going to really fuck me up.

Exo reaction - surprising them with your (and his) kids

Requested by @catou1305


His eyes would be as wide as planets! He’d especially want a mini photo shoot with his son and wife.


He felt so guilty leaving him to promote and tour the world, but seeing his son in the crowd at a fan meeting would make his hard work completely worth it.


“Has my girl been behaving herself?”




Being the prepared father he is, He’d already have the teddy he bought ready to give to his daughter./son

“Look what I have for the best girl/boy in the world!”


Yixing wouldn’t want to let your baby go, and knowing his father’s touch, your son doesn’t want to be held by anyone else.


“aww! I missed your kisses!”



He would completely forget what he was doing on stage when he sees you and your kids cheering on their daddy!

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He’d run through the small crowd of fans outside the fan meeting to his little ones wrapping them in a massive hug, leaving enough room for you to join in. He’d make sure his kids walked in safely without any wild fans harming them


*heart-shaped smile all around*

“What are you doing here?”

“We came to see you, Appa!”


He’d kneel down low enough for your son to leap into his father’s arms. Naturally, the interview would have to involve both him and his son now.


Much like Luhan, Kai would feel bad for being away for so long. Seeing his kids grow and be happy to see him would definitely make up for the sadness of having to leave for a while.

(they all have the same look in their eyes. I can’t!)

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He would almost have to do a double take. It would completely amaze him that you’ve come all this way with your babies to accompany for a promotion event  as a family.

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I don’t even know why I’m so sad. I don’t even know if I have any right to be. But all I know is that I wanted to touch you in the softest way I could, hoping I would be able to take hold of you. But sometimes even if you do everything right, all they’ll ever see is everything else that’s wrong. I don’t want to regret you, god knows I already have a few of those on my back pocket. But every time you’ve said and done something that broke my heart just a little bit, it makes me want to take back all the parts of me I openly gave you. Do you realize how hard that is for me to do? I am not this fragile thing that easily breaks, but all my life small pieces have been chipped off here and there by people whose hands just wanted to take and take. I am so tired. All I wanted to do was rest my head on your shoulders just long enough for me to be able to breathe. And for a while I thought we’d be a home, you and I. But somewhere in between the words you’ve said - the maybe’s, the I think I’m in love with you’s, the I want you’s, the you’re mine’s - somewhere in between all of that, you changed your mind. You should have known, they said. But I didn’t. Because we were beautiful. At least I thought we were. That’s on me, I guess.
—  My mistake was… // Confessions | Genefe Navilon

i didnt get bangs but i cut my hair p short!!!! i think it’s cute!!!! nd i get to wear scrunchies now!!!!!

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I don't think you should post the channel content. BTS is under Bighit which is a company at the end of the day, and companies need to make money. They already give us so much for free, so much content, and so when they ask for money or for a subscription to see something it's only fair. That and I don't want your twitter to get blacklisted only for that to be traced back here, a lot of people rely on your blogs for information. Still, it's your decision, not mine, that's just what I think.

This is different, BigHit has give us a lot of free content and I respect their rules of the fancafe, also they don’t make the decisions of V App. V app…it was free for the fans to interact with your favorites groups and now? You have to pay to interact more with them like why? Barely we can see them in person or no, if they don’t even respect what we want. For that reason I’m doing that, I’m just going to post the content of CHANNEL+ not of the Fancafe.

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seeing you get into dark souls and bloodborne has been rly rly exciting! how are you doing in bloodborne currently

I was using Liz’s PS4 for Bloodborne and I called it quits at Final Boss 2/3, since I had already reached an ending and wanted to spend the rest of my time with Liz.

That being said I will absolutely stream Dark Souls if somebody gets me it.

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Oh?? How old is John? I have no idea at all, ive just been guessing him as Martins age.

um i see him as being older than how old i see sherlock as (and i see sherlock being born in january 1981) but younger than martin but the thing i found was john apparently was a junior doctor in 2001 which comes after 5 years of med school and 4 years of college (so 9 total years, if im understanding correctly) which would put him at starting college in 1992 but im like…i dont want him to be that much older number one bc i Dont and I Said So and number two because i see harry as being older than him and harry is already that same age he’d have to have been and ALSO i see john as being really smart and determined so him skipping grades and working hard enough to graduate early doesn’t seem illogical to me that he’d be able to be a junior doctor in 2001 and still born in 1976 or 1977

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Ah Sorry, I didn't see that you already wrote "Please stay" 😅 But anyway, next try: Kabby + "This isn't exactly what I had in my mind." (Please tell me you haven't written that yet 😂)

Here you go dear I know you don’t like too much fluff, but I hope it’s still okay

I don’t need perfection, I just want you

“This isn’t exactly what I had in mind”, Marcus quietly explains, feeling disconcerted while settling down next to Abby on the ground. They’re both slightly wet from the rain but had managed to dry themselves off with the blanket Marcus had brought with him. “It wasn’t supposed to rain”

Chuckling, she turns towards him, “And what exactly did you have in mind?”, she asks, her tone slightly flirtatious.

“Well, it definitely wasn’t getting caught in a storm and having to shelter in a nearby cave”, he mutters somberly while kicking a stone.

Surprised by how bad Marcus is taking the sudden rain and the interrupting of his plans,  Abby shifts until her body is pressed against his as she reaches out to grasp the hand closest to her, giving it a soft squeeze before lacing their fingers together.  

At the feeling of her fingers intertwined with his, Marcus can feel his heartbeat quicken and he has to take several deep breaths to calm down. Without taking his eyes off the rain, he squeezes back, “I had it all planned, you know.”

“I know Marcus”, Abby softly utters, as she gently caresses his hand.

“It was supposed to be perfect”, he murmurs wistfully, “I was going to take you to this field. It’s filled with daisies and the view is magnificent. I even brought your favourite sandwiches and a bottle of that red wine you like from Polis”

Realising that Marcus really wanted to make this special for her, Abby feels her heart swell with affection for him.

“Hey”, she gently tugs on his hand until he turns his head and their eyes meet, “That does sound like a wonderful plan, and I really appreciate you going through all that trouble, but I don’t need perfection Marcus. I just wanted to spend some time alone with you. Whether it’s in a daisy-filled field or in a musty cave, I honestly don’t care. As long we’re together, I’m fine with everything”, she finishes while cupping his cheek, getting familiar with the feel of his beard beneath her fingers.

His eyes flicker between her eyes and mouth, the look in his eyes is one of slight disbelief and Abby can feel the nerves coming off him and it almost breaks her heart that even after agreeing to go on this date with him, Marcus still feared that she might not want this after all.

“Are you sure?”, he croaks, his tone hopeful and looking extremely vulnerable.

“Yes, Marcus”, she reassures him, “Now I know this isn’t a field, but it would be a shame if we wasted those sandwiches, don’t you think?”

At that Marcus finally cracks a smile and his eyes are filled with an emotion that makes Abby’s insides flutter and her skin tingle. Moving slightly away from her, Marcus reaches behind him and drags the backpack he’d been wearing towards them.

Pulling out the bag with the food, he lets out an almost imperceptible sigh when it’s clear that the rain didn’t touch the bag. He hands her a sandwich, which Abby accepts with a smile before retrieving the bottle of wine and two mugs from the backpack. After a couple of seconds, the bottle is opened and they both have a full mug.

“Here’s to us”, Marcus toasts, raising his mug.

“To us”, Abby replies with a smile, touching his mug with her own.  

They both share a soft smile before taking a sip and starting on the sandwiches. Watching the rain fall, they sit side by side, their bodies pressed against each other, as they enjoy the food and wine. The date might not have gone how Marcus imagined, but as he sneaks a glance at the woman sitting next to him, and observes her relaxed posture and the small smile on her lips, he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

If y'all see any pics of me in my underwear or naked on here can y'all please report it ? ( so it can get taken down ) I’m tired of seeing my naked body from a year or so ago on google when I search my name & I don’t want my family to keep seeing it . Most of my family has already disowned me for it . So please do me this one favor . Thank u very much .


A: And…I…well. I…have been thinking about what I said to you, and I have come to the conclusion - with some help - that I was being pretty stupid. I was throwing a chance away that would only come once in my life, to be with the man I really like…might even love already.

F: R-really?

A: I can’t believe I…you have to know, I’ve always been quite worried about the impact it would have on my reputation if I, you know. But…I suppose, in the end it wouldn’t matter. I mean, if you’re not crazy mad at me and never want to talk to me again.

F: What?? No, never! I mean…I was willing to do pretty much everything to just…be able to keep seeing you. Feeling you. Hearing your voice, you know, all the stereotypical shit.

A: And I made use of that. I’m sorry. If you still want to…I think…I would like to try…would you want to be my boyfriend?

Aaand finally an OCsmooch for @mikkeneko‘s Bardien Saelac from the amazing One Elegant Solution! I actually have no idea what Bardien looks like or what his armor would look like properly because my computer didn’t want to show me the art that already exists of him but this is close to what I see in my head! :D At least the blue feather is recognizable!

Anyway here’s a smooch for Bardien! For being a Good, and taking good care of Anders. <3


The following day, Luna met with her sister at Shimuzu over in Newcrest. 

“It’s so good to see you again.” she smiled as she wrapped her arms around her, “We really should get better at contacting each other.”

Stella agreed.

“You sounded pretty excited over the phone. What did you want to tell me?” Luna asked after they’d released each other from the hug.

“I’m just going to cut straight to the case.” Stella grinned, “You’re going to be an aunt. I’m pregnant!”

“…already? Jeez, you guys move fast.”

“Or maybe you just move too slow?”


okay, seriously. its so good that clarke doesn’t kill emerson in 3x06? Just think about it. it’s a very personal as well as visceral motivation: she would do it out of vengeance, which goes against everything that her s3 arc wants to achieve.

knowing clarke, killing someone out of revenge usually ends badly for her (see: s2). it’s very neat how the narrative puts a stop in her thought process and goes “no” here instead, because it’s definitely not how she should approach her pain (her feelings regarding Mount Weather). the fact that vengeance would spiral her deeper into the darkness she so desperately wants to escape is very apparent as well, and a pretty terrifying thought, because it’s the one thing that would add to the already existing pain that she tries to push away.

so, i really love that she makes this acknowledgment for herself in this episode and banishes him instead of killing. the writers certainly give her the chance/room to approach her feelings in a more effective way  - now and in the future (starting with s3b) - and that’s cool, because it adds credence to the idea that she’ll get there at some point (again) and overcome it - just not this way (through vengeance), because this way is definitely not the helpful way.

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Hey there! Glad I ran into you. I just wanted to thank you again for inviting us all into your Studio. It really is the most amazing place! I'm sure I speak for everyone that we can't wait to see what changes 2017 brings! I was looking around in the Caricatures, and this cowboy hat really caught my eye. It almost seemed to be speaking to me. Nothing happened when I put it on thoug... Wha... I... Oooooooooooohhhh...

You should be quite careful what you touch and put on in the Craftsman’s Caricatures but I can already see the changes happening right this second, especially when they come from movie sets. 

As soon as you put it on, you noticed how warmer your body is growing, hot hot it seems to get as you start sweating, the sweat streaking down.

You glance down, disgusted at first before you start to see your arms slowly growing. One hair begins to appear then another, and then another, soon forming a streak of brown hair that forms on your weather-beaten skin. 

The tone grows as your arms continue to thicken with muscle, growing longer as you suddenly begin to slowly lose control of them. They simply dangle at your sides as your hands grow, somewhat dirtied and rougher from a labour, day in and day out, before they work with a mind of their own. Your new muscular arms and hands start to rip open your shirt.

Muscle begins to grow all over your sweaty chest and tears at the back of your shirt, ripping it down the middle as you watch your hands spread the sweat all over yourself, another hand starting to open up your belt buckle suddenly wrapped around your tight pants. 

Sweat drips down your chest in particular they almost draw a crevice down between your pectorals, working their way towards your light abs as wherever the sweat drips, hair grows, forming a brown treasure trail and a crevice pointing downwards towards the dick in your hands.

Your hands start to jerk you off, another comes to tease your nipple, feeling warmer as your legs burst out of your pants, tearing it down as your ass grows, the cheeks flopping out of the backside and out of your underwear which fall to tatters on the ground, no longer able to hold in your muscular thighs. You start to feel familiar as you continue to masturbate, the need to cum growing stronger and stronger as your feet stretch out, breaking through the cowboy boots adorning you and revealing themselves to be bare with no socks.

Before you know it, your own head is buried in one of your pits, worshipping your body as one should as you can feel your rough jawline grow in, your features causing you to shift and groan as your hand still works at your cock, gripping tighter and masturbating faster, it just goes on, faster and faster and then suddenly - you cum, streams of cum erupting from your thick cock and dousing your new body and abs, dripping from you as you take a good look at yourself.

In your panting and pleasure induced state, you look down at your body, that of the hunky naked cowboy wearing nothing but his hat and you know why you feel so familiar - you’ve turned into Chris Pratt from the Magnificent Seven, covered in cum and with his large cock in his hands.

Oh and the effects are contagious, so it seems that you, reading this right now, might suddenly start feeling warmer (in fact I think you already do), suddenly sweating, and finding yourself changing. Well, the more the merrier as they always say, enjoy your soon-to-be transformation.


The Fireside Gathering

It’s been said time and time again that everyone has a story, but sometimes, we’re just not sure how to tell it. 

This Friday at 7:30 PM PST, I’ll be hosting a free online seminar on stories and how to tell them! I’ll be imparting a bit of my knowledge I’ve accrued from my life adventures, sharing a story or two of my own, and opening the floor for any and all who want to share something from their life. Hopefully it’ll be a good time that has something you can take with you! Whether you’ve got a story to tell or just want to listen in, come join me and a few of my friends around the metaphorical campfire this weekend!

We’ll be using Discord for this event, so be sure to grab the app if you haven’t already. I’ll be posting a link to the server closer to the event!

Hope to see you there!