i want to see the hot 100

things I need now that alex and maggie are dating:

  • holding hands in public places
  • calling each other “babe” or other pet names
  • Kara giving Maggie the official Talk (”if you hurt my sister I will throw you into space”)
  • Maggie at game night
  • dates!!!! going out to dinner, or movie nights in! I want to see them going on dates!
  • 100% more kissing in every episode
  • Alex kicks some ass in full tactical gear with big guns and after Maggie’s just like “okay that was really hot”
  • Kara walking in on them pls it’s homophobic not to include this
After 2 1/2 years on the waitlist...

I got a plot in a community garden!!!
I have literally been waiting for YEARS to have garden space and when I found out I could get space in a Portland community garden I was so sad to see the length of the waitlist but still willing to wait because I knew this day would come! The best part? It’s 100 square feet and a 15 minute walk from my apartment 😂 seriously need this connection to the land like for therapy and my mental wellbeing plus our own home-grown organic produce! Tomatoes that don’t taste like store-bought shit! Fresh herbs!!! Jon’s gonna grow peppers for hot sauce 😍😍😍
As much as we want to move into a house, maybe in a different part of town, this is a major factor that will make me want to stay. It’s really pretty damn perfect.
Anyway I’m just so excited and wanted to share with y'all. Especially cuz I’m super into urban farming and the lot 😋
That will be all for now. PS don’t forget to check out my giveaway post! Giving away 2 of my pottery pieces!

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When Bellamy returned to Arkadia, and Kane was out there waiting for him, was I the only one screaming at my TV, "Hug him! Hug him!" Maybe this is a personal problem . . . Also, Clarke had a "moment" watching Memori being all cute together. Like she was embarrassed/wanted that, too. And then there she is looking at a bed and her own reflection in the mirror. I'm sorry - this is being set up for Bellarke. I see you, JR. You think you're savvy, but I see you.

You’re not the only one with the Kane-Bellamy moment. Bellamy wasn’t really feeling happy dad vibes though. His emotional support didn’t negate his trauma, or Kane convincing Bellamy to sacrifice those guys lives for Bellamy’s own. Or his mother. Maybe it doesn’t go away.

And Clarke watching Memori? Girl was JEALOUS. Not of Murphy, because of what they had. She wants that too. She’s never had it, has she? Not with any of her partners. Omg. I have to watch that bedroom scene again, I did not see all that. I’m telling you, her head is far more into Bellamy now than Bellamy is into her. I think he knew she was Niylah, and after he steered away from Clarke after the list scene, he’d just rather think about saving everyone.

But he’s kind of fed up with that, now, too. MAYBE HE’S DONE WITH THAT!!!!! Maybe the next time he sees Clarke he won’t want to put aside his needs for the mission anymore!


On this day in music history: December 7, 1974 - “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 2 weeks, also hitting #1 on the R&B singles chart for 1 week on January 11, 1975. Written by Carl Douglas, it is the biggest hit for the Jamaican born singer. He is inspired to write the song when he sees young kids in a pinball arcade in Soho, London “mock fighting” in time with music playing in the background. “Kung Fu Fighting is initially intended to be the B-side of the song "I Want To Give You My Everything” and is recorded very quickly during the last ten minutes of a recording session with Indian born/British based producer Biddu (born Biddu Appaiah). First released through Pye Records in the UK, there is no airplay on the record at all for the first five weeks after its release. It suddenly reaches critical mass when it begins being played in dance clubs. From there radio picks up on it, setting it on the course to number one. The single is licensed to 20th Century Records for release in the US where it immediately follows its UK chart success. Entering the Hot 100 at #94 on October 12, 1974, it climbs to the top of the chart eight weeks later. “Kung Fu Fighting” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

How They React To You (GF) Acting Sexy (GOT7)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3

*Don’t own gifs yo*

Author: Taebaby

JB: He’d loooove seeing this side of you not even low-key. You’d get him so excited and hot that he prob wouldn’t be able to control himself and get a little rough with you (but hey thats ok, you’d love it every time)

JR: He’d be a shy little sweetheart if you guys were in public, but if you were in private… fuckin 0 to 100 real quick let me tell ya. But I bet he’d really love to just sit back let you dance for him, a show for his eyes only (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

YOUNGJAE: It would make him SUPER happy no lie (even though he’s already basically like sunshine I mean really) he couldn’t wait to get his hands on you and when he did you’d be in for a night of crazy bed earthquakes (some real sexual healin’, ya get me)

JACKSON: Shit, he’d do it right back. He’s no rookie when it comes to all that so I feel like he’d act real confident and try to match your speed. Needless to say he’d prob end up running you over (but I mean like, do you care even?)

MARK: Mmm my sweet little american boy. Let’s just say he’s no stranger to getting down ok, so he’d know exactly what to do when you started sendin him the signal (I mean, look at all the flips he can do, do you ever wonder what this boy man could do in a bed?) *Also, I feel like he’d like a show, kinda like JR

BAMBAM: (My beautiful dab-prince, I would follow you to the ends of the earth) That being said, I feel like he would most def get the hint immediately that you wanted his attention and he would give it to you (boy, would he give it to you)

YUGYEOM: Ah, the maknae, you sneaky little sexy bastard. I bet he’d pretend not to notice what you were doing, trying to tease you back, but being the youngin he is (young to us at least, we noonas y’all) he would most definitely not be able to hold back

I wanna see a situation where a rival clan (yes another one!) pops up and Clarke and Bellamy are negotiating peace with their really hot female queen and then the queen is like alright fine arranged marriage to bring peace to our people and Clarke is all like fuck okay I guess anything for my people and the Queen is like nah I want him *points to bellamy* and Clarke is like what fuck you he’s mine and everyone is like what and Clarke is like mine…co-leader



So I gotta say that they did awesome with the characters. The first movie was more based around April so we never got to see the side of the turtles that we wanted and I feel like they really touched down on that. I’m more of a Raph girl (I’ll get to that another time) in the context of we are relatable and he’s freaking hot, but I’ve got a deep interest for Leo in that sense.


 oh my gosh. Like he just matured 100% from
 Can I take your daughter out to the ice cream parlour please?
Your daughter calls me master while I’m pounding her into the bed. 

 But is it just me being weird but I feel like he became kind of assholeish. Like it was totally sexy at some points but throughout the whole time of my second viewing I was thinking of multiple scenes of tension and angst between Leo and his bae. Like they got together in the first movie and he was still cute and fluffy and bouncy but in the second movie he’s completely changed into a leader that’s developed so many different traits from what he had initially. And his bae is like a complete spitfire (her bff is Raph) and she feels like he has no tolerance for her anymore.

Shes still a teenager and although her and the others are more mature than average Leo is just completely beyond mature to the point of almost non-tolerant towards the slightly immature. Like there isn’t much interaction between Leo and Mikey in the movie. 

 Of course that’s not entirely true he’s just forcing himself into that side of the spectrum because he’s yet to understand fully what it means to be a leader and he has a lot to learn and hes just trying to fill the shoes of a leader he thinks he has to be and you see him struggling a lot with that. In the end of the movie he figures out where he stands and it’s all good but…

 If you haven’t noticed I’m a suckerrrr for angst and tension and fights between the turtles and their bae so I was thinking of creating a multiple scenario thing of Leo and his bae. Like create it into a fic but only touching down upon certain scenes between the reader and Leo so multiple one-shots that continue off of each other. 

 Just basing it on the troubles in their relationship with each other as he goes through the phase of trying to figure out where he stands as a leader and where the team stands all together. He’s also trying to figure out where the reader stands in all of it. 

You’ll get to see a lot of angry Leo 😉 and we all know that’s a hot thing to see. SO YEAH THATS MY RANT DONE. WATCH THE MOVIE ITS SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL
 Btw… Hot 👇

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Things to be grateful for before I pass out:
1. I was finally able to make a small donation to UNHCR.
2. I might be going to Greece in exactly 100 days.
3. Today I wore an outfit that made me feel hot. Think casual Stella Gibson. And my hair was pretty okay too.
4. Knowing that I can make people smile with my art makes me extremely grateful.
5. That cup of tea I had while drawing.
6. The new crazy drawing project I just started as you can see in the photo. I’ve wanted to give it a try for years and I just felt motivated tonight.
7. Reading Au Cafe Pequod.
8. A silly guy from school made me laugh so much today that I couldn’t concentrate. Much appreciated.
9. Singing terribly with my sisters right after dinner. That’s what songs from the 80s do to us.
10. My dear friends. Don’t know what it is but this week I’ve just been really grateful about having such fantastic people in my life. And I can’t believe it. But I’m truly lucky.

Reasons The Greek Gods Are Cool

Zeus: (BOOM BOOM LIGHTNING) *crashes into your room on a motorcycle* i rule olympus and ur mum thinks im hot (BOOM LIGHTNING BOOM) * puts on sunglasses and leaves through the hole in the wall*


Hades: I am the danger. I am the one who knoCKS.

Ares: See above. ^^^^

Hepheastus: why do I know these people.

Hera: Getting real sick and tired of your shit (this applies to everyone. mostly zeus.)


Athena: 100% 2smart4u, do not provoke

Dionysus: do it for the vine bro 

Hestia: i baked cookies, who wants some?i said tAKE MY COOKIES BITCHES THEYRE GOOD


Artemis: YOLO *turns a fuckboy into a jackelope or something*

Apollo: YOLO *idk sees the future or something and highfives artemis*

Hermes: Shoe game hella strong. 

Persephone: really into flowers and springtime and stuff but also the queen of the underworld

Hecate: MAGIC *dances away with a gang of skeletons or something idk*

Iris: RAINBOWS. that is all.

Pan: goat simulator

my life is a dark pit of despair.

ps this is just a little humorous thing. I actually have a great deal of respect for the Hellenic gods and goddesses, but I don’t think they would mind a little bit of fun :b 

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So I'm on mobile and it won't let me see the readmore, would you be willing to repost the results of the survey?

Sure!  Though I’m going to make it a condensed version to save the dash.

1. Glad to be over 100 votes since that’s a good sample size
2. It basically boils down to 75% ok with whatever I do. 3% will drop bysoti(d) like a hot potato and 11% don’t know because they want it but they don’t.  :D

Highlights from the Other category are:

Sex is more fun with fucked up emotion sprinkles (I STILL LOVE THIS OH SO MUCH)
Experimentation and its effects, both good and bad
Some: Jealous Viktor! YAS!
And a bunch which boils down to “please don’t get too explicit” (which I get)

TL;DR: My readers are awesome! Seriously the best because they indulge my crazy mind and whims.  And while I’m sad that some will drop me and BYSOTI(D) [the d stands for darling, and that’s totally just so I can call it besotted in my mind] I’ll miss them, but at least I’m telling the story that I want to tell which is messy and about growing up and being expected to make adult decisions too young and so so so much love.  So yeah, Yuuri and Nakagawa are probably gonna get a little hot, but I’ll warn for it and make it fairly easy to skip. ;)

Zach peeled his muscle shirt up over his shoulder and flexed his bicep in the mirror. He gave his reflection a nod of approval.

“Fuck, your brother has some nice arms,” he said.

“I know,” I said, “I’ve seen his arms before.”

“Uh huh,” he hummed, “I know what you really want to see.”

He grabbed his cock through his basketball shorts and gave it a good squeeze.

“So let me see it!” I begged, “Come on!”

“You sure you want to see it?” he teased, “Your own brother’s cock? He’s 100% straight, you know. Probably doesn’t want some little cocksucker like you getting any ideas.”

“Now you’re starting to sound just like him,” I laughed, “Just let me see it!”

I almost ripped the basketball shorts off of him right then and there, but he finally gave in and started giving me a little striptease. Fuck, it was hot seeing my brother slowly taking off his shirt and tossing it aside, flipping his snapback around, running his hands down his abs, teasing at the elastic band of his basketball shorts.

“You really want to see?” he asked me one more time with a wink.

“Uh huh.”

I was practically salivating at the thought of it.

He slid the shorts down his legs first and kicked them off, and then he was standing there in just a jockstrap. My brother’s jockstrap. Fuck. I almost lost it right there. Zach pulled down the front of the jock, letting my brother’s semi-hard cock flop out in front of him.

“Oh, shit,” I said. I licked my lips, “Can I…?”

“Go ahead, baby brother,” Nate said, using my brother’s nickname for me.

I went to town on his cock after that, feeling it stiffen in my mouth as he moaned with my brother’s voice.

Season 3b Clexa

3x09 - Lexa looks a little different, smaller, lost some weight i suppose, skin tone changed a bit, but hey Clarke still loves her. They run away from Polis and Clarke keeps Lexa snuggled against her bobbies while they ride on the pretty white horse.

3x10 - Clarke sees Jasper who yells at her but its ok bc Lexa is still snuggling her bobbies i guess. Lexa approves of Clarke’s new look because hot damn.

3x11 - ALIE is jealous of Lexa, wants her so bad. Clarke says ‘no way’ you can’t have her. Jasper tries to kill Lexa, but Clarke defends her bae outing their relationship to everyone oops. Lexa reminds Clarke about AI removal and they save Raven and save the day!! Once again Clarke is protective of her little smol Lexa and lets Lexa snuggle against her chest.

3x12 - People try and find out Lexa’s special word, Clarke suggests blood must have blood, Lexa is like ‘wtf, clarke, its obviously ascende superius, duh, i say it all the time?’ Then Emerson attacks and Clarke tries to get Bellamy to protect Lexa, and he says no, and Lexa is like ‘wtf Clarke?’ and anyways Emerson traps everyone and is suffocating Clarke, but Lexa is badass and kills him, literally saving all the sky people, even Bellamy :/ Once again Clarke makes sure Lexa is okay, and lets her snuggle against her bobbies. This seems to happen every episode… weird.

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I was scrolling through your page and saw your thing about sibling shipping and just wanted to add my input. I love Conor and Jack and also find them both INCREDIBLY hot so being with both of them in bed would be so hot. But then again THEY'RE SIBLINGS. Basically all I wanted to say is I can understand both sides. But I'm leaning more way more towards disgusting because I have sisters and I would not dare even see them being intimate let alone join

incest is disgusting no matter who it is and I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks it’s nasty THANK YOU ANON

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As much as I love Bellarke, I really want a hot girl to come on to Bellamy and for Clarke to see and get really jealous. And No I don't want E/choke anywhere near Bellamy, but just someone hot enough for Bellamy to look like he would consider it for a moment and Clarke to notice and get visibly upset. Clarke is doing her thing and getting it on with other people, no problem, but why not have someone interested in Bellamy too. It's unrealistic that a hot guy like Bellamy doesn't get anyone.

Look anon, for selfish reasons I want Bellamy Blake to get laid. I want the man to relax, even just for a little while. The writers are allowing Clarke, a female protagonist to be sexual and open about it without bullshit slut shaming. Women like sex too. Women enjoy sex too. There’s nothing wrong with that and I appreciate the writers being very cool about it. Clarke owns her sexuality and her sexual needs. Usually, we see the male characters own those stories and not the female characters. That’s not to say Bellamy can’t have sex just because Clarke is, but it seems like Bellamy will deal with his things differently, no sexual outlets. So while I most definitely want Bellamy to have sex, even if it isn’t with Clarke, while I want him to deal with SOME THINGS sexually, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with Bellamy not having sex. So personally, I need to separate my wishful thinking and what makes sense for Bellamy right now on the show.

Personally, I don’t want Bellamy or Clarke to get jealous. Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship TRANSCENDS on so many levels, jelousy just doesn’t fit their relationship. It would also feel very strange because I would personally feel like that would be a cheap plot. We all know that Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin would go to the ends of the earth for each other, they would move mountains and go through hell for each other. Something like jealousy seems very high school and I don’t think this show needs to go down that road. Bellamy and Clarke are already in love and they will deal with those feelings, not because of jealousy or sexual relationships but because of the power of their love for each other. Love. Not jealousy.

I would also like to add that I truly understand you anon, how is it possible that no one is interested in Bellamy?! How come men and women aren’t falling at his feet.. because obviously we, the fans, are! How are they not knocking on his door 24/7!! I do this from time to time too, forget (or let my frustration take over) but we should remember that Bellamy is very much wanted. He was wanted by his sexual partners in season 1, he was wanted by Raven (at least sexually that one time), he was loved and wanted by Gina and he is loved and wanted by Clarke Griffin. I love Bellamy so much, I feel personally disrespected if someone doesn’t fall in love with him RIGHT AWAY. I get salty and then I say things like “no one wants Bellamy” but there is someone who wants him so much, who loves him so much and that is Clarke. That is what is going on right now. Bellarke. Bellamy and Clarke can’t even touch each other because it means more. Clarke can’t keep her damn eyes from checking him out. So we must ask ourselves, do we actually want Bellamy to have sex with someone just because Clarke is, or are we just so thirsty for Bellarke sex, we don’t care who is having sex with who, just AS LONG AS SEX IS BEING HAD. The sexy times are coming for Bellarke and even I, a blarke, need to find my inner chill.

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oHmYgoSH Sophia congrats 100 followers!!! 💕+🌸 please! (I would send you some themes, but I suck at finding them tbh)

lmao PJ, that’s fine!! and tysm!! <33

compliment: PJ what the heck your blog is amazing and incredible!!! all your edits are just mind blowing and i always love to see a new one that you make and ugh you’re just overall one of my fave blogs

name aesthetic: staying in bed all day, movie nights, walks in the park, shorts, ice cream, running in the waves at the beach, reading books on a rainy day, hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream, soft cashmere sweaters

want one? Soph celebrates 100!

Guys, I just wanna see Holtzmann bang all the girls.

Including Dr. Goran (Sigourney Weaver) and the Mayors PA (Cecily Strong)

Actually that would be pretty hot. Someone do a fic with Holtz getting it on with the PA.

So I guess I’m just saying let’s not do this ship wars thing. It never ends well and never changes anyone’s ship they feel most affinity with.

It just creates a cycle of negativity.
Just look at the 100 fandoms clexa/bellarke shippers for an example on what you do not want your fandom to turn into.
Actually maybe that’s a bad example cause they’re ALL white, young and slim.

Watching the film I totally got vibes for Holtz with every buster. And if a sequel made any of them canon I would be ecstatic. I just want my gayby to get a girl, regardless of race, dress size or age.

Just give Holtzmann a girlfriend.

I feel really bad for Selena Gomez, I really do.

The media, the paps, and the haters won’t leave her alone. She literally hangs out with one person whose a male, and the whole world thinks “OH MY GOD THEYRE DATING! LOOKS LIKE JUSTIN NEEDS TO MAKE A MOVE.”

Like no. Why isn’t the world talking about that Selena was the first ever female other then Taylor Swift to be #1 in Billboards Hot 100 in 2015? Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that she recently turned 23?

Honestly, every single head line I see of Selena Gomez, has to be a rumor of her dating someone, or about the fact that she looks sexy in her new music video.

I just want to tell the world, the media especially, that Selena once said the words: “I would like to be remembered for my work oppose to whom I’m dating.”

Rant over.


It’s that time of year again! I decided to do more of these comics after having a lot of fun doing them in 2014. I followed the Billboard charts closely all year long, listened to every song that peaked anywhere in the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, and ranked my favorites and least favorites.

If you haven’t heard any of these songs, I really don’t recommend changing that! But if you want to hear them for reference:

5. See You Again (much more enjoyable if you mute it and watch C.P. make his Singing Face)

4. Dear Future Husband (this is gonna get stuck in your head and i apologize)

3. Renegades (do not listen while operating heavy machinery)

2. Watch Me (maybe turn your volume down)

1. Photograph (i’m not responsible for any emotional trauma you may experience)


You can view the full list of Best on Worst over on my Medium account!

Or, if you prefer, just the best list is over here.