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We just got a new kitty after my other died. I thought I was doing a good thing by adopting an older cat but he's so frightened. Hasn't come out since we got him two days ago. It makes me miss my old cat more - I really wanted a companionable cat, not one that just hides all the time. I'm going to be patient, but I feel a little guilty for being disappointed. Sorry to bug you with it!

let me tell you about a certain Soft Boy

his first few days were spent underneath a bed. in the following two months, it was a major event to see him in the hallway. we would freeze so as not to spook him, & be forced to stand like statues until his courage broke and he scurried back into hiding

after 2 years of living with him, he’d still spook & run if I reached for him in the wrong way. but he’d also be waiting outside the door during my baths, ready to greet me with horrible screech-chirps & wind between my legs once the door opened

I could give a similar story for Pangur. she was stuffed to the brim with disease when I got her, & the daily process of medicating made her run from me hissing. nowadays I can flop her about like a doll

right now you’re building a relationship, and that doesn’t happen overnight. cats are prey animals, so your boy’s instincts are screaming at him to ‘be careful, be careful, don’t get eaten, run if you have to’. from his perspective, the hiding is quite understandable.

be patient with him, be kind, and over time you’ll be rewarded with a companion :)

All Mine

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A/N: This a requested imagine about Harry getting protective with y/n when a guy starts to hit on her at a party. (Harry looks kind of annoyed in this gif but it’s really hot?? the daddy vibes got me feeling some type of way. Anyways let’s get on with it)

Warnings: Smut, a guy being pushy with a girl also PSA i did not proof read so warning you of typos, v sorry I’m tired but i want to get this out!

Word Count: 2.7k


It was Harry’s first night back in town and you could not be more excited. As much as you loved seeing him living his dream, it was always hard to be away from him when he was on tour. All that sadness was forgotten now, as the two of you and a couple of your friends decided to go out to celebrate Harry’s return. 

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Hey Taylor!
I’m off to New York tomorrow and I’ve never been more excited in my life! I’m going to be seeing two broadway shows, a football game and of course doing all the classic tourist things! I wanted to tell you how much of an impact you’ve made on my life and that you always have been and always will be a constant force in my life that motivates me to be my best self. You’ve taught me that I am who I make myself, and that the people in my life who try to tell me otherwise don’t deserve to be there. I hope with all my heart that maybe I’ll meet you one day, and that we’ll hug. I am so glad that you’re so happy right now, because that’s all any of us (swifties) could ask for. I cannot wait for Reputation and to see what amazing things this era brings. If it’s anything like the past few weeks, I’m not sure if I’ll make it. You go to the moon and back for your fans and I wanted to say thank you.
Abby 💕💕

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Did Rikash ever get to visit Maura between Emperor Mage and the real start of the Immortals War? Also P.S. the Graveyard Hag is my favorite thing in the entire world and I want to be her when (if?) I grow up!

I don’t know if she’s looking for assistants, but you could always ask!

I don’t think Rikash did get to see her before the Battle of Port Legann. He might have managed one or two visits, but only that, not much more. 

Happy birthday to the Sanders Sides. But, more than that, I want to give a shout to the community created around the characters @thatsthat24 , @thejoanglebook , and @tallykat3 have created.

I only joined this fandom about a month and half, maybe two months ago. I was feeling pretty awful one night and posted that I was suicidal, not expecting anyone to pay me any mind. I was seriously struggling, but I see posts like this all the time that get ignored, and that’s what I was expecting, especially as a new member in the fandom. In fact, part of me wanted to be ignored- to just say it and leave it alone.

You guys weren’t having that.

You instead started sending me reasons I should stay alive, PMing me and tagging me in cute videos. And to see total strangers pour out love like that… it was just… I’m very grateful.

And now I’m still here. I still struggle. But I’m here. And you guys aren’t just encouraging to me- you’re encouraging to each other. You guys love each other so much, and so sincerely, and it’s beautiful.

I’m glad I found the community here. And I’m thankful that it found me.

“yes, no, maybe” — thoughts

some thoughts about the first chapter of Yes, No, Maybe

i really suggest you read this if you’ve checked the fic out or you’re planning on doing it. I’ll talk about the infidelity in the fic, my thoughts about it and the way i want to portray it. The abusive behaviors of Kaneki’s mom and a bit of Touka and Kaneki’s relationship (no spoilers, though!! so don’t worry) & some thoughts of all Kanekis as siblings.

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My honest opinion: I truly think that Eraserhead is a better pro hero than All Might. Now I'm aware that there are always going to be people that will see All Might as better because of the brute strength, his quirk, etc. but honest to god I think it's actually quite obvious that Aizawa is the better pro.

ok i agree but i am completely biased

i think this comes down to what type of heroes they are. both aizawa and toshinori very clearly have their heads in the right place. both of them genuinely want to be heroes and genuinely help people. but they go about it in two completely different ways. toshinori was very much more of a public figure and honestly, that was reflected in his career, and aizawa was right at the beginning of the series–toshinori lets his emotions affect him a lot and some of his work suffered from it, especially towards the end where he’d sacrifice his time for seemingly insignificant things. honestly, if i was aizawa i would have 100% held a grudge over him for that since he nearly fucking died because toshinori wanted to fight a battle beforehand that literally anyone else could’ve attended to. 

aizawa, on the other hand, is much less of a public figure and clearly goes out of his way to stay out of the public. he’s a more rational thinker and seems to find it easy to see the most logical option in situations, which his career has very clearly benefited from. however, like i’ve said before, that all goes out the fucking window the moment kids are involved and aizawa has repeatedly self sacrificed at the drop of a hat when it is not the most logical course of action.

i guess what i’m saying here is that i don’t really think their careers can be judged on a metric together because they operate in two very different worlds. aizawa works mainly in the underground and doesn’t seem well known to the public at all, while all might is the face of all heroes everywhere. do i think that toshinori maybe got a little caught up in being a symbol rather than a pro hero? yes, i do, but i don’t have a lot of evidence to back that up, and giving people a symbol of hope and peace is also very important.

do i think that having an underground hero who’s notoriously very good at his job is also important? yes, i do. aizawa seems to be a bit infamous as an underground hero. we don’t have a lot of information for underground heroes, but aizawa is the face of them that we as readers have right now and meta-wise, i think that’s telling us something about who he is to the underground. aizawa is the opposite of toshinori–he’s caught up in hero work rather than publicity, to the point where even the media thinks that he’s just some trashy hobo. 

we also have their quirks–toshinori relies completely on his while aizawa, by principal, can at most only rely on his quirk 50%, even when he’s using it, because aizawa’s quirk is not a physical quirk. he can use it all he wants–without a bunch of endurance training, it’s not actually going to do shit other than make someone pretty frustrated. none of aizawa’s strength comes from his quirk, and neither does his dexterity. that’s all 15+ years of training. aizawa’s quirk does nothing but level the playing field for a short amount of time, and the rest is completely up to him. toshinori, however, gets a good portion of his strength and abilities from his quirk. his quirk is entirely physical.

i have no idea how aizawa erasing OFA would work, given that OFA is technically multiple quirks and if i remember correctly, aizawa could only erase one nomu quirk at a time, but i think if he leveled the playing field between them, aizawa would be able to take toshinori in a fight (i mean, he can take deku in a fight, but deku is also a teenager). this is why people were a little pissed about aizawa not being in the AFO battle, because things would’ve been a lot easier with him providing some sort of support. as in, all might takes AFO out in one punch if aizawa completely erases AFO’s quirk(s). but again, there’s always the caveat where aizawa wasn’t able to completely erase the nomu quirks and could only focus on one at a time. 

if we’re basing this solely on their careers, i do think that aizawa makes it out as the better pro hero for multiple reasons, including what he’s done in his actual career and the nature of his quirk/own personal physical training and ability to think rationally when kids aren’t in danger, but like i said, i don’t think they can be judged on the same metric.

because i don’t want to play down all might’s status as a symbol. that’s not really lesser than a pro hero. he gave people hope that things would be alright as long as he was around, and he inspired a lot of people and made them feel safe. that’s a big job, and it’s an important one.

also i’m biased towards aizawa, sorry

“Your son is going to be lucky to have you as a father” - Scene 11x04 🚗

My heart melted with this scene, it was a very tender and sweet way to show us the develpoded of this two characters with their fears. And of course, after ten years we could finally see Sheldon driving, it really was a great moment, just his face worth all the wait. (I want to see him more driving, if it´s with Amy It would be awesome!). 

The episode was great in general, Amy and Leonard moment was hilarious (I´m doing another drawing of that scene too, so many laughs). Can´t wait for the next one, for the promo looks awesome!. 

Hope you like it and have a wonderful day!! 😘😘

After the end Headcanon’s


- brags about how he ‘saved everyone’

- ‘hey tom remember when I pressed the button’ ‘yes Matt i shot a harpoon’ ‘yeah but I started it’

- will sometimes just start telling strangers about it and after Tom has to explain

- pretends to be lactose intolerant to avoid icecream

- uses his eye scar to get chicks

- edd finds it funny and supports him bc he wants Matt to embarrass himself

- it works

- reads his novelty toy collection stories about how he stopped tord

- ‘tom why didn’t you tell me tord was jerk?’


- Screams when he see’s red


- constantly reminds the two that he was right

- Has framed his harpoon gun and named it “asshole killer”

- Goes fishing more often bc he’s now aware of his anger issues and takes it out on the fish

- goes illegally though

- Get’s in fights with people he thinks is tord

- whenever he wants to drink he just meditates instead to clear his mind instead.

- he doesn’t just sit though, he bows to asshole killer and repeats ‘combaya’

- Makes fun of teenagers who call themselves evil

- Whenenver he accounters another potential threat to his friends he immediately screams ‘only one!’ Like Lemon grabs and chases them with asshole killer

- Edd doesn’t care

- Tries to be nicer to Matt and Edd bc he’s scared someone will take them away again

- He doesn’t have trust issues anymore bc he trusts his instinct

- is less angry and sad and behaves more like his spontaneous self


- took the most damage

- he noticed before he saw tord he became more soft and that backfired, so now he tries to bring out his ‘chill’ side more

- Always has to know where tom is going

- has lost appetite for bacon

- Doesn’t really talk to strangers anymore

- will go to Jon’s grave and talk for hours about useless stuff to keep him company

- Makes more depressing jokes and toms like “stfu we agreed not to be depressing anymore”

- Laughs at everything

- became dead inside in a funny way

- will sometimes flinch when he see’s asshole killer

- Hates tord more than tom ever did.

- Watches movies and barely gets out the house

- he’s getting better and spends more time with ringo


-uhhh fucking dead

Pennywise x Fem Reader Fan Fiction In Your Heart Shall Burn

“Hello all my Claddy fans! As promised I have at least two full chapters of my darker Pennywise fan fiction finished, and i’m super excited to see and hear what you guys think. And as I stated before in my earlier post, if you prefer the cuddly, fluffy, and cute Pennyboi, then this fan fic will more than likely upset you. I don’t want to do that so, please be aware of this and read at your own risk. I will admit however that it took me a minute to get back into the swing of writing, so please excuse any typos or errors you may find. I have a full time job, and i also attend school. ^_^; Other than that, please enjoy.”

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Chapter One: ‘It Follows’

There was nothing worse than the feeling of something constantly watching you. Let it be on your way back from school, or from your part-time job, or even from a friend’s house. Moreover, nothing could ever come remotely close to how it felt when you were home alone. This feeling of sinister eyes always on you has only been a resent occurrence. Starting back from when you and your best friend since childhood, (yf/n) decided to attend your first collage mixer together back in August of 2017. In addition, each of you having several drinks and or in this case shots later, more so on your friend behalf. You and a group of people you barley knew, besides that of the party, found yourselves standing before the dilapidated house on the corner of Neiblot Street.


“Come on, (y/n)! We need to go check this shit out!” Said the one guy with the dirty brown hair, who’s been eyeing you all night but was now all buddy, buddy with your home girl. You did not remember whether he said his name, not that you really gave a shit. Nevertheless, judging how grabby he was becoming with your best friend as she had way more to drink then you. The now horrible idea of all of you going into this crack head house to explore started to pull you back from your buzz.

“I don’t know my dude… This doesn’t seem like a good idea, now that we’re here I mean.” You noted with a slight slur, as the last shot of fireball you had was somehow stronger than the previous ones.

You knew your drinks had not tampered with or anything and the same could be said for (yf/n)’s. Before moving to Derry and subsequently attending college there, your parents and hers were all over you two about the risk of sexual assaults while living on campus, and what to lookout for, do’s and don’ts. So considering everything before agreeing to go out that night, you and (yf/n) both decided that you would be the one watching any drinks the two of you had. Limiting yourself to just a few shots, which you could handle, you let (yf/n) have a bit more seeing is how she just turned twenty-one a month ago. She begged you to come out with her so that she could celebrate her 21st properly, as she so put it. And to be perfectly honest, that’s how this night started until you and she found yourselves caught up in the urban legend surrounding Derry.

“Oh please.” Then said the presumed leader of the group of boys scoffed. “You weren’t saying that back at the house? What’s wrong? Afraid you’ll break one of your claws?” He mocked with an overly obnoxious laugh as he referred to your perfectly pointed stiletto nails. Turning to you as you glared over to your friend as the person with the brown hair, her held onto your friends’ waist a little tighter in the wrong kind of way. You had to now, think of a way to get you and your friend out of this situation, before it became a situation.

“Fine! We’ll go inside and play Scooby fucking Doo, but after this (yf/n) and I are leaving.” You stated firmly before stealing your friend from that other creeps arms. “And if any of you try something while were in there, I’ll personally show you what my claws do.” You warned as (yf/n) embraced you lovingly with a seductive purr. Even while intoxicated she still manages to blurt the words out of how much she found you dominating tone sexy, unfortunately so did the guys.

“Damn, she went from Scooby Doo, to Mike Tyson Mysteries, is it sad that I’m still turned on by this?” You heard one of them ask under his breath as you proceeded to walk towards the front door.

The feeling you starting getting in the pit of your stomach was increasing to the point of pain by the time you reached the porch steps. Like coiling knots, being kneaded and folded all together before stretching back out again. You felt a cold sweat trickle down your temple as you tried to swallow the sudden impossible dryness stuck and your throat. There was something about this place that made the fine hair in the back of your neck stand straight up. The crushing sense of foreboding made your knees shake slightly with heaviness, and the red alarms in your head sounding off with deathbells ringing with each passing second. It was not too late for you to back down, but after making it this far, and making such a fuss, you cursed yourself out as had to press on. So going against your better judgement, you disregarded the nauseating feeling you had and thought of nothing other than getting whatever the fuck you were doing over with.

Lightly knocking on the door for any signs of life, you waited for what felt like ages before doing it again, all the while feeling more uneasy as not a single sound was heard. Now that you actually thought about it after a few seconds of absolute nothingness. The entire damn block was unusually quiet, way too quiet for your liking. You could not detect any signs of life all around, not even crickets, and you could not escape those annoying little shits no matter where you lived. No, there was defiantly something not right about this place, more importantly you knew that you were the only one noticing this at the time, and that made the whole situation even worse.

“Are you two going to go in, or nah?”  Said one of the members of the peanut gallery behind you, which had somehow snapped you out of the snare of dread, let it be temporally. However, instead of listening to your own reason and logic nagging at you to implore them, you again disregarded the notion of common sense. To irrationally followed through with pushing open the aging front door, and walking inside with your friend in tow.

“Well…shit…” You muttered grimly as the outside of the home looked immaculate compared to the state of the inside. With torn and battered furnishing, peeling wall paint, spider webs, vines, tree branches, and the harsh odor of molded piss to which you never once thought could actually be a smell you’d ever come to process. The overall appearance of this place made you want to vomit the entirety of your stomach, and perhaps all of your other organs.

“Sister Mary and Francis, it smells like the deep end of a tuckers ass crack in here!” (Yf/) exclaimed with her nose crinkling in disgust. “Why does it smell so bad in here? Like it’s awful, it’s like breathing in sulfur mixed with death, I can practically taste this shit!” Letting go of her waist as the assault to her nostrils slapped her nearly sober, you then took this opportunity to examine the space around you. Taking out your android cell phone to record this little adventure on Facebook Live, you followed and documented (yf/n) as she pointed out the many scattered missing children fliers and newspaper clipping thrown throughout the living space.

“We’re going live with this bullshit, just in case something happens to us while we’re looking around this shithole.” You announced to your friend and to the people who were tuning in on Facebook. “Ya’ll see this right?” You asked while staring intensely into the camera.

“Do you think that they can also smell what we are unfortunately smelling right now?” (Yf/n) asked with a meek chuckle.

“Fuck, I hope not, otherwise I think my phone will melt if that was the case.” You replied as you used a part of your long sleeves to cover your burning nose. Looking over to the opposite sides of the open living space, while loosely referring to living space, you talked to your phone as she highlighted the scene around you. Picking up a few oddities to give the on lookers a better picture as to what kind of shit you got yourself into this time with the help of your friend. You had to firmly promise the virtual world that you would be reconsidering you and (yf/n)’s, life choices once you two made it back safely home.

“Hey, (y/n) check this shit out!” Carefully avoiding the many gaping holes in the hardwood floors, and trying to avoid the obvious piles of animal fecal matter littering all over the place on your way back over to your friend. You grimaced to the notion of how many creatures passed through here, and if all of them were even animals as some of the piles resembled what humans normally produced.  Standing silently next to your friend who was reading another newspaper heading whether intensely, you paused to her grim face as she held up what she was looking at for the virtual world to see too. The Heading of the paper read; ‘Missing Children in the Heart of Derry’, the article goes on to say that between the years of 1988 and 1989, a few dozen people went missing and that even more children mysteriously vanished as well. Reading further along the lines, you spotted something that not only stuck out to you, but also made the red flags and your head twirl in frenzy.

“Some eyewitnesses say they spotted what appeared to be someone dressed as a clown in period dated attire, talking to a few of the children just before they vanished. There has been no word as to whether or not these claims are true, given the fact that the description of the person of interest was never consistent. However, the local police suspected that the perpetrator or perpetrators must have been using some sort of ruse, to lure unsuspecting victims away from their parents and or guardians, before kidnapping them. But with no bodies and no physical evidences, the investigation has run cold with no leads or suspects in sight.” At the bottom of the article were pictures of some of the missing kids, and what made the heated mass in your stomach turn over to the point of vomiting with more velocity, was the fact that all of their filers were plastered all over the walls of this house. “(Yf/n), I think we’ve seen enough, it’s time to get the fuck out of here!” Moving as fast as possible to the door as this ominous urge started to flush over the two of you, more so on you, the dread only intensified as both pulled and pulled to the front door and it was not opening. It was as if someone had barred it shut from the outside, then it clicked. “Those no good sons of bitches.” You mouthed through a hiss.  

“You don’t think those assholes locked us in here do you?” (Yf/n) asked with a strangled panic taking over her demeanor. Nearly crushing your cell phone in a violent rage, you almost did not want to answer her, as you knew that had to be the case. However, before you could even try to fathom something calming to say to attempt to put her at ease, you and she both suddenly jumped when you both heard something crashing down from upstairs. “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?” Your friend screamed with tears now started to stream down her cheeks. “(Y/n), I want to go home!” She cried as she held onto you tightly. Instantly grabbing ahold of her to keep her as quiet as possible, you tried your best to remain calm, as the tension building around the two of you was enough to suffocate an elephant.

“It’s going to be ok, (yf/n) I’ll find us a way out of here, ok. I just need you to stay with me here.” You ensured her with the best smile you could muster. You have always been the brave one, but that did not necessarily mean that you were not afraid. Throughout most of your and hers childhood, you had to be the strong one, the courageous, and fight kind of girl. Fear was something you fought, but there were times where fighting was not an option, and this was certainly one of those times.

After finally calming your friend down as she was on the verge of a panic attack, you devised a plan to get you and her out of this hell house as quickly and quietly as you could. Whatever made that noise upstairs was something you and her wanted to avoid at all cost, so taking painfully slow and calculated steps to prevent storing the thing above you. The path leading to what you hoped was the back door seemed endless and daunting as you passed a few rooms that made your skin crawl. There was writing on the walls that looked as though was written in blood, messages incoherent in nature and feral. ‘You’ll die if you try,’ you’ll float too!’, and ‘kill them all!’ all scattered out, and written on things besides the walls themselves. This house was a place of nightmares and with every step came the sickening, and fretful realization that someone or something was somehow watching the two of you. Something lurking within the dark shadows of the house, closely watching your every move you and (yf/n) make, and simply laying in wake for one of you, if not both of you to make a single fatal mistake, or in this case a misstep.

It almost came as a heavenly sign of relief once the two of you made it to the back door and an even greater sense if solace, was the fact that it was unlocked and lead to your freedom. Quickly circling back to the front of the house, you yourself greeted the one who pushed you and your friend into that house with a mean right hook to the jaw. Busting the thin layer of skin on your knuckles to the shear force used, and knocking the person out cold, you give the rest of them the most vicious look, as they stood petrified. Even though the whole ordeal was over, and you got (yf/n) safely back home. Ever since that night you felt like that same presence has been following you around, all because you dared to enter that unholy house…



a good mm loving// ♡


trying to work through an art block. as you can see, i’m pretty fixated on keith after s3, esp. that sword-throwin bit haha (i rly want to successfully execute the dynamic shot,,, so it’s practice, practice, practice for me,,,)

“me too”
two little words became a rallying cry
a scream of solidarity
they’re louder than any “you’re not alone” could ever begin to shout
i look to my left, to my right
and see both hands being held by someone uttering those two words

“me too”
hurts to hear
more than their hands, their mouth, their body ever could
i wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone else
not even my worst enemies
i wouldn’t ever want to hear another person say

“me too”
is said far too often
by far too many
and it’s goddamn time we stop teaching how to dress
or how to stay safe
and start teaching that “no” means “no”
that nothing justifies violating another
that it should sicken and anger you to know how many people will say

“me too”
are you listening to us?
do you hear what we’re saying?
are you saying it too?
and if you’re not
thank god for that
but i hope that means instead you’re saying

“enough is enough”

(cc, 2017)


background Bucky (ft. Sam’s left arm)


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.

The Final Chapter

Woah…okay….whew. Trying to collect my thoughts after watching that is…well it isn’t easy. First off, MAJOR PROPS TO TEAMIPLIER. This story has had so much heart and soul put into it, and there’s been an incredible dedication to quality and detail. Bravo, Mark and Co., bravo. 

So wtf just happened? After reading some theories by my friends at @wkm-theories and considering it, I’m gonna take a stab at unravelling this tangled web. 

So, #Markiplier lives. Does he? It’s gone far beyond that now. Maybe in the beginning it was that simple, but it isn’t anymore. There are parts I got right, and parts I didn’t. There are parts the community got right, and parts we didn’t, so let’s go through this piece by piece. 

First off, obviously at this point, this is indeed the origin story of Darkiplier, and of Warfstache too. But it’s a much sadder origin story than I think anyone was expecting. We know from the Colonel (whose first name I think must be Wilford) and Detective’s argument that Celine was in fact Mark’s wife, and that Colonel Wilford had an affair with her. While the Detective calls it “stealing” and “sick sexual exploits,” I think it is clear that he loves her very much. In the spirit world/afterlife/whatever place at the end, Celine says “I never thought he’d fall this far,” and that Mark took everything from them “from his twisted quest of vengeance.” With that in mind, this is my theory on the backstory:

  • As I said in my last theory, Mark, Damien, and Wilford grew up as childhood friends together. Mark went into the entertainment business, Wilford into the army, and Damien into politics. I also am now convinced that Markiplier Manor definitely used to belong to Wilford. Not just by his familiarity with the house, but by his conversation with the Chef just before Celine comes in in chapter two. As we know, the Chef calls him Private, and says “I don’t work for you anymore!” He then says in today’s episode that he’s been cooking for the people in the manor for 25 years, but he yells to Wilford that he quits. Why would he tell Wilford, wouldn’t it make more sense to tell the Butler at this point? But no, in some ways he still sees Wilford as his old boss…the old keeper of the manor. 
  • So anyway, the manor used to be Wilford’s home. And when he was a private in the army, Damien was at University (where you meet him) and Mark was trying to get his acting career started. Yes, in this universe, Mark is not just a YouTuber, but a flim/TV actor. This is evidenced by these photos from the Detective’s evidence room shown on @whokilledmarkiplier:
  • It is also worth mentioning that in the Meta Ending of A Date with Markiplier, Mark is an actor who is out on parole, working on a crummy side project. I think that these universes are connected, but more on that later. 
  • It isn’t easy to start an acting career, and you usually don’t make a lot of money in the process, so I think Wilford took Mark in and supported him while he was getting on his feet As he imitates Mark, he says “Forget all my FRIENDS or people who helped me along the way!” Wilford was one of those people. 
  • I also think that while Celine was friends with all of them, it was Wilford who loved her the most. While Mark in real life is a great guy, Mark in this story is kind of an asshole. Maybe Will and Celine once were dating, maybe Will never got up the courage to ask her. But Mark’s career took off and he married her himself before Wilford could. This obviously infuriated Wilford, and Mark grew distant. Then, to add insult to injury, Mark took the manor for himself, and even named it after his new stage name: Markiplier. This was the last straw for Wilford, and he secretly confessed his feelings to Celine, which she seemed quite happy to reciprocate and they had an affair. Maybe this version of Mark was once like the one in our world, but Fame and Money went to his head “Just look at my MONEY!” The Detective says that Wilford was also “squeezing him for cash” to fund dates with Celine. Will probably feels like Mark stole everything from him, so he doesn’t mind stealing back.
  • Damien, of course, being the politician and genuinely caring about all three of his friends, makes an effort to be on good terms with all of them. It is also likely that he is the one who introduced you to Mark. The two of you meet in college (You’re a DA, so you would have run in the same social circles), and when Damien and you both got jobs in the same city (LA, I assume) where Mark lived, the three of you formed your own friendship. 
  • Back to the affair: Mark obviously found out about it. Like Damien says at the end, he had been planning this for years. It’s even possible that Celine divorced Mark after he and Wilford had an altercation over her, and that it is after this divorce, which left her confused and hurt, that she sought solace in the arcane arts. Now, in this next matter, I was fairly close to the truth. Mark wanted to get back at Wilford, so he cam up with a revenge plan, and he hired the Detective to make sure that everything went down smoothly. However, the plan was not to discover who wanted Mark dead, but to frame the Colonel. And he used the Chef, Butler and Detective to help achieve that goal. 
  • There are multiple times they try to clue you into their plan, but they obviously don’t want Damien or Wilford to know about it, which is why they must be so covert. 
  • Mark’s plan was simple, but effective. Invite all of his closest friends to a poker night, fake his own death, and pin it on the Colonel. But what he didn’t count on was the supernatural getting in his way. 

There is some kind of force in that house. I’m going to call it Dark, but understand I don’t mean the persona of Darkiplier when I say that from here on out, I mean the entity that causes Darkiplier. Anyway, there’s no way of telling exactly how long Dark has been lurking on the manor, but it’s for at least 15 years based on George’s refusal to enter the house for that long. We also don’t know exactly how old our characters are. Suffice it to say though, Dark has been there for a long time. Again, this exposure to an extremely powerful evil entity could have contributed to Mark’s assholery, but we have no way of knowing for sure. 

  • From what I can gather, this is a force that feeds off of conflict. So when Mark and his friends began fighting, it grew stronger. When Mark began to plan his revenge, it grew stronger still. And finally, it grew strong enough to strike. 
  • “He trapped us in here with this broken shell and now there’s no way out” is what Damien says to you at the end. I think that Mark’s body is in fact dead, and Mark has made a deal with Dark. There are two possibilities here: The first is that Mark planned it that way from the beginning, to kill his body, blame the Colonel, and take Damien’s body for his own. The second (and I think more likely) is that Mark didn’t want to drag Damien and Celine into it, and that he didn’t even know about Dark’s force. In this scenario, Dark killed Mark and trapped him in the void where we see Celine and Damien at the end. Then, Dark gave him a choice (Dark loves choices): stay trapped in the void forever, or have Damien killed and take his body. Mark is already hurt and angry, and the Darkness has been feeding those emotions. When faced with that choice, he chooses to betray his friends to save himself. This is when the rest of the events unfold in the manor. 
  • I think that when the Butler says “the body is cold” to the Detective, he meant it. Mark’s body was dead at that point. But the Detective doesn’t realize just yet that Mark is really dead, he just thinks it’s part of the ruse. The Butler also suggests calling the police. He’s really concerned now, and while it was in their original plan to tell you about the plot, they’re unsure now of whether or not to tell you outright, so they resort to cryptic hints and clues. For all they know, you’re the one who really killed him, which is why the Detective acts like he trusts you but at times expresses doubts. As the tensions in the manor grow, Dark becomes more and more powerful, especially since he has Mark in his possession. He can manifest lightning when prompted, and he is able to steal Mark’s body and bring it to the void. Yes, I think that the Detective really was surprised when Mark’s body was gone. That wasn’t part of the plan. That was all Dark’s doing. With Mark’s mind AND body now in it’s possession, he is more powerful than ever.
  • Then, Celine arrives at the manor. Maybe she sensed something was wrong, maybe Dark lured her there, whatever. She arrives and her occult knowledge immediately tells her something is wrong. She then does exactly what Dark wants her to do and opens a conduit to his realm. Through this conduit, he possess her, and tries to possess you but you stop him, pulling out of the seance early. I think that it is your body that he had decided on, which is why “Celine” was so mad that you wouldn’t let her finish. 
  • While you’re outside with George, Dark uses Celine to take Damien’s consciousness into the void, and spits Mark back out into Damien’s body. Dark then takes control of Celine’s body but he is thwarted by George before he can accomplish whatever it is he needed a body for. Now with Celine’s body useless to him, Mark in control of Damien’s body and Celine and Damien’s minds in the void with him, Dark is in a bit of a pickle. Whatever he has, it isn’t enough, and he can’t just take it by force. He needs to be let in to fully take control (Celine let him in on accident in her seance, and then Dark manipulated Damien’s trust in her to trick him into letting him in as well). So he does what he does best: manipulation. 
  • When everything goes wibbly wobbly and you walk around the house hearing voices, that’s Dark’s influence over you. He doesn’t have total control because you haven’t given it to him, but he can lead you in the right direction. As you end up seeing the Detective’s frame job for the Colonel and then their confrontation, things get out of hand. Poor Wilford is slowly going mad at the possible loss of his friends, and he kills the Detective in a fit of rage. When you try to calm him down and take the gun, he accidentally kills you too. This is exactly what Dark needed to happen, another person to die. I think that Dark is a being that exists entirely by thought; he has some sway over the physical world but not enough to do anything major. But if a body is dead and the mind is all that remains, he can easily pull that mind into his domain, where it’s pretty hard to say no. 
  • So you die, and Dark takes your mind and traps it, in the same place he has Celine, Damien’s mind and Mark’s body trapped. And it is in this scene that we see the master manipulator that Dark is. I believe that while Celine and Damien’s consciousness are present in the void before you get here, Dark convinces them that this was all Mark’s doing. He insists that their only chance is to use you, that the three of you can fix it. Of course, he says all of this to fool them. They blame everything on Mark, and tell you so plainly. Dark wants you to share their thoughts so that you’ll agree to his plan. 
  • Your body is out there, broken, but still present. Celine says that she can send you back, and implies that this is only possible if you let Damien in so that together, you can stay alive. But that’s a flat out lie, it’s Dark that is really sending you out, not her. Your body is not ideal to him, but it’s all he has left now. The Chef, Butler, and Groundskeeper have left, Wilford is going insane, and the Detective doesn’t trust Damien OR Celine enough to listen to them. But you do. (That’s why Damien’s character is so appealing to us, it’s why they designed him to make us want to trust him. If we trust him, and he trusts Celine, then we’ll do what Celine says.) All Dark wants is our body, and the only way for him to get it is if we let him in. When Damien says “let me in”, the screen glitches for a moment. Up until then, it was Celine and Damien talking, but in that moment it was Dark. Reaching out to you. Beckoning you to just. let. him. in. 
  • Celine then says that this is a choice. This is also Dark speaking through her. Dark is obsessed with choice, but not just any choice. He uses the illusion of choice to get what he wants. When he made Mark choose between living in Damien’s body or being trapped in the void forever, there was really no outcome that would work in Mark’s favor. And either way, Dark could have used it somehow. In ADWM, he gives the illusion of offering more choices than Mark ever did, but only one choice will continue the story. And according to Mark in his livestream, originally the links at the end of that video were supposed to all go to the same place. He doesn’t offer choices, not really. He manipulates you into thinking you’re choosing what you want, when really it’s he who’s getting what he wants. 
  • And it works. You let him in, he sends you back, and you get to see the shattered remains of Wilford’s sanity crumble completely. Then, Dark reaches for Damien’s cane, and looks in the mirror. He has a body now, but it’s broken. A reanimated corpse (a zombie, get it? It was more than a joke!) that he doesn’t even have enough power to control on his own. He is forced to keep Damien (and possibly Celine) captive in his mind to maintain enough power to keep the body running. But he doesn’t need you anymore, he got all he wanted from you. He traps you in the mirror, and leaves you there, because that’s what social manipulators do: they get what they want out of you and then abandon you. Dark’s mannerisms when in this body are so similar to Damien’s because pieces of Damien’s personality poke through the facade. 

But in the end…

The Detective wasn’t wrong, it was more complicated than “It was Colonel Warfstache in the library with the candlestick.” Markiplier either killed himself or was killed by Dark, but his mind lives on in Damien’s body. Wilford, devastated at the loss of his friends and the blood on his own hands spirals into madness, The Staff leave the house, The Detective is dead, and you…

Your body is dead, possessed by a bitter spirit who didn’t get everything he wanted. So he goes after who started this whole mess in the first place…Markiplier. He follows Mark, fueled partly by Celine and Damien’s newfound hatred of him, fueled partly by his own desires as a parasite to keep feeding and growing, and pesters him to give him back Damien’s body. But Mark has learned his lesson and won’t let him in again. So Dark, now using the name “Darkiplier” turns to the next best thing…his fans. 


Wow @markiplier, you really outdid yourself this time! Thank you for this great experience, it was truly a pleasure to witness. 

Thank you everyone for reading not just this theory, but my other theories, as well as those on @wkm-theories that I helped compile. Thank you also to @valleyofrogues for creating wkm-theories and inviting me to help admin it, it’s been a blast! And don’t think we’re stopping today, we’re going to keep responding to your questions, compiling your theories, and share our thoughts with you throughout October. Something tells me this story isn’t over yet…