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Journeyman - Chapter 27

“I don’t want to see people!”

I wearily rubbed my temples. “Story of my life.”

It was Sunday and, more importantly, the morning after my wooing of Harry. I wanted nothing more than to be nestled up beside his warm body, a tattooed arm keeping me firmly pressed against him. Instead I was trying to convince a two year old that starting preschool tomorrow was not the end of the world. Neither of us were impressed.

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in which a prank goes a little further than expected, and you find out that the boys will always be there for you

Word Count: 2,500

Rating: PG

I finally got around to finishing this one, hope you guys like it! It’s a long one!

“You ready?” Joe asked, checking the mic for the last time.

“Yep!” You responded, scooting over a tiny bit so that Joe could join you on the bed.

“Alright I’m gonna do the intro, do you want to explain it?”

“Yeah that works for me!”

It wasn’t often that you and Joe filmed videos together – he had always preferred for his personal life to stay private, but after Jack had accidentally outed the two of you in a vlog a few months back, Joe had grown more open to the idea of you on his channel. Not to mention that his fans absolutely loved seeing the two of you together.

“Hello everyone, today I’m joined with my girlfriend Y/N as you can see. Now, since we’ve been dating I’ve pranked her a few times, and she’s gotten me back each time, and in doing so, she’s proven herself to be quite the prankster herself. So today, I thought we were going to put our pranking abilities to the test with some good ole prank calls.”

“So, we’ve put all our friend’s names in this hat here, and whoever we pull is who we have to call and pretend that the two of us have gotten into a fight. The rules are we have to try and get whoever it is to be on our side of the argument, and if we do, we get the point,” you explained, giving the camera a thumbs up. The hat consisted of all the buttercreams, Alfie and Zoe, since they knew the two of you best.

“Rock paper scissors for who goes first?” Joe offered. You nodded and proceeded to lose, so he pulled a piece of paper out from the hat first.

“Ohhh, I’ve got Oli. Ughhh this is gonna be so hard, he bloody loves you!” Joe groaned. You grinned at the camera, getting excited.

You both waited as he rang Oli, listening to the tone until he picked up.

Oli: Ello!
Joe: Ello, alright?
Oli: Yeah, you?
Joe: Eh, I’ve been better. Are you busy?
Oli: Nah, I’m just at mine, what’s going on?
Joe: I’m in a bit of trouble…
Oli: Oh bloody hell, what’ve you done?
Joe: Nothing too serious, it’s about me and Y/N
Oli: Go on…

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COMING SOON - The Serpent or Me (Bughead/Jughead x Reader)

I finally have another multi-part fiction coming! It will have multiple POVs; Jughead, Betty and the reader. Here’s the blurb:

Jughead has never cared about fitting in, as long as he has Betty and the gang he knows he has his place in Riverdale. However, Southside High has brought him an odd comfort and new friends very easily. The serpents have taken him under their wing, one in particular y/n has started to show him how things work in the gang. Jughead starts to grow a fondness for y/n that feels uneasy, he’s stuck between two worlds. Where or who should he choose?

As its still very much in the early stages, I thought I’d ask for any suggestions! Is there something you wanna see bughead get up to? What’s your fave thing they do that you want to see more of? Any serpent suggestions? I am here to please, I haven’t decided their fates yet ;)

Originally posted by bugheadcentral

Oppositions are not fated to be bad and destructive, in fact they’re considered more neutral than anything else. In an opposition you’ve got two energies fighting over who gets the limelight. It’s likely the individual swings like a pendulum between the two bodies in question, unable to find that middle way and compromise. This is because the two bodies in question do not want to compromise with each other because, to an immediate effect, they see each other as completely opposites. The development of oppositions comes from realising the mutual desires, wants and thoughts of them. I talk a little about sign oppositions and how they blend here. Once the individual sees that they don’t have to over compromise the extremes, but instead fuse the joint principles and ideas of these two bodies, the opposition aspect will start to swing between drastic extremes less, and instead have the active click of a metronome; or the constant thud of a beating heart. 

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V/Kim Taehyung x Reader

Word Count:2.722

Warnings: Sexual Content; Specifically a Handjob

A/N:This gif is making me feel some type of way. But I didn’t really do any research on this subject so I hope no one calls me out on it lol

This gif does not belong to me. Credit to the owner:)

“Stay at home!” he yelled through the phone.

“But I wanna see you!” you yelled back.

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A cute scenario with Shinsou please. Where his s/o loves to hold hands with him and sometimes plays around by comparing sizes as well giving him tiny kisses on his knuckles, bonus if his s/o for the first time tells him "I love you".

It was a relatively lazy day, you were in comfortable pajamas with your partner, Shinsou. You two haven’t moved from the bed all day, not that you were complaining. You spent this time to getting to know more about your significant other, the things that he wouldn’t necessarily share right off the bat when you two started dating.

The two of you exchanged conversations as you watched whatever that was considerably good on T.V.. You look over to your partner, seeing his eyes glued on the television.

You gently weave your fingers into his, grabbing his attention. He looks over at you and gives you a lazy smile.

“What is it?” he asked. You shook your head,

“It’s nothing, I just wanted to hold your hand, it’s been forever since we’ve done that,” you answer. He let out a low laugh,

“We literally held hands a few minutes ago.” You shake your head once more and pick both your partner’s and your hand up. You open up his hand and put yours over it.

“Why do you have big hands? You don’t even need them?” You inquire.

“Why do you have small hands? I thought people needed them?” he retorted. You playfully push his shoulder, unamused with his response. 

“Whatever,” you roll your eyes.

“But I like your hands, they fit well with mine. Plus, they’re a lot warmer than mine and that’s always nice,” he compliments. He lowers your hand to meet his lips, and places a small peck on your knuckles. You giggle and reciprocate the action making him smile.

“Hey Shinsou?” he hums in response.

“I like doing these type of things, it’s nice to just sit and do nothing with you; which is actually something. But I love you and the things you do, thank you,” you confess. He only looks at you with a glimmer in his eyes,

“I’m glad you feel the way I do, I enjoy these days with you too, thank you.”

Quite possibly the longest replies post I’ve ever done

Guess who got a job?! I can’t wait to start earning money of my own! Hopefully it won’t limit my time on here by too much.

Also, hypothetically - if I were to start a BC, who would you want to see as the bachelor/ette? Serenity Goth or Perry Goth? I know many of you won’t be familiar with them, but it’d definitely be between these two as they were underrated. I would have had Luna as another option, buuuut her future is already planned out.

Lastly - thank you all so much for your comments on Pippa’s story, it means so much to me! I can’t wait to continue it, but Destiny is going to be a huge miss :(

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Neop: I got some good and some bad news for you..

The good: Shifting Changeling’s Tumblr blog got it’s 1500th follower this week :D Thank you all for your support! (I wish I could do something bigger, but I rather concentrate my little spare time on the next page ;))
Also thanks to our writer Graeystone, the actual thinker behind this story ^.^

The bad: Expect two breaks this summer. The first one might appear in about a month, you know, exams.. >.<
The second will be in August when I’ll travel to the US for 3 weeks for vacation (including Bronycon ;)). Want to see what you guys over there are like.. xP

I’m still optimistic that I’ll get a bit more time to draw comic pages after this summer.

(Btw, The drawing is unrelated to the comic’s story ;))

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Hi there! I am also blackwatch trash ^.^ Do you take requests? If so, could I request a drabble of blackwatch!mccree attempting to flirt with his crush who is super shy?

A/N: Y E S
side note: i had a really hard time writing this for some reason??? so i used headcanon format kind of thing with the reader being the crush but idk if that’s what you want

if not im sorry i have disappointed

it’s rather short but I’m half asleep and feel bad because i left this for over 18 hours before seeing it

-You were very shy and everyone on the watchpoint knew that
-McCree likes you a lot
-He thinks your pants look hot (im sorry i love hamilton i had to hnng)
-You two were friends and you’d open up just a tad more with him than anyone else
-He saw this as a “go for it” signal
-He was right
-Except for the fact that he thinks pickup lines would work
-I mean, not that you mind but c'mon McCree
-They make you blush like hell no matter how sexual they are
-Eventually he asks you on a date
-“Like a romantic one?”
“Of course”
-If you say yes,he’ll be ecstatic and turn into a cliche romantic
-Gotta give him a little cheek kiss before running away to tell Lena and get ready bc she’s like your other best friend
-If not, he says he understands but won’t say anything to you for like two weeks and slowly fade into old patterns
-He’s a dramaqueen, nobody can convince me otherwise

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What is, in your opinion(s), the slowest slow-burn fic? Like it's so agonizingly slow but is great in how executed the "slow" it is; I'm not looking for the "best" slow-burn (because our favorites differ) but something super, super, super slow

I hate slow burns! I’m always like UGH JUST KISS OR SOMETHING! LOL 

But these two I liked (and they are the only 2 that come to mind at the moment):

  • The Accidental Malfoy By: Rumaan - M, 21 chapters - Hermione is fed up of seeing her friends leave her behind. She’s thirty, alone and broody. Not one to wait around, she decides to take matters into her own hands and have the child she’s always wanted. The resulting pregnancy is far from what she expects. (only one more chapter to go!)
  • In Another Life By: marana1 - M, WIP - She walked over to the huge, full-length mirror. Staring back was her eleven-year-old self but with long, beautiful, silky platinum blonde hair and pale skin. Hermione ran her fingers through her hair, the reality of the situation sinking in. The fairy hadn’t just made them switch places for a day… she sent them back in time and switched their lives. DM X HG. EWE.

- Lisa

“Broken” is definitely one of the slowest slow burn fics I’ve read:

Broken by inadaze22 - M, 36 chapters - He felt something close to pity for the woman in front of him. And while that disturbed Draco to no end, what really disgusted him most of all was the harrowing fact that someone or something had broken Hermione Granger’s spirit beyond recognition.

- AgnMag

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My ftm boyfriend just told me he's trans, I really really love him, but since I'm a lesbian, I'm afraid our relationship won't work out. Can you offer any advice?

Hi anon,

I can’t really offer sound advice on account of me never having been in a relationship, but I would suggest you talk it out with him and see what conclusion you two come up with. 

What really matters is how you feel about being with him. Do you want to continue this relationship because you love him, or do you want to end it because it doesn’t fit anymore? I mean, since you’re a lesbian, your boyfriend might feel misgendered if you stay in this relationship, and you might feel as though your identity is being invalidated. If you feel like you might be more flexible in your orientation, you could change your label, maybe adding bi/panromantic while still identifying as a lesbian, or something along those lines, though I understand why you might not want to do that. I don’t mean to sound insensitive.

However, I can’t tell you how to deal with this situation, and the best thing for you to do right now is talk to your boyfriend and see if you can figure something out. 

I hope everything turns out okay!

~ Nam

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Hey! <333 I love your blog so so much and I'm such a big reigisa fan but I don't have people to talk about them too and fangirl haha so I thought I'd reach to you :) My question for you is if Rei and Nagisa were to get a season dedicated to them personally, what route would you want to see Kyoani take. Also, what would you want to see happen to Nagisa and Rei as the story goes on?~

Hi anon! Thanks so much for the sweet message! Feel free to fangirl about Reigisa over here any time :) I live for it. 

I would love to see more of an exploration of their own insecurities in regards to their futures. We got that for Haru, Rin, Sousuke and Makoto, but not these two. 

For instance…Nagisa feeling the pressure from his parents pre-university and trying to find out what he wants. 

Or Rei, discovering what it’s like not to follow in his brother’s footsteps as a track star, but still afraid of what his own path could mean. 

And how these uncertainties and questions affect their friendship. How Nagisa is grateful for Rei’s tutoring, but can’t help but fear that Rei (straight As and team captain) is going to move on without him. And Rei never wanting to give up this person who is so important to him, but also unsure how their futures align. 

All the while, they’re realizing their time is running out and each day they spend pretending to be just friends is another day lost. As the end of the school year approaches and their futures become more and more uncertain, they have to choose to move on having never told the truth, or risk everything for what could be first love. 

onceandalwaysenglishmajor  asked:

Maddie, my darling, I see you watched Howl"s Moving Castle (LOVE) BUT YOU SHOULD ALSO READ THE BOOK BECAUSE IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. And Howl is even more extra. And Sophie is having None of It and it is absolutely brilliant. And the author likes the movie, though she says their version of the characters are nicer people than hers. And I might have thrown a fit and bought two copies and the movie online when I couldn't buy it in town. And I always welcome someone to fangirl with.

AHHHH YES WE DID!!! It was great!!! Omgomgomgomg I totally want to check that out now?????? Heck I’m gonna have to pick it up sometime ;o ;o You’ve got me sold

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Have u thought any more about that spy beacon au that was v cool

yes i have because god a kara who didn’t grow up feeling like she was the last daughter of krypton, the last kryptonian, who could hug someone as hard as she wanted and not have them die–and i completely get where eliza was coming from by making kara hide so much. kara and alex didnt know the circumstances around jeremiah’s death but eliza did, eliza was a single mom raising a traumatized and essentially special needs and if anyone found out about either they would kill her like they killed her husband except they would experiment on her first and put her through the worst type of torture–yeah, i can see how eliza would get even more ‘you need to hide your powers a lot, plus you intellect’–alex is the daughter of two world renowned scientists. but for a girl to come out of nowhere that they adopted, who was a genius by kryptonian standards, turning things on its head?

and this time, with astra there to help her, to tell her i have your back (and to tell that to eliza as well)–to help her grow and remember krypton. (to maybe fend off the deo or clark’s enemies if they ever come for kara)

or hell, even someone to wake her up from nightmares–do you know how many injuries alex probably has from this?

just. someone to be there for her that knows so much about what she’s feeling–and for astra not to be consumed by hate for an additional 10 years

(and god–someone to teach kara strategy, how to fight, war, so much earlier than just alex at the deo bc u just know that as a kid High General Astra In-Ze taught her beloved niece something of fighting)

ask me anything

Skin- Part 3

Eventual Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,056 (6,098 words in total)

Warnings: Typical Supernatural violence, angst, language, minor character death, blood, you know the usual

Author’s Note: I do not own anything from Supernatural. All credit goes to their respective owners. Please, if you want to be tagged for this series, let me know and I’ll add you! If you want to be tagged for my other fics, I’ll add you! I want to hear what you guys think about this.

This isn’t part of the episode but read this backstory!

Smoking pot with Dean

Feedback is always appreciated

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Part One, Part Two

Originally posted by jensennackels

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Do not be unjust and hypocritical with Historia Reiss

This thought is a small criticism for a small part of the Yumihisu fandom that is a bit annoyed by the “death” of Ymir and for some mysterious reason blamed Historia … but before that we must think things as they really are.

(This is my thinking when some members of the fandom tell me that Historia is an ungrateful and only brought suffering to Ymir)

Ymir is no saint in spite of everything.

Personally I’ve always thought that Historia is the one who wanted Ymir more …on the contrary, in fact, when you see her story and narrative in detail, Historia is the one who feels more between the two.

Ymir sees her as the one who loves her the most just because she meets the stereotypes, that is, she was the first to propose marriage and it is who does not like men as Reiner faces, that is precisely why most see Ymir, as the one who puts more into the relationship because she is the one who has declared herself gay and the one who proposed marriage to Historia besides proving jealousy, but when you look closely,

it is Historia who suffered the most, who else felt, Who most loved.(Another reason I appreciate her and she is my favorite female character)

Who was “hung” from the other as Mikasa saw it? Historia.

Who was desperate to see the other when they just separated? Historia… (Because Ymir what I had is guilt and shame for betraying her)

Who suffered because of the broken promise? Historia

Who was willing to abandon all humanity to be with the other?… Historia.

Who had a radical change in their personality after separation? Historia.

Who was motivated thanks to the memories of the other? Historia

Who of the 2 cried for the other? Historia. 

Who in spite of how hurt the words of Ymir and that she was practically saying to her in those words that she did not care to him and still it wanted to be to its side?   

Now, who left when he had the opportunity to stay with the other, when the other was even willing to accompany her? Ymir.

Who preferred to die rather than face the other in the face? Ymir.

Who did not even express what he felt in his letter and only destroyed the few hopes he had to be with the other? Ymir.

Who is the one who has not taken advantage of the “last” opportunity to say goodbye to his beloved? … Ymir.

Historia I love her…. Although I admire her and that Ymir is my second favorite character and I know she suffered too much … this time Ymir was a coward who fled from his actions for fear of facing the girl she loved whom I betray, because she does not think himself worthy To see her After that betrayal

Historia tried to save her with all her might, Historia wanted to save Ymir from herself … (Even though I think Ymir is not dead yet), if for some reason Ymir died, It was not his beloved Historia fault. It was not Reiner fault, it was all Ymir fault.

I just think that they should not judge one of the parts of the relationship unjustly when it was she who suffered most of all this…..I hope you liked this short review.

Thank you for reading.

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Okay so there is the funny version where Tequila would be an over the top and super corny cowboy who propose with boxring!hat.

But I also want a more serious version where Tequila and Merlin to have been together for a while, but they are very busy and also living on two different continents you know? So they don’t see each other much. But both love the other dearly.

And Tequila is totally gone on that man of his and his mama raised him right so of course he’s gonna make an honest man out of him (omg i just got hit by the thought of Tequila’s mama trying to fatten Merlin up the first time Tequila bring him over??? anyway moving on)

And Tequila isn’t shy and he’s a pretty confident guy. But Merlin ain’t exactly an expressive guy. Tequila’s got no doubt that they’re both in love, but what if Merlin isn’t as much in love with him? Or what if Merlin is okay with the mostly long-distance relationship but isn’t with being married? It’s a pretty big commitment after all.

So he’s got to make sure Merlin will at least consider it seriously. So cue a super romantic weekend that he plans with everyone’s help because Whiskey is his mentor, Harry is Merlin oldest friend, Roxy makes sure Harry isn’t saying shit to to fuck with Tequila’s head, Eggsy is actually great at romance and a good friend too both and Percival might be the scariest guy ever but he’d been married with Lancelot for years so he must know a thing or two about marriage.

And either everything goes horribly wrong because they are spies and at the end of their “date” Tequila is completely distraught because why would Merlin wants to marry him if they can’t even have a simple date together?

But Merlin does love him and of course he realise that Tequila is acting weird for only a ruined date and asks him what is happening. And Tequila could say nothing or lie even, but they relationship has always been one based on respect and honesty so of course he tells him all about his plans and how he wanted to ask Merlin to marry him but now he’s ruined everything.

Or the other eventuality is that everything goes perfectly well and Merlin is freaking out the whole time, wondering what anniversary he’s forgotten and how he’s going to make that up to Tequila and hopefully he won’t get dump over this.

Either way it both ends with Merlin saying yes (of course) and also being slightly overwhelmed that Tequila loves him so much and not only that but that all their friends have pitched in to help him plan this, whether it went wrong or well.