i want to see more of these two

Jack’s accountant: Mister Zimmermann, there was a suspicious purchase in your account, we just need to verify that your identity hasn’t been stolen. I see here that more than two thousand dollars were spent at ‘Fleurs en Folie’, in Providence-

Jack: It’s a florist. 

Accountant: …Are you saying that you made that purchase, Mister Zimmermann.

Jack: It was Valentine’s day.

Accountant: …

Jack: …

Accountant: Well. We just wanted to make sure everything was okay. Hem, just by a measure of precaution, are there other stores you might, hum, purchase gifts from? I mean, if you don’t want to get a phone call every time.

Jack: Baking.

Accountant: Pardon me?

Jack: Just greenlight any amount spent in a baking supplies store. 

Accountant: Up to?

Jack: … I don’t know, hum, fifty thousand dollars?

Accountant: …

Jack: …a hundred thousand?

Imagine waiting for Steve to wake up

Part 1- Imagine seeing Bucky pull Steve from the water  

You walked the halls of the hospital with a fresh cup of coffee, trying to calm the stress. It had been a few hours since the medics transported him from where Bucky had dragged him out of the water. And Steve still hadn’t woken up.

Nodding at your fellow armed agents, who were standing guard in front of Steve’s room, you took a deep breath.You opened the door and paused, Sam was sitting down next to the hospital bed playing music for Steve. Closing the door behind you quietly, Sam looked up and smiled.

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Following the MCU template, if Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, King of the Monsters, and Godzilla vs. Kong end up forming a “Phase One” of the MonsterVerse, what would we want from Phase Two? Personally, I’d like to see another standalone Kong movie (depending on the outcome of Godzilla vs. Kong, of course), as well as the addition of some more pre-established cinematic monsters into the series - but only ones that have a certain precedence. I wouldn’t want the Rhedosaurus to show up simply because Warner Brothers owns the rights, for example. I think a MonsterVerse take on Matango (directed by Ana Lily Amirpour) could be very interesting.

I’m also willing to bet the 2020 matchup movie will end up being titled Godzilla vs. Kong: Destroy All Monsters, which I’m more than fine with.

Kind-of-Girlfriend, Kind-of-Enemy

#20 - “You’re so sexy when you’re mad at me.”
- ruby x reader, requested by @blacksiren for my two year drabbles

“What the actual fuck?”

You’d just stepped into your apartment, wanting nothing more than to kick your shoes off and relax, only to see your kind-of-girlfriend, kind-of-enemy lounging on your couch.

“Oh, come on,” Ruby grinned, getting to her feet. “Is that any way to greet the love of your life?”

“Love of my- for fuck’s sake,” you grumbled, toeing off your shoes and letting your hair down. “Do you know what kind of day I’ve had?”

“Well, yeah,” she shrugged, walking over to you. “You had to deal with demons. Must’ve been tough.”

She draped her arms across your shoulders, smiling as you frowned at her.

“How did you know?”

Ruby smirked. “I was asked on the job. Turned it down, though.”

You glared at her, caught between pushing her away and pulling her close, slamming your lips to hers.

“You’re so sexy when you’re mad at me,” she told you, grinning as she brought you closer, kissing you forcefully.

Coming Home Chapter 6 (Shalaska) - Jem

AN: sorry for the horrid wait because I’m terrible and thank you to the anon who told me you really wanted the next chapter. That honestly motivated me to post and any feedback always boosts the drive to write. xoxo Jem

Summary: Violet tries something new.

Tw: very brief past child abuse mention

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tbh I’m really excited to get my chest tattoo’d in a month because then I can wear low cut shirts since it’ll hide my chest hair??? I think it’ll help me get misgendered less if I can wear low cut shirts, because mostly I wear baggy-ish clothes. Folks can’t really see that I have boobs because of that? And my boobs aren’t exactly not noticeable tbh. So having some cleavage showing will have a more functional purpose, despite, well… creepy ass cis people lmao.

I’ve made a lot of plans for the future this week tbh. Done a great job at saving money, and I plan on being absurdly frugal and sticking to a really strict budget. I want to be frugal so I can send friends money, as well as save up for an additional two months of rent. My partner’s lease is up two months before mine, so they need a place to live then. I can slowly move in at that point, just need to save up a… well, shit ton of money tbh.

I’m gonna try to really commit to growing my hair out too. Like, if it’s in my face too much and overstimulating me, then I’ll bobby pin it out of the way. I know I just want to pass and be selectively stealth, I gotta commit to it if I ever plan on making it actually happen.

Also! My boxing gloves and wraps came today, and tomorrow is a gym day. Already wrote down a workout for it, and I’m switching from strict strength lifting and doing a bit more body weight stuff. I’ll probably go from 3 days a week to 5 days a week honestly.

zayne10  asked:

Hey, I just want to ask, is everything okay? We haven't heard anything from you for a long while. I miss seeing your art :D Reply whenever you can Thank you :D

Oh gosh, thank you for your concern!

Long story short, my life kinda slammed into a metaphorical wall the first week of January and I’ve been recouping emotionally from it on top of starting a new job as well as taking on more responsibilities in our local 501st chapter.

My emotional state is only NOW starting to finally get back to normal and I’ve finally drawn for the first time in nearly two months just this week.

I’ve got some conventions scheduled to sell at this year so you will DEFINITELY be seeing some art soon! :)

sonic-mario  asked:

Hey are still doing his? If so can you think of any for Incineroar/Samurott/Arcanine? You don't have to do all 3 if you don't want to of course.

I’ve already one Arcanine right here, but I’ll still do the other two, my dude!!


* They’re so used to being spoiled from their previous evolutions that they expect the same treatment now. Like a little kid they’ll ignore their trainer if they don’t get what they want.

* Whenever they get scolded by their trainers you can see them look a bit embarrassed. Afterwards they’ll be more calm for the rest of the day but they’ll go back to their normal selves the next day.

* They like to carry their trainers around and will often do so. A common situation for this would be if it was getting bored with the current situation, they’ll just pick up their trainer and start walking back to their home.


*  They love to just drift in the water and relax. sometimes their trainers or even other pokemon will sit on it’s back and relax with them.

* They’re very calm pokemon but they also have an air of authority around them that’s hard to ignore. They receive a great deal of respect from both people and pokemon.

* They try to stay neutral in any situation but they will stand up for their trainer if it’s needed.

anonymous asked:

In your tags for Kai cheating at pool you said you have so much to say about him and games. Please say it, I'm interested! :)

 …how much i love those Jongin’s moments!!! Well… JongKID want’s to win…has to win…must win. ALWAYS. If he was my child I’m sure i would always give two winning places at each game in order not to see his unhappy whiny self. If you remember at exo’s first box and the basketball game….(THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR IT YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE IT….TILL THE END) or the pool game with Taemin…..or the game which Chen didn’t let him seat down by hugging him…. or the leg strength game at exo’s showtime which made everyone act like a mother would….YES MY DEAR CHILD YOU WON,YOU ARE THE BEST …and many other small moments in those 5 years..aaaaaaaaaa i love him!

p.s sorry for my eng ✍(◔◡◔)


2. The Evil Twin

I said a couple week’s ago that I wasn’t excited about Tash reentering the competition because two things were likely to happen: 1) More repetitive sister drama that no one cares about 2) Tash was still going to go home again before Cody. I’m not trying to pass myself as some bold psychic - I think we could all see that coming. I just wonder why the ANTM producers thought we wanted to see those same storylines play out again.

The twin pettiness starts at the beginning of the episode when Tatiana compliments the positioning of Tash’s fingers in her previous photo. Cody cannot stomach hearing a compliment that’s directed at her sister rather than her.

Yeah, that is perfectly normal thing to rant and rave about. I haven’t heard someone boasting about her own hands so much since Donald Trump.

Cody is positive that her photo is better than Tash’s, too, but I’m gonna give that a hard NOPE! Tash’s photo is better, get over it. 

Rita arrives, wearing an outfit that reader @andthebutterfliesandbeeeees can’t help but describe as “Beetlejuice.” She’s there to get to know the girls because she’s the only judge who hasn’t taken the time to make personal connections with the contestants yet, and, as she points out, time is running out. Well, whose fault is that?

Tatiana is especially eager to get some face time with Rita since she’s already successfully brown-nosed her way into the other judges’ hearts. No shame, Tat, it’s clearly a winning strategy.

Rita decides the best way to get to know the ladies is by babbling about herself for a while. Her parents did support her dreams, y’all!

Cheers to that, Rita!  Who needs an education when you can be in the tabloids?

The best part of Rita’s monologue is when she comments that some of the models will be loved and others will be hated. The editors’ choice of shots are very subtle here… see if you can pick up on it!

At one point, Rita makes like she’s tearing up talking about her struggles, but as we all know from her cut Fifty Shades of Grey scenes, she’s not a good enough actress so she has to abort that attempt. She basically tells the girls that if they think they’re scared about competing, just think how scared she must be trying to fill Tyra Banks’s shoes on “one of the biggest shows in history.”

Um, look, I’m obviously a fan of ANTM, but calling a show that at its peak was pulling maybe five million viewers one of the biggest in history is some straight up FAKE NEWS. You have a small, cult-like following - own it.

Back to the sisters - Cody interjects to ask Rita for advice. Her question is essentially, “I’m awesomer than my sister in every way, how do I make sure everyone knows it?” Apparently, every compliment that Tash receives should really be going to Cody, because she’s that and better!

Did you know that Cody wanted to be a model first? Did you know that she moved out to New York City and had to sleep on friends’ couches for two weeks? And Tash came and joined her and never gave her CREDIT! She wants the validation!

This all comes off as pathetic to me. The judges couldn’t make it any more clear over the weeks that they prefer Cody to Tash, yet that’s still not good enough for Cody.

This is the face Rita makes while listening to Cody. Again, not a good actress, because she doesn’t seem to care. Rather than giving Cody advice, she tries to give it to Tash:

“For what it is she thinks that she’s done for you.” That’s basically Rita’s way of saying, “I’m not agreeing with what Cody’s saying right now, but could you just extend a fake apology to make her shut up?”

Tash says she has expressed gratitude but Cody never says thank you back for her joining her in modeling to form a twin act, which has been the only way they’ve booked modeling gigs in the first place.

It’s possible that Tash could have said it more nicely, but I think Tash is right that she’s been way more supportive than undermining.

Getting nowhere with the sisters, Rita decides it’s time to leave, without getting to chat with any of the other girls. India is not pleased that Tash and Cody monopolized the meeting with Rita with their petty bullshit.

All of the other girls agree. Courtney complains that she didn’t get a chance to complain to Rita personally. She doesn’t think it was the right forum for them to do that in the first place.

That’s one big difference between Rita and Tyra. Tyra would LOVE to hear about your drama with your sister. Plus she’d give you a quick hug and some cliche of “wisdom” that she would pretend magically fixed twenty years of family resentment.

As the girls discuss their contempt for the twins, the twins continue to fight in the bathroom. Man, they may love each other, but they really don’t like each other. In the early episodes, I kind of figured the tension between them was played up for dramatic effect, but no, Cody could very well push her sister off a tall building if the opportunity presented itself.

Later in the episode, Tash comments that it would be nice to have a third party listen to their respective sides of the story because that person could help them sort through stuff. It’s called therapy, Tash. And while Rita may portray herself as a jack of all trades, she is NOT a therapist, so find someone with a degree.

Meanwhile, Cody still hasn’t let it go. Cody says everyone thought she was the mean twin growing up, so now when people like her, she enjoys convincing people that Tash is the mean twin. Tash is understandably offended. There doesn’t need to be a mean twin, Cody. And if there is a mean twin, from the sound of it right now, it’s you.

I think Cody developed a very real complex as a child perceiving herself to be the lesser twin, but at some point, she’s got to drop the animosity and realize Tash is not there to sabotage her. If she doesn’t want to do the twin model thing anymore, cool, just don’t be surprised when no one’s knocking on your door to book your 27-year-old ass.

I don’t have much hope that Cody will ever get past her underlying anger for her sister, but with Tash going home this episode, at least we won’t have to see it play out again. Cross your fingers that Cody goes next!

5 Funniest Moments of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Ep. 11


i was waiting for my cue.
i was on for a poetry reading
at a local art gallery
when a guy came in with a service dog
that looked more like a mutt
with a jacket on.
the guy was carrying two of my books.
he wanted them signed.   

i thought a lot, then,
about my revelations—
the things i choose to make public with my words.
i choose to open myself up
in the most intimate detail
and allow the world to see inside me.
i checked that feeling
against this man i didn’t know,
standing around, waiting for me.
how did i really feel about him knowing me
so intimately?   

but then i remembered
that when i write every word,
my audience is in my mind at all times.
i know some,
i don’t know many,
but they’re there,
like a back-lit peanut gallery
waiting to drink in
everything i have to give.
and i wasn’t embarrassed or afraid.
i didn’t even feel exposed.
i remember what i felt distinctly:   

i felt powerful.

© j.a. carter-winward

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Alright guys, you know the drill!

From now on, I will be going by these tag lists and only these tag lists. Space for certain ones are incredibly limited so get on there while you can.

If I’ve added you to a list and you no longer wish to be a part of it, feel free to remove yourself so the space is freed for someone else.

I can see who edits what so don’t tamper with someone else’s entry!

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I don’t want to sound whiny or anything but please guys, don’t misuse the wrestling soulmates thing for every good feud you see. It belongs to Dean and Seth, and there was more than one reason for Seth to call them two like this. It’s very personal and intimate, something incredibly deep and strong that only a very few otps share and that makes Ambrollins so special above the other pairings. You may not ship them, but using this expression for every couple with a good in-ring chemistry is a total waste. Don’t do it.


EDIT: This post wasn’t meant to criticise or bash anyone, I just wanted to put in words a feeling of mine so if you don’t agree with it it’s perfectly ok, just take into consideration that it’s only a personal opinion.

anonymous asked:

Hey hey I noticed you're doing nordics ;))) How would 2P Iceland react to his a shy, sweet s/o who wants to be with him but her family disagrees heavily? Thanks hun I love your writing!!

Let’s just say that he would be more then pissed. He honestly just wants to be together with his love. Why is that so hard for those idiots to understand? He would do anything to protect his dear. But they just can’t see it.

He would propose running away to his love. So they could live happily ever after, with just the two of them. But if that would be denied then he would just have to use good old kidnapping.

I’m guessing those are the voice actresses?

Anyway, that was a great episode, a lot of action after the slower episodes before.

  • Jesus, what an ending. The way Ruby’s face went blank at the end was amazing. Urgh, I want to watch the next episode now but I can’t.
  • I like how they ended up completely outmatched by their enemies, they are first years after all. 
  • A new character! Who saved Yang? Maybe it was Yang’s missing mom… or Blake from the future. I have no idea which of the two theories is more plausible considering how things work in RWBY. :v
  • Roman mentions seeing Blake in the rally but his words later really seem to be hinting that he knows who she was in the past. Interesting!
  • I doubt Oobleck is dead but you never know.

That’s all for now, see you next time!

anonymous asked:

About lauren having more energy A i totally agree. Shes having fun doing the choreos and has had some great note changes vocally the last two shows. Ally and Dinah have been killing the adlibs and have much better breath control too. Normani killing it as usual but I want her to hit that high note live still.

i don’t think my girl’s ready for that note yet. i’d prefer it if she did a whistle note instead of using playback. oooh, wait, that’s actually a good idea. normani (even though you’re not gonna see this) do that!!


have other queer fans noticed this trend in fandom (like, literally any fandom) that heavily echos canonical queerbaiting? to a really uncomfortable and probably harmful extent? 

i’m specifically referring to the godawful trend of straight people posting a gifset of two canonically straight (usually white) characters glancing at each other, and label it “boyfriends” or “girlfriends.” 

important context: a) i’m a queer/wlw b) none of this is aimed at queer fans c) of course i want more representation, but queerbaiting is not!!! representation!!!

1. i love seeing people celebrate canonical queer characters

2. i don’t love people taking characters who aren’t queer, and who, unfortunately, will never be queer, and pretending that they are. especially when, based on the showrunner’s history, there’s no real hope that those characters are ever going to be together on screen (i’m looking at you, destiel and johnlock and hannigram, although other shows and fans do this too.)

3. i know that race plays a huge part in this too (see: current shipping trends in the sw fandom) and while i’m not going to dig into that atm, there are a ton of posts out there on it (literally just search fandom racism and it’s all right there.)

4. point 3 may have answered my question, actually

5. i’m just really, really tired of the term “boyfriends” being thrown around every time two dudes look at each other on screen, especially when it’s being used to bait queer fans into spending their time and emotional investment on the show, just to realize that they were being used all along. (also, refer back to point 3.)

6. this post was specifically inspired by the shadowhunters fandom, bc i keep seeing posts about clary and izzy, and while i 10000000% would LOVE to see them together on screen, and i think they have amazing chemistry a) we literally have a 7 book series that tells us they’re not going to be together, unfortunately b) stop getting my goddamn hopes up. every straight person who mislabels straight characters as queer now owes me $10 for getting my hopes up. 

i mean, there’s a huge difference between, “these two would be so great together!” and “girlfriends.” 

please please please just boost queer characters instead (or hey! write fan works about your favs being queer!!! because creating your own content about them, where they’re actually queer, is great too!!)

tl;dr boosting queer characters is awesome!! making fan work about characters being queer is awesome!! (i would kill for izzy/clary art and fic.)

posting gifs of Straight™ characters from a show, with no added edits, commentary, or meta, and just the comment, “boyfriends,” or “girlfriends” makes me super sad. please stop queerbaiting my sad little gay heart it’s just not nice.