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Cockles and UST (Part Three) Misha started it but Jen took it to a whole new level.

Okay so in my previous posts I established that there is very good evidence to support the theory that MIsha has been attracted to Jensen from the start. 

As if you needed more evidence, this is Misha looking at Jen at All Hell Breaks Loose con in Australia in 2009, their first con together.

So I have a theory that Misha is the more naturally flirtatious of the two. After all, when Jen was being voted best looking at high school, Misha was feigning a Russian accent to try and find a way to fit in. 

So let’s go back to the early origins of cockles for evidence. Look at Jensen’s body language when it’s just him and Jared.

See now, only a few minutes later when Misha arrives:

There is evidence from the beginning that Misha’s attraction to Jensen is reciprocated. Jensen’s face lights up when he sees Misha. He laughs too loud and too long. 

At Chicon 10 there are some very flirty moments. Misha was openly flirting with Jen. He talks about his heaven as ‘being on stage with you two’ while touching Jensen and smiling at him, (once again Jared, though part of the 'two’ may as well not be there):

And there was pushing and giggling and arse-smacking after the panel, once again initiated by Misha. This is flirting 101:

Jensen gives Misha his ring sometime before September 2010. X This doesn’t have to be a romantic gesture, but it is clearly a significant one. And where Misha is clever with words, I can see Jensen being more comfortable with this kind of gesture.

You know how some things captured in gif form can appear more significant then they actually were? Well, this next cockles flirtation is not an example of that at all. At palyfest in March 2011, in the most sexually charged fifteen seconds I have ever witnessed, Jensen straightens Misha’s collar and leaves Misha speechless for several awkward moments of dead air:

Imagine the gooseflesh on Misha’s neck. Is it possible that Jensen is that naive as to be unaware of the effect this is having on Misha? 

At Jibcon in 2011 Misha takes great pleasure in crashing the j2 panel

and it’s jensen’s turn to be flustered. Did he just adjust himself?

Who knows? But Jared certainly looks a bit perturbed:

And it’s not as if Jensen’s never adjusted himself before on stage at a con!

Isn’t it adorable how he jiggles his little guys into place? This is at AHBL again, maybe Jen was thinking about MIsh?

In April 2011, Jensen flirts openly with Misha at Jibcon.

Fancy meeting you here? Is it hot up here? Really Jensen, 1972 called and it wants it’s best pick-up lines back. 

In October 2011, the cockles flirtation reached a new level when Misha, tweeted a picture from Chicon of a close-up of one of Jensen’s very green eyes along with this msg:

I don’t see how this can be interpreted any other way than as an intimate and private moment between the two, and the fact that Misha deleted it shortly thereafter support this supposition. X My best guess is that Jensen has objected to Misha taking the flirtation to this level. So let’s consider the motivations behind this tweet. 

By this time, Misha knows that his association with Supernatural is at an end. At Asylum 7 a few days after the 'shirtless’ tweet, witnesses claim that Misha was uncharacteristically surly and difficult and video evidence from the con shows that he was also emotional, tearing up on a few occasions.

Hello, Cruel World had aired so he was allowed to talk about it. And talk he did, with some bitterness:

In response to a fan’s question, saying: 'I would love to come back. I feel super depressed.’ and talked about weeping into his pillow at night.

Misha was heartbroken about losing Spn and I can’t help but wonder if this compelled him to behave recklessly in publishing that tweet, pushing the envelope with Jensen in a public space because maybe he figured he had nothing to lose. And it was too much for Jensen, whether or not the relationship had become physical at this point in time.

I want to talk more about cockles but will have to do it in part four because this post is already outrageously long.

Jensen Ackles - Stuck in the middle (Jensen fan POV)

This doesn’t apply to all and I can only speak for myself but Jensen fans have got a bit of crap lately so I felt this rant brewing.

I see Jensen being treated like nothing more than part of a ship or bromance far too often. Rather than enjoy his friendships and interactions I’d come to dread how his words and actions will be picked apart afterwards and used against him depending on which ‘side’ he’s seen as being on that day because fans immediately start bashing him for anything they deem “bad behavior” towards their favorite when he hasn’t done anything wrong.

Bad enough when fans drag Dean over the coals for being ‘mean’ to Cas/Sam forgetting Sam/Cas have betrayed & lied to Dean & made speeches that hurt him at his core. There’s always two sides of an argument and two people that need to change for relationships to work, not just Dean.

But Jensen is a real person and an individual and it happens to him to. Some Jared fans call Jensen for posting sunset pics of him and Misha and want him publicly harassed as punishment at conventions, some Misha fans tweet Jensen to call him a bully for teasing about Misha at conventions not considering that this is how these guys always communicate with each other.

What about the times Misha has referred to Jensen as a girl and posted pics from his modelling days to millions on twitter when Jensen has spoke of his unhappiness at those days & how ‘friends’ used to post his modelling pics up all over school. Why is it teasing when Misha does it but bullying when it’s Jensen? (for what it’s worth I see both as just teasing the shit out of each other in their own ways with no malice behind it)

I’ve even seen this as a ‘reason’ why fans shouldn’t vote for Jensen at PCA because of how he’s a horrible person who ‘bullies’ Misha. Not to mention the homophobic comments he gets when he doesn’t want to talk about a ship.

You claim it’s because Misha gets hate from fans for taking Jensen seriously but that’s NOT JENSEN’S PROBLEM. He shouldn’t have to change how he always interacts with his friends because ‘fans’ take it the wrong way. He’s hardly online to know what fans are up to and he’d be in a no win situation if he stepped in. I wish fans would STOP using Jensen to validate their arguments and for the other side to STOP expecting or even demanding Jensen to modify his behavior because of how fans behave.

If you want people to believe you when you say you like Jensen and don’t only see him as part of your ship then why not modify your own behavior and treat him with at least the same respect you treat your favorite even if you don’t give them equal support.

Jensen is a fantastic actor, he’s hard working, he’s professional, intelligent, funny, sweet and a ton of other things outside of being your favorite’s buddy/sidekick or however else you pair him with his friends. If you don’t see those things and if you completely lose interest in Jensen when he’s not in vicinity of your favorite or talking about your favorite than that is not you being a fan of Jensen, that’s not you ‘loving’ Jensen that’s you liking how Jensen mirrors your love for your favorite. If people were more aware of the difference maybe Jensen fans wouldn’t be so upset when we don’t see the amount of love and support for Jensen that’s claimed to be in fandom.

Since Jensen/Dean is the one stuck in the middle of the two biggest pairings in fandom both fictional and in real life rather than Jensen getting twice as much love because of it he’s the one who gets twice the grief/criticism from both sides of the ship wars and I think that’s why Jensen fans get so defensive about him and are constantly asking fans to treat him with respect as an individual and why we fight for him to be recognized as an individual outside of being one half of a duo and outside of his chemistry with others.

This isn’t a hate post and doesn’t apply to all fans it’s just my general POV from being in fandom too long.

Okay so I follow Misha Collins on Twitter and yet again did he Tweet his phone number but I was late by about 6 hours to see it so I figured a call wouldn’t hurt.
So I called Misha and it went straight to voicemail and it was a message roughly to this extent:

“Hey. You’ve reached Misha. I can’t get to the phone right now. Disclosure, I do have um… About 170,000 voicemail messages in my inbox right now. So leave a message and it may take me a while, but I will try and get back to you. I want to hear every detail of your message, don’t leave one out. Okay, bye.”

#The voicemail of a legend

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okay but let's talk about how smart Misha is because i want to have intellectual conversations with him about social movements just as much as i wanna make out with him

Yessssssss omg I’m so fascinated by how that mind of his works and just to have an hour-long one-on-one conversation to see what makes him tick would be an absolute dream. Every time I read those occasional lengthy posts he puts up on Facebook or even certain tweets, idk I’m just always weirdly impressed how expertly he uses satire to speak out about important issues. I honestly feel bad for people that don’t get his sense of humor because he’s such a fucking genius. He’s also a fucking troll, but he always uses his powers for good. :3 But yes I would love to have discussions with him about thoughts on life in general or literally whatever not just because he’d have some great insights but also because he’s the kind of person that would genuinely be interested in hearing your opinion too. And just…yeah. We really don’t talk enough about how smart he is. I mean, the man figured out how he could tap into an entire fanbase to change the shape of this world for the better. Seriously. #mishaforpresident

I would very much to be a part of Season 10 and I hope that that is in the offing. It is not something that anyone from production has approached me about yet...

I would very much to be a part of Season 10 and I hope that that is in the offing. It is not something that anyone from production has approached me about yet. I think they’re still working out story lines for the end of this season and for next season. I have no speculation on where the show goes for Season 10, and whether it includes me or not I can’t say with any great certainty.


Please help us show how much we want Castiel in S10!

  • Include #Misha4SPN10 on your tweets.

  • Specifically tweet @CW_spn, @cw_spn, @Chico6, @TheJimMichaels, @AdamGlass44

  • Send postcards – for details of who to mail them to, go here.

  • Download, print and mail or email our flyer – for details, go here.

Misha has still not been approached about S10.

With storylines being loosely planned now, your voice as a Casfan could make a big difference to how much we see of Castiel next season.

So let’s show everyone concerned with Supernatural how much we love Cas and want to see more of him next season!

Hey Misha fans

I think it’s about time that someone make a big deal over Misha’s PCA! The CW sent out a tweet but aside from that the cast and production team have largely ignored this achievement. I have created a petition to get Creation Ent. to have a celebration for Misha at the next Supernatural convention.

Please sign the petition here so that they can see how many of his fans want this award to get the recognition it deserves.

Please signal boost this

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They all adore shatner for some reason! And Sam didn't have to comment on it. That's just opening the door for Sam and shatner banter after the whole drama and shatner outing Sam. This is bullshit! If Sam truly cared he would stay far away from him instead of passively aggressively agreeing with him, so basically it was true what shatner said, Sam is condoning his behavior and what he says and poor Cait hasn't posted anything since he went on his Tirade! I'm so sick of this shit!

I disagree on this one actually. I think Steven and Sam WERE throwing shade at Shatner today but unfortunately Shatner is to egotistic to recognize it.  Sam does care but you DID see how silly he is in the Gag reel right??  Sam is sharp as a tack when it comes to his wit and I rate Steven right up there as well.  Sam isn’t condoning anything here just my 2 cents.  I know Shatner was very ugly to some people here and I don’t think that was right at all… I repeat for the people in the back… NOT RIGHT AT ALL.  BUT I do think at some point we have to realize that the Shat issue is ALL an attention issue.  He wants it. He will do anything for it.  Sam learned his lesson on that one but continually beating a dead horse on it doesn’t do any good… Sam isn’t out to get anyone… except maybe Purv and those who stalk his friends.  Look at what Shatner was doing to the Misha Collins fans today and you can see exactly what he is after. He cares about one thing and one thing only.  His ego.  By Steven tweeting him that today it could be read (if one was egomanical enough) as a praise for Shatner… but it can ALSO be read as VERY sarcastic and throwing shade where shade is due. No one need agree with me on this one but I don’t see Sam condoning a single thing with his tweets to Shat today. Not one single thing.  Sam has got a lot of things to juggle and will never make everyone happy.  He just can’t.  I think he is doing the best he can I really do. At one point I was seriously frustrated with him too but at some point you have to choose a side. Either you think Sam is an asshole who is friends with Shatner because he loves him or you have to think Sam is just placating the old man. Remember who his real friends are… they are quiet, they are respectful, they are silly, and kind.  Shatner is just noise. Plain and simple.  Treat him like you do static on the radio… turn the channel and don’t pay attention to it. 

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Have you seen the few pictures of Vicki at the airport today? I don't know if it's the angle, the shape of her clothing, but she looks like she may be pregnant again. What do 'ya think?

I’m not going to bother to check for this, because it’s pointless. You might think that you can tell if someone’s pregnant, especially once someone is like 154 weeks in, but you really can’t. Maybe they are; maybe they’re just stealing office supplies.

I’ve known some people who claimed to have mystical powers of pregnancy detection, but I never bothered to test their claims with a double-blind trial or anything. If such powers exist, I would make friends with these people to save money on those little sticks you pee on.

Also, the way they announced Vicki’s pregnancy with Maison was a last-minute announcement at a convention that Misha wasn’t attending because Vicki was in labor. Misha didn’t even tweet about the birth for several days, as I recall. (I wasn’t in fandom when West was born so I don’t know how that went down.)

Clearly, they value their privacy here. They may not have expected to be greeted by fans at the airport, and Vicki is only in the background of the pictures I’ve seen … maybe she wasn’t expecting to be photographed. Maybe she didn’t want to be in pictures. I love Vicki, and I would love to see her at public events more often, but I don’t see that happening if fans start doing weird shit like trying to guess if she’s pregnant. Let’s try not to drive her away, okay?