i want to see ittttt

161218- Fan note to Joshua and Jeonghan.

Q: If you made unit w/ 1 member?


  • Member that you want= Jeonghan
  • Unit name= HongYoon♡


  • Member that you want= Joshua
  • Unit name= nice kids

trans: ohmywonwoo

wait Emma can create things with magic now

now all I can think of is Killian like “SWAN where’s my hook, I know you took it Swan, that’s bad form!”

and she’s like “okay okay sorry” and poofs the hook into her hand and gives it to him

and he takes it and goes to plug it in and pauses and turns around with a totally betrayed look like “THIS IS NOT MY HOOK THIS IS BLUNT SWAN I CAN’T GO OUT WITH A BLUNT HOOK WHERE IS THE REAL ONE GIVE IT BACK”