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Steve Harrington x Reader x Jonathan Byers: Scream Of The Banshee Part 4

A/N: After you reunite with Eleven, you start remembering bits and pieces of your past before Hawkins Labs. 

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“(Y/N), do you know her?” Jonathan asked you gently as usual. “Friend.” Eleven whispered in your sweater. “Your friends with her? Who is she?” Mike asked her, making Jonathan look up at them. “(Y/N).” “(Y/N)? You mean the girl who disappeared?” Mike said and Jonathan looked at them weirdly. “What do you mean?” Jonathan asked Mike. You looked up from Eleven as Mike spoke to Jonathan.

Mike licked his dry lips before talking again. “When I was little, like about five years old… my mom had this newspaper in a box about…a missing girl. It said her name was (Y/N) (L/N). Eleven told me that she knew a girl named (Y/N). I didn’t think it was this (Y/N).” Mike explained. “She disappeared? My mom told me she moved away from Hawkins. Mike, can I look at that newspaper?”

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All Are Steven. All Are One.
  • Director: *stands tall with her white oak staff* I have an urgent mission for you, you'll need to depart post haste and-
  • Magnus: Well first hi! Hello.
  • Director: Oh, sorry. Hey.
  • ----------
  • Merle: How're you doing?
  • Director: I'm doing just fine.
  • Magnus: Say hello to my fish!
  • Director: You want-
  • Merle: That's Steven.
  • Director: You want me to address your.. oh look at that. Yes I see you've got a little friend there. Does he do anything?
  • Magnus: ......he swims around in his tiny ball. And he loves me.
  • Merle: And right now he's doing his trick of swimming upsidedown on the surface of the water.
When BB goes to the military 6

Military: I really don’t want to give you guys firearms
GD: it’ll be fine, I promise
Military: really?
GD: yeah! I once made all of us where jackets with flames on them. We’ve had plenty experience with firearms.
Military: whatthefrickfrack
T.O.P: No. He means like a gun
T.O.P: see, I just instagramed that one over there
Military: that is extremely illegal
Military: might as well…
Military: so, this is a rifle.
Seungri: *holds gun upsidedown
Daesung: *stares at gun with his renewed sight*
Daesung: amazing
YB: this gun reminds me of myself
T.O.P: *@choi_seung_hyun_tttop posted 89 new pictures*
GD: *drops gun. Screams*
Military: alright no…
Military: here, try holding it like this.
Military: Now aim for the target. And fire!
Seungri: *has perfect aim*
Seungri: *recoil throws him into a van*
T.O.P: *sets up tripod and camera to record*
YB: *tries to shoot*
YB: *is also too short*
YB: this gun no longer reminds me of myself.
Daesung: *continues to be perfect*
GD: *hums Bang Bang Bang*
GD: *shoots actually pretty well*
Military: impressive
GD: i have a gun that shoots Gucci at unfashionable people when they enter my home. I knew it would come in handy
Military: that wasnt as bad as i thought it wohld be
Seungri: *is still in van*
Seungri: hey, guys… I think i tore myself. All of myself…
Military: I was wrong

I like Regis’s redesign.
I liked Dawn.
I still see so much potential in XV.
If anything I see more.
The world looks beautiful.
And the new theme of parent and son will make me cry.
Yes I would have liked to see a time frame for a release like a season.
I’m still proud of the XV team for working so hard and creating a mysterious great game.
I know this is weird but I LIKED how little we get. It’s going to make the first play through surprising and breathtaking.
SO PLEASE DONT HATE ON A HARD WORKING DEVELOPMENT TEAM. It’s clear they want to make XV the best FF yet and revive the series and that is stressful!!