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Sick Day

For @audreycritter you accidentally inspired me today, enjoy the fluff. 

Words: 1,500

Rating: Gen

Summary: Bruce isn’t feeling well, and Damian wants to make sure he gets proper rest. 

Across the table from Bruce Damian sneezed. The boy rubbed fiercely at his nose with the back of his hand, before returning his attention to his breakfast. Bruce watched him for a few moments before deciding the sneeze was the result of some dust in the air and not a sign of illness. He always had to check with Damian, his youngest made a habit of concealing anything he took as a sign of weakness.

Bruce settled back in his chair and took up his coffee mug to take a sip. The liquid caught in his throat for a moment, prompting a cough he knew would result in spraying Damian with hot coffee. He resisted, swallowing the sip a moment before the cough broke out. Damian looked up from his food, a tiny frown on his face. Bruce held a hand up as he tried to stem the coughing fit and at last caught his breath.

“Coffee went down the wrong pipe.” He said.

Damian’s frown deepened. “That would not be possible, Father. But I understand your meaning.”

Bruce chuckled and found himself coughing again, the tickle of liquid at the back of his throat still irritating him. He took a second drink from his coffee cup, this one more of a gulp, to stem the tide of the coughs. At last they stilled. Damian’s frown had turned into a line, one that read as worried.

“I’m fine.” Bruce repeated his reassurance. Except now that he said it, he wasn’t sure it was true. His initial coughing had been due to the mishap with the coffee, but his throat was still scratchy. He shrugged it off as burning from the coffee.

Damian clicked his tongue. “If you say so.”

It was afternoon when Bruce finally admitted it to himself. There was something wrong. It didn’t feel like allergies, as much as he hoped it was, but more like the beginnings of a cold. He decided to leave early from the office asking his assistant to forward any messages he might need and returned to the manor. He called a cab instead of Alfred, by the time he made it home he was feeling even worse.

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tantalum-cobalt  asked:

If you have time / still want to, I'd love to see some fluffy Tim & Damian being brotherly in public. Maybe at a party or some kind of WE event where the media is watching them all closely so they have to play nice? Or the media hassling one of them and the other coming to the rescue?

Turned out kinda less-fluffy than I’d maybe meant it to be—it’s set in a time period wherein they’re still kind of not-good with each other. But hopefully you’ll enjoy. :)


Bruce’s urgent hiss made Tim snap his head up from the technically-illegal champagne he’d been halfheartedly eyeing all evening in the vague hope that it might make the party slightly more tolerable. His eyes widened; his adopted father’s tie was missing and his shirt collar was askew, and he was about as non-death-related frantic as Tim had ever seen him outside the cowl, so he stuck the champagne flute somewhere behind him onto what he hoped was a table and hurried over to Bruce.

“What is it? Is it a vill—what…” Tim stopped short with a slight gasp now that he was up close. “Is that…lipstick?”

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Stay (Damian Wayne x Reader)

A/N: Third prompt fic so far! Damian is older!

Warnings: Tiny angst and fear toxin nightmare

Request: 20 and 29 with any Batboy.

It had been two days since you had inhaled generous amounts of fear toxin. They had put you under surveillance in the Batcave. You couldn’t wait to get out. Not only did the constant nightmares and random panic attacks have you afraid to go to sleep, or even closed your eyes, but the beds in the medical bay of the Batcave were uncomfortable.

Your heart seized in your chest as you began to hear whispers echo off the walls. Not again. You curled into yourself and covered your ears and the whispers grew louder, eventually graduating into full-on screams.

It was loud, painfully loud. Enough that you thought your ears would bleed.

You screamed when you felt a hand on your shoulder, and jerked away from it’s touch. When you looked up to see your attacker, all you saw was Damian, looking more concerned than you’d ever seen him.

Slowly the screams faded back into whispers, which quickly dissipated.


You couldn’t find the words to reply. Tears started to form in your eyes against your will.

“If you had asked me to stay, I would have,” he said gently.

You nodded and scooted over, allowing him to climb in next to you. You felt his arms wrap around you, and you couldn’t help but to press yourself into him. “I’m sorry,” you whispered. “I’m fine.”

“You can lie to yourself, but don’t lie to me. You’re suffering, beloved. I don’t wish to see you suffer,” Damian replied reassuringly. 

“I want it to go away, Dami,” you mumbled into his chest, tears still finding their way down your cheeks.

“It will. I promise that it will. Just let me stay until it does.”

A Little Love & A Broken Jaw

Pairing: Jason Todd (Red Hood) x Reader

Genre: Comdey, Comfort, & Romance

Warnings: None

Summary:  Jason comes back hurt after a mission gone wrong.


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You opened the door to your apartment, thankful to finally be home. Work had kept you from getting out until 7pm and then it took to hours to get home because for some reason the Red Hood had traffic blocked up.

You threw your keys on the counter and went to go get changed, rolling your eyes at the thought of you boyfriend.

Most girls would be freak out over their boyfriend vigilantism, if not that then they’d definitely be freaking out seeing him go crashing right onto the top of a car.

But it was another day in the life of dating a member of the Batfamily so you weren’t worried. More than likely his family was with him, or he’d go to the Batcave later and get his injuries checked out. Alfred was just about as good as any doctor when it came to setting broken bones or treating fractures.

And with that thought you went about your evening, changing into a pair of sweatpants after taking a shower and making yourself to eat. Once your nightly routine was over it was almost 10pm and you finally got to sit down on the couch and pop open your favorite book.

You were barely through the first page when you heard a small tapping noise from the window at your fire escape. You looked up to see a gloved hand and a red hood sitting on your window sill, trying to get your attention. You put your book down in a hurry to open the window, a feeling in your stomach telling you something was off.

You slid the glass open, taking your boyfriend’s arm as he stumbled into your apartment. With his free arm he pulled his helmet off and chucked it to the floor, allowing you to get a good look at his face. Your heart squeezed at the sight.

Jason’s jaw was clearly not where anatomy deemed it was supposed to be. Blood was running down his forehead and along the side of his face around his black eye.

You gulped, wondering why in the hell Jason had come to you rather than go back to the Batcave to get patched up by Alfred. There wasn’t much you could do for these injuries. You decided it was best to do what you could in the bathroom, where you had a small medical kit underneath the cabinet.

You sat him on the lid of the toilet and pulled out a washcloth to clear the blood off of his face.

“Baby what happened?” You said, finally getting up the courage to ask him.

He just shook his head and pointed to his jaw, letting you know that attempting to speak wasn’t a good idea right now. A lightbulb went off in your head.

“I’ll be right back” You say to him, coming back a moment later with a notepad and pencil. You put it in his free hand before grabbing the washcloth and going back to cleaning the blood off of his face.

“Start explaining yourself.”

He sighed through his broken jaw and began to scribble on the notepad, irritated that he wasn’t going to get out of telling you what had happened. You finished cleaning up the blood, pulling the rubbing alcohol out to disinfect his cuts. Jason pulled away your hand before you could get a chance to finish cleaning him up, taking the supplies out of your hand and replacing them with the notepad. You looked down, beginning to read the what he had written.

That fucking clown was running around like he always is. Bats and I ended up getting into a fight because I had tried to kill him. Satan Spawn got pissed at me and threw me off the building into traffic. I didn’t go back to the Batcave because I was pissed and I just wanted to see you.

You giggled at how he had described Damian as “Satan Spawn” before handing the notebook back to him and leaning against the counter to look at him.

“Baby you should have gone back to the cave. Alfred could’ve patched you up much better.  You could have just came here later and I would have let you in.”

Jason held up a finger and scribbled on the notebook for a few more minutes, holding it up for you to read this time rather than just hand to you.

Nothing compares to when you patch me up.

You rolled your eyes at the cheesiness, leaning down to where he sat and giving him a kiss on the forehead. He smiled the best he could before wincing in pain and writing in the notebook once again.

So what are you doing tonight?

You scoffed at the note, beside the words was a winky face.

“I was going to have a nice quiet night of reading, but I guess I’ll be patching up your broken jaw instead.”

Jason huffed as ran your fingers along his jaw as gently as you could, assessing the damage. After a few minutes you came to the conclusion that there was no way you could take care of him yourself.

“You’re going to have to go to the cave, love. There’s nothing I can do here.”

Jason huffed again, slowly standing up to tower over you. He grabbed the notebook one more time, jotting down one more sentence underneath his previous words.

At least let me stay here tonight.

You gave him a small smile, taking his hand and leading him to the bedroom. He sat down on the bed, watching you pull out some fresh clothes he had left at your apartment previously. At this point he knew you gave in, allowing him to get checked out by Alfred in the morning rather than calling the butler to come get him.

He got changed and laid down in the bed, expecting you to slip underneath the comforter with him. When you got up to leave his hand reached for your forearm, stopping momentarily.

“Give me a few minutes babe. I’m just going to clean up and then I’ll be in bed with you.”

He huffed for what seemed like the millionth time, releasing your arm to let you go. Jason rolled over, allowing himself to get comfortable after the exhaustion of the night’s events.

You went to the bathroom, cleaning up the medical kit and throwing the washcloth into the hamper. You peaked into the bedroom once again, seeing that Jason had succumbed to sleep. You bit back your lip at hearing his labored breathing through his broken jaw. He definitely had a broken rib too.

You quietly exited the bedroom and shut the door behind you, tiptoeing your way to the living room where you had left your phone earlier that night.

You tapped the phone a few times until you reached the first contact in your list and hitting the call button. It only rang once when you heard the person at the other end of the line.

“How bad is it?”

“Broken jaw. Black eye. And a possible broken rib.” You hear a sigh at the other end of the line.

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

“Thank you Alfred.”

Clarity (Damian)

Requested by @frostbite883 (I hope you like it!)

Summary: Damian needs to get away to think about things, so he goes to the first place he can think of.

Warning(s): A Very Small Dash of Angst, Very Slight Comic Spoilers

The cool night air whipped through his locks while the whirring of the motorbike helped drown out the adolescent’s overactive mind. Although it didn’t help for long - the racing thoughts screamed at him over the outside noise.  The traffic light ahead of him changed yellow, then red. Usually Damian would race through without a second thought, yet he found himself stopped, staring ahead blankly as the stream of cars that had been waiting at the perpendicular crossings buzzed to their destinations.

Family. In the traditional sense, he had no idea what it meant, but during his time in Gotham he came to mold the word into his own definition. To him, it meant a small - very small - group of people that he trusted and expected them to trust him as well. Apparently those ideals didn’t hold true for those he considered family - specifically his father. Damian couldn’t fathom how withholding facts from his son, his partner, could be beneficial in any conceivable way.

Did his father merely think he, or the rest of the family members, couldn’t be of any assistance? Was it yet another fruitless attempt to keep the people he “cared” about safe? As if that ever actually worked.

Five or more heads were better than one, even if Drake’s was included in that count as well. Not to mention the family deserved the right to know what was going on in Gotham. Especially if it concerned that the Joker may have cracked all of their true identities. Of course the possibility was always in the back of everyone’s mind - wondering if the manic knew or not. But now, now that evidence was suggesting so, they deserved to know right away, primarily the ones that didn’t reside in the mansion.

However, it was obvious living in the mansion did nothing, meant nothing, in regards to protection and security. Each and every one of them were so easily persuaded when their father lied boldly straight to their faces. Maybe if Batman had just admitted for once that he required help… Damian paused in his thoughts, would he have asked for help in that situation? He shook his head, of course he would have, especially if Pennyworth’s life, and his sibling’s lives, depended on it, considering then maybe they would have all been anticipating their captures.

A car behind him beeped obnoxiously, forcing Damian to momentarily snap out of his deep trance. His head lifted up and sure enough the light was green once more. Before he could even press on the gas the car honked again, causing a grumble to fall from his mouth. Without further hesitation he whizzed off, his BatCycle practically driving itself to the all-too-familiar location as his mind wandered back into his thoughts.

Deep down he knew those weren’t the only reason he was upset. For once, he just wished someone viewed him as an equal. Rather than being a subordinate, a puppet to order around to do the dirty work, or someone who had to be supervised because he was considered “a loose cannon.” For a while, he obeyed quickly, accomplishing his task above and beyond expectations, but it never got him anywhere.

The only time he felt somewhat equal was when working with his adoptive siblings. They all seemed to have a mutual understanding as to what cause they were fighting for and how it felt to work under the Batman. Though, even they felt he had to be watched and heavily restricted in order to prevent him from overstepping any moral boundary the Batman already instilled into them. Nevertheless, if he wanted to seek one of his siblings out to work side by side with them, they all were debatably equal in anger with Damian over their father that it would make for an unproductive duo.

Instead, he took himself, rather subconsciously, to the only other place he could think of - the Titan’s Tower. The motorbike’s noise slowly died down while Damian decelerated once inside the garage on Titan’s Island. He kicked the kickstand into place before grabbing the small backpack holding his belongings.

Making his way across the parking lot he raked a hand through his wind tossed hair, thoughts of his father creeping into his psyche yet again. Damian’s convinced Bruce only does it for the adrenaline rush, to make sure he feels something. Why else would he keep his most deadly and dangerous foes alive? Simply all for the challenges they pose for him. The Batman just likes to be challenged. Racing against the clock, trying to figure puzzles out, all while his family and loved one’s lives are on the line. And if one of them happen to die? Well, it was all part of the challenge, all part of the game.

Except this wasn’t a game to everyone else. This was real life, Damian’s life, Drake’s life, Todd’s [second] life, and so on. But they were all just pawns. Batman didn’t need a “sidekick.” Why else would he not ask any of the several he’s had for help? They simply added to the challenge, making it harder and tougher for Bruce to solve the cases while he was training them. Well, Damian refused to be apart of his stupid game anymore. He wasn’t going to stand around and wait to be kidnapped again while Batman waits to go on another date with the Joker.

The door to the main room slid open and immediately all eyes were on Robin. His usual scowl on his face faded as the reason for his arrival reminded him that he needed this - needed to stay here. A slight awkwardness fell over them all before smiles spread across a few of the faces around the room.

“I,” He paused, mulling over how he wanted to word everything, “I would like to stay here for a while… If that’s alright with all of you…” He held his breath for a moment before he was greeted with a chorus of “Yes!” and “Of course.” from the more outgoing members while the others nodded in approval. Damian nodded curtly in thanks, turning to head for the room designated for him, before Cassie gently placed a hand on his shoulder.

He turned to the Wonder Girl with a raised eyebrow, “Is everything alright?” She questioned softly, not wanting to push him.

“I’m infuriated at father, I don’t want to see him for the foreseeable future. And maybe beyond that.” Damian explained simply, his plain expression slightly tugging into a scowl against his wishes at the thought of the circumstances.

Cassie frowned slightly as Damian made his way up to his room. All the Titan’s could in some way relate to the feelings they assumed Damian was feeling. Each of them, in some form or other, had to deal with parental relationship strain at one point in their lives, especially considering the certain “extracurricular” activities they chose to participate in. Though none of them ever expected that the son of Batman would be showing up there asking to stay. Out of all the Titans, save for a couple, they assumed Damian was the one who had the best relationship with his father.

The next morning everyone was unusually lively as the group of young superheroes used their array of powers to gather their materials for breakfast. Wonder Girl flew over the other’s heads as she grabbed the cereal from the cabinet, Impulse whizzed around the others for the milk carton. Raven possessed objects to float over to her while Beast Boy slithered around them in the form of a snake.

Damian watched from where he sat eating next to Ravager, who had the foresight [pun intended] to avoid the bustle around the cabinets and fridge. The more awake members gathered their breakfasts firsts and joined the two at the quaint table. Superboy stood in front of the stove, mindlessly waiting for his scrambled eggs to slowly cook before Bart suddenly appeared next to him, leaning his back onto the counter next to the stove.

“So, Conner,” Bart started before he lowered his voice to a whisper, a faint smirk of curiosity on his face, “What do you think would make Damian this angry at Bruce?”

Conner looked to Bart from the corner of his eyes and heaved a sigh before shrugging, “I don’t know. But must be pretty bad…” He looked back to his eggs, pushing the white and yellow substance around, a pang of familiarity hitting him as he thought to how distraught Damian looked the previous night, relating it to his own parental issues, or lack thereof.

Haunted Manor

It was bound to happen, me writing a Supersons fic. I mean, Jon and Damian are just too cute to stay away from for long. So I hope you guys enjoy this little adventure I’ve cooked up. Thanks to @audreycritter​ for helping me workshop this. @komadoriwonder​ I told you I’d do something fluffy, even if I’m a little late with it. ;)

Summary: Damian and Jon go on a ghost hunt in the manor

Rating: Gen

Words: 4,700

Warnings: None

AO3 Link

A high pitched scream tore through the manor, accompanied by the heavy crashing of panicked feet on wood as Damian and Jon tore down a hallway. Their pace was one of panicked teens running from a ghostly apparition after late night tales of horror. Despite the lack of scary stories or jump scares, Damian could almost be certain of the presence of a ghostly apparition. One he didn’t want following them by Jon’s yelling.

“Silence, Kent.” Damian hissed as they slid to turn, their feet in unison pounding down the next hallway.

Jon gulped and managed to cut off his cry as the two reached the main staircase. He was glad of his new attention when Damian stumbled on one of the steps and he had to reach out and haul him back. Damian grumbled a thank you as they reach the bottom step and continued running.

Their mad dash only stopped when they’d reached the safety of the well lit living room they’d set up camp in. Jon feel onto the couch, tossing a pillow off it to meet the other ones scattered around the sleeping bags on the floor.

Titus looked up from where he’d been curled up on one of the pillows and tilted his head at Jon. Damian stepped over to scratch him behind his ears. The simple action started to calm Damian’s frayed nerves.

“I thought you said the manor wasn’t haunted.” Jon said, his words broken as he attempted to catch his breath. Neither boy was out of shape, but both still struggled to slow their racing hearts and control their heaving chests.  

“It’s not.” Damian snapped.

Titus shook his head, discharging Damian’s hand from its task, and laid back down. Damian crossed his arms and let one foot tap on the floor as his mind tried to come to terms with what had just happened. For it had happened. Damian was sure of it. What it was, he wasn’t sure of. Surrounded by the normality of the living room he was starting to wonder what it was they’d encountered.

“Well,” Jon said, absently reaching for the half-finished bowl of popcorn on the coffee table. “It sure seems that way to me.”

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p0werbottomsuperman replied to your post “gimme an idea to write about”

Hmm Bruce and Clark going undercover to “watch over” Damian and Jon’s first date? XD

“Bruce, this is silly,” Clark complained.  

Bruce frowned and said nothing as he tugged a knit cap down on Clark’s head a little lower.  

“And this isn’t exactly a disguise,” Clark went on.

Bruce shook his head and let out a sigh of his own.  “And neither is a pair of glasses, and yet that one has worked okay for you.”

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  • Dick: Damian, pushing your father off the train is off-limits. Attempted murder is unacceptable.
  • Damian: It wasn't attempted murder. I just wanted to see if I could, if he was paying attention.
  • Dick: That's not--
  • Bruce: He does have a point.
  • Dick:
  • Dick:
  • Dick: Sometimes I hate living in this family.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Damian:</b> Father, your presence at this soccer game is not necessary. It is a trivial matter, one that my schoolmates have forced me to partake in.<p/><b>Bruce:</b> That's okay, Damian. I want to see you play. I was a pretty gifted athlete in my boarding school days as well, actually. I made the team four years in a row.<p/><b>Damian:</b> What did you play?<p/><b>Jason:</b> [walks in]<p/><b>Bruce, looking into the far distance as he reminisces:</b> Competitive Lacrosse. I was captain, and a pretty good one, if I say so myself. Why, I can remember in the summer of '84, Coach Buckley told me I had the moxy to be the best lacrosse pla-.<p/><b>Jason:</b> [walks back out]<p/></p><p/></p>

I’m gonna miss this book, truly. I only hope we can see more Maya/Damian/Suren soon. While I’m not a big fan of Fawkes’s work, this book was still fun to read.

Thank you Patrick for bring to us this fabulous book, thank you Fawkes for continue with this story.

Sad and Tragic Stories- Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader

You watched as the light faded away, casting a faint orange glow to the city you call home. Usually you would be finishing homework or reading a book, but you felt like watching the sun sink into the horizon. You snuggled closer into your knitted blanket and watched the sun finally disappear. One by one, the lights on the streets and the rooms in the buildings glimmered with pale lighting. You hated that the light pollution in Gotham prevented you from seeing the stars, and often pondered on booking a flight to the Atacama Desert in Chile to stargaze for hours. Even Dami- You shook your head. Of course you had to think about him, you scolded yourself. You sighed and returned your attention to the illuminated city. Why did he have to do it? You had no idea why, but a little voice in the back of your mind always says that it’s your fault. You knew you did nothing wrong, but what caused him to abandon you when you needed him the most? Your mother is in the hospital, your siblings are on the other side of the country with your father, and now you lost the love of your life. You felt warm tears fall down your cheeks and immediately wiped them off. You thought about the scene in The Outsiders and thought about its relatability. Nothing Gold Can Stay held an immense truth to you and there was nothing you could do about it. The doctors said that your mother only had a few months to live due to her wounds from the mugging and gave you many looks of pity and reassurance. You didn’t need anything from them, you needed your mom back, you needed your family back together, and you needed him. A faint knock from your apartment door interrupted your thoughts and echoed throughout your dark apartment. You stood up and abandoned the blanket at the window. When you reached the door you looked through the peep hole in the door and saw your elderly neighbor, Mary, holding what looked like her famous double chocolate chip cookies. You slightly smiled at her kindness and opened the door.

“Hi Mary. How’s the mint plant I gave you?” you asked.

Your smile faded when you saw blood dripping down her head.

“Mary, are you alright? You’re bleeding! Let me go get my medical supplies,” you stammered.

You were about to get the medical supplies but Mary collapsed onto the carpeted floor. You immediately rushed to her and tried to find the wound. There was bruising on the back of her head and a huge cut to go with it. Cackles could be heard to your left and caused shivers to travel up your spine. When you gained the courage to look up, the psychotic clown himself was munching on a cookie and staring at you with bloodshot eyes. You stood up and ran into your apartment, desperately searching for your phone. As you were running through your apartment, two gunshots taunted your ears. You collapsed and screamed. Excruciating pain erupted in your chest and abdomen. Tears clouded your vision and streamed down your face.

“Awwww. Don’t cry, girlie. Your neighbor over there is only knocked out and you are invited to my party!! There will be balloons, candy, cake, and a few other people I invited!! It’s gonna be a blast!!”

You screamed when he grabbed your wrist and dragged you across your carpet. He dragged you through the hall and into the elevator. You felt disoriented and nauseated, and the pain was becoming too unbearable. You felt your blood oozing out of your wounds and attempted to cover your free hand on the bullet wound in your chest, but your hand was too heavy. Everything was gaining a darker tone and soon you were too tired to keep your eyes open.

“Don’t worry, girlie! I’ll make sure Harley will fix you up for the party!”


You woke up on a table with leather straps wrapped around your torso and legs. The rough material dug into your skin, obviously bruising it the longer you remain trapped. Humming could be heard and music could be faintly heard off in the distance.

“Oh goodie ya awake!” a female voice squealed.

You moved your head to the right to see Harley Quinn in her usual red and black outfit with a matching psychotic smile on her face.

“Mistah J was wonderin’ when ya were gonna wake up. I’ll go tell him!!”

She happily bounced out of the room and slammed the metal door shut, leaving you alone in, what looked like to you, a torture chamber. Where do they get the frickin money for this?? You squirmed in the restraints until you got your right arm free. You felt around your torso for the bullet wound and came in contact with stitches. You frowned and put your hand near the bullet wound on your abdomen, which were also stitched. You heard footsteps coming from the opposite side of the door and fearfully slipped your hand back under the leather strap. The door bursts open and cackles flooded into the room.

“I hope you had a good nap, because the party is about to start!!” Joker exclaimed excitedly.

“I’ll get her chair, Puddin’!” Harley said while walking toward a decayed wooden door.

She pulled out a very colorful wheelchair that had matching leather straps with the table. While she was pulling out the wheelchair, Joker picked up a syringe from the metal table and plunged it into your neck. Your shout of pain was muted by his gloved hand. He pulled the syringe out and removed his hand.

“Just to make sure you don’t leave the party early.”

He then started to unbuckle the straps and drag your limp body onto the wheelchair. Harley fastened the straps on your arms, torso, and legs and started wheeling you through the dark hallway. Any attempt at moving a single centimeter went to waste and you were soon pushed into a room with faded bright colors and a massive broken window. She placed you in the empty spot in between black and yellow chairs and left you to join Joker across the room.

“You might be wondering why I brought you here! Well, I guess it all started when I saw a little bird frequently visit your window. You know what I thought? ‘Hey! The boy blunder either is a peeping tom, or cares about this girl!’ Your neighbor’s cookies were fantastic by the way,” he commented, “and now we’re waiting for my other party guests to arrive! But first, I wanted to give you a present for coming to my party!”

Harley handed him a small case and let a huge smile grow on her face. He opened the hatch and pulled out another syringe, but this time the liquid was green. Your eyes widened and your breathing rapidly increased. Your heart was pounding out of your chest and almost exploded when he was only inches away from your bruised neck. You felt the needle pierce your neck and soon its contents went into your bloodstream. Tears shed down your face and soon met the floor. He yanked out the needle and threw it onto the ground, the sound of glass breaking echoing throughout the room. He looked up to the ceiling and smiled.

“Hello, Batsy!! A little birdie showed me this wonderful flower!! Well, now she’s wilted, but that’s not the point,” he laughed.

“Let her go, Joker,” Batman’s deep voice demanded.

Joker tutted, “You always have a poor choice of words.”

He kicked your wheelchair towards the broken window and watched you drop. You couldn’t even let out a scream. You always thought that you were going to die happy, maybe have a few kids and a loving husband watching over you. You guessed the universe decided that was too kind.

“(Y/N)!” a familiar voice called out.

You felt the back of the wheelchair being grasped and you were suspended only a few yards away from the ground. You were slowly lowered to the ground and Robin quickly ran to your side to unfasten the straps. Once they were removed, he pulled you out of the chair and held you closely. After a couple of seconds, he readjusted you so he was carrying you bridal style. Just as he thought you were safe, you started laughing uncontrollably. His eyes widened and he ran as fast as he could to the Batmobile.

“Father! Please tell me you’re finished with the Joker, (Y/N) was injected with a newer version of Joker’s toxin.”

“I’m coming,” his father responded.

He looked back to you and hoped that it wasn’t too late to save you. Your face was stuck in a smile and tears were falling down your dirt covered face. Your face was getting paler and paler by the second and your body was seizing. He urged himself to go faster and finally met his father at the Batmobile. He handed your shaking body to his father and watched his father inject you with the antidote. You stopped laughing in a few minutes and faded out of consciousness.

“This will help, but not permanently. If this is a new toxin, then we need to have the proper antidote for her to recover.”

Damian nodded and glanced at you once again. This was the reason why he broke off your relationship: to make sure you were never involved and harmed. He had failed and you received the penalty. Bruce placed a hand on his son’s shoulder, hoping to provide him some comfort. Damian removed his father’s hand from his shoulder and made his way towards the passenger seat of the Batmobile. Bruce sighed and looked back at your unconscious form. He secured you into the gurney and walked to the driver’s seat. This was going to be a long night.


Once Bruce had taken your blood sample to made the antidote to the new toxin, Damian never left your side. Dick and Tim often came down to give Damian food and offer to watch you while he slept, but always refused to sleep. When Tim failed to persuade him, he left the room to help Bruce out with the antidote. After thirty minutes of arguing, Damian promised to sleep when it turned 9:00. That gave him ten more minutes to watch over your lifeless form and hope for the best.

“I know you’re the last person you would want to see right now,” Damian said, “but I never wished to hurt you, or put you into harm’s way. The reason why I ended our relationship was to protect you. Everyone I care about has been harmed in this type of life and now you have been too.”

Damian swallowed the lump in his throat before continuing.

“I have heard from many of my family’s experiences of either losing or having their loved ones harmed. I couldn’t imagine seeing you dead or harmed, so I did what I thought was best. I have read many tragedies, and I had to remind myself that they could become reality. They are sad and tragic stories, just like ours. I tried to prevent it, I have done everything I could to protect you, but it wasn’t enough. The reason why the Joker found you was because of me. I watched over you ever since I broke your heart, my cowardice led me to believe that you wouldn’t be safe, but I was the true reason why you were put in harm’s way. I am sorry for causing you this much pain. I wish that we didn’t live in this cruel and unjust world, but fate was not on our side. I hope that it will be on our side now.”

Damian grasped your hand and laid his head on the cot, finally letting sleep pull him into unconsciousness. Dick soon entered the room to tell Damian it was time, but was surprised to see him fast asleep with his hand holding yours. He slowly closed the door and walked toward the Bat Computer.

“Damian is asleep,” he told Bruce.

“Good,” he replied, “he needs his rest, especially after tonight.”

“He really loves her, doesn’t he?”

“More than you with your cereal.”

“That’s debatable.”

Though My Skies Are Turning Gray - Jason Todd x Reader (feat batfam)

Prompt: Jason x reader where she’s hurt and he freaks out and yells at Batman and the others for letting her get hurt by anon

“How could you let this happen?” Jason yelled as he carried an unconscious Y/N towards the gurney in the batcave.

“We didn’t let this happen, it was an accident! Do you think we wanted her to get hurt? If we could have prevented this we would have.” Dick argued.

“Grayson is right, Todd.” Damian added “We tried to take every precaution. It is not our fault everything didn’t go according to plan.”

“Boys, arguing won’t make Y/N get better any faster. Tim, what is Dr Thompkins’s ETA?” Bruce asked as he gathered medical supplies.

“She should be arriving any second.” Tim answered, typing away at the computer.

“Good, Dick, Damian, Jason, go upstairs.” Bruce commanded as he arranged the equipment on a table “I will call you if I need you, but until then your hovering is getting on my nerves.”

“She is my girlfriend, Bruce, you cannot expect me to go wait while she is down here. I’m staying.” Jason said firmly.

“Fine” Bruce sighed as Lee hurriedly entered the cave. “But stay out of the way.”

The soft beeping of the machines lured Y/N from her sleep. She felt lighter than air, like she was floating above the clouds. Then another noise broke through.

“I’m so sorry I got you into this mess. It is all my fault that you got hurt.” Jason’s voice whispered brokenly. “I promise that when you wake up, I’ll quit and we’ll start over. We’ll have a vanilla ice cream and apple pie life. White picket fences, homeowner’s association, loud dogs next door, the whole nine yards.”

“Well, that sounds really boring.” Y/N whispered weakly, her eyes opening slightly to look at him. He was a wreck. He was sitting in a chair next to the bed, still in his costume and it was obvious he hadn’t moved from his spot all night.

“You’re awake. Oh thank God.” Jason sighed, as he moved to sit on the edge of the bed.

“And it is a good thing I am. You were about to sentence both to the 14th ring of hell, Suburbia.” Y/N joked as she lifted a hand to cup his face.

“But this life, it’s too dangerous-”

“I knew it would be. When I found out you were the Red Hood, I thought long and hard about what it would mean to continue dating you. I knew I would have to share you with Roy, Kori, your family, all of gotham, hell the entire fucking planet.” Y/N laughed before continuing “I also knew there would be a chance I could get hurt. I’m not stupid, Jason, I know you make a lot of enemies in your line of work, but I also knew that I already had a target on me. I just now knew it was there. But despite all of that, I decided this” Y/N gestured between the two of them. “What we have is worth it.”

“But you got hurt!” Jason protested. “ What about next time? You could be killed. Any happiness we have together isn’t worth your life.”

“I’ll be the judge of that, Jason Peter Todd.” Y/N said unyieldingly “I’m not letting you try and save me by ending the best thing in both of our lives. So if you want out of this relationship, it would seem you have to kill me yourself.”

Jason thought about this for a moment before speaking. “Why of all the people in the entire world, did I have to fall in love with the one person more stubborn than I am?”

“Because only I would be determined enough to put up with your bullheaded idea that you don’t deserve a good thing.” Y/N replied smartly.

“Not a good thing, doll, the best thing.” Jason said as he stared lovingly at Y/N.


“Is Todd done flirting with L/N yet? I want to see if she is feeling better.” Damian asked Dick, who was watching the entire exchange on Tim’s monitor.

“You leave them alone right now, Dami. Little Wing and his girlfriend are having a moment.” Dick said wiping a tear from the corner of his eye.

“Well, moment is over. I want someone to watch one of those movies for children with me and you always sing the songs too loud.”

im glad we’re getting more information about damian’s power & how it works, and probably see Mark’s attempts to deal with said powers and not be like damian about it, which we’ve already seen a little of (like, he’s been p consistently asking what people REALLY felt, esp Damian, which is super good) but like it occurs to me that the only way for Damian to actually live his life without manipulating anyone is literally to just,,,, never leave his apartment. and i feel like Mark gets that but not everyone else does?

like, mark is constantly super pissed at Damian, but i feel like thats partially b/c he does see damian as a redeemable person, even if everyone else, very understandably, never wants to see him Ever Again. i think damian isnt interested in being a good person, all he wants to be is a less lonely one so at least for right now he’s not too concerned w/ redemption but the narrative’s dragging him their kicking and screaming, 

i feel like i have a LOT to say about damian and i feel like he’s a REALLY interesting character but i have a headache and i dont think i can think rn so thats for a later date

queen-of-all-the-fandoms  asked:

Can I have a ship, please? I'm 4'11, I have long brown hair (a little past my butt), green eyes, freckles, and an immeasurable love for books and animals, I'll ignore anyone for one of these. I'm super sassy, sarcastic, and introverted. I'm not touchy but with the people I love, I can be pretty affectionate. I speak english and spanish (my first). I love listening to music and play the flute. I'm not a people person, and I'll read all night if I lose track of time (or even if I don't lose it).

DAMIAN! Idk how old you are so if you want, he can be an older Damian.

I see you both meeting at an animal shelter. You were on line, waiting to adopt a new pet when you heard someone come in the store. It was Damian, of course, and he skipped everyone waiting in line.

He slams his hand down on the cashier table, “You, cashier man, I am here to adopt another pet.” He demanded. 

You raised an eyebrow, feeling really pissed, “Excuse me, are you that much of an asshole?”

Damian froze and turned his head slowly towards you, “What…did you just call me?” He growled. 

Before you could say anything the cashier man tried to calm the both of you down, “Miss, Damian is a special customer. He adopts a new pet at least once a week.”

You blinked. How can a person have that much room for that many adopted pets?, “Oh, well heheh um….sorry?” 

You visit him all the time. He has so many pets that even his father doesn’t know about half of them.

He also loves taking you to your favorite book store, “Take as many as you want. I’ll pay.”

“You don’t have to, Dami.”

“I’m rich, I’ll buy you everything you want just hurry so we can go, it’s getting late.”

You turned around to browse for your favorite books, rolling your eyes, “Tch, rich people.” You muttered.

“I heard that!”

The first time he heard you speak Spanish he almost choked on his tea. You were just speaking to one of your parents on the phone. When you hung up, he was very shocked, “Explain to me, when did you learn the romance language?”

You laughed, putting your phone away, “It’s my first language, Damian.”

“How dare you not tell me this sooner?!”

One night, while he’s out patrolling the city of Gotham, he decided to visit you. When he landed on your balcony and looked though the window, he found you reading, “Tt, it’s almost 2am and she’s still reading?”

He taps on the window, loud enough for you to hear. 

You placed your book down and strode over to your window, “What do you want? It’s only 12am.” You asked, opening the window, not feeling sleepy at all.

He smirked, “It’s almost 2am.”

You knitted your eyebrows together and glanced at the clock next to your bed, “Oh…”

“Go to sleep, I’ll see you in the morning.”

Before you could say goodnight, he already used a grappling gun to soar away.


I hope this is okay. ^^

anonymous asked:

I'm screaming 4 ur new fic! I love it so DAMN much! I've always wanted to see Bruce being more fatherly to Damian. The nature of their works n first impression haven't been the best but they are still father and son. It's sad to know how little Damian value himself, even his own life. Thinking tht Bruce's time is wasted when it's spent w/ him. Sometimes, it makes me want to see Damian in a coma n how their family, especially Bruce, would react. I hope Dami'll get into rehab n B'll be there 4 him

Thank you! There’ll also be a third fic in there on this topic with Dick too, so look out for that :3 

And me too! Honestly, it’s hella cliche but I love storylines where someone is in danger and all the characters around them realize just what they’d lose if they lose that person and it’s an all out brawl to find and rescue said person. So, you know. The current arc in Nightwing haha. Literally, I said it before and I’ll say it again, I have been WAITING for an arc like this. I just want Dick to save Damian and love him SO MUCH!!!!! 

I think Bruce despairs about being a dad a lot, though ahah. He just wishes he was better for his little babes. HE KNOWS HE DESERVES THE WORLD but also has self esteem issues and knows he can’t give it so it makes him emotionally unavailable and UGH. :( 

The thing about Tim Drake’s ‘death’ is that he was a huge part of such a big family. What I really want to see is how his siblings all react to him sacrificing himself to save their city.

I want to see Babs full of regret for not being there.  

I want to see Damian acting like he doesn’t care but ultimately breaking down because Tim thought he hated him and he just missed his big brother.

I want to see Jason getting angry at Bruce for even bringing Tim into that kind of situation and at himself for not being there to keep his brother safe.

I want to see Catwoman crying over the loss of her favorite kitten.

I want to see Steph trying to cope with the loss of losing her boyfriend.

I want to see Dick throwing himself into his work so he won’t lose another sibling again.

I want to see Cass silently crying and missing her favorite brother. 

But mostly I just want to see his siblings and Steph all trying to bring him back to life even if Bruce tells them to move on. I want them all going around the world looking for any possible way to resurrect him because they won’t let his death be the one death in their family that stays permanent.

And then they find a way to bring him back and discover that he wasn’t actually dead. 

anonymous asked:

how old is damian now?

Well, we don’t canonically know his birthday– which is disappointing considering the amount of flashback scenes that take place on that date, whatever it is– but we do get a couple of age references.

Batman and Robin #14, before Damian died.

And Batman and Robin #39, after he died and came back. Here’s the thing though– we also have this panel from Batman Incorporated.

That was pre-death too. If I had to guess, I’d say this is Bruce doing the dad thing where you level your kid up a few months before their birthday– which would mean that in current canon, either Damian just had a birthday, or it’s about to come up.

Both ways, he’s right around eleven.