i want to see damian


“Smile for the camera Damian!!”

“TT. Never Kent.”

(I wanted the first image to look like a photograph, the second is the original, before I messed around with it.)

Cinematic Masterpiece - Damian Wayne x Reader (Soulmates AU)

(A/N - This is the first installment of my soulmates series! Let me know if you guys want to see a part two for this one!)

The day his older brothers saw the tattoo on his collar bone was debatably the worst day in Damian Wayne’s life. Jason was in tears and Dick was just about pissing himself with laughter.

“I have to be dreaming,” Jason cackled, “because there is no way that God himself would bless me like this.”

“I have to meet this girl. Holy crap,” said Dick, barely choking down his laughter long enough to speak at all. Damian scowled.

TT,” he huffed. When Tim entered the room, Damian didn’t have time to cover the words on his skin before the older boy saw them.

“You guys have got to be shitting me,” Tim said. “This is a joke, right?” When Dick and Jason started shaking their heads, Damian turned a dark shade of crimson.

“Mother of God. Just to clarify, you’re going to find your soulmate, and the first thing you’ll ever hear them say is ‘screw you, High School Musical is a cinematic masterpiece?’” he asked. Damian nodded slowly. Tim snorted, his laughs immediately being joined by Jason’s.

“Well, guys, at least his soulmate has good taste,” Dick offered. Jason scoffed and Tim responded with a sarcastic “Yeah, right.

“Shut up, Drake. You too, Todd,” Damian said, hoping that they would leave it. They most certainly did not.

Damian sat alone on a park bench. A few weeks had passed, but the relentless teasing from his brothers hadn’t. He glanced at his watch, realizing that he couldn’t sit alone forever (regardless of how much he preferred his own company to Drake’s). He started walking over the cracked pavement, listening in on the group of three girls walking directly behind him.

“I agree, that guy back there did literally look like a discount Troy Bolton,” one insisted.

“Jesus Christ, girl. You two have problems, your bad taste in movies being one of them,” one said, giggling. Damian could swear he heard the bell from a bicycle as the third girl chimed in.

“Screw you, High School Musical is a cinematic masterpiece!” He didn’t have time to process what he had heard before he saw the bike coming.

“Look out!” he shouted, turning around and pulling a girl out of its path. Her friends, who had been standing further back, watched the passing bike in shock before turning to face him. He didn’t realize that he had yet to release the girl from his arms until he heard a small “whoa”. He let her go, hands lingering on her shoulders. She pulled up her sleeve, glancing at the tattoo on her bicep. Damian saw it as well - Look out! He wordlessly unbuttoned the top of his shirt, revealing his collarbone. She gasped.

“It’s you,” he said quietly, getting a better look at her face. Is it even possible for a person to look so perfect? he thought.

“I-I’m Y/N, Y/N L/N,” you greeted.

“Damian Wayne. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”  

“Holy crap, Y/N, your soulmate is hot!” one friend gushed. The other slapped her arm, excusing them both.

“We’ll give you some alone time,” she said. You chuckled as they walked away, taking Damian’s hand into your own.

“So, Damian Wayne, tell me about yourself,” you said. Damian shrugged.

“Well, to start, don’t ever tell my brothers, but I think I have to agree with you… High School Musical is, in fact, a cinematic masterpiece.”

Sick Day

For @audreycritter you accidentally inspired me today, enjoy the fluff. 

Words: 1,500

Rating: Gen

Summary: Bruce isn’t feeling well, and Damian wants to make sure he gets proper rest. 

Across the table from Bruce Damian sneezed. The boy rubbed fiercely at his nose with the back of his hand, before returning his attention to his breakfast. Bruce watched him for a few moments before deciding the sneeze was the result of some dust in the air and not a sign of illness. He always had to check with Damian, his youngest made a habit of concealing anything he took as a sign of weakness.

Bruce settled back in his chair and took up his coffee mug to take a sip. The liquid caught in his throat for a moment, prompting a cough he knew would result in spraying Damian with hot coffee. He resisted, swallowing the sip a moment before the cough broke out. Damian looked up from his food, a tiny frown on his face. Bruce held a hand up as he tried to stem the coughing fit and at last caught his breath.

“Coffee went down the wrong pipe.” He said.

Damian’s frown deepened. “That would not be possible, Father. But I understand your meaning.”

Bruce chuckled and found himself coughing again, the tickle of liquid at the back of his throat still irritating him. He took a second drink from his coffee cup, this one more of a gulp, to stem the tide of the coughs. At last they stilled. Damian’s frown had turned into a line, one that read as worried.

“I’m fine.” Bruce repeated his reassurance. Except now that he said it, he wasn’t sure it was true. His initial coughing had been due to the mishap with the coffee, but his throat was still scratchy. He shrugged it off as burning from the coffee.

Damian clicked his tongue. “If you say so.”

It was afternoon when Bruce finally admitted it to himself. There was something wrong. It didn’t feel like allergies, as much as he hoped it was, but more like the beginnings of a cold. He decided to leave early from the office asking his assistant to forward any messages he might need and returned to the manor. He called a cab instead of Alfred, by the time he made it home he was feeling even worse.

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"You Googled Your Mother?” (Batfam)

This is pretty long (and it’s taken me forever to write!) so I’ll put it under a cut.

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Flying Grayson

Prompt:Dick Grayson imagine where she’s Bruce’s daughter but dating Dick maybe like they’re wedding and Bruce walking her down the aisle and like how everyone is feeling idk it’s up to you but I love the idea

Requested By: ANON

           “I’m sorry, one more time, just for my amusement, you met this guy where?”

           You glare at your younger brother, “The circus. His family is the trapeze act.”

           Jason grins, “That’s what I thought you said. TIM! Please tell me you heard it.”

           Tim glances up from his laptop and smiles, “I heard it and so did,” He turns his laptop around, “Bruce.”

           You roll your eyes as your father glares at you from across the world. Skype is a pain in your ass as far as you’re concerned.  You smile, “Hi Daddy.”


           The smile doesn’t leave your face, “I’m twenty-two Dad, you don’t get a say.”

           “He lives in a circus!”

           “And his back flips are better than yours. He’s really sweet, and I’ve got to go.”

           You leave the room without looking back, and come across Damian waiting for you in the hallway. He’s leaning against the door blocking your path, “The circus isn’t in town.”

           You smile, “I know.”

           “Haley’s Circus hasn’t been to Gotham since you were eight.”

           “Also true.”

           “Yet Richard Grayson AKA Dick Grayson AKA a Flying Grayson is somehow here in Gotham.”

           You don’t say anything, you just keep smiling until Damian finally says, “You’ve known him for years.”


           “Met him traveling around Europe during your gap year.”


           “Traveled with the circus?”

           You shrug, “They needed a temporary bookkeeper.”

           “He’s attending Gotham University because of you?”

           “I plead the fifth.”

           Damian nods, “I want to see the elephants.”

           You smile, “Next time I go to the circus, I’ll take you. Tonight however, we’re going to a movie.”

           He nods and steps to the side, “Have a good time.”

           With a smile you go to meet your Flying Grayson.

Damian Wayne/ Robin X Reader- Murder Kitten

After this post, there will only be 2 requests left!! Yay!!!!!  Also, this was requested by @abigailredgrave, who requests some pretty awesome stuff!!! I hope you guys enjoy this and have a nice day!!!!  If I am counting this right, THIS IS MY ONE HUNDREDTH FANFIC!!!! YYYAAYYY!!!

Warning: Swearing 

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Stay (Damian Wayne x Reader)

A/N: Third prompt fic so far! Damian is older!

Warnings: Tiny angst and fear toxin nightmare

Request: 20 and 29 with any Batboy.

It had been two days since you had inhaled generous amounts of fear toxin. They had put you under surveillance in the Batcave. You couldn’t wait to get out. Not only did the constant nightmares and random panic attacks have you afraid to go to sleep, or even closed your eyes, but the beds in the medical bay of the Batcave were uncomfortable.

Your heart seized in your chest as you began to hear whispers echo off the walls. Not again. You curled into yourself and covered your ears and the whispers grew louder, eventually graduating into full-on screams.

It was loud, painfully loud. Enough that you thought your ears would bleed.

You screamed when you felt a hand on your shoulder, and jerked away from it’s touch. When you looked up to see your attacker, all you saw was Damian, looking more concerned than you’d ever seen him.

Slowly the screams faded back into whispers, which quickly dissipated.


You couldn’t find the words to reply. Tears started to form in your eyes against your will.

“If you had asked me to stay, I would have,” he said gently.

You nodded and scooted over, allowing him to climb in next to you. You felt his arms wrap around you, and you couldn’t help but to press yourself into him. “I’m sorry,” you whispered. “I’m fine.”

“You can lie to yourself, but don’t lie to me. You’re suffering, beloved. I don’t wish to see you suffer,” Damian replied reassuringly. 

“I want it to go away, Dami,” you mumbled into his chest, tears still finding their way down your cheeks.

“It will. I promise that it will. Just let me stay until it does.”

Can Damian and Jon just become friends already, please?

Look, I get it: Damian is bad with emotions, bad with friends, and is just bad at being a normal kid. That’s his character, his shtick, I understand that. But also, he CHANGES. He knows when what he’s been doing is wrong and he actively changes himself for the better, however hard it is for him. That’s the whole POINT of his solo series Robin: Son of Batman. He’s done it even in the recent Teen Titans run (issues 1-5, I haven’t read the ones that came after that, yet).

That said, I also understand why he’s been hostile to Jon these first times they’ve been together. He’s made it a point to emphasize the fact that they’re NOT friends. Okay, man, fine. That works cuz you guys just met, and you’re the son of batman, the most paranoid guy in the multiverse. But here’s the thing, Damian being an ass to Jon all the time is not gonna be enjoyable for long.

The next and only logical step here story wise is that Damian will change his attitude with Jon and just be actually friendly with him. What I want, and what a lot of fans would like, I reckon, is that Damian will have, over a story arc or something, come to realize that Jon isn’t just his unwilling ally or a tool to be used and manipulated -  Jon is also his valued friend.

Damian: “Jon, why are you still here? You’ve no idea how dangerous this is! Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

Jon: “Idiot. I’m doing this because we’re friends!”

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A Little Love & A Broken Jaw

Pairing: Jason Todd (Red Hood) x Reader

Genre: Comdey, Comfort, & Romance

Warnings: None

Summary:  Jason comes back hurt after a mission gone wrong.


Read on Ao3

You opened the door to your apartment, thankful to finally be home. Work had kept you from getting out until 7pm and then it took to hours to get home because for some reason the Red Hood had traffic blocked up.

You threw your keys on the counter and went to go get changed, rolling your eyes at the thought of you boyfriend.

Most girls would be freak out over their boyfriend vigilantism, if not that then they’d definitely be freaking out seeing him go crashing right onto the top of a car.

But it was another day in the life of dating a member of the Batfamily so you weren’t worried. More than likely his family was with him, or he’d go to the Batcave later and get his injuries checked out. Alfred was just about as good as any doctor when it came to setting broken bones or treating fractures.

And with that thought you went about your evening, changing into a pair of sweatpants after taking a shower and making yourself to eat. Once your nightly routine was over it was almost 10pm and you finally got to sit down on the couch and pop open your favorite book.

You were barely through the first page when you heard a small tapping noise from the window at your fire escape. You looked up to see a gloved hand and a red hood sitting on your window sill, trying to get your attention. You put your book down in a hurry to open the window, a feeling in your stomach telling you something was off.

You slid the glass open, taking your boyfriend’s arm as he stumbled into your apartment. With his free arm he pulled his helmet off and chucked it to the floor, allowing you to get a good look at his face. Your heart squeezed at the sight.

Jason’s jaw was clearly not where anatomy deemed it was supposed to be. Blood was running down his forehead and along the side of his face around his black eye.

You gulped, wondering why in the hell Jason had come to you rather than go back to the Batcave to get patched up by Alfred. There wasn’t much you could do for these injuries. You decided it was best to do what you could in the bathroom, where you had a small medical kit underneath the cabinet.

You sat him on the lid of the toilet and pulled out a washcloth to clear the blood off of his face.

“Baby what happened?” You said, finally getting up the courage to ask him.

He just shook his head and pointed to his jaw, letting you know that attempting to speak wasn’t a good idea right now. A lightbulb went off in your head.

“I’ll be right back” You say to him, coming back a moment later with a notepad and pencil. You put it in his free hand before grabbing the washcloth and going back to cleaning the blood off of his face.

“Start explaining yourself.”

He sighed through his broken jaw and began to scribble on the notepad, irritated that he wasn’t going to get out of telling you what had happened. You finished cleaning up the blood, pulling the rubbing alcohol out to disinfect his cuts. Jason pulled away your hand before you could get a chance to finish cleaning him up, taking the supplies out of your hand and replacing them with the notepad. You looked down, beginning to read the what he had written.

That fucking clown was running around like he always is. Bats and I ended up getting into a fight because I had tried to kill him. Satan Spawn got pissed at me and threw me off the building into traffic. I didn’t go back to the Batcave because I was pissed and I just wanted to see you.

You giggled at how he had described Damian as “Satan Spawn” before handing the notebook back to him and leaning against the counter to look at him.

“Baby you should have gone back to the cave. Alfred could’ve patched you up much better.  You could have just came here later and I would have let you in.”

Jason held up a finger and scribbled on the notebook for a few more minutes, holding it up for you to read this time rather than just hand to you.

Nothing compares to when you patch me up.

You rolled your eyes at the cheesiness, leaning down to where he sat and giving him a kiss on the forehead. He smiled the best he could before wincing in pain and writing in the notebook once again.

So what are you doing tonight?

You scoffed at the note, beside the words was a winky face.

“I was going to have a nice quiet night of reading, but I guess I’ll be patching up your broken jaw instead.”

Jason huffed as ran your fingers along his jaw as gently as you could, assessing the damage. After a few minutes you came to the conclusion that there was no way you could take care of him yourself.

“You’re going to have to go to the cave, love. There’s nothing I can do here.”

Jason huffed again, slowly standing up to tower over you. He grabbed the notebook one more time, jotting down one more sentence underneath his previous words.

At least let me stay here tonight.

You gave him a small smile, taking his hand and leading him to the bedroom. He sat down on the bed, watching you pull out some fresh clothes he had left at your apartment previously. At this point he knew you gave in, allowing him to get checked out by Alfred in the morning rather than calling the butler to come get him.

He got changed and laid down in the bed, expecting you to slip underneath the comforter with him. When you got up to leave his hand reached for your forearm, stopping momentarily.

“Give me a few minutes babe. I’m just going to clean up and then I’ll be in bed with you.”

He huffed for what seemed like the millionth time, releasing your arm to let you go. Jason rolled over, allowing himself to get comfortable after the exhaustion of the night’s events.

You went to the bathroom, cleaning up the medical kit and throwing the washcloth into the hamper. You peaked into the bedroom once again, seeing that Jason had succumbed to sleep. You bit back your lip at hearing his labored breathing through his broken jaw. He definitely had a broken rib too.

You quietly exited the bedroom and shut the door behind you, tiptoeing your way to the living room where you had left your phone earlier that night.

You tapped the phone a few times until you reached the first contact in your list and hitting the call button. It only rang once when you heard the person at the other end of the line.

“How bad is it?”

“Broken jaw. Black eye. And a possible broken rib.” You hear a sigh at the other end of the line.

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

“Thank you Alfred.”

p0werbottomsuperman replied to your post “gimme an idea to write about”

Hmm Bruce and Clark going undercover to “watch over” Damian and Jon’s first date? XD

“Bruce, this is silly,” Clark complained.  

Bruce frowned and said nothing as he tugged a knit cap down on Clark’s head a little lower.  

“And this isn’t exactly a disguise,” Clark went on.

Bruce shook his head and let out a sigh of his own.  “And neither is a pair of glasses, and yet that one has worked okay for you.”

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anonymous asked:

hc: Dick giving Dami /the talk ^tm/ but Dick being Dick he makes it so unnecessarily extra. seems pretty regular...but wait. Bruce and Clark agreed Dick could give Jon /the talk/ too because -he's-just-so-good-at-it- they like seeing the kids suffer. Wally being roped in in a dress because, "this is how one properly treats a lady on a date." "Dick this has no value to me as I do not care for females." "he's got a point babe none of the batkids are 100% straight"-"shutup Wally" Jon is mortified.

“…Damian can we leave”.

“No, I want to see Dick humiliate West more”.

“Dick seriously unless Damian puts Jon in a dress this doesn’t matter”.

“Do you want to get fucked tonight or not?”


“..I’m out, Jon fly NOW”.

“I hate you”.

“Mm, you say that now, Dick”.

Haunted Manor

It was bound to happen, me writing a Supersons fic. I mean, Jon and Damian are just too cute to stay away from for long. So I hope you guys enjoy this little adventure I’ve cooked up. Thanks to @audreycritter​ for helping me workshop this. @komadoriwonder​ I told you I’d do something fluffy, even if I’m a little late with it. ;)

Summary: Damian and Jon go on a ghost hunt in the manor

Rating: Gen

Words: 4,700

Warnings: None

AO3 Link

A high pitched scream tore through the manor, accompanied by the heavy crashing of panicked feet on wood as Damian and Jon tore down a hallway. Their pace was one of panicked teens running from a ghostly apparition after late night tales of horror. Despite the lack of scary stories or jump scares, Damian could almost be certain of the presence of a ghostly apparition. One he didn’t want following them by Jon’s yelling.

“Silence, Kent.” Damian hissed as they slid to turn, their feet in unison pounding down the next hallway.

Jon gulped and managed to cut off his cry as the two reached the main staircase. He was glad of his new attention when Damian stumbled on one of the steps and he had to reach out and haul him back. Damian grumbled a thank you as they reach the bottom step and continued running.

Their mad dash only stopped when they’d reached the safety of the well lit living room they’d set up camp in. Jon feel onto the couch, tossing a pillow off it to meet the other ones scattered around the sleeping bags on the floor.

Titus looked up from where he’d been curled up on one of the pillows and tilted his head at Jon. Damian stepped over to scratch him behind his ears. The simple action started to calm Damian’s frayed nerves.

“I thought you said the manor wasn’t haunted.” Jon said, his words broken as he attempted to catch his breath. Neither boy was out of shape, but both still struggled to slow their racing hearts and control their heaving chests.  

“It’s not.” Damian snapped.

Titus shook his head, discharging Damian’s hand from its task, and laid back down. Damian crossed his arms and let one foot tap on the floor as his mind tried to come to terms with what had just happened. For it had happened. Damian was sure of it. What it was, he wasn’t sure of. Surrounded by the normality of the living room he was starting to wonder what it was they’d encountered.

“Well,” Jon said, absently reaching for the half-finished bowl of popcorn on the coffee table. “It sure seems that way to me.”

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For JayDick week, Day 2: Flowers and the language of flowers.

Since Damian’s family seems pretty into anything that increases how much of a snob you are, I decided some tutor would have decided to teach him flower codes of the world. 

And Jason is, as usual, an asshole with a poetic soul.

Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader- The Next Bruce Lee (Part 3)

The Next Bruce Lee, Part 2

Warning: Swearing, descriptions of injuries, etc

“Come on, Jason, are you really struggling here?!” Dick shouted, watching as you were pushing his hand to your side.  “I can’t believe you’re going to lose to (Y/N).”

“Shut up,” Jason grunted, his voice strained.

You smirked, forcing your hand even further closer to the table.  He let out a strained breath, barely managing to keep your hand from slamming his onto the table’s surface.  Dick was cheering Jason on in the background, holding his phone to record the whole arm wrestling event.

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anonymous asked:

Technically wouldn't Jason have to be drawn racially ambiguous in Canon?since he had that whole lady shiva and if I remember correctly an Iranian woman as possible mother's arc, but it also shouldn't work if he looks 100% white .I know there's white passing biracial people but I'm not sure Jason's dad's race was explored. So everything is pretty ambiguous. Idk? Thoughts?

dc cant even draw their #official brown characters brown so i wouldnt expect them to explore jason’s non white parentage at all. however hes been drawn p ambiguous in the past, off the top of my head 

these iconic lúks.. but yeah it would be nice to see that explored but first it would be nicer to see dc treat their established characters of color (coc) well before moving on to other characters… idk.

For thine is the kingdom

The first time Damian wears the Nightwing uniform he’s eighteen, the same age Dick was when he decided that Robin was his past and not his future anymore.

Or, his children are growing up, and Dick’s having a hard time accepting it. 

The basic idea for this AU is pretty much the original Morrison run with the addition of Dick and Kory being married and already having Mar’i when Damian came along in the picture. So when Bruce “died” and Dick replaced him as Batman, he and Kory just officially adopted Damian and raised him as their own, thank you very much. 

Two big inspirations I have to credit: Kingdom Come (…duh, I know, but I’ve recently reread it and god, I love it) and dar-draws amazing Dickkory+Damian&Mar’i fanarts

Written for Batfam Week, Day 5: Legacy

Read on AO3

The first time Damian wears the Nightwing uniform he’s eighteen, the same age Dick was when he decided that Robin was his past and not his future anymore. Dick tries not to make dangerous equations about the two of them and just pushes the thought aside. Damian’s not going through an identity crisis, he’s just filling in for a night per Dick’s own request.

Tonight he’s supposed to meet with one of his lead regarding a big case GCPD’s been working on for a year now, but a long and less than thrilling chase through the sewers has left him with a sprained ankle, and his source will not talk to anyone else but Nightwing. Damian found it funny and accepted right away to replace him, if only to spend the night teasing him about how old and slow Dick’s getting (and Dick swats him around the head and laughs with him at every joke, but deep down he does wonder. Five years ago, this wouldn’t have happened at all, and even if it had happen, it wouldn’t have prevented him from doing his job anyway.)

Now he sits on the couch in the sweatpants he uses as pyjamas, fidgeting with his crutch and waiting for Damian to step out his bedroom. He has already a joke on the tip of his tongue about Damian’s ass not being up to the part, but before the kid finishes changing, the front door opens with a bang and Mar’i comes running in the living room with a grin spreading all over her face.

“Is he still here?”, she asks Dick, then she makes her way into Damian’s room without waiting for the answer. “Damian! I want to see!”

“What- Get out!”, Damian shouts back. “Dick!”

“Oh c’mon, don’t be a prude!”, Mar’i teases him, and Dick can’t see them, but he hears the beginning of a scuffle and sighs.

“Mar’i, let him change in peace!”, Dick calls out after his daughter, but he’s kind of smiling at Damian’s outraged protests and Mar’i delighted laughs. Also, he has no intention of getting up for now, so they better sort it out on their own.

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anonymous asked:

May you write headcanons about batfam helping their S/o with mundane, highschool life? Or sth like that?

I kinda made this in a way that the boys are of the same age as their s/o and it became something like this instead. My fingers have minds of their own and next thing I know, this happened. I’m really not sure what I wrote anymore lol but thank you for sending in your request and nevertheless, enjoy!

  • Bruce has surprisingly high grades in his music classes and this always surprises you because where and how does he find the time? You are always at his house and he has never shown any interest in doing any of his school work whenever you came over to his house to work on yours.
  • But you should have known he would excel in everything he decides to do when he gives it a try. You are bad at composition but Bruce is really good at performing pieces exactly like how they are meant to be played so the two of you make a really good duo in music class.
  • You are also good at improvising, given the fact that half of your time in school is making sure the teachers don’t find out where Bruce is. Not that they don’t have an inkling as to where he is but you make a very convincing point sometimes they just let it slide. Also, Bruce’s family has a share over the school so they really can’t do much.
  • Bruce doesn’t like going to his classes and sometimes he makes you skip with him. “Alfred taught me until the syllabus is done – I can teach you better than the teacher can!” He will always try to convince you and you have never been able to say no to Bruce so what the heck.
  • If you have a ton of assignments to do, Bruce normally just leaves you alone after giving you a kiss or two and a promise to bring over your favourite take-out food or take you out on a date to your favourite dessert place because “you deserve it after pouring all that brain of yours on your work”
  • Supportive!! If you have to do a speech presentation to the entire school, will be there to help you. Makes Alfred help you too because Alfred teaches him all of these things and he has some really good pointers like how not to sound so nervous and sound very laidback and confident.
  • That school festival you are a committee of, Bruce will make sure you take your rests when needed and low-key helps out too. He doesn’t want people to know because he doesn’t want to take credit for all the work that you have put in to. Very proud of you and will always show you just how much he absolutely loves and adores your work. Wouldn’t even mind putting on the school festival’s mascot to attract more people to come.
  • The both of you most likely end up as Prom King and Queen because the two of you are the IT couple / high school sweetheart.
  • Dick is over-all a well-rounder. He is smart, cheeky, lovely and everyone in the school loves and adores him. All the girls look at him with hearts in their eyes and half of the boys look at him with envy and the other half with respect. You are lucky to be his. Dick always helps you out with your student council activities. He would have run for President himself had he want the unwanted attention on him so he settles just for being the secretary – leaving the VP spot for somebody else.
  • Dick makes the best notes so the both of you are always comparing notes and doing study sessions together. Dick also helps you memorize your points as well as your notes easily. Would even randomly ask you questions whenever you are about to have tests. He just makes sure you are absolutely ready.
  • Very supportive and he is proud of everything you try to achieve in the school. Low-key likes showing you off to his family members. “Y/N is the best at everything she does!” “Yesterday she placed in the top 1% of the world for accounting.” And Dick and you are literally known as the power couple / the sweet hearts in school.
  • Jason is low-key very smart but he just doesn’t care much for his own studies or wants to do any of his assignments. He has a very typical ‘jock’ profile but he doesn’t really hang out with them much. He prefers to use his free time to go look for you. Sometimes he finds you sitting in the library reading your books for assignment so he helps you by pointing out this and that and helps you with your discussions. The type of boyfriend that helps you out with your homework but could care less for his own works.
  • “Jason, you need to do your work. You’re already behind.” You would have to tell him multiple times over the week but Jason only shrugs you off and sometimes shushes you with a kiss or two, or three. But at the end of the week, just when you think Jason is going to get scolded by the lecturers or teachers, he shows up with all of the assignments he didn’t do and hands them in.
  • Not so surprisingly he gets all A+ on his assignments like how.
  • He takes care of you very well in school. Makes sure no one bullies you – GET AWAY FROM HER – and he is always ready at the cafeteria with your favourite dessert that also happens to be the crowd’s favourite. “Here you go, babe. Got the last one just for you.”
  • When you are stressed out with homework, Jason will ask you to come over to the manor. “Alfred makes the best sandwiches – I’ll help you do your work. Come over.”
  • Tim is a very lazy genius so you really have to push Tim if you want him to hand any of his assignments on time. Tim just needs someone to constantly push him and remind him to do the assignments. That’s where you come in. You are his personal reminder not that you mind because at the end of the day, you also get your assignments done faster and Tim’s explanations are always so simple and not confusing at all.
  • Tim lends you his notes. Sometimes you copy his notes but most times, you just keep those notes to yourself because holy crap, Tim’s notes are the best. He writes down points so easily and his mind-maps are very effective too. Tim likes it when you ask him for help with your studies. “Babe, I just have a very good memory.”
  • Both of you are involved in a sports club – that’s for sure. Lacrosse for you, maybe. So you are never afraid to get things done. Tim is that supportive boyfriend who comes to your every game – even those where you have to sit out because of an injured body part or something. He has hand-made banners with your name and number and he also wears a jersey with your number on it too. Proud boyfriend™
  • Damian is a prodigy / child genius so anything and everything you don’t know; Damian will help you. Like that math equation you just cannot solve? Don’t worry, despite his snarky comments, Damian will teach you the easiest way for you to solve equations that are similar to it. He even breaks down problems for you to solve it with ease.
  • Damian is a Spartan tutor – not that you could complain much when Damian pops by your house bringing tutorials and problem sets for you to do because your grades have never been this wonderful and your parents think he is a blessing!
  • “Y/N, this is how you should d – whatever the teacher taught, just forget about it.” Damian will continuously tell this to you through every subject he is tutoring you in.
  • Damian’s favourite subject in school is probably language and history. Your best subject is probably sciences or arts. You are a hands-on person so you tend to find doing practical really fun and easy. Drawing and painting are really nice too and you enjoy them absolutely. Damian likes watching you paint because your look of concentration is just too adorable for him at times. Not that he will ever tell you – sometimes you often think he is bored but whenever he has to wait for you to finish, the moment you stop, Damian would tell you to continue.
  • “I want to see the finish product – the colours are so abstract but everything works.” Damian isn’t really in to art much but he knows how to appreciate it when he sees it and he definitely sees it in your pieces. Might even be that boyfriend who will always continue to push you towards achieving great things.
  • “No pain no gain, beloved – suffer now so you can bask in the success later!”