i want to see baby bolin

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What are you looking forward to in the comics?

Without giving away the plot (and answering for the next two comics): I laughed out loud at a lot of Bolin and Mako’s scenes, so I’m really looking forward to more of them. Bolin’s just so great and Mako & his mama Lin is just what I’ve wanted more of, always. Brothers being brothers is cute.
Oh, and action scenes look so cool !
Tenzin to be happy and inspired with 0 conflict 24/7
Same for bumi and Kya, who I just want way more of in general because I love them.
More cloud babies, period. I’ve also always wanted to see how Tenzin and Pema got together? She’s so cool.
Here’s to hoping they do something with Kai ! I really do still feel like there’s still potential to be used with his character, even in the now. That being said, please just give me some sort of definite personality. Show us the relationship he has with the brothers (especially fuckin’ Mako) ! show us that canon connection with jinora ! They’re still small, I don’t particularly care for kisses and the like just yet. I just wanna see two characters I care for so much being the best friends that they are.
THAT being said, Jinora’s so badass I love her so much.
Zhu Li’s so great she can get it.
On that note, I still like Varrick’s character and’m excited to see it.
Asami and Mako’s little friendship in the comics was actually really cute, and I’m excited to see more of that- being someone who never really thinks of it and generally really liked her and Bolin’s friendship.
A peak at the airbender girlfriends ! Do they even know that’s a thing ?!
Where’s Suki. (I’m really hoping we’re gonna get surprised by her or something and that’s why we’ve heard absolutely nothing even now)
Sokka. What. Fire princess. Fire family. Aang. Katara. Katara. Katara. More Toph. Who’s the other baby daddy let’s settle this. Katara.
Also, I’d like a comic based solely on avatar Kyoshi, the woman who loves and destroys anyone she pleases.