i want to say this to so many people

Harassment and Toxicity in BATIM

//I’m getting fed up and tired of the harassment and toxic individuals that continue to have a go at my friends. My friends are having panic attacks, feeling like they have to leave tumblr, and almost always they feel like they are the bad guys in the situation for saying no. They can’t even block people because they’ve been attacked by the harassers friends via IM and in asks.

These harassers are threatening to harm themselves if my friends don’t comply to them, they’ve threatened to kill themselves even. The amount of fear and pressure is absolutely unacceptable and childish! It’s sick, they’re sick, and it’s hurting a lot of people in the process. Today there was someone saying “hey I drew you a picture so you should give me art in return.” My friend barely even knows them and makes my poor friend uncomfortable and stressed!

In other cases my friends have practically begged people to stop trying to force their muses on their muse. Multiple times. And yet people continue to IM and send asks wanting to have a NSFW relationship or force a romance on my friends that they have clearly told them NO. I don’t know how many languages of no it takes for people to finally understand NO MEANS NO 100% but apparently it’s more than one. And it’s pissing me off how petty these harassers whine and bitch and threaten to harm themselves if they don’t get their way.

Now before people start attacking and say “why not just block them?” It’s because my friends are feeling guilty and that they are the bad guys. And as I said, they blocked one person before and got verbally bullied and attacked by the person they blocked friends. And it frightens my friends.

It’s getting to a point where I want to leave tumblr. I cannot stand to be around constant bullies and harassers because it’s beginning to trigger my own anxiety and past abuse.

And it’s not just one or two people. I have counted as many as 15 harassers within the community that have had direct contact to me or my friends. This is a serious problem. And when this goes on day in and day out I cannot mentally or emotionally handle it.

For now I’m staying away from interactions. I’m going to go through my list of people I follow and start unfollowing people.

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I really want to cut my hair short cause I'm like… figuring stuff out gender-wise but everyone is advising against it, saying that it won't look good with my face shape or that my hair is so pretty and it'll ruin it, or that I won't like it after it's done and it's really stressing me out and making me second guess myself even though I've wanted to cut it for months. Have you ever gone through anything similar? Do you have any advice? Thanks 😌🌟

I had extremely long hair that everyone loved and when I said I was going to cut it all off everyone told me not to cut it. Cutting it was one of the best discussions I ever made tbh. In my opinion anyone can look good with short hair. Also the cool thing about hair is it grows back, so idk why so many people tell other people not to cut their hair. I say do it and if you don’t like it grow it out.

#fandom respect

I usually don’t post things like this. But it is time I did.  How come so many people fandom spread so much hate around? This goes for all fandoms. It has become way out of control. And I am not talking about disliking a  particular character. You can dislike a character all you want. You can be super critical of the show, whatever. It is human nature to make judgements.  But be strong enough to keep it to yourself instead of sending that hate and negativity directly to the actors / writers / directors / other fans / ect. People in Hollywood work their asses off to give us hours of entertainment. Hollywood is not an easy place to work. They deserve our respect. So keep your cruel words to yourself. Do not send hundreds of messages to actors saying they are scum because they play a character you dislike. Lets be better then this. Thank you! 

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im in my 20s and i get creeped out by some of the adults in these discourses. seeing other adults basically groom 13/14/15 year olds into getting into toxic discourse is so gross. i see it with antis and also in @ce d/scourse too. then the kids get harassed and attacked and the adults dont even have the common sense to tell these kids to turn their ask boxes off or to just step away. they just add fuel to the fire instead

bless your fucking soul my dude. but this is literally what hurts me the most because they know that these people would believe anything that they say. when you join a fandom, you want to make friends. some people can’t even find friends irl, this is their escape. why do you think so many adult antis love to bring up safe spaces? because they can manipulate anyone in their own private space. 

they were there before, some people just don’t learn from the mistake but learn from the process. 

its this fucked up cycle. i say “i hope things change” even though shit like this will always exist.

Someone already made a post about this, but I just want to say that tgd fandom is the best fandom I’ve ever been in. Everyone is nice to each other, there’s no unnecessary drama or ship wars. It’s just like ‘You ship that? Cool, i ship that other thing.’ But mostly it’s like 'you ship everyone? Lol same’
We all agree that Fat Annie can choke and everyone else deserves better.
There are so many talented and creative people and seeing all the effort this fandom put into getting tgd renewed just breaks my heart because it’s unfair that shows like 13 rw get a second season and tgd gets nothing.
I’m very emotional right now so sorry for this sappy post, but I love you guys, I love this fandom and this show and. That’s all I wanted to say ❤️

the main thing holding people back from wanting to model for moi it’s that they believe they’re ugly. may i please say, trust me, you’re not. you’ve never seen yourself from an outsider’s pov. you’ve never seen yourself from SO many angles. one time a friend said “you photograph me the way i want to look” – you do look that way you just can’t see it in your iphone 6 selfies!! trust me, you are all beautiful in so many unique and wonderful ways, you just never see what everyone else sees

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I've been following you for... months? And lurking??? For a while because I thought I was alone in the heavy hellish thirst for Gabriel Reyes. But now so many people are saying Hi and admitting it, and I want to too. HI! I love your art! Sometimes it doesn't load on the App, but I "Like" it anyways because I know I'll love it no matter what it was. Also- I noticed you play on PS4... Could I add you and maybe play with you one day!?

Hell ya, anyone can if they want
My PSN is Frogscream
I’m bad but 

I’m bad and like playing

also god 


he’s good


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I always find myself coming to your blog ( especially after a skam update) because you are so real and so sweet. I have learned so much from you about the Muslim culture and just wanted to let you know that I'm really glad I found your blog <3

Hi, Anon!!!

Aaaaaah, thank you so so so much!!!

One thing, I just wanna gently say, and is a common misunderstanding in many people, is that Muslim Culture doesn’t exist, bc Islam is a religion, and “Muslim” is the name given to the followers of Islam. Religion and Culture are 2 very different things, that shouldn’t be confused as the same thing.

Culture is referred specifcally towards a/the country (of origin/residence of someone.). Religion is a worldwide thing that is followed by anyone of any country.

HEADCANONS about Tarre Vizsla, my favorite nerdy Mand’alor edge lord

For Reasons™, Tarre Vizsla is unequivocally black/asian, with … I want to say 3c hair? possibly part Mirialan tho he’s not really green so much as some manner of mixed appearance w/ dark skin

an epic’s worth of tattoos. listen. listen to me. so many tattoos. several epics worth. he’s had a complicated life.

the story of his life, all of his failures, all of his successes, all the powerful moments and important people, converted into art on his skin. Mandalorian Mirialans w/ their elaborate architecture of Force traditions expressed through body art, and Tarre continued in keeping with the tradition.

Tarre Vizsla is Sabine Wren’s distant, distant, distant granddaddy on her mom’s side.

he’s so motivated by JUSTICE and seeking out and ensuring JUSTICE is had

he’s fought in the 1000 Years War, or at the very least was involved in the final Battle of Ruusan (which make up a good portion of his elaborate tattoos. I’d like to say half his chest-to-half-his-back along the left side)

he’s Soft™ when he doesn’t have to be Hard™, and he’s somehow learned how to maintain that balance when most find it impossibly difficult, or just outright impossible. 

his ability to be soft and kind and compassionate sometimes surprises many when they learn what his life was like leading up to the man he becomes

the Vizslas never held any love for anyone with any inkling of the Force, and they drove Tarre from the clan under threat of violence (and actual violence) when he showed even the slightest ability. He had kept it secret for most of his life, but an incident in early puberty spelled his downfall. he fled.

Though “too old” was a thing to the Jedi, the 1000 Years War drained so many resources, they could not say no to another recruit when they so desperately needed as many hands as they could find to fight the fight. and he performed far beyond expectations, even when other Jedi never could accept him fully (what with him being a mandalorian, and all the horrible reputation that comes with that word).

strong proponent of rebellion — of overthrowing the oppression of an unfair government body.

strong proponent of uniting Mandalore, of bringing the clans together under a common banner once more, instead of perpetually fighting one another for the scraps left to them after what the 1000 Years War left them — and after what the Republic did to them to keep mando’ade in that position.

but he’s also a strong proponent of self care and community service — and agriculture as rebellion. gardening. planting. sustaining one’s self and family, and community. (strongly, emphatically, anti-capitalist is what I’m leading up to here)

no one could say he was loved by politics or political powers, but the common person adored him. he was an icon of justice, one that was snuffed out too early for political gains and for his position in empowering mando’ade to rise up from the ashes of what they once were.

because he was both a Jedi and a Mandalorian, he was rejected by both worlds by those who say “you can only be one, not both.” even facing isolation and ostracized by what he couldn’t control, he still found support in the most unlikely places — and him and his saber became an icon, a hero, a Mand’alor worth following … up until he was Separated from his life, and his Symbol (the darksaber) was Removed by Force for “safe keeping” in the Jedi Temple.

no one wants to see mandalorians recognize their potential and shrug recognition of the Republic that failed to assist them as surely as it failed itself.

he had one daughter. he didn’t live to see her grow up.

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it just pisses me off so much how i keep seeing people say that "kin has many meanings! you can't just make it whatever you want, i have my own opinion on it" like that's nice and all but uh, yeah, 'kin does have a single meaning! it means to identify AS something involuntarily! the tumblr kinmunity can be nice but it's the worst curse that's come upon our community at the same time.


Well holy shit, there are almost 1.5k of you (!!!).

I definitely want to do something for you guys when I reach that incredibly magical number!  Let me know how you guys would like to celebrate, because I’m literally down for anything.

And I just want to say thank you for following, I’m so grateful that all of you like my work and I’m humbled to see that you all stick around when I take a much needed break from tumblr.  It’s honestly the best feeling knowing that I can do what I love to do and have so many people enjoy it as well.

So please, be sure to shoot me a message/ask/reply to let me know how YOU guys want to celebrate.  I want to cater to you because you’re the reason I’m here.

Thank you again, and have a good day!

-Ashley xx

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a - age: i may look 9 sometimes, but i’m 19
b - biggest fear: losing my eyesight, losing all fam&friends
c - current time: 8:21pm
d - drink you last had: orange Hi-C
e - every day starts with: me saying “shhhh” to my alarm as if that will turn it off
f - favourite song: there’s too many so I’m gonna go with what I last listened to: Just Hold On by Louis Tomlinson
g - ghosts, are they real: heck yah
h - hometown: florida
i - in love with: my friends
j - jealous of: people who know what they want to do with their life
k - killed someone: what are you, a cop?
l - last time you cried: probs  a few weeks ago during finals
m - middle name: Joy
n - number of siblings: zeroooooooooooo
o - one wish: be able to make people happy
p - person you last called/texted: group chat of friends from hs trying to figure out where to go for lunch tmrw (we decided on Applebees)
q - questions you’re always asked: “did you just wake up?” “are you ever not studying?” “are you ever not on the internet?”
r - reasons to smile: new experiences, friends, good music 
s - song last sang: Happier- Ed Sheeran
t - time you woke up: um 11:45ish
u - underwear colour: white with purple flowers lmao
v - vacation destination: ANYWHERE LEMME SEE THE WORLD
w - worst habit: forgetting to eat bc distracted
x - x-rays you’ve had: teeth
y - your favourite food: mac & cheese!!!
z - zodiac sign: taurus

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@ people anoning @hexmaniacinien just?? Don’t?? Like, if a person wants to say how they feel about a character or what they think that Character is like let them just, do it.

Seriously, for example, I have never shipped MarKyr and probably never will, seeing their bond more platonic than romantic, but I have not said a single thing negative about it, despite how many people in the TI fandom ship it. I just keep scrolling and keep to myself.

The BEST thing about TI is the lack of this type of stuff​, so just chill? Maybe? I mean he even said they aren’t trying to ‘intimidate’ anyone into following his opinions. 

Just wanted to say

Thank you for making a lot of people happy!!! I wanted you to know that you make so many people happy role playing with them and answering questions and things. You certainly make me happy!

P.S. (also thank you for liking my drawing of Dark!)


“Thank you, kiddo… sometimes I feel like I just make them saddened, or afraid. It’s reassuring to hear that. I’m glad that I can help you all… it’s nice.”

He yawned widely, his fangs bared and his arms raising overhead as his back arched, and then resumed his position, slightly more comfortable. It had been a long day.

  • me when i was 8: i dont want to say "tummy ache" because that's a baby word. im going to say "stomach ache" from now on because i want people to take me seriously.
  • me now, in a skype call full of people: yo dudes i got a wicked bad tummy ache from eating too many ring pops so im gonna go take a nap-nap, talk to u fools later

a blessed fancam.



SKAM S04E05 Clip 4 - Humble

SANA: What are you doing?
MOM: Have you seen my green veil?
SANA: *Speaks Arabic*
MOM: Yeah..
SANA: Yes! Why?
MOM: Because I don’t know what you’re up to anymore.
SANA: I’m not up to anything!
MOM: You are out with all your friends and suddenly I see you outside with Yousef and then you don’t tell me anything. I’m worried, don’t you understand?
SANA: You talk about my friends like they’re criminals or something. It’s not like all non-muslims lie, drink and have lots of sex!
MOM: I know that, Sana.
SANA: Yeah, then why can’t you trust that I have friends who are good people?
MOM: I trust you, Sana, but I know lots of young people don’t follow the same rules as you. And you know that Norwegian society have lots of customs that don’t fit us.
SANA: There are lots of things in Islam that doesn’t fit me either! Like its view of homosexuality or why does Islam say that muslim men can marry non-religious women, but muslim women can’t. Isn’t that a bit sexist? At least in the society we live in and when Islam says the Quran can adapt to every society you live in…?
MOM: Where is this coming from?
SANA: I’m just asking! Aren’t you allowed to ask?
MOM: Yes, you’re allowed to ask. You’re allowed to ask.
SANA: But what? You don’t have any answers?
MOM: I’m just worried about you, Sana. I don’t want you to get hurt.
SANA: I won’t get hurt!
ELIAS: *Speaks in Arabic*
SANA: *Answers in Arabic*
ELIAS: I heard. What were you doing with Yousef the other day?
SANA: With Yousef?
ELIAS: Yeah, mom told me she saw you together.
SANA: Oh, yeah. He just walked me home from Noora’s.
ELIAS: You like him!
SANA: Huh? No!
ELIAS: Yousef is a nice guy.
SANA: It’s just that he’s not a muslim.
ELIAS: Yousef is the most muslim guy I know. He doesn’t drink, he’s always respectful to everyone.
SANA: Yeah, but he doesn’t believe in Allah.
ELIAS: Doesn’t believe in Allah.. Do you know how many people I know who say they believe in Allah? But they still drink, steal and vandalize. What’s more important? Saying you believe in Allah or live like you believe in Allah? The most important thing to me at least, is that my sister is doing well with a good guy and.. not only goes to the Mosque.
SANA: I don’t think mom agrees.
ELIAS: You know mom just wants what’s best for us. It’s just that she was born in a completely different country in a completely different time, so she doesn’t know what it’s like to be us. You have to stop having such a sad face. Because when you’re sad, I’m sad too.
SANA: I’m not sad.
ELIAS: That’s good.
SANA: There’s a party at Løkka* tomorrow. If you want to come.
ELIAS: With your friends? Those who were at the flat the other day?
SANA: Mhm.
ELIAS: Fun! Fun. Yeah, of course we’ll come.
SANA: Bring Yousef!
ELIAS: Yeah, I’ll do that