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Do you have resources for writing about mental illness?

Writing About Mental Illness

This is such a broad topic, and there’s really no way to answer the anon’s question specifically since they didn’t say which mental illness/es they’re considering writing about, so I’m going to share my own advice on this topic and how to research the specific illness you want to use.

Many of the things I’m about to say have been said by many other writing blogs, but it’s worth repeating if it will reach even more people who are planning to write about mental illness.

1) Mental Illness is an illness; not a personality trait.

One mistake many writers make when incorporating mental illness into their character’s persona is forgetting that it’s an illness. Illnesses need treatment, whether it’s therapy or medication. Left untreated, sufferers may struggle to even function, and some may even turn to drugs or alcohol as a form of self medication. Mental illness is not something that only pops up during times of stress - it’s unpredictable, and it can be constant. So much so that people begin associating the individual with their disorder, forgetting that there is a real person underneath with their own unique traits, interests, quirks, and habits. 

Depending who you speak to, you may hear different things, but I’m of the viewpoint that when we speak of disorder, we say that someone has the disorder, rather than someone is the disorder. It’s the difference between saying someone is schizophrenic and someone has schizophrenia

Because we’re dealing with illness, you can’t forget about the treatment aspect of any story arc you attempt to explore. That’s one component I think writers often neglect, in favor of having a character talk through their troubles with a friend one time, go through a climactic event, and then have some kind of epiphany that somehow cures their illness. Try not to do this.

When writing any mental illness, tell the whole journey. Don’t just attach it to a character’s personality in an effort to enhance it. 

2) Decide if mental illness is what you’re really attempting to do. 

Jumping off my last point, be sure you know the difference between symptoms and traits. I think it often happens that writers read about an illness, and they find the symptoms interesting as character traits, so they decide to write about the illness. But wait: that may not be necessary. 

Characters that exhibit signs of paranoia don’t need to have schizophrenia or obsessive compulsive disorder. Hell, I’m paranoid. I have irrational fears that are likely never to happen, but that doesn’t automatically mean I have a mental illness. Because it doesn’t affect my ability to function. My paranoia bothers me; it doesn’t hinder me. So before you decide you need to write someone with a disorder, consider whether you’re really just trying to write someone who is anxious, or paranoid, or who panics excessively in stressful situations. 

3) Don’t be scared.

I’m not trying to discourage anyone from writing about mental illness. But speaking as someone who’s close to someone with a “trendy” disorder, I want people to write about it for a good reason, and with good intentions. I don’t want it tacked on to accessorize characters. If you believe the character’s mental illness is significant to your plot (its purpose cannot be replaced with anything else), or you feel you have a story to tell about this character’s struggle, then go for it. If your heart’s in the right place, and you do the necessary leg work, most people with personal background/experience will appreciate your attempt and give you constructive criticism that can help you improve it. 

4) Do your research.

Research is more than just WebMD. When we research historical periods, we want more than just facts and timelines - we want to know about the way people lived. Same thing: you want more than just symptoms, prognosis, typical treatments, ect. You want to know how people actually live with the disorder. 

How do you learn about this? Well, you talk to people who either have it or know someone who have it. If this isn’t possible, you watch documentaries/interviews. In fact, if you Google the disorder, and select the video tab, you can probably find some decent videos on YouTube to help you get started. I would also encourage you to read memoirs or guidance books, written with the intention to help people cope with the disorder. 


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i've liked girls for as long as i can remember- but i was scared of what might happen if i came out so i concealed my feelings for many years. last year, i told my best friend about my sexuality because i trusted her and felt the need to vent. she outted me to the entire school. i moved away and now i'm in a completely new state. i have a fresh start. do you have tips on accepting your sexuality + being open about your sexuality after you've been treated harshly?

I’m so sorry for what happened, I’m glad you’re able to have a fresh start though and I hope you’ll make wonderful friends who will respect and support you!

I’m not really out to anybody so I don’t know if I can help… But to accept my sexuality I tell myself that it’s about me and that it’s nobody else’s business, if people can’t accept it then that’s not my problem because I won’t change for them. 

Actually I’m still trying to accept it, and I’m able to be open about it on tumblr because people on here have been very supportive every time I talked about it. I’m sorry, I don’t know how to be open about it irl, but I think that accepting your sexuality can help you feel more confident? So just remember that it’s about you, people don’t get to decide for you, they don’t get to say if it’s bad or wrong; your sexuality is valid, it’s part of you, it makes you who you are and you’re a wonderful person!

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I know that many kpop artists want to be taken seriously as musicians and producers (aka yoongi and namjoon etc.), so how do you think they feel when they are at fanmeetings and are made to do aegyo and put cat ears and bows and stickers on them? I wonder if it makes them feel like people don't take them seriously? You know what I'm saying? And I know it's to please fans haha. I just wonder how they think about it ya know

they can be both at the same time. i remember namjoon saying once that being an idol means you get a wider audience, and a wider audience of youth at that. to get his message and what he wants to say out there to his intended audience, being an idol was the best course of action, and it worked.

this is something namjoon has struggled with in the past. in the beginning, he’s said he was heavily criticized by his rapper peers for choosing to become an idol. it’s clear if you listen to his mixtape and read the translations. listen to awakening in particular, which has the lyrics “yeah fuck you i’m an idol, yeah yeah i’m an idol / at one time i hated it but now i love to get that title.”

besides, namjoon loves cute things and is just an all around adorable person in general. just looking at his room is proof of that. it’s not like he’s pretending to love being cute. he is cute lmao. he’s just a regular three dimensional person like all of us. 

I told myself I wasn’t going to watch that dumb blonde booktubers video. I told myself I was to good to hear such foul nonsense.

But of course curiosity killed the cat, and fuck I want to strangle this bitch. Like honestly she is mad because jace isn’t being a wise cracking asshole? What the actual fuck?

And it hurts to see just how many people agree with her. So many people would rather see Jace as this fucking typical macho fuckboy, I don’t get it.

His brother was dying! Valentine has risen! He just escaped his abuser! He doesn’t have fucking time for jokes. He is expressing real human emotion and I will fight anyone who dare has the audacity to say that “this isn’t our jace” or “book jace is better” because you know what? Fuck you, and fuck book jace. He was poorly written just accept that shit and move the fuck over.

He cares more about protecting his family, and saving his brother than being a jerk and moping over clary, sorry not sorry. Get the fuck out. Stop watching the show. Booktubers are fucking idiots who have no clue of how a normal human being would react to real life situations. They need to just fuck off.

Jace is allowed to cry, Jace is allowed to be sad, Jace is allowed to act human. His emotions are valid, and book Jace ain’t got shit on Show Jace. That’s fact, sorry I don’t make the rules.

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I think Ruby's 'Simple Soul' refers to her strength of character. Everyone else seems to have their own complicated motivations for becoming a Hunter. Pyrrha's need to justify other's expectations, Yang's need to find out what happened to her mother, Blake's desire for societal justice or Weiss's need to redeem her family name. Ruby just wants to help people. Simple as that. It's like what she said to Blake "That's why we're here. To make [the world] better."

This is a good idea, and I agree with it. But don’t you think it’s telling that so many people sent me messages that said “I think Ruby is the simple soul [because of a different reason]?”

If so many people can’t easily pinpoint what makes your protagonist the protagonist– and there’s no real proof to back up your headcanon either, even though I agree with it –

don’t you think that says something?

verily-i-say replied to your post “I really don’t get the resistance towards his ass tattoo being a…”

As far as I understood, no one who he mooned in Chicago ever confirmed what the tattoo looked like? In fact it was a point of frustration that so many people saw it, but that the fandom still didn’t know what it was…

i mean not really? because i specifically remember at least one fan saying it was a penguin. it seemed like people just didn’t want to believe that for whatever reason so they blocked it out and kept asking and wondering what it was.. and i was always sitting here like “but we know it’s a penguin” so? lol

like we definitely knew it was a penguin for over a year now *shrugs*


Omg!! I can’t believe we have reached 100 followers already! Looks like people actually like my thirsty child XD. I have to admit that I never thought this blog would be that successful since not many people really liked Sieglinde all that much in the manga; boy was I wrong, and I’m happy about that! I am also super happy that I have been able to meet such awesome people while being on here for only a short amount of time, I am super grateful! I apologize for this shitty editing, later this weekend I am gonna post some artwork that I’ve been working on to make up for it! 

Now, let the shootouts begin!

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If you have strong feelings for someone and want to commit to someone for life, those are romantic feelings. Romantic feelings do not necessitate going on dates or doing spaping things. Many people in romantic love hate sappy things. Romantic feelings have nothing tod do with "mushy" behaviour. Romantic feelings just mean youw ant to be with someone for a long time and want to be prioritized by them. QPRs are romance.

That’s easy to say when you can feel romance and can’t separate it from that. Its easy to say when you can fall in love with people. I, an aromantic, however, cannot. And its hilarious that you think you can tell me what my feelings are just so you can keep boxing in relationships until you understand them. And by hilarious I mean pathetic, get a life.

some might say i say this too much, but i think i dont say it enough:

i love my friends on this hellsite. my friends are the best people ive ever had the incredible fortune of meeting, and i would not be the person i am today without them.

so, to @not-so-varia-quality, @sapphicsatya, @memoirs-of-the-past, @reinaryugu, @moonlight-at-dawn, @letstalkhxh, @legendarysagehalfblood, @mirajane-midorinome, @mekakushimagicalgirl, and so many more whose urls i am forgetting bc im dumb, thank you for bringing such light to my life 💜

All that effort and they didn’t even see the damn fireworks in the end what was the point, goddamn teenagers.

Day five- cultural differences 

Pairing: LeoJi

Day five of @rarepairsonice

Went with Chinese New Year, of course. If these are getting smaller, it’s because day two took everything out of me mentally and physically. 

“Bet you’ve never seen anything like this, huh?”

“Can’t say that I have.” Well, Leo was used to seeing New Year’s crowds, on his T.V. from Time Square, but never before had he found himself at the centre of such a crowd out in the cold of January. He’d never seen so many people crowded into one area, even when they’d found a dead dog in the middle of the school playground that one time, and everyone wanted to poke it. There was a better atmosphere though, even if it was freezing.

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Hiyaa!! Just want to take the time to say that you're vkook comparison drawings are AMAZING and thank you goD BLESS™ also have you ever thought of doing drawings like those for the rest of the members?? I mean I'd get it if you won't because I'm sure you have your own stuff to do/worry about but seriously thank you and also vkook yoonmin namjin AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ✨✨✨

yup i’m already working on jimin’s right now!! so happy that it’s been helping so many people so that’s the best return i could get!! 🍑

Normalcy Pt. I

sasu/saku/naru indecisive madness

In which Sakura decides that dealing with her teammates’ millionth departure gracefully is much more effort than she wants to afford them, and it’s about time the two of them experience the sensation of being left behind anyway. 

or alternatively: Sakura comes back from an unnanounced year long mission as her badass ANBU commander self and the boys just can’t fathom that she would be anything other than ecstatic to see them

Sasuke’s slightly less of a dysfunctional ass, Naruto’s put his big boy pants on, and it’s all downhill from here

i suck at writing serious things tbh

but here’s the beginning of an attempt

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I was just reading a brilliant post about TPTB falling into an echo chamber and using the same tricks over and over again without any plan to resolve them and how the OP thought the show was “trying to spin too many plates” to distract you from that. It was really brilliant, and I respect the people who see it that way (bc even though I choose to believe that’s what they *want* us to think, that’s the black hole I’m orbiting around too).

And then the app refreshed, and I lost it. I’ll go back and find it and put it in the notes in a minute. But what I want to say should be a separate post anyway, so they can have their thread in peace.

Anyway. The wording on that post did me a “hound.”

“Sherlock. Don’t you think you’re spinning too many plates?”

If you subscribe to the “I’m a mess, I’m in hell, but I’m not wrong, I’m in control” school, they *knew* that, but they were just having fun while they still could, before the curtain rose. Before they threw themselves into hell, with the untrustworthy reality and the degraded, questionable abilities and the really doing a lot of self destruction and driving away the people who love you. They knew it was a lot to all come crashing down in the end, but it was a calculated risk.

Let’s hope it pays off.

I wear my emotions all over my face, always have.

I can’t pretend to like you if I don’t. I can be polite, I can compliment your hair or clothes or work, and really mean it. But saying I like you when I don’t? That’s just not me.

So the same goes when I do like you. If I have a crush on you, if I’m in love with you, I will let you know. I won’t hide my feelings or play games.

Life is too short and I’ve seen too many people missing out on amazing things because they thought love was something you could play with. That you could manipulate people into wanting to date you or sleep with you. That you could break up a relationship and play with people’s feelings.

This morning, entirely by chance, I saw something you posted and it hurt me. I couldn’t hide it. I was hurt and I was angry at myself for being so silly, so naïve.

The road to getting back on your feet, to reigning in your life again is not an easy one. Healing a broken heart is not something you can do over night.

For some people, it takes years of therapy, months of drinking, tons of meaningless relationships… we each take steps that will make us feel better.

Most people close off their heart, create a wall around themselves and make it impenetrable.

I don’t want to do that. I don’t wish to harden my heart or turn myself into a cold person, nor do I want meaningless relationships.

I want to be loved, I want to be happy. I want all the happiness I know I can bring to people.

Today I fell on my way to getting back up, I took a tumble and fell another 2 or 3 steps on my journey to getting back on my feet.

It’s ok, I can take a morning to cry or a day to be sad. As long as I get back up and climb those steps again.

I am stronger than what you saw, I am more than what you thought. And I care more than what you had ever hoped someone would.

Today, I am hurt. But I am also made of pure love and I’ll prove to you that love is always worth the fight.

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I just wanted to say how wonderful your page is! I'm having a hard time looking at my wedding photos and video because I'm not the weight I wanted to be when I got married, and I hate seeing myself. So many people said I was beautiful that day but it was so hard to believe because I've been bullied for being fat most of my life. Despite the disgusting haters I'm so happy people like you exist. I actually feel worth something.

Well that’s because you are worth something! You are so much more valuable, wonderful, and beautiful than you realize. And nothing these haters say can change that.


ohhh i’m so tired of admins being disrespected i .. stop bossing admins around and sending in “do this” and “do that” anons… and being pushy.. it’s been awhile but i can speak from experience when i say getting 24 messages about “when are u gonna open?” and “how many accounts til open” non stop after being in the tags for not even a day is overwhelming… just a reminder: admins aren’t gonna not tell u when they’re opening.. u know, they kind of want u to be present for opening so they’re not gonna leave u in the dust lol… but what pisses me off the most is when people just send anons that are deadass blunt and rude “your taken page isnt updated” like… ok? skdjksjdskdj you really think they weren’t busy and going to get to it… u HAD to say that and not even politely… that might seem little to ppl who dont admin but deadass shit like that is so discouraging cause ur already putting so much work in and u see u have a message and u think it’s an app and u open and it’s some nonsense like that… or i’ve seen people be like “do an acitivity check or this is gonna die” like ksjdksdj im just so sick of members especially disrespecting admins.. they don’t get paid to run rps lol… admins have lives… if u think u can be on top of ur game 24/7 run ur own lol.. y’all need to learn to be patient skjdksds i didn’t expect to pop off like this but anyways 

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Some larries are blabbing about how awful it is that Louis' house doesn't have child proof sockets. Therefore he's an irresponsible parent, but the Louis they all know and "love" would never so he can't really be a father. They should try out for the Olympics in Long jump for the amount of logical leaps these people take. Like he's just gonna let Freddie wander around unattended stabbing forks and things into sockets willy-nilly. Heaven help me I think I'm becoming an "anti".

It’s never Antis that convince other people to become Antis, it’s Larries.

They invent so many rules about what real parents are like and what real parental love is and almost all of it is absurdly judgemental, puritanical, hugely incorrect, deliberately hateful, and classist as fuck. 

Then to top it all of they’re the ones who wish harm on Freddie, say they hope he dies, trips up, hits his head, that they want a car to hit him, be dropped, etc. Nothing a Larrie says about anything is sincere. It’s all self serving Larrie bullshit to feed their masses and assuage themselves that Louis can’t be a real dad because a real dad behaves the way they just invented a dad behaves and anything less makes them fake aka therefore Larrie is real.

I don’t know if there’s anyone else that feels this way…. but doesn’t it seem like everyone in the TS fandom knows each other ? Don’t get me wrong, it’s great and it’s beautiful to see that Taylor has brought so many people together, and it warms my heart to see how people from different parts of the world have friendships because of Taylor! I guess what I’m trying to say is: hi! My name is Jessica and I’m from California and I loooove Taylor Swift as much as you all do. I love meeting new people and BE MY FRIEND YOU GUYS I NEED PPL TO FREAK OUT WITH WHEN TAYLOR DOES A THING!!! Forreals tho, my inbox is always open if anyone wants to say hey😌❤

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