i want to say high to all my new followers

New followers?? A lot of ‘em???


Y’all are killing me over here. That comic I posted last night has over 40,000 notes and counting. I don’t think I’ve ever even broke 1,000. Holy crap. And there’s a lot of new folks around here! So.. Hello!

I really appreciate the support, guys, seriously. It means a lot. ;___; I feel like I have a lot to live up to now haha. Gotta keep the quality coming HIGH QUALITY BLOG RIGHT HERE

Anyway, just wanted to say hi to my new folks and thanks for sticking around to my old folks. I’ve got a tag list for anybody that wants to white/blacklist anything. Also, if you need me to tag something for you, please let me know.

Notes and asks are always welcome! I love having a chat with folks! Although forgive me if I take forever to reply, I’m one of those people. But I read and love every message I get and will definitely answer it!

this is long I’m sorry. I feel like an old woman rambling on, please forgive.


the (quick/fun) facts

  • my name is bex and i’m seventeen
  • i share a birthday with danny elfman
  • i hail from los angeles, southern california
  • my spirit animals are olive penderghast and peregrin “pippin” took
  • i’m in love with anton yelchin
  • alfred hitchcock and christopher nolan are my two favorite directors
  • i’ve been doing theater for more than ten years now
  • i quote movies daily
  • i’m in a serious relationship with food
  • i’m a gryffindor at heart
  • cherry is my favorite flavor of jolly rancher
  • i like… lamp

As a way to say thanks to my favorite followers, I am giving away this belt pouch. This belt pouch is made from horween chromexcel leather and is super fancy. It smells good, it’s sturdy, it’s pretty much weatherproof and self-healing due to the high wax content in the leather. The backside has belt straps and D rings so you can put it on your belt or affix it to other things. 

Rules for the giveaway:

1. Must be following me

2. Must reblog this (in full) and each reblog counts once. Reblog all you want.

3. Contest Ends December 11 (New Moon)

4. Must have your ask turned on. Winner will be messaged and have 48 hours to respond. If you win and are outside the US, I will ask that you cover shipping costs. 

As usual, entertaining puns and jokes will not only be tolerated, but encouraged as will tiny tales of pouches and adventures. 

Hello everybody! Thank you all once again for liking and reblogging and following my posts! I really do appreciate all of the messages I get – even if I can’t answer them all. I love getting the messages, so please keep sending them! I honestly don’t mind. And remember you can always blacklist my answers if I’m clogging up your dash. I tag them as #alt17 answers.

As of right now, I am actually very close to a really amazing follower count. I am honestly not too distressed about it, but I really want to do something for you all. Right now I am only about 60 followers away. Once I reach that goal, I will post two new parts! (That would be Woozi and Wonwoo’s Introductions).

And finally, due to a high volume of requests, I have finally created a table of contents page that will stay updated as new ones come out so you can easily find parts and always stay updated! Once again I will say that I never imagined my low quality fake subs would get as much attention as they are right now, so thank you all for the support!

Heyyy hi guys ❤ I know I haven’t been much around lately and I feel like I owe you some explanation 😊 my competitive exam is approaching (just nine days now) and I need to study as much as possible because my future pretty much depends on it 😅 we’re almost 30k competing for only 6133 payed places and the pressure it’s really really high at this point. The test will be set in four different days so I won’t be free till the 22nd of july. I’m really stressed out atm so I hope you all understand why I can’t really participate much here, but I’ll be on from time to time maybe posting some gifs/edits as well 😊 so see you soon and good luck to me 😭

Heeeey! Finally it’s 2016 and now this is my new year follow forever! (Sorry for late lol) I want to say thank you for you all. I’m so thankful for a lot of people here. In 2015 a lot of things happened to me, I’m over on primary school, I started high school in September and unfortunately I lost my grandmother and I really missing her every single day. But I had a lot of beautiful moments in 2015, so yeah it was eventful. And now I want to wish a great, awesome, fantastic and amazing 2016 for you all! I love all of you guys very much! Happy New Year! ❤❤❤

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So I thought I would never get to this point ever on my time on here. I’ve talk to some amazing people, dreamed of talking to people but too damn shy to do anything and became part of a huge family that is the Assassin’s Creed fandom. We may not agree with everything but in the end we are that dysfunctional family that seems to still be in one piece at the end of the day.

I want to say a huge thanks to @elise-the-assassin, @the-new-mrs-fuckboi-kenway and @lovatic-3468 for being lovely cinnamon buns that are super friendly and all around amazing. You guys are huge nerds and I love you.

These guys put some high quality stuff up and are absolutely my favorite blogs ever (who you should totally go follow if you aren’t already) @templarsandhoes, @reclaimer-assassin, @gottalovethekenways, @i-hate-all-the-kenways, @aerloria, @spiritassassins, @shayvingcream, @acaddiction and @mrsckenway.

To everyone else who I didn’t tag or I’m following, you all are amazing and I love all of you. <3