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Kingdom Come (A RapMon One Shot)

I love Namjoon, did you know that?  

Genre: Smutsmutsmutsmutsmutsmut 

Rating: 18+ please and thank you 

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The first sensation that I was aware of was the cool air running softly over my bare back.  The second was the brush of plush lips on my lower back, moving slowly and gently up my spine.  I shifted in the soft light, eyes half open and still foggy with sleep, and moaned lightly at the warmth that blossomed at each touch.  Heat ran from my fingertips to my limbs and through my body to gather at my core in a soft burn.  I felt Namjoon smile at the shift of my hips, and his long fingers ran across the bare skin of my thighs, lifting gently and rolling me onto my side.  I looked at him kneeling at my side, undressed and glowing in the light slipping in through the open curtains.  His silvery hair was a mess, sticking up at various angles and i was sorely tempted to run my fingers roughly through it.  He smirked at me, a lopsided thing, and laid beside me.  I shuddered at the sensation of his warmth against the length of my body, of the feeling of his hand on my hip, his thumb running gently circles along the crease between my crotch and my thigh.  

“Mm, what time is it?” I sighed, as he dipped his head into the curve of my breast.  

“I don’t really know, nor care, at the moment,” he murmured against my skin.  His tongue brushed gently along my collarbone, and I sighed again, bending my body in a gentle curve to provide him better access.  “What do you want, baby?”  He asked, a smirk lacing his voice, as my fingers twisted in his hair.  His left hand pressed against the round of my breast, holding it in his palm as his thumb brushed against the quickly hardening peak of my nipple.  His other hand dropped from the curve of my hip, and one finger was tracing along the line of my tightly clenched together thighs.  His fingers could set me on fire, and he knew it, even half asleep.  

I bit my lip, and Namjoon sat up to look at my face.  I rolled on to my back, and the comforter that had been covering at least half of my body fell away.  His hand was still working at my legs, but his eyes were dragging across my naked skin.  I finally opened my legs to his long fingers, pressing my face into the pillow beside me as they dipped along my folds.  

“Fuck, my love,” he hissed through his teeth.  “You look so weak at my touch, do you want me that badly?”  He slid one finger inside, while his thumb gently pressed into my clit.  My back arched at the tingle that shot up my spine, my toes curling and a groan escaping from my clenched jaw.  “God, you’re so ready, so wet.”  He pressed the flat of his hand against me, his middle finger slipping out from inside to slide up and down my folds.  The heel of his palm pressed against the hood over my clit, providing stimulation but also an intense pressure that had my stomach clenching and my fingers grasping the sheets.

“Harder,” I cooed, one hand now above my head gripping the wrought iron of the bed frame.  Namjoon bent over me, his hand pressing harder against my flesh, his fingers dipping in and out of me, his lips latching onto my nipple.  “Oh my fucking God,” I moaned as his teeth and tongue tugged at the stiff peak.  

“Say my name,” he breathed against my flushed skin, and my hips bucked up into his hand searching for more satisfaction.  

“More, Namjoon,” I hissed, the heat racing along my limbs, resting in my stomach.  

“More what baby?  Tell me what you want.”  He pulled away, my body going cold as his skin left mine.  My eyes snapped open, and I sat up to stare at him.  He was sitting back on his heels, pumping his shaft shallowly.  He bit his lips as my eyes flicked from his length and back again.  I shook my head, unable to speak at the sight of Namjoon touching himself til the head of his cock was seeping precum.  

I sat up on my knees, hovering just above Namjoon, forcing him to look up at me through his lashes.  I took his face in my hands and kissed him roughly, my tongue quickly claiming dominance over his own.  He moaned into my mouth, grasping my wrists and lifting himself to me.  I could feel his length pressed hard against my thigh, and I felt lightheaded at the feeling.  He bit my bottom lip, pulling it between his teeth, quickly claiming dominance once again.  My hands slipped between us and I clutched at him, spreading his precum all along his length, pumping up and down along the shaft slowly.  Namjoon pressed his lips to my shoulder, his arms snaking around my waist pulling me closer to him as he left bites along the curve of my neck.  

“Tell me,” he said, peppering my body with little purple and red crescents.  “What do you want, Y/N?”  One of his hands had slid between us, cupping me again as I stopped working at his cock.  

“Just fuck me, Namjoon,” I sighed, pulling him backwards, until I was lying down again, and he was pressed on top of me.  

“Fuck me what?” He asked sweetly, his fingers entering me again and curling.  

I groaned his name again.  “Namjoon, please.  Fuck me please.”

“Anything for my girl,” He smiled and kissed me harshly, pressing my thighs apart.  He ran the head of his cock against me, spreading me along his length, before pressing into me hard.  He pulled back to watch me gasp and press my eyes shut, waiting for me to adjust to him.  When I opened my eyes was was watching me softly, one arm supporting him above my head, the other running down my curves to lift my leg over his hip so he could press deeper.  “Goddamn, you’re beautiful like this.”  He said, pressing his lips to my temple, to the bridge of my nose, my eyelids, and finally my lips.  “Not that you’re not beautiful all the time, babe, just particularly right now,”  He was beginning to ramble, and so I arched my hips up into him, and he stuttered to a stop with a groan.  “Right, right, I’ll shut up.”  

“Thank God.”  I clutched at his lower back, pulling him in closer as I pressed against him, and his thrusts quickly became faster and more powerful.  He grabbed my wrists when my hand began to slip between us to press against my clit.  

“Ah-ah, you come when I say you come,” He growled, pinning my wrists together and above me with his one large hand.  He rolled his hips painfully slowly, and my eyes rolled back when he sucked the skin at my neck.  He thrust suddenly into me several more times, knocking the air from my body each time with a loud grunt.  I could feel the spring in my body begin to coil harder and knew it would spring soon.  So soon, but I also knew I couldn’t do it on my own.  

“Touch me, Namjoon, please touch me.  I need it.”  I arched against him and he laughed gently in my ear.  

“Whatever you say, Love,” he moaned into my ear, finally releasing my hands to slip his own between us.  He pushed himself upwards a little more, watching himself slide in and out of me with the vulgar sounds of sex.  He bit his bottom lip as he hitched both of my legs higher on his hips, hitting deeper inside of me.  Pressing two fingers to my clit, he circled it once, twice, and then a third time.  Each movement had me pressing closer to the edge and the world began to sparkle and flicker at the edges.  The blood was rushing in my ears, but I could still hear Namjoon breathlessly urging me on towards my end.  Suddenly I clenched around him with a swear, and the world exploded around me.  Namjoon continued slamming into me, building my high up again and again every time it seemed to slow.  Soon, he too was shuddering to a stop, and I could feel him fill me.  He collapsed with a groan, his cock twitching as he slowly rode out his high inside of me.  

I laughed lightly as he continued to lay on top and inside of me.  “‘Joon,”  I said, breathless.  “You’ve gotta get up so I can clean up and I really need to pee.”  He mumbled something and slid off of me.  

After I had come back from the bathroom and cleaning up, I climbed back into bed beside him.  He had fallen asleep again, facing away from me.  I kissed the base of his neck, and curled against him, knowing he loved being little spoon.  He reached back and patted my thigh gently, “Good game, baby, good game,” He sighed.  

I smiled into his smooth skin, shaking my head slightly.   “We done good,”  I giggled, and he huffed out a laugh.  “I love you,” he sighed, and then we drifted back to sleep.  


This is a short piece that I started a while ago that I sadly abandoned. It seemed a shame to waste such a pure piece of writing.

The sun shined down on us as we stood, our bodies pressed together tightly, as though we were almost afraid to let go.

“I don’t want you to leave.” My shoulders lifted and dropped, I tilted my head, holding a firm grip on his T-shirt, probably leaving creases.

He nodded his head, running his tongue along the length of his bottom lip. “I don’t want to leave you; I’m gonna miss you.” His eyes, filled with despair, travelled through my hair that rested in my head, tangled. His hand came up between us, his fingers took a strand and rubbed it. “I’m going to miss this hair in my mouth every morning,” He chuckled, I noticed his voice was hoarse. “I’m gonna miss waking up to the warmth of your body so close to me.” He let out a sigh of grief. We both knew there was no way of stopping it.

I rubbed his chest with the palms of my hands. “You know, I think I’m even gonna miss your morning wood poking me in the thigh every morning.” I let out a low chuckle, an expression of nostalgia that didn’t last very long as the smile dropped from my face. Justin noticed, causing him to mirror my actions involuntarily. “You’re gonna be gone for so long.” I found myself cowering like a punished puppy as I avoided eye contact, feeling my heart become empty. I distracted myself by tracing shapes on his chest.

He took a firm grip of my wrists in his hands, causing me to look up at him. “Just because we’re apart, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop annoying you,” A mischievous grin landed on his lips, filling my heart with joy. “Expect texts at three in the morning and invitations for phone sex every night.” He muttered slyly into my ear. I instantly scoffed and hit his chest, causing his shoulders to lift in defence. “What? I need something to keep me energised enough to perform.” He traced his tongue on the inside of his cheek as I sent him a warning look.

There was a silence, a silence we were both privately trying to avoid; the silences were filled with tension and even more grief, filled with ideas and theories going through both of our minds of what might happen while we’re apart. I took a large intake of breath as I felt tears building up involuntarily. “I’m scared.” I whispered, pulling him impossibly close.

“Everything’ll be okay, princess. I know what you’re thinking and I want you to stop; I want you and only you. I love you so, so much.” I felt the pressure of his lips on the top of my head and I embraced it, and his words, gratefully. “Everything’s gonna be okay. I’ll fly you out to see me as much as I can, I promise.” He smiled down at me, the world seemed to stop around us when he did so.

In front of the house, we continued to stand in each other’s presence, our bodies only got closer together. The feeling of his hands around my back and the warmth of him felt like coming home, that feeling of your heart swelling and the sense of safeness and familiarity consumed me. But in reality, home was leaving me, and it didn’t feel as comforting anymore.

“I love you.” I muttered against his neck and remembered when I gave it so much attention I left deep,
purple marks that stayed for days. I suddenly wish I could go back.

“I love you too, baby.” His chin dug into my head and it felt uncomfortable but I said nothing; I had all the time to complain when he was gone but right then, I had him in my embrace for one last time. “So much.”

I could feel the eyes burning into our bodies as we tried to become one, and the sun was staring down on us with its hot gaze. We pulled apart and it felt like all of the heat had been sucked out of my body.

Nevertheless, I reminded myself that he loved me like I loved him, and he was helpless without me like I was helpless without him. We’d be apart but our minds would be connected - we’d be thinking of each other.