i want to rub your belly

Eat Fatty

Let go of yourself. Sit on the couch all day, and let your big gut hang out. Quit fighting your urge to consume all food in sight, and eat as many sweets as your fat ass desires. Just submit to your inner fatty. Grow huge and jiggly for me. When you’ve stuffed your fat belly full of food and you can’t move, I want you to eat more. Eat until your breathe is slow and heavy- just like you are. I want your enormous tummy to hurt, and then I’ll give you the belly rubs you deserve. Give in to being a fat piggy, I know you want to.


This is Theo (all black SH) and his big sis Peanut (tortie). I had to give them away last year and it was very hard, but I know they’re in good homes now. I just wanted to share these pictures I have.
I got Peanut from the shelter when she was 8 weeks and she looked like a little boiled peanut (hence the name 😊). She loves when you touch her belly and she likes to rub her face on your feet. She chirped whenever you called her name.

Theo was born in a barn in the middle of nowhere and I got him at about 4 or 5 weeks old. He was an anxious little thing and was terrified of everything. He too loved belly rubs and I always found him sitting on my makeup bag. When he starts yelling for attention, I would toss him his fuzzy blue blanket and he would knead and suck on it, purring loudly, like a weirdo.

I have exactly one of two feeder moods at any given time

1.) “Oh my, look how swollen your stomach is now~ You’ve eaten so much for me; I’m so proud of you.. But you’re not done yet! The only way you can rest is by falling into a food coma. I want your belly drum-tight, so big and heavy it’s pressing on your lungs, making it hard to breathe. You’ll look so adorably vulnerable, moaning from being stuffed to the gills with sooo much food, but I promise to shower your exhausted body with the rubs and kisses you so very much earned <3″

2.) “unnhghyes sqUIsH me///”

i want to be so thoroughly bred by you that i’m pregnant with three of your babies at once. so pregnant that you can feel them when you put your hand on my belly. even gently pressing down would make me moan, and you’d feel three distinct shapes inside me. your children.

it would be an incredible burden for a body as small as mine. my stomach would swell out nearly five times its size, my skin stretched so thin it was nearly translucent. your babies inside me would be so heavy i could hardly move or stand, much less walk. i would be completely at your mercy.

and i wouldn’t be able to lift myself off your cock if i wanted to. every day you’d put me in your lap and bounce me on your cock while i whimpered as you reminded me that you still controlled and commanded my cunt. and filled every last bit of my swollen womb with your cum. and as you rubbed my belly you’d tell me that as soon as i’ve had our children, you would breed me again.

and i’d want to say no. some deep part of me would desperately want to resist .. and would be completely unable to. i’d immediately say yes, squirming in place with your big cock inside of me. yes, please, make me pregnant again.

When your girl struts over in a glittery pink skintight dress and you ask if she wants a beer, and she puts both hands over a flat stomach cinched by a rope belt and whines playfully “Nooo, I’ll get fattt,” so you tell her “Come on, you’re super skinny,” … so, inhibitions dismissed by her boyfriend, she swaggers back into the house with her girls five hours later…slurring her speech…and sporting a full round belly that precedes her into the room by a solid eight inches, sequins glistening brightly where the dress is stretched tight. “You got pretty full too, huh,” you smirk, rubbing your big fat belly stuffed with wings and beer, while placing a hand on the side of her little engorged gut. She giggles, writhing under your touch, reaching over to grope your proud beerbelly, eyebrows raised as she feels the extent of your gluttony. Seeing now how much fuller you are than she is, she relaxes a little more, letting her shoulders slump and her belly push out even tighter against the skintight dress. It strikes you only now, taking a moment to size her up further while she stands talking to a circle of her friends, that her rope belt must have been abandoned along with her flat waist at some point early in the evening, as the expansion of her stomach overtook its stifling limitations. There was no way she could have kept the belt around her belly, which is now so absolutely full, bloated up in a perfect teardrop shape starting all the way up between her little breasts, tapering out wider and wider toward its pinnacle at her navel, before rounding out further into a hugely swollen underbelly, that you explore now subtly, reaching around her and slipping your hand beneath her sphere of belly, its overhang filling your hand completely. You imagine her continuously sliding the belt up her belly through the night as she expands, filling up with drink after drink, until finally it’s too tight even just below her breasts and, smiling at the thought of her boyfriend calling her super skinny, she slips the belt and worries off completely, no longer needing a fashion statement drawing attention to her waist when a swollen little potbelly has taken its place, drawing in more attention as the night and drinks fly by. Standing beside her in the kitchen now, you notice just how extreme the swell of her underbelly is up close. Since you’ve only just now apparently dropped enough hints for her to finally drop her inhibitions and begin a feverish race to swollen plumpness, almost none of this evening’s expansion shows above her waist. In profile, your girlfriend’s skinny little torso only widens slightly on its way toward her waist, before ballooning drastically right at her navel, where her gut is so unbelievably stuffed that her bellybutton is even slightly upturned, its form clearly visible pressed tight against her dress. With her proud new globe of scandalous belly pushing out twice as far as her breasts, and mirroring but far surpassing her tight little ass, her dress is now packed so absolutely tight by an almost doubled waistline that it’s even shorter than at the beginning of the night, barely covering her ass. With the dress stretched impossibly tight over her fattened gut, sequins catch the light at a new angle there, highlighting her growth even more, while almost loose material is bunched up beneath her breasts, shimmering slightly as she shifts from foot to foot to adjust her newfound weight. The entire display paints the image of the night: your skinny blonde girlfriend dancing and drinking, just letting it all go, accepting drink after drink from men and women alike that are drawn to the slender carefree blonde, ready to make a move before bearing witness to her body up close, a body swelling out further and further through the night to reveal a far different motive than an easy lay. You imagine the montage of lusty faces stunned by your girlfriend’s sparkling potbelly as she turns to face them, a swollen gut so jarringly out of place on her slender form that she looks pregnant. Pregnant with the release of that rope belt and its expectation, pregnant for her boyfriend’s need. Turning, she slips a hand up under your concealing black shirt, rubbing the side of your full straining gut. Standing on tiptoes to whisper, “our uber is here,” she giggles as her fat new belly brushes yours. You say your goodbyes before turning to leave the house, your arm wrapped around a girlfriend swaying and positively vibrating with a drunken sated energy, a hand resting atop her full gut as she giggles all the way to the car. Slipping some early cash and a wink to your driver, you slide into the backseat behind your lover who, seated, has taken on an even more stunning form as the car begins to drive away. Sitting down with all that belly packed into the dress, the shimmering material has ridden up all the way to her panties, her full gut shaking over every bump, standing out huge and brightly in sequin-reflected streetlights, the sphere of flesh resting tight and round on her bare thighs. Mesmerized, you lean in, one hand slipping up her dress behind her, the other sliding along the edge of exposed skin at her side, barely touching her dress yet still the skintight trailing edge of it jumps right up over her bloated gut, exposing its entire tan expanse. You stare in awe, and slowly spread your wide hand over your lover’s sudden potbelly, reaching around to take in all of it, you look up into her eyes while grabbing her like you never could before. “Is this ok?” she asks, resting a hand on yours over her belly, and reaching for your own bloated gut with her other hand. In answer, groping eachother’s engorged potbellies, you lock lips and she melts into you.

You love it don’t you?
Being able to eat with no limits, no worries of gaining weight either.

You’d love to have me take care of you, feeding you until you’re too fat to do anything yourself. Becoming a lazy fat pig. Rubbing your belly when it’s full so you can shove more food down your throat.

If I could, I’d have you surrounded by endless platters of your favorite foods. I’d pamper you. I’d treat you like my prince, my plump prince. I’d give you everything you wanted, and more.

What’s it like? Loosing control, letting yourself go, letting yourself become so fat. Does it feel thrilling?

You’re such a hedonist, I don’t think at this point you could stop binge eating even if you wanted to. You’re no longer in control of your bottomless pit of a stomach and an appetite comparable to a greedy pig.

Do you do anything other than eat? Probably not, you’re too fat to do much anyways. All you do is stuff your face and wait to get fucked like a good piggy.

things i say to my cat ask meme
  • "What are you eating?"
  • "Get off me, I have to pee."
  • "Do you want me to rub your belly?"
  • "What's in your mouth?"
  • "Aww, you're so cute when you're asleep."
  • "How are you still hungry?"
  • "You don't need any ice cream."
  • "Were you a good girl today?"
  • "Come sit on my lap."
  • "Ouch! That hurt, jerk!"
  • "What's so great about that piece of paper?"
  • "It's just an spider."
  • "What are you looking at? Do you see a ghost?"
  • "Oh, your nose is cold."
  • "Leave the blinds alone!"
  • "What are you doing up there?"
  • "Fine. I didn't want to cuddle anyway."
It’s My Fault: Tom Holland x POC

Tom and Reader have been married for 3 years and are 4 and half months pregnant. (It’s crazy, I have an exam at  8am and I am up at 2 in the morning writing this. Smh)

**Taking requests***

Warning: Sadness, Angst,…


“Please be careful love.” Tom urged as you walked into a small puddle by the fridge. He escorted you out of the kitchen and walked back tto clean the mess up. “Tom I am fine.” You laughed. 

“I don’t want you or my child getting hurt.” He walked back over to you and kissed your lips. “I’m so excited to find out the sex.” You sighed, rubbing your belly. “I think it’s a boy.” He grinned handing you a plate of food. “Oh yeah it’s definitely a boy.” You said sarcastically. 

You looked at your plate and frowned, “Hon, I’m not a rabbit. You could’ve at least put a piece of chicken up there.” You said looking at his plate. HE sighed and slide his piece onto your plate. You smiled, “Thanks.”

“Yeah, yeah whatever. Did you take your vitamins?” He asked walking back into the kitchen. “Shoot, not today I forgot.”

“You can’t keep forgetting babe. We want this one-” He stopped and saw your face change. You stared at your plate and felt tears welling in your eyes. He ran back over to you, “Baby, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine. You’re right. I need my vitamins.”

“So does this dress look alright. I mean with the baby and everything. I feel like I look like a beet.” You said observing yourself in the mirror. “You look wonderful.” He said holding your hand. “You’re not wearing those heels are you?” He asked. “Only for a bit.” You shrugged. “Fine. Just be careful.” You two were on the way to a Christmas party. 

You mixed and mingled and reluctantly asked questions. “So did you find out the sex yet?” Chrissy asked. “No, not yet. We find out in a couple days.” You grinned. “Maybe this one will be a girl.” She said. Your heart dropped and you looked at her. She gasped and tried to apologize “I’m so sorry Y/N!” 

“Forget it.” You stormed off and ran to the bathroom. You splashed cold water on your face to hid the tears and looked down at your belly. You pressed your hand careful against it and cooed, “It’s alright baby! Momma’s here.”

After recollecting yourself you walked back into the crowd and felt familar hands wrap around your waist. “How’s my girl?” He whispered in your ear. “I’m doing fine.”

“Not you.” He said. You turned around and looked at him. “Excuse you?”
“I’m talking about the baby.”

“Oh so now you think it’s a girl?” You wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled. “Eh.” He smiled and pecked you on the lips. 

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“You dare speak to the emperor like this?”

From @writingpromptsandjunk‘s prompt.

“I speak to whoever I want, however, I want,” said the man standing defiantly.

“Who the bloody hell does he think he is?” the emperor roared as the brightly clothed man jumped on top of a long feasting table and began to dance, kicking goblets and plates about.

“My lord,” a courtier approached, “he’s the jester your highness ordered.”

“A jester?!” he bellowed, “when did I make such a request?”

“Last night sir. Whilst dancing about with your drink and flirting with my daughter, you asked me to fetch the best jester in the land. Like a good nobleman, I obeyed.”

“Hmmp,” the emperor said, rubbing his belly, “Joker, come hither.”

“On my way!” the jester said, skipping over towards the throne and kneeling, “What do you need of me, my emperor?” 

“Ah, some etiquette!” the emperor laughed, “take note, friends. I may give this man your land if you ever cross me in court. Now tell me a joke!”

“Eh-hem,” the jester coughed, “how might a pig, big as he may be, sit upon your throne?”

“Go on?” the emperor asked with a raised brow.

“By being your father’s first born son!” the jest said with a smirk, and the court burst into laughter, but fell silent as they saw their emperor, as big as he was, grow red in the face.

“Bring me my supper, joker,” the emperor grumbled, “I will always eat better than you, but you shall have a taste. There are assassins everywhere, and it would be a shame if my peasants were to lose their great emperor now, would it?”

“Is this it?” the jester said, pointing at a servant walking in with a platter. The emperor nodded, and the jester ran over ripped off the covering and began devouring the pork and apples served with it. The court began laughing again, and the emperor stamped his feet.

“Leave some for me you rat!” he yelled, and the jester complied. He threw an apple at the emperor, which was the last straw. The big man stood up and walked over to the jester, still eating his dinner. 

“Wait!” the jester yelped as the emperor picked him up by the shirt, “I have one last trick, and I’m sure you’ll love it!”

“You’ve lost your chance!” the emperor said, slamming him against the table. The courtiers gasped, and there was a few murmurs throughout the hall, which the emperor heard, but ignored until the same courtier from before whispered in his ear.

“Sir,” he said, “it would be wise to let the jester do his trick. If there’s another death the peasants will likely start rebelling in favor of your brother being the emperor.”

The emperor sighed and let the jester go, who smiled in thanks to the courtier. “Go on, jester,” he said, “one last trick before I throw you out of my keep. Go on. Give these fools a show.”

The jester straightened out his attire and got back up on the table. He then revealed three knives, which caught the guards’ attention, but he began juggling, “For my final act, I’ll-”

“Bah!” the emperor bellowed, “any peasant with a day of training can juggle. Stop wasting my time!”

“But my lord,” the jester pleaded, “have you ever seen anyone juggle from out in front of them?”

“What?” the emperor asked, “I don’t follow.”

“Most jesters juggle above their head. A fairly common trick at any bar, but I can juggle by throwing them out in front of me and have them swing back towards me.”


“On the contrary, your highness,” the jester said, “and I’ll only do it if you ask nicely.”

“I command you to show me your trick!” the emperor demanded, but the jester smiled and kept juggling. However, the emperor was more stubborn than the jester, and they both knew this. 

“Fine,” the jester sighed, “have it your way.” The emperor smiled as the jester caught the knives he was juggling. He then looked into the emperor’s eyes and asked, “are you ready?” The emperor didn’t respond, and he didn’t have to. The jester threw the knives, but they didn’t return. Instead, the three knives found the emperor. He gargled up blood and fell forward out of his throne when he tried to stand up. There was screaming as courtiers ran out with guards trying to contain the situation.

“You did good,” the courtier from before said to the jester, “poison would be too obvious for the big emperor. His brother, the new sovereign, would like to thank you on his arrival.” The jester nodded and left with the guards’ permission.

The courtier walked up the body and kicked it, saying “no one dares flirt with my daughter like that, you pig.”  

Belly Rubs

belly rubs are literally the best ever


i could let someone play with & rub my belly for hours

because there is something so incredibly fulfilling, and sexy, and cute, and happy about someone giving loads of attention such a soft part of you 

especially when that part of you is something that is so controversial and political and has to face constant negative attention from so many people

so, please play with my belly

rest your head on it. kiss it. bite it. squeeze. it poke it.

yes, give it all the attention it deserves

and some extra attention for all those lost years
because my belly is big and soft and mighty and lovely and overflowing 

and i absolutely, 100 % am in love with my belly

Captain Boomerang finding out you’re pregnant would include:

Originally posted by fuckyeaheroes

Requested by Anon. 

Request: Daddy boomer head canon? Like how he reacted to the reader being pregnant and how he is as a father? Please and thank you! I love your writings!😁

Warning: Fluff.

A/N:  Thank you honey ♥ Your words mean the world to me! The part of Digger acting like a father is pretty short because I just made HC about ‘being his daughter.’ You can find it HERE.

  • You being very nervous to tell Digger about the pregnancy.
    • Not because there’s the possibility that he’d run away, but because you know he always wanted to be a better dad than his own father was to him. 
      • “Digger? I am pregnant.” 
      • “Hello, Pregnant. I’m Digger.”
      • You slapping him lightly for this response. 
  • Digger being very happy about the pregnancy.
    • Him hugging you, swirling you around, kissing you passionetely, touching/rubbing/kissing your belly. 
    • Him even calling the squad to tell them about the baby.
    • The squad thinking Digger is wasted because him behaving like that is very uncharacteristic for him.
  • Then, the doubts starts.
    • “What if I’m a failure? What if I’m gonna be a bad dad?”
    • “Stop saying that, honey. You always told yourself you’re gonna be the best dad ever, and you know what? You’re already the best dad because you’re here. With me and the little one.” 
  • Him stopping his heists for a time being because he’s afraid they put him away again. 
  • During the whole pregnancy you’re not allowed to do things that could possibly hurt you. 
    • Him being very stubborn about it. 
    • Digger doing everything for you.
    • Him giving you massages.
    • You both bathing and showering together because of the baby.
  • After giving birth to your child, Digger always keeps an eyes on both of you. 
  • Him always holding the baby.
  • Him talking to the baby. 
  • When the baby’s crying he pulls out Pinky or his boomerangs.
  • Digger and the baby having a special bond.
    • You smilling because Digger is truly the best father in the whole universe.

[This fic was requested by an anon, I hope you all enjoy this short and fluffy drabble! I wanted to keep this one short and sweet because I felt like adding anymore to this would ruin how cute it was.]

 “Puddin’!” I called, forcing myself up in bed. 
  He entered, looking mildly irritated and concerned. I gave him the most innocent grin that I could and he groaned. Rolling his neck he cracked it before gritting out, “What do you want this time?”
  “A peanut butter burger and chocolate cupcakes, pretty please,” I said with an equally large grin. 
  He glared at me, growling something under his breath as he stormed out. Rubbing my belly I smirked, “Thank you!” I shouted. 
  He didn’t reply. 
  “See, I told you your daddy loves us, even if he doesn’t say it,” I whispered to my little clown and he kicked me in response.


  “Puddin’…” I whispered, hearing his annoyed growl. 
  “Puddin’, wake up. Where is the molasses?” 
  “Y/N, I swear I’ll-”
  “It’s not for me, it’s for the baby,” I whispered, and I couldn’t help but giggle a little when Mister J kicked off the duvet and not even bothering to pull on anything before he stormed off into the kitchen.
  I followed after him, leaning against the island and I watched as he took charge and began to make the ginger cookies. There was something sexy about watching him bake whilst naked in the kitchen. I think what made it so arousing was the fact he would never be in the kitchen making anything for me otherwise. If he did it was usually a joke and inedible. 
  He moved with a chaotic grace, not caring about any mess he made but he was focused. The longer I stared at him the less hungry I became for food. 
  “Y/N, if you ask me to go out and get-”
    He watched as I let my slip fall to the floor, “Hungry, Puddin’?” I asked.
    His eyes darkened, he trailed his tongue across his lower lip, “Ravenous,” he growled.


Request from anons: “Can u make a imagine/smut where Sammy and y/n go to ur family’s dinner night and at the dinner Sammy was horny so he was fingering u under the table and he acted like nothing was happening and then in the end he says to u “now who’s ur real daddy” and when u get home u can finish there😅 sorry if it was long!!!” “Could you please do an imagine where you’re pregnant with Sammy’s baby and he’s horny but you can’t do anything and you just laugh at him and don’t help him?”


“UNNNNGGGHHHH, do we have to go to dinner at your parents??” Sam groans in the driver’s seat. “Yes baby, you want to know why? Because we are about to be parents,” I rub my big ole belly, “And we won’t have time to visit my parents. So I just want to have a good visit before we have our first child. Okay? Please? I thought you like my parents.” “I do but your dad sometimes pretends he doesn’t like me and threatens me that he’s going to hunt me down and kill me if I don’t marry his daughter… We’ve been married for 2 years now!” “Hey, if you stay a good trooper,” I feel him pull over, “I’ll reward you.” I seductively said in his ear, smirking as I hear him groan a little. I kiss his cheek real quick, open the passenger and hop out as gentle as possible, waving hi to my parents that are standing at the window. I wobble up the stairs and in the house, “Hi mom, hi daddy.” I greet them with a hug. Sam walks into the house, carrying our luggage as he says hi to my parents too. “Samuel, hi baby.” My mom hugs him and kisses his cheek. “Hi mom. Hi dad.” He shakes my dad’s hand. 

“You taking good care of my pregnant daughter?” My dad said in a serious voice. “Yes sir.” “Are you sure? Y/N, is he treating you good?” “Daddy stop threatening Sam. It was funny at first, now it’s just getting old. You know he’s taking good care of me.” I wrap my hands around Sam’s back, leaning my head on his shoulder. “Alright. Let me go take your things into the spare room. Go sit down Y/N. You shouldn’t be standing this long while being this far along pregnant.” He grabs our things and walks up the stairs, “Thanks daddy.” I yell up to him, then looking at Sam. “You might want to hide your bulge, daddy.” I whisper to him, winking. 

After setting up the table with my mom, dinner started, my parents sitting on one side and Sam and I across from them. While eating dinner and my parents telling us stories of their trip to the Bahamas, I feel Sam’s hand set onto my thighs. I didn’t mind, or care because he always does that. As I ignored it and kept interacting with my parents, I felt his hands glide to the side of my thighs, and up my dress. I start fidgeting to make him stop but he just kept moving his hand closer and closer to my slit.

As his hand glided over my thighs, he pushed my dress to my waist, revealing my panties. You would think he would be struggling with my belly but knowing Sam, he’s slick with it playing it off like he isn’t even moving his hand. As my parents kept talking about their vacations, Sammy slides my panties to the side, moving his finger in circles on my clit. On the inside, I start screaming but on the outside, I’m smiling and nodding at my parents but not hearing one word from their mouths. 

Sam continues this motion, also entering one finger in me slowly, in and out. “Honey, would you like to help get dessert?” My mom snaps me out of my blank stare. “No, my feet hurt. Sorry mom. Daddy, maybe you can help mom?” He nods, wipes his face then gets up, following my mom into the kitchen. Once they are out of sight, “You better make me cum before they get back in here.” I gritted my teeth together, eyes rolling to the back of my head. “Fuck.” I whisper. Sam starts kissing my neck, fastening his pace, “What’s my name baby girl?” He husks in my ear. I just moan lightly, “What’s my name baby..” He says again. “Daddy...” I whisper in his face, kissing his lips as I felt my body shake. I grab onto his wrist but he doesn’t pull away as I cum on his fingers, preventing myself from moaning loud enough for my parents to hear. “That’s my good girl.” Sam pecks my cheek, removes his hand from my slit, lowering my dress back onto my thighs, and licking his fingers. My parents come back in with dessert and we finished dinner. 

Later that night, my parents go off to bed and Sam and I followed a couple of minutes later. Once I wobble closer to bed, Sam pops up from the bathroom ,smirking at me. “That was real risky what you did in there Mr. Wilkinson.” I pulled the blankets off my old bed so I could get under it. “Well Mrs. Wilkinson, you teased me earlier. So I had to get you back.” Sam winked at me. “Imagine if we got caught. My dad would have killed you.” I chuckled, hands on my hips, thinking. I look at Sam standing on the other side of the bed, staring back at me. I observe him up and down and see another bulge, “No.” I shake my head and he pretends to be angry. “Please.” He begs. “I’m pregnant. And my parents are next door. What do you expect me to do?” I sit down on the bed slowly, and lift my legs onto the bed. “At least suck it.” He looks down at it. I just laugh a little louder, “Funny.” I lean forward to grab the blanket. “I liked you better when you weren’t pregnant.” Sam huffs. “Me too..” I say as I watch him just stand there in his briefs. I just roll my eyes, swing my legs on the edge of the bed, and lift myself up off the bed. “Where are you going?” He asks as I wobble my way to him. 

He opens his arms thinking I’m going to cry in his arms again because of how emotional I get but before he wraps his arms around me, I slowly get to my knees. “Wha-” He says before I drop his briefs, revealing his friend. “Babe, you don’-” I lick the tip making him shiver. I hear him groan with his mouth shut, his head tilted back as I slowly fist him, sucking the head. I start teasing so much he got weak to his knees that he caught himself on the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed, as I continued to stroke him, looking up in his eyes. I tarted sucking length by length till i could go as deep as I could. His slight groans made me so wet I started rubbing myself too. The more I stroke his shaft, the deeper his voice got in pleasure. Once he finally came, he wiped me clean, helping me up and onto the bed. He put more pillows behind my back thinking he was just tucking me in. Before I knew it, he spreads my legs and starts licking up and down my slit. “F-fu-” I covered my mouth so I wasn’t loud. His tongue does wonders, as he sticks two fingers in me, fingering me in and out, as he sucks on my clit. “Fuck daddy” I whisper, holding onto the sheets trying not to scream. He lifts his head up, but his fingers still going in and out, “Cum baby girl, you know you want to.” His face one inch from mines, breathing hard. My back arches a little, as far as my pregnant self could, releasing all over his fingers again. His lips smack onto mines to keep me from moaning out loud. 

He licks me off, smirking at how horny I am from being this pregnant. He throws the blankets over me and rolls to his side of the bed, cuddling me. “MMM, that was nice baby. We haven’t done that in a while.” He says kissing my head. “Your dry spell has been too long, I’m accusing.” I giggle. “Too. Long. But it’s ok. It’ll be worth it in the end.” He rubs my belly, excited for the baby to arrive. “Now let me ask you something.” He says. “Who do you like calling daddy better? Me or your father?” He jokes at me, smiling big. I push his face off of me, “Good night.” I flip to my other side, ignoring his question. “Good night who?” Sam’s head pops up next to mines, “Good night daddy.” I peck his lips as we both fell asleep. 

Loved your story today

It reminded me of cuddling on the coach with my mom, she made me cum in my pants a bunch of times. If you want to escalate things don’t wear a bra and wear a t shirt that shows off your gorgeous tits ( yours look amazing). Maybe tell him your belly is hurting from eating too much and ask him to rub it while he’s laying behind you. Lift your tee shirt a little and put his hand on your tummy. My mom subtly moaning always turned me on too because I knew she felt good, and all I wanted was to make her feel good.

Thanks for your message. I’ll keep your experiences in mind.


Baby Preparation (Josh Dun - Twenty One Pilots)

Word Count: 622


You and your fiancé Josh had just come back from the hospital after discovering the sex of your unborn child. The two of you were having a baby girl and out of the two of you Josh seemed the most excited, then again he didn’t have to push a baby out of him. All you wanted to do was lie down and have a nap but the second you stepped foot back in your apartment Josh went into cute expecting dad mode.

“I can’t believe we’re having a baby girl y/n. Hi there little girl I’m your daddy and I’m going to be very over protective of you yes I am.”

Josh kneels in front of you and starts talking to your bump. He rubs your belly before kissing the bump.

“Josh you’re going to be a great dad and I’m going to be a great mum. Now I just too need to get her out of me.”

Josh shakes his head as he stands back up and begins pacing.

“Oh crap now we know the sex that means we’re one step closer to actually becoming parents. I don’t think we’re ready yet babe.”

This wasn’t the first time Josh had a mini freak out on you, he was the exact same way when the baby first kicked. He would go into dad expecting mode and start double guessing all the preparation for the arrival of your child.

“Josh I think we’re ready. We’ve got everything planned. Take a deep breath.”

“What if I forgot to baby proof something and then our daughter hurts herself? What if she hates me because I painted her room a gender neutral colour? How are you going to cope while Tyler and I are on tour? Stuff could go wrong y/n and I seem to be the only one panicking, why aren’t you losing it?”

You smile and take a step closer to your pacing fiancé and stop him in his tracks by wrapping your arms around his shoulder. His breathing was still heavy but at least he’d shut up.

“Josh you and Tyler are working on the next album and have already arranged to put off touring for the first few months of the birth. You couldn’t have baby proofed the house anymore either babe, our daughter is going to be safe night and day. And I don’t think she’ll actually care about the colour of her room because she’s a baby, besides we can always paint it again at a later stage.”

Josh wraps his arms around your waist and leans down before pecking you gently on the lips, his fingers trace circle on your baby bump.

“Thank you for bringing me back down to earth y/n. I’m sorry that I accused you of not losing it like me. I guess one of us needs to keep a rational head and that person is you. We’ve created a life and together we’re going to make sure our daughter has the best life ever.”

“I couldn’t agree more Josh. But maybe playing the over protective dad too much might cause her to resent you in her teen years, we were both wild children and I want our daughter to experience some freedom.”

Josh smirks.

“I have at least thirteen years before I have to play that role y/n. But we both need to agree that she can’t date until she’s at least eighteen or older.”

You throw your head back and laugh at Josh’s serious tone.

“She can’t date until she’s eighteen.”

Josh kisses you again this time with more passion. There was no one else in the world that you wanted to have a child with other than your perfect and sweet Josh.

Expectant father! Yoongi

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  • wakes up and immediately rubs your belly bc ‘wow Y/N, it’s getting big I’m gonna be a great father’
  • ‘I dunno, Y/N, I’m pretty sure I hit some magical spots last night ;))))’
  • kicks him out of bed bc it’s too early for his cheesy greasiness
  • you do end up checking with the doctor anyway, just as a regular monthly health checkup, and CONGRATS!! You two are having a baby
  • even though Yoongi always seems to want a baby, you’re not sure about how he’ll respond once he finds out
  • when you two got married, he made you promise not to keep any secrets from him
  • since then, he’s always been like, ‘out with it’ whenever you seemed like something was on your mind
  • and you always did that to him too
  • although sometimes it’d get annoying bc both of you tend to have naturally worried/contemplative faces
  • whenever this happens, you’d say ‘fite me’ and he’d smirk and go ‘ok false alarm, but y’know that idea doesn’t sound half bad’
  • he’d end up tickling you for an eternity and you giggling and
  • actually that’s what happened the day before and led to what happened later that night…
  • so anyway
  • you decided that you’d tell it to him as soon as possible
  • you wait by the couch nervously, dinner already on the table, and Yoongi’s mixtape on the stereo in case you need to play it to calm him down if he gets hysterical
  • so when he comes home with some headphones around his head, mumbling the lyrics to another one of his songs
  • opens the door and tries to look for you immediately (his end-of-the-day ritual)
  • his gummy smile brightens his face when he sees you and he runs toward you with his arms out in a hug
  • what a dork
  • (but also what a cutie, you love him)
  • before he gets any closer, you quickly get up and blurt out ‘I’m pregnant’
  • which he, having headphones on, doesn’t hear and tackles you to the floor, wrapping his arms tightly around you and rolling you on top of him
  • ‘Yoongi did you hear me, i just said that I am pregnant’
  • ‘we’re having pretzels for dinner? Um ok, if that’s cool with you, but I brought chicken’ this boy smh
  • you rip his headphones off and urgently repeat, not so amused anymore, ‘Yoongi, we’re having a baby’
  • he freezes and stares at you
  • and you start to panic again bc he hasn’t been saying anything for a few minutes
  • his voice is hushed: ‘you’re having a baby?or’ he swallows thickly ‘I’m having a baby?’
  • tears are starting to stream down your face ‘I’m having the baby you dork, have you ever taken biology’
  • a huge smile breaks out on his face and he puts a hand in your hair, tugging you forward to pepper kisses all over your face, wiping your tears away with another hand
  • ‘why are you crying?’
  • ‘bc I was worried you idiot I thought you’d get angry at me’
  • he pulls you back to lock eyes with you ‘Y/N, why would I ever get angry? You’ve given me the greatest gift a woman could ever give a man’
  • you smile back at him
  • ‘a vessel to pour my hopes, dreams, and aspirations into and also a really cute mini me who I could teach to hate the things I hate.’
  • you tackle him to the floor and try to tickle him ‘THAT’S NOT WHAT BABIES ARE, YOONGI’
  • And that’s how you two end up arguing the night over what Yoongi can and cannot teach the child to hate, which culminates in the bedroom
  • ‘I knew my magical bean would step up to the job,’ he murmurs as you two fall asleep
  • you try to shove him off the bed, but he cries out that he’s the father of your child
  • next day, he’s already up and rubbing your belly with a grin
  • ‘you can’t stop me y/n you’ve got no excuses I will rub your tummy until little Mirelluna comes out’
  • ‘you’ve already named it?!”
  • ‘her. It’s a her. Her kick is as fiery as yours’ (’it’s literally been a day since I told you, how can it kick?!??!)
  • in the mornings, when he’s on his break from composing new songs, you two go to furniture stores and baby supply stores to buy a crib and some clothes
  • he always lays down on the beds to test them out himself and ends up lowkey falling asleep
  • ‘Yoongi, get off, we need a crib’
  • so he tries crawling into one of those but you stop him
  • Yoongi wants pink everything
  • ‘but what if it’s not a girl????’
  • ‘whatever, pink is for champions. Besides, I’m pretty sure I squeezed out a girl.’ You slap him for that
  • tries to convince you to put the baby’s crib into his studio in the house so that she’ll learn the beats of great hip hop artists before she can even speak
  • no
  • ‘no??!? B-but it’s her legacy….’
  • grumbles as you end up putting the crib in the spare bedroom (sneaks in a few stereos and decorates the walls with pictures of him at the genius lab and some old bandmates)
  • every day, gives you vitamins, cups of milk, and forces you to eat healthy
  • ‘Y/N, I will whoop your butt (figuratively) if you try to eat that entire bag of cheetos that is NOT good for Mirelluna, here have some celery instead’
  • really nice whenever you want to watch tv, lets you put on romcoms or corny movies that he used to openly hate
  • actually cries during (500) days of summer
  • ‘But Y/N, what if that happens to us???’
  • don’t make me kick you, you dork, I’ll always love you and your sorry butt’
  • kisses all the time
  • in the kitchen when you try to help him cook (insists he cooks bc you’re having a harder time moving about, but ends up buying takeout from his friend Jimin’s restaurant)
  • in the baby’s room while you decorate
  • actually tries to make out with you in public but you get embarrassed and stop him, which makes him sulk the whole way home
  • before you tackle him and make up for it
  • has a countdown calendar for when you’re due, marks off each day with comments about things he loves about you
  • ‘that’s so corny Yoongi when did you get this corny’
  • ‘since I married you, honey pumpkin (*you’re gagging*) deal with it Y/N you’re mine forever and I’ll love you the way I want’
  • it gets better worse each day
  • raps softly to your belly at night (maybe not your agust d mixtape yet? You swear like a thousand times)
  • when you’re finally going into labor, he’s in the kitchen trying to make spaghetti and hears you screaming for him so he rushes into the room
  • scariest he’s ever seen you, also the most swearing he’s ever heard from your kind sweet mouth
  • he’ll forgive you but files it away in case he wants to blackmail you for cuddles in the future
  • absolutely panicking, but calls Jungkook on his cell to get there asap
  • Jungkook happens to be passing by in the neighborhood (about to visit this girl he’s planning to ask out, sheesh kookie perfect timing) helps Yoongi carry you to the car
  • Yoongi drives to the hospital, sweat pouring from his face bc he’s freaking out and you’re still screaming from the backseat as Jungkook’s whimpering ‘pls breath noona’
  • feels helpless as he sits in the waiting room as you give birth, passes the time by writing lyrics onto a napkin
  • ‘she screams my name not once, but twice/while i shout out for help, advice/her cries get weaker by the hour/while i just sit, just wait, just cower’
  • he’s feeling really worried and sad
  • Jungkook, bless him, gets the boys together to come in and cheer him up and keep him company as he waits
  • ‘I brought donuts–‘ ‘NOT a good time, Tae’
  • Yoongi does take a donut but mostly just stares at it
  • Hoseok tries to distract him with stories about their time in BTS
  • ‘remember when Tae drank toilet water?’
  • Yoongi eventually cheers up and ends up laughing so hard he nearly misses he nurse calling his name
  • ‘she’s ready fo-‘ he darts inside as the boys trail behind
  • you’re in the bed, tired but holding a tiny pink infant in your arms
  • gulps, asks, ‘girl. True or false?’
  • you smile and laugh. ‘true’
  • he goes straight for your face and kisses you everywhere from your forehead to your cheeks to your nose to your mouth
  • ‘ew hyung’ Namjoon whispers
  • ‘shut up, she’s my wife, I’ll kiss her wherever I want’
  • trying to come up with names, the other boys are pitching in suggestions
  • ‘whatever it is, she’ll never be golden maknae’
  • ‘ABigail if you get my drift ehehe”  “Jimin, get out”
  • ‘Maria?”   “I actually like that, Jin. So, just Maria?” “um, Super…*whispers*Maria Bros”
  • “Namjinae?” “no”
  • “smiley sunshine?” “hoseok, that’s too corny, no.”
  • “Sia.” “like the singer, Tae?” “like that seaweed I befriended in Thailand” “tAEHYUNG NO WE ARE NOT NAMING OUR DAUGHTER AFTER A PLANT”
  • “Mirelluna. We’ll stick with that.”
  • She has your eyes and Yoongi’s smile~

Imagine – Giving birth to Demon Dean’s baby.

Word Count – 2842

Pairing – Demon! Dean x pregnant Reader, Sam and Cas x pregnant Reader

Triggers – Pregnancy? Uh swearing, and violence.

A/N – I hope I wrote this right, I’m not sure if you meant you wanted the baby to be a demon, or y/n to be a demon. Also hope you meant non demon dean proposes to her and she’s not a demon too at the time. Either way I hope you enjoy.


You ran down the halls, holding onto your pregnant belly and crying in pain. This wasn’t supposed to happen ever, especially now when you’re pregnant with his child, fucking Crowley.

“Sam! Cas, please! Please, please help!” You screamed, running into your bedroom and locking the door after crying quietly into your hands. You placed your hands on your belly and rubbed it in circles.

“Please don’t come now, not right now.”

You folded your hands and leaned your forehead against them, crying and praying for Cas to come. The sound of Dean’s boots made you jump as you prayed harder and harder.

“Come out and play y/n, this is no fun with you hiding and being a scared bitch!” Your heart broke at the name, knowing Dean would never call you that.

The pounding on the door made you cry harder, till you heard Sam’s voice along with Cas’s.

“It’s me and Cas!” He whispered loud enough for you to hear.

You opened up the door and quickly allowed them to come in, closing it quietly and locking it after.

“Oh y/n, I’m so sorry you’re going through this right now.” Sam said with a hug.

“It’s not your fault, it’s fuck face Crowley’s. I’m going to kill him after this I swear, especially if he hurts little Victoria here, unless it’s a boy if Dean gets his wish.”

You bent over in pain and screamed, gripping onto Sam’s hand and squeezing it, nearly popping his eyes out from being so wide in pain. Cas helped you sit on the bed and laid his hand on top of your belly, praying silently in his head for the baby to wait till after this shit storm was over.

“y/n, I hate to tell you this but I think it’s best for you and the baby to stay in the panic room. I know it’s not you who’s causing danger but –“ you cut Sam off.

“I understand, is there any way I can get there without Dean noticing?”

“I’ll distract him, Cas you take her okay?” You both nodded.

“Stay safe you two”

“You too, Sammy.”

Sam ran out and yelled for Dean, waving his arms in the air as he ran around. Cas took your hand and walked you to the panic room, hearing a burst of water hit the floor along with you gasping. He looked at the water on the floor and at you with confusion, not understanding a thing that’s going on.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” You yelled angrily, punching a hole in the wall.

“What’s happening?”

“The baby’s coming, Cas. I – I can’t deliver it on my own! What am I supposed to do?!”

“Oh joyful! The baby, is..coming!” Dean’s voice came from behind, making you panic even more.

“Found ya.”

Cas reached his hand up and flew Dean across the room, picking you up bridal style and carrying you to the panic room till Dean came and pulled him, making you fall to the ground.

“Oh angel boy, you know I don’t go down that easily.”

He punched Cas in the nose and kicked him in the ribs, walking over to your laying body on the cold hard floor after.

“Dean, please. I know you’re – I know you’re in there! Try baby, try to control this! Try! Think about our baby girl, or boy. Please!” He chuckled evily as you cried.

“Oh honey, he’s already dead.”

“Hey, punk.” Sam said, making him turn around then throwing holy water on his face causing him to scream.

Cas picked you up and carried you to the panic room, locking the doors after.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do, Cas?!” The sound of high heels hitting the floor caught your attention, Rowena.

Before you could yell for Sam or Cas they were already out of the room, and the doors were locked. Leaving you all to yourself, helpless and the mother of the man who possessed the father of your baby.

“What the fuck do you want?” You breathed out, trying not to scream in pain.

“Well darling, ya can’t deliver the baby yourself.”

“I would before I’d ever let you touch me, bitch.”

“Well this bitch is about to save your life, cause if nobody can deliver the baby you and that baby will die before they even find you.” You looked away and squeezed your eyes shut, letting the tears roll down.

“Why can’t Dean just be here? My Dean. He was supposed to be here for this.” She placed her hand on your shoulder and gave it a small squeeze along with a sympathetic smile.

You screamed in pain as you felt your body feeling like it was being torn apart. Rowena gave you a pillow to bite onto or squeeze. She got a few rags and a towel.

-Sam, Dean and Cas POV-

Sam tackled Demon Dean as Cas tied him up. They brought him into another room and placed him in the wooden chair that was underneath the huge symbol on the ceiling and all around the chair just in case, so he couldn’t move from that circle.

“Oh, so creative. I’m VERY impressed, dumbasses.” The demon spoke with a chuckle

“Dean’s girlfriend is pregnant and having his child at any time, she is in labor right now, all by herself. You know how awful that fucking is? She could die!”

Dean could hear every word, and see everything. He heard what Sam said, and he saw the demon hurt Cas but most of all, he could see how let down and upset you were. All he wanted to do was help you through this moment, to hear the first cry of his baby.

“You think I care if she dies? She’s a pain in my ass anyways.”

“I know that’s not you, Dean.”

‘Nope, cause Dean’s dead, and your little niece is next.”

Deans heart stopped, a girl. He was going to be having a baby girl. Everyone else in the room froze, even Cas.

“A – a niece? It’s a girl?” Sam asked in amazement.

“Yup, but going to be a dead baby girl soon.” He laughed evily, pissing Sam off to the core.

He read from the book and watched as the demon groaned and laughed through the pain, barley budging. Cas was throwing holy water at him as Sam read till he couldn’t read anymore.

“You stupid son of a bitch, you let my brother go and you let him go now!” Sam yelled in the demon’s face, having a tear slide down his cheek.

“Oh, is little Sammy going to cry? Pussy.”

Before Sam could reply the demon arched his back and bent his neck back, letting out all the evil fly into the air and leaving Dean’s body. Dean leaned forward with a sigh and tears in his eyes.

“My, my baby… My girlfriend … is she okay?” Sam looked at Cas with worry, not knowing how to respond.

“Untie me, now! I need to see her!”

“Dean, she’s in the panic room..” Cas said.

“You fucking locked her in the panic room, by herself?! She’s in labor!”

“We had no other choice Dean! The demon was insane! Sam yelled, untying his wrists and ankles

Dean didn’t say anything and ran through the bunker, Sam and Cas following after.

-Normal POV-

The piercing pain ripped through you as you laid on that hard bed, thinking of how much you wish Dean was here. You were sweating, more than you ever have before. You felt like you were going to throw up, or pass out from pain. Rowena didn’t have any pain medications which nearly killed you, let alone you didn’t trust her at all.

You arched your back and screamed as loud as you could, crying and gripping onto the pillow for dear life. You lost count of how many times you screamed.

“Deannnnn!” You screamed and cried, sounds filling the room.

He ran to the sounds of your screams, banging into the locked door after. He banged and banged and banged, probably bruising or breaking his shoulder, he couldn’t tell.

By the time he got actually got the door unlocked your baby was laying on the towel while Rowena was fixing around the end of your body (If you know what I mean), while you were laid passed out on the bed. Your eyes were sunken in and cheek bones were popping out. You were pale, maybe even gray.

Dean charged at Rowena and pushed her against the wall with anger while Sam and Cas tried to check on you, see if you were alive or not. Cas checked on you while Sam checked on the baby, it was moving and breathing so that was a good sign that it was still alive. He cleaned the blood off the baby while Cas tried to heal you but nothing, he was to weak.

“What the fuck did you do to my girlfriend you bitch!” He grumbled, pointing a gun at her head.

“Delivered your daughter. You better let me go if you want her to live, she’s losing to much blood.”

Dean pulled away and let her do her work. He went over to you and ran his fingers in your hair softly.

“Baby, please wake up. I love you so, so much and I can’t do this alone…please… I’m not strong enough. I need you to survive, I need US to survive. I can’t take care of a baby on our own. I need you to wake up, please. I can’t – I can’t do this alone.”

After about 50 minutes of waiting, pacing and quiet tears your eyes opened, but they weren’t yours. They were pure black with evil in them, breaking Dean’s heart.

“Oh, cut the shit with the lovey dovey crap already Dean!” Sam, Cas and Rowena looked up at you the second you said that, noticing your eyes.

“y/n…no..” Sam said under his breath. He ran to get the bible till you threw him and everyone else against the wall other than the baby. You got up and walked up to Dean with an evil smirk.

“Oh Dean, it was cozy and fun in your body but …. I like y/n’s more!” He squinted his eyes and gave the demon a mean glare, that I’m going to kill you glare.

“If you hurt her I swear to Christ it will be the last thing you EVER do.”

“Hmph, but not if I hurt the baby?”

“Don’t you fucking dare.”

“Oh, but I dare. She never wanted to have a child with you anyways, so why not take the responsibility off your shoulders?” The demon walked over to the baby, picking it up gently.

“Oh, you’ll be nice and cozy with us.”

Cas got enough strength to get off the wall somehow, and took the baby out of your hands and Rowena threw holly water on you, making you scream. Sam and Dean fell down and ran over to you as well.

“Cas, hold the baby while we go and try to save y/n, okay? There’s some bottles already ready in the living room, she’s gotta be hungry by now and for god’s sake don’t drop her.” Sam said, Cas nodded nervously.

Sam and Dean picked ypu up together and carried you to room they just took Dean in before. They tied you to the chair as you kicked and laughed, but eventually got it done. Sam started reading from the book as Dean walked around in circles, pacing.

“She’s already dead, Winchester.”

“Whelp, I guess you’ll be next huh?”

“Or maybe your baby?”

“I don’t think so, I’ll always protect my baby girl even if it costs my life.”

Eventually the effect of the exorcism was starting to effect your health dangerously. Which Dean took notice to right away, not to help you were still having the effects from giving birth earlier.

“Sam, you’re killing her.”

“Yeah Sam…why…why stop now? Do what she’s been begging for years, kill her.”

“Shut up, what should we do?”

“We have to finish Dean.” Dean sighed and looked the demon in the eyes.

“y/n, we’re going to get you back, okay? It’s going to be okay. I love you honey now please work through with this okay? You got this.”

The demon chuckled then grunted in pain. Sam read louder as the room started to shake along with the sounds of Dean screaming at the monster inside you.

The black dust flew out and went into the ceiling, leaving the building finally. Your head dropped as it finally stopped, feeling to weak to do anything.

“y/n? y/n, talk to me!” Dean yelled, placing his hands on your shoulders.

You looked up slowly and gave him a soft smirk.

“Victoria…Victoria J Winchester.”

Dean’s heart melted at the name, it was like all of his worries and sadness washed away with the few words. He picked you up bridal style, being easy not to cause you anymore pain that you were already in. Sam opened the door and lead the way to the living room,

You all three walked into Cas laying on the couch with Victoria in his arms, singing her lullaby’s as she slept. He had his coat off and laid it on her to keep her warm, and had her head against his neck. He looked over and noticed everyone there, especially you.

“y/n, are you…are you okay?” Cas whispered, trying not to wake her.

“Sore as hell, but I’m okay.”

Dean helped you move to the couch and laid you next to Cas. He sat on the floor while Sam sat in the chair, everyone smiling happily at the sleeping baby in the angels arms.

“You’re an uncle now Cas, how do ya feel?” Dean smiled, running his fingers softly over Victoria’s soft hair.

“I’m – I’m an Uncle?” You all smiled with nods, making him smile too.

“I feel….I feel great, Dean. I’m going to protect her from the bad, I promise.”

“We all will Cas, she will be safe and happy with a big family like us.”

-Few days later-

“She looks just like her mommy.” Dean smiled at his daughter in your arms.

You looked up at him and kissed him softly, smiling against his lips.

“She’s got your green apple eyes and smirk, Dean.”

“Yeah, well she’s as beautiful as her mommy that’s for sure.”

Victoria grabbed onto Dean’s finger for what seemed like the hundredth time, not that he minded of course. He’d never get tired of it and neither would you. She would always squeeze his finger softly along with a small smile, like she knew she’s safe.

“Listen baby, I’m so – so f-“ he stopped, realizing not to swear around the baby.

“I’m so sorry for hurting you when I was .. you know. I can’t forgive myself for that.”

“Dean, it wasn’t you. I said some pretty rude sh – things to you that of course I didn’t mean, so let’s call it even and done with.”

He looked at his daughter than back at you.

“I was so scared – when I saw how pale and gray you were, your eyes sunk in and cheekbones showing. You looked like you were gone, dead. I have never been so terrified, not to mention how scared I was when I saw your eyes. I never want to lose you y/n, death or break up. So, I have a question for you.”

He got down on one knee and pulled a black box out of the back of his pocket. Your eyes went wide as you saw how beautiful the ring was, and when you realized what was going on.

“y/n, I want you to be my girl forever. Will you marry me? I know I’m a pain in the ass, but I promise to love you forever. And I promise to love this little cutie forever too.” He said tapping Victoria’s nose.

“Yes Dean, yes!”

He placed the ring on your hand, both shaking from excitement. He hugged you tightly, cupped your face and kissed you like it was the first time. After that he kissed Victoria’s head, making her smile.

“I promise to take care of you both forever, my girls.”

“We promise to take care of you too.”  

“We have to apologize to Rowena. She did help you with the birth and all that, I wish I could’ve.”

“There’s always next time, Dean.”

He smiled at the thought, the thought of having a huge family with the people he loves.


Lullaby-Part 8

Summary: Dean and you approach the baby’s due date when complications occur. ( PART ONE ) ( PART TWO) (PART THREE) (PART FOUR) (PART FIVE) (PART SIX) (PART SEVEN)

Prompt: inspired by @deanwinchesterxreader

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean X Reader

Word Count: 1600

Warnings: Language, fluff, the Angst! Like holy shit angst. Trouble late pregnancy. Blood. ANGSTY AF

A/N: Hope you enjoy! I’m really sorry…ANGST and TRIGGERING  Please know that I am warning you now.Any feedback is appreciated, also if you wouldn’t mind liking and rebloging.

I am so thankful for all y’all reading this series.


You fell asleep, back pressed against Dean because that was the only way you two could sleep together now; your gigantor stomach not allowing you to flop over him any longer. He was barely awake, breath deepening but his hand still rubbed across your belly gently. It’s funny, you had always thought Dean and you were as close as two people could be, but it was so much more now. There was this new level of connection, a new level of feelings that you had never been aware existed. It was the way you two looked at each other across the room, how the small touches had become more meaningful. There was just… more.

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I want Grif and Simmons to own just…. The shittiest cat…… Like imagine the rudest sounding cat meow and make it worse by a factor of ten……….. It steals all the warm laundry and sleeps in it and gets fur everywhere………. It scratches apart a new couch every year………. It will step on your ACTUAL FACE with its claws OUT AND READY…………… It will pose for belly rubs but actually want to play and claw the shit out of Simmons who just does not get cat body language………… Grif over feeds it so it’s a tubby mofo but Grif can not stand the howling of their shitty cat (both Bc it makes him sad and also it’s incredibly annoying)………… Donut comes to visit and absolutely hates the cat like they have never had a single bonding moment ever it’s just swirling pulsing negativity they have stare offs and every time donut looses he swears really loudly…………… SARGE ON THE OTHER HAND…… He has never loved anything more than that cat like he will beg to cat sit and the cat loves him right back it will purr for no one but sarge only sarge can give it chin scritches………… Grif is so betrayed all the way to his core……. “I bought you the wet food you like in BULK and I don’t get one free chin scritch pass but SARGE SHOWS UP AND–”……… Simmons just lays a calming hand on Grif’s arm…… He knows it isn’t worth it he has yelled about their shitty cat for longer than Grif could even dream of….

Intimacy while fat.

I want to have a conversation with my fellow fat folk on here about sex and intimacy AS a fat person, and how important it is to be with someone who is not just “okay with” or “doesn’t mind” your fat. How important it is that when you are in love with yourself for who you are and are working on your self love, that you have intimate partners who aren’t only touching up on you when you’re alone. Who wanna rub up on your belly and your rolls and your dimples and shit, not just recite Drake ‘BBW’ lyrics and recycled Katt Williams’ jokes about stretch marks. It’s important to me that I am with someone who likes and loves everything about me, including every inch of my presently fat body. Someone who can and wants to be around me in my cute ass tank top and panties with my belly out and my legs kicked up on the couch cute as shit. Someone who sees those bad days, those dark days when I don’t love myself as much and I’m feeling down about myself, and is able to pull me up and remind me how amazing I am. Someone who isn’t fetishizing my fat but sees that I love myself and I’m still working on loving myself and my fat body, and is an active part of that love.

Let me make myself very clear, this isn’t about me needing someone to find me sexy in spite of my fat…this is about my desire to share my life and my intimacy with someone who isn’t looking past my fat in order to find me sexy or desirable. It’s a package deal, me AND my fat. Not just that you see the potential for me to be smaller someday and you’re sticking around for that. Cuz even if I do lose weight (for me) I’ll still be fat, and I don’t don’t want anyone around me who can’t love me without wanting to fix what ain’t broken.