i want to rub his face on my

fun no homo story: in seventh grade there was this trend that started in my school called “tea-bagging” where whenever a guy kneeled down to tie his shoe or whatever, another guy would leapfrog over him from the front, making sure to rub their crotch over the persons face, then scream “you just got tea-bagged! my balls where in your face! im straight tho” and thats an actual thing that happened for like a year

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pls show me some kaisoo sexual tension ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i’m really bad at judging sexual tension but i’ll show some ha

i wonder how nini felt seeing that a lot, kyungsoo on his back with his legs spread

kyungsoos sexy seducing dance which i refuse to believe is fanservice tbh


even trying to twist his nipples

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  • me:I'm not going to play this game just for romance lol @ everyone else who actually forget about the main plot
  • FE14:skinship!
  • me:oh yeah... I wonder if Leo gets annoyed when his brother randomly rubs his face
  • FE14:children confirmed!!
  • me:uh that doesn't even make sense...
  • FE14:super attractive spouses!!
  • me:ugh...hoe don't...
  • me:oh my god
  • me:
  • FE14:
  • me:
  • FE14:? :)
  • me:nevermind. So you say we're getting up to 9 savefiles...

“No, no, no,” Harry said, holding his hands up while he shook his head. “I - I can’t let anyone else write my story, I have to do this myself. You know that, Romee. You know that I want people to get to know the r–”

“The real you,” I cut him off, knowing full well what he was going to say. “I know, Harry. I totally get that, but what do you want me to say? Your writing is shit.”

“Announce it to the world now, then.” Harry collapsed onto the chair behind him, rubbing his hands over his face. “Harry Styles, son of 80s female legend - because my mother is always fucking included -, can’t do anything for himself; he can’t write his own autobiography, apparently he can’t write his own songs, and he definitely can’t live his own life. Then again, it’s nothing the media hasn’t said before.”

New Histories (coming soon)

Whilst looking at some pictures of Hiddles earlier, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to rub my face against his stubble or one of his suits. 

I asked Jason about this and I shit you not, he acted out this gif. lol

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Nalu 34!

34: “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

Send me a number and I’ll write a drabble! (Say which post though, I have two number posts!)

Moral of this short: Never do anything you don’t want too guys, even if it cracks your best friend up and gets you a lot of money.

I knew I said I wouldn’t laugh at him, but oh wow did I underestimate my willpower.

Natsu stood in front of me now, his arms crossed over each other and face twisted in the most uncomfortable way I’ve ever seen him before. I was really holding back now. He had glitter covering his skin and oil rubbed all over him, highlighting his muscles and body tone.

I felt the beat of the music through the walls, it was going crazy outside and I don’t think Natsu was ready to take all of this in just yet. Hah. Oh well.

“Alrighty, take it off.” I sighed, planting my hands on my hips.

He looked up to me then, growing even more embarrassed, “What?”

I nodded down to his robe, smirking, “You heard me. Take it off.

He swallowed thickly, his eyes widening as a loud voice boomed through the speakers.

“Now introducing, Natsu Dragneels very own, Dragon Dance!”

He whipped back to me gaping, “Lucy I don’t know about this!”

I rolled my eyes, “Oh suck it up Natsu. What? You don’t like playing the honeypot in these kinds of missions?”

He looked to me desperately then, now remembering all the times he made me dress up and do stuff I didn’t like.

I clapped my hands, grinning, “Let’s go! Showtime!”

A backstage worker came up then and fixed his appearance up, dragging a hand through his hair and tugging off his robe. I slapped a hand to my mouth then, holding back the biggest laugh I’ve ever felt come up.

He was in shiny boyshorts with a freaking handprint right on his ass. Oh what a glorious day this was.

He held his hands over his crotch, standing right in front of the curtains that led to the stage. He breathed in and out, cracking his neck.

The crowd went wild for a second and the lady pushed him out, the high pitched screams wailing in the distance. I rushed outside back towards the crowd, gaping at him on the stage.

And before you ask anymore questions, yes, this is for a mission. We got a call from this guy offering over 100,00 jewels just to see if his wife was willing to cheat on him. It was ridiculous, but holy shit is that a lot of money for a task like this. He was always suspicious of her, but tonight he wanted to know for sure, and we were gonna make that happen.

The guy set the entire thing up, having Natsu in a strip club and try to seduce his wife. It was utterly amazing, and I couldn’t be happier. That jerk never realized how annoying it was to always be picked out to try and ‘seduce’ people with every mission we had. Now he had a taste of his own medicine, and I don’t think he’s tasted anything more bitter.

I pushed my way through the crowd, coming up against the stage, staring up to this dork trying to dance around. He looked awkward in the face, but the ladies here only seemed to be staring at his abs. I cheered along with them, catching his glare and clapped loudly. He really did look kind of hot, actually.

I stepped up next to the wife, grinning to her. “He’s sexy right?”

She glanced over to me, smiling, “Oh yeah, definitely!”

We both watched as Natsu did some push-ups on the stage with one hand, giving a grin to the ladies cheering in front of him. He stood up then, his eyes bugging out as all these girls dipped their hands in his tight little shorts, dollar bills poking out of the top. He gaped to me then, looking absolutely shocked and turned around quickly. I held back another laugh.

I turned back to the wife…Sarah I think her name was, and pointed up to Natsu again, “You know, I think after the show he’s free to ‘go backstage with’, ya know?”

Sarah looked to me, her eyes seductive, “Really now?”

I nodded eagerly, “Oh yeah, I heard he was…great too.”

I bit down on my lip hard, trying so hard not to burst out laughing right now. Dear god, did I really just say that?? Natsu was good in bed?? He’s never even kissed a girl, oh shit!

Sarah elbowed me then, “Sounds like a plan then, thanks!”

I looked to her, giving a big fake smile, “No problem!”

Yikes, was she really gonna pull through with this? Poor guy, maybe she’ll skimp out at the last moment.

Natsu came back around, making it clear to check Sarah out and finally finished up his little performance, the crowd going wild. I nudged Sarah again, nodding up to him flexing.

“You know I can introduce you, me and him are pretty close,” I told her.

She gave me a devious look, turning towards me with a bite of her lip, “Pretty close huh? So you know first hand how he is behind those curtains?”

I puffed out my cheeks, smiling, “Ah, of course! And let me tell you, you will not be disappointed!” I laughed.

“Great!” Sarah clapped.

The crowd slowly disbanded around the stage, spreading out around the club and I let Sarah follow me back towards where Natsu jumped off the stage. He looked like he got a breath of relief, which I hope he did because wow, was he not going to like this.

“Natsu!” I called.

He looked over to me then, sighing out, “Oh hey-”

“Hey, have you met Sarah?” I cut him off, my voice going shrill.

Sarah peeked her head from behind me, approaching him with a flirtatious smile, “Hi. You were great up there.”

“Thanks,” he drifted off, sliding his eyes to me slowly, and full of panic.

I stepped up next to Sarah, lacing my arm with hers, “I think Sarah here actually really like your performance, so I was thinking maybe you could show her around? You know, to the back?”

I glanced to the curtain across the room that said 'PRIVATE’ above it, looking back to him expectantly. He followed my gaze, his lips parting and saw Sarah smiling cheekily.

“Oh…” He drifted off, looking back to the wife, “Right.”

She stepped forward, her eyes lidded with lust and tapped a nail on his chest, “I’ve heard that you have some nice moves up your sleeve, I was just curious to see what those might be? You know, up close?”

He stared at her like a deer caught in headlights. “Oh.

I stepped behind Sarah, widening my eyes at him, “I’m sure he would love to show you those moves. They don’t call him the dragon for nothing.”

He gaped at me as Sarah took his hand, giggling, “Well I’d like to experience that first hand…”

I watched, sympathetically as she led him back towards the private section. He stared at me, desperately, and I just shook my head.

'It’s okay!’ I mouthed, waving him off.

He didn’t seem any less scared though. It would be okay, I mean, I wasn’t a monster, I wouldn’t let him do it like this if it honestly freaked him out that much. I just needed to find the husband and catch her before they got too far, no big deal.

I rushed outside then, realizing I only had so much time and got him out of his car, telling him his plan worked. I led him back inside and through the curtain, stopping on my feet. Oh shit.

There were dozens of rooms, little rooms. All covered by some measly curtain.

Oh god, and others were doing it behind them all?? Not good, not good at all.

“Which one is it?” He asked me.

“Uh,” I breathed, stalking down the hallway, “I’m…not sure.”

“What?” He whispered at me, angrily.

I shrugged at him, giving him a scared look and whipped down the hallway again. Okay okay, no need to freak out Lucy, you can find him easily, just relax and try to ignore all the really loud sex noises surrounding you.

I peeked in and out of curtains near the end, holding my breath at each one and shrieking at all of them. This was hell, it really was. And Natsu was gonna kill me.

I took in a breath, peeking in another curtain and felt my eyes bulge. The husband next to me did the same, whipping open the curtain.

“Sarah!” He shouted.

I stared at them, completely frozen. She was kissing him, to put modestly, with her tongue practically shoved down his throat. She whipped apart from him then, leaving him looking very alarmed, and actually looked like a child with her hand caught down the cookie jar.

Except…that cookie jar was more like Natsu’s shorts.

He pulled away from her then, seeing the husband grab her hand away from him and take her out of the bed, back out to the lounge. I honestly still couldn’t move though, because wow, I don’t think I can ever unsee that.

“Gee, thanks for coming in time!” He yelled at me, hopping the bed.

“I am so sorry,” I blurted, “I didn’t know which one you were in.”

I walked next to him down the hallway, and he seemed a little more than annoyed. “It was never supposed to go that far.”

He shivered next to me, crossing his arms, “I feel violated.”

I frowned at him, holding his arm, “Aw I’m sorry.”

He sighed out as we exited the hallway, seeing Sarah and her husband fighting in the middle of the lounge. “Well, mission accomplished at least.”

We saw them head out now, Sarah following her husbands trail with a blurt of apologizes. We slowly followed in her footsteps, and I saw Natsu lick his lips, cringing a bit.

“That was my first kiss.” He stated, not looking too happy about it.

I looked to him then, realizing that myself and actually felt a pang of sympathy. And also a little humor.

“How was it?” I shrugged.

He stared at me bluntly, huffing. “Not all that great. I don’t think I like it.”

“Oh come on,” I said, turning around to face him, “It was just a bad first experience, they’re not all like that.”

He didn’t look convinced, “Don’t think I’m willing to try anymore anyways.”

Okay, I couldn’t help but frown. He looked like a kicked puppy right now, and it made my heart sink in my chest. A shiver ran through me as a thought popped up in my head. Oh, what the hell.

I stared at his drooped head, holding in a breath and leaned forward. I dipped my head under and pressed my lips to his, hearing him inhale sharply.

He raised his head up, not exactly kissing me back, but kind of just staying in place. I let go, finding him staring at me already with the most shocked expression I’ve seen him ever have.

I swallowed, my stomach churning, “Not so terrible right?”

He didn’t say anything for a while and I started to worry that maybe that didn’t help at all. Possibly even worse? Maybe.

He shook his head then, it was small, I almost didn’t catch it, but he finally smiled at me.

“Good.” I smiled back, holding onto his hand. “Now let’s get you into some real clothing Casanova.”

He perked up at that, as if realizing he was still wearing those little shorts and walked away quickly, “Holy shit these things are tight~”

I watched him hurry away, still spewing complaints and laughed. I didn’t mean to look, but wow I can’t help it now. They did look really tight. And that handprint was still on his ass.

Hm…not bad.

I bit my lip as another thought popped up in my head. Oh that would be hilarious.

I rushed over by my bag and grabbed a camera, hurrying up backstage to the fitting room. I peeked my head in, catching Natsu looking for his clothes still and raised the lens to my eye.


I gaped as he whipped around, his jaw dropping as well.


I burst out laughing as he tripped over a coat rack trying to catch me and darted back outside, checking out the picture. I nearly burst out laughing again just looking at it.

Oh yeah, this’ll be one for the books.

glastonbury was life changing. possibly the greatest week of my life?? i’ve never been before and i can’t quite believe i was actually there! there were waterfalls and fire breathing spiders with dj’s inside and nudists and an alice in wonderland inspired club that you entered by crawling through a long winding tunnel and a million other crazy, mind blowing things to see and do. i threw my knickers at father john misty and he rubbed them on his face and put them in his pocket, i saw florence headline the pyramid stage! she’s one of my ultimate heroes who i’ve loved since i was 14 so i was so full of pride and cried with happiness for half an hour. and then i met her wandering past the pyramid stage on sunday afternoon! i still can’t believe it. i didn’t want to leave and by the last day of a festival i’m always So Done and ready to go. eagerly anticipating next year already

My first Malec fanfiction.

“Alexander, be reasonable,” Magnus pleaded, pouting. “The baby will be fine in the other bedroom, I promise.”

Alec huffed and turned around to face him, crossing his arms. “I want the baby close to us. I don’t want the baby sleeping alone in a room by itself. What if he gets scared?”

Magnus sighed and rubbed his temples, feeling a headache coming on. They had been arguing about this all day, ever since they had been informed that the adoption papers had gone through and been approved and they would be bringing their Warlock baby home in a few days. “Alec, he will be fine. We’ll be just down the hall. We’ll hear him if he cries and we can go to him. It’s not like he’ll be in China!”

Alec frowned at Magnus for several seconds, studying his face in silence. Abruptly he turned away and walked into the kitchen, leaning against the counter tiredly. This argument was getting them nowhere. “Why, Magnus? Why are you so against having the baby sleep in the room with us?”

He sensed more than heard Magnus coming up behind him before Magnus wrapped his arms around his waist and leaned his forehead against Alec’s shoulder. “Do you really want our bed, the place where we make love every night, multiple times a night, taken over by the baby? I love the baby and I’m as excited as you are that he’s finally coming home with us, but really, darling, we do need our own space.”

Alec opened his mouth but nothing came out. He hadn’t thought of it that way. But still, it didn’t change his mind. After all, they had a whole apartment to themselves with plenty of places to have sex. And he had not planned on having the baby in bed with them. He just wanted the baby in the room, in its own crib. But it seemed Magnus couldn’t separate the two. Time to change tactics, he supposed.

He lifted his head and leaned it back on Magnus’s shoulder, turning his head to nuzzle Magnus’s neck and ear. He felt Magnus shiver when he gently nibbled on his ear lobe. “You know, if you’re worried about needing a place to make love, we do have this whole apartment to ourselves,” Alec whispered in his ear, rocking his hips back into Magnus, who in turn groaned softly and gripped Alec’s hips hard.

“Alexander, that’s cheating,” he replied softly, barely stifling another groan when Alec did it again.

Alec smiled knowingly and reached between them, toying with Magnus’s belt as he said, “So many places and possibilities besides the bed. Like here ….. In the kitchen.” Alec didn’t bother pulling the belt out once it was undone, he just skipped straight to undoing Magnus’s tight jeans. “Think about it, Magnus. Me, sitting in your lap in the chair, or spread out on the table. Or bent over the counter. Like this.” To prove his point, Alec bent over the counter, pushing his hips back against Magnus hard.

Magnus clenched his teeth, digging his nails into Alec’s waist through the thin sweater. He kept quiet as Alec continued rocking back against him, until one particularly hard thrust destroyed his control. Growling low, he leaned over Alec, pressing him into the counter more. He nipped Alec’s ear and whispered, “You don’t play fair, sweet pea.”

Alec moaned and managed to say “Don’t call me that” before Magnus took his mouth in a rough kiss, quickly finishing the job of undoing his own pants before snapped Alec’s off completely.


Afterwards, Alec snuggled into Magnus’s chest, enjoying the warmth and silence. He had just about fallen asleep when Magnus murmured in his ear, “Alright, darling. The crib can be in our room.” Alec smiled and felt Magnus kiss his forehead before falling asleep.


Magnus, finally finished showing the last guest of the late baby shower slash homecoming party they had thrown, wearily snapped his fingers, instantly cleaning up the apartment. Walking down the hall to the bedroom, he snapped his fingers again, changing this flamboyant clothes into a pair of silk pajama bottoms.

He stopped in the doorway and smiled at the sight before him. Since bringing the baby home two days ago, Alec had spent part of every night letting the baby sleep on his chest.

And truth be told, Magnus liked it that way. If he had thought Alec was an angel before, the sight of him sleeping with their baby on his chest, covered with a light baby blanket with both of his hands on the baby’s back and butt to support him, was more beautiful than any angel Magnus had ever seen. He had of course been worried that having the baby in bed would be a problem. Not because of the sex, since Alec had already solved that problem, but he worried that Alec might roll on the baby. But his shadowhunter training meant he woke up at the slightest noise or movement. So his fears had been soothed there as well. He quietly walked across the room, waving a hand to close the door softly to keep the Chairman out, and to his side of the bed. He took off his rings and other jewelry and climbed in, scooting close to Alec and the baby. He reached up and rested one hand over Alec’s on the baby’s back, wanting the connection with them both. Laying on his side, he watched them sleep for a long while before succumbing to sleep himself.
The Ball

(This is for the anon that wanted the nip-slip. Please make sure you DON’T CONFUSE THIS with my ongoing fic! This is totally separate from “Whatever You Say”. It’s just a one shot!)

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i hope you don’t mind if i added jet and made it modern au. …this is very self-indulgent and probably not what you wanted sorry

(and yes requests are still open!)

Two+Two= Four+trouble [Private]

Tristan quickly pulled on his shirt and looked around his room for his phone and his car keys. Where the hell are they? I knew I should clean up this damn mess in here He thought, looking frantically around his room. Finally, after finding his car keys in a pair of pants in his dirty clothes basket, he walked out into the living room, ready to go. He was excited about them getting a dog. He had always had a special place in his heart for them. His connection to them and his passion for being with them was something that was unique to him and it filled him- he couldn’t live his life without animals. He sometimes wishes that he didn’t quit his job at the animal hospital. He was doing really well there, in fact, he was doing so well that Little Rock Zoo had asked him to come work in their animal hospital. He loved being so close with the animals, building relationships with them, and seeing them grow…Gosh, it was a passion of his.

“Cosette are you ready? I want to go see the puppies! Lets go!” 

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10 Luke

“Kiss me.” 

“Luke you’re drunk, go home,” Y/N rolls her eyes, leaning her head on her door frame as he hand rests on the door knob ready to close it in the face of her ex. 

“Y/N baby please, i’m so sorry,” he hiccups stumbling closer towards her, wanting to feel her body against his. 

“Luke, you broke up with me, and now you’re at my door drunk and begging me to kiss you,” Y/N sighs helping to steady the tall lad. 

“I was so stupid, i love you so much,” Luke whines wrapping his arms around her waist, his head in the crook of her neck. 

Y/N sighs before wrapping her arms around his large frame, softly rubbing his back to calm him down. The smell of alcohol on him is strong and he’s hiccuping every few minutes making both of their chests vibrate, but she’s holding him again and that’s all she’s wanted to do for the last few months and for now that’s enough. 

Make Me Cum

He smirks at me, satisfied as he watches me suffer.

He sits on the chair in front of the bed, legs spread. Hands start to undo his belt and unzip his tight jeans. He starts stroking his dick slowly, lazily. Up and down, up, down, squeeze the balls, up, down, and repeat. Oh, that long, big dick. I want it so much. I want it inside my mouth, inside my pussy, inside my asshole.

“Faster,” he instructed.

I start rubbing my clit faster. I am so wet. My pussy is so wet, my whole body is covered with sweats. Using my right index finger, I start to finger myself.

“Ahh Sehun, Sehun. Haah yeahhh.” I keep moaning his name.

I heard him chuckles. His expression doesn’t change. Still watching me with that smirk on his face. Hand still lazily stroke his dick. He keeps making small circles on the pink tip of his dick. I can see it’s getting harder and bigger than a few minutes ago.

I stop fingering myself and start pinching my nipples. I grab my boobs like how he would do. I am almost there, I can feel it approaching. I flick my finger on my clit, then start rubbing hard and fast, rough. Just the way I like it. Just the way how Sehun would do it. My clit is getting bigger, my pussy keeps releasing more clear liquid.

“Sehun, please. I can’t… ah fuck, fuck, fuck, Sehun! I’m gonna cum. Sehun, please, let me cum, baby!”

“No.” He stated clearly. “Sit up, babe. Don’t stop rubbing your clit. And don’t you dare cum unless I told you so.”

I sat up, and lean back on the bed headboard. My legs are shaking, my body is trembling. I’m struggling to keep rubbing my now very sensitive clit. Sehun has stopped stroking his dick and put on his jeans again. He sits at the side of the bed, and strokes my hair gently. Leaning down, he give me a quick peck on the lips.

“You want to cum, baby?”

“Oh fuck. Yes, yes, please. I wanna cum, baby, please. Nghhhhhh shit!” My clit is getting so sensitive that it hurts now.

“Then, shall I help you?” Sehun leans down towards my pussy. His face is right before my throbbing my pussy, I can feel his hot breaths.

“Please, please. Ughhh. Oh gosh ahhhhhhhh haaaah yeaahhh.”

Sehun takes my hand away from my pussy and starts his ministrations. He kiss my pussy and starts licking it. His tongue starts licking my fold, up to my clit, down to my wet hole, and to my fold again. He repeats the same steps a few times. My moans are getting louder. I grip his hair hard, pulling and scratching, feeling too much pleasure.

Sehun then blows air into my hole and I jerk upward. “Calm down, babe.” He said with a light chuckle. He hold me down again and start to suck my clit, hard. Very hard to the point I scream loudly because of the pleasure he’s giving me. He inserts two fingers inside my pussy hole and I can heard the squelching sound, proof that I am so wet. He fingerfuck me hard but that is not enough. “Faster, Sehun, please. Go harder. Fuck me harder. Oooh yeahhhhhh shit damnit. Oh my gosh ngggghhh fuck ughhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh.”

While his fingers keep fucking my hole, he keeps alternating between licking and sucking my clit and my fold. Our eyes never left each other while he licks and sucks me. I keep moaning, moaning and moaning, eager to reach my orgasm. Sehun stops all his doings, and kiss me. The kiss is wild, wet, passionate. Tongues battling for about a minute, and he goes between my legs again. This time, he use his fingers to rub my clit and his tongue goes into my hole. Lick, rub, lick, rub. This goes on for a few minutes. He pinches and slaps my clit sometimes, and that earns him a loud scream from me.

“Haaaaaa haaaa Sehun, I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Sehun, baby I’m cumming. Oh my fuck haaaaaaangggggggghhhhhh.” My body trashes wildly on the bed because of the mindblowing orgasm. But he keeps licking and rubbing me to let me ride out my orgasm.

“How was it, baby?” He asked once I calm down, kissing my cheek and pulling me in his arms.

“Great. And tiring.” I said, snuggling up to his chest. “I love you, Sehun.”

“I love you too, baby.” He said while his hand sneaking its way down to my pussy again.

“Hmm you’re still wet. Let me clean you up.” And then there he goes, licking me again until I reach my second orgasm tonight. This time it is much more harder. I squirt all over the bed until I am so spent and can’t move my body anymore.

“I’ll let you sleep since you look so tired right now. But next time, it’s my turn.” Sehun said, and we both doze off to sleep.

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Hi cutie pie, Lately these past few weeks people are forgetting that fairy tail isn't only about the ships and it's affecting everyone in the fandom tbh I don't personally ship Graylu nor Laxana but what you did with Juvia and the flirting thing was hilarious. Ignore people who can't see that because it's okay to brag about your ships but these Anons just want to rub their ships in people's faces. Its just like the Naruto fandom lately. Love your work don't let anyone talk it down, Honey.❤️❤️

Hi, sweetie! <3 Yeah, people just focus on ships and it is crazy. I mean, we ship it and we ship it hard, but there are always more to the story. I read Fairy Tail because my favorite character is Juvia and I love to see her development and sure, I love seeing her with Gray, but my main focus is seein her grow up. <3

Anyway, I’m glad you liked the edits! I did with love and thanks for the support! <3 <3 <3

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I just want to lay in bed with Niall. His head on my chest and his arms around me. I want to play with his hair and rub his back, all while chuckling about a stupid joke. Feeling his face move against my stomach as he grins. Niall flipping over and straddling me. Joking and starting to tickle me. Me squirming and raising my voice to get him to stop. My sigh of relief as he finally stops and leans down to give me a slow, passionate kiss.

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Hi I'm sorry to bother you, but is there anything for Asura ? I wanted to know if he's an marriage option and does he have any amie functions, but it seems like he's ignored? I'm sorry to ask that, just curious.

I’m pretty positive he’s a marriage option. He has my room audio and you can also rub his face. Here have a pic of his kiss

Misunderstanding - Shawn Mendes Imagine PART TWO

Misunderstanding - Shawn Mendes (Part Two)


6 AM. I woke up to the sun shining through my glass window. I was still wearing my clothes last night. Laying down, stomach down. It’s like I’ve came home drunk or something. I pushed my self up and as I stood up, I rubbed my eyes and walked to the bathroom. I turned on the water and washed my face with cold water. I looked at myself and remembered what happened last night. I breathed it out deeply and got my facial wash. I brushed my teeth and turned on my shower cause I needed to relax. While waiting for the water to heat up, I got my bag and brought out my phone. I got tons of voice mails, messages, and missed calls all from Shawn. I did not want to see him, read his messages or even hear his voice yet. So I simply just put his contact on my do not disturb button. I put on some music and as I was about to play the song I remembered the taxi driver. I remembered what he told me. “Do something for yourself first.” I whispered and smiled. I remember that he was a Filipino. I realized Filipinos are great singers and song writers so I got my laptop and turned it on. I went inside the bathroom and thought of why just take a bubble bath instead of a shower. So I filled up the bath tub with my Lush Bath Bomb. I searched on google what are the best shows of the Filipinos and I downloaded tons with English Subtitles. I got in my tub and started to watch a show.

Its been an hour already and I’m crying my eyes out. The fear beat the love I had for you. I was scared to fall in love and get hurt again. Because when you left me before, I’d do everything that I’d die for it. But someone told me that sometimes, time is what a scared heart needs. And at the right time, the fear would go away.. And love will stay behind.. Cause that never faded away. I never stopped loving you.

When that I heard that line, tears started falling down my cheeks. I felt like I was that girl at that show. Hurt. I kept repeating that scene. But then when I played it again, the boy started to speak which made me smile from what he said, it too touched my heart. You know what? You have no idea how much I’ve waited and wished for to hear you say that.

They said their own apologies that they actually realized they both made a mistake. I got out of the tub and got dressed cause I feel like going to a place to really get the bad vibes off me. As I was done getting ready, my neighbor as outside the hallway. Joey. He had this cute 4 year old daughter Makayla who always greets everyone a good morning when she see’s them. “Going out?” He asked me as he took a sip of his coffee “yeah. To chill out my mind.” I said “take care!” He simply said and I smiled and walked away.


I was heading to Y/N’s and I was really nervous and guilty and scared. As I arrived I got out the car fast and ran to the elevator pressed the 9th button and panicked as it feels like an long time to get there. I pulled out my phone and nothing was new. No messages no read messages. Just delivered. Y/N… Please pick up.. I mumbled as I dialed her phone. It just rang. She did not decline it and she did not answer it.. I felt the heat on my eyes that tears started to form in them. The elevator door started to open, and before it fully opened, I squished myself in the middle as the two doors separated. I ran to her door and as I was infront of it, I felt scared. I took a deep breath and knocked. No answer. I knocked twice again. Still no answer. I’m getting scared already. So I knocked louder “Y/N.. Open the door please.” No answer. I placed my ear to the door to hear if she was there maybe just avoiding me or something but nothing. It was just quiet. I knocked louder again. “Y/N! Open the door please!” I begged “ugh, sir?” A guy suddenly spoke and I looked at him. He was peeking out his door with a little girl behind him peeking too. “Y/N left minutes ago.” He said “do you know where she went?” I asked “no sorry.” Then he closed the door. I slid down her door and sat there.. Where could she be? I closed my eyes and tears dropped. I felt guilty. I should be. But I can’t loose her. I just can’t.. ✨ Part 3? Message me. :) ✨