i want to ride him until we break something

Gilinsky imagine for marinagrier30

Currently on some family vacation which usually I wouldn’t complain about the location because I mean we are in California, LA to be exact and the weather is amazing but my parents are making me spend basically every second with them, since it’s a family vacation. Finally something fun but I still wish I had someone my age to spend it with. We’re at the Santa Monica Pier and this place is amazing. I was standing in line for the roller coaster no one but me wanted to go on it so I’m standing I’m long alone hoping a group of nice girls or something would come up with an odd number group. But no group if girls. A group of about three guys come up. “Dude, someone’s going to have to sit by themselves or something.” The blonde with really pretty blue eyes said. Turning around and looking down at my phone, hopefully I’ll go unnoticed, they’re all extremely attractive and I get a little nervous around attractive guys, well if I don’t know them. “Hey.” I felt someone touch my shoulder. I turn around coming face to face with an adorable boy with light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. “Hey, my name is Matt and these are my friends Jack and Jack. But the blonde one is Johnson and the other is Gilinsky.” He said pointing them out to me, I waved and replied “Hi, I’m (Y/N).” They all waved back. Wow Gilinsky is the most attractive person I’ve ever laid eyes on. “Well, you see we have an off number group and we were wondering if you would ride with…. Gilinsky?” Matt said looking at his friends smirking at Gilinsky before turning back to me still slightly smirking. “Uh.. Sure.” I said. The line for the ride seemed practically unmoving at first. “So, (Y/N) tell us something about yourself.” Matt said breaking me out of my thoughts. “Oh, um, well I’m here on a family vacation, which has been hella boring up until we came here and my parents finally let me do things on my own.” I said. They all just smiled. “Well we’re glad your parents let you do this by yourself. You seen like a really cool person.” Matt says before pushing me behind him making me fall into Gilinsky. “Sorry, I want to sit in the front.” Matt said basically jumping from joy. “I already have no balance? I would’ve fell without your help Matt.” I said removing myself from Gilinsky trying to compose myself and keep my balance.
*after the ride*
“Well? That was awesome!” I said as we got off, smiling as big as I could. They all laughed but I’m not going to be fazed. “You know you’re pretty cool
(Y/N). Here I don’t know how long you’re in Cali for but, we should all keep in touch. Johnson said handing me a piece of paper. Opening it, it has all three of their phone numbers. Adding their numbers I sent them a quick text so they would have my number, my parents started calling me over to them. I waved goodbye as walking my phone goes off

-Gilinsky: You made that ride a lot more fun than it usually is ;). We should hangout again before you leave.

Smiling at my phone I text back agreeing and we hung out a few days later. I’ve stayed in touch with all of them and I’ve been introduced to more of their friends but Gilinsky and I have always been closer, and we’ve been dating for about two months now.