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                                                hey you guys!!

Did you all see this awesome discovery by the lovely & brilliant proudcaryler

It’s been three damn years, and countless rewatches of that scene and I still never caught this tiny gesture. xP 

But now that I see it, I like it. :D Very much. Look at how he’s just stroking her arm like he knows how painful this is and wants her to know he’s there. <3 

Because he feels his presence would help her. (Which it does, even if Carol is in too much shock and pain to be aware of it at this point in time.) 

Anyway, we’ll go ahead and file it under the ‘moments where Caryl touched so fucking small you had no idea you needed to know about them but you definitely doooo’ category!

Many thank yous to proudcaryler for the usage of her video so I could make this gif. (Because I’m a nut like that, that, yes, I had to gif it. iregretnothing)

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No, people are upset because "The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives" is a quote that had a deep impact in Arya, who has been trying to find her pack through all her arc. People are upset because now Sansa stans can steal something else from Arya besides Nymeria, or her relationship with Jon, or her resemblance to Lyanna. That's why people are upset.

I’m warning you, this is going to be another long post… sorry about that but I hope you’ll read it until the end :)

And before I start I need to say 2 things:

  1. everything I’ll say is my personal opinion, feel free to disagree but I’m not interested to start an argument with anyone… if anyone want to reply do it politely;
  2. if you can’t be polite and will be rude or share more hate on Sansa I will ignore you

As I said in my previous post no one is denying that A.ry.a wanted to create her “pack” since she escaped KL, it’s one thing that her heart desires most.

I think her need to belong in a “pack” it showed only to a certain degree in the show but in the books her POV chapters show so well how alone she is and that she wants to be part of a pack/family, especially when she dreams/wargs into Nymeria and is with her direwolf pack.

That said, using the word “steal” like you and other fans did it’s too much, it’s an exaggerated claim and yes… it’s annoying and it’s full of hate for Sansa.


Because like I said the Starks keep quoting each other since forever but as far as I’m aware this is the first time that a Stark is accused of stealing a catchphrase from another Stark.

And your problem (I’m not saying your personal problem but more in general the problem with the fans that are accusing Sansa) is not that you are upset because someone “stole” something from A.ry.a, it’s that you can’t stand Sansa and you take every opportunity to belittle and share hate on Sansa… and that’s the reason why I said that comments are annoying and no offense to anyone but I’ll add that they are also boring since they are always the same and people keep sharing them in Sansa tag.

The best evidence that what happened is just another opportunity to share hate on Sansa is that no one accused Jon of stealing part of A.ry.a storyline for using the same quote… and A.ry.a fans had a year to do it but no one did it.

Where were A.ry.a defenders when that happened?

I’m not crazy to say Jon “stole” A.ry.a storyline, I’m just using A.ry.a fans reasoning.

To make my point clear I’m going to share this quote from episode 1x03

Ned: You were born in the long summer. You’ve never known anything else. But now winter is truly coming. And in the winter, we must protect ourselves, look after one another. Sansa is your sister.

A.ry.a: I don’t hate her. Not really.

Ned: I don’t want to frighten you, but I won’t lie to you either. We’ve come to a dangerous place. We cannot fight a war amongst ourselves. All right? Go on.

It’s a little different in the book so I’ll share that version too:

Ned: Let me tell you something about wolves, child. When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. Summer is the time for squabbles. In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths. So if you must hate, A.ry.a, hate those who would truly do us harm. Septa Mordane is a good woman, and Sansa … Sansa is your sister”

So we have

  • a show version: And in the winter, we must protect ourselves, look after one another
  • and a book version: When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

slightly different but both are said by NED.

We also have these parts, that are from the same quote

  • show version: We cannot fight a war amongst ourselves.
  • book version: In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths.

slightly different but both are said by NED

I shared both book and show versions because it doesn’t matter if you are only a show viewer or a show viewer and a book reader we can say with certainty that that was NEVER A.ry.a quote.

A.ry.a cherished her father words and the deep meaning of his words became something that she must achieve to have a family once again but that doesn’t mean that she is the only Stark entitled to quote Ned… he had 6 children (only 4 alive now) and everyone of them has the same license to quote him whenever they want.

Now let’s move on to the part where Jon “stole” A.ry.a storyline.

Episode 6x10

Jon:We need to trust each other. We cannot fight a war amongst ourselves. We have so many enemies now.

Did you see it?


It’s exactly the same quote, even the part about the enemies/those who would truly do us harm.

Where were A.ry.a fans when Jon “stole her quote”?

Why did no one say anything about this?

Let’s be honest, the only reason why no one said anything about episode 6x10 and Jon is because no one “stole” anything from anyone.

GoT is a show that it’s full of catchphrases, it’s why internet is so full of theories and parallels… how many parallels do you think are posted just on tumblr?

The problem with the quote in the trailer it’s that A.ry.a fans are blinded by their dislike for Sansa so much that not only they are ignoring the way the writers tell us the story since the beginning ( using catchphrases to create parallels) but they are also applying different standards between Jon and Sansa to express their dislike/hate for Sansa… and at the risk of sounding repetitive like I said that’s irritating.

It’s pretty clear that A.ry.a fans conveniently ignored that quote in episode 6x10 because they don’t hate Jon but are so upset now because they hate Sansa.

I don’t even need to think a lot about why A.ry.a fans are so upset that they start an useless theory about how Sansa “stole” from A.ry.a a quote that was not even A.ry.a quote, you said it yourself:

they are upset because they think Sansa will “steal something else”… like A.ry.a relationship with Jon.

I may be wrong on this but I think the words that you used “steal something else” in your post are connected to the universal belief among A.ry.a fans that Sansa “stole” A.ry.a storyline in season 5 and 6 because she was not supposed to be in Winterfell with Ramsey or to go to Castle Black and met Jon before A.ry.a.

I already said what I think about this matter in another post but since that was another long post I’ll just copy/paste what I said about this topic there… the infamous Jeyne Poole’s storyline.

I read books readers comments saying that Sansa stole A.ry.a’s storyline but I think “stole” is an exaggerated word to use for a show that is BASED on the books and also it’s a wrong word to use when I’m pretty sure D&D have rights to be free in their writing.

I’m not saying that it’s not sad that they changed somethings but the hate on this matter is too harsh and most important the writers GAVE Sansa Jeyne Poole’s storyline and that as nothing to do with the real A.ry.a.

Jon may think the girl in the books is A.ry.a but readers know it’s not A.ry.a, that’s just a red herring and I think even Jon will know it soon enough in the books.

Anyway some people write in a way that it almost looks like D&D committed a sin in writing their version of this story without thinking that:

  1. they have copyrights to write a story BASED on the books, so they are free to not show us the same identical story if they need to change things for time, money or other reasons;
  2. they knew how the story will end since long ago and therefore what they write it’s all important to reach that ending, the same ending that the books will have… if they will ever be finished.

I think that if you start to watch a show that is “based” on a book you need to have an open mind to possible changes… books and movies have different ways to show things so it’s impossible that there won’t be changes.

I have an open mind and I accept the fact that books and show are telling two slightly different versions of the same story but they will eventually reach the same conclusion… it’s the easier way to not hate one of them and enjoy both.

So, that explain why I don’t think Sansa “stole” A.ry.a storyline in season 5 ( that wasn’t even A.ry.a storyline) and since there are no more books available I’m going to believe, until proven otherwise, that Sansa was always supposed to be the girl in grey on a dying horse that will reach Jon at Castle Black… in other words Sansa didn’t “steal” anyone storyline in season 6 either.

Sorry but I’m not sure what I can say about Nymeria because honestly I don’t see how Sansa will be able to “steal” Nymeria so I don’t know what to say about this other than: this idea is hilarious.

Nymeria is not an hypothetical storyline that fans want, she is a part of A.ry.a so it doesn’t make sense to even hypothetically think something like that possible.

I don’t want to sound rude but if A.ry.a fans thinks D&D will break a deep bond like the one between a Stark and his/her direwolf I think they should rewatch the show from season 1 again.

I know D&D don’t like direwolves as much as they like dragons but that few times when they used direwolves they show that the Stark are deeply bonded with them.

Lastly about A.ry.a resemblance to Lyanna I have to disagree with you once again that Sansa will “steal” that too… G.R.R. Martin GAVE Sansa some resemblance to Lyanna.

Not a physical or behavioral resemblance but their stories are somehow similar.

I’m not going to write a meta about this since I already wrote so much and even if I don’t remember who wrote them but I know I saw some parallels around about this so I’ll just wrote the first 2 things I think tell us there is a resemblance between Sansa and Lyanna:

Lyanna was betrothed to a Baratheon that was not right for her

Sansa was betrothed to a Baratheon that was not right for her

Lyanna was an hostage in the South while her family fought a war in the Riverlands

Sansa was an hostage in the South while her family fought a war in the Riverlands

So to recap, my opinions on Sansa “stealing” from A.ry.a:

  • A Stark “stealing” a catchphrase from another Stark is a paradox in a show full of parallels;
  • That quote was not A.ry.a quote so Sansa didn’t “steal” anything from her;
  • A.ry.a fans apply different standards if suitable to share hate on Sansa;
  • D&D giving Jeyne Poole’s storyline to Sansa is not “stealing” from A.ry.a since all book readers know Jeyne Poole is just a red herring;
  • since the show is BASED on the books I’m open minded to enjoy D&D writing even if they change things;
  • I have no idea how A.ry.a fans think possible Sansa will “steal” Nymeria;
  • G.R.R. Martin wrote some resemblances between Sansa and Lyanna, not as many as with A.ry.a, but I don’t think they are in a competition about who resemblance Lyanna more.

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I don't want to brag... OKAY I WANNA BRAG. I just joined this fandom 6 months ago or something but not only i rewatched the show too damn much, i managed to convince more than 30 people to watch hxh too. i'm not kidding, ask anyone close to me and they comfirm that i dragged them in this hell :'D my dash went from 10% hxh to 80% altho i didn't unfollow anyone, everyone just started watching hxh ;w; I'm so happy and proud!

you are the hero we need!!!! omg

someone at work mentioned the Prince of Egypt on Friday

which of course then meant I had to rewatch it and now I’m like obsessively fan casting the live action version we deserve and even though I thought Jeff Goldblum was permanently fused in my brain somehow fucking Aaron has turned out to be the easiest to cast cause like. Taika Waititi obviously. he can direct, too, if he really wants.

for Moses I’m real stuck between Riz Ahmed and Oscar Isaac but neither of them are actually jewish which is a stinker cause I’d wanna fill this bad boy up with as many mizrahim and sephardim and generally jews of colour as possible

Tracee Ellis Ross as Miriam and Sophie Okonedo as Yocheved yes good but Rashida Jones could also be great????

Mido Hamada as Rameses

aaaand either Meagan Good or Zoe Kravitz as Tzipporah

and that’s what’s happening on this fine sunday, folks

A little quick digital drawing I made of yo boyyyy Danny Phantom ;D man, i love this show so much ;u; loved it when I was little, still love it when I rewatched it again a while ago this summer vacation! <3 and I felt like wanting to draw Danny in my own style~ X3 

Oh and another fanart of Danny Phantom is coming up very soon too, but this one is kiiiind of a mix of my style with the cartoon’s style. 

With this I wanted to try another way of shading (and especially with lighting) and at the same time finding a simple, quick but comfortable way of coloring!  
And I have to say that I kinda like it how it came out ^^ Maybe i’ll use this way of shading for when I’ll start drawing my webcomic digitally! :D 

harrumphandhuzzah replied to your post “I wanted to share my thoughts on the amount of hate Karen’s character…”

bruh same with the ‘can we go back to frank??’ i recently rewatched it and his plot was a lot more coherent and enjoyable because it was contained

I’m genuinely so tired of the ninjas. Which is a phrase I never in my life thought that I’d utter. I am genuinely so tired of the ninjas. And I was tired of the ninjas way back during DD2, too, and they hadn’t even been overkill yet. There’s just something about watching a bunch of ninjas not die ever and just fall out of frame and then probably come back as Ninja #6 that gets really tiring. Any time it cut back to Frank it was just such a breath of fresh air. Even in the final showdown, when Elektra died, I kind of just sat there watching until the shooting started and it was Frank up there. Because, one: it was the same fight as always, so it stops being interesting, watching the same fight as always – two: I knew that even though we’d have to wait however long, Elektra was not /really/ dead forever as evidenced by the burial removal scene – three: Matt throwing someone over the edge was good, because it was the big “intent to kill moment” – but also, we knew he wasn’t going to die from that, because they’re immortal. So, the ninjas get tiring. So, yeah, I spent [you spent – I think a lot of people spent] a good deal of time going, “….okay, but where’s Frank?”

» All of time and space
   everything that ever happened or ever will
   … where do you want to start? 

Finished version of this line art I did earlier. I never was too good at drawing, especially colouring, huger works so this was kind of a challenge for myself? 12 and 13 are still missing tho because I was rewatching the series and only reached the 11th so far. I’m up to date atm and I’ll do another drawing one day, including all of the new doctors at least uvu I would love to draw them ALL at once but that’d kill me jfc

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The more I rewatch ATLA, the sorrier I am for Azula. She was just as abused as zuko, hers was just manipulation and conditional “love.” I’m not excusing her abhorrent behavior, but it hurts that she had demons too. Her saving grace is having Zuko because we know he’d do what he could to have her cared for.

i agree. azula was an abuse victim, as was zuko. ozai was manipulative and cruel and wanted children for no other reason than to ensure his legacy continued on even after his death. he decided zuko wasn’t cut out for the job and therefore discarded him. that left azula, and he groomed her and encouraged her to be just as evil as he was and she took the bait because he was her father and she was just a girl

it’s not her fault she’s the way she is. but that doesn’t mean she’s an appropriate love interest for any of the other characters, which was my point. it was not my intention to devalue her abuse, and i hope i didn’t offend you by not clarifying that

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That R/Vic scene in the kitchen. Go! :D #theories

Anon, where do I begin!? I’d just like to note that I rewatched this scene because I didn’t want to miss too much, and literally the only way I can bear scenes with these two is by picking out the clues to the theories haha. So… Firstly, how many different people did she ask, how many different ways did she enquire about the break up? And this is someone who isn’t personally invested? And when Debbie first told her, her immediate response was “Because of me?” Her. Not the baby, her. Anyhow, the kitchen scene…

  • The sheer utter shock and disbelief on her face when she found out Aaron and Robert were meeting;
  • The way she looked absolutely gutted and defeated when she asked if they were making up and Vic basically stated it as fact. The acting is spot on here, she looks absolutely crestfallen and downcast, the whole way she’s holding herself changes and she looks down at the floor… Something that’s very consistent with the acting is the way Rebecca blinks or looks down a lot. A lot, but not all the time. She avoids eye contact a lot and this is almost always in moments of ambiguity where her motives have left some of us with questions haha. And why do people most commonly avoid eye contact? To hide their true intentions/feelings. So watch her in this scene, she is devastated;
  • Now, she immediately switches from inquisitive to self-pitying with “It’s horrible being the bad guy in all of this…” To my theory mind, this is a way to keep up the act of miss innocent (because no one has ever actually insinuated that she is the bad guy? She has never been treated as such by anyone except, rightfully, Aaron? (And Chas) Even her body language is reminiscent of a child acting innocent…), to give her time to recover from the shock and compose herself as she continues looking away from Vic. She’s very much playing “the sympathy card”;
  • Now, the next part is interesting because it’s all about the baby. She still doesn’t take any responsibility for, or even acknowledge the actual ONS… Vic says she’s not the bad guy, she responds “This bump would beg to differ.” And then Vic comments that she didn’t force Robert to sleep with her… She doesn’t respond to the sleeping with, her response again is about the baby - “But I could have got rid of it like he wanted.” (Although the wording of that is just… This is her son who she loves - or “thinks” she does - and she’s still using phrasing like this? Hmm, not keen.) As far as she’s concerned, the only issue is the baby, not the fact that she slept with him in the first place… Because she made the baby the issue? She found out she was pregnant with Ross’s baby and “knew Aaron wouldn’t be able to cope with it”… Now remember her response to Debbie? “Because of me?” The two don’t tie together yet again;
  • “What if Aaron stops Robert from being involved?” Don’t even get me started on this… I’ll just leave this as - “You said you didn’t want me involved!” “I said I was okay with it! […] I was hoping you’d change your mind…” But that is not what she said, to Vic or Chrissie or anyone else… Because everyone gets a different story, but right here we see her true intentions… And on that score, she’s holding Vic’s eye contact again now…;
  • “Because I don’t mind him being a part of the picture! Two dads!” Hahaha !! It’s right there, isn’t it? The who’s the daddy plot in reverse… Also, she’s barely blinking at all now;
  • And then the mention of her dysfunctional family, which we all know is what this is all leading to…

I may still have missed something, anon, but I feel like this is plenty to go on for now haha. Bex White = Black Widow. Let it rise, Emmerdale.

TDB Rewatch: Vitamin D (1x06)

Welcome to TDB’s Great Glee Rewatch! This week we’re doing Vitamin D!!

Will challenges the kids to a healthy dose of competition with boys against girls in a mash-up showdown. Meanwhile, Terri takes a job as the school nurse to keep an eye on Will, despite having no medical experience, and hands out drugs to the New Directions, which causes a serious boost of energy, but comes with a consequence.

The episode was directed by Elodie Keene and written by Ryan Murphy.

For anyone doing reaction posts - please remember to tag: tdb rewatch (you may want to also tag todaydreambelievers, too, just until I get a handle on how this will exactly work.)

Reminder of weekly events (there will be individual posts for these things, too):

  • Meta Monday
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  • First Listen Friday
  • Weekly Round-ups on Saturday

Woo! Have fun! :)

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You're right abt Zoe Kravitz! She IDs as black (primarily) but she is multiracial.

And I bet she’s great in the movie! Too bad that I probably either will never know, or at least won’t know until I can buy a secondhand DVD copy of the movie to make sure J.D. doesn’t get a penny of my cash.

On the other hand, I can comfort myself by rewatching Fury Road instead if I want to see her. Fury Road forever.

And ALSO, earlier today @norgbelulah alerted me to this very pretty picture of a very sparkly and lipsticked Ezra Miller, which I am 100% here for, so I’m going to go look at that and think happy thoughts about that Credence Barebone Discovers Nail Polish fic that I still want to write someday.

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since you watch comp figure skating a lot, what were the inconsistencies that you saw in yoi? yoi is generally realistic when it comes to the competitions but i've heard some say that it's unrealistic when it comes to the scoring and other technicalities

i mean that pretty much covers it, on the whole yoi is pretty accurate/realistic down even to the hotels they stay for competition and the edge takeoffs/landings on animated jumps. the scoring/technicalities aspect fluctuates. sometimes the scores are pretty reasonable, other times less so. episode 11 is the biggest culprit here (both yurio and jj achieved mathematically impossible scores and i’m p sure yurio invalidated a jump in his gpf free skate but i’d have to rewatch), but there are little discrepancies, like yuuri probably should have won the cup of china. though it’s hard to be too upset about that one because it got phichit a win.

i mean idk some ppl have talked about how some of the minor/less seen programs might be a liiiittle technically simpler than what they want to be at international levels? but kenji-san choreographed them all in like a week so honestly who cares.

i don’t skate myself so i’m speaking purely from the perspective as a fan (and a newer fan of fs at that) but on the whole, yoi is definitely really faithful to the heart of it. there’s bound to be some discrepancy in scores and things since it’s telling a fictional narrative, so that’s kinda inevitable. i’m only really upset about the egregiously incorrect scoring in ep11 because it affects the narrative as well, but sayo definitely knew what she was doing with the sport.

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1. my fav person (from that canon)


2. my fav place

all of london tbh!!!! visiting is so fun! but i really like the sphere music hall atm! its so fun to go there !!

3. my fav outfit

either this outfit or this one!!! theyre both so cute and i want to sew at least one of them in the future :-D

4. my fav quote

if i type out this video starting at this moment it would be too much work so just watch it

5. my fav scene to rewatch

i rlly like to reread chapter 13 and 66 !!! for actually WATCHING things it would be book of atlantic or the arc in season 1 with drocell!

6. my least fav person

…sebastian LOL

7. my least fav place

east end of london.. its rlly dirty and it gives off a lot of bad vibes ;-(

8. my least fav outfit

this one. Fuck You Season Two this wasnt cute at all it was just racist

9. my least fav quote

whenever i was fuckign crying

10. my least fav scene to rewatch


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What shows are you watching right now?

Nothing of the new ones, actually. I want to watch Star vs and catch up but I can’t yet because a character there shares a name with my ex and it gives me bad anxiety. Gumball, I’ll catch up on too eventually. I plan to watch Stranger Things season 2 sometime. I saw season 1 a couple of months ago. Sometimes I rewatch old shows from 2000-2010. Shark is a good show. Only 2 seasons. It’s stars James Woods. He was Hades in the Disney movie Hercules. I want to watch Southland too. It shows police life in Califonia in a very grounded manner. I’m about to start watching Daredevil just to see Vincent D’onofrio in all his glory as Kingpin. Gotham was so-and-so in the first season. I heard it got a lot better in season 3 but I couldn’t be bothered anymore. Mainly because I can’t stand the character Fish Mooney.

im rewatching bnha with my sister (she watches for the first time):

*sees iida* -hes not nice *later* -i love him!

-so thats the grape boy you told me about? whats up with him? *later* -die:|

*kirishima delivers “i want you to ride me” speech* 

-umm….thats.. you heard that too??:’’’D 

-i hate shinsou! hes creepy!

-no hes not!! just you see!!  *later* see!?


*sees endeavor* - he doesnt look like a very good dad

*before the tododeku match* -i hope he wont break his WHOLE HAND:\

*me looking in the camera like in the office* -my sweet summer child

-whos your favorite character so far?

-.. i dont know……………

- =.= …is it fucking kacchan?


*over break* 

-and so in manga theres a character who looks like sasuke with elven ears

-a WHAT now?? 

-and another who looks like fallout boy


-not patrick stump! actual fallout boy!!

-uh oh okay then:D

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Danganronpa for the ask meme? I mean, it's techinically a show right- (I need to know--) //rolls away have a nice day Chii

WHICH DANGANRONPA DO YOU WANT ME TO DO THOUGH AHAH Too many characters to choose from _(:”3/

(If you want all of them in one form, I’ll just edit this answer. :”D)

Doing all of them in one go :”D Might do multiple characters per answer because too many characters across four series.

  • The first character I fell in love with: Togami can step on me.
  • The character who is my ‘baby’: Naegi, Nanami, and Saihara, protect them.
  • The character who I do not understand: Korekiyo probably?
  • The character that I think the show ruined: HMMMM right now all I can think about at the top of my head is Amami. While I wouldn’t say he was necessarily “ruined”, I was pretty disappointed with his role in V3 overall. He’s pretty and has a cute personality, and sadly that’s all there is to it. I wish there could have been more to him that I could hold on to because I really wanted him to be a fave, but he went too early and I wasn’t given any time to be particularly attached. _(:3/
  • The most attractive male and female character: Amami, I’m crying. For female… Sonia, maybe? xD
  • The character death that was the worst for me: LAUGHS WHERE TO EVEN BEGIN. PROBABLY NANAMI’S IN DR3. ALSO SAKAKURA’S, IDEK MAN LOL THOSE TWO DEATHS MADE ME EMO. There was also Kirigiri’s *supposed* death. Tojo’s death in V3 was horrible too, but I liked it and it made her personality shine through. (ALSO, TOGAMI’S DEATH IN DR2 MADE ME RAGEQUIT SO HARD before I knew he wasn’t really Togami and I was duped lol.)
  • The character that is the most like me: Nanami, I think. :”)
  • The character I think the writer(s) love: MONOKUMA, I’M SURE.
  • The character that I just want to be happy: THEY ALL DESERVED BETTER.
  • My four favorite characters, past or present: Naegi, Ouma, Togami, Saihara, Nanami, Komaeda, Hinata/Kamukura, Momota, Harukawa, Fukawa, Junko, Peko, Kuzuryuu, Munakata, Kirigiri…….. Monokuma too lol.
  • My four least favorite characters, past or present: Koizumi, I guess…? She was rather forgettable for me. Didn’t really care much for Yumeno either. Also still a bit meh about Korekiyo.

Send me a show and I’ll tell you…

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kaminari denki is best boi!! I love the way you draw him! he deserves all the love!!!! thank you for giving him love

Thank you!!!!!!! aND ISN’T HE!!!!!!!! I adore him and he’s so much fun to draw and all I want is for him to be showered in love did I mention I love him I’m in love with him



Anon said:  OK. Okay, now you’ve done it. I’m starting bnh today. I’m blaming u when I fall into a new Fandom hell orz

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 let me know how that goes anon I hope you’ll love it as much as I do ahhhh

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Last weekend I did kind of “listeners’ choice” and one of them was FMA~

It was about my “fav character of the series”, I know. I will do some more “proper” sketches, but for now I can show just the messy sketches I did some time ago :) My personal best are Ed and Winry’s children, because it has supposed to be Al and the doughter but it ended up being the son too, hahah, somehow whatever i want to draw ends I’m drawing Ed’s son, someone can explain it? ;’D

I can’t draw Al… It seems I should rewatch/reread it again, thanks to FMA I started to draw and now I forgot my old friends?!

Btw I have so many wips and sketches, I am so high, I feel like I want upload everything… And I’m doing digital, my eyes hate me, but I start to really love it!

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“Who’s the cutest kittycat? Who’s a precious little angel? Who’s a good little kitty kitty? You are!” Cooing, Biffy popped his ginger cat on the nose, earning an all too pleased mew in return from the feline. The cat was currently wearing a small blue sweater that Biffy had just finished knitting, his needles and the yarn still sitting on the outside cafe table he’d been sitting at over the past hour, along with a few empty cups of coffee. Scratching the cat under the chin to get a purr, he continued his ‘cutesy’ baby talk until he noticed someone watching. Tensing up, he glared over to them.