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Some “Subtle Melancholy” ronpas for the palette challenge!

Can I ask for some prayers? The past few days have been rough on me. On thing happens after another and this morning it’s accumulated into food poisoning. It’s ramping up my anxiety and I just want to relax and take care of my baby. Thank you in advance.


@blueoatmeal suggested #3: drinking a warm beverage

is hot Energon a thing?? idk man but it should be

as a resident not-a-teenager-anymore-and-soon-to-be-college-graduate i have a question - why are teens so… cynical? pessimistic? im not sure if those are good words, but the number of conspiracy theories-like posts about nrk geoblocking skam has me really wondering. where do those angry thoughts come from? not everything is done just to spite people. sometimes business is just business. despite the accessibility of so many things thanks to the internet we are not entitled to everything and anything. especially for free! 

did they decide to block it only now after gaining popularity and selling the series to the american production company? maybe. or maybe they didnt think they needed to block it because why would someone outside of norway watch a series in a language they dont speak. who knows. either way they have every right to do so. (also copyrights are no joke) (even though its really easy nowadays to watch things illegally)

what im trying to say is there’s no need to get so angry and judgmental. skam is supposed to give us joy and hope. dont let some minor obstacles (like law or rational business plan) ruin that for you. 

dont waste your time being angry. waste it like i do - read even4season4 theories instead of doing your homework.

You know what? Deleting this blog is a terrible idea, I’ve been through so much with you guys that I don’t want to leave this. Tomorrow though, there’s gonna be a few changes. This is just going to be an art blog. Glow and Mod Fawn aren’t going anywhere for a while, but there’s not going to be questions and answers, its just going to be a fun art blog where everything is relaxed and entertaining.

I really do want to thank you all for sticking around though. As much as I haven’t updated you all have stuck around. I’m going to make this a blog where people look at it and feel a little better about their day. I’m going to work my ass off to make this a better blog. I love you little glowsticks, thank you again. 💕

The thing Vincent most needed to hear, from this entire fiasco:

“Thank you,” you whisper to him during dawn, when he’s woken up to start getting ready for the long-awaited and dreaded Friday. “for protecting me.”
He looks over at you, a little surprised; then a slow smile quirks his lips.

(A figurative roll in the figurative hay later, and a dreamy/hasty seeing-off -
- all is right between the two of you again.)


anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if you do this type of rec, but I'd love to have a list of really fluffy, sweet wlw novels to read? I'm not into YA so much, and often when I read the 'classics' I hate the ending or men are too involved in it or it's all too angsty. Do you know any that I can read just when I want to relax and feel happy? Thanks!

I actually just made a Book Riot post about this called Cotton Candy Queer Books! There are lots of wlw books included in there. I especially recommend the graphic novels Jem and the Holograms and Lumberjanes.

Roommates Of A Different Kind - A Hot Mess Drabble

I saw a prompt last week about euphemisms and that made me laugh. (Immediately thought of a famous SNL skit) So…here it is. 


“Hey girl, I got somethin’ real important to give you….so just sit down and listen…”

“What are you doing?”


“Yeah. You.”

“Not much. Just serenading you.”

Katniss pursed her lips at the comment. Her roommate, Peeta, was known for making asshole comments at the most random of times. “Well, you need to stop and let me concentrate on this paper I have to finish. Or shake your ass somewhere else.”

“That’s not what I wanted to hear. You look stressed. Let me help you relax.”

“No. Thank. You.”

Hearing a pair of hands begin to start a rhythm. “Hey, Kat.”

Katniss raised her eyes to glance over at Peeta’s movement. She had never witnessed his hips rotate so fluidly. He dipped it low and brought it back up, giving some “oomph” to each of his powerful air thrusts.

“It’s my dick in a box! Oooooh….my dick in a box, girl.”

She wasn’t expecting her jaw to gradually drop. The ways he could use that technique elsewhere…

“Okay, no,” she sharply replied. “Stop.”

Peeta winked, still rotating his torso. “Nope. Gotta stay loose.”

The blatant teasing was leading Katniss to the edge. “Can’t you see I’m busy,” she stammered.

“What?”  He played the shock game, with hands in the air, and mouth open in surprise. “You don’t like seeing this package I’m holding? It’s massive. I bet you can’t wait to put your hands on it. Shake it up. So damn lickable.”

“What is your problem? You’re being so difficult, Peeta.”

“Kat,” the blonde answered, very smoothly. “Just go with the flow. You probably had a long day - grad school can kick the shit out of you. Why not have some fun? I am.”

Katniss rolled her eyes; taking a moment to clear her mind, she returned to the assignment.  Words began to turn into sentences, but nonsensical ones. The sound of Peeta’s loud singing about hips not lying, and repeating the steps Justin and Andy gave about that damn box, were distracting her, once again. Not to mention that his singing voice was quite pleasant.

Must resist. Must resist.

Peeta found his way to the couch. “I can tell you’re getting turned on. Your ears are a bright red and I have a feeling the words you’re typing up…are about me.”

Katniss lifted her hand. “Shut the hell up! Peeta, get out!”

With a hearty chuckle and shrug, Peeta lazily walked towards his room. “Not my fault that we responded the same Craigslist ad and now we’re roommates. I don’t get why you’re always uptight. I’m loving life right now and I’m all about making sure people laugh. Including you, Katniss. You deserve it.”

Peeta showed a smile, probably genuine. Katniss nodded.

“Thanks, I appreciate it.”

“Great! I’ll surprise with you with another round of rocking cocks later.”

Katniss slapped her hand over her face, loudly groaning, completely fed up with the nonsense she just experienced. Even at her breaking point, she knew he meant well.  But she was furious that Peeta Mellark became the daily thorn in her side.  As soon as she opened the apartment door that fateful day and saw this angelic-looking “bro” in the living room.  She was so mad that they both signed an one-year-lease. They had different personalities and he knew exactly how to push his buttons. Her friends called it flirting, she knew to be “annoying guy syndrome” and they wouldn’t be living with him day and night.

But it was what it was. Peeta was her roommate. Her gorgeous, adorable, loyal roommate.  She hoped that’s all they would be…living buddies for a year. Nothing more.

She hoped she wouldn’t fall for his charm and fuck it up.