i want to redo this


mist and shadow
cloud and shade
all shall fade

all shall fade


Been busy with school, but here’s some old doodles I never posted put through a prisma filter because why not. 

To me, these lines from the english dub really highlight the difference between the two as characters. For Marinette, being a super hero is about thinking with your head, being logical, but for Adrien being a super hero is about feeling, about empathy. I think its a great way to balance each other out, but also will very clearly lead to some conflict in the distance future of miraculous


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Owari no Shipping Week: Day 1: Holding hands / Cuddles / Hugs

concept: yuu is “””injured””” and desperately needs carried because he cant possibly walk. mika 100% knows whats up but plays along bc he doesnt mind At All

um// this doesnt really fit the prompt much sorry but… i mean carrying could count as holding AND a hug right??? the others ive done do actually fit the prompts lmao just not so much this one unless you squint

although i have drawn mikayuu cuddles in the past!! which is.. part of the reason it was hard to follow the prompt properly, it kept being too similar to that one rip