i want to real bad

so today’s “dinner” was absolutely horrible:

out of all the things on this plate, the bread is the only thing i can sometimes eat and even it did not taste good at all + everything was cold but there was another, more pressing problem with the dinner:

i…………. was not eating that.

anonymous asked:

Cassie sandsmark

-Favorite design:

poor Cassie has never had a good costume but these two are okay

-Least favorite design:

it’s literally hard to look at 

-Favorite ship:

Her and Kon 

-Favorite friendship:

her and Bart

-One thing I’d change:

well I’d like her back of course, but can we maybe get her a good outfit (Classic New Teen Titans’ Wonder Girl is fine)

-A random headcanon:

I like to think she’s the only one who can get Bart to settled down when he’s really worked up 

-A story I’d write for them:

I just really want classic Young Justice back, it’s all I want in life, like real talk want that SO bad 

i never thought i’d say this but even moriarty deserved a better ending??? like people in the cinema literally cheered when he came on screen, people enjoy watching him and he’s so Extra and weird and they had so much potential for him but in the end the one who defeated the main villain was himself?? like what villain just gives up at a minor inconvenience and kills himself?? it’s so anti-climatic. and he was literally their main marketing point for s4. “i know exactly what he’s going to do next” at the end of tab and all the “miss me?” hype got people so excited for more of this psychotic manic and then he did.. absolutely nothing?? anyway pour one out for jimothy, another victim of s4

messy ageswap au stuff because i would die for this au

Reigen-kun comes to the office v early in the morning sometimes because working w psychic and supernatural stuff is so exciting for him,, Kageyama shishou is chill with it but god doesn’t this kid ever sleep in

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Nano used Psychic! Pharos is confused but in awe at the feeling of levitating.

Not-So-Bad Bad Boy

pairing: philip hamilton x reader

word count: 3700 (woah)

warnings: swearing, making out

prompt/request: “Can I have a bad boy/fuck boy Philip Hamilton imagine with the prompts 14 43 92 131 and 219? I love your writing so much!!” from @cheyenne-dunn-universe

a/n: this one is a lil’ longer than expected, but i hope you guys like it nonetheless! it got to the point where i was too tired of reading it to check for any errors, though, so if ya find any lemme know. enjoy

Philip Hamilton wanted your help.

It was the end of a school day in October, and you were just filing away your books into your locker – the one day a week you didn’t have tutoring – while getting ready to go home. In fact, you had just slammed your locker shut and were slipping the lock through the hole when the boy approached you with a proposition.

“You help me with math and I’ll hook you up with Georges,” he almost begged.

Philip Hamilton was a bad boy… at best. His father was a famous politician (although, in your school, whose dad wasn’t) and he never really tried to be nice to anyone else. Why would he? He had a motorcycle, all the money he could dream of, and talent to find a girlfriend at the beginning of every new month. But, despite his hardened, tough, rude exterior… you knew there was a reason he was like that, and you knew that there was so much more to him than being a dick. This was evident when he was asking you to tutor him – there was a look of weakness you had seen in his eyes that you had never seen in him before.

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