i want to reach out and touch the flame

“How about a kiss?” // witch!jimin

Being together with a witch meant that spells and potions became a norm to you. The cauldrons kept underneath the sink was a partnering company to your pots and pans. His cloak hung by the rack instead of the usual jackets you were used to but all in all… you loved it. While there were differences than dating a… human like yourself, some things remained the same.

You could count on coming home to a warm embrace with occasionally changing hair colors. Smiles, so many of them you want to memorize each one Jimin has but there’s always this look of adoration swimming in his eyes as he stares at you where it confuses you sometimes because is that magic in his irises or the flame of his love for you? Indeed, it didn’t matter whether he was a witch or not. You loved him nonetheless.

But there are just some things that escape the spectrum of being “normal”.

It’s when the potions and the effects of them… needs some adjusting when - “Jimin, what on earth are you doing up there?”

“Heh, welcome home?” He spreads his arms out, touching the… ceiling.

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She makes me balanced:
She makes me feel steady and calm and slow, but also like the first spark of a flame. She makes me want to talk, and also to listen.

I want to sit close by her and touch her, and i want to sit far away and let her extend her arms as wide as they will stretch. I want to watch her grow, and i want to be the reason why she believes that she can, but I want to watch her believe it too.

My arms reach out to embrace her, to feel her warmth and softness, but I am in awe of her fierceness and stay a distance away.

She is not a contradiction. She is human. She is an angel with a violet heart. The sharpness of her tongue is born from a demon’s wit.

I choose them all. I choose all of her.
I love them all and i love them all.

—  she makes it so easy to fall in love.
SILVER SPOON: Part 7 [Yoongi x Reader; Rom-com, fluff]

 A girl who had to work hard every day of her life to rise from nothing, meets a man who was born with and given everything.

A classic tale of what happens when a cold, uptight farm girl meets a playful, rebellious, easy-going city boy that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Summary: Having been born and raised in the country side, you have worked hard your entire life to make it to the big city. You eventually achieved your dream and now you have a wonderful paying job for a large company and you continue putting your 110% into everything you do. However, your perfect plan to climb to success through consistent effort and hard work becomes disarrayed with the arrival of your branch’s new rebellious and easy-going CEO, who never desired the position in the first place and has never truly worked hard a day in his life. Your job is on the line if he can’t be turned into a quality CEO within a year, but he has no intention of changing himself for anyone or letting you boss him around so easily. How will you work your way through this obstacle? Will you succeed in changing him or will he be the one that changes you?

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin & VIXX’s Leo as side characters; some other BTS members show up too lol)
Office au
Romantic Comedy, Fluff

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (Finale)

A/N: So this was a fairly short update x) and depending on the snow storm we’re supposed to have today to tomorrow, this may or may not be my last update until next week. I’m going to a concert Friday and having a Kpop sleepover this weekend (woot~) so I won’t have time to sit and write x_x that’s why I wanted to leave you guys with another update before the weekend! Enjoy ~

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           You flinched when you looked up to find Yoongi standing in front of your desk. Hurriedly, you stood up flustered. "Y-yes, M-Mr. Min?”

           "You okay?“ Yoongi frowned. "I’ve been calling your name for a few minutes.”

           You felt yourself warm considerably. “I-I’m fine. Just concentrated.”

           "You’re all red. Do you have a fever?“ Yoongi reached out and touched your forehead, which would’ve spurred you to burst into flames, if you were secretly a phoenix or if humans were suddenly capable of combusting into fire when feelings became too overwhelming. "You’re so warm!”

           He cupped your cheeks worriedly. “Your entire face!”

           "I- I- just need some fresh air.“ You stepped back away from his grasp, your heart beating way too quickly; you were afraid someone would need to call an ambulance if you lingered near him any longer.

           "I’ll walk around with you.” He offered. “What if you faint or something?”

           You chuckled nervously. “You need to prepare for the meeting. I’ll be okay. Maybe it’s just hot flashes or something.”

           "It’s a bit too early for menopause don’t you think?“ he teased.

           You snorted and bowed politely before hurrying out.

           Ever since your revelation during the office party, you couldn’t look or speak to Yoongi directly. You were on edge so much that you freaked out whenever he appeared out of the blue or played around with you. But when he wasn’t looking, you would turn your attention to him, letting your thoughts wander, and end up getting behind your schedule. You were just completely thrown off. What does one do when they realize they have feelings for someone else? Should they confess? Should they remain silent?

           You shook your head and took a seat on a nearby bench outside. You had to remain silent. The Chairman warned you not to fall in love in with his grandson, but you had done so without even realizing it. When had it happened? How could you have stopped it? Why did you have to realize it? You groaned into your hands, distraught.

           You felt absolutely guilty for harboring feelings and not being able to compose yourself properly after the realization. You were a grown woman for goodness sake! Why couldn’t you act normal? You sighed and touched your chest, feeling your heartbeat calming down.

           It had almost been a full week since the party and every moment, awake and asleep, was filled with thoughts and dreams of Yoongi. When he was around, you’d try to catch a glimpse of him as often as you could without getting caught. When he wasn’t, you would reminisce about the times when he was close or fantasize about what could be if you weren’t bound by…well by everything really. Money, status, wealth, personalities, his family, and frankly, you were pretty sure he would never find you romantically appealing. He was famous and wealthy after all, and handsome to boot. He had options, so why would he choose you? A farm girl who had no ounce of spontaneity or fun inside of her or a penny to her name.  

           You looked up at the sky, a gnawing feeling at the pit of your stomach. You knew exactly what you had to do, but you had hoped you’d be able to work through and discard your feelings before turning to this option. But this week had shown you that your affections would only grow stronger alongside your guilt, and you couldn’t endanger the company like that. Much less destroy the progress that Yoongi had made; he had come so far from when you first met.

           You smiled sadly and stood up. You had to do what was best for everyone.

           At the end of the week, you found yourself in front of Jimin’s desk while he stared at you in horror.

           "What is this?” he exclaimed as he grabbed the envelope you had handed to him.

           "A transfer request.“

           "WHY?” his voice was laced with tamed anger and sadness.

           "Jimin.“ You exhaled, trying to fight back tears. "Remember when I told you that the Chairman warned me not to fall in love with his grandson?”

           Jimin immediately softened. “Y/N…”

           You sniffled and tried to laugh it off. “Remember how we laughed about that, and thought about what he might look like and all that.”

           Jimin pulled you into his chest gently. “You don’t have to do this, Y/N.”

           "I do, Jimin. I need to leave. Some things are just too far-fetched to dream about.“ You mumbled into his chest. "And if he were to find out, then it could ruin our friendship.”

           "But what about you?“

           You stepped back and smiled. "Me? I’ll be fine. You know that. I can work hard anywhere and at any job once I put my mind to it.”

           "So…“ Jimin frowned. "Why did you give this to me? I no longer hold the highest position in this branch.”

           "I can’t do it, Jimin. I can’t face him.“ You exhaled. "You know him. He won’t have it. He’ll try to keep me here and the more I’m near him, the more I want to be with him. The more I realize the depth of my feelings, the more I realize I’m not worth being by his side and I need to get over it.”

           "But it has to go through him still; you know that’s how it works.“

           "I won’t come in and won’t notify anyone. That’s a transgression each day, and so he’ll have to kick me out of the branch after three. Please give it to him after the 3 days.” You squeezed Jimin’s hands. “Please.”

           Jimin nodded and patted your head carefully. “Stay well.”

           "You too.“

           You waited until Yoongi left for the day and cleared out your desk.

           Monday rolled around and Yoongi stood in front of your empty desk in surprise. Jimin waltzed in with two coffees as usual, exhausted from thinking about his predicament the entire weekend.

           He didn’t know what the right thing to do was.

           "Oh? She’s not here? How unusual?” he pretended, then handed Yoongi the coffee. “I’ll shoot her a text, but here, you can have her coffee.”

           Yoongi frowned and gripped the cup. “Is she really okay? She was zoned out all of last week. What’s been happening with her? I should’ve asked her more often and forced it out of her!”

           Jimin patted his shoulder and strolled into his office, watching through his window as Yoongi continued to stare at your desk, perplexed and worry-stricken. His hand traced the envelope that sat at the top of his desk.

           What should he do?

           The next day came and again, there was no sign of you. This time, Yoongi had his phone glued to his ear, looking furious.

           "If something’s wrong, she should tell someone! She can’t just disappear like this! What the fuck, Y/N?“ he cursed as Jimin stood bashfully in the middle of the CEO’s office. "Can you not get in contact with her?”

           Jimin shook his head.

           "Do you think her family is having money problems? Is she being ransomed? Hunted by loan sharks?“ Yoongi worried.


           "Ahhh!“ Yoongi growled as he ruffled his hair angrily. "I’m so pissed off! How could she put me in this position? She has two disciplinary strikes already!”

           Jimin gripped the letter that he was hiding behind his back. He couldn’t keep his promise to you.

           "Hyung…I’m sorry.“ he bowed deeply.

           "For what?” Yoongi blinked.

           Jimin handed him the envelope. “Y/N gave me this before the weekend and asked me to give this to you after 3 days… so you’d be forced to kick her out of the branch, but as much as I want to do what she asked me as a friend, I also don’t want to lose her like this.”

           Yoongi’s eyes widened. Hurriedly, he ripped the envelope open, reading through its contents that requested for a transfer.

           "What the fuck is this?“ Yoongi jumped out of his seat. "Why the hell does she want a transfer?”

           "Hyung…“ Jimin bit his lip. "What do you want to do?”

           "I’m not letting her do whatever she wants after she forced me into this chair.“ Yoongi scoffed. "No way is she abandoning me. I need to see her.”

           "Hyung, it’s the middle of the day…“

           "I’m going to drag her back even if I have to kidnap her.” Yoongi glared. “Any problems?”

           Jimin smiled and shook his head. “Have a good trip, hyung. I’ll cover for you.”

           Yoongi swung his door open and was met with the wide stares of his workers. With a slight bow of his head, he began walking towards the door to leave.

           “Y/N totally had a crush on him.”

           "It was so obvious. She was staring at him through the office the entire week. I mean, they also disappeared in the middle of the party. Do you think she confessed and got rejected?“

           "Oh no…then did she get fired because she had feelings for the Chairman’s grandson?”

           Yoongi spun on his heels and marched to the group of people gossiping. Breathlessly, he slammed his hands down onto the table, causing all of them to flinch.

           "Repeat what you just said.“ he looked at them, surprised.

           Yoongi couldn’t sit still the entire bus ride to your farm. Had it always been this agonizingly long? So when it finally reached your stop, he bolted out and sprinted to your house. Bursting through the door, panting, he asked between breaths.

           "Where’s– Y/N?— Is– she– here?”

           He was met with stunned expressions as everyone had been preparing and setting up for lunch before his sudden entrance. Tae seemed to recover faster than everyone and pointed in a specific direction.

           "I think she’s in the main barn.“ he stated unsurely.

           "Thank you.” Yoongi breathed and his feet moved on their own once again, to where you were.

           He slid into the entrance of the barn and glanced around frantically, hoping to find you. He felt his body relax when he found you lying down on top of a bundle of hay with earphones in, relaxing. With a deep breath, he strolled over and stood in front of you with his arms crossed. Immediately, your eyes widened, ripping off your earphones, and fell off your hay bed in shock.

           He chuckled as you rolled away from him in pure panic, hair and clothes now covered in straws.

           On the other hand, you were absolutely flustered. Though it was probably really obvious by the way you rolled away after your embarrassing fall. Why was he here in the middle of the day? Had Jimin not waited? Was he going to try to convince you to come back?

           Your entire body was on high alert. You had spent so much time brainwashing yourself that you had no feelings for him whatsoever that you knew you needed to be on the defensive. But simply seeing him in front of your very eyes convinced you that your brainwashing had all been for naught. Yet, you knew you had to stand your ground against his attempts to try to get you to stay at the branch.  

           "Wh-what’re you doing here, Mr. Min?“ You managed to squeak out, in a higher pitch than what your voice usually was. You grimaced and coughed, trying to save face and compose yourself.

           "Well, you don’t work for me anymore so you can drop the formality.” he chuckled. “And you said you’d call me by my first name when it was just us two.”

           "Well, what brings you here, Yoongi?“ You raised an eyebrow and backed up to keep a safe distance between you two, afraid he was angry about your resignation.

           "I heard you have a crush on me.” he smirked.

           Your eyes widened. Well that definitely wasn’t what you expected him to say.

           "What? That’s ridiculous!“ You spouted, heart beating wildly.

           "Oh?” He started walking towards you with a smirk and you immediately moved a few steps further back, maintaining the large distance. “Is that not why you resigned? Because you were afraid of your feelings for me?”

           "No… I had…other reasons…“ You tried to think of excuses so he didn’t find out that he had hit the nail on the head.

           "Oh? Like what?”

           He was watching your movements like a hawk, as if trying to find a way to close the distance.

           "Why would I like you?“ You spat out nervously, trying to avoid answering the question.

           "Date me then.” he stated challengingly.

           "Wh-what? Stop joking!“

           You were incredibly flustered. Why wasn’t he doing anything that made sense?

           "I mean forget the fact that it’s crazy but it’s also unrealistic.”

           "How so?“ he stared at you seriously.

           "Well, we just don’t match at all! I mean for one, I’m poor! Umm, like you said, I nag a lot! And I’m a super crazy person who lives by a schedule. I live in a farm and spend my days in a barn, smelling like horse manure or hay! I’m not exactly drop dead gorgeous and I mean you’re at least decent looking enough to be on magazines–”

           Yoongi grinned at the subtle compliment.

           "And you know I have a temper. I’m short so I can’t reach things. I can’t afford super nice fancy clothes like you. I have to stitch things if they rip and it kinda makes me look gaudy. And you heard Jin’s story about me! I give people contracts, schedules, and a questionnaire before dating me. So you definitely don’t want to date me. You don’t ever, Ever, EVER want to have feelings for me so –“

           You had been so absorbed in trying to think of all the negative things about yourself that you didn’t realize Yoongi had closed the distance, not until he had you trapped in between his arms. You stepped backwards to avoid the proximity, but your back hit the wall of the barn gently. He had cornered you. You glanced at his arms trapping you on either side then glanced at him pleadingly.

           "Are you done?” he whispered as he stared down at you intently.

           "No…“ you averted your gaze, but the intensity of his eyes on you and the warmth that his body was emitting so close to yours, left your mind blank. You couldn’t follow up with more things.

           Taking advantage of your hesitancy and silence, he spoke.

           "You want to know one negative thing about me then?”

           You glanced up and furrowed your brows, urging him to spill his secret. His face moved closer, so much so that you felt cross-eyed as you watched the sudden movement. You immediately noticed his lips hovering over yours, causing you to look down at them and trying to stifle down the thoughts of how they would feel against yours. You clenched your fists, trying to push the fantasies away hurriedly in order to hold onto your sanity.

           But then he whispered, his breath fanning your face, with a smug smirk.

           "I’m not going to listen to you.“

           And immediately, he crashed his lips onto yours.

           A million thoughts crossed your mind in mere seconds. Oh my gosh. What is he doing? What am I doing? What am I supposed to do? Oh, okay. He’s still here. He’s still kissing me. This is real. This is happening. Oh my god. I’m not even kissing him back. Should I? What if he thinks I’m a bad kisser? What if he thinks kissing me is like kissing a rock? Oh well he kissed me first so…it should be fine right?

           After the initial shock, you relaxed and welcomed the feeling - soft, plush, light at first then strong and needy as the kiss progressed. When you reciprocated, his arm quickly snaked around your waist to pull you closer to him, deepening the kiss. You placed your hands on his chest, feeling his heart beating as rapidly as yours. You reveled in the intimacy for a few minutes before you both pulled back, gasping for air and immensely warm from the heat your bodies were giving off.

           He gazed at you lovingly and smiled. "Well?”

           "Wh-what…“ you muttered, embarrassed, looking at anywhere but him.

           "Date me.”

           He reiterated, firmly tightening his hold around your waist as if he was afraid you would run off again, which you truthfully contemplated.

           You stared at him, trying to figure him out. Why was he saying this? Had he not come here to convince you to continue working for him? Was he only saying this so you would come back?

           No, he wasn’t that kind of person.

           As you studied his eyes, you found sincerity in them. Your heart flipped at the realization that he was being completely honest. How did this happen? But you knew you couldn’t just make out with him and deny your feelings, so shyly, you blushed and muttered as you looked away.

           "When did you ever listen to me anyway?“

           He grinned at your coy reply for a few seconds then quickly and seriously stated, "I’m serious about you, about us. I want to be with you.”

           You felt your cheeks warm. When he had arrived in front of you earlier, you had no idea it would turn out like this. But if he was being honest and straightforward with you, you had to be as well.

           "I want to be with you too.“ you mumbled timidly, and your heart quickened as his grin widened to expose his gums.

           "I knew it.” He was beaming at you and you felt yourself smile out of happiness. You couldn’t even be annoyed at his cheekiness; you were just so elated.

           He leaned his forehead against yours.

           "Be my secretary again.“ he requested. "I can’t do it without you.”

           You nodded, your words failing you due to the weight of your quick decision, because you were now intentionally defying the Chairman’s orders. You knew that you had signed yourself to the consequences of selfishly accepting both the position and his love. But you appeased yourself that if you were going to get fired or kicked out of the job, you would at least make the days you had left with Yoongi count.

           "Can I kiss you again?“ he whispered sweetly, staring into your eyes.

           This time, you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down to capture his lips in yours. He smiled into the kiss happily as he lifted you up.


           Loud cheers echoed throughout the barn and you two broke the kiss hurriedly to turn towards its origin. Standing in the middle of the barn was your entire family, wearing bright grins and stars in their eyes.

           "Kiss again so I can get a picture!“ Jin cooed, armed with a camera.

           You hid your face in your hands, embarrassed. "NOoo stop!! Ahh!”

           "Yoongs go! Rip her hands off and kiss her! This needs to go on a frame!“ Jin scolded.

           Yoongi laughed as he gently pried your hands off your face. You stared at him, surprised that he was complying. He grinned and glanced over at Jin.

           "As long as I get a copy.”

           "Of course.“ Jin winked.

           And before you knew it, Yoongi tilted your chin up and pressed a sweet, prolonged kiss on your lips once again.

           Oh what the heck. You thought to yourself.

           You grabbed the end of his suit to steady yourself as you reciprocated the kiss deeply, disregarding the embarrassing hoots and hollers of your family. The sounds of the camera clicks and the yelling were drowned out as you focused only on Yoongi, the feeling of his lips and the way his hands caressed your face gently.

           "Oh gosh.” Tae grimaced. “Okay, I think we got the idea. We have enough pictures now. Please stop.”

           Yoongi smiled mischievously and only held you tighter, kissing you more aggressively, which of course, you openly welcomed.

           "Oh gross. Okay. Let’s go.“ Jin huffed.

           "Cover your eyes!” Tae lunged to cover your sister’s eyes and she swatted him away with a glare.

           "I’m not a little kid! I can watch this if I want.“

           "Sure. Sure.” Tae patted her butt teasingly and ushered her out, giving a last disgusted look at you two in your own world. “It’s cute… but not really at the same time.”

           He shivered and scurried away.

           "They’re gone?“ Yoongi whispered and you nodded, smiling widely.


           "Good. I wasn’t finished.“ He grinned and pulled strands of hair away from your face.

           "I like you, Y/N. No…I love you.” he breathed. “I’m sorry if it’s sudden to you, but I do. Very much.”

           You beamed as you reached out and finally caressed his face, like how you had wanted to for some time now. When was it that you started being drawn to him? Not that it mattered when and how exactly it happened anymore, but you did realize that your feelings weren’t sudden at all either and they surely weren’t going to be temporary.  

           Staring up at him, you smiled gently as he kept you in his embrace, looking at you happily in return.

           You didn’t know what your schedule was going to be like from now on. You surely didn’t know what exactly your future held either, because you had never anticipated this. Not a year ago when you planned the following year ahead of time. Not months ago when you first met each other. Heck, you didn’t even expect this a few minutes ago.

           Min Yoongi had thrown out everything you had planned in your life from the moment he stepped into it.

           And the funny thing was, you weren’t anxious or nervous about the unplanned days and the uncertain future.  

           All because he loved you back. 


“What I meant to ask is, is this … usual? What it is between us, when I touch you, when you … lie with me? Is it always so between a man and a woman?”

In spite of his difficulties, I knew exactly what he meant. His gaze was direct, holding my eyes as he waited my answer. I wanted to look away, but couldn’t. 

“There’s often something like it,” I said, and had to stop and clear my throat. “But no. No, it isn’t— usual. I have no idea why, but no. This is … different.” 

He relaxed a bit, as though I had confirmed something about which he had been anxious. 

“I thought perhaps not. I’ve not lain with a woman before, but I’ve … ah, had my hands on a few.” He smiled shyly, and shook his head. “It wasna the same. I mean, I’ve held women in my arms before, and kissed them, and … well.” He waved a hand, dismissing the and. “It was verra pleasant indeed. Made my heart pound and my breath come short, and all that. But it wasna at all as it is when I take you in my arms and kiss you.” His eyes, I thought, were the color of lakes and skies, and as fathomless as either.

He reached out and touched my lower lip, barely brushing the edge. “It starts out the same, but then, after a moment,” he said, speaking softly, “suddenly it’s as though I’ve a living flame in my arms.” His touch grew firmer, outlining my lips and caressing the line of my jaw. “And I want only to throw myself into it and be consumed.” 

I thought of telling him that his own touch seared my skin and filled my veins with fire. But I was already alight and glowing like a brand. I closed my eyes and felt the kindling touch move to cheek and temple, ear and neck, and shuddered as his hands dropped to my waist and drew me close.


grande-gratsukenatsu  asked:

Au where Tom blames Starco child for Marco not being with him and keeps crying how its not natural for demons to love

okay okay okay okay okay! I sort of based this off of steven universe. Rose as Marco and Pearl as Tom, because I liked the idea! So in this Marco is dead. Sorry for the angst bomb but I thought it would make a good au! I could be wrong, this could be bad but I tried, tell me what you think!


“I’m just here to drop this off.” Tom said flatly. Star frowned and took the bag. “A while back Marco told me he wanted this for her, I only just found it.” Tom explained. Star smiled when she took the baby book out of the bag. “He saw it at the bookstore a few months ago.” Tom muttered. Star beamed.

“Thank you Tom.” She smiled. Tom looked at the baby Star was holding and turned away. Star was quiet for a minute before speaking up. “You know Marco said he wanted you to be present with her, help with everything.” Star reminded.

“I have no place caring, or helping care for, a human and Mewni baby. If it possesses any dark powers, that would be different. Call me then.” Tom was blank. Star sighed. She wanted to reach out to her friend again, but once she opened her mouth to speak the baby started crying.

“Oh, Eva, are you okay?” Star asked. The baby then started screaming, unusually loud and distressed. Star gasped when the baby’s skin turned purple.

“Star! What’s happening!?” Tom cried.

“I don’t know!!” Star exclaimed. “I need to go find Glosseryk!” She handed the baby to Tom. “Just hold her, give me two minutes!” Star cried, and ran to find her spell book. Tom held the baby and tried to do something, but he gasped when she wiggled out of her onsie.

Eva’s arms were replaced with long purple tentacles, her skin was purple and she was spitting up some sort of strange glowing ooze.

“The monster arm…” Tom whispered. But this baby had a magical property stronger than what Marco was possessed with. It was a dark  magic that Tom could feel. Tom looked at the baby. “You may be Marco’s daughter but you are NOT half human.” Tom told it. “You are possessed by dark magic, something demonic.” He concluded. Tom took the baby and ran off before Star poked her head out of the castle.

“HEY! Where are you going with my baby!!?!” She screamed, chasing after him. Tom ran through his portal and set the baby down in front of him. He saw her laying there with the tentacles reached out and he looked forward.

“Marco…?” Tom whispered. “That’s you… right?” He asked. “This monster arm… it’s your curse, that must mean you’re still there!” Tom decided, he reached out to touch the baby’s head. “Can’t I let you out? Is that how it works?” Tom whispered. “We can be together… again?” He whispered. Tom collected a flame around his hand and was about to move closer to the child, but he yanked his hand away when he realized what he was doing. “I-I can’t…” He whispered. Tears welled up in Tom’s eyes and he fell to the ground. “I CAN’T!” He sobbed. “Marco, he wanted this so bad! I just can’t understand why!” Tom blubbered.

The baby’s tentacles receded back into it’s arms, and left regular, yet purple, limbs. Tom shook his head. “It’s all your fault… he wanted you so badly! But you ruined my life!” Tom screamed, raising himself to his feet. He then backed away. “What am I doing? I’m blaming a baby for ruining my life?” Tom asked himself. Tom picked the baby girl up and sat down. “I ruined my own life… I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with him… demons aren’t supposed to love.” Tom explained. Tears began to fall down his face again. “We aren’t supposed to feel anything, but I did. Isn’t it wonderful how things change like that? And you can become something extraordinary?” Tom asked. “Well it’s not. All it does is leave you hurt while the love of your life and your ex have a happy life together.” Tom lowered his head and held the baby close.

His moment was interrupted when Star kicked through the door. “TOM!” She screamed. She marched over. “You! You took my… my… what is going on here?” She asked. Tom stood up and handed the child back to Star.

“I’m sorry. I thought I understood what Eva was, I thought she had some sort of demonic energy… But I think I was just lying to myself.” Tom responded. “I’m so sorry for worrying you like that.” He apologized. Star sighed and gave the demon a hug.

“I never actually thought she was in danger.” Star admitted. She looked up at Tom with sad eyes. “I miss him too, I’m sorry for what happened.” She whispered. Tom shook his head and put a hand on her shoulder.

“That doesn’t matter anymore, none of this matters at all.” Tom told her. “From now on, everything has to be about Eva.” He said, looking down at the baby. “I’ll stay, I’ll help figure out what she is, what type of powers she has.” Tom agreed. Star beamed.

“Thank you Tom.” She smiled.

“What I felt in the past is over, now we have a new person to worry about. And I have a new liege to fight for.” Tom finished. Star nodded and gave him another hug.

“I’m proud of you… but never run off with my baby like that again or I will kill you.” She threatened. Tom put his hands up.


A Life Unseen- Part 10

You wonderful, amazing, incredible readers and now there are…. 331 of you!!! Agh!!! (It was 330, but then another awesome person decided to follow!) So as a treat for you all getting me to a goal I never even knew I had (seriously I didn’t think 10 people were going to follow me, now there are 331 of you… I’m in aw and shock and love for each and every one of you). 

Please enjoy Part 10 of A Life Unseen

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Jamie led us up the stairs to the Laird’s room instead of the smaller guest room I had been staying in. I didn’t think he was serious when he said we would share a bed tonight. My hand was tightly woven with his, I hoped he didn’t notice how hard my hands were beginning to shake. Knowing what I was about to do, did nothing to calm my nerves, it increased them. I trusted Jamie more than anyone, but I was not sure how he would take the bomb I was about to unleash on his lap.

Closing the door softly behind us Jamie went to release my hand. I whimpered and held fast to it, not willing to let him go.

“Ye need not be scairt of me tonight, Claire. I wasna about to do anything except loosen my clothes. If ye are uncomfortable with it, then I can sleep fully dressed.”

“Oh!” I said in surprise. “No, it’s alright. Please, make yourself comfortable. Do you wish for me to stay fully clothed or…?”

He smiled and his eyes were smoldering sending a pulsing sensation all through me. “I found ye in naught but yer shift and rode with ye for days cradled to my chest in it, I’ll be fine with ye in just that again. Besides, soon we are to be married and we’ll be in each other’s company in a lot…less soon enough.” His owlish wink made me giggle as he unceremoniously dropped his kilt to the floor.

Before I could move to begin undoing the laces of my skirt I felt Jamie’s hands at the small of my back fingering the laces.

“Is this alright?” He asked timidly. I nodded and took a shaky breath as he helped me out of my overskirt and began working on my corset.

The fireplace became the only source of light as Jamie went around extinguishing the candles and closing the curtains against the cold shutting out the light of the moon.

I wasn’t sure what would be proper for this evening, this was scandalous event now and it was more than scandalous in the 1940s. Allowing myself to not think I pulled back the covers to the immaculate bed and crawled in. Across the room Jamie stood by the fireplace, one arm resting on the mantel the other by his side as he gazed into the flames.

“What is it ye wish to tell me, mo nighean donn?”

I extended my arm out to him and beckoned, “Come to bed and I’ll tell you. It’ll be easier with you beside me.”

His head turned to face me and a small smile split his face. Nodding he grabbed my hand and curled in behind me. I shuffled about to where I could face him. Oh, God, what if he can’t handle this? What if he rejects the idea of me not being a witch and turns me over himself? I can’t lose him! Oh dear Lord, I cannot lose this man. My heart will not take it.

“Now, Sassenach, what is it ye wish to tell me?”

Looking deep into his eyes, I saw nothing but love and concern. I took a steadying breath and allowed myself to relax to his sensuous strokes on my hand.

“Do you trust me to be completely honest with you? That everything I’m about to tell you is the truth?”

“Of course, mo nighean donn.” He leaned forward and kissed the hand he was holding. “Anything ye wish to tell me I’ll ken ye are telling the truth.”

Releasing the breath I didn’t know I was holding I told him, everything…

“That day you found me with Captain Randall, I was lost in the woods, but more lost than you could imagine. I don’t know how I came to be there at that particular moment. Earlier that morning I had been in Inverness where my ex-husband and I were staying on holiday after the war.” Jamie’s eyebrows drew in causing a wrinkle to form. “It was right after the Great War of our time, WWII in May of 1945. Frank and I had been married seven years before, only in those years, six of them were spent apart. I was combat nurse with the British Army, Frank a Special Agent for British Intelligence. We went on the holiday as a way to reconnect.” Jamie’s jaw tightened and I could tell he wished to say something but he allowed me to continue uninterrupted.

“I caught him, Frank, with another woman in bed. He didn’t stop, or pause, just smirked and continued….” I blew out a burst of air through my nose and shook my head. “It doesn’t matter, he was confident enough in his actions that I knew this was not his first offense against me. I ran. I avoided the scene that was unfolding before my eyes and allowed my feet to carry me to wherever it may be. I stopped several miles away atop a hill outside the city. That was when I removed his ring, his claim to me. I found myself at strange henge called Craig Na Dun. There was… this sort of… buzzing sound. When I went to investigate farther I found myself sprawled out on the ground several feet away. I went to go find shelter and make my way back to Inverness when…”

“When you had the unfortunate chance of running into Captain Randall.” I winced.


I studied Jamie’s face as he mulled over the story I just told and hoped he would be true to his word and believe me.

“Jamie?” I reached out to touch his face but her jerked away, as though I had slapped him.

“No, Claire. Dinna touch me just yet.”  He made to get out of the bed but seemed to think better of it and sat up staring again deep into the flames that had begun to dwindle.

“Why? Why would ye tell me such stories?”

“I wanted you to know the truth. Who I am, what you’d be risking yourself for if you decided to leave with me, who you would be marrying.” I looked down at my lap, preparing myself to leave and somehow find a way to safety the moment Jamie ordered me from his sight.

“Are ye a Faerie then? An Auld One?”

“No, I don’t think so. I was born on October the 20th 1918 to two normal, as far as I know, normal parents. I’ve gone through adolescence, puberty and adulthood. I thought I knew love once, I’ve seen horrors no one should ever bear witness to, and I’ve seemed to have fallen through time. I can’t explain how it happened. It just…did.”

Jamie simply nodded. My heart sank. I expected the worst, but hoped for something different.

“I’ll just see myself out. I’ll try to be out of your lands by midday. I can probably make it if I leave now.”

His head whipped to face me and his hands sought out mine, grasping them with such a fervor I was taken aback.

“Leave? Mo nighean donn, why would you leave? I havena said ye should go, nor do I want ye to.”


“No buts, I may not understand your story, though I did tell ye I’d believe whate’er you decided to share. I’m trying here Claire, ye say ye’re from another time… how did you expect me to react?”

I shrugged, “Well I expect either screaming and disbelief ordering me from this place, or quiet thought with you telling me to leave this place.”

He sighed and shook his head, red curls falling into his face. “Did ye no have any trust in me, Claire? Why jump to negative conclusions before I could think? Is that what ye want though? Do you not want me anymore? Are the McNab’s or the Red Coats too much for ye to handle and ye want to leave me?”

“No! God, no! I don’t want to leave! What I said at dinner was true, I love you James Fraser; more than I can possibly explain. Just the thought of leaving was tearing my heart out. I have loved you more in a minute than I ever loved Frank.” I gripped his face and this time he let me. “Please believe me! I told you this not to have you send me away, but for you to finally see why I am the way I am.”

Jamie leaned into my right hand and kissed the palm while cradling the other side with his own hand. “Mo nighean donn, I love you and that’s no going to change. Ye may have to tell me more about your time once I wrap part of my mind around it. To be honest with ye, Claire, I dinna think I’ll e’er be able to fully wrap my head around what ye’ve told me.”

“I don’t understand it myself.”

He pulled me to him and whispered in Gaelic words I had never heard before, but knew did not mean harm.

“So you still want to marry me?”

I chanced a glance up at his face to find it thrown back and a laugh bark out of him.

“Aye, Sassenach, I still wish for us to be wed. Though, we do have new circumstances that may make a summer wedding more difficult.”

“The Red Coats.”

“Aye, and the McNab’s. I’ll trust your gut on this, Claire. But please trust mine. I do intend on going over there to have some words with Ronald.” I started to protest and he covered my lips with his finger. “I’ll have Murtagh with me, and perhaps Jenny since she was there the first time.”

I nodded, conceding, knowing I needed to pick my battles.

Jamie adjusted us to where I was laying on his chest and he was stroking my back. The fire grew ever smaller, neither of us attempted to move to kindle it. We just enjoyed each other. For the first time I felt truly free. Jamie knew my past, and he didn’t turn me away. I smiled and nuzzled his chest, feeling the edges of sleep pull at my eyes.

“Sassenach? You still awake?”


“Sunday next, we could be married in the dooryard. It’ll no be big and fancy, but we’d be bound forever.”

I smiled even bigger. “Perfect.”

Classy-El Diablo Imagine

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 “Could you use your pinky to light a girl’s cigarette? Cause that’s real classy,” Harley said.

   It was the first time that Harley and Chato spoke to each each other. They were getting ready to head out to Midtown for their first mission as Task Force X and Chato was being as quiet and brooding as usual. He was surprised when the Joker’s equally insane girlfriend spoke to him since he usually kept to himself. However, Harley talked to anyone who would listen or even if they didn’t, and when Chato processed her words, he almost rolled his eyes. It was a ridiculous thing to stay but also kind of funny. Besides, there was no way Chato would ever let himself near a girl again. He had already hurt Maria and their sons when he lost control of his fiery abilities and he had no desire to do it again. He was a monster and he deserved to be killed or locked up, which was why he didn’t understand his being a member of Task Force X. Sure, the other guys were bad but they had never killed a loved one. Therefore, Chato decided that he would help when he could during the mission without using his powers—-he had already caused enough destruction.

   Just as they were about to leave, Flagg introduced the team to two other members who had just arrived on their helicraft. The first person to exit the helicraft was a petite Japanese woman in a red jacket, black leggings, and a white mask that covered the top half of her face. She had a katana on her hip and did not look like one to be messed with.

    “This is Katana, a world renowned assassin. She will kill you on my command,” Flagg said.

    Katana gave everyone a pointed look over as she stood next to Flagg. The second person to step off the helicraft made Chato lose his breath. Her long y/h/c hair was pulled away from her face in a single braid, accentuating her pretty y/s/c face. She had wide y/e/c eyes framed by long lashes. The beige tank top and army green skinny pants she wore showed off her perfect figure. She had a whip slung across her back as well as an array of knives in her belt.

    “This is Whiplash, infamous hunter and torturer. That whip of hers cuts through flesh and bone and she will use it on you with or without my command,” Flagg said.

    Whiplash smirked as she stood next to Katana. Her eyes scanned over the group, her face void of a real expression. When she made eye contact with Chato, she seemed intrigued. He felt hot as Whiplash looked over all of his tattoos and the rest of his form. Chato felt drawn to her and wanted to talk to her first, but Harley beat him to the punch.

    “Hi, I’m Harley Quinn, nice to meet ya, Whiplash!” Harley stuck her hand out towards Whiplash and the woman eyed it suspiciously before grabbing it.

    “And you as well.” 

     It was in that moment that Chato vowed that he would look after her during the mission. It was obvious that Whiplash could take care of herself but no one was perfect, even though  Whiplash sure looked perfect. So, throughout the mission, Chato was always glancing over and checking that Whiplash could handle the amount of aliens that would swarm her and the rest of Task Force X. She was incredibly graceful with her whip, slicing through air and alien flesh. Her mouth was always fashioned in a snarl as she fought ferociously against her enemies but she was still beautiful. They never spoke during the mission, even though Harley, Deadshot, and Boomerang were pestering the both of them too, but Chato was too nervous and Whiplash, well, he didn’t know why Whiplash kept shaking her head at Harley and Deadshot. However, they finally spoke once they got to the abandoned building Waller told them to go to.

    They were surrounded by aliens in the office space, each member taking three or four members on their own. Chato easily killed the ones he had to deal with and when he turned to check on Whiplash, she was in the middle of turning to another alien when it snatched her up by the throat. Whiplash gasped for air and kicked at the creature but it wouldn’t let go. She tried to lift up her whip only for the creature to smack it out of her hand. Rage flared through Chato and he was on fire as he charged the alien. He stretched out his hand, burning the alien. It screamed and dropped Whiplash on the ground, making her cough a lot. Chato didn’t stop burning it until it was a crisp and calmed down once he knew it was gone. He turned to look at Whiplash and she seemed intrigued by his powers. Chato quickly helped her up.

     “Are you all right?” Chato asked.

     “Yeah, thanks to you, Diablo.” She glanced down at his hands. “What you did was…I’ve never seen anything like it before.” 

    “Oh, uh, is that a good thing?” Chato scratched the back of his neck.

    “I think so.”

    She turned on her heel and joined the rest of Task Force X as they prepared to rescue Amanda and her unit. Chato was elated, this new woman wasn’t afraid of him and it felt really good. However, they didn’t speak again until the task force went to the bar after Joker’s helicraft got shot down. Harley was playing bartender and making everyone’s drinks.

    “Whiplash?” Harley asked.

    “Tequila, straight,” Whiplash said.

    Harley raised her eyebrows as she filled a shot glass with the desired liquor and slid it in Whiplash’s direction. The woman caught it and downed the shot in one movement. 

    “A woman after my own heart,” Boomerang said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “Are you seein’ anyone?”

   Chato felt his fire flare up. He could’ve killed the idiot Australian right where he sat.

   “No, and just because I’m not doesn’t mean I’m taking applications from the likes of you.”

   Deadshot, Killer Croc, and Harley “oohed” and Chato smiled to himself. Then again, just because she turned Boomerang down didn’t mean that she was interested in him. After a couple of drinks, the force began opening up to one another, revealing emotional and physical scars.

   “And what about you, Whiplash?” Deadshot asked carefully.

   Whiplash shifted in her stool. “My story isn’t very interesting. Got recruited to work for some organization right out of college, killed a lot of people, and I got whipped by my biggest enemy. I use the whip to take back my dignity and I’ve been hunting that animal ever since my organization released me.”
   “That’s how Waller got you to cooperate, she knows where your enemy is,” Flagg said.

    “But being in this force isn’t that bad. I get to take out my rage and anger on some weird lookin’ aliens and do some good.” Whiplash did her last shot. “What about you, Chato? What’s your deep and gritty back story?”
    Chato hesitated. He didn’t want her to know what kind of a monster he was, how destructive he could be. “I don’t know…”

    “Oh come on, you listened to the rest of us unload our issues, it’s only fair,” Boomerang argued.

    “You didn’t say anything about yourself,” Deadshot said.

     Boomerang smirked and took a long swig of his drink.

     Chato sighed and was conflicted. They had all already seen what he was capable of but that was only on a small scale. Plus, he was terrified that he would scare Whiplash away, though she wasn’t afraid of him when he helped her. So, Chato swallowed his fear and explained everything: about how he was in a gang back in California, about how a fight between him and his wife caused him to lose control, and about how he was haunted by his wife and children’s screams. When he looked up, they all wore sympathetic expressions except for Whiplash, whose expression seemed mixed. 

    “We all make mistakes, Diablo, but our mistakes don’t define us,” Deadshot said.

    Chato nodded and Harley handed him another glass of water. He really wanted to hear Whiplash weigh in on his story.

    “I’m goin for a smoke,” she said as she hopped off her stool.

    The door to the bar slammed behind her and everyone turned to look at Chato expectantly. 


    “Aren’t you going to go after her?” Deadshot asked. “We all know you have a thing for her.”

    Chato hesitated, feeling backed into a corner. “Wha–what makes you think that?”

   “The fact that you’ve been staring at her ever since she joined the team for starters,” Deadshot said.

    “You were overprotective of her during the mission,” Killer Croc said.

     “It was that obvious?”

     The team nodded.

    “I think it’s cute. If you go after her, you can light her cigarette with your pinky and she’ll be all yours,” Harley said with a wide grin.

    Chato stared at the lunatic for a moment. She did have a point, they all did. Chato wanted to be with her but he had no idea what she thought about him.

    “Listen, mate, if you don’t go after her, I will.” Boomerang stood and Chato jumped up.

    “Get out of my way,” he growled.

    Boomerang held his hands up in surrender as Chato brushed past him and outside of the bar. The rain was pouring down and Whiplash was huddled against the wall, trying to light her cigarette. Finally, she cursed and threw the lighter onto the wet sidewalk. When she looked up, she relaxed when she saw Chato.

   “Did it get too hot in there for you?” Whiplash asked.

   “No, uh, I wanted to see if you were okay,” Chato said.

   “I’d be great if that lighter would’ve worked.”

    Chato gulped. “I could help with that.”
    “Really? Thanks.”

    Whiplash walked over to Chato and he tried to keep his hand steady as he reached out to her and made a flame appear on the tip of his thumb. Whiplash cupped her hand over his thumb, leaned in, and lit her cigarette. She pulled away and took a long drag before blowing the smoke to the side. Chato’s hand was tingling from their brief touch.

     “Bonita,” he muttered.


    Chatos’ eyes widened. “Oh, uh, nothing.”

    “Really? I could have sworn you just called me beautiful in Spanish.”

     Chato wanted to smack himself in the face. He only burst into Spanish when he was furious or nervous.

    “Well…um, it’s true.” 

    “You want to know something, Chato? I thought the same thing about you when I first saw you.”

    Chato looked away. “How could you? I’m a monster.”

    “No, you lost control and you need to forgive yourself. I’ve done terrible things, things that I can never tell anyone, but I moved past it because I forgave myself.” Whiplash took another drag. “And the paycheck didn’t hurt either.”

    Chato chuckled. “I don’t know if I can do that.”
    “I can help you,” Whiplash said, closing the gap between them. “I can see your pain and I want to help you.”

    Chato stared into her eyes, feeling as though he could see into her soul. “Quiero mucho a besarte,”  he whispered.

    “Do it,” Whiplash muttered back.

    He gently grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her passionately. Whiplash dropped her cigarette and wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him back. Chato found himself smiling again for the first time in a long time and the warm feeling inside of him was no longer due to the permanent fire burning inside him. 

    Unbeknownst to the entangled couple, the rest of the team was watching from inside.

    “Way to go, Fire Boy,” Boomerang muttered.


i love you. i know you love me. the glitter in your eyes and constellations in your freckles and flame in your hair are what i walk by when the path gets too dark to walk alone. i want to touch you, to hold you and kiss you and hear your voice telling me it’s going to be alright. we’re hundreds of miles apart but i can feel your heart in my hands and mine in yours. it hurts to know you’re hurting and that i can’t reach out and hold your hands and lead you through the darkness too. but someday we’ll cross that divide and shine together.

anonymous asked:

can you please write some more young tom being to raised by rafeal and angie

Of course I can! I had a lot of fun with this one! I hope you enjoy it! I really liked writing it and I hope you like it, I liked this au!

“He got into a fight?” Angie asked. The principle nodded. Tom was sitting in between Angie and Rafael. “He’s only eight! Can eigth-year-olds even get into fights?” She asked. The principle nodded.

“Yes they can and he did.” He told her. “Tom and another student named Timothy Greeley sort of… had it out on the playground.” He explained.

“Tom, what happened?” Rafael asked. Tom looked down. “Tom?” He asked again, in more a stern voice.

“I hit him.” He mumbled.

“You hit him?” Angie asked, appalled.

“Not before I bit him.” Tom looked down and Angie and Rafael exchanged looks.

“You bit him!” Rafael exclaimed. The principle got up and made his way to the door.

“I’ll give you a moment to have a word with your… Tom.” He tried. Angie shook her head at this. It didn’t matter that he was a demon, he was still their son. “I’ll be back in a moment to discuss the rest.” He assured them.

“I can’t believe you bit him!” Rafael cried. “Tom! Why on earth would you ever-” Rafael was cut off when Tom spoke in a quiet voice.

“People treat me different.” He whispered. Angie and Rafael both fell silent and thought for a long moment, before Angie put her arms around her adopted son and gave him a kiss on the head. She brushed his bangs out of his face so she could see his third eye.

“That’s just because they don’t know what to say.” She told him. “Promise me, Tom, no more fighting.” She told him. Tom nodded and the principle came back in.

“Are we finished in here?” He asked. Angie nodded and he made his way back to his desk. “Tom, please wait for us outside.” HE requested. Tom nodded and left the room. The principle sighed and looked back at the parents. “There’s… no easy way to say this.” He started. “But this is the second time Tom has had his behavior reported for being… violent.”

“Are you talking about the time he set the desk on fire?” Angie asked. “It wasn’t his fault! He didn’t mean to, he ignites when he gets nervous, we’re working our hardest to help him control it.” She assured.

“It doesn’t matter if it was or wasn’t his fault. All we know is it happened. And people…” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Some are becoming concerned about how well a human family can raise a demon child.” He told them

“What are you saying?” Rafael asked, fear seeping into his voice.

“We got social services involved and… we of course are going to give you a fair evaluation but… as of now, most of those on the board and other parents agree it’s best for Tom to go to a home where he can be with his own kind.” He explained.

“You can’t do that!” Angie cried. “What, because a few parents claimed we can’t raise Tom you’ll take him away!?” She was almost near tears.

“Of course not, Mrs. Diaz!” The principle assured. “But we have to treat every complaint seriously. Or else children may remain in toxic homes. And because of the fight with Timothy, a social service agent was requested to perform a home visit, just to make sure Tom is flourishing in that environment.” He gave them the contact information. “They will be there this saturday afternoon, mostly to talk to Marco about living with Tom, and to Tom about his current living arrangement.”


Saturday came all too soon. Angie and rafael were nervous, but the children didn’t really understand the full complexity of the situation. Tom and Marco were playing on the floor as Angie and Rafael were trying to to fight because of this event. “Are they really going to take you away?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“I don’t think so.” He mumbled. The boys kept playing when their parents let a woman inside. They watched her go into the kitchen with Angie and Rafael, and heard light talking before Angie called out.

“Tom? Sweetie, can you come in here?” She asked. Tom got up and walked into the kitchen. “Tom, dear. This is Cara, she’s got a few questions for you.” Angie gently pushed him forward and Tom watched the woman closely.

“Are you the girl that’s gonna take me away?” He asked. Angie bit her lip.

“Don’t worry about that, Tom.” Cara told him. “Let’s talk about you. Are you happy?” She asked. Tom nodded and smiled big. “Do you enjoy school?” She asked. Tom’s smile went away and he rocked on his heels.

“Not really, the other kids call me names.” He told her honestly. Cara write something down and continued.

“I heard about the fight with Timothy.” She stated. Tom gasped and clamped up a little. “Tom, can you tell me exactly what happened?” She asked. Tom shook his head. “I just want to help.” She told him. Tom just shook his head again. “Tom please.” She asked. Cara reached her hand out to touch the boy’s shoulders and Tom hissed, his eyes lit up and he ignited.

“I said NO!” He screamed at her. Cara fell back and gasped at the flaming boy. Tom cried and put his hands over his ears.

“He burnt me.” Cara gasped.

“We are so sorry!” Angie cried. “Please don’t think bad of him he just… he doesn’t like to be touched.” She explained. Cara got up and put her clipboard in her purse. “Please! Miss Cara he just… doesn’t like to be touched.” Angie repeated.

“And why not?” She demanded. “A child at age eight shouldn’t be so closed off from physical contact.” She told her.

“Tom isn’t like other kids!” Angie explained.

“You’re right, he’s not.” Cara agreed. “He’s a demon, and belongs in a home with people who can raise him as such.” She told the mother, gave a nod, and left the house.

Angie and her husband stayed staring at the door for a long while. Rafael had Tom in his arms to help calm him down. When Tom was better, he looked up at Angie’s scared face and got a sick feeling in his stomach.

“Did I do something wrong?” He asked, quietly.

“You burnt Miss Cara.” Angie told him.

“It wasn’t his fault, Angie.” Rafael reminded her. “He just, has trouble getting close. It wasn’t his fault.” He repeated. He put his hand on his wife’s shoulder and smiled. “We’ll take care of this, I promise.”

Dirty Talk

Requested by anon: Dean x reader where Dean finds out the reader has a thing for dirty talk.

Word Count: 2500ish

Warning: smut, dirty talk 

“Oh, my God. Taste this.” Dean held out his fork to you, a bite of pie speared on the end. You took it, the taste of chocolate and pecans flooding your mouth. It was delicious. You moaned slightly around his fork, closing your eyes as you enjoyed the dessert.

“That is good.”         

Dean quirked an eyebrow and smirked. “I usually take a girl somewhere private before I get her to make those sounds.”

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I wanna run, I want to hide. I wanna tear down the walls. That hold me inside. I wanna reach out. And touch the flame. Where the streets have no name… Live in Pasadena, CA, 05/21/2017 #U2 #u2thejoshuatree2017 (en Rose Bowl Stadium)

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This Will End in Flames

So this is basically the end to chapter 61 if Baz hadn’t been able to put out the fire.

TW: major character death? maybe?

Simon Snow is going to die kissing me.

I break away from him, his lips still leaning into mine as I pull away. I pick my wand up off of the ground and spring to my feet.

The flames are everywhere, spreading out in every direction. I don’t know which way is which and all I can feel is the heat. What have I done?

Make a wish!” I scream, again and again and again. But my magic just seems to feed the flames. They fill the branches of the trees, creating a roof of fire over us.

Snow is standing in front of me now, hands on my chest, pushing every ounce of magic he can into me, and I’m pushing it right back out through my words. 

“Make a wish! Make a wish! Make a wish!”

“Water under the bridge! Come hell or high water! Please!

The whole world is on fire. I look into Snow’s eyes and see the flames reflected in them. “I’m sorry,” I whisper, tears falling onto my cheeks. These flames weren’t meant for him.

I should have known. I should have realized that he would come in after me. That he would refuse to leave. That he would try to save me, like he saves everyone else, regardless of how much he hates them.

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

All I want now is to cast a spell to get him out of here. To save him for once. But the flames are too thick, and I am flammable.

And then I’m on the ground. And Snow is covering me, pressing me into the forest floor, covering every part of my skin with his own, shielding me.

And he’s going off, but not like every other time. He’s going supernova, and I’m so close to him I’m sure I’ll be incinerated before the flames even reach me. Everywhere his skin is touching mine I can feel myself burning.

Magic is pouring off of Snow in waves and my eyes are closed because he’s too bright and I always said he was the sun and I always knew how this would end.

And then it’s over.

We don’t move. Not for a long time. And then slowly, Snow rolls off of me onto his back. And he screams.

I bolt upright and pull Snow onto me so he’s lying on his stomach, head cradled in my lap. What’s left of his shirt falls away in a pile of ash as I move him.

The skin on his back is red and raw. Blisters are already starting to form over the burns. It doesn’t look like a back. It doesn’t look like his back. And I know Snow’s back quite well after all these years of sharing a room, quickly glancing up in the 2 seconds he had his shirt off while he was changing, then quickly looking down and trying to look as disgusted by him as ever.

It doesn’t look like a back. It looks like a slab of meat.

I reach out slowly to touch him. He flinches away at first, but I’m muttering heeling magic under my breath, tracing the already-forming scars and slowing sealing them up.

He relaxes against my touch and then goes limp in my arms. He’s unconscious.

I pull him closer and keep muttering spells.

When I’m done I just hold him.

I always knew this would end in flames. But I never thought they would be my flames. 

“I’m so, so sorry, Simon.”

Caged [39]

Characters: NamjoonxReader
Length: 2724 words
Genre: Mafia AU
Warnings: Violence

Part 38  Epilogue

It felt like forever since you had seen your father, and you definitely had never seen him like this – reduced to a distorted, groaning mess on the ground. You hadn’t noticed him before.

To be completely honest, you had almost forgotten about him.

He stared up at you with wide eyes, and you stared back, your weapons still aimed at the door that was threatening to give in any second. There were shouts from the other side, demands to open the door, requests for your father to respond.

They all went unanswered.

You took a couple of steps towards your father, stopping where the heat of the fireplace enveloped you and became one with the fiery rage that was slowly growing inside you at the mere sight of him. You thought of all the things he had done to your mother. Jin. Yoongi. Taehyung.  



You kicked your father in the stomach before he could finish his sentence. And then you kicked him again, and again, until he was coughing and whimpering.


Tears were burning in your throat, but you refused to show any signs of weakness. You wanted him to remember you like this, make sure that the image of you he took to his grave was that of a person who was cracked, but whom he could not break.

You had escaped the cage.

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Imagine Being Soulmates To Bruce And Tony

For My People

When you were born you had two voices in your head. You didn’t tell anyone. It wasn’t normal to have two voices let alone even one from birth.

Growing up you did all the research you could on soulmates. You found it was possible to block out the voices but you didn’t want to. They kept you safe all throughout childhood.

“Bright wanna touch” you whined looking at the bright flames on the stove. “I wouldn’t do that kid” a soft voice guided when you reached for the burner on the stove. “Want to” you giggled and reached up again. “I’d listen to him it’ll burn if you touch it” the second voice added. Frowning you stomped away from the stove.

That went on for a while you’d want to touch or do something and they’d somehow know that it was dangerous and tell you not too. Sometimes you felt you heard things you shouldn’t have heard though. Like the first voice mumbling about a girl named Betty and some formula. And the second groaning and swearing. You tried to ignore those things.

When you turned sixteen the loudest roars and screams would echoed in your head chasing killer head aches and making you worry endlessly about your soulmates. Later they assured you they were fine. But the screams still happened sometimes.

Turning eighteen you learn how to talk back and you start blocking out Tony’s loud sex. It kills you a little inside when you hear it but you figure they shouldn’t have to wait for you to grow up.

“Happy eighteenth kid!” the second voice, who’s now told you it’s Tony, congratulates. “Thank Tony” you say back. “Have you planned where you’re going to college?” the first voice, Bruce, asks. He was the one, you found out, causing the screams and roars. He refuses to tell you why. “Stark Memorial College in New York City it’s the best around and I got in” you reply. "Excuse us a moment (Y/N)” Bruce mutters and then they both block you out. It raises some alarms but you ignore it. “Sorry there honey Brucie just wanted to ask a question. So how are you going to celebrate…”

The rest of the day passed without incident. So did the passing months till you moved to New York in the Fall.

“STUDENTS EVACUATE THE SCIENCE COLLEGE NOW MAKE WAY TO YOUR DORMS UNLESS YOURE IN THE SOUTH WOMENS DORMS THEN GO TO THE NORTH WOMENS DORMS” a voice yells over the loud speaker. Your entire class looks up then start rapidly gathering their things. You’re a little scared but not by much it could be a drill. You calmly collect your things and get up.

Out of nowhere a loud bang echoes and glass starts raining down from the ceiling. Screams fill your ringing ears and everyone dashes for the exits. You stand shocked. The pain of glass cuts fades away.

Stark College is the safest one in the world this shouldn’t be happening. An even louder all to familiar roar, and so many screams, and alarms fill the room once the soundproof glass is broken. Looking up you see horrifying creatures, bullets, stray arrows, and blue beams flying through the air.

Desperate for something you unblock your soulmates to find them screaming in your head. You had them blocked because you didn’t need to hear their voices during a test.

“RUN (Y/N) JUST RUN!” Tony screeches. Bruce only deafeningly roars. “What’s happening?” you ask. “RUN!” p>

Like all the times before you obey his guidance and sprint towards the door. Tanning it open you see fires in the street cops and aliens everywhere.

“What’s going on?!” you say in your head and out loud. “Stay off the streets away from the guy I’m green and the aliens!” Tony yells and Bruce seconds with a roar. “O-okay” you reply and start running towards the nearest subway. Not seconds later you’re stopped by a man decked in green gold and black. He’s wearing a horned helmet and flying on some weird machine.

“I know you” he hisses and grabs your neck. Gasping for breath you claw at his hand and kick your legs.

“H-how?” you choke out.

“You’re the man of iron and monsters soulmate. Tell me pet did you ever bother to ask your soulmates last names?” the man inquires raising an eyebrow. Slowly it clicks into place. You got into a Stark College with a full ride easy, Bruce was angry when he found out, and the roars and screams were the hulk.

“Oh my god” you gasp.

“Foolish girl” the man growls out and starts up the flying machine. He holds you on it by your neck pressing you against the controls while flying through the air. The height and speed make you feel sick and dizzy. You don’t dare look down in fear of seeing the damage and the bodies.

“Help me help me please” you beg in your mind. Oh my god does he have you?!“ Tony exclaims. "YES!” you say. “I’m coming (Y/N) I will get you safe” Tony vows.

The mans path changes and jerks following a red haired women somehow flying one of these things. You struggle and jerk but this guys strength wins out on you. You feel so helpless. Suddenly the man catches a beeping arrow. You’re eyes widen and zero in on the red beeping at the end of the arrow. It’s a bomb.

A scream tears out of your throat when it goes off spreading fire on your clothes and hurling your body into Stark Tower. You crash through windows and land on the ground. Every nerve on your body burns but you force yourself to roll till your clothes go out then you just lie consumed in pain.

The building shakes and you hear the sound of more glass breaking. Scared of further damage to your body you force yourself to look up and look around. The Hulk walks in and your breath catches. Silently you claw your way behind a bar and watch the scene unfold. The Hulk beats the shit out of Loki then looks around curiously. You let out a timid cough and gasp for breath to let him know where you are. You can’t see him hurting you. Bruce is still there somewhere. Hulk huffs and actually carefully walks over to you.

“(Y/N) okay?” he booms. You look down at your burnt skin and blood on the floor. Where’s it’s coming from you’re not sure. You’re light headed and dizzy on top of that and you’re just in pain.

“No” you answer honestly. Hulk ankles a whining noise and gently picks you up. When he does it sends shoots of pain all around and you groan. Hulk carries you over to a couch and sets you down softly. He makes a motion with his hands for you to stay, gives Loki one more lunch into the floor and stomps out.

“Puny god.”

You manage a smile before slipping into darkness. When you wake up Tony and Bruce are waiting. They start spewing apologies and you silence them all with kisses. You can live with getting a little banged up to meet the voices that have been arguing in your head your entire life.

Have some short writing.

Blinding, burning, sizzling
Like fire through the motes of dust in the disturbed air
Flecks of glowing embers scorch through the space illuminated by the overbright sunlight and settle on the thick-coated metal
My hands are cold,
but the sun is warm,
too warm is hot, and I pull away
no one wants to burn themselves on the flame.
A rusted voice creaks with the sound of a broken bone, of dying worlds and tormented wind,
You think i ask about you.
You are wrong
I do not know what i am asking
I know i am missing
But i cannot remember it, so it is unnecessary.

A warm hand reaches out, touches my wrist
the broken, bloodied wound that is my wrist
Cleans it, bandages it
Rinses it with clean water.

The sunlight is not so bright, now.

I open my eyes.
Pale violet ones stare back at me.

Deformation of the Bonsai, Part Two

Title: Deformation of the Bonsai (Part Two)

Pairing: None, Todoroki Shouto-centric

Rating: PG

Word Count: ~1,800

Summary: Todoroki Shouto, growing up and growing angry. Having one’s quirk come in isn’t always easy, either

Author’s notes: Many thanks to my best friend @auspiciouswhiskers, for betaing for me and encouraging me to post. This wouldn’t be here without that support!

Chapter One.

Also on Ao3.

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The More the Merrier

Sometimes Jimin gets so under during his special times with Leader that he forgets about roommates, but hey who’s complaining. (AKA that time minjoon was getting frisky in Namjoon’s bottom bunk while poor Kookie was trying to sleep)

JiKookMon, PWP, NSFW, Daddy kink, very mild consensual pain play, toys, I can’t believe I wrote this omg (I’m lying yes I can)

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TITLE: Sight


AUTHOR: SierraLaufeyson13

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being blinded in an accident while helping S.H.I.E.L.D., you live in the Tower with everyone but dread the way they treat you like a helpless child. When Loki arrives on Midgard…



“I will not say, do not weep, for not all tears are an evil.”

Tony and Bruce both shout your name, as you shuffle unsurely about the lab. At their sudden exclamation, you stop, turning in the direction of their voices. That was the thing, you couldn’t actually see them, or the fact that you had been walking towards a workbench with Bunsen burners that were aflame beneath flasks and glass tubing filled with boiling water. You had been blinded by an explosion at a HYDRA base just over a three years ago. Every day it became more and more apparent that now you were completely and utterly useless, you got in the way of everything, the team had started pitying you. It was infuriating.

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