i want to put everything on pause

@taylor-tut tHIS IS SO LATE I’M SO SORRY MY FAB FRIENDO! But! It has finally arrived!! I’m sorry if it’s a bit crappy, I like haven’t slept in three days haha

anyhoo, onto the story:

Lance woke up with a sneeze.

He blinked his eyes open, immediately groaning at the light that pierced through his eyeballs and into his temples. He brought an arm up to shield his face, shivering slightly. Taking a deep breath, Lance conducted a mental survey of his condition, assessing his apparently numerous ailments that seem to have manifested overnight.

Congested sinuses that dissolved into a throbbing headache that pulsed outward with each movement? Check. 

Raw, sandpaper throat, and lungs that rattled with every inhale? Check.

The strange sensation of being completely, bone-numbingly cold despite the warmth and clamminess of his limbs? Checkerooni.

Conclusion: Today is gonna suck.

If Lance were to be perfectly honest with himself, he would concede that he had been feeling off these last couple days. Nevertheless, the team needed his 100% right now, and any wooziness he may have felt had to be put on the backburner. With several months having passed without any sign of Shiro, tensions within the castle were palpable.  Keith and Pidge seemed inches away from snapping at any given moment, Allura’s training schedule seemed to have been kicked up the several notches from “very harsh” to “dear god I can taste my own pulse”, and even Hunk and Coran seemed somewhat subdued. It was the least Lance could do to try and keep up, and make sure the other’s stayed optimistic. He was the joker, the sharpshooter - it was his role, no matter how taxing it could be on his own body.

Lance steeled himself, counting down from five, before swinging out of his bed, pausing to lean against the wall as a wave of dizziness washed over him. Once the tilt-a-whirl he usually called a bedroom settled to a soft swaying, Lance began to make his way down to the dining hall.

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Joke of the Day

A man walks into a restaurant with a full-grown ostrich behind him.

As he sits, the waitress comes over and asks for their orders.

The man says, “I’ll have a hamburger, fries and a coke,” and turns to the ostrich, “What’s yours?”

“I’ll have the same,” says the ostrich.

A short time later the waitress returns with the order. “That will be $6.40 please,” and the man reaches into his pocket and pulls out the exact change for payment.

The next day, the man and the ostrich come again and the man says, “I’ll have a hamburger, fries and a coke,” and the ostrich says, “I’ll have the same.”

Once again the man reaches into his pocket and pays with exact change.

This becomes a routine until late one evening, the two enter again.

“The usual?” asks the waitress. “No, this is Friday night, so I will have a steak, baked potato and salad,” says the man, “same for me,” says the ostrich.

A short time later the waitress comes with the order and says, “That will be $12.62."Once again the man pulls exact change out of his pocket and places it on the table.

The waitress can’t hold back her curiosity any longer.

"Excuse me, sir.How do you manage to always come up with the exact change out of your pocket every time?”

“Well,” says the man, “several years ago I was cleaning the attic and I found an old lamp. When I rubbed it a Genie appeared and offered me two wishes. My first wish was that if I ever had to pay for anything, I would just put my hand in my pocket and the right amount of money would always be there.”

“That’s brilliant!"says the waitress. "Most people would wish for a million dollars or something, but you’ll always be as rich as you want for as long as you live!”

“That’s right. Whether it’s a gallon of milk or a Rolls Royce, the exact money is always there,” says the man.

The waitress asks, “One other thing, sir, what’s with the ostrich?”

The man sighs, pauses, and answers, “My second wish was for a tall chick with long legs who agrees with everything I say.”

Big Bad

Anon asked: Plz an imagine Peter Parker where he’s best friends with y/n but secretly likes her and gets pissed off when a jock flirts with her so he uses his spidey powers and kicks his ass? And then you decide where it goes from there, haha sorry if this is too long. thanks pal ;)

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“Like I said, nothing to worry ab-” Peter faded out as he stuck his head into his locker to rummage around while Y/N leaned against the ones next to him. 

“Nothing to worry about,” you scoffed, chipping at the already peeling cobalt blue paint covering the locker. “Coming from Peter Parker, the smartest kid in this school, I’m sure you are completely right. Nothing to worry about for you." 

You glanced around Midtown high school with a heavy sigh as a loud crash echoed from your best friends locker. 

Not even flinching, your face broke into a smirk. Who knows what that boy had shoved in that poor thing. 

Before you could say anything, his voice called out, "I’m okay!" 

Laughing, and shaking your head, you looked away to see Flash Thompson smiling down at you. 

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Here it isssss! Part 2 to “Before”. Hope you enjoy the ending, and let me know what you think! <3


There wasn’t much more you could do; the longer you stood there as the room emptied out, the stranger you would look. Obviously, you would have to leave before Harry, and you were beginning to realize that he wasn’t going to leave his spot next to the door.

Finally, the crowd around him trickled out and Harry was left by himself. He caught your eye and your heart started to pound. There was no escape now. You couldn’t make up an excuse as to why you were still standing there, seemingly waiting for him to come talk to you. Maybe that was part of the reason your body hadn’t willed you to move for the past few hours; perhaps you wanted him to come talk to you.

He started to walk toward you and you found yourself glued to the spot. You couldn’t have moved, even if you wanted to. There were a million things running through your mind in the few short seconds between Harry spotting you and being right in front of you. But when he stopped and smiled at you, there was only one word that came out of your mouth.




The silence that followed felt incredibly long to you, but it was really only a few seconds. You cleared your throat and motioned toward the door.

“I was, uh, just on my way out, actually.”

Harry pursed his lips and nodded.

“M’sorry I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to you,” he said, “S’more people here than I was expectin’ and some of them never shut up.”

You stifled a laugh and nodded in understanding. You were familiar with some of his more talkative friends and how they could carry on a conversation with him for hours if he let them. There had been a few instances where the two of you had been out on a date and Harry had run into one of these friends; needless to say, your date had been put on hold until Harry could finally find the right way to politely indicate that he was finished the conversation and ready to move on.

“It’s okay,” you assured him, “I didn’t expect you to drop everything and come talk to me; you didn’t even really want me here, after all.”

Harry frowned then, looking directly at you.

“What are you talkin’ about? Of course I wanted yeh here.”

“You didn’t invite me,” you reminded him, “You only did it because Jeff has a big mouth and you didn’t want to be rude.”

He paused for a moment, knowing that you were right about that, but trying to figure out some way to make it sound better.

“I wanted to invite you,” he said, softly, “Didn’t think you’d want to come.”

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Thursday | ten

Genre: best friend!au | fluff, lil bit of quite stressful angst but happy ending

Member: Ten / reader

Word Count: 3500ish

Summary: “it was still a mistake”

“no the mistake was falling for you!”

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

It’s a Thursday when they meet.

Their year 7 teacher assigns them partnered projects about the solar system and she pulls names out of a hat. They get paired together. He’s is nice, really nice and she realises he has the most beautiful smile she’s ever seen- she’s not star struck or anything, she just hasn’t seen one like it before.

He introduces himself, she hasn’t seen him around much before so she’s assuming he’s pretty new and his name is a number. “Why is your name Ten?” she asks as they’re glueing planets to pieces of strings.

He shrugs, “It’s just a nickname.”

She frowns, “Well then what’s your real name.”

He sighs, smiling knowingly because there’s no way she’ll be able to pronounce it. “ Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul.” he says, almost proudly.

She pauses, staring at him, “Yeah I like Ten.” she dismisses because even she knows any attempt at the pronunciation would be embarrassing.

He grins, “You’re funny.”

“Do you want to be friends?” She asks quietly, almost shyly and he likes her already.

He smiles again, “I have a feeling we will be for a very long time.”

She frowns, “What are you a psychic or something?” She scoffs and rolls her eyes, pretending that a few second ago she wasn’t worried about what he’d say.

“Yeah I read people’s minds.” He assures.

She narrows her eyes and glances around the room. And then she points to a classmate, “What’s he thinking?”

“That he’s got a really itchy butt.”

And the teacher separates them because they distract each other too much.

“We’re out of Chinese.”

Ten closes the door behind him, frowning as he makes his way past the kitchen to look into the open living room. She’s sitting on the floor with a plate of food in her hands and her laptop on her lap. She’s surrounded by sheets and open text books and colouring pens strewn around in an unseemingly order. “That Chinese has been there for weeks.” He scoffs, dropping his bag onto the dining room table.

She shrugs, “It’s the only thing that was in there and I’m starving.” He breathes a laugh, walking over to sit behind her on the couch. He flops down and sighs loudly, rubbing his eyes tiredly. She pauses stuffing her face. “Do you want to talk about it?” she asks.

There’s a silence where he contemplates telling her, knowing that he will eventually because he tells her everything so he just sighs. “I got fired.”

She glares at him, “Again?” she cries, putting her plate aside to turn around and face him. Her chin barely reaches the sofa but she still manages to scare him a little. “What the hell did you do this time?” she demands.

“Nothing!” he cries cordially but when he sees the look on her face he sighs again, “Okay so I may have burnt someone’s arm.”

She frowns, “How did you do that?”

He rolls his eyes and waves her off like it’s no big deal, “They got in the way of the fire-”


“It was only a small fire and I told him to move, it’s not my fault they put the toaster right under the cupboards.” he defends.

She shakes her head, “You’re insane.”

He sits up, looking down at her plate of food, “Yeah, well at least I’m not going to get food poisoning.”

She waves him off, “I’m not going to get food poisoning.”

“Look at it, there’s mould on the chicken!” he cries, reaching over to point and she bats his hand away.

“Get your own food!” she snaps. He rolls his eyes threading his fingers through her hair and sighs Her eyes flutter closed and she leans her head against the sofa. It’s quiet, the only sound is their breathing and he doesn’t think he wants to move from this very spot when they’re both so comfortable in the silence of their own thoughts. “I’m tired.” she murmurs.

He looks down at her with eyes soft around the edges of the cold look she’s grown so used to and he nods, “Me too.”

His fingers thread through the knots and his thumb brushes her cheek and a part of her feels that this isn’t what friends do, but when he makes her feel like this she doesn’t care. “Can we watch House?” She asks quietly.

He breathes a laugh, “As long as you promise not to spoil it for me.”

This time she laughs, “Well I’m sorry I used to watch ER. At least your life is safe in my hands, imagine, you could have a heart attack right now and I would know what to do.” she assures.

He rolls his eyes, “If I have a heart attack its because of all the stress you cause me.”

It’s a Thursday when Ten realises he might like her as more than a friend.

They’re in the supermarket, travelling between aisles in search of cheap food that they can easily make because neither of them is particularly good at cooking. He’s pushing the trolley and she’s sitting inside it, a lollipop in her mouth as she grabs at rice packets and biscuits and throws them into her lap. “We don’t need those.” He points out as she slides a stack of waffles somewhere next to her knee.

She wags a finger at him but doesn’t turn, “We always need waffles.” She assures.

He shakes his head, “There is literally no situation in which we would ever need waffles.”

She grabs a cowboy hat that someone disregarded in the cereal aisle and pops the lollipop out of her mouth, “well, what if the queen comes around?”

“The queen?” He scoffs, throwing in a pack of cereal that he knows she likes.

“Yeah!” She cries, “And what if she stays for breakfast and we’ve only made pancakes but she doesn’t like pancakes and we don’t have any waffles!” she holds them up to show him, “We can’t let down the queen!”

“Of which country?” He asks in response

She pauses. “England?” She suggests, “Or maybe a Russian Tzar, oh! Do you think Rasputin might come round?” She exclaims, turning to face him with this child-like grin that turns his leg to jelly.

He shakes his head with a small smile, “Rasputin’s dead.” he points out and she waves him off.

“That’s what they want you to think.” She assures, “And if he ever visits I can assure you that he is a waffle person.”

“Okay, now what your reasoning for this?” He asks, reaching forward to pull the cowboy hat from her head.

She snatches it back, “I look good in it, is that not reason enough?”

“Were not going to buy it.” he points out, “Despite the fact that it’s just you and me, we eat a lot.

She mock gasps, “But what if woody comes round for dinner?”

He rolls his eyes, turning the trolley towards the costume aisle, “Don’t you think he’d be offended by you impersonating a cowboy?”

She pauses.

“You’re right!” She cries, ripping the hat off her head. She wriggles around in the cart and clambers to her knees, facing him as she places it against his hair and begins to tie string to hold in place under his chin. “You’d look more realistic as a cowboy.” she smirks and he’s staring longer that he should.

“Can I get a tiara?” He asks, still pushing the trolley and she grins.

“Of course you can princess, any particular colour?” She questions, her eyes crinkling with her smile.

He hesitates, a finger tapping his chin as he pretends to think, “Pink or purple, whatever they’ve got.”

She nods, “Yes-sir-ie” she jokes in the most southern accent she can muster and leans out of the trolley, picking up various princess costumes, “Would you like to slip into an apple induced coma or lose a shoe on a wild night out?” She asks, holding them up to face him.

He smirks, “Depends, do I meet the love of my life?” He asks, looking her straight into the eyes before realising the fact that his heart rate is way up.

She smiles, adjusting the cowboy hat on his head, “Why, do tell me your deepest, darkest wish and the genie will make it a reality.” She says, again in a southern accent, “Is it princess Jasmine? Was it her beautiful dark eyes?”

He cocks his head leaning closer, “No.” he shakes his head, still staring, too long. She notices. “They look like yours.”

“Shut up.” She jokes and when he doesn’t say anything the smile slowly slides off her face. She hesitates, “You’re serious?” She deadpans.

He shrugs, “Same colour hair, same freckles on her cheek, same smile.” he blurts before he can even realise that this is probably a mistake.

And she stays kneeled in the trolley, their faces close enough to see the truth in each others eyes and that cowboy hat still on his face. She blinks, trying to ignore her heartbeat, “Are you banging my sister?” she raises an eyebrow.

And they laugh, but they never talk about it again.

She glares at him from her seat at the dining room table, “I told you, I can’t.”

He throws himself dramatically onto the table, whining and pretending to sob, “But please!” he begs, praying in her direction and pouting.

She shakes her head, ignoring him, “No. You asked me a week ago and my answer was no, you asked me yesterday and my answer was no and then you asked me today and guess what? My answer is still no.”

“But you promised!” he exclaims.

She stares at him almost astounded, “I did no such thing.” she assures cordially.

He wags his finger, “At 4:30 am on the Friday of last week you said that you would come with me.”

“4:30 am? On Friday? You mean when I had been awake for 52 hours?” she cries.

He holds his hands up, “You still promised.”

“I was sleep deprived!” she yells.

“It counts!” he assures.

“It does not!” she replies, “Now get off the table, you’re sitting on my work.” she demands.

He shakes his head, “Nope.” and proceeds to lie down on top of the mounds of paper and open textbooks. “You’re coming. Get your shoes it’s Latin night.”

“I don’t even dance!” she cries, running short of arguments he’ll just ignore anyway.

He shrugs, “You do with me.” he points out.

She glares at him, crossing her arms and trying her best not to blush. He looks so hopeful and pleading and the white shirt he’s wearing clings to his body like it’s always belonged there. She wrinkles her nose, shaking her head, “You’re so annoying.” she huffs angrily.

But he grins, this wide million watt smile that blinds her and makes her forget that she’s angry  because oh god he looks so beautiful. “Yes!” he cries, sitting up. She grabs a textbook and whacks him with it, “Ow! What was that for?”

“For constantly roping me into this shit!” she replies and he laughs, a laugh that makes her heart stutter and die in her chest.

She hits him again.

It’s a Thursday when they first kiss.

Its 3am and they’re still dancing in the club at Latin night. Her feet are sore and her legs ache but she’s got this huge grin on her face and her veins are intoxicated with a flood of alcohol. Or maybe it’s the way he’s looking at her, who knows. There are waves of bodies crushed together and music that pounds her ears until the floor shakes and the lights become a haze of colours that ripple through her mind.

He twirls her around and laughs when she does because her laugh is infectious and he can’t stop staring. “Shots?” She asks and he nods.

They weave between the plethora of bodies that nearly crush them and she reaches out to hold onto his hand so they don’t lose each other. She nearly slams into the bar and they both laugh because they’re pretty drunk, and they’ve been here so long the bartender knows what to give them.

“Three, two, one!” They shout over the music and then they lick the salt from their hands, down the shot and then stick a lemon in each others mouths. They laughing and smiling and they’re touchier than usual because they’re drunk and fuck it, boundaries disappear when they’re drunk.

His arms is around her waist and his fingers grip at the bare skin  her hip to hold her in place. She smiles and pushes the hair back from his sweaty forehead, “You’re hot.” She points out, breathing heavily because she is too.

He smirks, “Thanks, I know.”

She laughs and shoves his chest, “You’re an idiot.”

But she pushes too hard and looses her own balance but he catches her  wrapping both arms around her. Her hands land on his shoulders so she can stop herself from falling down and that, right then, is when they kiss.

Because why not?

They’re both consenting adults, neither of them will remember and when he kisses her like that she doesn’t care. His fingers are tangled in her hair and her skin is on fire, their veins feel like they’re being pricked over and over again by tiny needles.

This probably shouldn’t be happening, they’re friends- best friends. Best friends don’t kiss each other like the world is at their feet. But their kissing too deeply, too much like they care that they lose their balance and nearly fall down again. And so they back to dancing, but things change from then on.

“You haven’t spoken to him? You live together!” Johnny cries and she rolls her eyes.

“That’s another problem. I need to find an apartment.” she adds, staring down at her coffee and swirling it with the small spoon provided.

“Are you serious?” He mutters, rubbing his forehead with his thumb and middle finger. “You can’t just move out.”

She shrugs, “Why not? He has six hours of lectures on Thursday, I can pack up some stuff, stay at yours.”

He scoffs a laugh, “You are not staying at mine.”

She frowns, leaning forward, “Why not?”

Because-” he hisses and then pauses, taking a deep breath. “Because you can’t just not talk to your best friend for a week and then move out without any explanation.”

“Fine, I’ll leave a note.” she surrenders, waving her arms.

“Are you serious? Jesus you’re just as bad as each other.” He huffs angrily, leaning back in his chair because he’s sick of both of them.

She pauses and stops swirling her coffee, “What do you mean? He’s spoken to you?” she demands, her eyes wide.

He waves her off, “I’m not playing messenger between the two-”

“Does he hate me?” She asks quietly, looking back down at her coffee.

Johnny purses his lips and sighs, “Of course he doesn’t hate you, you’re his best friend.” he says softly, because he can tell she’s worried.

She swallows, looking out of the window, “I need to move out.” She determine.

Johnny throws his arm up, “Jesus Christ do something.” he begs.

Is a Thursday when they finally realise they’ve been in love with each other for years.

She goes back home when he’s at his six hours of lectures, but she’s still quiet anyway because she doesn’t really feel like she going home, she feels like she’s stepping into forbidden territory. She tip toes in, closing the door quietly behind her, “What are you doing?” A voice says.

She jumps, holding her hand to her heart and squeezing her eyes shut. But slowly she opens them, landing on Ten. He’s sitting on one end of the sofa with a book in his hand and a frown on his face. He looks tired, bags under his eyes and they’ve lost their usual glint. “I’m just uh…” she trails off, pointing to her room

She doesn’t finish that sentence, “Where have you been?” he asks with no particular tone of voice.

She swallows, dropping her keys into the bowl on the kitchen counter. “Busy.” She states, “I’ve had this project due so I’ve been living in the library for the past week and-”

“Stop lying to me.” He interrupts sadly, closing the book. He looks disappointed, like he expected better from her. “I think…” he trails off, scratching his head, “I think we need to talk.”

“About what? The state of our economy?” She smirks, laughing to hide the fear behind her words, “You know, China has had some fascinating developments in-”


“Well no actually, they’ve been working on a new train that is elevated above the city of-”

Hey!” He interrupts again, standing up this time. “You being in perpetual denial does not help anyone.” he scoffs, approaching her.

She rolls her eyes, “I’m not in denial, denial of what?”

“Do you remember that night?” He asks like he’s making sure she’s genuinely just ignoring him for another reason. He sounds so scared and tired that she opens her mouth but finds nothing to say.

She swallows, looking down at her feet, “It was a mistake.”

He shakes his head and scoffs bitterly, “No. It was a long time coming.”

She frowns, “What are you talking about?” She demands angrily-, but deep down she knows so maybe she really is in denial.

He cocks his head, “Wow, you really are oblivious.” he shakes his head and sighs, “there have been multiple occasions on which we’ve basically admitted how we felt and still neither of us did anything.”

She sneers, “We were drunk, people do dumb shit when they’re drunk.”

He shakes his head, “Sometimes we were sober.”

“It was still a mistake!” She cries, suddenly angry because he’s making her feel bad now.

“No, the mistake was falling for you.” he snaps back immediately.

Her neck snaps up, “What?” She breathes.

He cocks his head with a small smile, “Come on babe. You know what i’m talking about.” he assures, his fingers hooking apprehensively through hers.

She frowns, curling her fingers with his until she feels like he won’t let go. She steps closer to him and he sucks in a slow and steady breath, his eyes widening at the look she’s giving him. There’s this soft smile on her face and her eyes are shaded with hope and wonder and she swallows, “How long?” she asks quietly.

He laughs, “Do you remember when we went to prom and you wore that purple dress and the necklace I got you and the most jaw dropping smile i’ve ever seen another human wear.” he pauses, reaching up slowly and placing a hand on her cheek, “I realised that… there’s no-one else like you.” He smiles, “The day I met you was the day everything became a hundred times clearer, like I finally understood the reason i was put on this earth.”

She smiles as his arms come to wrap around her waist, and she feels like her skin is on fire wherever he touches her. “What happens now?”

And he kisses her again.

Its like poison in her veins, like she’s sliding down a cloud and his smile is the rainbow. “Now-” he breathes against her lips, “Now I think we need to establish something.” he states in all seriousness.

“Oh, okay, what?” She asks carefully.

“Rasputin is dead, and the Queen is not a waffle person” he blurts. “I bet you the queen only eats kale for breakfast or something.”

She looks aghast, “Now hold on a second-”

Shiro and Keith share a moment.
  • Keith: * sits next to Shiro and hands him some space juice *
  • Shiro: Thank you, Keith....
  • Keith: * looks out the large window * The view is nice..
  • Shiro: Yeah.. Its nice to learn new constellations...
  • Keith: Can you tell me.... What happened to you? Its alright if you don't want to..
  • Shiro: * pauses and swallows *
  • Shiro: I guess I can tell you.... You have a right to know.. But my memory is so fuzzy.. I can't remember everything..
  • Keith: * places his hand on Shiros shoulder *
  • Shiro: * sighs * After I was taken by the Galra, they put us in prison... After what felt like months they stuck us in the arena.. I had to hurt Matt to save him.. So they'd pick me, instead..
  • Keith: * presses his forehead against Shiro's shoulder * Shiro...
  • Shiro: After winning every match I was put in, they named me Champion... Sometimes Haggar would experiment on me... I would beg them to stop... But they drugged me...
  • Shiro: During one of her experiments... Haggar took my arm... * raises his robotic arm *
  • Keith: * tries not to cry *
  • Shiro: Keith... Why are you crying..?
  • Keith: Thinking about the things they did to you... I...it makes me so angry... I wish.. I wish I was there with you...
  • Shiro: No... Keith... Its okay.. Don't blame yourself....
  • Keith: * wraps his arms around Shiro and cries softly *
  • Shiro: * pulls him close * Its okay, Keith...
Twisted In Lies (D.T) Part 1

Summary: It’s been 6 months, since Y/N and the boys spoken to each other. They’ve all moved on. Y/N even has a boyfriend now. But what happens when Y/N reunites with Ethan and Grayson? Does a reacquainted love occur? Are there more lies? Will more hearts be broken? 

Word Count: 2,883

Warning: None

A/N: We had so many ideas for Twisted In Love, that it was only right we continued the series! So, SURPRISE! Here’s the sequel! As you can see it is called Twisted In Lies. Why? You’ll see as you read the series. Feedback is always welcome! Let us know what you guys think! Make sure you guys keep an eye out on @sniperdolan blog for part 2!

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Love you! :) 

( the boys are 20 in this series.)

Originally posted by byekylie

Reader’s POV

It’s been 6 months since I’ve spoken to either Ethan or Grayson. The last time I’ve seen them or spoken to them, was the night we got back from Playlist Live Orlando, and everything kind of blew up.

They ended up working things out, and I’m glad. Thank god the Dolans Twins were still together, and from what I see and hear on social media, the boys have been doing great. I tried to keep up with their videos, and watch they whenever they post but it was hard. I missed them. Before all of the craziness, we were friends. I missed being their friend.

I think about reaching out to them, to see if we could try to amend our friendship, but I wouldn’t even know what to say. Grayson was in a relationship now. He was dating a 21 year old college student named Gabriella. She wasn’t a model, or a YouTuber, or anybody in the social media world. She was your normal everyday college fan girl. She was really pretty, and they looked super cute together. I was happy for him. He deserved to be happy.

A lot has happened in the last 6 months. After all that drama passed, everything has been going great. I now have 4 million subscribers on YouTube. I have 5.9 million followers on Instagram, and I was 3,000 followers away from 3 million on Twitter. I’ve doing a little modeling here and there, and taking on some acting rolls for a few shows. I’m so grateful for all these amazing opportunities I’ve been blessed with.

Tonight was the Teen Choice Awards, and I have been nominated for 2 awards. Choice Female YouTuber, and Choice Female WebStar. It was an honor to even be invited to go, let alone be up for 2 big awards. I was currently in my apartment, getting ready with my best friend and my roommate Lena, and my boyfriend Cameron Dallas.

Cameron and I started dating a few months ago. 4 months to be exact. A few weeks after all the drama and stuff had gone down, I was asked to do a photo shoot for Calvin Klein, and Cameron was my partner for the shoot. We got along really well while we were on set. Cracking jokes, and just making each other laugh. He reached out to me on Twitter a few days after the shoot, and asked me to film a collab video with him for his channel. He was a flirt let me tell you! We ended up texting, and snapping each other, and went on a few dates, and now here we are. I really like Cameron, he makes me happy.

“Ready to go beautiful?” he asked, holding out his hands for me to take into my own.

Cameron, Lena, and I walked down stairs to the front of the apartment complex, and got into the Uber. We were finally on our way to my first TCAs.

* * * *

We pulled up to the venue, and as we were getting out the Uber, Cameron and I were immediately called over to the blue carpet. We walked over to the carpet and waited at the end before we were told to go on. I haven’t been here for 10 mins yet and I’m already seeing a ton of celebrities and I’m fangirling a little bit on the inside. There was so much going on. People interviewing, people taking pictures, cameras flashing everywhere. I wasn’t s nervous as I thought I would be, and I guess that was because I had Cameron with me, and he’s done this like a bunch of times already.

“You guys are next.” the lady said to Cameron and I.

“You ready?” Cameron asked. I nodded.

Cameron held my hand, as we both stepped onto the carpet. Immediately there were cameras flashing at us. We stopped and posed for some photos. We took some silly ones, and some normal ones. They wanted some pictures of us by ourselves, so Cameron went off to take his pictures, and I was over here taking mine. I did a few cute poses, and headed over to the next part which was the interview.

* * * *

“Y/N! You look gorgeous. So it’s your first TCA and have already been nominated for 2 awards! Congratulations!” the interview said before placing the mic in front of me.

“Thank you so much! I’m grateful to even be here, so being nominated for 2 awards, I’m truly honored! I hands down have the best fans in the world! I love you guys!” I said blowing a kiss into the camera.

The interview carried on for a little bit, with questions about my channel, and what else I’ve been working. Now here comes the one question I’ve been dreading the most. Great.

“So Y/N I think everyone is dying to know. Have you and the twins talked at all since all the drama happened? Do you think it’s possible to fix the friendship?” she asked.

I did not want to answer that question at all, and I didn’t know how to answer that question. That was a question I was hoping to avoid, but of course it was going to get brought up so am I surprised.

“We haven’t talked, but I mean I have nothing against them. I’ve been hearing a lot of great things, so I couldn’t be any more proud of them.” I said truthfully.

Thank god Cameron finished his interview because he came over shortly after I answered the question.

“Clearly everyone is talking about “You and Cameron’s Ship Name” How are you guys feeling about being nominated for Favorite Ship?” the interviewer asked.

“I think we’re a pretty cute couple, and I think the fans would agree.” Cameron said, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Before we let you guys go in, we have something for Y/N here.” the interviewer said, before walking off to the side to get something. She came back with a surfboard and I was so confused. Was it mine?

“Y/N you won Choice Female WebStar! Congratulations on your first award of the evening!” the interviewer cheered.

Cameron was cheering like one of those embarrassing mom.

“Oh my god! Thank you so much!” I said surprised. I was shocked to say the least. My first TCAs and my first surfboard! Tonight was going to be great!

* * * *

After the carpet Cameron head inside to meet Lena, who was already at her seat. I was seating down when Lena looked at me and kept motioning her head back, and mouthing for me to turn around. I gave her a weird look, but turned my around to see what she was trying to tell me.

It was them. It was Ethan and Grayson. They were sitting literally a row behind us. Grayson had his arm wrapped around some girl, who I realized was his girlfriend. Well I guess this will be interesting.

The award show went on, and it was time for them to announce Choice Male WebStar. A category both Cameron and the twins were nominated for. I was feeling so conflicted. Of course I wanted my boyfriend to win, but the twins also deserve it.

“And the winner for Choice Male WebStar is? …” the announcer paused as she opened the envelope. Cameron was holding my hand the whole time, while he was shaking his leg up and down nervously. It was cute how after all the awards he’s won he still gets so nervous.

“The Dolan Twins!” the announcer yelled into the microphone. I looked over at Cameron to see if he was upset or angry, but he wasn’t. Instead he was smiling and clapping for his friends.

As the twins were walking up to receive their award, they walked passed my row and Ethan did a little double take, as he tapped on Grayson’s arm making him turn around and his eyes landed on me. I flashed him a small smile, and he just turned around and made his way to the stage with Ethan.

“You okay?” Lena asked me.

“Yeah, it’s just weird seeing them since we haven’s spoken or anything you know.” I responded truthfully.

The boys gave their speech, and the fans went crazy! We went through a few more awards, a performance from Ariana Grande. Cameron had just won his Choice Comedian award, and I couldn’t be happier! They were announcing the awards for Choice Female YouTuber and Choice Male YouTuber next, and I was honestly freaking out! I was up against so many great YouTubers, there was no way I was winning that award. I was in my seat talking to Lena, and Cameron, when someone came and told me I needed to head backstage.

I was waiting backstage like the one of the backstage crew members told me to, but I wasn’t sure for what to be honest.

“Hey stranger.” I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. I turned around to see who it was.

It was Ethan.

“Hey!” I said, a little excited, but a little taken back at the same time.

“What are you doing backstage?” he asked me, nervously running his hand through his hair.

“I don’t know, they just told me to come back here and wait for something.” I shrugged.

“What about you? Why are you back here?” I asked.

“I don’t know either. Someone told Grayson and I the same thing.” he said, putting his hands in his back pocket.

There was an awkward silence between us for a few seconds before Ethan spoke again.

“I’m not mad anymore.” he said, causing me to drift my attention from the floor to him.

“I wanted to reach out but Grayson said you changed your number.” he finished.

“Yeah I did…” I paused.

“Ethan, I really am sorry about everything that happened.” I told him.

“It’s cool. I’m over it. I just miss my best friend.” he said flashing me his award winning smile.

“So friends?” I asked, as I was being pulled in for a hug by Ethan.

We both took out our phones, and decided to take a selfie. We posted a video on our Snapchat stories, and posted our selfies on Twitter with the caption …

@EthanDolan: “Ran into this stranger backstage. Congrats on your first TCA @YourTwitterName! Proud of you! 1 down 1 to go!”

@YourTwitterName: “Look who I met backstage at the TCAs! @EthanDolan”

As I was putting my phone away I saw Grayson coming from around the corner. I wanted to say something to him, but one of the crew members grabbed me and told me to stand over by the stage entrance.The announcer started making the announcement for the female and male YouTuber nominations.

“Good Luck.” Ethan said from behind me. The crew members had us standing in some kind of line up in front of the stage entrance, and I had zero idea as to why. Grayson was standing next to Ethan, paying attention on his phone and not once did he even try to look at me. I guess he wasn’t over it like Ethan was.

I smiled and wished him good luck as well.  

“And your winner for Choice Female YouTuber is…”

“Y/N Y/L/N!” one of the announcers yelled.

As I was walking up the stairs to get on the stage to accept my award, the second announcer started announced the award for male YouTuber.

“And your Choice Male YouTuber is…”

“The Dolan Twins!” the second announcer yelled, and the boys came walking onto the stage behind me.

We accepted our awards, gave our speeches and continue off the stage. I had some interviews to do so Cameron waited for me backstage so we could go together.

“2 awards! I’m proud of you babe!” Cameron said pulling me into a hug, as he placed a kiss on my cheek.

“Yo E, congrats bro!” Cameron shouted to Ethan, turning around giving him one of those bro hugs.

We made our way to a room, that had a beach theme going on.There were surfboards, a little swimming pool with sand around it, and a beach balls getting thrown around everywhere. It was pretty cute. Ethan, Grayson, Cameron and I were all getting interviewed by Tyler Oakley.

“So Y/N. You tweeted a selfie of Ethan and yourself and Ethan you did as well. So can we confirm that everything is good between you guys? No more drama” Tyler asked.

“Yes, everything is good. The past is the past, and I’m just happy to have my best friend back!” I said, as Ethan pulled me into a side hug.

“What about you Grayson? Everything’s good between you guys?” Tyler asked Grayson. To be honest, I didn’t know how he was going to respond. I mean he has even said a single word to me. Not like I expect him too, but I figured if Ethan got over it maybe he would too.

‘Yeah, we’re good!” Grayson said, fake smiling at the camera.

We were all answering a few fan questions, Cameron was cracking a few jokes back and forth with Ethan. Grayson tried to interact but you can tell he wanted to get the hell out of here as soon as possible. I mean I’m sure this has to be awkward for him. Seeing me for the first time in months, and I’m here with my boyfriend who just happens to be a friend of his. Someone bought out an envelope and surfboard, handing it to Tyler. He opened the envelope and read it before turning his attention back to the camera.

“Congratulations “You and Cameron’s Ship Name” you just won the Favorite Ship award!” Tyler screamed. Turning around to hand Cameron and I the surfboard.

“Told you we’re a cute couple.” Cameron said, before giving me a kiss on the lips.

Everyone in the roomed started awing following with chants of our ship name. Even Ethan was chanting it. Cameron and I pulled apart from our kiss, and I turned my head to look at Grayson. His eyes met mine, but quickly left as he turned his head and whispered something into Ethan’s ear.

After the interview Cameron and I went to go meet up with Lena before we started heading out. The TCAs were now over, and besides the awkward tension between Grayson and I, I had an amazing time. As the three of us were walking through the hectic crowd, Ethan approached us with Grayson and his girlfriend following behind. 

“Hey Y/N. Do you wanna go get some pizza and catch up? Cameron and your friend can come too.” Ethan said eyeing Lena. They never met before, but Lena being my best friend of course she knew all about him.

“Yeah, that sounds good actually! Cam you want to go babe?” I asked my boyfriend.

“Yeah, I’m down. Lets go! I’m starving!” Cameron said, wrapping his arm around my waist.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Ethan, this is my best friend Lena. The one I use to always be on FaceTime with.” I said introducing Ethan to Lena.

“So this is the infamous best friend we always use to hear about but never met.”

“Nice to meet you Lena, I’m Ethan.” he said shaking her hand, flashing her a wide smile.

We walked outside, and somehow managed to fit into one SUV. The car ride to the restaurant consisted of just jamming out, and taking snapchat videos. Well all of us except Grayson. He was sitting in the front seat on his phone the whole time.

“Babe are you okay?” I heard his girlfriend ask him. 

She was really pretty. They really did look cute together. I hope she treats him well. He deserved to be happy.

I started making small talk with Gabriella and she was really sweet. We talked a little bit about her, and school, she was really nice. Perfect for Grayson to be honest. Meanwhile Cameron was FaceTiming his sister next to me, and Ethan and Lena were in the back seat talking, and taking selfies. If I didn’t know any better, I would say Ethan was even flirting a little bit. Lena and Ethan? Lethan? Okay I would totally ship that! I wouldn’t even be mad if they ever dated. 

* * * *

We arrived at the restaurant, and the waiter sat us at a big circular booth near the back. 

I was sitting next to Cameron, followed my Lena and Ethan, and with Gabriella and Grayson on the opposite side of me. We all ordered our drinks, and Ethan ordered us a big pineapple pizza pie. 

We were eating and making small talk amongst each other. Everything was going great. The vibe with everyone was great, everyone except Grayson anyway. He was pretty much quite the whole time, unless he was talking to Gabriella or Ethan. He made small talk with Lena here and there, but as for Cameron and I he didn’t really speak to us. 

“Does anyone want anything else?” Grayson asked, picking up the check. He offered to pay the bill, which I thought was sweet of him. 

But I spoke to soon.

“What about you Cam? You could always go for seconds right?” Grayson said, smirking at Cameron. 

Great here we go…

free will vs. fate

here’s a quick entry for klanceweek prompt #1: free will vs. fate

i may put these on ao3 if enough people enjoy them but, for now, you can also find them on twitter!

“I can’t do this anymore,” Keith murmurs.

The room is heavy with exhaustion, with the weight of responsibilities. Slouched next to him on the couch, Lance glances at Keith out of the corner of his eye. The words are tired—Keith is tired.

Lance lets his eyes flutter shut. Another mission, another near disaster. Without Shiro at the helm, the team doesn’t function quite as well as it used to. Keith takes more risks than Shiro had, which occasionally works to their advantage. Today, though, is one of the many times it didn’t.

“It isn’t your fault, dude,” Lance sighs. He has yet to remove his armor, and the material feels heavier than ever. “Besides, we all made it out alive. That’s something, right?”

“Aren’t you the person who’s supposed to give me shit for this?”

“You make a good point…” Lance taps his chin, lips pursed. “If you need me to, I can. You don’t have to twist my arm. Actually, please don’t. My right arm hurts like a bitch from where that one meathead Galra pushed me down.”

Keith snorts and leans his head back, exposing the long curve of his neck. A moment of silence settles between them before Keith speaks again. “I’m being serious, though. Leading the team… I’m not cut out for it.”

Lance cycles through a few different responses. Since Shiro vanished, Lance has heard the other paladins offer Keith varying advice. Hunk urging Keith to keep trying, Pidge admonishing him for his disregard for her family, Allura dissecting each of his plans, Coran insisting he’s the best for the job. And Lance… he doesn’t know how to handle the situation. How does he feel about Keith as their leader?

“You didn’t choose this,” Lance starts, carefully considering his approach. “Did you?”

“I guess not. Shiro always said I should take his place if something happened to him.”

“But you didn’t choose to be the big bad leader of your own freewill. You know what I mean?”


“It isn’t like you’ve been gunning for the position or anything. You took charge because a really close friend wanted you to.” Lance pauses. “I mean, you love Red, right? I know how close Blue and I are. Bonding with another lion after everything you put into bonding with Red—it can’t be easy.”

To his surprise, the corners of Keith’s lips twist into a smile. It reminds Lance of something and, for a moment, he can’t quite put his finger on what it is. But then he remembers. A shaky image, on the fringes of his memory, of Keith regarding him with a soft smile, their fingers interlocked.

The bonding moment, Lance recalls with a start.

“I miss Red so much,” Keith whispers. His voice is strained with longing, and it tugs at something inside Lance’s chest. “But I… I’m the only one who can pilot the black lion.”

An idea strikes Lance, and, okay, maybe it’s stupid. But Lance finds himself blurting, “I can help you.”

Idiot, idiot, what the hell. Lance’s subconscious is screaming at him, and he kindly tells it to leave him alone, geez. Why did he say that? This is Keith; he doesn’t need Lance’s help. Allura would make a much better right-hand man—woman—than him.

“Really?” Keith prompts.

“Uh—I? Yes?”

Lance expects disgust or laughter or, hell, even annoyance. To think someone as useless as Lance would volunteer himself for such an important role is ridiculous.

“That…” Keith trails off and Lance braces himself for impact. “Would be… amazing.”

“Yeah, yeah, I shouldn’t have even brought it u—wait. What’d you just say?” Lance swears his soul leaves his body. “Did you? What?

“I could really use some help,” Keith explains. There’s a weariness in his voice, and Lance realizes, with everything that’s happened recently, Keith has been hit the hardest. “I didn’t expect you to offer but… I kind of hoped you would.”

Lance must be dreaming. This Keith can’t possibly be the real Keith.

“Me?” Lance squeaks, disbelieving.

“You’re the best for the job…”

Holy shit, Keith is blushing.

“I don’t know about that,” Lance scoffs, scratching the back of his neck. He might be blushing, too. Ugh. “I’m just… you know. Me.”

“Exactly.” Keith’s eyes narrow to angry little slits, almost like he’s offended.

“Keith, my dude, my main man…”

“You can do it.” Slowly, Keith’s smile morphs into a smirk, much like before a practice spar. A wicked glint dances behind his eyes, and Lance feels like he’s going to explode. “Isn’t that right, Sharpshooter?”


Brief Summary: Your close friend Harry lets you in on a little secret, that your favorite awkward Gryffindor has a crush on you!

Words: 1239

Warnings: None I believe. Just cute innocent fluff.

Pairing: Neville Longbottom X Female!Reader

Note: I dunno. Thought it was cute. Maybe it is?

Originally posted by hogwartsisheretowelcomeyouhome

Another training session in the room of requirement began and completed as everyone was sneaking out to go back about their day.

“Hey! Y/n?” Your dear friend Harry called as you exited the room laughing lightly with Hermione about the latest homework. You paused and told Hermione to go on without you while you waited for Harry to caught up.

“What’s up, Harry?” You hum putting on your Hogwarts robe your Hufflepuff house symbol presented proudly.

“Was wondering if you had finished the potions homework. Not that I wanted to copy or anything. Just thought we could work on it together by the lake? Ron hasn’t down it either.” He smiled dorkily, working on homework with those two meant you teaching everything and helping them not fail. Which you didn’t mind at all. You looked out for the boys.

“Yeah sure. I don’t have much going on. Didn’t wanna go to Transfiguration anyway, then it was canceled.” You praised quietly mainly because you couldn’t stand changing innocent animals into objects. Not like it hurt them but you didn’t want to have to do it.

“Oh yeah. I never get the spells quite right. The things always have tails or a leg.” Harry snickered before Neville headed by waving to you both. His gaze lingering on you a little longer than it should of.

“Oh yeah, I know.” You smile thinking back to all the transfiguration classes you shared with Harry before smiling extra wide at Neville. “Where do you think he’s going?”

“Probably the library to get his homework down early. He’s a bit like Hermione that way.” Harry chuckled at the thought, Neville wasn’t as smart but he did get all of his work done.

“Man. You should start bugging Neville or Hermione about helping you with potions.” You kidded before grinning at Harry who just shook his head.

“And leave you all alone? Never.” He taunted before you two headed down the hallway.

“I like that you taught us about Patronus’s. I never knew they were so cool.” You whisper slowly.

“Oh yeah, no problem. It helped me a few times so you never know.” He took a delicate pause. “Your Patronus. The Dolphin. I just think it’s really cool. Haven’t seen that one before.” He smiles and shoves his hands in his pockets as he walked.

“Yours is cool too. Stags are really pretty.” You hum gently not fully understanding what your animal Patronus meant at this age.

“Neville’s was cool too. It’s a turtle. Makes sense though.” Harry giggled softly and so did you.

“Yeah but now he’s really come out of his shell. Brave little Gryffindor there.” You snicker, thinking back to when you first met Neville in Charms class 2nd year.

“Yeah. He’s really grown up. Even harboring a small crush on yo-” Harry promptly shut his mouth not believing he just said that. He promised Neville he wouldn’t say a word.

“Oh really? On… what wait.” You halted dead in your tracks and looked at your close friend Harry. “What do you mean on me. Neville has a crush on me.”

“Y/n I didn’t.” He whispered but his eyes told you another story.

“Neville? Neville Longbottom? Innocent little Neville? He has a crush, on me?” Your cheeks went red as you didn’t believe it. Neville and you were good friends. Having quite a few classes together and hanging out by the black lake to do homework. He never came across as nothing other than friendly. “Are you sure?” Your voice was a mere whisper, unsure if this was a joke or the truth.

“It’s true. But you cannot tell Neville I told you! He made me promise not too!” Harry blurted out before face palming as Ron walked up with a grin.

“Hey guys, how’s it goi-”

“Neville has a crush on me!?!?!” You squeaked looking at Ron who stared at Harry.

“You bloody told her?!?!?” Ron nearly shouted even though a few students were starting to look their way.

“I didn’t mean too! It spilled it!” Harry defended himself but you were beyond happy. You had started crushing on the awkward Gryffindor about a year ago, and to know he liked you back. Well, that was amazing.

“Oi! Y/n. You cannot tell Neville you know. Got it?” Ron tried to reason with you but you just nodded not hearing a word the redhead said.

“Neville’s going be so unhappy,” Harry muttered before you snapped your attention back to the boys.

“Why? I like him back.” You told them, even though you thought it was obvious. Guess not to these two, or Neville.

“Wait. What?” Ron and Harry spoke in unison before looking at each other.

“You’re joking right?” Harry asked before you shook your head no.

“I’m going to go find Neville and do something I’ve wanted to do since last year.” You chime before bouncing off down the halls.

“What’s that?” Ron called after you.

“Kiss him!” You yelled back before speeding off down the hall. Ron and Harry looked at each other before quickly running after you.

Thankfully you were faster than the two boys and quickly found the odd Gryffindor about to enter the library.

“Neville! Wait up!” You called as he stopped in front of the library and smiled to you.

“Hey, Y/n. What’s up-” his soft voice started but before he could finish you wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your lips softly to his.

The boys skid to a stop as they saw you kissing a rather clueless Neville. Both their jaws falling open as they watched you.

You pulled away after a second seeing the confused look on Neville’s face followed by his burning red cheeks.

“Y-y/n?” He stuttered completely confused before looking to Harry and Ron was this some kind of joke?

“I like you, Neville Longbottom, always have it seems. I never thought you would even look at a Hufflepuff like me that way until Harry told me I couldn’t stop myself.” You utter quickly hoping all this was okay.

Neville then glares to Harry who slips to hide behind Ron. But once his eyes fall back on you, he smiles and holds out his hand shyly. “C-care to join me for some reading?”

“I would love to.” You took his hand and beamed at the boys before heading into the library with Neville.

He made you tell him everything that Harry and Ron said. Which you did still not believing he was crushing on you this whole time. You both take a seat at a table inside and hold hands while you read two different books together. Content as always. Even though he didn’t ask you out officially you knew this was the origin of a divine relationship.

“What did I miss?” Hermione comes out of the library with a book in hand looking at the boys.

“Y/n liked Neville this whole time,” Harry muttered as Ron nodded wordlessly.

“Well, of course, she’s always staring at him all dreamy like. And he’s all she ever talks about.” Hermione laughs softly before heading towards the common room.

“Wait you knew?!?!” The boys yelled as they chased after her.

Shamless Imagines 4-I wish you weren't a lesbian.(Best friends-Lip)

Pairing: You and Lip as best friends

Description: You and lip had been best friends since 13, You are now both 19 and living together, he had found out a few weeks ago that his girlfriend had been cheating on him and thats when you start to comfort him.

Requested: Yes: Lips best mate + a lesbian

Words: 400

Originally posted by heavenatniiight

You and lip cuddling was something that happened often, when a girl broke your heart or you had a bad dream or he thinks about drinking or Monica comes back or anything really. Your arms were open for one another at anytime.

You had never felt anger flash through you so fast until last week when Lip had come home with glossy eyes and tear stained cheeks. “She cheated, the whole time” He whispered to you after he had taken off his winter jacket. It didn’t take you long before wrapping your arms around him.

Thats what lead you to this moment now, you and lip were laying on the bed in your room that lets be honest most of the time you two shared as you had a huge fear of sleeping alone, his head on your boobs while laying on his stomach, one of your hands with a joint in it and the other wrapped around him as you watched American dad.

“Fuck I wish you weren’t a lesbian”He said randomly causing you to laugh.

“Careful Lippy, starting to sound just like my father when I told him I was gay” You say, causing a loud chuckle to come from the boy laying on you.

“No I mean, If you weren’t into girls then maybe I wouldn’t be hurt all the time by assholes who lie to me and Id just have you, Ya know? Like maybe if you weren’t a pussy licker we would be a thing”

“Ive thought about that a lot too, and sometimes I wish I wasn’t so I could protect you from all these whores who seem to hurt you, but I’m extremely happy with this.” You paused,

“You are like the husband my dad wants me to have, the brother Ive always wanted, the best friend Ive never had before you, My mom when I need her since she passed, my everything all wrapped up in a semi broken bow” You added causing him to smile.

“Yeah I wouldn’t want to change this either, this friendship is the best thing thats ever happened to me” Lip said turning back to the tv.

You smiled and started putting your hand through his hair, This was all you needed. Girls will come and go for the both of you but this friendship was going to last and both of you knew that.                    

An angsty fic that no one asked for

(Because I’ve been watching some of my favourite movie scenes tonight, one of them being the powerful as fuck scene from Good Will Hunting, I felt like writing some abuse-victim!Murdoc. This can be interpreted as 2doc but also not. There’s just 2D comforting him and giving him a hug.)

WARNING: Contains mention and description of abuse.

Useless, that’s what you are, you little shitstain,” Sebastian’s voice was stern and Murdoc felt himself gripping at the hand that wrapped around his throat. It was unbelievable how tight it could feel around his neck, squeezing him so his tongue felt too big for his mouth. The last word echoed in his head, being repeated over and over again like some kind of chanting that made Murdoc’s skin crawl and the hand feel impossibly tighter. Nails were digging into his skin now and he felt tears form at the corners of his eyes, not able to help them stop from spilling down his cheeks. He wasn’t sure if the tears were from the choking or the feelings running through his body at the moment but he hoped to everything between heaven and hell that it wasn’t the latter. He knew better than not to shut everything off when his father’s drunken rage took over. His voice was heard again, “Useless and nothing more, couldn’t even earn me some goddamn money. All you had to do was play your part and start singing. I thought music was your passion?” Murdoc’s eyes widened as he felt his vision go blurry, suddenly seeing his father grow into a giant before him until he felt like an ant in his hand. The words were still repeating and Murdoc looked up to find himself standing in his father’s palm, fingers closing down over him like he had done to tiny and helpless bugs when he was a kid.

Murdoc sat up quickly, panting heavily and reaching for his throat. He looked around, concluding that he was in his bedroom, alone and not with his father anywhere near him. Still, it didn’t soothe him at all and his heartbeat didn’t calm down in the slightest.

It was the fourth time this week, and it was only Friday night, that he had woken up by nightmares. They had started already when he was a child but for some reason, they were becoming more frequent and vivid. He connected it to his decreasing amount of alcohol abuse, it might have started making his mind more clear. A couple of years ago, he would’ve been too drunk to even dream but now was different.

Murdoc bent his legs, resting his head on his knees and quietly counted to ten. He desperately wanted a drink, fingers twisting in the sheets at the thought of a nice glass of whiskey or rum. He breathed shallowly, closing his eyes but quickly opening them again as the picture of his father was still shown as a slideshow behind his eyelids, “Fuck…”

A knock was heard on the door and Murdoc lay down as fast a he could, clearing his throat, “Come on in.”

“Hey, can’t sleep?” It was 2D, leaning against the doorframe. He was still dressed, didn’t look at all as if he had been sleeping.

“Why do you ask?” Murdoc questioned, sitting up again and pulling the cover down to expose himself to the warm room.

“Bad dream?” 2D simply urged on and it was confirmed to Murdoc that he had heard him, how much noise had he been making? 2D tilted his head, “You were screaming again, just wanted to check on you. I brought you a glass of-”



“Fine, bring it over here.”

2D walked to the bed and held out a glass, that clearly was crizzling, filled with cold water from the tap. He handed it to Murdoc, who gulped a large amount of it in one go and then placed it on the bedside table.

“Thank you, Dents,” he said, looking anywhere else but at him. He swung his legs out over the edge of the bed, figuring that what he needed was to walk around for a little bit.

“What did you dream?” 2D asked before Murdoc could stand from the bed, moving back and forth on his heels. Murdoc looked up at him with a raised brow and stayed silent. 2D raised a brow in return, “Well?”

“Errh, my father,” he finally replied, losing eye contact with him, “You know how it is.”

“You never talk about him or the dreams so no,” 2D sighed, sitting down beside him.

Murdoc narrowed his eyes, reaching grab his lighter and pull a cigarette out of a package that laid on his nightstand. He put it to his lips and lit it, taking a long drag and then exhaled, “What is there to say? It’s just nightmares.”

“But is there anything you want to say?” 2D tilted his head, “It must’ve been.. difficult or somefink.”


“Oh okay.”

There was a long pause, none of them saying anything at all. The only sound was the sound of Murdoc’s exhales as he smoked his cigarette, occasionally offering 2D a drag. Suddenly, Murdoc changed his mind and broke the silence.

“He beat me, 2D, he beat the everliving shit out of me, and I can’t stop seeing him in my dreams. He won’t leave me alone, and the cigarettes…” He remembered it all very vividly, how his father had humiliated him, blamed him for everything and put cigarettes out on his skin. Murdoc felt his throat constrict, causing him to swallow hard and feeling pathetic for rambling, “What’s wrong with me? Why did he hate me so much?”

“There’s nothing wrong with you, Muds,” 2D quickly interrupted, sitting down besides him, “Do you understand that? Nothing is wrong with you.”

“A lot of shit is wrong with me, don’t you fucking give me that crap,” Murdoc automatically pulled further away from him, there was no way 2D was getting to him in the middle of the night, “Don’t you try and tell me there isn’t.”

“Okay, there’s a lot of stuff wrong with you.”

“Sod off.”

“All I’m saying is… what he did to you, it’s not your fault.” The sentence made Murdoc’s stomach drop, and a weird feeling bubbled up inside of his chest.

“What? Don’t you think I know? He was a poor excuse for a human being, if he could even be considered that,” he huffed in response, hand running through his black hair.

“No, you don’t,” 2D said, turning towards him as Murdoc turned further away, “You don’t understand it, it’s not your fault, Murdoc.”

“What are you now? My therapist?” Murdoc snarled, the feeling spreading throughout his body. It felt like panic and he could feel his body tense up at the sudden emotion.

“No, Murdoc,” 2D soothed, reaching out for him but Murdoc flinched as if burnt, “Look at me, please. It’s not you and it’s not your fault. Never was and never will be.”

Murdoc turned towards him for the first time and his emotions, which had bubbled up inside of him, were released by pushing 2D hard into the wooden head of the bed. He whimpered, holding his shoulders tightly but otherwise didn’t show any new emotion. Instead, he sat up again and looked at Murdoc sympathetically, “Murdoc. You know I’m right, don’t you?”

Murdoc looked down, feeling tears well up his eyes and the worst part was that he had no idea how such a simple choice of words could have such an effect on him. He mostly blamed it on his loss of proper sleep, not wanting to admit what it really was; the first time someone had said such a thing to him.

“It’s okay,” 2D said and Murdoc felt a hand being placed on his back, “Muds, it’s okay to be angry, I know you are and I am too sometimes.”

Murdoc finally gave in to his touch and leaned into him, placing his head on his shoulder and felt all the emotional stress being released once again in just two minutes, “I’m so tired, Stuart, of everything.”

“I know, Muds,” 2D’s hand slowly ran up and down his back, “It’s okay.”

“No, it isn’t. It’s not okay,” he shook his head, suddenly feeling smaller than ever. Nobody ever said these things.

“I know, but it is what it is,” 2D continued, feeling  a wet patch form on his shoulder due to tears dripping onto his shirt, “And that’s okay.”

Murdoc could feel his whole body tremble in the singer’s arms and somehow it was okay, just for a moment, to be fucked up. 2D gripped at him and pushed him to sit again but before Murdoc could say anything to it, 2D had pulled him in for a hug and it was only then that Murdoc started crying for real. He sobbed, face in the crook of 2D’s neck and arms around his waist, and it was the best feeling he had had in years. The most real feeling in forever.


None of them were sure of how much time passed after that but Murdoc nearly fell asleep on him, making 2D squirm uncomfortably underneath him. When the singer tried to leave, Murdoc begged him to stay and 2D ended up sleeping on the floor. When they both were tucked in and ready to sleep, 2D smiled, “Don’t worry, Murdoc, I’m not gonna leave you.”

“I can’t believe Dean and Cas made out.”

Cas shrunk back from walking into the library at the sound of Sam ’s voice – for very good reasons.

He heard the unconvinced noise Mary made as she shrugged before replying. “It broke the spell and saved the town – it’s not hard to believe they’d do it… For the greater good.”

Sam still sounded agitated although Cas agreed with Mary – and he should know better than them about it. “No, Mom, we were all in the room. All the ritual asked for was a kiss… I mean what if all we needed to do was something like me giving you a peck on the cheek? It was a vaguely phrased spell.”

“I suppose so…”

Sam had gone into full ranting mode – “And – even if it had to be a kiss on the mouth – Cas could have kissed any of us. There were options. He could have kissed you, or, well, he was standing right next to me when Dean read the thing out, and a lot of people were going to die really soon. I’d take one for the team.”

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Unpretty - A Yoongi scenario

In which she’s feeling insecure about her body

Word count: 1k+

As requested by anon 🌟

Originally posted by jjks

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I stare at the clothes scattered on the ground, and everything I would like to wear is in the next laundry batch. All there is left are a bunch of tight t-shirt and other pieces of clothing that barely fit. There’s a knock on the door. Min Yoongi’s voice reaches my ears, muffled by the wall between us.

“Are you done? It’s been 15 minutes, Jagiya.”

“Y-yeah! Just give me five more.”



I sit down against my bed, eyes tight. How could I forget our date? We’ve been seeing each other for almost two months now, and I think I might already be in love… He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a guy. No, he’s more than that. He’s just… He’s utterly perfect.

…and there’s me. For one, I forgot our date because I was studying until late, yesterday. Not only that, I have nothing proper to wear. I glance at the revealing clothes littering the floor, and I  feel my throat tighten. No way I can wear that. Not in public… Not in front of him.

“Jayiga,” Yoongi says. “Why are you taking so long?”

I hesitate. I can’t tell him I forgot our date, and that I’m not ready at all.

“I… I’m just doing a bit of cleaning. I don’t want you to see the mess that is my place.”

“Are you serious?” he asks, and I cringe at how stupid my excuse came out. “Just come out already, I don’t care about the state of your bedroom.”

“I’ll be out in a minute. I swear!”

I hear him sigh with exasperation, and my face wraps with anguish. I hastily put a random shirt on, accompanied by a pair of skinny jeans. I catch my reflection in the mirror.

Oh my god.

You can see all my curves, from my chest to my belly.

I’m so fat.

My thighs look awful.

What the hell is wrong with-

“Jayiga!” Yoongi calls out with impatience.

“Coming!” I say hoarsely, and I open the door, gulping with difficulty.

He’s handsome, as always, even with his forehead all drawn together. His face relaxes as he eyes me from head to toe, and I bite the inside of my cheek. I don’t allow him time to comment.

“Let’s go,” I say, taking his hand after closing the door.

He blinks, but interlaces his fingers with mine and follows my lead. We fall into a strange silence.

I wish I had lied and told him I was too sick to go out.

I’m fat.

I don’t deserve him.

People will say he could do better.

I wish I was prettier.

I’m so, so fat.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

I wish I had a flat stomach.

He’s so handsome, and interesting, and I’m nothing.

Why am I like this?

As we walk towards the restaurant where he wanted to eat at, it seems like every single person we pass by is staring at me. I try to ignore it, but already I can feel my insides lurching up. I fix my eyes on the ground. Suddenly, Yoongi pulls me close to him, his arm encircling my hips. I almost flinch away, as his fingers fall on my love handles, but I think better of it. I can’t have him thinking I dislike his touch.

We’re almost there when he leans in to my hair.

“Let’s go back to your place,” he whispers.

“What?” I let out.

We stop moving.

“Let’s go back.”


I’m not good enough.

You finally realized it.

“I don’t like the way people are looking at you,” he explains.

It’s because I look like this.

Because I’m so… me.

It’s because they wonder how a guy like you could end up with me.

“Oh,” I breathe.

It’s over.


I’m lucky you even looked at me in the first place.

He gives my hand a squeeze. “Let’s go, Jagiya.”

“Okay…” I say quietly, and I follow him as we navigate back home.

He doesn’t add anything, and I feel a tingling sensation behind my eyes. I’m in a daze, and the walk back is a blur. We’re in front of my door before I know it.

“Can I come in?” he inquires as I avoid his eyes.

“Sure,” I respond automatically.

It’s over.

“Your outfit…” he says when we’re in my room.

“I’m sorry,” I answer softly, and I try to blink my tears away.

“What..? Wh-why are you crying?”

“I’m sorry, Yoongi,” I repeat in a brittle voice.

He takes a step towards me, his stare intent, but I keep my head down. “I don’t understand. What’s wrong?”

“Me!” I blurt out. “I’m wrong! Everything about me is wrong! I- I’m sorry you had to see me like this.”

“Sorry?” he asks, confused. “What?”

I finally look up at him. “You’re ashamed of me! That’s why you brought me back here!”

Ashamed?” he slowly says, voice low. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“No!” I exclaim, frowning. “Why else would you mind people looking at me?”

“Because you’re drop-dead gorgeous! I don’t want a bunch of strangers to check you out!”


We fall silent for a moment.

“Your outfit…” he says, putting a hand on my burning cheek. “It’s showing the entire world how beautiful you are. I just…” He pauses, leaning in closer. “I want to keep you all to myself,” he murmurs against my lips.

He doesn’t let me answer. He kisses me with tenderness. It soft and sweet, and it tastes of my tears. His tongue makes me forget everything as he becomes more passionate, pulling me closer and closer. 

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispers against my ear, and his warm breath makes a shiver go down my spine. “So fucking beautiful.”

In the depth of his voice, in the way he gazes into my eyes as he takes off my shirt, in the way he touches me…

I know he thinks it.

And for a little while, I feel like the prettiest girl on Earth.

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Fanfiction Shenanigans [Steve Rogers x Reader]

Requested by: @luxdxvine (I can’t tag you for some reason??) :: The avengers bring the reader and Steve together through fanfictions written for just them.

A/N: I couldn’t stop writing this fic and it’s kinda dragged and veryyyy long, therefore brace yourself. I apologise in advance and thank you for bearing with me. (Criticism welcome.)

Tony Stark strutted into the common room of the avengers, a place where they all hungout when nobody was on a mission. His patent smirk was plastered on his face as he sauntered into the midst of the other avengers, with the exception of you and Steve Rogers.

“What you got up your sleeve, man?” Sam asked, noticing Tony and his grin.

Bucky, Natasha, Clint and Vision looked up at the philanthropist while Wanda busily dealt cards to everyone.

“What I’m going to tell you is more fun than any game of cards you’ve played,” Tony declared, whipping out his phone.

“Please, Stark, we aren’t interested in the new tech you’ve come up with,” Natasha commented.

“It’s not tech, although that would be something. Anyway, it’s about Capsicle and Y/N,” Tony divulged.

“..Really? The fact that they’re attracted to each other? Old news, Grandma,” Natasha said casually.

Bucky looked at Natatsha in horror. “WHat?”

“Ol’ Buck doesn’t know,” Sam interjected.

“Everyone knew? Why didn’t I?” Bucky questioned.

Everyone shrugged at the soldier who looked a little angry.

Tony cleared his throat and continued,”Well it is obvious they’re in love but they’re not doing anything about it and it’s making me crazy. I decided that we must take matters into our own hands.”

“We’re listening,” Nat and Wanda said in unison.

“That’s the spirit,” Tony said, a wider smirk playing at his lips.


You entered the room to find the avengers sitting huddled around Tony who was talking. Your eyes automatically started to look for a particular avenger but you shook your head. You had to stop.

You walked to the huddle and everyone whirled to look at you, a grin on most of their faces. Your forehead furrowed in confusion. “What’s up?”

“It’s nothing,” Tony blurted quickly, starting to put the phone he’d been reading from into his pocket.

Just then Steve entered the room and you stiffened. Why he had this effect on you, you’d never know. But one look at him, his perfect greek-god like built, his kind blue eyes and perfect lips and you were a goner.

You turned your focus to Tony, trying to no think about Steve who walked over to stand beside you. That wasn’t helping.

“I want to know! What were you guys reading?” you demanded.

“It’s nothing, Y/N,” Bucky said, sounding unconvincing.

“Do you want me to use my power to take it from you, Tony?” you commanded.

“Alright alright,” he deadpanned. Steve looked at him questioningly. It was very unlike Tony Stark to give into commands so easily.

“We were reading Captain America into Psych fanfiction,” Tony admitted.

Your jaw dropped. Did Wanda tell everyone? Only she knew about your little crush on Steve. So this is what it felt like, being stabbed in the back with a knife.

“What’s a fanfiction?” Steve queried, his brows knitting in confusion.

“Well..it’s something people or rather fans write. They write fictious stories about people or events that they would like to happen,” Natasha explained.

Steve still looked puzzled. Meanwhile you were sure you were going to drown in embarrasment.

“We were reading fanficition about you and Y/N,” Sam added.

You almost expected Steve to start laughing at this absolute stupidity but all he said was,”They want me and Y/N to happen?”

Where was the nearest balcony? You ought to jump off one.

“Yeah well,”Tony said, trying to keep fom smiling.

Steve glanced at you and judging you by your neutral expression he said, “Well it’s not like it’s real or anything.”

Whoever said about words not harming anyone. What he said made your heart clench with sadness, you always hoped he’d like you back but here was the truth, waving at you in your face.

Hurt, you managed to croak,”Yeah, keep reading Stark, this should be fun.”

That’s right, hurt yourself more.

Tony, obviously enjoying this, obligied immediately. The other avengers sat themselves around him, while you found a place next to Wanda and Steve squeezed himself between Bucky and Clint.

Clearing his throat, Tony continued where he’d left off, “Y/N lay in Steve’s arms, as the soldier whispered silent prayers into the night. Y/N was barely breathing. Steve brushed her hair off her face and caressed her cheek. ‘Please, don’t die,’ the avenger said. ‘Please, Y/N, I love you.”

Tony paused for a second and you wanted to strangle him. Steve glanced at you and you looked back, his face, unreadable.

Why were they doing this? Was this a joke to them? Steve clearly didn’t know and didn’t share the same feelings. It was merely a passtime for him. But hearing everything you wanted to happen aloud, was humiliating. But you were brave, you couldn’t let Steve know.

“Why are you reading soapy, dramatic stuff? Isn’t there anything that’s fun?” You asked, putting on an impassive face.

“Ooh the lady wants fun,” Clint said, grinning at you. You smiled back at him, hoping nobody could hear your heart thudding against your chest.

“Here’s something fun. Do you want me to read smut?” Tony questioned, his eyebrows arched and mocking.

Bucky, Sam and Clint burst out laughing, Nat following in a second later.

Congratulations, you played yourself.

“What’s smut?” Steve asked, earning a groan from everyone.

“It’s sexual intercourse and everything​related in writing, Mr. Rogers,” Vision piped and Steve’s eyes widened at the mention of the word.
His ears redened and he couldn’t bring himself to look at you. Nor could you look at him.

“Not​ that. Go on to something else,” Steve muttered.

“C'mon Capsicle,” Tony urged and before waiting for an answer, started to read.
“Lust and love blazed in Steve’s eyes as Y/N stood before him, dressed in satin lingerie.”
That earned some giggles.
Your head was going to burst, you thought.

“Pining Y/N against the wall, Steve planted small kisses on her neck and moved onto her jaw, illiciting a moan from the beautiful maiden. Y/N pushed herself against the soldier, her hands grasping at his hair. Steve slid his hand up her thigh and Y/N shuddered at his touch.”

Wild fantasies involving the blonde soldier were storming in your brain one after one and if anyone read your mind they’d take you to be christined immediately.

Just when you thought​ things couldn’t get worse, Steve said,“ That’s not how I’d do it.”

Everything went dead still. You looked at the avenger and blinked. He wasn’t looking at you.

And then the other avengers started to scoff, Bucky whistling and Natasha winking at Steve.

You chuckled a little but your mind was already racing with the thoughts of what he would do and you hated yourself for it.

“Wanna write your own fic as to how it would go, Stevie?” Tony teased.

“No thanks,” Steve said, blushing.

You tried to gather yourself for what was yet to come.

“Y/N ripped the shirt off the Captain, and drank in the god-like built of her lover. She pulled him closer, biting at his lower lip. Steve slipped the satin straps off Y/N’s shoulder, his touch burning her skin. Steve trailed kisses down her neck and moved to her bre-”

You couldn’t take it anymore.
“That’s enough,” you said through gritted teeth.

Steve looked at you, he looked a little humiliated too…and was that sorry written on his face?

Tony looked scared for a second and then joked, “Atleast the fictious Steve’s getting some action.”

Steve’s face redened. You almost laughed but caught yourself…the others however, not so much.

“Steve, c'mon man, there’s got to be someone you like,” Sam asked, punching him playfully.

Steve remained silent. So the others, obviously moved on to the next victim, you.

“And you, Y/N?”

Of course there was someone. Of course you wanted to be with him. And obviously you couldn't​ ever have that.

“Yeah, there is someone,” you muttered.

Steve looked at you, a puzzled look on his face. You glanced at him and saw something like jealousy flash over his face. You blinked. All this fanfiction reading was playing with your mind.

Bucky scooted over to you.
“Is it anyone we know?”

Why were you answering?

“Is it anyone in this room?” Clint piqued.

They all knew. Traitors.

“Uhuh.” you breathed, not looking up.

You managed to glance at Steve. He was absolutely still and watching you carefully.

As if noticing your glance at the Captain, Natasha plodded, “Is it our beloved Steve?”

You were going to die.

You could swear Steve looked crest-fallen.
He cleared his throat and said, “I just remembered, I have some work to do.”

He stood up and left, heading to the balcony.

As soon as he left, Wanda scrambled over to you and exclaimed, “What are you doing?!”

“Go talk to him you stupid thing!” Bucky cried.

All of them were talking over each other, asking you to go confront Steve.
Tired, you stood up and reluctantly followed Steve outside.

“Can we talk?” you called after the broad soldier.

He turned around and squinted at you. He nodded and beckoned you over.

Without thinking about the consequences or anything you marched upto him and began, “Listen, you’ve been a great confidante and friend. But everything I said back there was true except for the fact that.. that it is you, Rogers. I’ve been hopelessly in love with you for sometime now and I understand if this is not the case for you but all this,”-you gestured vaguely- “just made me want to tell you everything. I’m sorry if this is too awkward for you.. I just had to do it.”

Steve looked taken aback for a second. He blinked a couple of times before his beautiful blue eyes crinkled as he smiled down at you.

“I was heart broken when you said no to what Nat said and couldn’t take it anymore that’s why I had to walk out. The truth is Y/N…I’ve been in love with you for quite some time now too,” he confided.

You couldn’t believe your ears. The man of you dreams was actually in love with you too? You could almost cry. You, however, hugged him instead, burying your face in his hard, warm chest.

“FINALLY!” you heard Bucky scream from the door to the veranda. You heard a roar of laughter and giggles errupt from his side.

“Oh give us a moment​, you guys!” Steve hollered but he was smiling.

Just as Steve leaned down to kiss you, Nat yelled, “I think I’ll write a fanfiction about this!”

You smiled against his lips and kissed him.

Maggie’ POV Running into Emily

No one makes her giggle.

Not anymore, anyway.

But Alex Danvers?

A league of her own.

So she finds herself practically squeaking in the middle of the street, because Alex is just… Alex is everything.

And here she is, slinking her hand through Maggie’s arm, calling them that couple, and it’s perfect, and Maggie says as much, because it is perfect, because Alex is perfect, but then her stomach drops, and nothing, nothing, nothing is perfect anymore.

“Emily?” she calls, because she can’t help it, because it was years ago, but it was for five years years ago, and because god, god, god, she knew they were lesbians in rain boots and carrying yoga mats but she didn’t realize they signed up to be on an episode of The flipping L Word.

“Maggie,” is all she says, and she remembers that look, she remembers that voice, like it was yesterday, like everything was yesterday.


“Uh – “ Emily starts, and Maggie starts at the same time.

“Are – are you, um, back in town?” Because she’d only left because of Maggie.

Only left because of those stupid, drunken nights, those stupid, fucked up mistakes.

Those stupid, reckless blunders – because Emily was starting to talk about getting married, because Emily was starting to talk about Maggie being the one, and no, no, no, that couldn’t happen because no, no, no, it couldn’t be real, it was too good to be true, how could it ever be true, she’s just a fucked up kid from nowhere Nebraska with more scar tissue than skin – that ruined everything, everything, everything.

Just like she always does.

“Yeah. Yeah, just for the week. I’m staying at the Baldwin.”

Of fucking course she’s staying at the Baldwin.

The Baldwin, where Maggie had taken those women, during that awful week, that stupid week, that self-destructive, hey-baby-my-girlfriend’s-out-of-town week, to crash, to drink, to fuck away the terror of being loved, because she’d only leave in the end anyway, because everyone did.

Might as well speed it along.

Or at least get some release out of it.

Of course she’s staying at the fucking Baldwin.

“Oh. Okay.” She forces a smile and she closes her mouth and she stares, because she doesn’t deserve to be happy, and Emily was right, she was right, and she was right to take that little dig, that little reminder that you cheated, that you’re a terrible person, that you could never be happy because you don’t know what happiness actually feels like, because I was always at arms length all these years, wasn’t I, you don’t deserve to be happy because hell, Maggie, you don’t even want to be.

“Hi! I’m Alex.”

Alex’s voice makes her jump slightly, and the pit in her stomach grows. Something she didn’t know was possible.

“Oh, I’m sorry. This is my – my girlfriend, Alex.”

Her voice softens when she says her name, because her name is her only anchor right now.

Her name is her only anchor.


But it shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be because god, god, god, she doesn’t deserve it.

And she certainly doesn’t deserve Emily seeing the way Maggie’s found herself another white girl with kind of red hair, the way she knows they look perfect together. Emily doesn’t deserve that.

And Maggie doesn’t deserve an anchor.

“I’m Emily, nice to meet you.”

Maggie knows that tone, even after all these years; that tone, that face. The rushedness of her words, the curtness, but the politeness.

Knows she’s in pain.

And god, she thought she couldn’t hate herself more than she already did, but she can still stir that up in Emily, and god, what if one day she does that to Alex?


Not to Alex.

It was years ago. She was a kid. She was… she has no excuse.

But not to Alex.

“We used to date,” she tosses up her hand, because what else is there to say, and from Alex’s “oh” and little hand clap, she knows Alex already knew, knows Alex already detected, but hearing it out loud is probably giving her a pit in her stomach something akin to what’s roiling in Maggie’s.

Another thing to hate herself for.

“It’s been – “ Maggie starts.

“A lotta years.”

Three years, about eight months, give or take a couple of weeks.


Emily’s eyes rake her body and she remembers the sex they had – the wild, unrestrained, loud, rough sex, in the Baldwin, because Emily wanted her to fuck her one last time, wanted her to fuck her like she’d fucked those other girls, where she’d fucked those other girls – and she knows, she knows, that Emily’s thinking about it, too.

Knows because of the way her voice drops like it always had when she was thinking about sex when she says, “We should catch up sometime.”

Maggie almost splutters, but manages not to. “Sure, yeah. That would – that would be good. Sometime.”

The ground. Alex. Her anchor.

Doesn’t deserve an anchor.

The ground again.

Back to Emily’s face. Emily’s face that had been tear-stained and angry the last time she’d seen it, when she’d begged for forgiveness, knowing she didn’t deserve it, not knowing if she really even wanted it.

“I should go. Let you guys get up to whatever you’ve got going on, but it was really good to see you.”

“You too,” Maggie answers, a little too quickly. A little too quickly because god, this hurts.

“Uh, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, yeah.”

She turns to Alex – oh, Alex, Alex, still playing with her hands, because she doesn’t know what else to do with them when they’re not around Maggie’s body, when they’re not holding a gun – and she starts walking away, because she needs scotch. Preferably sooner than later.

But Alex stops her. “What about tonight?”


“What, she wants to catch up, we don’t have any plans.”

Maggie’s stomach sinks again, and her heart starts racing, and now she thinks she needs a Klonopin instead of a scotch.

“No, I can’t, come on, it’s cold – “

“Hey, do you see how cool I’m being about that?” She can’t help but smile, because this nerd. This nerd.

She doesn’t deserve this nerd.

“I mean, come on.”

She doesn’t think. She just does.

“Emily. Do you wanna have dinner with us tonight?”

A long pause, during which Maggie wants to disappear into the wet concrete.

“Uh, yeah. Sure. I have the same email, just… let me know where.”

Maggie nearly throws up at the mention of the same email – the same email that they’d sent countless letters from, countless dirty pictures, countless everything – but she knows she deserves it.

She couldn’t be more grateful when Alex answers for her.

“We will.”


Alex puts her arm around her as they turn again. “See, that wasn’t so bad.”

It was, it was, it was.

But Alex had said “we.” We. Us. Alex and Maggie.

She isn’t going anywhere.

And Maggie isn’t going to fuck this up.

Not again.

Even if she doesn’t deserve the woman kissing her cheek as they walk, asking what kind of food Emily likes, and where she thinks they should go tonight.

Even if she doesn’t deserve her at all.

Be Mine- Newt Scamander x Reader

Valentine’s Day special

A/n: so I decided to post this early. I may or may not have a headcanon or drabble up on Valentine’s day, but here is the imagine I was talking about :) I would also like to let you all know that you are all beautiful, wonderful, talented, smart, and loved. Have a good day and Valentine’s Day you lovely people <3

Warnings: mass quantities of fluff ahead

You awoke to faint sunlight seeping into your room as you stretched your arms up with a slight yawn. Sleepily, you turned over to look for Newt, however, the freckled man was nowhere in sight. You untangled the sheets from your legs and let your feet touch the hard wooded surface of the floor boards. A shuffling was heard down the stairs, and you had assumed that it was Newt, but you had no idea as to why in Merlin’s name he was up so early. Before you left your room, you glanced over at the calendar that sat above Newt’s desk. The bold black letters spiraled into and intricate display of the date, which just so happened to read ‘February 14.’

Today was Valentine’s Day.

You had known that it was approaching, it’s not like you forgot. Valentine’s Day just wasn’t that big of a deal to you. You had never had anyone to share Valentine’s Day with, so the thought of it just simply faded into it being a regular day. You still wanted to get Newt a little gift though, he was your boyfriend after all, and you did love him dearly. You turned back and opened up the chest at the side of your bed to pull out a box draped in white paper and ribbon, and then proceeded to head down to the kitchen.

Today might not have been a huge day to you, but to Newt, it was everything. He was aware that you never had anyone to share it with, and he was quite saddened at the thought. You had told him how your usual Valentine’s Day activities consisted of simply going to work or maybe enjoying some wine by yourself, and Newt understood that this wasn’t a bad thing, but he wanted to do something more for you. Of course you deserved to have special attention and love all the time, but today was different. He had been up for hours putting his plan in action. A wave of emotions swirled within him. Most of it was excitement, some was full of anxiousness and nervous tension, but overall, he was ecstatic to see your reaction. He just hoped you would like it and wouldn’t think it was too extra…

You reached the bottom of the stares and Newt heard your footsteps softly pad across the floor. You were twiddling with the ribbon on your gift, and when you looked up, you were greeted with an unexpected surprise and a smiling Newt.

“Surprise love!” he beamed with a wide grin as he rolled up his sleeves more.

A miraculous scene was laid out on display in front of your eyes. Little paper hearts of pastel shades of pink and lilac fluttered around the room while crimson rose petals danced wildly with them. A few candles flickered across the table tops, allowing a sweet scent of vanilla to mix in with the flowery scent coming from the floral vase in the center of it all. Next to those sat a plate of assorted decorated chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries, ones similar to those from your first date. Glistening lights decorated the interior of the kitchen as well, twinkling ever so softly.

You brought a hand up to your mouth as a tear began to slip from your eye. In all your life, you had never expected something like this. All the effort and love that had been whisked into this had overwhelmed you. You had not expected such an act to come from Newt, and how he managed to keep it all undercover bewildered you.

“N-Newt what, h-how!?”

He strode over and wrapped you in a hug, slightly throwing you off balance. He pecked your lips eagerly and his lips curled into a smile.

“I had to surprise my darling somehow, and there are lots of hiding spaces in the case dear.”

You were still baffled as to how the man had managed to hide all of his supplies with his curious creatures, but you were still too shocked to question him.

“I-I only got you this, now I feel bad,” you trailed off, feeling slightly disappointed in yourself now as you peered down at your gift box. Newt pressed a reassuring kiss to your lips.

“Hush, I wanted to do this for you because you deserve it, especially today. Now come on, I got you a gift too!”

He pulled you gently along to where he had a simple and wrapped gift dressed in silver paper.

“I wanted to do red, but they were all out at the shops, so I got silver instead.”

A laugh escaped your lips, making Newt’s smile grow twice its size. You softly handed him his gift and scanned his expressions for some type of reaction. He began to carefully rip away the paper until he reached a box, and inside he found something that warmed his heart.

He wasn’t expecting a handmade scrapbook of all the adventures you had to be in his hands, yet there it was. The book was bound tightly and each page was decorated with the two of your faces on them. There was the time you were tracking a group of dragons and you had a campout, complete with snuggling by the fire and everything. There was the time where you welcomed Frank, the majestic thunderbird, into his new temporary home in the case. There was even the time where you two had done nothing on a rainy day except snuggle together with warm mugs of tea, and this photo was his favorite because of how beautiful and carefree you appeared. Tears began to form in his eyes, for he knew you must have spent hours working on this. Each photo was paired with captions and keepsakes from those times, and Newt was overwhelmed. His chest swelled with love and gratitude as he looked back at you with an adoring gaze.

“D-Do you like it? Is it enough? I really wanted to-,” you tried to say, but you were cut off by Newt’s lips attacking yours. You put your arms gently around his neck as he picked you up off the ground slightly, his arms snuggly around your waist.

“Y/n this is absolutely remarkable! This is one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever received, no, it is the most wonderful thing!” he beamed as smile mirrored one another. He set you back onto the ground again lightly, and he went to go and handed you your own gift.

He watched you remove the paper and reveal a black and grey (dress/shirt whichever one you like best). You held it up to your chest, as if trying to view how it looked on you.

“Newt, this is gorgeous!”

He grinned and pressed another kiss to your cheek, ‘Not as gorgeous as you are.”

You blushed, “I love you Newt, and thank you, for everything you’ve done today.”

“I love you too,” he whispered, “Now go ahead and put that on, and I’ll show you the rest of your surprise after.”


“Shh, Y/n I told you I wanted to do this for you,” he paused to kiss your hand tenderly as if you were royalty, “I want to make today special. Now go put your gift on darling.”

You nodded before kissing him and leaving the room, wondering as to what the surprise could be. You closed the door to your shared room and slipped it on over your head, and then you proceeded to touch up your hair. It didn’t take you too long, but you still took a bit longer than usual. With a faint color, you smoothed over your lips, and headed back down, only to be greeted by an empty room.

“Newt?” you called, readjusting your outfit. You wandered to where the display of colors was, yet you did not find him. However, you did notice that the sweets he had gotten you were missing and in their places rested a crinkled note, the kind that appeared as if it had been stuffed inside of a pocket.

You walked over, the heels of your shoes clicking against the surface of the floor and you held the piece of paper in your hands.

Dear Y/n,
I’m in the case, love. You may think this is peculiar, or maybe you think it’s foolish, but well, the rest of the surprise is in the case. I wanted to make the surprise special.
P.s, May I suggest going to the bowtruckle tree?

You shook your head and laughed to yourself while your heart swelled from the thoughtfulness. Of course he would go above and beyond and be as extra as he could. You took a few moments to blow out the candles, since Newt had left them burning still and thus your home would burst into flames, before you continued to follow Newt’s note. You still couldn’t understand the man’s thought process, but regardless of how strange he could be, you loved him all the same.

Minutes later you found yourself inside of the case saying greetings to the creatures and heading down to where the bowtruckle tree was. For some reason Newt had wanted you to go there, and although you found it out of the ordinary, you were still touched by his gestures. The atmosphere within the case was just as lively as ever. The air was fresh, like that of a forest in the springtime or a field of flowers in the summer, and all of the creatures chattered and moved about. The grass was cool against your ankles, as the dew had yet to be soaked up. By the time you arrived at the tree, you were stunned once more.

A small picnic rested near the tree and spread out on the grass. The simple setting was lovely in your opinion, as it was not too extravagant, yet it was still stunningly exquisite. The sweets from earlier sat just as poised as before, except now they were also paired with sparkling plates and a few of your other favorite foods as well. Everything was set nicely on the surface of a woven blanket and finished off with a think line of petals.

Your jaw began to drop slightly, and you felt slightly overwhelmed from all of the love and time that Newt had put into everything out there. Every detail in itself was fostered from hours of thought and effort to create the finished product, and you felt nothing short of royalty. In your shocked sense, you still noticed Pickett on the tree, which was highly unusual considering he had a certain attachment to your boyfriend.

You giggled and extended your arm out, allowing the little bowtruckle walk onto you. Pickett always found you a delight, especially since you didn’t mind if he hid in your pocket when Newt wasn’t around or you let him play in your hair too, and was more than happy to join you.

“Hello Pickett, how are you doing today?” you asked, only to be answered by little noises and chirps. However, from the tone, you assumed he was doing quite well. You smiled back down at the leafy little creature, until he started tapping you. You instantly felt concerned since you thought that you had misjudged him and something really was wrong, however, that didn’t seem to be the case. His tapping only seemed giddy, as if something exciting was happening in his mind. Pickett saw that you weren’t understanding his frenzy, so he used his little arms to gesture in a direction. Furrowing your eyebrows in a bit of confusion, you spoke to him again.

“Pickett I don’t understand what are you pointing at, I-,”

You turned slightly in the direction of where Pickett was flailing, and you had to do everything to keep from dropping him in shock and a river of tears.

Pickett wasn’t pointing at a direction. He was pointing at Newt, who was now currently in front of you, down on one knee, nervously shaking, and with a black velvet box caressed tightly in his hand.

You stared at him with shock, confusion, and excitement flooding and pooling within your pupils. Your heart was racing at lightning speed and words got caught in your throat as if you were choking. Newt noticed your shocked expression and formation of tears as he began to speak.

“Y-Y/n Y/l/n, in my eyes, you have always been the most beautiful, intelligent, kind-hearted, gorgeous, considerate, and passionate person to ever exist. Since the day I first asked you to dinner, I knew that you were unique and sweet and everything that anyone could ever hope to find in someone. As the dates and dinners and adventures continued, I found myself falling more and more in love with you. There was simply something about you that kept drawing me into you. I have never met anyone who has ever even come close in comparison to you. You accept my profession and all the chaos it brings about, you accept my beasts, but most of all though, you love and accept me for who I am and I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not. Y/n, love, what I’m trying to say past all of my rambling is that I love you, I truly and honestly do with every ounce of my heart and with every beat it makes. You’ve been the most important person in my life. You steal my breath like you stole my heart all those years ago and Y/n, I-I want to ask if I, if I can make you a part of my life, forever. I love you Y/n Y/l/n, and will you make me the happiest man alive, will you marry me?”

He anxiously awaited for some type of reaction from you, and he only hoped it was positive. He knew that you loved him, but he was still incredibly nervous, who wouldn’t be? He saw tears roll down your cheeks and he began to fear the worst, thinking you were scared or nervous or upset with him for asking such an absurd question. His heart began to slowly be dragged down in his chest by his anxiety, but it resurfaced once you began to stutter words out.

“Y-yes, of course I will Newt! I j-just can’t believe this is happening,” you said with your hands still shaking slightly and with Pickett still comfortably standing on you. Newt’s worries washed away as he stood up to kiss you.

His hand swept up to brush away the stranded tears on your cheek. Delicately, his lips took yours into a deep and passionate kiss. They molded together like melted chocolate and you felt him tug slightly on your bottom lip. Your arms wrapped around him and wove through his curls effortlessly. He smelt of cinnamon and soil, and he tasted like sweet mint on a winter night. Everything was simply and utterly perfect. He broke the slightly the whisper a flurry of ‘I love yous’ to which you replied back the same. Peppering your face between giggling, he slipped the ring onto your finger with ease. It was clearly crafted to fit you perfectly. His thumb rubbed over the shimmering gem and band, and you watched it sparkle in the light. Looking into his eyes you noticed the same sparkle, a flickering glimmer of passion and love.

You had never expected in all of your life to experience a Valentine’s Day such as this one, and you never expected a moment like this. The world could stop turning and all of the clocks in the world could stop ticking and you wouldn’t care.

You pulled him in closer to you, eagerly kissing his lips again. You felt his grin stretch through it and a wet drop slip down his own cheek. He finally had the most amazing person in the world as his fiancée, and he was beyond euphoric.

The kiss between you two broke as it was interrupted by Pickett who was trying to communicate. You allowed him to climb onto your finger as you raised your hand to eye level.

“You were his little helper weren’t you?” you asked the bowtruckle, which led to a happy response.

Newt kissed your forehead again before saying, “Well I needed a little help in setting your special day love. I couldn’t have you walking in before everything was ready.”

You held his hand in yours, “You’re the most remarkable man I’ve ever met.”

“Well you’re the most remarkable and beautiful and special person, Y/n. I’ll always love you, and I can’t wait to spend every day with you as my (wife/husband).”

“I love you too Newt, so much that it hurts sometimes, and I’ll always be by your side.”

You kissed his cheek, allowing a gentle blush to creep over his face. Your heart was over the moon in joy and radiating love to the point where it was suffocating, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Newt tugged your hand over to the beautiful placement of the picnic, ecstatic to enjoy a Valentine’s Day brunch with the love of his life, fiancée, and soon to be (wife/husband).



Not Wanted - Void Stiles

 Prompt: Can you do a Void Stiles where the girl gets abused emotionally and physically by him and she has to learn to move on from it?

A/N: Sorry it’s a bit late but something came up. Hopefully you enjoy it. My ask box is open so feel free to request an imagine!

Word Count: 1,517


**Your P.O.V**

I remember being at a pack meeting at Scott’s house and stepping outside to get fresh air because of all the arguing about what was going to happen with Stiles. It was peaceful outside besides the pack inside still arguing. There was a slight breeze and then I saw him… Stiles, he was standing right across from me.


“Y/N what are you doing out here”

“Come inside I have to let the pack know you’re here” I said smiling and getting up.

“Oh no I wouldn’t do that if I were you”

“W-What do you mean, I should go inside and tell them you’re here”

“Why are you going to go inside and tell the pack, who don’t even like you by the way, that I’m here” as soon as those words came out of his mouth I realized that it wasn’t Stiles is was the Nogitsune who had possessed Stiles. 

“You’re not Stiles” I said 

“Yes I am”

“No you’re not, Stiles would never say that”

“How do you know that? are you in his mind” he asked with a smirk “come with me”

“Scott” I yelled turning around attempting to run inside but I was pulled back by Void and he covered my mouth with a rag that had chloroform.I slowly felt myself becoming unconscious. 

**Lydia’s P.O.V**

The pack meeting we were having was becoming stressful. We were all so tired, none of us had much sleep. Sheriff Stilinski kept coming by to see if we had found anything about Stiles or if we heard anything from him. 

I noticed Y/N from across the room rubbing her temples from all the arguing. She looked like she got less sleep then most of us, she looked exhausted and like she was in pain. Stiles was one of her best friends and most of us think she might even like him. 

“Guys we need to figure something out”  Scott said frustrated

“We kill him” Isaac suggested

“We’re not going to kill him” Y/N said 

“Well then what are we going to do? Lure him into the house and knock him unconscious tie him up and do what” I said

“We’re not sure Lydia” Kira said from across the room finally speaking up.

“I’m going to step outside, let me know if you guys figure something out” Y/N said to me and Allison and we both nodded

We kept arguing after Y/N walked out, then it got quiet inside the house”

“Scott” we heard Y/N from outside, but once we got outside she was gone

“Where did she go” Scott said looking at me 

“She said she was going to step out to get some air” I replied looking shocked

“Do you think it was Void” Allison asked looking worried and scared

“Most likely, we need to find her” Isaac said behind Allison

“Okay Lydia, Allison and Isaac you both go look for her in town, go to all the places where we’ve gone before like the abandoned bank and all those abandoned places. Kira and I will go look in the woods, call us if you guys find anything” Scott said and we all split up.

** Your P.O.V**

I woke up in a basement that I had never been in. I was sitting in a chair with my hands and legs tied to the chair and my mouth was covered by tape. 

I looked around the room and saw a couch, stairs leading up to somewhere. I tried to wiggle my hands free but in the process I heard a voice.

“Don’t even try because you’ll fail” he paused for a second “like you always do” he walked towards me and said “I’m going to remove the tape if you scream I’ll torture you” he said and I nodded as he removed the tape I whimpered in pain.

“Please don’t do anything” I said

“Shh shh don’t say anything, I do the talking here” he said putting his finger to my lips all I could do was nod

“You know Y/N, I never thought that I would have to, what’s the word, kidnap you, but you’re so pathetic you know that right” he paused again “No one in the pack cares about you, they won’t come look for you because they think you’re always in the way of everything”

“that’s not true” I said a bit loudly with a tear coming down my face

“What did I say about not talking” he said angrily “I don’t want to have to do this” he picked up a knife and shoved in in my left leg. Before I let out a scream he covered my mouth..”shh they’ll hear us” he smirked 

Tears kept coming down my face I had never experienced so much pain in my life. He soon reached for the knife and pulled it out of my leg which made me yelp and then he brought it back down to the same leg just above the other scar.

“Please Stiles I know you’re in there just stop please stop” I whispered 

“Y/N do you ever shut up, god you’re so annoying” he knelt down in front of me “Did you know that no one wanted you to join the pack, they all said they didn’t want you there because you were so immature” 

I knew he was lying yet every single one of those words hurt so much. I had to try and ignore what he was saying to me. I felt myself get light headed once I looked down to my leg I noticed ho much blood I had lost and it was a lot. I sat there hoping someone from the pack would find me by catching my scent.

I woke up and it was still dark but I noticed that I wasn’t tied up anymore. I was lying on the couch with my long sleeve shirt wrapped around my left leg. I heard people and voices come down the stairs. I tried getting up but I failed.

“Guys she’s down here” I heard Scott’s voice 

“Scott” I asked

“Yes I’m here, we’re all here Y/N” He came to me and hugged me while I cried a little bit.

“We need to get her to the hospital” Isaac pointed out

“What did he do to you Y/N” Lydia asked 

“We shouldn’t of let you go outside alone” Allison said helping me up 

“Guys we need to get out now, the security is coming” Kira whisper yelled from upstairs.

* hours later *

I woke up in the hospital with an IV on my arm. I tried to get up but winced in pain because of my leg. I turned my head to look at who was sleeping on the chair and I saw Isaac sitting there surprisingly

“Hey how are you feeling” he asked me getting up and coming closer to me

“I’m feeling better but my leg does still hurt, a lot” I laughed a little 

“Hey sweetie how are you feeling” Mrs. McCall  walked in with my chart

“I’m doing okay, a bit better” I said smiling lightly 

“I’m glad, we had to do some surgery because there was too much damage to your nerves because the scars were deep, but we fixed it, you will need to stay off that leg for a while so we suggest you use a wheelchair for a while and then switch to crutches” 

“Okay thank you so much”

“No problem sweetie, are you hungry? I can go out and get you some food”

“Allison is coming with some food she just texted me” Isaac said bringing his phone up 

“Thank you Melissa” I said 

“It’s okay feel better” she smiled and walked out.

“Thanks for staying with me” I told Isaac 

“Don’t worry about it, what are friends for” he said with a small smile

“Void was telling me that you guys didn’t want me to be in your pack and that I was just some immature annoying girl who got in the way of things, a part of me knew it wasn’t true but it just hurt a lot”

“Y/N don’t ever think that, you’re actually the one who’s more mature than all of us, don’t ever think that we didn’t want you in the pack, you deserve to be here and you’re not annoying either” he hugged me and went back to sit down.The door opened to reveal Lydia, Allison, Scott, and Kira.

“ Y/N you feeling better?” everyone asked and I nodded

“Well you know what would make you feel better” Lydia asked

“What would that be” I asked curiously

“Food!” Allison said handing me a box from ihop with pancakes

“Thank you guys” I said laughing a little bit.

I looked over at Isaac and he gave me the I told you so look which meant that they don’t feel like I shouldn’t be in the pack. They were my friends and they cared for me.


Distance between us.

Hello, Love bugs!


hEY!!! I was wondering if you could do a Draco x Reader imagine where you’ve been actin distant lately only because you don’t wanna annoy him and you feel like you are and he confronts and comforts you about it? sorry that’s oddly specific!! thank you, though!!! -Anon

He had been busy this year. It was not only the final year of school but also the year that everyone knew would bring the great war. He was in a constant battle within himself. Did he really believe in the fight of blood? He knew wonderful witches and wizards who didn't have pure blood. One of the most important witches he knew didn't have pure blood. That witch being you.On the other hand, he was raised from birth that he should believe that all unpure wizards were undeserving of their powers. You should earn the magic through family, not dumb luck. If he didn't stick with his mother and father he would be shunned and possibly killed. Draco didn’t let a lot of people in his life but his mother was one of the most important people in his life. That being said he could never give up on you. You had shown him a whole new world. Filled with love, balance, trust and most importantly to Draco you provided him stability. He could never imagine leaving you standing on the battlefield where he could possibly see you get killed with him unable to save you.

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Now and Always

Jason asks you a question you were far from expecting.

[F/n] - First Name [e/c] - Eye Color


Turning under your comforter you felt around in the bed. Brows furrowed in confusion upon finding your fiancé missing.

“Jay?” groggily asking while eyes opening. Looking around the room, he was nowhere to be found. Having not heard Addilyn over the baby monitor and Jay having come home from patrol hours ago, you were finding yourself stumped. Where was that boy?

Slipping out from under the blankets, a shiver ran up your spine from the cold floor. Padding out of the room and around the apartment, not in the living room, kitchen, bathroom. But there was one more room to check.

Quietly tiptoeing down the hallway and peering around the open doorway. You saw Jason sitting in a rocking chair watching your daughter sleep in her crib.

A soft smile graced your lips as you quietly came into the room. Wrapping your arms around his shoulders and chin resting in his neck. He reached up one hand intertwining his fingers with yours.

“Did I wake you? I wasn’t meaning too”  he sighed before looking over.

Chuckling and answering, “I know, it’s just second nature to know when your not with me now”

“I didn’t hear the monitor, what woke you?” placing a kiss on his temple as you spoke.

He shrugged, “I just… I missed her tonight. I wasn’t able to get back from patrol early enough to see her.”

Unwrapping your arms from his neck and puling you in front of him, then onto his lap. Wrapping his arms around your waist he let out a content sigh resting his head on your shoulder. “I missed you too”

Smiling you had one arm wrapped around his shoulder and while running a hand through his hair. Both staying like that for a few minutes before being brought back to reality by Addilyn’s little noises.

Looking over you both chuckled at the sleeping infant. “Only one month and she already has us both wrapped around her pinky finger” commenting while looking back at Jason.

He smiled before placing a soft kiss to your lips. “I wouldn’t have it any other way”

“Except, well maybe I’d change one thing” catching your attention. “And what would that be?”

“Can we have another?” he proposed, eyes widening in shock while you looked at him.

“Y-you mean?” glancing over at the crib.

“Yeah. Babe, I just… I love Addie so much and I love you. I don’t know I just want to give you the family you’ve talked about.” he babbled his reasoning. “You deserve the world for everything you put up with when it comes to me and-“ cutting him off with a finger over his lips.

Taking his hand you led him out of the baby’s room as to not wake her. Pulling him out to the balcony, where it was a comfortable summer night.

“First things first. It’s not ‘putting up with you’ when I love you more than the world itself. Where’s all of this coming from love?” taking his hands in your own.

His expression softened upon meeting your [e/c] eyes. “I-” pausing, “I don’t want to miss anything else” he confessed. “I know she’s only a month old but.. I already feel like I’ve missed so much with having to work both day and night. I’ve just been thinking maybe it’s time to cut back on the hero thing and really have this family. [F/n] I want to have another baby. Not now because we’ve got our hands full with just one, but in a year or so.”

After registering his words, you asked “are you sure you want to give up being Red Hood?” looking for some clarification.

“I don’t want to give it up completely and hang the guys out to dry but, I’m ready to cut back. I’m ready to be here every night help you put her to bed. Ready to alternate shifts the entire night when she’s fussy or has a bad dream. I want to be the father to her that I never had.” his tone was calm yet passionate.

Expression softening before stating  “Whatever you choose I’ll support you every step and so will your family. As for another baby, lets just wait until we feel the time is right. We have enough on our plate with the little sleeping beauty in there” you laughed before gesturing to the apartment.

Jason let a beaming smile decorate his features as he leaned down and kissed you with the same amount of passion as his prior words. You loved this man more than anything and he still found ways to make you love him even more.

“I love you so goddamn much” he gushed before kissing you again.

“And I love you, now and always” confessing as you pulled away.

Sadly, the moment was interrupted by a high pitched crying. Both looking at the balcony door Jason kissed you again before saying, “I got her” and walking inside.

Watching him enter the apartment you smiled, muttering “how did I get so lucky?” before following to help him.

NCT Reaction: S/O Faints on Stage


Originally posted by radgies

I feel like Taeyong here would try to act mature as possible, but would be extremely worried for his s/o on the inside. He wouldn’t want to make a scene over it, but he wouldn’t want to sweep it under the rug as something unimportant. Once they woke up, he’d already be by their side, asking them questions and maybe scolding them if they fainted because of overworking themselves.

“There’s always a limit to things, remember that.Please get some rest.”


Originally posted by xehunted

Taeil would be one of the members that would show their worry to the world. He’d most likely drop everything literally and usher to their side, worried to the max. Even though he isn’t the one to show what he’s thinking, he’d clearly be worried as everyone else, if not more worried. Once his s/o would wake up, he’d immediately ask them if they want water or food, being their personal maid for as long as it takes.

“Do you need some food? I can run to the store and grab some!”


Originally posted by nctaezen

As soon as he heard that his s/o had fainted on stage, he’d put everything on pause, wanting to check up on them. If he couldn’t, he’d try his best to keep calm, realizing that it (sadly) happens a lot, and that they’ll be alright. After they wake up, he’ll keep an especially close eye on them, commenting on if they’re overworking themselves or not eating enough/not drinking enough water.

“I think you should relax for a while, it isn’t good for your health you know?”

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