i want to punch you both in the face

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148: “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”

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Sleeping Beauty And The Beast

Sitting beside a sleeping Caroline, Klaus caressed her face and lightly kissed her lips.

Groggily, Caroline asked, “Klaus, why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”

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The Nosebreaker club

Context: We were doing a segment of a spinoff of Mines of Phandelver. We were fighting a vampire, who had just charmed our ranger. Our half orc barbarian was grappling the vampire so we could deal with our friend.
Me OOC: I want to get (ranger) out of this. I roll to punch Magnus (the ranger) in the nose.
Magnus OOC: watch him crit this.
Me. *shows Magnus the nat 20*
DM: Magnus, you take 4 points of damage. Your nose is now broken.
*a few rounds later*
Ethan (our dragon born sorcerer): That’s it. I grab Magnus and slam her against the wall.
Me: I run behind Magnus and elbow her in the back of the head when Ethan lets go.
*both roll nat 20*
DM (to Magnus): You feel someone grab the back of your head and slam your face against the wall. Your broken nose is in critical condition. You then feel something slam into the back of your neck, making you pass out from the head trauma.
Me OOC: Well, she isn’t charmed anymore.
And that was the day the nosebreaker club was formed.

The Punch. // Chris Evans Imagine

summary: Some people fall in love the moment they meet each other’s eyes. Some fall in love when they least expect it. But for you and Chris, you had literally fallen in love with this man. 

word count: 1000+

warnings: angsty(ish), accidental violence, fluff 

“Y/N, I want to see anger, please! Your mad, frustrated. Give him everything! Chris, I know you don’t want to but push it, push her, fight her. She’s betrayed you. Let’s roll, don’t stop till I say, alright? GO!” 

I threw the first punch, letting the sound of my fist fill the stadium’s hollow walls. He took a swift blow to my stomach to which I went with a 360 hit on the side. We both knew our next moves, we’ve rehearsed this for two weeks. I knew his next move was a punch to the face that sent me to the ground, to which I blew him away. I just didn’t know that the punch was actually going to take place. I must’ve moved, that must’ve been the case. No other reason could explain the punch but it hurt like a son of a bitch. 

Chris had moved out, getting himself out of my attack and then stepped back, taking one brief second before taking the swing, which sent me to the ground, in literal tears. He knew, the moment his knuckles hit my cheek that he had accidentally made contact with my face. “YN!” I thought I heard Anthony yell cut far off in the distance, but everything sounded so fuzzy. I felt Chris’ hand on my own that covered my face and I heard someone screaming for a bus, but couldn’t make sense of the term in the moment.

 “YN, baby, please look up. YN, oh god, oh god what have I done? Fuck! YN, please baby.” I used all my strength and mental compacity to make my body move around just a little so Chris would know I was still alive, just very stunned. 

“BACK UP! FUCKIN’ BACK UP!” I slowly opened my already swollen eye and was greeted to my boyfriend, in tears. 

“Chris? Chris? W-w-what. What’s going on?” I started to panic with the look on his face, he looked so..scared. What was so scary about my face?  

“Chris?” It didn’t make sense. Why are people were touching me? Grabbing at me? Crowding around asking me weird questions?

“YN, oh my god. I’m so sorry, I-I-I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so s-s-sorry.” I gave him a gentle smile but quickly had my attention diverted to our security guard coming up with the Emergency Care men. 

“Ok, YN can you get up? We’re gonna have you go get checked out at the hospital, okay? Can you get up?” I muttered a yes and with the help of Sebastian and Mackie, I got to my feet, wobbling slightly.  

“Miss, do you know what happened?” I nodded, looking around the room, getting used my surroundings that I had suddenly forgotten were there,“Yeah, yeah. I’m just… dazed almost. Sorry. Um, I’m fine! It’s all good, thank you, everyone.” 

I looked down and saw him standing next to a pool of blood, hands burrowed in his hair, tears dripping down his nose. I saw one of the producers kneeling down next to Chris, trying to calm him down. Walking over, I held my empty hand out to him, and he looked up slowly. Tears on his face falling like a river stream. 

“Chris. Sweetheart,” My heart fell at the sight of the sorrow in those eyes that were as blue as a cloudless June sky. His watery eyes move to meet mine. His eyes held a harsh red, burning hatred for himself. 

“Common, let’s go get me checked out, huh?” He sniffled, nodded softly while getting to his feet. Gripping my hand, he walked me out to the bus. Chris took a cloth I’d been handed and wiped off some of the blood that was creating a red stained river down my lips, chin, and neck.

“I still hate myself, ya know?” I sighed and looked up at Chris. I saw his face distorted in a wallowing self-anger and regret. “Well I don’t, and neither should you. I moved, it’s my fault anyway!” 

He shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose, trying to keep the tears in. 

“No. No, it’s fuckin’ not. Because I’m supposed to take care of you, and what did I do? Cause you severe pain! Like god damn it, come on! I should’ve backed up! The fact that I caused you pain…it kills me.” 

I smiled at his words and scooted over on the couch, patting a spot for him to take next to me. Taking his hands, I pulled them onto my lap, putting my own on top of them, as if I was keeping them from leaving. 

“Christopher Robert Evans, you look at me right now.” Slowly but surely he pulled up his foggy eyes. “I know that you think this is your fault, and maybe it is but the fact that you are killing yourself over it makes you the best man in the world. You are the sweetest, kindest, most loving man I know. You make my day instantly better when I can see you smile, see you happy. You love without conditions and that’s why… I am in love with you.” Chris’s eyes froze, and I panicked. Oh no, it’s too soon.

It’s too soon, he doesn’t lo- “Thank god. Because I’ve been fuckin’ in love with you since the day we met.” I felt the biggest smile spread on my face and tears fall down my cheeks from my misty eyes. “G-good.” 

I couldn’t control the sob that fell from my lips and the kiss that landed on his. Chris deepened the kiss and let his hands move to my hips, pulling me onto his lap. I fit into his stature perfectly. 

His lips moved with mine and pulled me into him like an ocean’s current. Letting me go just a little, only to pull me back towards him with a stronger force. I needed oxygen by now so I pulled out. 

Breathless, my voice came out as a whisper. “Do you forgive yourself now?” 

He smiled and nodded, “Only because I’ve just confessed my biggest secret to you.”

Quick headcannons of you protecting Newty Noot at Hogwarts

I have deemed myself an Aggressive Hufflepuff. Its when you are salty and kinda violent but you are fiercely loyal. Example-someone had the nerve to insult my friend and i almost punched them. Because No one screws with my frands. so uh yeah On to headcannons

•Meeting Newt First year in the Hufflepuff common room when you both skipped Potions. Him because he’d rather be with his animals and you because you didnt like the way some people treated you.
•Sticking together and both of you being quiet shy but at meals you two would be locked in conversation
•The first time someone tried to Bully Newt You punched them square in the face and sent them to the infirmary.
-Newt being shocked and you thinking that he wont want to be your friend anymore but him being happy someone cared about him that much
•People still bullied him but you always came to his rescue. Which included Hexes, Physical fighting, Salty comments, and standing protectively in front of Newt.
•Getting Detention a lot for fighting and being sent to the headmasters office so much that you were on a first name basis. And many students being surprised when you casually call the Headmaster by a silly nickname you created.
•Newt Joining you in Detention and your teachers being okay with it because they know how close you too are.
•When he got expelled you tried to get expelled too. Which Newt scolded you for. And after he left no one dared talk bad about him because they knew they had to go through you
•Protecting Him continued after Hogwarts. Once you found him after you graduated, you first yelled at him for getting in such dangerous situations after Hogwarts then insisting you come with him on his journeys
-“Oh no Scamander, you are not getting rid of me that easily”
•When MACUSA labeled Newt as a villain you got in a verbal fight with Madame Picquery and actually fought with Graves. That ended horribly and you got multiple scoldings.
•Newt knowing that he always has a friend who will fight for him and being incredibly grateful
•You have a lot of scars from over the years but so does Newt so you two are comfortable around each other when your scars are showing
•Being best friends for life and HaViNg ThE bEsT rElAtiOnshIp EvEr

BTS REACTION: Their s/o is going into labor

Jungkook: Before everything, he took some advices from some people, read some stuff on internet. Even if he is the maknae, he will face it like a mature adult. But will be a ball of anxiety.

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Namjoon: Everything was perfect! For you and for the baby! He helped you, even if you’ve screamed or punched him.

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Jin: You would be holding your baby and Jin would be all smiles. Both of you, two persons that he loved the most in the world. And tears.

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Suga: Would try to look confident because he doesn’t want you toget freaked out or something like that. But, inside, he is shivering in happiness. “Hoseok, I’m so nervous, I want to see my baby now, I don’t know what to do…”

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J-Hope: “Oh, I think that… I’m dying…”, he says, fainting.

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V: “What do I do? WHAT DO I DO?”, he would be so happy/confused inside but outside he would just hold your hand and smile to make you relax.

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Jimin: His reaction when he saw you holding your baby was the cutest thing on Earth. Nobody could say who was cuter: your baby or Jimin. He would be really patient and lovely to you.

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HOW YOU MET (and got together)…modern day…

((Anon asked for “How you meet” but I ended up included how you got together as well without thinking so…I hope you don’t mind, Anon, that I changed your request just a little!))

Sandor – You met Sandor when your father hired him to act as your bodyguard. At first, the two of you didn’t get along and Sandor deeply regretted taking the job, but over time – and after punching a guy in the face for trying to grope you – it was obvious Sandor was jealous of other guys being around you and you didn’t want to be with anyone else.

Ramsay – You met Ramsay at a BDSM store where the both of you were taking a look at the newest merchandise. He smirked and you blushed slightly, new to the whole thing, and that was that. Ramsay followed you to the parking lot and “asked” you out. Right then and there.

Tyrion – You met Tyrion at the wine store where you were trying to find a bottle of red wine for a lunch date with a group of “girl” friends from high school. He came in, all sarcastic and witty, making jokes with his friend – Bronn – about fucking and getting drunk, and something about him just made you laugh…and that started a life time of laughs between the two of you.

Robb –You met Robb at the university both of you attended. The two of you were taking a class on World Mythology and Robb wasn’t very “quick” at it, so you agreed to tutor him and one night over pizza, cheap beers, and notes the two of you fell in love.

Theon – You met Theon at the yacht club both of your family’s were a part of. The two of you had known each other when you were younger, Theon was arrogant and always smirking…it annoyed you so you did your best to stay away from him. And then you came home for the summer, and met back up with him for the first time on your father’s yacht. The rest is history.

Jon – You met Jon at the local coffee house during a poetry reading. He was sitting in the corner by himself, shyly looking around, and you had caught him staring at you several times. Finding it adorable and sweet, you bought him a hot chocolate and sat with him the rest of the night. Then you asked him out, surprising him with your boldness, to a movie and he said yes.

im not kidding i will sue dctv or whatever if we don’t get laurel x iris like god imagine the possibilities; 

  • hey birdy
  • THE iris west, oh god i’ve heard so much about you”
  • hellooo miss journalist! don’t judge its cute bye
  • -LAUREL LANCE aka BLACK CANARY OMFG BARRY [hits barry multiple times]
  • -did you really take down that douche? “yep with both my fighting and lawyer skills” [winks]
  • girls night out + linda PARK
  • #WESTLANCE and if we are lucky #parkcanarywest too
  • “hey do you want to team up and take this bastard down ?”
  • “do you want me to kick that jerks ass and then send his ass to jail?”
  • -gosh you’re even more wow wow just wow irl
  • -can you punch me in the face laurel? “iris i can’t destroy that beautiful face of yours”
  • hugs hugs lots of hugs 
  • also like iris calling laurel instead of barry
  • laurel and iris talking about oliver and barry being pains sometimeS
Elias Lindholm - Wanna join?

@sillylittledrabbles here ya go my dear!!! :D  another challenge for you the song I get off by halestorm with elias lindholm. 

Work was awful today everyone seemed to either be in a pissed off mood or just in a “fuck off” mood and you were in no need to have any of it. So by the time you got home you were stressed and pissed. You weren’t sure if you wanted to punch someone in the face or drink a whole bottle of wine or simple both. 

“Hi Y/N” Elias said once you got to your front door. Elias had just moved in next door to you and you had to say the boy way not bad on the eyes. 

“Hi Elias.” You said before walking into your place. 

You kicked off your shoes before you placed the kettle on for some hot tea. Than you made your way up to your room to get undress from your shitty day. Before thinking you started taking of your pants before you realized you left your curtains open and from the looks of it you knew that Elias was looking. 

With a smirk on your face you acted like you didn’t see him and got closer to the window. You slowly removed your shirt. Looking over just enough you saw that Elias was still looking. Smiling you walked over to your radio and turned on some music swaying your hips from side to side before turning to take your bra off. Just as you were about to take it all the way off you turned so that you were eye to eye with Elias. 

“Enjoy the show big boy.” You winked smiling at him. 

“I…um..sorry.” He said before turning away.

“Elias, no need to be sorry. I knew you were there the whole time. Do you wanna come over. I’ve had a shit day. I was going to open a bottle of wine and take a bubble bath, wanna join?” You smirked. 

“I’ll be right over!” he said really fast. 

Maybe this day wasn’t so bad after all. 


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Remy cleans himself off, and meets his older brother in the living area, a scowl on his face. His concern for Lala was turning into anger.

Remy: I’ll start by telling you I don’t want a f*cking lecture.

Nico: No lecture from me. I’m too worried for you both to lecture. What happened?

Remy: Short version- I pissed her off and she punched a mirror.

Nico whistles: She punched a mirror? Damn. Most women throw stuff, yell, cry, punch YOU- they don’t punch mirrors.That’s very troubling, Remy. She hit her own reflection. She’s got issues with herself, she doesn’t like what she sees-

Remy snaps: So you’re exchanging a lecture for therapy? I don’t want to hear it, Nico. I need to shake her off, that’s all.

Nico: I thought you loved her.

Remy: So what if I do? She doesn’t want the kind of love I can give. She wants what you and Allie have, and that ain’t happening with me. So, as soon as I take care of a situation in Sunlit Tides and I know she’ll be safe, I’m ending it. This is too crazy for me. I wanted to shake the sh*t out of her. I hate getting to that point.

Nico gently: I like her, Remy. She’s sweet, she’s beautiful and she loves you. She’s got some self esteem issues to work through, but I think she could make you happy once she does. 

Remy: I don’t like women like Lala, Nico. Looking through my phone, asking where I am, begging for my attention…that sh*t bores me. I like a good time- smoke weed, spend money, have sex. I don’t know what I was thinking dealing with Lala. But I’m done. 

Nico: You were thinking you could take advantage of her, and now you don’t want to admit you caught feelings for her. You wouldn’t be so pissed off if you didn’t care. I’m telling you now, from experience and as your older brother-Lala is a good girl. Don’t let her go, Remy. You WILL regret losing her.

Remy rolls his eyes.

Remy: Yeah. Okay. Where the hell is this concierge doctor?

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I want to punch you Sirius and then fucking high five you because what a sleek mofo you are man love you and I want to give Remus hot chocolate or tea, I'm great at making both of them and Remus deserves so much more but my abilities are limited lmao and then I'd like you guys to sneak me into the Slytherin dungeons BECAUSE ITS ABOUT TIME I WENT HOME

I don’t know how I feel about getting punched in the face. Let me get drunk and then have at me. But to everything else, 😏

Who should you fight (first years edition)

Okumura Koushuu

  • I guess you are one of those who are still mad at him for that one time with Sawamura smh
  • okay I understand you have your reasons but all this boy does all day is stare into the horizon and imagine that everyone hates him 
  • like I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have time for you he’s too busy trying to learn how to eat without choking
  • anyways who would want to beat up that beautiful face??  why do you hate art so much

Seto Takuma

  • I mean he’s a lil bitch, so you kinda should like I’m pretty sure you both will have a good time
  • this is the boy who will say “lol sure” if you tell him to fight you 
  • anyways I hope you know that there’s this unwritten rule that states that you can’t punch a guy with glasses 
  • he probably says “we hould to this again sometime” when you are done

Yui Kaoru

  • you are going to lose
  • like don’t even think about it 
  • why do you wanna die so bad tell me

Yuuki Masashi

  • he got a bad temper but he’s a good boy
  • like why would you want to fight him this is the boy whose tummy growls in class
  • he’ll fight you if you ask him to tho
  • that’s bad news for you my friend
  • he’s a good person so he’ll send you flowers when you are in the hospital

Kuki Youhei

  • okay what the fuck why
  • really why what did this fluffball do to you
  • blind you with his beautiful smile???
  • he won’t fight you he’s too nice he’ll even try to ask you if you got issues and offer you to talk about them until you feel better
  • you win you monster

Asada Hirofumi

  • over my fucking dead body you fucking asshole fucking fight me 

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This is wild- my first Bellarke fam selfie night! 😜 I feel like I’ve been exposed LOL.

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Okay but you gotta tell us how you got grounded now

Well… I got my little sister into the books (she’s only like, two years younger than me, but my parents still see her as the ‘innocent’ one) and one time we were home alone, talking about them. And of course she shoots me this smile and says “Did you know the sparrows fly south for winter?” trying to start some dumb little play fight or something. So I go to punch her in the face, but just lightly as a joke, but apparently it actually hurt and she (being an unstoppable ball of pure rage when she wants to be) immediately yelled out and flung herself at me, and we both got a little carried away, proper order wrestling without caring for the environment around us. So when my parents got home they found me, the ever so slightly intimidating-looking older brother (I was on an emo phase) fighting my adorable, totally innocent younger sister with a few smashed ornaments I hadn’t even realised I knocked over. Needless to say, I was the one at fault in the eyes of my parents, and they proceeded to ground me for “encouraging” my thirteen year old sister who “clearly didn’t know any better”. So yeah. That’s the long-winded story of how Skulduggery Pleasant got me grounded 😊

  • Person: how are you?
  • What I'm thinking: I'm literally feeling every emotion at once, I am both overwhelmed & empty/numb at the same time, I want to punch someone in the face but I also want cuddles, I need constant reassurance but I want to be fiercely independent, I want to hurt and punish myself so bad but I'm trying to somehow learn to love myself even tho it's going totally against how I feel most of the time. How about you?
  • What I say: fine thanks :) hbu

Jumin: I took out Zen! The popular actor with the beatiful silver hair!

All: *gasp*

Jumin: I punched him in the face! And then I admired his beautiful silver hair.

All: *gasps start to dwindle*

Jumin: I grabbed him by his gorgeous long silver hair and-

Saeyoung: Dude, do you want to beat Zen or marry him?

Jumin: … little bit of both?

Reaction: Abandoned Dog


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“Did you really? i..” * can’t believe it*

*sees the dog* *gets super excited*

“aww of course we can!”

Hanbin loves animals and seeing you finding a little abandoned dog you want to keep would just make him love you more. He knows that you both might not have that much time, however seeing the look on the dogs face would just make him give in immediately and he would be so excited to keep the doggy.


“Why keep an animal when we already have one at home”

You: “Bobby i swear to–” *soft punch on the side*

“ouCh i’m just kidding Y/N, let’s keep this little guy if you really want to”

Bobby would agree as long as you really want to keep it since it’s you. Although he’d tease you a bit in the beginning and make one of his typical jokes, you’d end up keeping the dog anyway. He doesn’t really mind as long as he sees you being happy with it.


“Are you really sure we can keep him? What if he already belongs to someone? What if we don’t have enough time??”

10 minutes later 

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“Actually…. let’s just keep him”

In the beginning Jinhwan would be skeptical about keeping the dog since he doesn’t know anything about it and he isn’t sure if it’s such a good idea to just make a decision like that because it takes a lot it responsibility. However, after spending a little time with the dog, he would come to totally like it and want to keep it as well. But he would make sure it’s safe etc. 


“You’re kidding you did not take an abandoned dog home did you?”

After seeing the dog

“Wait you were… serious??”

A few seconds minutes later

“Ahhhh, he is so cute!! Let’s keep him” *squeals*

Junhoe doesn’t believe you at first because the scenario just sounds so weird to him, however when he realizes you’re serious, he would be perplexed and doesn’t know how to react at first. As soon as he catches sight of the dog and gets closer to him, he can’t hold himself together and would instantly agree to the idea.

- Moyo

Heal Check Fail

We were in a difficult encounter where both our healers were knocked unconscious during the fight and the only one that had any skills in healing was our barbarian.

Barbarian: I want to perform a heal check on our healers

DM: You can roll that untrained

Barbarian: *rolls and critically fails*

DM: You wonder why your friends are asleep and punch them in the face to try and wake them up.