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You are such a wannabe army, it makes me want to puke

You’re right. I’m just a wannabe ARMY, I mean.. look at my things (ft. my Pepsae). Have some low quality photos of how wannabe I am, lol.


Ok Selja is back and it’s worst. I said I wouldn’t talk about her anymore, but its worst really. Report @Selja_helllover, I’m fucking shaking and I want to puke so bad

Also I saw many account doing the same kind of thing to Jimin (death threat) so only report!!! Dont post a tweet on twitter, dont talk to them, dont interact with them


All my favorite fanfictions: Imagine by heatherlea75

1980 has been a lousy year for the entire gang, particularly Hyde and Jackie. When a beloved cultural icon dies, the two take an impulsive trip to New York, together. While there, they remember old impressions of one another, and discover new things about

Rogers Jr.

Summary: You and Steve tell your daughter about how you met back in Brooklyn. This is for @redlipstickandplaid who wanted enough floof to give her cavaties, I hope I met the bar!<3 

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Phoebe Rogers [their daughter], Bucky Barnes

Warnings:  so disgustingly cute and fluffy, Dad!Steve, I wanted to puke rainbows while writing this :’)

Sidenote;; Bolded text are past events as told by the Reader & Steve, [basically like a narrator] 

‘Cause all I know is we said hello, and your eyes look like coming home

All I know is a simple name, everything has changed

All I know is you held the door, you’ll be mine and I’ll be yours

All I know since yesterday is everything has changed’



“Yes, bug?” You gave your daughter a soft smile, tucking her into bed before sitting on the edge.

“How did you and daddy meet? Was he already an Avenger?”

“I knew Daddy before he was all tall and muscly, Phoebe,” you chuckled, earning an amused grin from the 5 year old, those beautiful bright blue eyes gazing up at you.

“Were you taller than him?”

You nodded, “I was.”

Phoebe laughed, her legs kicking underneath the duvet in her hysterics.

“Alright,” you smiled, trying to hide your own laughter, “calm down, miss. It’s time for some sleep, or you won’t be up in time for the school trip.”

“Oh,” her little face fell as she groaned in protest, “But you didn’t tell me the story.”  

“How about both me and Daddy tell you tomorrow?”

She nodded, enthusiastically. “Yeah!”

“See you in the morning, baby.” You lean down and pressed a kiss to her forehead before she snuggled beneath the sheets and settled to sleep.

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fyi, being a feminist isn’t ‘believing people should be equal’, you can’t just make that generalization and water down feminist theory so easily. it’s not easy to keep standing up for what you believe in. this ridiculous notion that EVERYONE should be a feminist, and making it accessible to everyone by changing the meaning of feminism completely should be stopped. you can’t just turn it into a label that has absolutely no meaning, which is exactly what liberal feminism has done. special shoutout to celebs or lib fems who keep going “do you think women and men should have the same rights? congrats you’re a feminist” no it’s not that simple s t o p

The fact that i’ve seen people who have sexualized/written smut about SANHA, of all people, A 15 YEAR OLD, makes me want to vomit.

I cannot believe that some people are disgusting enough to write smut about someone so young.

So, I’m just going to say, PLEASE do not sexualize the underage members of astro, don’t make disgusting timers until they’re legal, don’t write smut about them. 

don’t sexualize the underage members of astro 

Words ( Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Could you possibly write Oneshot where Draco protects a mute  reader from bullies of some sort? Keep up the great work  - mate-DaAnimeLyfe

Warnings- Bullying etc

(Authors Note- I had no idea how to write this and I tried to write it so the reader speaks again but it made me want to puke from cheesiness so I rewrote it before I published it. Sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted.)

It’s a Slytherin again, towering over me in the corridor with a sneer. My books are strewn across cold floor on which I find my self crumpled over, clutching my shoulder that had been smacked against the wall when I was pushed.

I look up at the offender to find it’s Pansy again.

“What is it? Mute,” She hisses and I cringe back but only find myself backed against the wall.

I look around me to try and find anyone who would help, not that I can cry out.

No one seems willing to interfere, I don’t blame them, sometimes it’s better just to ignore unpleasantness.

Pansy bends down slightly, her dark hair falls from her shoulder and I can see just how greasy it is.

“Cat got your tongue?” She snickered and I don’t feel it happening until my hand hits her face with a loud snap.

My eyes widen as realisation hits me and I begin to frantically shake my head as an apology.

“Sorry,” I sign but its clear Pansy does not care for my sign language and I begin to brace myself for what comes next.

However nothing happens and so slowly I allow myself to open my eyes and see, stood next to me, is Draco Malfoy, hand locked on Pansy’s wrist.

“Draco?"Pansy marvels at the boy who had saved me.

"Just go away Pansy,  leave her alone,"He begins.

Pansy brings her hand down to her side and looks up at the platinum haired boy in bewilderment.

"Why do you care, Draco?"She questions, I too look up expectantly as the boy just sighs .

"You deserved the slap, you were rude and intentionally picked on someone who was vulnerable because you want to take attention off yourself."He concludes.

With one swift movement he bends down and offers me his hand which I take with an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach as he pulls me to my feet.

I nod as a sort of thanks and he smiles.

"Your welcome,” The words are genuine and don’t come as a sarcastic remark on my lack of actual words.

His expression changes and he turns his attention back to Pansy who is guiltily looking at her feet.

“Apologize.” He demands and Pansy shuffles awkwardly before she looks up and meets my eyes with sour expression.

“Sorry,” She mumbles reluctantly and without saying as much as goodbye, she scuttles round the corner.

“Thank you so much,” I sign and he scratches the back of his neck.

“Sorry, I can’t understand sign,"He says guiltily.

I nod but pull a small note book from the pocket of my robes and using a never-ending ink quill that I’d acquired from the Weasely twins, I scribble out a quick note of thanks.

Thank you

"Oh, no problem,"He smiles again and I can feel a warm sensation in my cheeks at the sight. "Plus she needed the slap. Oh nice one by the way,”

I blush again and smile shyly while writing another note,

I didn’t mean it but right now it feels amazing to have done it

“I bet it does,” He snorts which creates a bubbly feeling in my throat that can almost be mistaken as a choking sound but Draco is unfazed by my laugh, however it leaves me embarrassed.

I look away, my face going red before remembering about my books that had been scattered across the floor during the quarrel.

I begin to pick them up.

“Oh let me help,” Draco offers bending down and picking up my books with me.

Once all my books have been collected he takes half the pile for me.

You don’t need to do that.

I write, leaning on my books as a temporary desk but he ignores it and begins walking to the lunch hall with my books in hand.

When we reach the hall he he hands back my books.

“Do you maybe want to meet later, the astronomy tower?” He asks and I ponder it for a second before nodding.

He grins,

“I’ll see you at six then?”

I nod again and his grin grows wider yet again and he waves before rushing to the Slytherin table. I also take my seat with Hermione and Ginny.

“What was that about?” Ginny asks

“He came to the rescue when Pansy was acting up again,” I sign and Ginny nods, Hermione had taught her sign after we became friend.

“Really?” Hermione queries and I nod.

“We are meeting at the astronomy tower later,” I sign again

“Wow, what does he want?” Ginny asks and I shrug.

“He just asked,” I sign

“Well, be careful, (Y/N),” Hermione sighs.

“I will,”

When I climb the steps up the tower I can feel the cold air from above tunneling down towards me, it wakes me up a little.

When I reach the top I notice Draco straight away from his blond hair.

“Hi,” He smiles

I wave.

“Sorry it’s so cold,” He says nervously and I shake my head with a smile on my face, assuring him that it’s no problem.

I bring out my note pad again and write a note.

You can’t control the climate so you are forgiven

He chuckles at this.

“Thank you,” He grins before making his way to the bench that sits against the tower’s wall.

I take a seat next to him and sit my note pad on my lap.

“I’m sorry about Pansy today, I’d like to be able to say that she was acting out of character but that would be a huge lie,” He says and I shake my head.

It’s fine, you saved me

“I just did what was right,”

Well thank you, I wish I could tell you that but the circumstances seem to be against me.

“How did you lose your voice anyway? If you don’t mind me asking  I mean” He stammers

It’s fine. I was hit by a hex when I was two , during a deatheater attack, it can’t be cured so I’ve always had the suspicion that it was a curse.

I scribble the explanation and Draco looks at me with a sympathetic stare.

Ugh, don’t look at me like that. I hate that look of pity.

“Sorry,” He sighs “It’s just, I can’t help but feel like my family is involved since they are ex-deatheaters,” He says cautiously, hiding something.

I doubt your family were involved. It happened after You-Know-Who fled and the deatheaters who were responsible where killed there and then.

Draco seems to relax a little.

“Oh well, that’s good then,”

Yeah I guess, can we stop talking about it though?

“Oh yeah sorry, so how was your lessons today,” He starts, changing the subject swiftly.

Oh my god, Snape is a nightmare!

He laughs and I smile back at him.

We talk for hours and hours until we finally sneak back into the castle, smiles plastered to our faces when we make plans for the next day.

The next couple of months are the same and Draco and I have become great friends. However, my feelings for Draco keep growing and I’m starting to worry I’ll lose his friendship if he finds out.

I can’t get the thought out of my head as I walk to the astronomy tower again. I can’t imagine losing Draco, not after all this.

The corridors are empty, no pupils are rushing to class or talking with there friends. Everyone is at the Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw quidditch match.

Then suddenly I’m hurtling to the ground, the impact of my shoulder and the rough stone floor creates a loud thud. I lean up to see not just Pansy, but two other girls, Millicent and Daphne, Pansy’s “friends”.

“Long time no see, mute,” Pansy spits and the two other girls laugh.

“I see you’ve made friends with Draco,” Daphne says with a sneer.

“I don’t think so, Daphne,” Pansy says to the other girl.

“You’re right Pansy, Draco couldn’t possibly be friends with a mute,”  Daphne agrees as I’m looking for a way out the situation.

I don’t notice that Pansy has my notebook until she gasps in surprise.

“What is this!?” She shrieks, flicking through the pages with a evil smirk

Then the sound of torn paper fills the corridors and slowly the shredded remains of the words I’d written for Draco float down and land on the ground, like all meaning has disappeared.

I shove my self off the ground quickly but I am only pushed down again by Pansy who sneers.

“You’re just his charity case, he doesn’t care about you at all!"She hisses and I can feel tears stinging my eyes.

"You’re wrong, Pansy,”

The familiar voice comes from behind me and I turn around sharply to see Draco again.

“Get away from her now!”

The three girls scatter away from me quickly.

“I suggest you leave before I tell Snape about this,” He demands and the girls exchange a few glances before running off.

Draco comes towards as quickly as the girls ran off and pulls me to my feet.

“You know that’s not true right? I do care about you,” He assures, stepping closer again and placing a hand on my cheek, wiping away a tear with his thumb.

I feel my cheeks burning but I don’t step back.

“I really love you,” He admits and my eyes widen.

Unable to write anything I resort to signing.

“Really?”I sign and he nods.

“Wait when did you learn sign?”

“Oh, um, I’ve been getting lessons from Granger for a while now but it’s a bit rusty and I didn’t want to tell you until I was certain I could do it…” He rambles. I then lift my hand to his chin and pulls his head up to look at me then I stand back a bit.

“ I love you,” I sign and his eyes widen, I sigh, thankful that he understood me.

I sling my arms around his neck and lean up , pressing my lips to his and he puts his hands on my waist, his lips move softly with mine and everything goes silent.

No words in the world  can describe how much I love this boy.

(Author’s Note: Oh My God I hate this so much, it’s so bad that I almost gave up writing it. The idea is amazing but holy crap I cant write it! Also I am so sorry that I’ve not updated, I had exams last week and now I have a cold. Anyway, excuse this piece of crap that I have produced) ( P.S- I nearly put this up without editing because I really didn’t want to read it)

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the face of the purest, happiest, and most sweetest kitten being interviewed.