i want to puke


Im honestly so very upset and i wish i had a friend i could talk to about it and i wish that i could just be held and cuddled. And be told eveeything is going to be okay and that im bot going to ve alone on my birthday and that no one js going to leave me.i want to stop puking and i want to stop cryingand just behappy ((((((’: literally if anyone (even those from the teenietot community) Ould message me these things lkke.please do i t would help a whol lott


♥‿♥ the lightwood siblings love each other so much and want to make sure everyone is safe and protected at all costs ♥‿♥

At the risk of sounding “anti-feminist” again, Canon Rebecca White is an indecent human being.

I can forgive her for being daft enough to believe the drunken ramblings of a heartbroken, vulnerable man.

I can forgive her for having self-esteem that is so low she didn’t believe that man when he told her countless times that he didn’t want to be with her; but the one time he says it whilst drunk she believes him.

What I can’t forgive her for is having sex with him whilst he was that inebriated. For having sex with him whilst his judgement was that badly impaired.

If she really loved Robert, she would have turned him down and taken care of him. Just like Aaron did when put in a similar situation back in 2015.

If she really loved him, she would have called his sister and brother-in-law who were worried about him.

If she really loved him, she would have asked him the next day when he was sober, if he meant what he said.

She is not in love with Robert, she is obsessed with him. That is one part of her character that has remained consistent.

Robert has some pretty big flaws. Yes, he did use her in the past. Yes, he was mean to her. Two things Rebecca doesn’t even give a shite about.

The fact that she slept with him whilst he was drunk makes her the indecent human being in this scenario. Just like Ross was the indecent human being when he slept with a very drunk Kerry.

I hope the “feminists” who support Rebecca for being a woman are aware of this. I hope the people who ship Ross over Robert with Aaron are also aware of this.

The fact that Emmerdale continues to ignore the issue of consent makes me angry and uncomfortable. So for the sake of some of us not wanting to puke when thinking about her, I still hope the incident didn’t actually happen. Or it turns out that she has erotomania, and has been hallucinating everything.

uuuuuuuum remember when harry was 17 and they tried to say he broke up a radio host’s marriage bc she had an affair with him and the radio host just fucking went along with it (she was 14 years older than him) and that apparently happened before he started “dating” c*roline who was 15 years older than him. god i’m so fucking disgusted thinking about it. that sweet boy was 17 years old and he had to go through that shit :/ god he was just a baby. the fact that these women in their THIRTIES went along with “dating” a fucking closeted SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD BOY. fuck we’ve been through some wild times…

“Pidge?” Shiro questioned looking at the young female curled up on the couch, staring blankly at the wall. “Pidge whats wrong?”
“I miss my family.” She muttered quietly. “I miss Matt, Dad, and mom. I want them back..”
Shiro sat next to her, pulling her into his side. 
“I know you do, we’re doing everything we can to help find them.”
Soon the team was flocking her, hugging, telling her everything would be alright. Lances heart twanged seeing his teammate in pain.
“I un-” He began.
“Lance shut up.” Keith growled.
“Yes, Lance right now is not the time.” Shiro added. Allura only glanced at him before looking back to Pidge.
Lance was crushed, he couldn’t speak. He felt as if the walls were closing in. His face grew hot and he wanted to puke.
“I was only trying to help…” He whispered to himself, slipping away from the bunch. He discreetly wiped his eyes with his sleeve, biting his lip to keep quiet. Once he got to his room, he closed his door. The minute closed and locked, Lance let out a sob. He fell onto the bed and curled up. He didn’t belong here, there wasn’t a use for him here. They didn’t like him. 
He didn’t want to be here anymore, he wanted to be home. With his mom, with his family, who would take care of him no matter what. His family didn’t think he was dumb. He let out another sob, breaking the silence in his room.
“I want to go home…” He cried into his pillow. “I want to go home!” There was a knock at his door. He ignored it, not bothering to quiet down.
“Lance please open up. Whats wrong?”
“Go away”
“No, Lance-” it was Shiro this time.
“I said go the fuck away! Go!” He screamed at the door. After a few minutes the door opened and the team walked in.
“Lance please.”
“No! I’m fucking done! With every single one of you! I’m done playing the stupid one! The obnoxious one! I was only trying to help her! I was going to say I understood what she was going through, what she felt! The first 3 fucking weeks in this bullshit castle I puked almost everyday because I was so home sick! And all I get for trying to help is shut up! For everything I do, I’m fucking tired of it!” Tears were streaming down his face as he yelled, hurt clear in his eyes. Shiro took a step towards Lance as he hiccuped a sob.
“Fuck oFF!” He pushed Shiro towards the bed before bolting out the door. At that moment they heard a lions roar, they knew that roar. It was blue, she sounded pissed at the others.
“Lance! Lance come back!” Hunk yelled after him.

(Part 1?)

Patater Week - Day 2

Feb. 7- Proposal/Wedding Day/Wedding Night (1.5K)

“I’m nervous,” Kent says.

“Change your mind?” Alexei teases, only feeling a tiny bit worried. He doesn’t think Kent will actually bail on him, now that they’re both in their suits and the hall is surely packed with their families and teammates. Bittle would cry if anything happened, Alexei thinks. And then skin both of them alive.

But then again, Alexei did see Runaway Bride twice with Snowy, when he was first learning English and someone had the brilliant idea that the best way to learn is to watch all the classic romcoms. Snowy, it turns out, is a big fan of Richard Gere. Kent doesn’t look like he’s ready to bolt, but he did seem skittish, and in the movie, Julia Roberts had been very skittish.

“No, never,” Kent says, taking Alexei’s hands and rubbing his thumb over Alexei’s palms. His hair is already a little mussed, the untamable cowlick threatening to pop back up. “Not about you. I know I’m an ass about a lot of things, but you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Good to know,” Alexei says, letting out a breath of relief. “You tell me now, then what you say for vows?”

“Oh, God,” Kent laughs nervously. “Oh man. That’s—that’s the thing. The vows. In front of a bunch of people. I could probably do it. Maybe. You wouldn’t happen to be carrying Xanax on you?” He chuckles and scratches the back of his neck, but his jaw drops when he sees Alexei rummage in his pockets. “Wait, I’m just joking. I don’t actually—what the hell is that?”

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Thank you to the people messaging me your concerns about my absence on here.

To answer your questions–no I am not alright.

I am angry that Daenerys was taken from me while others get to wake up every day with a dog they don’t even want half the time.

I am bitter that others get to celebrate 7th birthdays with their dogs and Daenerys never got her 2nd birthday or Christmas.

I am learning to cope with my grief but I still carry it with me like a bad tattoo.

I am learning to breathe again, but I still choke more often than not.

I am learning to live with just her spirit beside me, but at the moment it haunts me more than it holds me.


Ok Selja is back and it’s worst. I said I wouldn’t talk about her anymore, but its worst really. Report @Selja_helllover, I’m fucking shaking and I want to puke so bad

Also I saw many account doing the same kind of thing to Jimin (death threat) so only report!!! Dont post a tweet on twitter, dont talk to them, dont interact with them

awkwardshadd0w  asked:

I was super sick a couple nights ago and I was up all night puking. And I wanted to thank you cuz your videos kept me company and made me smile ^^ I hope your day is lovely, thanks for making mine a little better <3

Well now I’m just imagining someone puking and smiling at the same time which is kinda horrifying when you picture it. But hey! That’s very sweet, the video-part I mean, not the puking and I’m glad I could help in some sense :P

Hope you feel better!