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A Guide to Roleplaying Systems

Player: Can I do the thing?

Mutants and Masterminds: Yes you can do the thing.

GURPS: Fill out these forms in triplicate.

Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition: Yes, but it’s really not worth it unless you are a Dream Elf with the Godblooded feat and at least five levels in the Thingomancer Prestige class from Complete Thing. Or you could just play a Wizard, they get The Thing as a 3rd level spell.

Call of Cthulu: You can do the thing, but you REALLY don’t want to.

FATE: That depends, can you bullshit the GM into believing that one of your vaguely-worded aspects supports you doing The thing?

7th Sea: Only if the thing is properly dramatic!

Shadowrun: Yes, but you’ll need a bathtub full of D6s.

Paranoia: The thing is treason.

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition:

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Shower Fun

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


Imagine: It’s Elena’s birthday and Damon is insanely mad with you because you are running late. You try to rush things up, but your boyfriend Klaus shows up. Let’s just say things get steamy. 

*Requested smut, read carefully. :) 

Word Count: 1784

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1. frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment.

Did you know that when you
push someone so far off a ledge,
their heart stops beating for minutes at a time
because they’re scared you’re gonna
push them all the way off?

Did you know that when
you decide you’re not going to push them
all the way off that ledge,
they’re not going to want to stay with you
any longer; they’re not going to want to
stick around to see if the next time,
you will push too far?

I push people so far away from me,
arms length isn’t in my vocabulary.
This is bodies of water worth away;
the Pacific Ocean has nothing on me—
I’ll push people so far,
they won’t be able to see my face but
when they finally decide they need to leave,
I will swim the length of the ocean to
pull them back to me.

Did you know that it doesn’t matter
if you swim oceans worth of water
to make it back to the person you don’t want to lose
because you almost killed them when you
teased them, holding them off
that ledge; do you realize that
they aren’t going to want
to stay, no matter how much you wheeze
from the trek to and from where
you left them?

2. A pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation.

Touch me on the shoulder and
push my hair behind my ear and
whisper to me that you love me and
tell me I’m beautiful and that you
need me and need me and need me and
I will never stop loving every inch of you


one morning you wake up and you
leave too early or you
forget to say goodbye or
you just exist as you are but
don’t remind me that I’m okay and
I decide that you’ve begun to hate me
and in turn I hate you right back


I remember that I love you and
if you leave me I will never be able to breathe again and
I love you and I love you and I love you and
it feels like you’re ignoring me and
I just want you to love me


I realize I have to leave you before
you leave me; and you, inevitably, will leave me so
I decide you no longer mean a thing.

3. Identity disturbance: markedly and persistently unstable self-image or sense of self.

Laugh and I’ll laugh with you,
cry and I’ll cry too.

Say something cute and I will
say it again later when you’re not there and
tell me your favorite color and
it will be my favorite color too.

Not only will it be my favorite color but
I’ll paint it on my apartment walls and
I’ll buy a whole new wardrobe with nothing
but clothes that color and
tell me that you love high heels and
I’ll buy 60 pairs and when you dye your hair,
suddenly I’ll do my hair the same way.

Laugh and I’ll laugh too,
cry and I’ll cry too.

Hate someone and I’ll hate that person with you and
love a celebrity and I’ll love her too and
I’ll paste her posters all over my apartment walls and
I’ll watch all her movies and
listen to all her music and

you’re gonna think we are just
/ so, so alike / when really,

you make a move and I mimick you;
you make a move and I say JINX in my head
as if we moved at the same time and
you’ll owe me a soda even though really
I owe you a personality but
I don’t have the capacity to afford one.

4. Impulsivity in at least two areas that are potentially self-damaging.

When I drive to therapy I am running late
because I am always running late and
I drive my car too close to the side where
the parked cars sleep for the night
and I hit a side mirror with my own and
drive away so fast I drive through a stop sign
right next to a preschool and
at therapy she asks me why I am being
so reckless and impulsive and I say,
“What are you talking about?” because
I can’t understand that my behavior
is at all impulsive
and reckless.

I don’t eat all day because I want control until
night comes and I eat and
I eat and I eat and
I eat
and the toilet bowl calls out to me and
I vomit until the veins in my eyes
streak red lines in their white and
I look like the monster that I feel I am.

5. Recurrent suicidal behavior, gestures, or threats, or self- mutilating­ behavior.

In a moment of absolute and utter hopelessness I think to myself,
“If I kill myself she will feel so fucking bad,”
and I swallow bottles of pills because
I think I want to die and I also want
the people who did me wrong to feel
the same ache that I have in my chest because of
what they did to my heart.

I am angry with my friend and she
thinks that I will cope the same as any
normal person and I go home / after our / fight / and /
I take a blade / to the soft flesh of my wrists ///
and slice ////// until the bathtub fills with red
and /// I think to myself,
“that will fucking show her.” ////
(I don’t tell her what I did. I want her
to know but the pain calms the anger;
the blood is enough.)

6. Affective instability due to a marked reactivity of mood

I sit in my apartment with Friends
playing on the TV and I laugh along
with the annoying laugh track and then
I drop an empty cup on the carpet and
I scream out with rage as if
the cup was filled with acid and
it burned through the carpet and hard floor
even though the fucking cup
was fucking empty.

7. Chronic feelings of emptiness

Do I even have a heart
beating in my chest?
How can I be alive when
I’m nothing more than
an empty shell?

8. Inappropriate, intense anger or difficulty controlling anger

As a teenager, doctors were desperate
to explain away my emotions;
they would say that I was just
an angry girl and that
sometimes kids are angry
and when I punched holes in the walls
and sliced open my skin out of pure rage
it was okay because I was just
The Angry Girl and
it simply didn’t matter what was causing
that severe emotional response.

9. Transient, stress-related paranoid ideation or severe dissociative symptoms.

These are not my hands.

You can’t help me heal
when I don’t
actually exist.

I swear
you can’t see
me when
I’m like this.

Can you see me?
I can’t feel my limbs.

I’m scared. Please,
look at me so I can
know that I exist.


“And when it got to that point, it was irreversible. When you start toying with the idea of ending your life, even just for a fleeting moment, it stays there until you black out, not even from any substances, but just your thoughts, they occur so fast and so much that you don’t even remember how you got to be standing on the edge of your roof, or sinking in a bathtub, or playing with guns in a godforsaken desert, or lying on your bathroom floor with a bunch of pills in your hand. It’s like you’ve been hypnotized and suddenly you just wake up from sleepwalking and the immediate threat of dying breathes life into you again; it’s ironic. But by then, it’s too late. So maybe I am lucky. Maybe I have been all along, and maybe there’s some god out there throwing chances at me repeatedly, waiting to see how I’ll fuck it up this time…but I don’t want to be a fuck-up anymore, and I don’t want to ruin what I already have…least of all my life. I don’t wanna live like this anymore, I can’t. I won’t let myself.”

Almond Joy, Part 2 (Getting to Know each Other)

Summary: You take care of Bucky’s dog and find out who he really is

Word Count: 3705

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: cliffhanger!

A/N: Sorry it’s so long and so much goes on! If I had separed it into two parts, Bucky wouldn’t even be in the first part!

Previous Part ~ Next Part

You finished up the rest of your shopping. After buying dog food, a cheap toy, a leash and a dog bed for her, nearly $100 was spent on her. You hated spending money out of your budget but this was necessary. If you had a dog, you would wish someone would take good care of it.

When you got home, she began to jump up and down. You took the toy you purchased out of the bag, removed the price tag and threw the toy so she could run and catch it.

After going back and forth with the toy for a while, you headed to the kitchen and grabbed some spare paper bowls you had. You placed two on the ground near the dishwasher in hope that she wouldn’t come to close to other parts of the kitchen. It was awfully quiet in your apartment so you connected your phone to your speakers and played some music. As you began to clean around the kitchen, Almond lied down next to your couch and fell asleep within a few seconds.

You filled one of the bowls with dog food and the other with water. Almond was still asleep, so you headed to your room to change into something comfortable quickly.

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To an Old Friend, With All My Love

Request: “To you, with regret just made me cry ugly tears, your writing is so beautiful. It makes me feel all kinds of emotions. A part 3, please?”

Word Count: 3,214

Pairing: None

Part 1   |   Part 2

Tag List: @1madster @elyza-jeanette @red-roses-and-stories @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @dont-give-a-bother @heneed-somemilk @caseoffics

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The knock on the door is loud, strong, assured. Sighing, you push yourself to your feet, leaving the comfy ruby couch behind you.

A tiny body zooms past you as soon as you pull open the door.

“Dorothy, stop!” Exasperation rests comfortably on the pretty face in front of you. Shaking her head, Evelyn meets your amused smile. “Don’t laugh. She’s yours this weekend.”

“I think I can handle an eight-year-old.” You step out of the way so your old friend can lug in a suitcase.

“I said the same thing when her birthday rolled around last weekend but,” she sets the suitcase on an armchair and sighs, “you’d be surprised.”

A shriek of laughter sounds from upstairs. You lift your eyebrows. “She must have found the dolls I bought her.”

Evelyn laughs once. “You didn’t have to buy her any toys. She has plenty.”

Shrugging, you step around her and return to the couch, falling onto it and patting the empty cushion next to you. “I didn’t know if she’d bring any of them. Besides, if I’m going to be the cool, unrelated aunt, I have to spoil her.”

Evelyn sits next to you, crossing her legs. “You know she already thinks you’re better than me. You have no clue how many times she’s asked if you could be her mother instead.”

You smile. “I’m sorry for stealing your child’s affections.”

“Oh please.” She waves her hand. “I know you don’t want them too badly. You’d have to be married to Charles.”

“Is he still spending late nights out?”

She nods twice, somber. “He comes back so late, sometimes I wonder…” she trails off, then looks up at you. “But this weekend trip should do some good, I hope.”

“I hope it does.” You nudge her foot with yours. “I’m always here to talk if you need me.”

She gives you a sad smile. “I know.” The room falls silent save for muffled shouts from Dorothy upstairs. “Hey,” Evelyn perks up, “how’s the marriage front looking for you? Meet any cute men in Bulgaria?”

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This one time I was stage managing for Complete Works (bless that show) and during rehearsal, the guy playing Ophelia forgot his last line but didn’t want to break character, so he kicked the guy playing Hamlet, adjusted his flower crown, and shouted “If you’ll excuse me, I have to go blow dry my hair in the bathtub now”, and it was incorrect but in character and amazing. 

Good Girl Ch 14: Bedtime


Kyungsoo shakes his head, “Absolutely not.”

“But Daddy!” I whine as the owl boy takes the dishes out of my hands. Feeling like a child I pout as him and the others stop my attempts to help clear off the table or do the dishes.

“Babies can’t do big kid things like this,” Suho teases as he walks past me with more dishes.

“But I want to help.”

“Come over here baby,” Chen calls me over to where he is standing in front of the sink, his hands are to washing the heavy copper bowls. He stops for a minute and dries his hands before lifting me up on to the counter next to the sink. He hands me one of the bowls and a towel to dry it. Tao comes over and takes the bowl from me to put it away. This continues until all the dishes are washed and put away. Xiumin comes in to the kitchen finally, dressed in an almost matching out fit to mine, and a towel around his neck. He sees me on the counter and quickly takes the place in between my legs, his arms go around my waist.

When I realize his hair is still wet I take the towel from around his neck and dry his hair for him, something that he very much enjoys. I’m too distracted with a very cute kitty to notice the glaring group of men around us.

“Baby,” Suho gets my attention, “I think it’s time for you to take a bath.”

“A bath?” I question, I haven’t taken a bath in years and to be completely honest, it sounds amazing.

“Yea, a nice bubble bath before bed.”

I nod, “Sounds good to me.”

“Good, who do you want to wash you?”

The question catches me off guard, “Wash me?”

“Yes, you are a baby, you don’t expect us to let you bathe alone do you?”

I laugh, “I have showered alone since I was like five, I can do it.”

“Baby,” Xiumin warns, “Don’t question us, just answer the question. Who do you want to wash you?”

I scan the group of men, “Kyungsoo.”

“And to get you dressed?” I open my mouth to ask, yet again, if that is really necessary but Xiumin’s hard stare makes me keep it to myself.

“Baekhyunnie,” The puppy like man cheers cutely.

“And who do you want to sleep with, that is if you want to sleep with someone?”

I hesitate answering that for a minute, “Do you mean sleep with, or, um?”

They laugh at my awkward innocence, “Sleep next to.”

“Then, um, Luhan.”

“Really?” Luhan pops up next to me with a big smile on his face. I nod.

“That’s unfair,” Kai pouts along with Tao and Chanyeol.

“You guys can do it tomorrow,” Suho reminds them.

“Can Chenchen do my hair?”

Chen smiles softly at me, “Of course baby.”

“Now time for a bath!” Kyungsoo claps his hands together and beams at me. Xiumin tightens his grip on me, burrowing his face into my chest.

“Let go hyung,” Luhan swats at the other, “You’ve gotten to spend too much time with her today already.”

“Ugh, fine,” Xiumin grumbles, “But first,” He quickly gives me a peck before running off.

“That chipmunk looking little shit,” Kris growls as he takes after him, followed by Tao, Kai, and Chanyeol. I just sit there for a moment, Kyungsoo comes over to me and helps me down off the counter.

“Come on baby,” He pulls me along into my own bathroom. I sit down on the toilet seat as he gets the bath ready, making sure the water isn’t too cold or too hot. When it’s ready I’m a bit bashful at the idea of taking my clothes off in front of yet another boy but I don’t have to think about it for long. Kyungsoo comes over and pulls my t-shirt over my head without hesitation. I allow him to do whatever, not questioning it when he pulls down my pants and underwear in one motion and asks me to step out of them. My hands are over my chest as I stand there, slightly shivering; Kyungsoo’s eyes rake up and down my body.

My cheeks burn, being naked in front of them is definitely something I’m going to have to get used to but for it only being my third time, I’m completely embarrassed. Kyungsoo shakes his dazed look away and helps me into the large bath filled with bubbles. I can’t hide my excitement for taking a bubble bath in such a perfect bathtub; I know it sounds kind of weird but this bathroom is built for a princess. I slip into the water so my chest is fully covered as Kyungsoo reaches into the bathroom closet for a towel, a stool, and a rag.

“Sorry to ask this again,” I mumble as I stare down at my hands playing with the bubbles, “But do you really need to wash me?”

“I don’t have to if you don’t want to, can I at least wash your back?” He gives me a small smile.

I nod.

“But first how about you just enjoy sitting here for awhile,” He scoops up a handful of bubbles and blows them at me, making me giggle. “So how was school?”

“It was fine,” I shrug, “It’s school.”

He nods in understanding, “Only one more year and you are done.”

“But after that is university so that is four more years at least,” I grimace at the thought.

“College isn’t required.”

I scoff, “Tell that to the rest of the world. How am I supposed to get a good job without an education?”

“Don’t worry about that, your daddies will take care of you,” He brushes a few stray locks out of my face.

“Take care of me,” I echo. That is never something I’ve been fond of, the idea of someone taking care of me while I do nothing. Though I have a good family, I’ve always been a loner, taking care of myself. I’ve never had so many people looking after me, making sure I ate, that I’m safe; as much as I thought I would hate being constantly watched over and taken care of, I love it when it’s these guys.

“Can I ask you something?” Again, I’m staring down at my hands.

He hums a yes as he twirls his hand around in the water.

“Why, um, how long, um, this whole daddy thing?” I struggle to find the right words to ask the question that I’ve been wondering.

“Are you trying to ask why we like it when you call us daddy?” He guides my chin up so I’m looking at him.


“I’m not really sure either. I think we all just have this weird thing in us when we see someone small and cute like you we just have this automatic reaction to do something. To hold you, to have you, to protect you.”

“Have there been other girls like me?”

He pauses for a minute, “Yes and no. There have been one or two who have caught someone’s eye but never all of us. Others have called us daddy during sex and it’s fun for a little bit but it’s not the same as when you did it the first time. You, our little baby, are very different from those girls. We are, as you said it, attached to you. You don’t run away from us or flinch when we touch you, something that never happens, especially after how we met. Those girls would pretend to like us to get away so they didn’t last long.”

“How long do you think you will keep me?”

He shakes his head, “Lets not talk about this baby anymore, I’m pretty sure there are lot more things we could talk about.”

“But-“ He automatically cuts me off.

“I said no more,” His tone is firm. I nod.


It’s quiet for a couple minutes before he just takes my hair down and starts washing it for me. Neither of us says anything as he washes it, he uses a cup to wash the suds out, and I just allow him to do as he wishes.

“Daddy,” I say softly, tired of his silent treatment.

He hums a yes.

“Are you mad at me?”

I freeze when he stops what he is doing to come forward and look me in the eye, “I’m not mad baby, I’m just…” He stops to try and find the right words, “I just don’t want to think about you leaving us. Regardless of how long we have known you, we like you, we really like you. The fact that any of us would kill someone for even looking at you the wrong way is something I’ve never seen. I can’t imagine what would happen if someone came and took you from us. So baby please relax for now, lets not talk about this?”

I just stare at him for a minute, watching his sad face before I find myself reaching out and pulling him closer for a kiss. This kiss is different then all the other ones I’ve had with the other boys, it’s not a peck or a make out session. It’s just a kiss filled with all the things these boys make me feel: warmth, love, that little tingle they give me. When I pull away Kyungsoo opens his large eyes slightly.

“Thank you for being so honest with me.”

There is a knock on the door before he can respond, followed by Baekhyun and Chen demanding that I be released. Kyungsoo glares at the door before grabbing the large fluffy pink towel, that he took out earlier, and holding it open for me. I stand up and happily let him wrap it around me, enjoying when he hugs me during the process. Though I’m caught off guard when he kisses me, feeling the same warmth from the other one, before opening the door to reveal Chen and Baekhyun with childish grins on their faces.

“It’s about time,” Baekhyun snatches me away from the younger boy.

“I’ll see you before you go to bed,” Kyungsoo completely ignores them as he kisses my forehead before heading out.

“Come on baby,” Baekhyun pulls me into my closet, “lets get you dressed before you catch a cold.” He sits me down in the chair as he slides around my closet making a show of digging threw the clothes, I can’t help but laugh. When he finds one he likes he holds it up as if he is recreating the lion king and he revealing the baby lion to the world. As he continues his search he comes a bit more bashful, something I find adorable, but once I realize why, I blush. He comes up to me holding a cute pink night gown with ruffles on the chest and some new underwear.

We are both a bit awkward when he stands me up and hesitantly reaches for my towel. It weirdly comforting not being the only awkward one when my towel drops to the floor, But he helps me get dressed, clasping my bra for me and putting the pajamas over my head and letting it fall around me. I’m thankful when he lets me put my underwear on myself.

“Did you have fun with Kyungsoo?” He asks as he leads me back out of the closet to the same ottoman I was sitting on this morning, Chen is sitting there waiting with a smile on his face. He has another towel in his hands that he uses to dry my hair a bit.

“Yea,” I hesitate on whether or not I should tell them what we talked about, “He was very talkative.”

Baekhyun scoffs as he sprawls out on the bed, “Wow, he must really like you.”

I nod, “That’s what he says.” Chen starts brushing my hair but stops the minute the brush gets caught on a knot. “Just keep pulling, it’s going to be snarly.”

“Baby, I don’t want to hurt you,” The older man panics.

I laugh, “It’s fine..”

He tires again, tensing every time he catches on a knot and has to pull harder, resulting in my head going back a little. “You’ll tell me if it hurts too much right?”

“Daddy Chen,” I was going to try to sound serious but that automatically turned me into a child, “I said it’s fine. I’ve had my hair pulled before, it happens when you have siblings. You tend to fight,” I laugh thinking about childhood memories, even though they weren’t the greatest at the time, they are funny looking back at them.

“Did they hit you?” Chen deadpans. He stops moving behind me, I look back to see both Chen and Baekhyun staring at each other with a chilling gaze.

“No, it’s not that bad. It wasn’t like they ripped the hair out, well some times it happened, but it happens to everyone, you guys must fight right?” I give them a smile but they don’t even look at me.

“Baby,” Chen says after a minute, he finally looks down at me. His hand goes to my cheek, caressing it softly, I lean into his touch. “You would tell us if someone hurt you right? Because if you are afraid that they might hurt you again, know that they won’t. We won’t let anyone hurt our baby, so if anyone bothers you, or has bothered you, tell us. Understand?”

Their intense focus on me makes me gulp, “Yes.”

“Good.” He continues combing my hair, completely drying it when he is done.

“All done,” Baekhyun coos as he comes around the bed to me, his playfulness has returned full force.

“Now what?” I question as I look from boy to boy.

“Technically we are supposed to bring you to the living room to hang out for awhile.”

“Dressed in this?” I look down at the cute but still pretty skimpy night gown that ends just below my butt.

Chen nods, “You look cute.”

“Can I at least put on some shorts?”

“You don’t like how daddy dressed you?” Baekhyun raises his brow at me.

I shake my head, “That not it, it’s just that it’s cold and as cute as this is, it isn’t something I should wear around, only to bed.”

“Fine,” Baekhyun pouts as he wanders back into the closet to find some pants, I’m guessing. He comes back a few minutes later with a pair of sweat pants I was wearing earlier but these are gray. I smile as he helps me put them on, thankful for the warmth and coverage.

“Better?” Chen asks when he notices how I brighten up.

I nod, “Yes, thank you guys.”

“Lets go before they send a search party after us,” He pulls me out of the room and down the hall, Baekhyun trailing after us.

“It’s about time,” Chanyeol whines when we walk into the room. They are all sprawled around room, on the floor or the couch. I look to see what they had all been focused on before we came into the room, to see a massive TV on the stand that was not there before, well the stand was but not the TV. There are a bunch of movie covers on the screen, most of them I realize are scary movies, great.

“That wasn’t there before,” I point to the TV.

“It goes down into the stand,” Suho explains.

“What’s up with those pajamas Hyung?” Tao whines when he scans me.

Baekhyun gives me a once over, “Were you expecting me to let her run around in just a nighty when it’s freezing out side?” Chen and I just chuckle.

“Come sit down,” Tao pats the spot next to him, Kris nods enthusiastically at the idea of me sitting in between them. But that enthusiasm is killed when Chen leads me over and takes the spot on my right with Tao on my left.

“Are we going to watch a movie?” I look to Suho, who is in control of the clicker.

He nods, “Are you okay with scary movies?”

“Um, not really.”

“See Hyung, I told you our little baby is too little of scary movies,” Tao sticks his tongue out at the older, earning himself a swat.

“Don’t worry baby,” Chen wraps an arm around my shoulders and holds me close, “I’m here if you get scared.”

“Me too,” Tao says faking confidents.

“I bet you, you’ll start crying before she even gets scared,” Xiumin teases from the floor. He starts crawling toward me but is cut off by Lay who takes the spot on the floor in front of me, hooking my legs over his shoulders, still facing he TV.

“Ya!” The oldest whines.

Lay scowls at the oldest, “You get her too much.” Xiumin pouts as he crawls back to where he was before and collapses on the floor.

“Are you ready?” Suho looks at me.

I just nod, my arms snake around a smirking Chen. Kris snickers on this other side.

I hate horror movies, Jihyo has loved them ever since we were young but I’m too much of a chicken to even watch the previews. They always give me nightmares, that is if I can even get myself to fall asleep after them. But right now, I feel more comfort in watching it knowing I won’t be sleeping alone tonight, or for awhile if they have anything to say about it, not that I would disagree. Chen doesn’t jump or even falter his amused smirk threw out the whole movie, something comforts and annoys me. Tao on the other hand is just precious, I wish I were braver so I could hold him but I’m far too scared by the creepy ghost girl to unlatch myself from Chen. The others aren’t as scared as me but only Xiumin and Chen are able to say that they aren’t.

As the movie finally begins I burrow myself deeper into Chen’s hold, Tao is behind me with this face buried in my back. I can’t even get myself to look when all the ghost start to appear but Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s yelling give me a pretty good idea of what is going on. When it is over I can barely convince myself to let go of Chen and that is only for a moment so I can hold on to Luhan.

“Are you ready to go to bed baby?” Luhan asks when I’m situated with my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck.

I nod, actually feeling pretty tired even though I had two naps today.

“Did you get scared?” Xiumin ask when he comes over, he strokes my head softly.

“Not as scared at daddy Tao,” I tease the older boy who is still curled up on the couch.

“Hey,” Tao pouts at me.

They chuckle, “Everyone say good night before I take her to bed.”

“Night baby,” Xiumin kisses the top of my head.

“See you in the morning,” Suho does the same.

Kris is next, “Tomorrow, you are with me,” He decides.

“What if she wants me?” Kai comes up next, another kiss, “Night.”

“I don’t know Hyung,” Sehun teases, “I think I might be next. Right baby girl?”

I laugh at their antics, but Chen gets annoyed and pushes them out of way, “Sleep tight baby.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to sleep with me? We can be scared together,” Tao pouts cutely, but is kicked away by Luhan.

“Don’t you try to steal her from me,” Luhan growls.

“Hyung calm down so I can say good night,” Kyungsoo comes over. He kisses my forehead softly, “Have sweet dreams baby.”

“I can’t wait to get you tomorrow!” Chanyeol sings as he comes over, Of curse Baekhyun is far behind singing the same thing. They each kiss my head and head on their way.

Lay is last, “Sorry you got so scared baby.”

“It’s okay, thank you.”

“Have a good night baby, I’ll see you in the morning.” I nod.

Luhan easily carries me through the house to his room. He sets me down on the edge of the bed before telling me he is going to go change. I sit there patiently until he comes back in nothing but sweat pants, my face goes red at the sight of his perfect body.

“Are you ready to go to bed?”

“Um, I just need to go to the bathroom quick,” He nods and gestures to the only door that hasn’t been opened. I quickly make my way there and do my business, leaving my pants off. Going back into the room, I freeze, greeted by only darkness I think back to the movie and automatically get scared. I frantically reach back for the bathroom light but I can’t find it, god why am I such a chicken? Without another thought I call out, “Daddy?”

“What’s wrong baby?” Luhan responds right away, I’m guess by the direction of his voice he is in bed.

“It’s so dark, I can’t see a thing,” I walk like an idiot with my hands out in front of me.

“I’m over here,” His voice seems closer.

When I touch the bed I let out a sigh of relief, but almost scream when someone grabs my wrist. I should know it’s Luhan but my mind doesn’t work like that after a scary movie, in my head it’s that creepy little girl. But my anxiety is put to rest when Luhan pulls me into bed and wraps himself around me.

“I’ve got you baby, don’t worry, Daddys’ got you.”

taking baths with Steve Rogers would include

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

  • Steve coming home from a mission very tired and sleepy
  • taking care of his wounds
  • wincing every time you “hurt” him
  • “dove, i’m the one with the cuts and you’re the one wincing”
  • “Stevie, your pain hurts me ten times more than my own does”
  • placing a gentle kiss on his forehead when you’re done
  • him kissing your hands
  • mumbling quietly “thank you”
  • running a warm bath for your soldier
  • “can i chose the bath bomb this time?”
  • helping him out of his clothes
  • “only after you, my love”
  • him being the gentleman he is and turning around when you’re undressing
  • getting in the bathtub first
  • Steve “lying” in between your legs
  • covering your bodies with bubbles
  • massaging his shoulders
  • whispering sweet nothings in his ear
  • Frank Sinatra playing in the background
  • him caressing your skin with his fingertips
  • talking about that play you want to see next week
  • playing with his fingers
  • every now and then he turns around and kisses you gently
  • “i’m so lucky to have you”
Girly (Yondu x Reader) Part 6

Synopsis: You’re found by Yondu’s crew and taken in because he believes you can be of use to him. Maybe in more ways than one …

A/N: This part was a little harder to write as I could have easily ended it all here in part 16-17, but I wanted to draw it out a bit longer as you all seem to be loving it! And I’m loving writing it too! So much so, I’m focusing on this instead of getting ahead on my university work!

Word count: 1.6k

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Take It Easy

Castiel x Reader

Request:  Hey! I saw your ask for requests and was wondering if you’d be willing to write a fluffy cas x reader oneshot where the reader puts themselves under a lot of pressure and is constantly working and they break something and are constantly trying to do things but the boys won’t let them and cas has to stay at the bunker with them to make sure they don’t hurt themselves or sneak out to hunt? Sorry if it’s too specific, I love you and your blog!

Warnings: mild language, fluff

Word count: 1470

Originally posted by howtobesupernatural

“Shit,” You muttered under your breath, glancing down at the glass shards surrounding your feet. Sam definitely wasn’t going to be happy that you broke one of the Men of Letter’s precious ornaments, he treasured this bunker and its history more than Dean and yourself. Bending down, you carefully picked up the larger glass pieces and brought them to the kitchen to throw in the bin. 

“Told you.” Dean said towards Sam at your presence. You froze in your spot, glancing back and forth at the two Winchester’s that were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. 

Sam frowned slightly. “Y/n, we told you to take it easy.” 

“I am. I’m just cleaning the bunker,” You confessed. “I was dusting and accidentally knocked this over.” You said, glancing down at your hands full of the mix of blue and brown stained glass. 

The brothers both placed their mugs filled of the scalding hot liquid down and stood up simultaneously. “Look, we found a hunt.” Dean said, grabbing his jacket that was thrown over the back of the chair.

“Let me just get dressed and we can go.” You said, throwing the broken pieces of glass into the bin. 

“No,” Dean shook his head. “You’re staying here.”

The excitement on your face had vanished instantly. “I never stay back on hunts, why now?”

“You’ve been working non-stop, Y/n. You’re under too much pressure and we don’t want you to get yourself hurt.” Sam said, placing his large hand over your shoulder. “Cas is going to stay here with you and keep you company.”

Right in that moment, Castiel walked into the kitchen, his hands buried in his trench coat pockets with a sheepish smile on his face. “So he’s here to, what, babysit me?”

“He’s here to make sure you don’t hurt yourself or try to sneak out and join us.” Dean grumbled as he walked past, waiting in the doorway for his brother. “Just sit back and relax. I’m pretty sure you’ve cleaned every room in the bunker five times in the past week, if I find you in my room again, you won’t be cleaning for a while.”

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hypnotised (4)

(1), (2), (3), (4)

genre: angst/smut
warnings: smut
pairing: baekhyun x reader

AN: im really sorry for the delayed chapter, life has not been good for me for a while. hopefully you will be satisfied with super long one! also im slowly giving back story of OC character as well as memories of their relationship.

Just like letters on the sand

where waves were

I feel you’ll disappear

To a far off place

The overwhelming feeling of being watched made your head spinning. There were too many eyes glued to your person so you needed to do something about it. Desperately. When the plane took off and you could easily stand up, you went to the bathroom - only to stare at your tired face. Your bloodshot eyeballs were itching and you winced as you saw your chopped lips. Dry skin looked sickish and repulsive in your opinion. Looking down you remembered how elegant you used to be not long ago. It left bitter-sweet taste in your mouth.

You didn’t know why you agreed to fly with them, with him to be precise, after his devastating revelation. Looking at your reflection you searched for a life that has been there. Muffling your sobs you hands vanished in the crown of your hair. Why it had to be you? Where? You wanted to know where he slept with that… with whom? The nausea returned and you quickly took a gulp of water. Did he sleep with… her?

She was perfect, of course.

But was it with her?

The madness in your mind didn’t stop when you pictured him and her together. Their limbs tangled in messy way.

Was it only once? Or a few times? Did he sleep with her more than once? Trying to calm down you pressed your forehead to a small mirror in the cabin. You didn’t know how you were able to breathe, having your heart broken so much. The shattered pieces pierced your chest with soft beating of the huge organ inside you.

The plane suddenly suddenly jumped and your head hit the wall so hard that you saw black spots dancing in your vision. Grabbing the washbasin to prevent your fall, your hand grazed on something sharp and the distant smell of blood erupted in your nostrils. Another jump of the machine and you were on all fours trying not to scream because of your irrational fear of flying. The turbulence eased down after few minutes of you kneeling on the plastic floor. The building up pile of vomit escaped your lips as soon as you hovered above the toilet.


Was it due to the heartache? Or was it because of the jumpy flight?

When you touched your mouth, you noticed that the wound on your palm wasn’t even so deep as you thought at first. You were about to clean it when rapid knocks prevented you from doing that. Unlocking the door you were met with bare faced Baekhyun. His expression was so earnest and full of nervousness that you inwardly let your stare down. He furrowed his brows seeing your state and pushed you nervously into the tiny interior.

“Are you okay?” his fingers cupped your ailing hand with careful movements. “We flew into stormy clouds” he explained while looking for more injuries.

“I’m fine,” taking your limb from his gentle grip you stole a glance in his direction. “I was just shocked, that’s all” you wanted him to move and not to be so close to your person. “I’m going to my seat, if you want to use the restroom, it’s yours” combing your hair with your shaking palm you tried to walk past him but he stopped you by putting his arm around your waist.

You didn’t say anything, you just stood in his silly embrace like a stone statue. Cold and unmoving.

“I wanted to talk, face to face” his brown eyes bore into your head with so much intensity that you slightly looked at him. “We didn’t talk for at least four days, it’s a really long period” black shirt slowly showed you his collarbones and you bit your lips. 

“What do you want, Baek?” titling your neck so you could openly stare at him you were met with his troubled face. He looked so young in his attire and in the plane’s bathroom’s lights. “Are you going to tell me everything?” you knew that you sounded harsh but all you wanted to do was to physically make him hurt just to show him how you were feeling. His eyes were drawn down and your lower lip trembled. “So, that’s all?”

“No, stop. Wait,” his fingers massaged your elbow as if he was trying to assure himself that you were next to him. “Do… you really want to know?” the pain in his voice left goosebumps on your skin. It was so raw and so painful to hear.

“Yes, please tell me. I need to know,” the begging in your own words echoed in the cabin. “Was it… one night stand? Did you do it more than once?” the tears you’ve been holding spilled over your cheeks with soft flow.

Drip. Drop.

Drip. Drop.

“Once. I did it only once,” his breathing was abnormal and his ribcage hammered next to your shoulders. “Only once.”

You looked up at him with determination written on your heart shaped face.


Small wrinkle arrived between his eyes.

“At her apartment,”

The sound of your palpitating heart was so loud that he calmed you by running circles on your back.    

“It was her… wasn’t it?”

You needed to know. You needed to hear it from him, the spinning sensation returned and you forced yourself to stay focused on his person.

“Yes. It was her”

Maybe you should not ask. Maybe you should stay in Seoul.

When you heard him moving you put your hand on his chest with quite sob.

“Don’t touch me, Baekhyun”

You left him alone.



The hotel you were in was beautiful. The glass ceiling in the main entrance made you stop and watch it when the managers talked with receptionists. Their talking echoing in your ears. Marble floor and marble stairs were done so perfectly that you simply took everything in, while walking stiffly around the interior. Your pastel suitcase followed you in every step and somehow the sound of its movements made you peaceful. Trying not to look at yourself in the mirrors you spotted small sofa next to the huge column. It was white and you gently caressed its structure with your palm. Sitting there, you unlocked your mobile phone only to see messages about roaming and costs of communicating.

As if you didn’t know that. Frowning, your fingers massaged your knees when the nausea returned. The nervous beating of your heart was responsible for the state you were in.

Or maybe it was because you were in Rome.

First time after whole two years of not being here. It felt difficult to be here, even if your mind was occupied with the whole situation with Baekhyun, you still were aware of the fact that you were in Italy. Fanning yourself your strained back touched the pillows behind you.

“They are talking about rooms,” you were expecting that so you slowly gazed at his skinny person. He looked sick. “I know you don’t want it but we will be sharing one,” his eyes travelled across your face and when he saw no sign of warning he sat next to you. His hands were itching to touch you and for one silly moment you wished that they would hold you. The thought quickly vanished when you remembered that he slept with that woman.

“It’s okay,” you lied with tranquil expression on your features. You were tired. That’s all. “I wish they did it faster. I really want to take a shower and go to sleep,” sighing you let your fingers play with your tresses. “I hope there is not a bathtub,” he inhaled when you felt him moving and before you could protest his soft skin grazed yours as he entwined his digits with yours. You really wanted to pull back, however your boneless body didn’t react as you wanted it to do.

“How do you feel?” his voice was so warm that you inwardly leaned into his arm, covering your face from everyone. He smelled so good, not too spicy and not too bland.

“Tried. Hurt. And I think I’ve caught flu back in Seoul,” you whispered against his collarbone. Closing eyes was the easiest thing to do at this moment. For a few minutes you needed him so desperately that you forgot about the cheating part. You wanted to remain in that state of obliviousness.

“I will ask manager hyung if he had some tabs, okay?” massaging your scalp he placed butterfly kiss on the crown of your hair. You nodded and softly ended your awkward hug by straightening your spine.

“I don’t want you to catch it too,” not looking at him you stood up and took your belongings. “I’m going to see if we can have the card for our room.”


The room itself was spacious and in toned colours. Huge master bed was placed in the centre of it, with white bed sheets and two swans made from towels sitting at the top of it. Leaving your suitcase unpacked you went to the bathroom, taking the things you needed.

Fresh underwear, nightgown, cosmetics and a hairbrush.

You were glad that you took some painkillers so staring at yourself in the mirror you took two red ones. Stripping yourself from the leggings and blouse you softly placed the attire on the toilet. For a couple of seconds you played with the strap of your bra. It was powder pink and you got it from Baekhyun for your twenty fourth birthday. Taking it off, your skin prickled from the cold in the interior. You took off the lace thongs as well and walked under the hot flow of water.

It was wonderful feeling, the pores of your skin  widening and small of your back easing. Closing your eyes you stood there without moving. The sound of water and smell of lavender shampoo closed around you as if it was a shelter.

Oh, you needed it.

You needed that feeling of peacefulness and stillness. The warm halo of your wet hair surrounded your face and you pushed your forehead against the tiles.

Suddenly the cold breeze hit your arched bones and before your could turn around and see what happened, the sound of closing doors echoed in your ears. Two bare limbs hugged your mid waist lulling your senses.

“I saw the pills. What for?” his nose against your neck made you shiver. You didn’t want him here, not so fast. Not when you thought about him with her when he was touching you under the shower. But you didn’t stop him, you allowed him because deep inside you needed him beside you.

“Headache,” your answer was muffled when he spun you around to face him. His black hair glued to his forehead looked so good on him. Your fingers touched his biceps holding him tightly. “It was killing me” explaining you nuzzled your way under his chin. He played with your spine’s bones and draw circles there.  

“Are you done?” he gestured conditioner and you slowly nodded. You saw his full lips tremble and slowly standing on the tip toes you kissed him.

It was wrong.

But you didn’t mind.

His response was overwhelming, you felt his tongue perturbing through your mouth, playing with your alveolar ridge. Gasping you grazed your teeth against his, the wild feeling in your lower region erupting when his fingers hooked around your hipbones. It was too long. Your moan was lost when his hand massaged your breast, his ragged breathing hitting your cheeks when he let you cross your legs around his slim waist. Climbing foreword you arched your back when his mouth closed around your nipple.

The world kept spinning and you didn’t mind.

Your digits vanished in his hairline when he returned to your lips and placed open kiss there. You weren’t ready when his long, skilled finger was plucked in your channel. Your hips buckled against him to add more friction, his slow growl making you more wanton than you already was. He nibbled at your collarbone and you let your mewled moan out. He was satisfied, his erection poking on your thighs.

“Inside, please” your voice sounded unnatural for you. It was desperate and needy. He hold you still for a moment and all both of you did was staring at each other.

You were so shaken up and so in love with him that when you saw tenderness and the same feeling in his beautiful eyes you put your forehead against his own. He was ethereal.

Breathing in the same pace he entered you with slow movement. His tender kisses all over your face were focal points as he increased his speed, sending an extra feeling through your whole body. He gripped your thighs moving you in special direction so he could hit the spot inside you that made your toes curl.

Oh, God.

And it did. It was a white blinding feeling. His pelvis against your womanhood and his soft growls sent you on edge so quickly that you surprised both of you when you came after few thrusts. Holding onto him you shook unable to grasp the reality.

“Stand up,” his hoarse voice woke you up from the high. Putting your feet on the ground you faced the tiles when Baekhyun turned you around so your backside was curved against his hips now. Exhaling lowly he vanished inside of you so quickly that you yelped when his digits bore into your skin when he was moving faster and faster. Your head couldn’t grasp that feeling and soon you were coming again. This time however both of you finished at the same pace. Your heart raced in your chest so fast that you had to blink the dizziness away when you felt the man behind you gasping for air.

“I’m sorry” peeking over your shoulder you were met with the realization of what you said. His nostrils stopped and he looked at you. His ruffled hair and visible veins on his neck made you quivering.

“What?” he stopped the water flow to hear you better. “Why are you apologizing?” his voice sounded so strained and you winced seeing his struggle to remain calm.

“We shouldn’t do it. Look at us. What are we?” your knees hit each other when you faced your boyfriend. Boyfriend? You didn’t know who he was to you at this moment. His chest touched yours and you looked up to see his pained expression.

“You are my girlfriend, my fiancé. Yes, we fucked things up. Me by doing this to you, and I’m so sorry. I’m sorry every day since that fearful night. I swear, you are the only one for me” his lips hovered above yours when you thought about the way of escaping his embrace.

“But we should talk, Baekhyun. And that is not talking” gesturing the nakedness you inwardly hugged him back. “We need words,” without looking at him you opened the doors and took a towel. “Because right now we are completely lost,”

You heard him slamming the aperture behind you with distorted curse.

Hey @kalina-lupus-ionescu in a feat of ridiculousness I have managed to take your two angsty prompts and turn them into egregious fluff. My apologies 😘 Thank you for your prompts and sorry it has taken forever!

“You can’t keep doing this, you know, Gregory.”

“Hmm?” enquires Greg, expression innocent.

“Calling me home early from work.”

“Mycroft. It’s half past eight.”

“You know very well that’s early for me.” Mycroft kisses the soft place just in front of Greg’s ear, tightening his arms around his husband’s chest.

Greg plays a hand through iridescent bubbles, splashing water gently over Mycroft’s pale knee.

“Just want time with my new husband, that’s all,” he says lightly.

“We were lucky to get a honeymoon, with things in the state they are,” says Mycroft, under his breath.

“Mmm,” sighs Greg, happily. He leans his head back on Mycroft’s shoulder and looks up at him. “This is gorgeous. And the holiday was amazing.”

Mycroft cannot help smiling down into those sparkling brown eyes. He places a kiss on Greg’s chin. “I suspect you of only marrying me for this bathtub, Gregory Lestrade.”

“’S’true, of course,” sighs Greg, eyes crinkled with amusement. “But then, you get plenty in return. Couldn’t have all these Lush bath bombs showing up on your credit card statement, could you?” He grins, and pokes Mycroft gently in the thigh.

Mycroft nips Greg’s bottom lip, fingers stroking the golden skin of his chest beneath the water. His eyes darken into seriousness.

“I am concerned about Sherlock and John spending so much time apart for the Harlow case,” he says, quietly.

Greg shifts, leaning further back against Mycroft’s shoulder, and bringing a hand up to caress his cheek. “Thought you were. You’ve been working way too much to try and push it out of your head. Listen though – Sherlock’d never risk what he has on all that stuff again. And John’d never let him. A few weeks of undercover aren’t going to mess that up.”

Mycroft nods, once, but he does not look convinced, all the same.

“Hey,” murmurs Greg, winding their fingers together. “Sherlock’s safe. And you’re safe too, now I’ve got you.”

Mycroft lifts one eyebrow, trying for a return to a lighter tone. “You have ‘got me’, Detective Inspector?”

“Have I not?” smiles Greg, placing a kiss under Mycroft’s jaw. “Mr Holmes-Lestrade?”

Mycroft can’t help the smile that tugs at the corners of his mouth. “Certainly you have,” he whispers, in return.

Real To You

Requested: “Sooo with all the 13 reasons why stuff lately… I really love that serie and I was wondering if you could do an image where shawn and the reader watch it together and then say kinda come that she tells him about her thoughts (after he “begged ” her) of killing herself a few years ago a day than all fluffy you know? AND BY THE WAY I LOVE YOUR WRITING!“

A/N: TRIGGER WARNING:I realize now I should probably put trigger warnings on any imagines I have that are related to sensitive subjects, and I apologize for not having warnings on my past imagines. That being said, I don’t exactly know what requires a trigger warning because everyone has a different definition of what triggers them. So, I guess I’ll just mention that this imagine talks deeply about suicide/self harm. ALSO CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM 13 REASONS WHY. And, I didn’t fully understand this request and I’m sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted!

It was fictional. Everything you were watching, everything you couldn’t take your eyes away from wasn’t real, but it felt real. You were on the verge of tears as you watched her use the blade to cut into her skin, spilling blood into the bathtub water. You noted the warning that Netflix gave you before you played this episode, but you ignored it, thinking that maybe since things were different now, it wouldn’t affect you. You thought that about some other scenes the writers warned you about, but you were wrong. The whole series you were watching was emotionally draining you, but for some reason you couldn’t stop watching. It was like old times, being addicted to your own pain and continuing to perform sins that cut into your heart, but for some twisted reason you enjoyed it. And now you were sitting on your couch with your boyfriend trying to finish this damn show, without losing it. You couldn’t sit still in your seat and so Shawn’s hand gripped your leg, worry written all over his face. You couldn’t handle yourself, him, or what was playing in front of you anymore so you got up as quickly as you could and ran to the bathroom hoping that Shawn wouldn’t see the tears spilling out of your eyes.

Everyone is just so nice until they drive you to kill yourself

You remembered that quote very clearly and it made you think. Think back to when you wanted to kill yourself, to when you truly believed you were nothing. Memories of years behind you, came flooding in and you were suddenly falling apart.

“Y/N? You okay?” Shawn was knocking on the door now and you didn’t know what to do.

“Uh yeah.” You said as casually as possible, praying that he couldn’t tell you were crying. But, Shawn being who is, of course he could tell.

“Baby open the door, what’s wrong?” You didn’t respond and you just stood there, staring at the door. Shawn had no idea about how your life used to be and you didn’t exactly plan on telling him considering how much you hated thinking about it. But now it was coming back, and how could you not tell him? All thanks to that damn TV show, all thanks to Hannah Baker. That was the issue though. You used to be Hannah Baker.

“Open this door right now Y/N.” Shawn said one more time, in a loving tone. He wasn’t mad, he just wanted to help you. And so you weakly opened the door, falling into his arms. He kissed your head, and kept quiet like he usually did whenever he comforted you. He never forced you to talk about anything and he’d let you cry it out until you were ready to speak. But this time there was only one thing you could thing of to say;

“It’s not fair.” You mumbled through Shawn’s now tear soaked t-shirt.

“What’s not fair?”

“Life isn’t fair.. Hannah didn’t deserve it, Jess didn’t deserve it, and Alex..” You couldn’t breathe properly and you felt pathetic. Shawn probably thought you were insane for getting so worked up about events that didn’t happen. But they did happen. They happened to you, they happen everyday to people all over the world and that’s why 13 Reasons Why fucked you up so badly. Because of how realistic it was, and because of how incredibly they portrayed the mind of a depressed teenager. It was almost as if they based Hannah Baker’s character on you. You and millions of other teens who’ve experienced such horrific events.

“Everything’s okay, it’s not real.” Shawn said trying to comfort you. He didn’t understand and he wouldn’t, unless you spoke up. You wiped your eyes, trying to get yourself together to say something, but nothing came out.

“Unless.. Unless it’s real to you?” Shawn said and pulled your hands away from your face, so he could look at you. He held onto your hands, and squeezed them, making you feel slightly better. You had been with Shawn for so long now, and he should know about what happened. You held onto his hands tighter than ever and finally spoke up.

“A few years ago, I tried to kill myself.” You said bluntly and as honest as possible. You couldn’t look at Shawn, you stared at the ground. He stayed silent for a small five seconds but it was long enough for you to go off.

“But it didn’t work. I wasn’t as lucky as Hannah Baker. It didn’t work Shawn.” Your voice cracked, and you were almost yelling now. You felt angry, angry at yourself for several different things. The fact that you even tried to take your own life angered you, because you had so much to live for, you just couldn’t see it. But of course, with the luck you had it didn’t work. You remember feeling so pathetic, and there was a time when you envied those who got away with dying, by suicide. The one time you actually find the courage to kill yourself, it doesn’t work, and you’re stuck in a hospital bed wondering where you went wrong. You had wished that you were lucky enough to die, the way Hannah Baker did. It was so easy for her. Shawn’s arms were suddenly wrapped around you, and he was holding you tighter than he ever did before. You almost couldn’t breathe, and your crying was immediately stopped for some reason. Everything was quiet until you heard Shawn sniffling, and you knew he was crying now. He hasn’t said anything though, and so you pulled away, wondering what he was thinking. You grabbed his face, and felt his now wet cheeks.

“I didn’t know. I’m so sorry, I wouldn’t have let you watch that fucking show if I knew it could’ve been an issue. You’re right, life isn’t fair. And it’s not fucking fair that you ever had to feel like that Y/N. No one deserves that especially not you.” Shawn said while gritting his teeth, as if he was angry at himself. You felt bad for not letting him know sooner, and you didn’t know what to say other than, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, are you kidding? You’re perfect, you’re perfect the way you are okay? You have nothing to be sorry for. I’m sorry, I feel like such a shit boyfriend.” Your heart broke at his words.

“What? Why?”

“Because I’m supposed to be there for you, you shouldn’t feel sad, like ever. I’m gunna do better, I promise. I love you so much, you know that right? You deserve everything in the entire world, and you-” He was rambling and rambling and although you loved it, you cut him off.

“Shawn. You’re not a shit boyfriend for not knowing about my issues. I’m the one who didn’t tell you. You’ve done so much to help me throughout our relationship, and I love you. I couldn’t thank you enough.” You said and he didn’t say anything, he just stared at you, his thumb rubbing circles on your cheek.

“I love you.” He whispered softly.

“I know, you already told me baby.” You smiled, your eyes watering still.

“Well, I wanted to tell you again. And I’ll probably tell you again and again later. I love you, I fucking love you.”

flyingmintbunnyaway  asked:

Hey! How're you doing! If you wouldn't mind doing it, I'd love a fic with Shiro x reader, and the reader is super into the theatre and plays, and she assumes she's alone and is just belting out a song to one of her favorite plays, while shiro is secretly watching. Thank you so much, and if you don't want to do it, I totally understand! Have a wonderful day/night!~ <3

I’m doing great! Thank you sm!! I’m sorry this took so long and I’m sorry it’s very short!! If you’d ever like me to I could extend it!

You stood in your bathtub, the legs of your pants rolled up to your knees as you scrubbed away. If Shiro wasn’t away with his friends, perhaps he’d help. But, no matter how much you begged him to come home early, he let you down. You couldn’t be mad at him though, after all. He was your roommate for the time being. And a very very close friend.

You stood up, rubbing at your back and forehead as you groaned out in agony. Why today? Oh, right, because a realtor happened to be coming over tomorrow to check the place out. But Shiro? Your boyfriend that still hasn’t answered your text message. You just wanted to know how long he’d be. You reached over to your phone to check again, but sighed deeply in disappointment. So instead, to cheer yourself up or course, you turned on a playlist. One that just happened to be filled with every song you’ve loved since getting into theatre.

You swayed and bounced lightly, eyes occasionally closing gently as you hummed to the song. You even stopped cleaning at one point just to sing out loud. The background ambiance of the running water bothered you, and made the song harder to hear, you twisted your body quite uncomfortably to shut off the tap. The sink grew quiet, and so did you.

“Hello.” You said, staring at Shiro who stood with his arms crossed over his chest. An eyebrow raised as both of yours did.

“Uh. May I help you, Takashi?” You said, still leaning on the sink. You were frozen in time, your hands were still on the handle, water droplets dripped into the sink. You were very close to slipping any second now, your knees doing nothing to support you against the tub and your bare feet not being much help either.

“Well, I mean, you’re already helping me.” He chuckled.

“Oh. Okay. And how’s that?”

“Well, for one, you’re cleaning up the bathroom for the first time in what feels like a year. Oh, and your singing voice is super nice.” You coughed, choking as your legs failed you. You held your hands out to stop yourself from hitting the ground too hard. And now, there you were, shins burning with pain as you lay face down in a brown carpet.

“You heard that?” You asked, turning your head to look up at him.

“Yep. I’ve been here for 20 minutes.” He grinned, placing his bag and phone down before stepping over you.

“Cmon get up, the tub isn’t gonna finish cleaning itself. I’ll get started on the shower.” He said, grabbing his own pair of rubber gloves and a sponge. His feet placed on either side of you as he crouched down to kiss your cheek. You groaned, slapping your face lightly and sitting up. Time to get to cleaning, you guess.

Bubble Bath

*Notice! This imagine includes mommy kink, if you’re not comfortable with it, you may leave.*

You filled the bathtub with Jimin’s favorite scented bubble bath (idk, it’s a specific type of soap.) You placed in a couple rubber ducks before turning off the water. “Jimin, it’s time to take a bath.” You said while walking into his room. 

Jimin was playing on his laptop, that you got for him, with a bear, that you also got for him, tightly in his arms. “But, mommy, I don’t want to…” Jimin said before pouting slightly. 

“Let’s make a deal, if you be a good boy and take a bath, mommy will get you ice cream. We can eat that together while cuddling on your bed.” You said with a smile. 

“Can we cuddle on mommy’s bed? It smells like mommy.” Jimin said while smiling cutely. 

You nodded your head. “Yes, we can cuddle on my bed.” You said. Jimin slowly got out of his bed and made his way over to you. 

“Did you put Mr. and Mrs. Quack in?” He asked. You nodded your head before leading him into the bathroom. 

“Call for mommy when you’re done, okay?” You asked. Jimin nodded his head before taking off his shirt. You made your way into the living room and turned on the television.You were watching a random drama while Jimin was taking his little bath. 

“Mommy!” You heard Jimin calling for you after a couple minutes. You immediately got off of the couch and made your way to the bathroom. Once you opened the door, you found Jimin sitting on the floor with the towel loosely wrapped around his body. He immediately smiled once he saw you. He lifted up his feet and curled his toes. *As shown in the gif* “I’m cold, mommy.” He then said. 

You hummed in response. “Mommy’s going to go get you your onesie and your boxers, okay?” You asked. Jimin nodded his head cutely. “Can you please be a good baby boy and unplug the bathtub for mommy?” You then asked. Jimin nodded his head again before getting up from the floor. “Good boy.” You said with a smile before closing the door again.

You quickly went into his room to get his dinosaur onesie and a pair of boxers. You then made your way back into the bathroom and handed Jimin his clothes. “Thank you, mommy.” Jimin replied with a slight giggle. You hummed in response.

“Mommy will be waiting for you with mochi ice cream, in my room.” You said before closing the door again. After a couple seconds, you could hear Jimin running around before running into your room. 

“Mommy!” Jimin beamed with a smile. 

“Come here, little prince.” You said with your arms wide opened. Jimin immediately ran into them with a smile. “What do you want to watch?” You asked. 

“What does mommy want to watch?” Jimin while getting on your bed. 

“What does my baby boy want to watch?” You questioned back. 

“I don’t care, as long as I’m in mommy’s arms.” Jimin replied before giving you a quick kiss on your cheek. You smiled widely while nodding your head.

“You sure you don’t want to choose?” You asked. Jimin looked up at you then nodded his head. “Okay, then.” You said quickly before picking a random cartoon for Jimin. “Here’s your mochi ice cream.” You said while handing him a tray of them.

“Thank you, mommy.” Jimin said while taking on of the mochis in his hand. The both of you sat there watching a cartoon. You held Jimin close to your body while he was nibbling on his mochi ice cream. 

Chim Chim Masterlist

Bathtub fun// Roman Godfrey smut

The soft sounds of water running, awoke me out of my nap. Getting up slowly, looking around to find Roman was not anywhere to be seen in his room. I looked towards his bathroom door and notice what appears to be steam coming out from underneath the opening. I get up and walked to the door to hear faint music playing. I open the door slowly and find Roman laying in the bathtub, smoking a joint and blowing o’s.

“Look who’s finally awake” Roman chuckles. He looks me in the eyes as if telling me he wants me to join him.

I stare admiringly at his toned body, wanting to feel it pressed against me. There’s no denying that Roman was a sex god. At least once a day he had me thinking about his body and the way it worked upon mine. My eyes reached back up to Romans and I saw him raise an eyebrow. I started to take off my shirt agonizing slow. I could see lust start to cloud over in his eyes.

I finished undressing and climbed into the bath with him, facing in his direction. I smirked at the beautiful man in front of me. He leaned towards me handing me the joint and I took a puff from it. I held it in for a few moments and exhaled. I saw Roman watching me with wandering eyes.

“You know I think this is the first time we have shared a bath together” Roman spoke.

“Do you mind that I’m in here with you” I asked?

“Not one bit, I actually have an idea of what we can do in here” he cracked a smile.

I knew what Roman meant, so instead of teasing him I leaned in and pressed my lips against his hungry ones. I felt his hand cup my cheek, essentially holding my head in place so I wouldn’t move away. I moved my body so that I was straddling his waist. I felt his other hand come to rest on my hip and rub gentle circles on my side. Roman pulled away from my lips and started working on my neck and collarbone. My moans started to mix with the soft music playing in the background. The feeling of his lips on my body always sent shivers down my spine and to my core. I was so focused on Romans lips attacking my neck I didn’t even notice him slip two fingers inside of me.

“You like when I finger you baby” Roman groaned in my ear. I didn’t trust my voice so I just nodded. I felt Roman grad my hair and jerk my head back.

“Use your voice” he demanded.

“Fuck yes Roman, I love it but please just fuck me” I yelled out in pleasure.

I felt Romans fingers slip out of me and soon be replaced with his cock. He didn’t given me anytime to adjust and just started pounding into me with force. Every time Roman and I would fuck and it always felt like a new experience.

“Y/n I love how tight you are even though I fuck constantly” Roman groaned.

“Do you baby” I whispered, while starting to match my hips with his.

“Oh god yes I do.”

I started kissing and nipping at Romans neck, marking him as mine. My hands roaming his hair, tugging at it. I could feel him going deeper with each thrust. I could tell Roman was holding back but I couldn’t tell what it was . I then noticed him holding a razor blade in his hand and I instantly knew what he wanted.

“Go head baby, use me” I moaned out in pleasure wanting him to just fully take me.

“Are you sure” Roman asked?

I looked him in the eyes and nodded. I was still riding him when I felt the blade run down my shoulder. I felt Romans mouth wrap around the open cut, draining me of my blood. It hurt but weirdly it felt pleasurable. I tried to lean back a bit, hitting a different angle inside of me bringing my release closer to the edge.

Roman wiped off his mouth, grabbed my face and kissed me. He started to go faster bringing me to my orgasm.

“Roman I’m coming” I whimpered.

“Good baby I’m almost there just hold on.”

A few moments later I could feel him twitch and cum inside me.

“Oh fuck y/n.”

I gripped his hair between my fingers pulling at it roughly. He thrusted a few more times, to ride out our highs together. He then pulled out gently and my body slumped against his. I started to close my eyes exhausted by fact that I let him feed off of me and the intimate act we just did.

“Y/n don"t go to sleep, I still gotta patch you up” Roman chuckled.

I looked up at him through hooded lashes and pulled him face towards mine and kissed him chastely. Roman then picked me up and sat me down on the bathroom counter, finding the first aid kit and patching me up. Once done putting the bandaid on the cut he made, he kissed it leaning into my neck and littering kisses along my jawline.

“Let’s get you back to bed” He smiled at me.

Roman helped me off the counter and brought me back to his room where he gave me one of his shirts and cuddled me until I eventually fell asleep again.

Gladiolus reacting to S/O announcing pregnancy

Here’s the second part of the series. Ignis will follow soon, King!Noctis can be found here, Prompto is here. Iggy here.

Warning: Spoilers!! This plays after ch.13 and before ch. 14!! Also mentions some plot from before those chapters!

Genre: Angst to fluff, pregnancy announcement obvs, upset gladio

Words: 3000+

Her heart burned, her circulation wasn’t working properly. She was nervous.
Over the past three weeks, everything took a turn for the worse. Although she always wanted a baby with her long-term boyfriend Gladiolus, she didn’t know how to approach the topic. The couple had been dating for 3 years but never spoke about having children. They met before he took off to Altissia with Noctis and his friends. She was with him all along: the loss of his father, insomnia’s fall, fleeing to Lestallum, Noctis’ entire journey and how he was sucked into the crystal. Now the world was covered by darkness, a scary place with tons of daemons. She was far from a helpless civilian who needed her boyfriend to protect her - no, she was a hunter herself. But now that she was pregnant, working as a hunter was an impossible task. The risk of losing her unborn was too high.

So for the past three weeks, she dodged all possible orders with the most ridiculous excuses she could think of. Gladio took over most of them for the sake of money. After all, living in Lestallum during such a terrible, dangerous time wasn’t quite cheap. They needed every cent.

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