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Bruise [ III ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 9.1k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

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The white cream swirled about in the dark coffee in front of you, your fingers clasped around the warm, pastel orange mug as the steam floated up in hazy waves. There were signs of life all around you, couples sharing intimate lunches and students laughing away their course work. The street outside the window in front of you was busy, bustling with people and lined with fall kissed trees, branches adorned in warm tones, rustling when a breeze blew. Despite the heat of life all around you, you felt cold, like your bones were made of ice, like your heart was encased in snow. The book across the table was pushed aside as Minseok sat back down, coffee in hand and round golden glasses perched on his nose as he exhaled heavily, ready to listen.

“Do you want to start or should I?”

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i am so, so sick of seeing “support bi girls uwu” and “bi girls are cute and valid” plastered everywhere with ZERO (0) support for bi boys

so bi boys, if you spent your whole life thinking you were 100% straight but now want to explore being with other dudes, go for it.

if you thought you were gay and worry about being rejected by the LGBT community for trying out het relationships, there are a whole bunch of bi people like myself who will rally behind you.

if you’ve been taught by family members, conservative friends, or the media that kissing another guy, or having sex with another guy, or proposing to another guy is gross/wrong/sinful, fuck ‘em. there is nothing gross or wrong about men loving other men, period.

bi boys, whether you’ve known you’re bi all your life or are just now figuring it out – you are loved.

Just a Push

gif by @tomshollandss isn’t it beautiful

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Peter thinks he has discovered the key to predicting his crush’s mood just by looking at her. It’s a completely harmless investigation, until someone stumbles upon his notes and delivers an ultimatum which threatens to expose him.

Warnings: none that I can think of

A/N: this was based on a stupid thing I told @thekillingquill and she said I should write a short blurb about it just because I’ve been in a slump. It’s literally the weirdest idea ever but here we are. She tricked me guys she bamboozled me into writing a full fic based off an offhand comment. She is devious, but I also owe her a huge thanks for beta-ing this and getting me out of my funk. Sorry if it’s not great friends

I present to you: ZipperFic version 3.01

{ Also: N.B. is used in here to denote the Latin phrase Nota Bene, which basically means take note <3 }

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One Last Time
Tom comes back from filming out of the country, only confess to something he did days later. After months of not seeing or talking to one another, Tom stops by and you can’t help, but express how much you miss him.

Tom Holland x Reader

Smut, (ex)Boyfriend!Tom, Rough!Tom, Angry Sex, Break Up Sex

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Favorite timmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme, my FAVORITE THING TO DO. IT’S TIME FORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR WWE COMMENTARY WITH SHANNON YAYYYYYYYYY though it should prob just be called Wrestling Commentary with Shannon bc I do people out of the wwe sometimes too. 

Growly baby, grr. 


Listen to me, this gif. Thsi fucking gif is the sexiest thing I have ever ever ever seen in my entrie life. LIKE THE HAIR PUSH BACK THE LITTLE BREKTHY TURNING INTO A SMIRK LIEK LSGM.G mfl

HE IS BITING. AND HAS MOUTH GUARD. BITING. MOUTH. GUARD. BELT. Too much, overload sorry goodbye. 

Like, this pic is super hot but all I can focus on in knee bear. Who I have named Koda. After Brother Bear. 


Like, I don’t think I’ve ever watned someone to flip me off more??? How is he so hot? 

He looks so good in this outfit, like this whole ensemble is 1000/10. Tie me up with the tie, I would be okay with it. 

Sweet lil baby peach. :’) I love this so. 

okay okay okay but hear me out… Imagine him looking up at you like that when you’re scolding him or something, like and you look back and you’re like what? AND THEN BAM YOU GET FUCKED. 


He looks so cute here. Like one of those pop punk band bassists or something okay. (also looks like a fuck boy but eh) 

He looks so good in this jean vest thingy??? Like??? WH Y D OESN’T HE WEAR IT MORE BURY MY ASS IN THIS VEST. 

Cute lil baby peach :’) Honestly can you believe. 

Come bite me next daddy. 


He looks so relaxed and gym ready here I’m. 




“Shannon how many biting pics do you have?” Ya know what, maybe if this BOY DIDN’T BITE EVERYTHING IWOULDN’T HAVE THIS MANY, HOW ABOUT THAT CAROL? 



Yeah, you guys, he was Team Rocket ADN HE FOUGHT PIKACHU I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOY

Lil bean took a selfie in a giant bean


Contribution to bae’s @hardcorewwetrash Thirst Party Saturday. 

SNSD Reaction - Dating Scandal

blackpink version : here


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She hadn’t heard anything about it until they were all on a variety show. One of the MC’s had been talking about the recent pictures of you and Irene that were floating around the internet.

“What do you guys think?” The MC asked, “I kinda hope they are together, they’d be pretty cute.”

All the girls laughed politely, a few of them looked at Taeyeon to make sure she was okay with what they were saying.

“You guys are pretty good friends with both of them aren’t you? Being label mates and all.” The other MC added in, earning an unsure laugh from a few members.

“Yeah, Y/N and I are pretty close.” Taeyeon agreed, “They’re not dating Irene.” she added politely.

The MC laughed a bit and nodded, “Alright, sorry about that tangent there, let’s move to the next question.”

After the show, Taeyeon walked backstage and was surprised to find that you had been watching the whole thing. When she saw you she walked over to you and wrapped her arms around your waist, resting her head against your shoulder. You hugged her and leaned your head against hers.

“I guess you and Irene are a thing now huh?” She asked looking at you.

“Yeah.” You agreed, laughing lightly, “don’t tell her, but I kind of have a thing for someone else.” You whispered, rubbing her back gently.  

The MC who had been teasing about yours and Irene’s relationship walked past, “I guess I was wrong about you and Irene huh?” she asked you with a laugh.

“Yup, Y/N’s all mine.” Taeyeon joked, hugging you a bit tighter.


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“So is Y/N dating Solar?” Krystal asked her, handing Jessica her phone which was opened up to a picture of you and Solar when the two of you had been working on a photoshoot. Jessica scrolled through the pictures, not quite sure how she felt about it.

“On and off camera romance?” Jessica read aloud, showing her sister the caption under one photo that captured you and Solar talking off set.

You walked through the door, your hair still messed up from the photoshoot. You set your bag on the table and walked into the living room, flopping onto the couch next to Jessica. You leaned against her and looked at what she was looking at.

“The photo’s already got out?” You asked, “How? I just did the shoot today.”

“You and your girlfriend are so cute.” Jessica said, showing you all the pictures. “Where’s this Y/N during date nights?”

You lightly hit her leg, and shook your head, “I’ll be there next time you pay me to go on a date.” This time it was her turn to gently push you away from her for a moment before pulling you against her again. She handed the phone back to Krystal, and pulled out her own. You rested your head on her shoulder and watched her take a selfie of the two of you before posting it to snapchat, which earned a questioning look from you and Krystal.

“The cutest couple photos are the ones of real couples.” She explained, proceeding to flop back against the couch and continue to play on her phone.


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She had been looking on your phone, playing a game as notifications kept popping up. She finally gave in and pressed on one of them, leading her to a swarm of comments under one of your Instagram posts. She looked through the comments and saw a bunch of hashtags of ship names. She read a few of the comments, trying to figure out who the ship names of. She nodded a bit with a smile before looking at the picture of you and Victoria.

When you walked into the room, she smiled a bit and walked over to you, “You never told me you were dating someone.”

You looked through the fridge and pulled out a soda, you turned back to her and raised your eyebrows. You took a sip of the drink before responding, “I didn’t think I’d have to tell you that I’m dating you.”

“No dummy, I thought you would’ve told me that you’re dating my label mate.” She said waving the picture in front of you.

“Ah yeah, totally slipped my mind.” You said jokingly, “We’ve only been on a few dates, nothing too serious.”

“Next time you should tell me, I could help you plan something.” Sunny said, leaning against you, “I think you could use my help.”

You smiled and kissed the top of her head, “Ouch. Maybe I should just stick to planning dates for my girlfriend, I think I’m pretty good at that.”

“You’re okay.” She said lightly, pulling you into a gentle hug.


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“Hey did you see this, people think you’re dating Chanyeol.” Tiffany said, showing you an article with a picture of you and Chanyeol.

You nodded a bit and cuddled closer to her, “I thought I was too.”

Tiffany laughed and hit your arm lightly, “Shut up.” she said shaking her head lightly. “I’m being serious, look you two even have a ship name.”

You turned a bit and looked at her, “Are you okay?” You asked her, the joking tone in your voice gone now. “If this is bugging you, you’d tell me about it right?”

“I want to be able to go on dates with you,” she pouted cutely and looked through the photo’s. “Look how cute these are, I want to go on dates as cute as this.”

“Me too, but we don’t really have an option. Not unless we go public.” You said, lightly kissing her, her pouty face too cute to resist.

“Go public.” Tiffany said, nodding a bit, “That doesn’t sound too bad.”

“Do you want to?” You asked, slightly taken back by her nonchalant attitude. She smiled a bit and nodded, giving you all the confirmation you needed. “Let’s talk to your manager.” you said happily. You paused for a moment and looked back at her with a grin, “Maybe I should thank Chanyeol.”


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She ended up being in a similar situation as Taeyeon, the two of you had decided to go on a show together. After a few questions, the conversation had turned to relationships.

“So, as I’m sure you’re aware.” The interviewer began, looking directly at you as he spoke. “There have been some pictures going around of you and Taeyang that have kind of been plastered everywhere. With all these pictures, come some, well, rumors. About the two of dating. I was hoping for you to clear up everything, are you and Taeyang dating?”

You laughed a bit, “No, he’s just a close friend of mine.”

“Aw, are you sure? Some of these pictures kind of make me want to date you. You seem like a cute partner.” He said showing the two of you a few of the pictures going around.

“Y/N is an adorable partner.” Hyoyeon agreed, gently squeezing your hand. A signal that the two of you had previously agreed on, a sign that she was going to do the thing that made you two choose to do an interview in the first place. “Yeah, we’re dating and they have the most adorable habits in the morning.” she finished, earning a curious look from you. The rest of the interview was spent sharing embarrassing stories between the two of you.


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She wasn’t really sure how to feel, she knew that there was no way you would do anything to hurt her, but those pictures were not something people easily overlooked. You weren’t even aware that the pictures had even been taken, definitely not that they were plastered all over the internet. So your girlfriends oddly quiet demeanor when you got home felt weird. She had barely said anything to you since the moment you got home. In fact, she had barely been in the room with you, you swore that every time you walked into the room she left. Finally, you had had enough. She had hidden herself in your shared bedroom, and was refusing to come out, so instead you went to her. You had a plate of her favorite food balanced in one hand a a cup of tea in the other, you doing your best not to spoil the stupidly warm drink over your hand. You set the plate and the glass down on the table next to the bed before climbing in next to her. The two of you sat in an air of silence for a few moments before she looked over to you, and finally you spoke.

“You’re mad at me.”

“I don’t know.” Her voice was soft and she lifted her phone to show you all the pictures that had been taken. You looked through them thoughtfully and sighed before putting down the phone.

“You know that I didn’t do anything right? We went out for lunch, but that’s it. I’d never do anything to hurt you.” You said softly.

She didn’t speak, just offering a nod as an answer. “I think I could forgive you.” She said, a small smile playing at her lips.


“I dunno, you may have to earn it.”

You smiled, and put your arms around her waist, pulling her closer. “If I have to, I guess I could be nicer.”


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She wasn’t upset with you, this was part of your job. You only did the video because it was your job, not because you had feelings for Eric Nam. That’s what she told herself whenever she watched the video, or heard the song, or saw you and Eric talking off screen. Which, whenever that happened, she became pretty clingy. She’d come up and hug you when you were talking to him, resting her head on your shoulder when you and Eric were talking about more song ideas.

You had noticed her slightly odd behavior earlier, but it was most obvious when the two of you had gone home. The ride was nearly silent and she pretty much disappeared when you both got home. You waited outside for awhile, not sure what was bothering her. After awhile you got up and walked to the bedroom, where she was looking through her computer just like she had been for the past few hours.

“What’s bothering you?” You asked, sitting next to her and nudging her gently. “You’ve been acting weird lately.”

You waited for a few moments, not getting a response. You sighed a bit and shook your head, offering her a smile before moving her laptop and tackling her in a hug. You cuddled her tightly.

“I’m not letting go until you’re not mad at me anymore.”

“I’m not mad!” Sooyoung said, giggling a bit when you tickled her. “I just don’t want to lose you to Eric.” she admitted, her voice quieting as she spoke.

You frowned and pulled away, “You’re not gonna lose me to him.” you promised quietly, “I don’t want to be with him. I actually kind of have someone else I’m into."you finished by kissing her head and cuddling her close to you.


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She hadn’t mentioned anything about the articles that were popping up after your on screen kiss with Lee Sung Kyung in your new drama. She didn’t want to bug you about it, knowing that it was just your drama. Honestly, had it not been for the articles with your co-star talking about how you were her ideal type none of this would have been a problem, but after all of these articles coming out the kiss went viral. Everyone loved you and her, and the whole thing made her feel uncomfortable, especially when she posted couple pictures with you and there were loads of comments with yours and Sungkyung’s ship name.

After one time where there were a particularly large amount of comments, you had noticed that Yoona seemed kind of down.

"What do you want for dinner?” You asked, looking through the fridge, “We have almost no food, but I think I can make something.”

“I’m not really hungry.” She murmured from the living room.

You turned around and walked over to her, sitting on the couch next to her, “What’s going on? You seem upset.”

“You’re not going to leave me right?” Yoona asked after a few moments of silence, “For Sungkyung?”

You frowned and pulled her into a tight hug, rubbing her back gently, “Of course not. I love you.”

Yoona nodded a bit, cuddled against you gently. “I love you too.”


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Pictures of your previous relationship with Amber had resurfaced recently, a lot of people thinking that the two of you are still together since you and Seohyun hadn’t talked about your relationship publicly yet.

“So, you’ve seen the pictures right?” You asked, sitting next to her. “‘Cause otherwise, forget I said anything.”

She lightly hit your shoulder and nodded a bit, “I’ve seen them.”

“Okay.” You paused for a moment and an awkward silence fell between the two of you for a few moments.

She looked over grinned at you before nudging you gently, “You guys are so cute!”  she gushed, taking your phone and looking through the pictures. She cuddled closer to you and found one of them, “These are cute, but we have ones that are much cuter.”

You wrapped her arms around her, and kissed her head softly, “Yeah we do.”

She went to your camera roll and picked out a few of the pictures, “I think we should post one of these ones, they’re the cutest ones. What do you think?”

“I like the second, you look the cutest in that one.”

She nodded a bit and went on Instagram, setting everything up before looking at you, “Are you sure you’ll be okay with this?”

“I’m more worried about you, will your manager be okay with that?” You asked quietly.

“Already asked, its a yes.” She murmured before posting the picture.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Two

(Gif from Google)

Word Count: 1836

Warnings: Cursing

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten

*Alex’s POV*

Last night was unbelievable. The girl I’ve had countless dreams about, craving for over a year, finally under my touch. The way she felt, the way she moved, the way she sounded. Everything was breath taking. That is, until my intoxicated brother had to ruin it all. He wasn’t being reasonable. He’s never done this before. So, I don’t understand why it’s happening now, when everything starts coming together for me.

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pregnancy {blurbs}


A/N: I haven’t written any fluff in so long and dad Shawn is the best kind of fluff yanno??

telling shawn
Six months into Shawn and I’s marriage, I started feeling nauseous in the mornings and my period was two weeks late. I definitely couldn’t say we had tried to prevent a pregnancy, that’s for sure. I decided to take a pregnancy test. After waiting in anticipation for five minutes. I looked down at the small piece of plastic and saw two lines. A smile spread across my face as I thought of ways to tell Shawn.

When he came home later that night, I had made dinner for Shawn instead of ordering take out or pizza or going out like we normally do. He walked in the door and placed his bag on the floor before he walked into the kitchen.

“What’s the occasion?” Shawn asked after seeing all the food I had cooked.

“A very, very special one. You’ll find out later.” I told him. He didn’t argue and sat down to eat with me. He knew how about the nauseousness I had been feeling lately but I didn’t dare tell him my period was late, I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

After laughing over dinner and talking about our day, Shawn finally asked, “So what’s the occasion?” A shy smile splayed on my face. “What is it?” Shawn’s eyes met mine and I couldn’t keep it in any longer.

“I’m pregnant.” I blurted out. Shawn’s eyes lit up and he came closer to me.

“Really? You are?” He asked, not believing it was true. “We’re going to have a baby?” I nodded and Shawn’s arms wrapped around me tightly. He kissed my forehead then my lips. “We’re going to be parents.”

trimester one
The morning sickness had been hell and I had a new craving every day. Every time I rushed to the bathroom, Shawn followed close behind me. He came in and held my hair back while I vomited up everything I’d ate the night before, which was too much. He would get a washcloth for me and dampen it with warm water. On the mornings that I felt too weak to walk, he would pick me up and carry me to the bedroom. Shawn’s hands would soon be tangled into my hair, playing with it until I fell asleep on his chest.

Middle of the night cravings had become an every night thing. Shawn never complained once about going out to get food for me. His only complaint was “the child is going to be addicted to oreo milkshakes.” He would come back from whatever fast food restaurant or bakery or ice cream shop I had sent him to with a toothy grin on his face, knowing he was making me happy. After I had ate, Shawn would cuddle up behind me with his arms wrapped around my waist.

My baby bump was still tiny and I was thankful for that. Up until this point, we had been able to keep my pregnancy a secret, excluding our families and Shawn’s management team and band. We had all agreed to keep it a secret until I started showing so much of a bump that it was impossible to hide.

trimester two
My food cravings had slowed down but I now craved sex with Shawn nearly every day. Normally, Shawn would be completely fine with sex every day. Now he would say, “I don’t want to scar our baby! He or she can hear us, darling.” I couldn’t help it. For the first time in three months, I didn’t feel nauseous and hungry all the time. I finally felt like myself again.

One night during my twenty first week of pregnancy, Shawn and I were sitting on the couch. Shawn was singing a lullaby to our baby quite beautifully with his hands resting on my – now, rather large – stomach. He had done this every night for the past few weeks. This time, though, while Shawn was singing, I felt a kick and I know Shawn felt it too. His eyes shot up to mine, a huge grin plastered across his face. He and I both couldn’t believe it. Shawn kept singing and our baby continued to kick. Even though it hurt me slightly, it was amazing to feel the baby moving.

Shawn’s fans and the media knew that we were expecting now. There were plenty of congratulations from the fans, but the media seemed to want more detail into our lives than they already had. Every time we went out, there were paparazzi. My hormones made it hard to not get annoyed with them following us everywhere. And Shawn, well, Shawn got pissed. “Get away from her, for god’s sake. She’s pregnant.” “You’ve got your pictures, now go on.” “I can promise this will not end well if any of you hurt my wife or my baby.” These were just a few of the things he would spat out at them.

trimester three
“You’re already thirty weeks? Holy shit, babe, our baby will be here in ten weeks.” Shawn said, sounding frustrated.

“Or less.” I reminded. The panicked look on his face only got worse. I, being too big to move without feeling miserable, sat on the bed while Shawn packed our hospital bag. I pointed to stuff I needed and Shawn, being precautious, packed one extra of everything.

Every night consisted of Shawn singing a lullaby and our child doing what I’m pretty sure was full out gymnastics in my uterus. Shawn would place his hands on my stomach multiple times every day and tell our son or daughter how he couldn’t wait to them. Deciding to not find out the gender was killing him, he said he never knew what to call our baby. Names were now our biggest issue and disagreement. Being so close to my due date meant Shawn had time off, just in case I was to go into labor early.

I laughed at Shawn the night we sat in the floor of our baby’s nursery. He was trying to put the crib together like the dad should, or at least that’s what Shawn said. I looked at his work and shook my head in disapproval.

“Now, Shawn, babe tell me how a baby is going to sleep in there when it can barely stay up with nothing in it?” I laughed at him, causing his cheeks to turn a deep red.

“Just two more big pushes, baby, you’ve got this.” Shawn encouraged me. My hand squeezed his hand hard enough to break bones. Tears threatened to fall out of my eyes because of the excruciating amount of pain I was in. Taking the birthing classes the doctor suggested may have came in handy at the moment, I regretted not going to one. After the last pushes and as soon as I heard the first cry, my back sank into the bed and I exhaled loudly.

“It’s a boy!” A nurse called out. I was then handed a little blue bundle, a little boy that looked identical to Shawn besides his bright, blue eyes. Shawn hovered over me and kissed my perspiring forehead. I admired our baby’s perfection then handed him to Shawn, wiping tears from my eyes afterwards. He took our son and cradled him close to his chest, treating him as if he were the most precious thing in the world. To Shawn and I, he was.

anonymous asked:

COuld I ask for a doomfist imagine where when he breaks out of prison he goes home to see his old s/o (Who's like his fiancee) and finds out they had a child together

I have no idea how long Doomfist was in prison because Blizzard wont give us a coherent timeline so idk what fucking age this child is lmao

“Now who the hell could be calling at this hour?” you muttered, placing the dish in the drying rack and wipind your hands before heading to the door. As your mind was preoccupied jumping to conclusions you stood on a particularly sharp toy and only just managed to hold your curse in.

“I thought I told that child to put those away,” you hissed, kicking the toys to the side with your non-throbbing foot. You hoped that was the only danger of the night as you slowly opened the door, peering through the crack you made. As soon as you saw him you jumped back, pressing a trembling hand to your mouth in shock. This couldn’t be happening. You knew he was on the loose but surely after all these years he had forgotten about you. Yet here he was. On your doorstep.

“A-Akande?” you whispered in a shaky voice.

“You are looking well. I am sorry for the sudden appearance but I…I had to see you. You are looking well,” he replied.

Your legs felt weak but you knew just where to find stability. You rushed into Akande, throwing your arms around his neck. He quickly wrapped his arms around you and held you tight against his chest. It was hard to keep himself composed. He missed this. He missed you. Being torn from you was the greatest punishment. The pair of you were so caught up in the embrace that neither heard the small footsteps enter the hallway. Your heart jumped when you heard the soft voice.

“Momma, what’s the bad man doing in our house?”

You pulled away from Doomfist and spun to look at your child. How the hell were you going to explain to the kid that the man plastered everywhere as a wanted criminal was their father?

“I see I have intruded,” came the man behind you. You turned to see him looking crestfallen. “It was wrong of me to believe that there is still a place for me in your life. You have a beautiful child-“

“We.” You interrupted, “We have a beautiful child. Akande…they’re yours. Surprise?”

You chewed you lip as silence filled the house. The man before you was unreadable, gaze fixated on your child, who had now taken a few brave steps forward to grip onto your pyjamas. You ran a hand through their hair to comfort them.

“It’s alright,” you whispered, giving them an encouraging smile, “He isn’t a bad man, he wont hurt you. Wanna say hi?”

Your child gave a small nod and stepped from behind you to introduce themselves. Akande dropped to his knees before the child. Even at this level he still towered over them. Watching them together the similarities were obvious. You wondered how the hell it didn’t click with him immediately.

“Can I show him my toys?” the child asked, already grabbing Akande’s hand to lead him away.

“Okay sweetie. But after that straight to bed,” you ordered before turning your attention to Akande. “I’m going to put on some coffee. We have a lot to talk about.”

“We do,” he agreed, standing up and picking up your child, who was giggling madly at being lifted into the air. “But we have plenty of time. Because I am not going anywhere.”

There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back {S.M}

non-requested// blurb based off of Shawn’s new single, “there’s nothing holdin’ me back”

author’s note// im shooketh shawn’s new song has given me my will to live back someone 2pifhiwuqehfkjwefhckjuwe it is just so ding dang good!!!! 


She was just a little bit.. Rambunctious may be the correct word. She was everything Shawn had wanted in life and more. He had meet hundreds upon hundreds of girls, but there were none that even held a candle to her. She was beautiful, but not the kind of beautiful that all of the other girls were. She was the kind of beautiful that was that she was so herself that it was impossible not to stop and stare. As she was dancing at that random club he had stopped in while on tour, he felt his heart fall hard and fast. It seemed absolutely ridiculous, love at first sight, but her long black hair flying, her dark arms waving above her head, she didn’t care at all who saw her. 

So of course he had to talk to her. Of course he had to know this beautiful girl’s name. This was just the start of her completely controlling him. The first known instance of Shawn throwing away his inhibitions for this girl. He pushed himself into the crowd, making his way towards her as fast as he possibly could. 

“You like this song?” He asked, awkwardly bopping. He wasn’t much of a ‘dance like there’s nobody there’ type of person. But she obviously was, because she saw him, she may have even recognized who he was, and she continued to flail around loosely to the beat of the song, answering his question with a simple;

“I’ve never heard it before.” He was so drawn to her. He wanted to go wherever she went, he wanted to always be with her. 

Oh, and he made sure that happened.

After she got tired enough to go get a drink, he followed her. 

“Following me?” She had smirked, turning around for just a moment, continuing to walk towards the bar. 

“I’m sorry I ju-” She turned around completely, completely stopping to face him, a grin plastered on her face. 

“Just come sit with me, okay?” And that was it. He was hooked. He was addicted. From that moment on, he took her everywhere. Tour, home, everywhere you could imagine and then some. It’s like every last little bit of sense that was in his brain was shaken out violently. He didn’t care, as long as he was with her. The news had horrible headlines, showing Shawn getting blackout drunk with her, and being rude to fans, and much worse. Of course, he didn’t care. He loved it more than anything when she totally threw caution to the wind and did whatever the hell she wanted. There was nothing holding her back, and he loved it so much. He loved her so much. She made him happy, she made him feel more alive than he ever had before. She made preforming much better, before every single show he had she would always tell him “just imagine everyone naked!” It was one of the most cliche things you could tell someone to get rid of nerves, but it worked. It may have not even been the verbal encouragement that helped, it was probably just the fact that she was there, watching him. It was wonderful, they were so happy. Shawn had done things he had never imagined and she taught him to stop caring about what everyone else thought. She helped him learn to be more alive. It would have been better if he taught her how to dial it down, maybe realize the opinions of others matter just a little, and there are people always watching especially when you are in the public eye. 

Of course, they took things too far eventually. Shawn’s career was going downhill. He could barely sell his albums to where they needed to break even. It wasn’t the music, all of his music and songs were inspired by her, they were crazy and loving and passionate. But they saw all he was doing. They saw his “crazy girlfriend”. They saw that he cut all meet and greets because she asked him to. He didn’t even bat an eye doing whatever she wanted. Deep down, he knew that it wasn’t good. He knew that they would get out of control, their love would spiral out of control to an almost catastrophic point. They had lost their minds, completely. They took it way too far. 

But he didn’t care. He had her. He loved her more than he loved anyone in this world. She meant the world and more to him. He was under the impression that if he had her his life would be completely okay. He thought that she was the only thing that mattered. 

Maybe he was right, maybe he wasn’t. The only thing he really knew was that he loved her. 

author’s note// hey hey hey i love shawn mendes more than i love myself okay have a good night!!! also sorry this was short!! i really kinda like it tho!!!

Apocalyptocrankiplier X Reader

Hey, this fan fiction will be based off a song by Bruno Mars, “What I Like.” I will be changing some of the words and situations to better suit the story. In this story, Mark, Ethan, Tyler, and yourself are in a polygamous relationship.   Enjoy!

It’s late and you are soaked by the pouring rain. You shut your car door forcefully and trudge into your house.  As you walk in, you are greeted by Ethan, who is doing some snacking. You smile weakly at him and continue into the living room. Mark and Tyler are on the couch watching some funny videos.

“Hey sweetheart,” Mark and Tyler say in unison.

You grunt a response and walk up the stairs to your bedroom. You throw your jacket and suitcase to the floor and begin taking off your soaked clothes; just as you finish putting on some cleaner and more comfortable clothes, you hear a knock at your door. You open the door to see Tyler standing there with a small grin on his face. You wave him inside and you both sit on your bed; he grabs your hands and holds them gently.

“Talk to me baby, tell me what’s on your mind,” Tyler prompts as he looks into your eyes.

You give a sigh and begin to speak, “Today was just a bad day; everything was hectic. Everyone piled their work on me all at once, forcing me to stay late; then, the rain started just as soon as I walked out of work and I got drenched. Matter of fact, this whole week has been terrible!” You let out a big sigh and collapse back onto your bed. Tyler looks at you with concern.

“I’ll talk with the guys and see what we can do to help,” he says sweetly. He bends down and gives you a peck on the forehead. You pull him in for a hug, and a small smile spreads across his face. You release him and smile at him.

“Thanks, babe, give the boys a kiss from me,” you instruct him. He nods, turns off your lights, and leaves your room. You pull the covers back and climb into your bed. You try to sleep, but Mark, Tyler, and Ethan keep talking so excitedly. You can’t hear what they are saying, save for a few exclamations. You are too tired to get up and tell them to cut it out, so, you allow them to keep talking. After about 30 minutes, they quiet down and allow you to finally go to sleep.


You feel gentle hands softly shaking you. You open your eyes to find Ethan sitting on your bed. You groan, letting him know you are awake. You open your eyes and immediately regret it, someone has opened your curtains so that morning light is pouring into your room and blinds you. You hiss and recoil from the light.

“Whoopsie,” Ethan exclaims, “I thought the sunlight would help.” Ethan begins to stand up to close the curtains, but you grab his wrist and smile.

“No problem at all sweetie,” you assure him. You sit up and pull him in for a hug. He squeezes you and gives you a kiss on the cheek. As you and Ethan pull away from each other, Tyler and Mark walk into your room.

“Well, would you look at that! All my boys are here to wish me a good morning,” you declare. You stand up and pull all three men into a big hug. Once you release them, you see that they all have big cheesy grins. “Okay, what’s going on,” you question.

“Get dressed and all will be revealed,” Mark says. All three men begin to giggle like young children. You squint at them as they leave the room, but decide to go along with their plans anyway. You put on a semi-fancy shirt and a nice pair of pants with your favorite pair of socks and shoes.

You walk out of your room and down the stairs to meet up with the boys; they are all standing in the middle of the living room, you can also tell that Mark is hiding something behind his back. You stop in front of them and smile, expectantly.

“Close your eyes,” Mark demands. You roll your eyes but close them. You hear Ethan giggle and you can’t help but smile. “Ok, you can open them now,” Tyler instructs.

When you open your eyes, you see that Mark has a small box open with gold jewelry inside, more specifically a watch. The way the sunlight catches it makes it shine so brightly. Your eyes widen and your jaw drops. You are speechless and can’t find your words.

“Well, what do you think,” Ethan asks, “We all pitched in and bought it for you.”

You tackle all of them into a hug, making Mark nearly drop the box. You pepper each boy with kisses of gratitude. “Thank you, thank you so much!” You break away from them and allow Mark to put the watch on your wrist. It looked so nice on you; you still couldn’t believe that they had done this for you.

“That’s not all,” Mark pipes up.

“Yeah, we still have a lot planned today,” Tyler continues.

“First off is breakfast,” Ethan proclaims as he grabs your hand and pulls you toward the front door.

“Slow down Ethan, I have to get the keys,” Mark shouts. You know Ethan heard him, but the small blue boy keeps jogging toward the door with you in tow. When you finally get outside you see a brand new Cadillac in the driveway.

“Look (Y/n), look! It’s SO SHINY,” shouts as he practically jumps up and down. He is so cute when he is excited, and you can’t help but giggle.

Mark and Tyler exit the house. Tyler locks the door, while Mark stomps over to Ethan. “If you weren’t my boyfriend, I’d clobber you,” Mark scolds.

“Sorry Markimoo, I just got so excited,” Ethan replies as he gives Mark a quick kiss on the cheek. Mark sighs and gets into the car. The rest of the boys get in the car, leaving you standing in the driveway.

“C’mon (Y/n), hop in the Cadillac; let’s put some miles on it,” Tyler cues.

You get into the passenger side of the vehicle and buckle up. You ask where you are all going, but you just get cryptic answers. Finally, Mark stops the car in front of a restaurant called “Puerto Rico.” Mark opens your door for you while Ethan escorts you into the restaurant. Tyler pulls out your chair for you. Your boyfriends smile at you and take a seat around the table. Your waiter walks up and introduces himself as Chris, he takes an order for your drinks, then gives you time to look through the menu. All the food is Mexican food, you have never eaten here so you have no idea what to get. When Chris comes back you decide to order a plate of churro donuts (becausemmmmmmm… churros), and the boys order their food.

You all talk and joke with each other as you wait for your food. You try to worm a few details about their plan out of them, but they deflect your answers with ease. When the food arrives, it is almost silent at your table as everyone begins to chow down on their food. Your donuts are so crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside, they have the perfect balance of sugar and cinnamon, and the warmth of them is outstanding. You savor every bite of the amazing pastries. After everyone has finished eating you tell Chris your food was good and hand him a five-dollar tip.

Tyler grabs your hand and begins to walk you down the street, Mark and Ethan follow. “Where to next,” you question.

“Little Paris, for a shopping spree,” Mark explains.

“Anything you want, you can have it. Take my wallet if you need it,” Ethan chimes in.

Little Paris is just a store with all kind of imported items in it, once you walk inside a small man with a pencil mustache greets you, “Bonjour Madame and Messieurs, welcome to Little Paris.” His accent sounded fake, but you smiled and nodded anyway.

“Tyler, Ethan, and I have to go pick some stuff up,” Mark explained, “but we will be back in time to pay for whatever you want.”

You start to object, but you are silenced by Mark kissing you, Tyler and Ethan follow suit and disperse. You get flustered and quickly walk to another part of the store. You had never shopped here before but it seemed like a cheesy store. They were playing the stereotypical French music over the speakers, there was tons of simple French words and Eifel Towers plastered everywhere as well. You decide to look at the clothes, you pick out a few outfits and make your way over to the jewelry section.

You’ve always been attracted to shiny stuff, and let’s face it, jewelry is as shiny as it gets. You look at all the beautiful sparkling pieces in the case, but the majority of the jewelry is too gaudy for your taste. You are just about to give up on looking at the jewelry when you spot a simple diamond necklace. It is so cute and shiny, you practically drool over it. You politely ask the attendant to grab the necklace so that you can see how it looks on you. You place it on your neck and it looks amazing… until you look at the price on it. You wince and whimper as you hand the necklace back to the attendant.

Just as you are about to turn away, you feel two hands cover your eyes.

“Guess who,” Ethan says in a sing-song voice.

“I know exactly who this is,” you say with a smile, “it’s my wonderful smol boi boyfriend Ethan!”

“Darn right it is,” he replies as he removes his hands. You give Ethan a kiss and his face turns red. Then, he seems to focus in on the small mirror behind you.

“What,” ask.

“Oh nothing, just looking in the mirror to find out who the fairest is, me or you?”

“I think it’s us,” you counter. His face lights up and he laughs.

“I agree! If you are done, we should head up to the front so we can pay for your stuff.”

You nod, you and Ethan walk to the front of the store to meet up with Tyler and Mark. You place your items on the counter and start to reach for your wallet, but Tyler pats your hand.

“No, no, no; we will pay for your stuff, you just stand there and look pretty,” Mark says while wagging his finger at you.

“Besides, you have been working very hard and you deserve a worry-free day,” Tyler says with a smile.

You’re not used to being pampered, and you never liked anyone to do something for you, but you couldn’t really refuse your boys. You know that once they are set to do something, it is hard to get them to stop. After all your items are paid for, Mark and Tyler put your bags into the trunk of the car while Ethan escorts you to the passenger seat of the car. They all pile in and you all drive back to the house. Tyler suggests you go inside and wait, while all three of the boys unpack the car. You know this is more of a nice demand rather than an actual suggestion. You sit on the couch and wait for them to finish unpacking everything.

Once they are done, Ethan and Tyler walk into the living room. Tyler turns on the T.V. and starts a fire, while Ethan lays a giant blanket in front of the fireplace. Ethan and Tyler plop down on the floor and pat the space between them. You smile and slide off the couch, onto the blanket. The two of them hug you tight and plant a kiss on either side of your face. Your face flushes a deep red, but the two men just chuckle. Next thing you know, Tyler hands you a wine glass, then, Ethan puts ice into it. And Mark shuffles into the living room to fill up the glass with some type of alcoholic beverage. Then Mark walks back to the kitchen, but not before blowing you a kiss.

“It’s strawberry champagne,” Tyler explains.

“On ice,” Ethan adds.

You giggle and take a sip from the glass. Ethan and Tyler wrap their arms around you and cuddle you close. You all stay like this for a while, just cuddled up with each other as you finish your champagne. The fire keeps you all even warmer, every now and again Tyler or Ethan would give you a quick peck on your hand or jaw.

Then you hear Mark yell from the kitchen, “Dinner is served!” You stand up and stretch. Tyler and Ethan tell you to go ahead to the kitchen. When you walk in, the table has a pretty tablecloth over it, as well as a few lit candles. Mark motions for you to take a seat, he even pulls out your chair for you. He sets a plate in front of you as he backs away, he kisses you on the cheek. “Dome snap the meat,” Mark says, holding back his laughter. You roll your eyes and turn your attention to the plate in front of you. It has a nice, plump looking, boiled lobster tail on it; with garlic butter and a beautiful side salad.

“This looks great.” You take a bite of the lobster meat, and your eyes widen. “Tastes amazing,” you compliment. Mark smiles and sets down three more plates like yours. Ethan, Tyler, and Mark take their seats at the table and you all eat dinner together.

Afterward, Tyler and Ethan clean the dishes while you and Mark have a cuddle session with champagne by the fire. Tyler and Ethan soon walk in and sit on the ground and join the cuddle pile. You all crack jokes, laugh and watch T.V. for a few more hours, then you start to feel sleepy. You stand up and stretch.

“Thank you for today. It was a really great day and I really appreciate all you boys have done for me,” you give each of your boyfriends a kiss, “I’m really feeling tired now, so, I bid you, good gentlemen, adieu. Besides, I have work tomorrow.”

“When you go upstairs you have two final surprises waiting for you,” Tyler warns. You nod, give each of them one last kiss, and make your way into your room. When you get close to your bed you notice it has new sheets on it, you also notice a small rectangular box in the center. You pick up the box and open it to find the diamond necklace you were looking at earlier today. There is also a little note inside the box, it reads:

I saw you fawning over this, and just had to get it for my cutie XOXO -Ethan

You smile and hold the necklace close to your heart before putting it back into its box. You undress and pull back your cover and feel the new sheets, they are white silk sheets. They feel so good and comfortable, you slip into to bed and have no problems going to sleep. You are out like a light.

The next morning you wake up from the sound of your alarm clock, your boyfriends walk in to wish you a good morning but become immediately flustered. At first, you are confused, but then, it hits you… You woke up without Pajamas on!  

anonymous asked:

Chris saying "I believe in Derek Hale" is 100% real!

Are there t-shirts yet? And mugs, with this quote on it? Is this trending on twitter because it ought to be. Can we honestly just come out of the finale with I believe in Derek Hale plastered all over everything, totally ignoring the rest of canon’s bullshit?

How the boys of 13rw would react to...

….You breaking up with them because of another man

Requested by: Anon



His smile would slowly start to fade, his eyes scrunching up in confusion “Sorry babe, I uh I must not have heard you right. Can you repeat yourself?” He would ask, a nervous chuckle ending his question. He knew what you had said but he just needed to hear it again, he needed to make sure that the knot tying harder in his stomach was there for a reason. After you would repeat yourself everything inside him would break, he would hang his head and cross his arms across his chest “But I thought” he would start, his hand rubbing across his mouth “I thought you loved me.” He would state, glancing up at you to display his glossy eyes “What happened?” But you couldn’t give him an answer, all you said was that you were sorry. He would pull you in for one last hug, one arm tightly around you, the other lightly stroking your hair “I’m sorry too" 


 Rage. Absolute fury would be the first emotion plastered absolutely everywhere on his face and body language. “What do you mean another guy?! Breakup?!!! What are you even talking about?! Who is he?!?!? I want a name and I want it now Y/N!” he would shout, his fists bound tightly at his sides. Monty would never hurt you but he had no problem of hurting this new man in your life “What does he have that I don’t?! I told you I loved you! Hell! You told me you loved me! Was that a lie!? Was all of this a lie?!??!”. It would take hours to get him to calm down and even after he was calm he still would refuse to accept it, accept the fact that this was actually happening and not just the heart wrenching fact that you wanted to breakup but because of another guy?! He would repeat the phrase ‘why’ so much that you thought it was the only thing he could say. He still didn’t think you meant it until you finally walked out and the second that door closed behind you, nothing he did could stop the tears. 


He hadn’t expected it, first it was Jessica then you. He loved you, more than he thought was possible and he thought you felt the same. He would reach up and scratch the back of his head, giving you a very nervous and tight smile “Wow. Okay. That’s news” he would say, trying to lighten the mood and trying to fight the immense pain he was now succumbed to. The two of you would sit in silence for a bit before he would pipe up “May I ask who… or is that odd because honestly I don’t really know how to respond to all of this”. The two of you would talk, you would explain it, say how sorry you were. Alex kept a brave face the entire time and even gave you a hug before you left but you didn’t know that he needed that hug. He needed to hold you one last time, so he held you as tightly as he could, ending with a kiss on the top of your head “I’ll always be here for you" 


You didn’t expect him to get mad, but you didn’t know what to expect to be honest. "How did you expect me to react?! React to you telling me that you don’t love me anymore?! That I’m not good enough for you anymore? But that’s fine, it’s okay. I should have expected this” he sounded so deflated, so utterly broken and enraged. He couldn’t think of who and he tried to stop his mind from wandering “I love you” he murmured, his tender voice caused the both of you to break out in sobs but after he realized that you no longer loved him, at least not like he loved you, he would beg for you to go, he couldn’t handle it anymore, he couldn’t handle seeing you and knowing that he could never hug you, kiss you or be with you anymore. 


Tony had never had a strong relationship, that was until he met you. He loved you, he thought everything was great and that the two of you would grow old together but then why were you saying this? Standing in front of him telling him it’s over, that you found someone else. He would begin to pace, his hands taking turns running through his hair “Uh yeah, yeah okay” he would say after about thirty minutes of silence “You know if he makes you happy” and that’s all he could say before the tears came. His body would shake, very slightly as he avoided eye contact with you at all costs. You would try to talk to him, try to comfort him but he would just shut you out, build up all his walls within the duration of this conversation “I think It would be best…be best if you left” so you did what he thought was best 


He just felt broken. You mentioned the breakup and everything inside of him tensed up but when you said it was because of another man he just couldn’t comprehend it. He couldn’t even speak he just watched you with big eyes, tears falling before he even realized. He wanted to ask who but more than ever he just wanted to ask why, he thought it was all going so well he thought you were happy he thought he made you happy, he thought the two of you were in love. He fought with himself in his mind or and over since he didn’t want to fight with you. “Please” was all he could say but you had made up your mind. You placed a careful kiss on his cheek and whispered the words ‘I’m sorry’ before walking out. 


 You would watch his head tilt to the side because other than that movement he remained perfectly still “What?” He would ask, blinking a bit rapidly as he watched every breath you took but even though he asked you a question, he wasn’t listening to your response, he was in shock. What had happened? What did he do wrong? Who was this bastard? And the second his mind switched from what and why to who that’s when he became angry. Zach didn’t get angry that much but oh he was furious, his heart was broken and there was going to be hell to pay “How could you do this?! I let you in! I trusted you, loved you and now you’re going to leave me?!”. He would shift between emotions, yelling at you then pleading with you and then telling you to leave, so you did.

Thanks for the request anon! I’m really enjoying doing these and if you do too, please request more right here!

Once I came out, I stayed out. I got a regrettable pink triangle tattoo on my shoulder and plastered Queer Nation stickers on my leather jacket and went to kiss-in protests at the old coffee shop on Commercial Drive. I wanted to fight homophobia everywhere, in everyone. I wanted to Act Up, to act out, to have sit-ins, and not stand for it anymore.

I wish now I has been kinder to my mother about it all.

Ellen moved into a big house in East Vancouver and started to date a guy who played trombone in her jazz quintet. I told her I couldn’t spend too much time with her and all her straight friends anymore lest I by homogenized by their infectious heterosexuality. My politics didn’t leave anyone, including me, a lot of room for nuance, or grey areas.

I wish I had been kinder to a lot of people about it all, come to think of it.

A Walk To Remember

Requested by @johnscupoftea - Reid and the reader go hiking

Title : A Walk To Remember

Pairing : Spencer Reid x Reader

POV : Third Person

Word Count : 1090

A/n : I don’t know how I feel about this fic, please let me know. I love Spencer but I suck at writing him and it drives me up the wall. 

Originally posted by hisirishsoufflegirl

There were a lot of things that annoyed Reid. Bullies, unnecessarily angry people, the fact that he was a genius and still couldn’t come up with a cure for alzheimer’s.

The Outdoors.

This might seem like the most irrelevant one on the list but trust me it isn’t. Because Spencer could tolerate everything else, he could learn to get over it. He couldn’t however get over his annoyance over the wilderness.  It was just really big, and creepy and had bugs and bears.

“Y/n if you don’t stop that I am going to hurt you” Spencer growled as Y/n continued to sing nursery rhymes.

“ Why,don’t you like it” she smirked , continuing to push through the branches that blocked their way.

“Not really”

“ Well it keeps me calm so shush.

If you go down in the woods today
You’re sure of a big surprise
If you go down in the woods today
You’d better go in disguise!

For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain
Because today’s the day the
Teddy Bears have their picnic

He slapped a hand across her mouth “ I am serious stop” he hissed.

 She laughed against his hand and ran up the hill.

“ You really don’t like the woods do you?” She asked, her hands on her hips.

“ Not particularly” he panted trudging up with the hill.

“Well I do. I also like my bed and would like to get back to it. So the sooner we find this lost dog the sooner we can go home.” She sighed, giving him a hand and pulling him up.

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take a chance on me

fandom: tvd
pairing: klaroline
words: 1.7k
rating: G

thanks to @garglyswoof again, Kenny is amazing! I wouldn’t be writing without your help! 

read on ao3

“There’s blood on your collar,” he’d told her.

Words that she’d perhaps given too much importance to; still, she had fled. It had felt too casual, too normal for her to think of them as simple words. He’d become a kiss when she woke up, a cup of coffee waiting for her, the smell of paint and a door already open.

It was unacceptable.

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No More

Warnings: Language. Negan. Fluff??? (I really need help with this whole classification thing.)

Request: Hi Can I pls request a one-shot where the reader is one of Negan’s wives and she’s plus-size, and she gets picked on for it. She’s never told Negan about it, but it gets too much for her and she thinks she’s not good enough for him, so she tells him she wants to start working for points rather than being his wife (which he isn’t happy abt), he gets her to tell him why, he tells her it’s bs and that he loves her and thinks she’s perfect the way she is and there’s a fluffy ending? Thank you! ❤ -anon

A/N: Here you anon! Thank you for requesting!! Once again sorry it took so long to get out!! I hope it meets your satisfaction level!!

“I don’t see why Negan even wants her,” you heard one of the wives say. 

“I know. We need to get Negan to kick her out. Look at us, then look at her. It’s pathetic.” They all laughed. You knew they were talking about you. “It’s like Negan being the hunky lifeguard that tries to save the beached whale.” They all laughed. They had no clue you were standing just outside the door. 

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You, among the others ~3~

Wordcount: 4.020

Genre: Fluff/Angst, Hint of smut | College!AU - Enemies to lovers

Min Yoongi x Reader – (ft. Taehyung x Reader)

Description: You and Taehyung shared a love story for two years until you break up. Just when you start to believe that nobody can replace him, Yoongi collides with your life, messing it up: love can come from nothing, without rhyme or reason.


[1] | [2] | [3]  


Everything started with a photo.

After weeks of silence, Taehyung shows up again on his Instagram page with a picture. Nothing special, just a slice of his London life, with those new friends he’s surrounded himself in these few months, in which is crystal clear he’s living this moment to its fullest.

Nothing wrong, really…

Except for that girl clinging to his waist, placing a kiss on his neck.

And his huge bright smile.

Immediately, before you could actually recover from that sight that wrenched your heart (and could be described as a collision with reality), rumors start to spread all over the corridors like a plague, infecting the whole university.

You’ve patiently waited and braced yourself for the moment in which the story would turn from ‘Why did they break up?’ to ‘Oh, so this is the reason!’, getting used to that thin voice that kept telling you every single day:

It’s just a matter of time.

The problem is that the conception about ‘matter of time’ you and Junkook have always touched upon the conversations, and duly hushed up before it could hurt, it’s different from the one people are now taking for granted: that Taehyung would leave you, sooner or later, because you’re not enough for him. After all, how could one of the coolest guy in the entire college stay with someone that isn’t so bad, but is not up to his standards?

Absurd as it can be, this isn’t even the most hurtful thing.

Among the billions of versions meandering around (you’ve counted five but they’re more for sure, and all of them are so spiced and different that, really, people here should write books or movie scripts!) there’s one that makes you fly into a rage: the poor (Y/N), besieged by discouragement and solitude, has replaced him with Jungkook and Jimin, for this reason, Taehyung decided to put an end to a love story lasted two years and crumbled in a few months.

This hurts as hell.

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Unmake the World

A/N:  So, I never post fic anymore, it seems.  I don’t know where this idea came from but it forced me to write it.
That being said, I think warnings are important…but I don’t want to give anything away since it’s a short little one shot, but this is not a fluffy fic. It’s very short and it is complete. If I’ve done it right, it should be rather sad. Maybe don’t read it on a melancholy day?

Midnight seeps out of the room.  

She stirs, looks to check on him. His breathing is still even, still unchanged.

Light filters in under the door and reveals everything exactly as it was when her eyes had closed. Her forehead wrinkles, unsure of what woke her.

Light and shadow play along his features, his jaw in sharp relief, scruff a little longer than usual.

Unbidden, her brain conjures up a few flashes of the last mission…she blinks hard.  He’d fallen. It wasn’t as far as the mountain or the dam, but still. She knew he would never say how scared he must’ve been.

Carefully, she entwines her fingers with his.  Fingers that fit perfectly, like each bone, each tarsal, was carved from sediment and planned before the world began.

Straining not to drift off again, she recalls the first time he held her hand. When it was truly her hand, not the hand of his tech help. When she was his girl-girl, not his girl. Not back when it sounded different in her head, when she’d only thought he heart was full, when she’d only thought she knew love.

It had been on the way out of town, into their sunset, he’d kept grabbing her hand between shifting gears. Finally, he ended up just glomming onto her hand and not letting go, plastering it under his own over the gearshift.

“Where do you want to go?” he’d said.

“Anywhere. Everywhere.”

“I wanna see the world.” He’d looked at her a bit too long. Long enough that she knew he was considering something stupid.

“Oliver,” she’d said, narrowing her eyes as he’d raised their joined hands briefly from the shifter and kissed the back of her hand and winked. “Oliver, tell me you were not about to say something cheesy about seeing the world in my eyes.”

“No. No,” he’d answered too quickly. “Definitely not.”

They’d driven until the faded neon sign for a string of roadside motel cabins beckoned them in the wee hours. That became their home for two days. Before checkout, she’d let him sleep, truly sleep, until he’d awoken on his own. Soft and warm, he’d finally stirred. Turned on his axis. And it was then and there she was forced to admit that Oliver Queen had a point and, more to the point, she was actual queen of cheese: The earth was his body and the endless sky lived in his eyes.

He’d been the better part of her world from then on. Even when she tried desperately desperately desperately to stand on firm ground elsewhere. Now, she stretches carefully.

The sheet is scratchy and thin, catching on her clothes as she goes to splash her face with cool water.

Her muscles are sore but she knows his are so much worse. He’s worked so hard, given so much. He can’t give more. They can’t expect more from him.

Against all odds and often against all reason, the man she loves had given his everything for others. His peace, his tired body, at times she knew he’d worried he’d given his very soul just to save this godforsaken, ungrateful city.

Oliver, burning all passion and fire and progress. The city, in turn, wary and apathetic. 

If Robert Queen had any idea the cross he’d handed his then-ill-equipped, entitled son…She shakes off that thought, too. Wishes she could have a moment outside of her own mind. There’s nothing for it now. Oliver made himself while everyone sought to unmake him. He unearthed and honed and mined within, he made himself.

When he gave her himself, she knew he’d given her the world. 

Dawn slinks across pavement and wraps around the buildings, claws its way into the room.

She crawls back into the bed and curls up with him, gently slips his arm around her.  Perfect and complete. Like it was carved from sediment and planned since the world began.

She folds further into the crook of his arm. This small space, his embrace, her place in the world.

The monitor beeps on.

In the morning, they will come reclaim their tubes, their charts, their machines. 

These sheets.

Unplug these wires.

Unmake this bed.

Unmake the room.

In the morning, they will unmake the world.