i want to pet your paws

okay, so like there’s all this stuff about humans and the way we befriend all sorts of animals. but like, think about the way we interact with our pets. what if it’s not just the fact that we made friends with predators but that theses predators made friends with us back. the fact that there is a really clear bond between a dog or a cat and their owners and it’s reciprocal. the absolute love and devotion these companion animals show for us and us for them. think about the way you play with your pet and how an alien species might view it. or the fact that there’s a kind of rudimentary communication between species. the fact that I can tell the difference between my cat’s distressed meows vs. his i’m hungry meows. the fact that he prods me with a paw to get my attention, because he knows it works. that I can tell at a glance that my cat wants me to lay down a certain way so he can sleep on me. or the little greeting ritual me and my cat do when I come home for work – he meows really loud to be picked up… I sweep him into my arms and pet him, cooing goofy nonsense while he makes weird contented cat noises. think how absolutely flabbergasted an alien might be by the relationship between a human and their pet.

Non-verbal forms of communication: pet version

I’ve seen a lot of posts about “littles non-verbal forms of communication” and I thought to myself… most pets are non-verbal, but a lot of people (mainly inexperienced owners) don’t know what to do with a pet that’s being non-verbal. So here is a quick post explaining some (not all) forms of non-verbal ways a pet (mostly canine) communicates and what it means.


  • murr/purr/low moan: “I am content and comfortable”
  • growl: “I am feeling threatened/scared”
  • yip/mew: “I want attention/I want to play”
  • whine: “Something is wrong”
  • snarl: “I am very angry/get away from me”
  • bark: “I want attention/I am ready for –”
  • questioning murr: “I am confused/I do not know what to do”
  • howl: “I want my presence to be known/I want my pack”
  • roar: “I am feeling – and cannot express my emotions properly”
  • baying: “I am in pursuit of my prey/toy”
  • whimper: “I do not like the situation I am in/how I am being spoken to”
  • fake sneeze: “I want your attention back”
  • snort: “I have an attitude”


  • headbutt: “I want attention/pet me/I’m giving you affection”
  • rolling on back/exposing belly: “I feel safe around you”
  • curled up: “I am feeling insecure/anxious”
  • pawing at: “I want attention”
  • sitting and staring at: “I want something”
  • lowering self to floor, butt up: “Let’s play”
  • playful stance: “I want to play”
  • lowering self, curled up slightly: “I feel threatened/get away from me”
  • teeth bared: “I feel threatened/I am angry”
  • flopping over: “I am content”
  • shaking off: “I am trying to relax/settle down”
  • curling up beside someone while touching them: “I want physical contact”
  • nudging under someone’s hand: “Pet me”
  • swatting at: “Don’t touch me/I don’t want –”

[ * This is just a quick post, these are not all of the sounds a non-verbal will make and this is not the case for every single pet; this is more of a rough guideline. ]

{Special} College!AU Johnny
  • major: film & television 
  • minor: business 
  • clubs: rather than clubs, johnny always has some part in other classmates movies/set productions so,,,he has no time for clubs LOL
  • sports: was humbly signed up for track and field by ten but the only good thing about his long legs is jumping over hurdles,,,otherwise he’s slower than a turtle much to everyone’s surprise 
  • goes through what his friends call “phases” every other week,,,,,and it usually has to do with whatever project he’s most immersed in
  • and that means one week,,,,when he was helping out the french exchange students he walked around campus in a beret and refused to eat bagels - only croissants. then he was working on an action scene and signed up for martial arts on the the quad,,,,,,or that one time they were trying to do a historical bit and johnny almost bought a hanbok on amazon for fifty bucks and taeyong had to physically remove the laptop from his dorm in order to stop him
  • no one is surprised that he’s a film major,,,,,tbh he’s always been creative and outspoken so the industry fits him
  • the shocking part is his minor,,,,because is business really something???? johnny has any interest in
  • and johnny always dramatically puts his hand over his forehead and is like “in THIS day and age all that matters is MONEY no one cares for the ART-”
  • everyone is like ok we get it but johnny just siGHS like the whole world is over and slumps in his chair and is like i know ill never make it,,,,,,,ill have to be a slave to the system a COG in the machine another worker bee - but wait did i tell you guys about this GREAT idea i had last night for a movie so basically the main character is a zombie alien and-
  • talks a mile a minute,,,,,seriously even when his opinion or comment is unneeded,,,, but he’s trying his best and he’s always trying to lift the mood and make people more confident
  • like he IS the person in the friend group whose there for anyone when they need him,,,,, is the person who makes ten smile when he’s down, helps cheer up doyoung about the future,,,,, and even gets taeil out of the dumps (which is a rarity, but,,,,,,,wow is it harD to cheer him up - tbh only johnny is capable)
  • tells people to have a super-duper fantastic great day after seeing them in the coffee shop,,,,,and the person will be like do i//?? even know him??? probably not but johnny is trying to spread that positivity
  • and it works !!! because when he’s smiling and laughing he looks so soft and approachable 
  • but at the same time,,,,when he’s really working on a scene or on a plan for filming,,,, he adopts an entirely different aura 
  • ten calls it the ‘youngho effect’ meaning that silly johnny is gone and now it’s down-to-business youngho and during finals week,,,,,,is when it’s the WORST
  • like people don’t even recognize him and thats hard considering his fashion and height stand out ,,,, but seriously the stern, concentrated look on his face makes his whole appearance seem different
  • yuta is always like “youngho is sexy and johnny is cute” and johnny is just like ?????? are you- flirting with me??? or are you just commenting and yuta is like ;) it’s hard to tell i know but no im just saying my dude
  • johnny is also super charitable ,,,, like find him helping every last single person in his studio effects class or dramatic writing
  • which is why he barely gets sleep because he’ll be up with a group of writers or on film location for work that isn’t EVEN HIS but,,,, he really likes film and he really likes seeing and testing out new things so his ability to say no is down the drain
  • unless it’s doyoung asking for extra change to get coffee then johnny is like lol no jokes jokes
  • oh also him and ten are practically inseparable and they sometimes do what taeyong refers to as “comedy acting” on the quad which is really just them arguing over something dumb like is trump REALLY an overgrown cheeto but also everyone on campus loves it
  • minus their ACTUAL friends who are like can you two please be quiet for like a minute and ten and johnny are both like excuse me no and taeil is like rip my ears
  • but they’re best buddies,,,,,,,it’s very adorable 
  • ten’s dad even calls johnny to ask if ten is doing well in uni and johnny always try to make something up before ten steals the phone and has to explain in rushed thai that NO he didn’t get a tattoo on his forehead
  • accidentally got confused for being a part of the uni mens volleyball team because of his height
  • misses chicago and has pictures up of it and his family in his dorm and everyone is like wow johnny you’re such a sentimental guy but like LMAO HE REALLY IS HE CRIED DURING THE LION KING anyway
  • you’re not a film student at all,,,,,you’re actually pretty camera shy and so you think watching movies is cool and all but you’d like,,,,,,never dream of being an actor or something like that
  • which is ok because your major has nothing to do with that line of work and your part-time job is as a dog walker in the city on weekends
  • and one weekend you’re doing your job,,,,,the last dog you’re walking for the day is a cute corgi named mr. squiggles 
  • when suddenly someone taps you on the shoulder and to your shock you turn around and see ???? johnny
  • who you know just because a friend of yours is in a class with him and he’s kinda hard to miss ,,,,,,, he’s basically a walking skyscraper 
  • but you’re like “oh h-hi?” assuming he might have recognized you from uni but johnny isn’t looking at you
  • he’s looking at mr. squiggles and then at you and going 
  • “you two would be perfect for my project! have you ever wanted to do acting???”
  • for a second you think you might just be making this up in your mind but you blink a couple of times and johnny is STILL standing in front of you
  • looking more excited than mr. squiggles whose small stubby legs are pawing at johnny’s jeans and asking for him to bend down and pet him
  • and you’re like “uh,,,,,,n-no?”
  • johnny does bend down,,,,giving the corgi a couple of pats on the head only to look up at you again and go “but i think this dog has!!!! do you think you could be in my film?”
  • johnny’s eyes turn up as he smiles,,,looking at you almost expectingly,,,,,
  • until you scoop up mr. squiggles in your hands and shake your head explaining that for one,,,,,the dog isn’t yours,,,,,,this is your job and two,,,,,being filmed is a bit-
  • johnny’s smile drops into a childish pout and he reaches out to scratch the pups ear going “but you guys are perfect for the scene,,,,,and it’ll be short!!!! can you ask his owner??”
  • and you wanna be like excuse me i gotta go im getting a call but then u know,,, johnny goes to uni with you so maybe not making a fool of yourself is the right call so you just shrug and mumble that you’ll ask 
  • johnny’s grin returns and he quickly takes something out of his back pocket,,,,,which you realize is a scrap of notebook paper with a number scrawled on it
  • and he’s like i make this in case i find people on the street i want to cast,,,,,text me if the owner says yes!!! ill keep the spot open for you and -
  • he motions to mr.squiggles in your hands and you go “oh his name is mr. squiggles” and johnny bursts into cheerful laughter like “that’s PERFECT!! ill be waiting for your message”
  • and with that he’s off,,,,,you left holding the dog and the paper with his number and thinking to yourself that,,,,maybe johnny will just,,,,,,,,,,forget?
  • i mean he probably doesnt even know you go to the same uni,,,,,you reason as you put mr.squiggles down and go back to your walk
  • ,,,,,,out of curiosity though when you return him to his owners you ask ,,,,, would they let him be in a movie some time and the owner claps their hands together and is like ofc!!!! mr.squiggles is a born STAR!!!!! why is a friend of yours looking -
  • and you’re like nope no im just asking see you next saturday
  • come monday you’ve basically forgot about the whole thing,,,convinced johnny is popular enough to find other people to act for him
  • when you’re waiting in line to get coffee at the cafe and someone goes “hey!!!! what did mr.squiggle’s parents say?”
  • and it’s,,,,loud so everyone turns to look at you because mr.squiggles-?
  • and you’re like,,,what who??? only to see johnny standing behind you in line and you’re like oh myGOD
  • and he’s like “i knew id seen you before!!! cool that we go to the same school, so can you guys do it-?”
  • and you’re like “o,,,oh they said n-no so im sorry but-”
  • johnny clicks his tongue but waves his hand and is like nO SWEAT we can find another dog you walk dogs right????? do you think anyone else would be cool with it??
  • and you’re like dogs? what are dogs? idk any dogs? ahahahah
  • but johnny is like you told me you walk dogs,,,,,right??? im sure someone is ok with having their pup on screen plus it’s for a class so really-
  • your turn to order comes up and you quickly spout it out just to be like “oh, im sorry i have to go-” to johnny
  • rushing over to the pick up counter and thankfully,,,,a small black coffee is fast to make,,,,so you grab it and johnny makes a point to try and call out to you but you’re like class!!!! gtg!!!!
  • and with that you’re gone,,,,,looking solemnly down at the coffee in your hand and crinkling your nose because the last time you drank coffee was the last time you had a math final in high school
  • but also,,,,,why did johnny have to remember??? why did you have to bump into him???? what kind of weird coincidence???
  • but also you’re sure you’re off the hook this time,,,,like you told him mr.squiggles was unavailable and it wasnt like your classes ever clashed with film majors so you were home free
  • but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • you weren’t
  • a couple of days later johnny saw you in the library,,, asking again if you were up for the part
  • unenthusiastically you explained that all the dog owners said no so,,,,,,and johnny said it was fine again that he knew some people with dogs so-
  • but you ducked out of there again saying you had a study group to meet up with
  • another time you were on the quad and johnny sat down next to you,,,,asking how you were and if you weren’t busy to talk
  • once again you checked your phone and pretended to take a call
  • and honestly,,,,,,you don’t know WHY you can’t just tell him you can’t act- or more like you don’t want to act
  • because you’re convinced he can find someone else so easily that the pursuant asking you ,,,,, you just didn’t get it
  • not until you overhear a couple of people talking about how they’ve never seen johnny hold out for this long,,,,,usually he’s the first one to start filming ,,,,, but something is taking him so long this time
  • and with a slightly guilty conscious you take out your phone,,,the paper with johnny’s number is still tucked in your wallet and you fish it out too,,,inputting it and typing out a text
  • ‘im sorry ive avoided you about this, but im not a,,,,,,,im not an actor. i dont want to mess up your movie so i hope someone else can be the better fit’.
  • you send it,,,,,hoping you weren’t being to blunt but an hour later your phone lights up and johnny’s reply is ‘that’s ok! im sorry for bothering you, it was really uncool of me to keep chasing you - i didn’t know you were uncomfortable and i was being a douche. tell mr.sqiggles i still think he’s a star in the making!’
  • smiling down at the cute response and the line of dog emojis and stars you go back to your homework,,,,,but it’s a little hard because,,,,,,why’s johnny so much cuter to you all of a sudden
  • a couple of weeks go by and you stumble across what looks like a film set near the dog park you frequent on your job
  • and your entire pack starts tugging on their leashes in excitement and barking because of all the new people and cool looking cameras and you’re like “guys!!! calm down” 
  • and you notice someone turn around and it’s johnny??? he waves at you and you’re like “he-hey?? are you filming here??” and johnny nods and is like “it’s a little film im doing about a dog and their owner and they can like,,,,,,,talk to each other and the dog gossips about other dogs it’s kind of a comedy??? romance i guess”
  • and you’re like oo a romance featuring cute dogs cant go wrong with that and johnny is like exactly,,,,101 dalmatians,,,,,airbud - not romantic but dogs so
  • you giggle and you’re like well!! ill try to keep the kids from barking too much but!!
  • johnny grins and squats down,,, mr.squiggles running toward him like johnny’s been his owner for yEARS and licking his face and johnny is like it’s still a shame i couldn’t cast this lil guy
  • you smile,,,and johnny says he’s going to be filming for a bit but that it was nice talking
  • and you know,,, you go to the dog park and play a bit not noticing johnny whose struggling with the actors on set and some of the crew and usually johnny is really good with people 
  • but the way the lead isn’t getting along with the dog is stressing him out and at some point johnny is like “it’s fine, ill scrape this idea” and someone mentions that the deadline to hand it in is three days away and johnny is like “it doesn’t matter, i don’t think it’s going to work out and im not giving unfinished garbage to the professor.”
  • you look up seeing that most of the people are gone except for johnny and you pick up mr.squiggles and go over to him and you’re like “you look down,,,,,so i brought this guy to maybe help you smile?” 
  • johnny looks up from his head in his hands and gives a sad chuckle that you’ve never seen from him and you’re like whats wrong
  • and he’s like “i think,,,,im not going to be able to finish this.” and you’re like why not??? you had people here and stuff and he’s like sometimes things don’t work out
  • and you’re like do you have time?? and johnny mumbles that three days isn’t enough, even if the whole thing is fifteen minutes long
  • you see the defeat in his eyes,,,,which is hard to imagine since this is the johnny that never seems to give up
  • so with a tiny swallow you go “i,,,,,,,,,ill help. mr. squiggles too.”
  • johnny raise an eyebrow and shakes his head,,,,,saying that he can’t force you to help him, that’d be fucked up of him and you’re like you’re not!!!! consider it a change of heart
  • johnny motions to mr.squiggles and goes “didn’t their owners refuse-?” and you’re like “hahahah abOUT THAT,,,,,anyway what do we have to do??”
  • johnny explains the jist of the plot,,,,,you and mr.squiggles can understand each other and talk about the other dogs but you meet another owner who can speak to his dog too and you,,,,,basically fall in love
  • and you’re like giggling because ok,,,, a bit corny but u like it
  • and you’re like whose going to play the love interest?? and johnny looks around and is like i,,,, think im gonna have to do it because all the other footage is unusable. the dog tried to pee on the leads so -
  • and you’re like oh my gosh,,, well ok,,,,,,let’s try
  • to your surprise you’re not AS nervous in front of the camera as you thought
  • maybe because holding mr. squiggles calms you down or maybe it’s the way johnny is patient and encouraging 
  • but when all your individual cuts are done johnny is like “ok we have on thing left, where we meet and,,,,,well,,,,,,,mr. squiggles is supposed to tell you to ask me out” and you’re like oh,,, Oh,,, ok ,,,, well,, ahem
  • and johnny sets the camera to record and rushes over to sit beside you on the bench,,,pretending to look over at the other side of the park
  • and you’re like “oh,,,,shh ,,,, shh what? h- he isn’t cute???? i- what??? you want me to ask for his number???”
  • johnny turns around,,,putting his arm over the bench and going “are you talking to your dog?” and you jump a little almost forgetting the line and you’re like 
  • “i,,,,im not,,,,,” and johnny, effortlessly slides closer to you on the bench and is like “well, whoever told you to ask for my number is right - do you want it?”
  • feeling your cheeks glow red you nod and johnny is supposed to lean in closer but you’re kinda like !!! so you lift mr. squiggles up and he licks at johnny’s face and ,,,, after a moment you’re like im sorry!!!!! that wasn’t in the script
  • but johnny bursts into laughter and is like you know what,,,i think it’s a great ending shot 
  • you realize you’re close to having to drop the pups off so you gather mr. squiggles and tell johnny it was,,,,fun and that you hope he gets a good grade
  • johnny seems to want to say something,,, but you’re like im not avoiding you this time - i actually really need to go
  • and as you’re running back to get the rest of the dogs you hear him call out your name and he’s like “let me repay you with dinner sometime???” and you’re like “sounds good!!!”
  • after getting back to campus from work, you drop your things off in your dorm and you check your phone to see a text from johnny
  • ‘are you free tomorrow night?’ you smile,,,,thinking for a second and your roommate is like why do you look so happy - is it a date????? and you’re like WHAT,,,,,,NO,,,,,,,SHUTUP
  • but you say you are and the next night you meet up with johnny off campus and he’s telling you about this restaurant a friend of his opened and then you notice it,,,, the slight darkness under his eyes and you’re like johnny did you sleep??
  • and he’s like oh no i stayed up editing,,,, also this afternoon i had to help hyungsik with his shooting so 
  • and you’re like oh my god go home and sleep but he’s like no!! i gotta take you out and pay you for your help,,,,,and since i don’t have actual money please consider this food as payment
  • and you’re like shdlfkjds johnny and he’s like it’s good food,,,,,so???
  • even though he’s obviously tired,,, johnny still manages to keep up an exciting conversation and you try to get him to split the bill but he’s like nooooooo i am a respectful chicago gentleman 
  • and ur like ,,, does a respectful chicago gentleman try to mimic a parrot in a resturant and he’s like i see your point but let me live?
  • and johnny is ,,,, someone you never thought you’d hang out with one on one just because he’s bright and attracts attention 
  • and he’s a silly, handsome guy??? like???? getting near him seems like a feat but here you are,,, after diner walking to the arcade and johnny winning you a stuffed animal in one of those crane games but also completely losing to you in tekken 5
  • and you’re like,,,,, it’s nice to be like this with him and it’d be nice,,,,,,, to get to know him more
  • so you’re sad when the night ends and you guys are on your way back to uni on a crowded train and johnny keeps moving his body so no one is squishing up against you and it’s ,,,,,,,,, it is like a date but you refuse to let yourself cave to that mentality
  • but then as you get off at your stop, johnny’s hand slides into yours and it’s ,,,,, natural almost
  • and you get to campus and he’s like thanks for letting me take you out,,,and for being in my film
  • and you’re like haha,,, to quote you - no sweat!!! 
  • and it’s silent,,,but you’re still holding hands and you’re not quite sure what that means
  • until johnny goes “i don’t want to be awkward but - this was a date, right? can i call it a date?”
  • and you’re like OH WELL,,,,,,,,,um,,,,,,,,, and you’re like “i’d like if it was a date,,,,”
  • and johnny is like me too because then that means there can be more,,,,,dates,,,,,,,,for us,,,,,,,for me to take you on,,,,,,,,,am i making sense i feel like im not making sense
  • but you’re like!!!!! you are,,,,making sense,,,,,,
  • johnny grins and even in the nights dark light you can see the cute expression on his face and you’re like hey can you bend forward a little bit and he’s like oh?
  • and you lean up, kissing his cheek quickly before letting go of his hand and saying that you’ll see him ,,,, on the second date???
  • and you’re halfway across the quad to your dorm when you hear someone running behind you and you turn just to be tackled into a hug
  • and it’s johnny,,, you can tell by the way his hair tickles your cheeks and his frame is wide and he smells,,,,so distinct 
  • and he’s like “sorry,,i couldn’t wait till the second date,,,” and you’re like fldkjsde please,,,,
  • but it’s cute haha when he lets you go you guys wave goodbye and when you get home your roommate is like “ah, so how was the date?” and you’re like IT WASNT —- ok it was and it was amazing
  • dating johnny,,, is exactly what you all expect it to be
  • he’s an affection moNSTER and i mean that in the BEST way possible like he is FULL of love to give at ALL TIMES
  • forehead kisser extraordinaire 
  • showers you in compliments and talks about you to everyone he meets honestly the night after your first date ten,,,,,,in his pajamas half awake had to listen to johnny talk for exactly one hour and forty three minutes about everything that happened between you two and at the end of the night ten was like “i got it,,,,they sparkle like the stars in the sky ok can i go sleep- yes you told me about how they remind you of the best days of summer ok im going to sleep now jOHNNY SHUT UP”
  • for someone whose confident in their skills,,,, johnny got shy about showing you the end project of his film but when he did he was like “did you like it??” and you’re like yes!! im sorry for my bad acting also mr.squiggles says hi
  • and johnny is like tbh i love that dog and ur like more than me and he’s like yeah and ur like thats cool i love him more than i love you too
  • johnny: WHAT
  • you: dogs > boys, a cardinal rule
  • also you learned from jaehyun that the reason johnny stayed up all night to edit was because he was apparently watching the clips of you over and over again and being like they’re so cute,,,,
  • and you’re like no way
  • and jaehyun was like you don’t have to believe me but ten has a video and ten is like i do wanna see
  • and it’s true,,,,,johnny literally was sitting at his computer with the goofiest grin on his face looking at you like they’re adorable,,,, ft. ten’s snickering in the bg
  • johnny doesnt know ten took the video,,,, but when he found out he chased him across campus but tbh you just thought it was super cute of your boyfriend 
  • is tall and therefore whenever it rains he does this thing where he puts his hands over your head and is like “im ur umbrella” and you’re like ,,,,, im still getting wet and he’s like “,,,,,,,,,,listen im not a GOOD umbrella, but im YOUR umbrella” and you’re like oh my god you’re a dork that’s what you are and you’re my dork so it’s ok
  • johnny calls you love unironically and you’re like are you british or and he’s like WOW LET ME BE CUTE WITH YOU PLEASE 
  • once mark drew a flower on your wrist or something and johnny was like draw one on me too and mark was like why and johnny was like because we’re a couple mark and i want to match
  • im just saying johnny seo is a corny couple items guy like look at the man
  • thinks the most useless things are cute and buys them for you and you’re like johnny i didn’t really need this mickey mouse ice cream scooper and he’s like ok but it’s cute tho??? and ur like saVE YOUR MONEY YOUR MINOR IS BUSINESS And johnny is like IM TRYING IM AN IMPULSE SPENDER 
  • also everything cute just seemingly reminds him of you like the boy is heart eyes for you ok
  • probably a really loose-lipped drunk,,,,, honestly texts you like paragraphs about how he’s going to make a movie dedicated to you but the typing is l1k3 th*$ 
  • he’s late to dates a lot but not because he doesn’t care or something but because he’s always busy helping someone film and you don’t mind but you’re like johnny take a break and he’s like i will but also hyuk was telling me about this sci-fi animation he’s gonna do and he might need me-
  • and you just motion for him to open his mouth so you can put some food in it and you’re like shhh just eat first talk later (this is hard since johnny loves to talk,,,,,,,,,)
  • is dramatic about anniversaries and holidays but it’s romantic and cheesy like yes he bought you bear the same size as him for valentines day and YES he recited a monologue from ‘the notebook’ to you on your birthday because that’s who johnny is 
  • texts you about what outfit to wear and you’re like huh what is that and johnny is like im going though a hippie phase should i wear this tie-dye t-shirt OR this tie-dye t-shirt
  • and you’re like wear a white t-shirt right now johnny and put the tie-die away
  • him: but baby i-
  • you: right now. away.
  • asks you for updates on mr. squiggles and you once told the owner your boyfriend really likes their dog and the owner was DELIGHTED she invited johnny and you to dinner and it was,,,,,,the most funny thing
  • to see johnny get tipsy on wine and gush over movies from the thirties with this little old lady????? priceless 
  • johnny: you know she’s much older now but bettie davis was a hottie,,,,,
  • you: oh my god
  • johnny: i won’t lie,,,,,im still into john travolta the man hasn’t aged-
  • you: put the drink down
  • when you guys talk on the phone,,,,you’ve noticed that johnny’s voice gets lower at night and it’s really nice and you’ll never tell him because you know he’ll tease you but,,,,,,wow
  • speaking of other really nice things johnny had invited you over to his dorm while ten was away with family and you guys were supposed to use the blank wall and project some movies on it and cuddle
  • but at some point the movie was the last thing on your mind because johnny’s half-lidded eyes and lips spread apart are PRETTY hard to ignore
  • also johnny is such a,,,,,physical person that he knows what to do with his hands and his mouth and long story short you ended up tangled in mr seo
  • and only after did you realize that the movie was over and you were like ,,,,,, should i play another one
  • and johnny pulling you right back ontop of him was like no no there’s more important things to do
  • johnny is a show off when it comes to relationships so the next day doyoung was eating and was like whats that on your neck - you got a rash?
  • and johnny was like nah my s/o stayed the night and doyoung was like oh and mark choked on his rice
  • does this thing that when he’s thinking to fast he’ll switch from korean to english and then backtrack and translate what he said and sometime’s he’ll stutter over this or that
  • and you’re like johnny you’re so cute but gather your thougths you don’t alWAYS have to be talking
  • and he’s just like,,,,,,,,,,you’re right but tbh if im not talking what can my mouth be doing and you’re like rolling your eyes but you’re like “kissing me?”
  • and he grins like eXACTLY come here
  • you guys kiss a lot just so you know like wanna know something about johnny? he’d kiss you till you were breathless jot that down
  • you asked him where his backpack was once and johnny was like i dont carry one everythings in my head
  • and you’re like what about that test in finance that you’re gonna have and his eyes got wide and he’s like i,,,,,,,,,,gtg get the notes off of someone see you later
  • told you his dream vacation isn’t chicago anymore,,,,like he wants to see his family so bad but he also wants to take a roadtrip with you and see you under all those stars beside him
  • and you were like we should do it sometime but i have a feeling we’d open the trunk and ten would be there
  • also you know this conversation has happened like one too many times
  • ten: you know, if you two have kids i want to be the godfather
  • you: what if we don’t, what if we adopt a cat or something
  • ten: then i want to be the godfather of the cat duh
  • you:
  • johnny: you know it ten, we’re brothers for life come and hug me
  • as silly and as romantic and fun as johnny is,,,,,he’s still got some reservations about himself and sometimes he jokingly,,,,mentions that it must be hard to love someone like him - always making mistakes or saying something embarrassing
  • but you always assure him that people aren’t supposed to be perfect, that you think he’s damn near close to it and you wouldn’t stop loving him over things that are only human
  • but if he does call you banana pumpkin angel in front of your friends again- and johnny is like fine fine ill stop using fruits for petnames,,,,,,,,,,,,my cherry sunshine universe and you’re like WHY do you INSIST ON BEING SO CORNY
  • and he’s like dont’ you love it though???? secretly??? just a little
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,fine yes i do god no wonder you’re a film major your brain is TOO Creative for it’s own good
  • johnny kissing up your arms to tickle you and make you feel better when you’re sad
  • also johnny would completely 100% let you borrow his sweaters and even if you’re wearing one just because it’s comfy and you have study hall 
  • he’d lean over to the person beside you two and be like “they’re wearing my clothes, don’t they look cute?” and the person is like ???? and you’re pulling johnny back over to you by the ear and you’re like boy
  • calls up the uni radio and requests that they play your favorite song every weekend without failure
  • and you’ll hear it and even if you’re not with johnny you can feel your heart burst because he’s the kind of boyfriend that remembers the smallest little details and shows you his love whenever he can
  • and there’s nothing better than having someone adore you like johnny seo adores you 

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Drybrushing to add details to faux fur

Drybrushing is a great alternative or compliment to airbrushing that everyone has access to! Its easy, and gives you very similar results on faux fur, for nicely blended colors and transitions for natural-looking fur patterns.

First and foremost you want a stiff-bristled paintbrush that has relatively short, thick bristles. Here’s a close-up of my favorite one for drybrushing. 

Also pictured in the background: Acrylic paint, scrap of fur to test on, project you want to paint, and a surface to mix paint on. If you are trying this project at home, you will also want a pet slicker brush to comb out your fur as you go.

Mix your acrylic paint with no additional water, the primary tip for drybrushing is the paint remains dry! Dry out your brush bristles with a towel if you need to change colors, too.

Pull your paint onto your brush to thin out the quantity of paint on your bristles. You only want to get a little bit of paint clinging to the brush bristles.

Use your scrap fur to get the right ratio of paint on your brush! This is also GREAT PRACTICE!!! Take this opportunity to get your color mixing matched up just right, you can see my first attempt (left) was a little too orange, so I toned it down in the 2nd try (right). 

Note: In this photo I started applying paint at the bottom where the paint is thicker. As the paint spreads out on the brush and the fur it becomes the perfect ratio to apply to fur to blend it in! Always do a bit of dabbing on nearby scraps before you take it to your final project so you don’t apply too much. Layering many light layers with this technique is the way to go! Light layers of paint preserve the original fur texture the best!

Use puffs of your breath (or a comb, brush, etc) to part the fur and begin at the base of your marking change where you want it to blend. Then allow your paint to get thinner and thinner as you blend your layers outward.

Use a slicker pet brush, in a normal fashion, to fluff out your fur to see how your colors lay and separate the fur fibers. You’ll know right away if you need to add more layers of paint to make it more obvious! Many light layers are the key to beautifully blended drybrushed fur.

Even a subtle amount of paint drybrushed on fur between markings can soften an otherwise hard edge! I just wanted a little bit of blending (after drybrushing shown in the top) for my set of paws (before drybrushing shown on bottom).

Use this technique anywhere you want your character’s markings to blend in, or as an accent! Try it on fleece, or other fabrics, too! Once dry, acrylic paint can fade through friction or from scrubbing during washing, but it does bond quite well with the plastic faux fur fibers and does last and looks great for accents and shading even through the test of time! 

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Yesterday my dog got bit by a bug on the inside(?) of her paw. She was really freaking out and she's fine now. I'm still kinda worried. Could you write something where Kara gets a hurt dog from the street and she has to deal with it?

She’s not listening for anything in particular.

Whenever James or Winn ask her what it is that she strains her ears for while she flies above the city, she just shrugs. She doesn’t know how to explain it beyond, “I’ll know it when I hear it.”

Sometimes, it’s the sound of breaks screeching or a gun being cocked or a child calling up a tree for a snake named Fluffy that seems to enjoy heights.

Today, it’s a low, whimpering kind of whine emanating from an alleyway. 

And just like she tells James and Winn, she knows it when she hears it.

She puts on a burst of speed and soars down at a pace Barry Allen would be impressed by.

“Hey little buddy,” she says immediately on landing.

On landing and finding a husky with matted fur and sad eyes, whining and whimpering and alternately licking one of their front paws and squeaking and rubbing it against the ground.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay,” she says, not moving as the pup notices her and tries to back away. “I’m not going to hurt you. But I see something did.”

“Supergirl,” Alex’s voice rings out in her ear. “Our telemetry from your suit says you put on a lot of speed there: did something happen? You okay?”

Kara just smiles, more to herself than to the puppy.

“You see? My sister’s a great doctor. She can help you with that paw of yours.”

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Ques for petplay - pup/wolf

happy whine : “I am content and comfortable”
growl: “I am feeling threatened/scared/i dont like that/sometimes bratty during cnc”
yip: “I want attention/I want to play”
whine: “Something is wrong”
snarl: “I am very angry/get away from me”
bark: “I want attention/I am ready for –”
questioning whine: “I am confused/I do not know what to do”
howl: “I want my presence to be known/I want my pack”
baying: “I am in pursuit of my prey/toy”
whimper: “I do not like the situation I am in/how I am being spoken to/need attention/sad/want something”
fake sneeze: “I want your attention back”
snort: “I have an attitude”
headbutt: “I want attention/pet me/I’m giving you affection”
rolling on back/exposing belly: “I feel safe around you/you’ve won”
curled up: “I am feeling insecure/anxious”
pawing at: “I want attention”
sitting and staring at: “I want something”
lowering self to floor, butt up: “Let’s play”
playful stance: “I want to play”
lowering self, curled up slightly: “I feel threatened/get away from me”
teeth bared: “I feel threatened/I am angry”
flopping over: “I am content”
shaking off: “I am trying to relax/settle down”
curling up beside someone while touching them: “I want physical contact”
nudging under someone’s hand: “Pet me”
swatting at: “Don’t touch me/I don’t want –”
Lowering head below master- “submission, i will obey”
Wagging tail- “happy”

personalities of my parents’ 13 llamas

so I guess this needs a little background context first. my sister and I both moved out to college, and our parents had an empty nest crisis, so Dad bought Mom 8 llamas for their 26th anniversary, decided that wasn’t enough, and bought 4 more a few days later. 

you know, like there’s the gold anniversary and the silver one and even paper. well. the 26th anniversary is the llama one where u must buy ur significant other at least one (1) llama. do it. trust me. my dad hasn’t been divorced yet, so it’s totally cool

Freddie: sweet gentle boy. loves to give u kisses. all you have to do is stand still and he’ll walk over to sniff at you for a moment, then he’ll press his lips to your cheek and kind of huff air on you. sometimes there’s a little bit of snot, but the moment is too Precious for that to be important

Herb: the twin brother of Freddie. they both look like deer because they have that soft brown and white coloring. Herb is the grumpy one, very skittish. lingers at the edge of the herd and glares when you pet Freddie. doesn’t want to be petted himself but still jealous of his brother?? make up ur mind, Herb

Jet: The Asshole. if human, would be that one bully in all the early 2000s high school teen movies. there’s a hill of dirt built up in the field and he likes to stand on top of the hill and spit at all of the other llamas when they come near. one time Fatima totally kicked his ass tho, it was great. now he’s scared of her but tries to play it cool

Tarzan: Jet’s co-bully. like, how all bullies need a following of other, smaller bullies to back their bullshit up? that’s Tarzan. not big enough to be an asshole in his own right, but will team up with Jet to spit at the other llamas. dumbass who ate sawdust one time when my dad used a buzz saw to cut down trees. this bright star immediately started licking the sawdust off the ground. I tried to make him stop bc I was worried it might be bad for him? somehow?? but then he spit at me, so he can fucking choke tbh

Stanley: real fucking dumb, but we love him anyway. always tries to escape out the gate, but then doesn’t go anywhere once he makes it into the yard. each time he seems surprised to end up in the yard. will run away if you try to herd him back through the gate, but if you just leave him alone for 15 minutes, he’ll get bored and lonely, and cry to be let back into the field

Coy: my poor sweet baby. he was going to be sold to the slaughterhouse before Dad bought him, so he’s shaved all the way up to his head. he looks naked and honestly pretty weird. no fur at all until his head, where it suddenly poofs out like a bad perm. gets picked on by Jet and Tarzan, stands in the pond to get away from them bc they’re scared of the water

Clyde: a gelding. that means his flip-flop bits have been snip-snipped. so Dad put him on the half of our land with the girl llamas bc he knew Clyde wouldn’t bother them. then Dad changed his mind and put Clyde in with the boys, and Clyde threw a FIT. he would dramatically flop down on the ground and pretend to be dead, until the herd moved away, and then he would get up, walk over to the new grazing spot, and throw himself back down just to be sure everyone knew he was STILL upset. our neighbors kept calling us to let us know we had a “dead llama” in our field, and we’re like no, that’s just Clyde. finally Dad gave in and put Clyde back with the girls and now he’s happy and cut that melodramatic shit out

Fatima: boss-lady of the girl llamas. the llamas have to be separated by gender bc we found out the hard way that they WILL get pregnant, but Fatima specifically can’t be let near the boy llamas bc she will fuck them up. llamas have really long necks, u know? so she’ll whip her neck against the boy llamas to bash their fucking faces in and lean down to try to literally BITE THEIR DICKS OFF, and with her long ass Alpha Neck, she almost got Jet, my dad literally had to check his junk for injuries, wild times on the farm

Charlene: Fatima’s gal pal™. the two don’t like to be separated, and Charlene will cry if it happens. ever heard a crying llama? it’s terrible. otherwise a good girl, doesn’t spit on anyone. that’s high praise for a llama. if human, would probably be a really nervous femme librarian or something

Bridget: the only one who acts like a Normal Llama. I don’t even have any stories for her. she just chills and eats grass like she’s fucking supposed to. but I went to high school with a girl named Bridget who told me–in detail and unprompted–about the time she gave her mom’s dog a foot job, so now I’m suspicious of all Bridgets just because that story was so traumatizing

Margaret: the mother of Peaches, which is how the total llama count ended up at 13 and not 12, in case you were wondering. who’s the father? shit, we’d have to call Jerry Springer down to sort out that mess. the only llama we can safely rule out is Clyde. otherwise, it could be any of the boys. honestly, 60% of the decision to separate the llamas was bc we were sick of seeing Mags get dicked down all day everyday. now she’s grumpy and doesn’t seem to understand why there’s this mini-llama following her around

Jane: stepped up to be Peaches’s real mom. herds her around and won’t let anyone else near her baby. really chill otherwise, but will drag a motherfucker who so much as sneeze-farts in Peaches’s direction. hates our dog Winston. spits at him all the time and has pretty good aim

Peaches: Good. Pure. adds two years to my life every time she looks at me. feeding her is risky bc Jane will spit at u, but she likes banana peels and orange peels. very small and still doesn’t quite understand how her legs work. Winston isn’t allowed near her because he thinks it’s fun to chase her, and Jane thinks it’s fun to stomp him into the fucking ground

bonus! Winston: fucking rude. dogs lick people as like, a sign of respect. you are the alpha and I am your dog and I love you. not Winston. he has literally never licked any of us. the son my dad always wanted, so he’s spoiled as shit too. he has a limp in his hind leg, and he’ll lean his butt against you so he doesn’t have to support his weight anymore. just shove his whole butt against you. very picky about who pets him for no goddamn reason. sometimes decides he ONLY wants to be petted by Mom and then will bug her for pettings and paw at her and press his nasty ass against her until she gives in, but if someone else tries to pet him, he’ll stare at them and not wag his tail and sometimes literally bat your hand away with his paw. the rudest dog in existence

Three’s A Party - Tyler Seguin

Originally posted by bosstownsports

Notes: Alright y’all, I’m gonna be honest, I hate this one with a burning passion, I rewrote it at least three times while sitting in the doctors office today, and this is what came out of it. It’s kind of short, and it’s very shit, but it’s also Tyler Seguin and dogs so like what more can you ask for with him? I hope you enjoy, I suppose!

Warnings: None

Requested: Yes | No

Up Next: Zach Werenski

Teaser: “Technically, I bought my first dog, Cash and Marshall are yours.” 

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If you're still taking requests, the non-sexual acts of intimacy sharing a bed for NaLu? Thanks 😊

‘Cuddle Puddle’

Rating:  k, fluffy fluff

Word Count:  765

Pairing:  Nalu - modern AU, Firefighter Natsu & Reporter Lucy

Luxuriating between fresh sheets and the comforting blast of the air conditioner, Lucy wriggled in pleasure, turning onto her side to look at Natsu.  "There’s nothing better than a freshly made bed.“

“What about free food?”  The bed squeaked as he shifted to face his girlfriend.  "Free rent?  A pay raise?“  He grinned and tugged a lock of Lucy’s hair.  "What about me?”

“You know what I mean!”  Lucy pouted.  "In this moment - it’s so rotten hot outside, hanging out in our bedroom is super decadent.  The AC makes it so cold I think I’d like to use the comforter.“  She fluttered her eyelashes, making her most convincing sad face; not that Natsu ever refused any of her requests.

"Uh huh.”  Natsu reached over and dragged the coverlet off the floor, tossing it onto  Lucy.  Amusement topmost in his voice he spoke, “I knew you’d want it.”

Lucy covered her feet and whistled for Plue and Happy.  "C'mon!  Up!“  She patted the bed and grunted as both the dog and cat barreled onto her; the dog coming to rest on her legs and the cat on the highest point on her body; flopping down so his back legs were on her upper arm and the rest of him was settled on her breasts.  Happy flexed his paws and tested the sharpness of his claws - easily piercing the comforter and Lucy’s skin.  "Ow!”

Carefully Natsu reached over and pulled Happy off his perch.  "Can’t say I blame him, your boobs are super soft.  Who wouldn’t want to curl up on them?“

Natsu chuckled and Lucy scowled, although it wasn’t very convincing.  "He does it on purpose!”

Plue felt left out and walked up and over Lucy to lodge himself between his two humans.  Both Natsu and Lucy reached over to pet the dog, giving him praise.  Several minutes later Lucy ordered Plue down back to rest at her feet, giving Happy the chance to lay between them.  The cat burrowed under the blanket and curled up, no doubt planning to sharpen his claws on Lucy after she fell asleep.

“How was work?”

“Boring; same old, same old.”

“Natsu, how can that be true?  I know your company got called out to a big fire near Magnolia’s garment district.”

“It wasn’t that big - we had it under control pretty fast, on account their fire alarms worked like they were supposed to.”

Lucy edged closer and reached out to touch the back of Natsu’s head, digging her fingers into his spiky hair and rubbing his skull as he let out an appreciative moan.  Next, Lucy trailed her fingers down his neck and spine.  She massaged random points on his back as he continued to make noises - incentive to keep her going.

“And what did you feed yourself for dinner?”  This was part of their nightly ritual.  It didn’t matter so much what she asked or talked about, but she wanted to show she was interested.  And maybe it was for practical purposes too - knowing what they were running low on made drafting a grocery list easier.

“I made mac'n'cheese.”

Pride oozed in Natsu’s voice, and deservedly so.  Not too long ago his efforts at cooking that always resulted in stodgy and thick pasty sauce - but he’d found a good recipe and discovered he’d been adding too much flour.  Lucy snuggled even closer, “Ooh, did you make enough for me to have some?”

“Packed you a lunch for tomorrow.”  Natsu’s voice was soft and mumbling.  He was going to fall asleep talking soon.  It had happened many, many times already.  He could be making perfect sense, answering Lucy’s questions and then he’d just start snoring.  Lucy was used to it.  It didn’t bother her anymore - it was funny actually.  If she kept the right flow with her questions and sharing parts of her day, Natsu would respond intelligibly for close to half an hour - and even remember some of what they’d discussed.

“Thanks, babe.  Do you know what you want to do with our weekend off?”  Soft snores were Lucy’s only answer.  "I’ll ask again when you’re awake.“  She pressed a kiss to his forehead, smiling as he still managed to mumble, ‘love you.’  "I love you too, and so do Plue and Happy.”  Lucy closed her eyes and pulled the comforter as high as she could manage with the dog weighing it down and the cat nestled in the crook of her one arm.

This was love - her and Natsu’s chosen family; them and their fur babies.  Life was good in the cuddle puddle.  

Vampire!Connor Murphy x Werewolf!Reader

- O k a y so lemme lay down how this universe works before the couple stuff :0

- the Murphy fam is all vamps
- your fam are all werewolves

- literally everyone is some form of monster/mystic in the universe

- like you have humans but monsters/mystics are also common so it’s not like you guys are rare or anything
- like, you can be riding a subway and then a centaur gets on dressed up for a business meeting everything is norm
- Evan has weird plant powers, Alana is a witch, and Jared is a norm human so he’s not really different like his friends (yo honestly y'all can change this up if y'all got headcanons for what the other characters would be ‘cause I wanna k n o w what’s g o o d)

- okay now to you and Connor

- holy popsicle do you guys hate each other when you first meet

- you moved to their school when you were 13-14 so you met around middle school/freshman year of high school 

- Connor is thought to be that one Emo Kid™ but he wears a lot of black because his skin is way more sensitive to sunlight than Zoe’s is, so she can wear a lot of lighter colors but Connor is stuck having to stick to dark, dark, d a r k colors

- you come from a big family, 10-15 siblings because werewolves get b u s y, you are like a freakin’ puppy tho, you get really easily excited and you were stoked to start the new school year, but you were also terrified, but also stocked, but also terrified, but al S o—
- you met Connor in your first class, he was interesting to you but he kept glaring at you when you tried to talk to him
- he was Intimidating™
- but you persisted

- he ignored you for that entire year

- fast forward, you’re seniors now, hooraayy 

- you met Evan and Jared already, they were nice enough, and you had one girl in your class, Alana, she was sweet and always tried to be helpful if you were confused, you were acquainted with Zoe but you didn’t speak to each other much but she was Cool

- you, Jared, and Evan were talking and Jared made a dumb but rude joke at a passing Connor

- Evan coughed and Connor thinking that Evan had laughed shoved him to the floor

- you promptly grabbed the boy’s hoodie and pulled him back before glaring and ranting at him

- “Hey! That was rude! You should fucking apologize! He wasn’t even laughing!”

- Connor did not like that shit at all so he shoved you into the lockers

- fist fight kiddos

- you guys had detention for the rest of the day

- Connor has scratches on his face and a black eye, you have a bloody nose and bruised cheek, and a cut in your forehead from getting slammed into the lockers a second time

- it’s really quiet, and then “I’m sorry”

- Connor’s looking at you, and he looks genuinely remorseful 

- you accept it and you guys are stuck in silence again

- “Evan is in the library at the end of school, you can apologize for pushing him there.”

- so after school you both go to the library and find Evan and he apologizes, you had the note that Evan wrote so you fold and hand it to him
- you offer Connor a ride home and he accepts

- you drop off Evan and finally pull in front of Connor’s house

- you guys apologize again for the fight, and in a weird turn of events exchange numbers so that you guys can talk more

- so that’s how you two actually because friends/formally met

- so lemme actually get into this couple stuff the things you guys want ;0

- when you and Connor find out that you were a werewolf and he was a vamp it kinda makes sense why things were so tense between you and Connor and why you and Zoe barely spoke either because you guys guessed you subconsciously were aware cause of that huge thing about vamps and werewolves hating each other

- y'all said fuck that rule and started hanging it more and eventually dating

- Cynthia adores you despite the werewolf thing, she gladly accepts you and Connor’s relationship with open arms

- Larry is more hesitant, this has prompted many arguments between Larry and Connor that has escalated into an actual fight

- Larry isn’t allowed to say his opinion on the matter anymore

- Connor comes from that Classy Vampire Family Life

- you come from the Way Too Crowded Full House Family Life

- your parents didn’t really care about him being a vamp so long as he was nice to your siblings and makes you happy
- your siblings were really interested in Connor, asking all sorts of questions

- he was shook by the amount of family you have

- y'all have accepted him into the Pack™
- you and Connor sneak out at night and walk around

- lots of dumb jokes like “I want to suck you blood bleh bleh bleh!!”
-“Hey,” Connor throws a stick,“ go fetch”

- “Connor, you’re a furry for dating me.”
- “I’m only a furry once a month.”
- it’s all in good fun

- Connor is really cuddly, especially to you, ESPECIALLY we’re you turn on a full moon, you get all fluffy and cute and he just “toe b e a n S” and pets you a lot
- he messes with your paws a lot when you turn

- steamy times with Connor like making out and giving hickeys, Connor has bitten you before, and no not the turn kind of bite but just a bite

- you may or may not have liked it/moaned at it

- that night is one you guys will remember trust me

- the first time you turned in front of Connor was like that scene in ‘Wolf Children’ when the dad turned in from of the mom, very sentimental and whimsical 

- y'all trust each other a lot

- you guys have horror movie nights but you guys just rant and scream at the characters 

- “oh come o n! Couldn’t they have gotten a real goblin?? There’s so many good goblin actors out there and they chose this human fuck!”

- “Don’t go in there are you trying to everyone you l o v e k i l l e d ???”

- you guys have these dates that are just you guys going around and exploring abandoned and run down places 

- negative episodes are scary for the two of you, Connor tends to go on a blind rage or locks himself in his room and completely trashes the place, he’s bitten your arm because you had tried touching him while he was having a panic attack, he regrets it a lot but you always tell him it was your fault for not making sure it was okay to touch him

- your episodes are different, you sorta lose that sparkle in your eye, you shut yourself in and hide in your closet or under your covers, you won’t eat for hours, you just sit in silence for a very, very, very long time and that scares Connor because he’s never had to deal with episodes that were other people’s, but he tries, he stays and just, sits with you, he’ll talk to you or sing to you until you feel better

- y'all have a good relationship, you guys are young and you guys will learn and make things work

anonymous asked:

when training a psd, like just starting out with public access, is it best to wear a vest (even on a puppy) stating their a psd in training so it minimizes the opportunities for people to distract them?

Hi Anon! 

If your dog is a young puppy, I wouldn’t start public access training. Instead, I would focus on socialization. This may sound contrary to what you’d want to do with a future service dog, but you need to take your service puppy out let them socialize with a wide variety of people as you would with a normal puppy. Have everyone you meet pet them, offer them treats, play with them, and gently mess with their ears, paws, tail, mouth, etc. This is FAR more important than teaching them to behave in public settings. Thus, I do not recommend throwing a service puppy into a vest and starting public access work

Here is a chart which lists 100+ things to socialize a service puppy to. Keep socialization FUN and POSITIVE! Keep training sessions short so you don’t go over the puppy’s threshold.

Once your puppy is confident around many people, places, and objects; you can also begin working towards your dog’s CGC, CGCA, and CGCU titles. These are great because all training/testing takes place in pet friendly environments. Here are links to each:

You can break down the skills on the CGC tests and depending on your dogs pace, focus on one new skill per week. For example, week one would be SIT. On the first day, teach sit and practice in low distraction environments. Each day, add a new distraction until your dog can reliably sit anywhere. Week two could be STAY, week three could be HEEL, etc.

Like socialization, training should should always be kept positive and fun. Work at your dog’s own pace, and don’t necessarily feel like you HAVE to follow a set schedule. If your dog is working quicker than intended, increase the difficulty. Likewise, if your dog is struggling, take a step back and re-focus on the basics.

And just for reference, here are IAADP’s Minimum Training Standards for Public Access. The page also has a nice example weekly training log.  

Once your dog is socialized, trained, and ready to start public access training, THEN introduce him to the vest.  I generally recommend getting something bright and bold which clearly announces your puppy is “IN TRAINING!”  That way, the public understands that your puppy is still learning all the ropes of how to be a service dog, and their behavior will not be perfect. 

Good luck on your service dog journey! I’m here if you need anything :)
~ Lex (& Faith)

Back (Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy)

“I can’t believe it!” Peter smiled. “I’m going back to earth!” He cheered. Gamora playfully rolled her eyes. “I am groot.” Groot smiled. “Calm down Quill, you’re givin me a headache.” Rocket groaned. “Let him, Rocket. He hasn’t been on Earth in like 30 years.” You told him.

“What’s it like?” Peter asked you. “as you recall, I haven’t been on Earth in 3 years. A lot can change in three years.” You told him.

You were an Avenger and worked for S.H.I.E.L.D in the science department. They were planning on a space exploration after the battle of New York, which you volunteered.

The shuttle malfunctioned, and your crew died, and you would have too if not for the Guardian, and for three years you’ve been fighting with them, protecting the galaxy.

“Alright, we’re close enough for you to make contact with them.” Gamora told you. “Great, Rocket did you finish the device?” You asked him and he scoffed. “ “Course I finished it.”

You turned it on and there was just static. “Are you sure you did fuck up?” You asked Rocket. “Why you lil-” He was going to ran towards you, but Peter held him back. “Let me go.” Rocket said.

“Hello?” You heard someone say over the radio. “Hello? Is this S.H.I.E.L.D?” You asked. “Who is this?” The man asked. “Y/N. Y/N Stark.” You said. “That’s not possible. She died in the shuttle.” The man said.

“Well, clearly I didn’t. Who is this?” You asked. Static. You groaned, “Let’s land this.” You told Peter. “You  sure? Won’t they think we’re Aliens and shoot us down?” Peter asked you.

“No, the worst they would do is take us to S.H.I.E.L.D.” You said and he walked to the cockpit. “Give me the coordinates.” Peter told you. You handed him a piece of paper with the coordinates to the Stark Tower.

Peter flew the Milano to the coordinates, gaining attention as you entered the atmosphere. When you arrived, Peter landed the Milano on the roof. “I should go out first.” You said. “Be careful.” Peter told you and gave you a kiss.

“I’m right behind ya.” Rocket said, pulling out his biggest gun. You opened the door, and there were Iron Man suits surrounding the Milano. You put your hands up, while Rocket blew them up.

“Dude! Not now!” You said, and gave him a little kick. “Fine.” He groaned, setting his gun down. “Tony?” You asked. “it’s me, Y/N.” You told the suits. One of them opened, and Tony walked out.

“Y/N?” He asked. “You’re alive?” He asked, then ran towards you and pulled you into a hug. “We thought you died.” He said. “Yeah, I tried contacting S.H.I.E.LD but nothing worked.” You said.

“S.H.I.E.L.D is gone.” He told you. You pulled away from the hug, “What do you mean gone?” You asked. “Last year Cap and Natasha found out that Hydra infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D since the beginning.” He told you.

“Anyway, who’s this little guy?” Tony asked as he petted Rocket. “I wouldn’t do that.” You said, “Get your filthy paws off of me.” Rocket said and pushed Tony’s hands off of him. "What the fuck it that?“ Tony asked in shock.

"His name is Rocket.” you said. “Peter, Gamora, Drax, Groot, come on out.” You shouted. Drax was the first to come out, Gamora followed behind him and Peter came out with groot in his hands.

“Who are these guys?” Tony asked. “We should get the team, cause I don’t want to explain it more than once.” You told him. “Yeah, okay.” Tony nodded.  


The Avengers stood there, in shock as The Guardians walked in. “Alright so. These guys saved me from the shuttle. Her name is Gamora, that is Drax, this is Rocket. This is Groot and that’s my boyfriend Peter.” You told them. “You named a plant?” Clint laughed.

“I am Groot.” Groot smiled and moved his arms. Clint shut up, and his eye widened. “So, you have a talking Raccoon and a talking plant…great.” Clint said. “Don’t call him a raccoon. ” You told him.

“Hi, Peter. Nice to meet you.” Peter smiled and looked around the Tower. “So what do we call you guys?” Steve asked. “They’re called The Guardians of the Galaxy.” You told him.

“Nice to meet you. Name’s Hawkeye.” Clint said. “Why?” Drax asked. “Because I’ve got an eye like a hawk.” Clint told him. “That doesn’t seem pleasant."Drax told him.

"I just gotta ask, where did you get that ship?” Tony asked. “Long story…I stole it.” Peter said. “I’m kidding, I stole stuff to buy it.” Peter said. “Y/N, you should get checked. Three years in space can’t be good for a human.” Natasha told you.

“I feel fine, just tired.” You said. “I still have your room."  Tony said. "Great, we’ll need four more.” Peter said, and kissed your cheek. “You’re not sleeping in the same room as my sister.” Tony told him.

“What you got against the two love birds, old man?” Rocket asked. “Old man?” Tony said. “I smell liquor.” Rocket said then walked away. Pete set Groot on the table, and groot grew to his full size, which surprised The Avengers.

Groot then walked over to Steve and Tony, and pulled them into a tight hug. “I am Groot.” He said. “We know, big ma…tree.” Tony said. “That’s all he can say.” Rocket said as he walked back with two bottles of scotch.

“This’ll be fun.” You smiled.

11. “How could you ask me that?” 53. “Who cares about what they think?” 43. “You have no idea how much I want you right now.”

Rocket request by anon. Everyone’s favorite crabby puppy.

400 units?!  It cost me twice that just to make the damn thing!”  

“I’m sorry, uh sir, but this piece is heavily modified with illegal components.  The reputation of my business must be considered.” Rocket glared at the store owner, then glanced at the merchandise behind the counter.  All illegal.  More so than his creation.  Sensing how tense he was, you place a hand on his shoulder.

“C’mon, there are other vendors we can try.” He huffs but grabs his weapon and follows you towards the exit.

“Be sure to keep your little pet on a leash next time, miss.”  

Rocket stops dead in his tracks; his paws ball into fists.  He shrugs a rather large gun from his back and begins warming it up.  

“Rocket, stop.  He isn’t worth it.” You turn around and address the vendor, “Even if he’s being a complete asshole.”  Rocket takes a few steady breaths and ultimately shuts his weapon down.

“Yeah whatever,” he spits and marches out of the shop.




Rocket didn’t say a thing on the walk back to the Milano.  The anger was self-evident, but the way he was carrying himself you could tell how much his sorrow was weighing down on him.  

Abruptly, Rocket pauses and turns slightly towards you.

“…Why are you following me?”

This took you aback, and quite frankly stung.  Lately your partner was pushing everyone away.  Everyone but you.  Until this moment.

“How could you say that?”

“They think I’m your pet, Y/n.  Having me around is far more trouble than it’s worth.”  The pain in his voice betrayed his surly composure; you kneel to his level.  “Who cares about they think?”  Rocket meets your gaze.  “And anyone who does care can fight me personally.”  He chuckles, the woe welling in his eyes retreating.  He sniffs, and rubs them away with his paw, a half-hearted smile takes its place.  You return the smile, giving his fur a comforting pet.  

“You have no idea how much I want you right now.”  Your hand instantly jerks away.

Both of you desperately try to keep a straight face but end up doubled over with laughter.  

“We need to work on your sarcasm,” rolling your eyes you stand up and resume your trek.

Sarcasm?  That is straight out of the Star-Lord Seduction Book, I’ll have you know.”

“And how well does that work for him?”  

“Ehhh…”  Rocket tips his paw sideways, pantomiming an outdated measuring scale.

You cock a solitary eyebrow.

“Point taken.  C’mon.  Groot is probably halfway through your stash of snacks by now.”

You blink repeatedly, “…”Your?!”


Imagine a witch turns you into a dog, and Dean takes care of you until the spell wears off.


@irishgirl2001 said:

How about one where the reader gets turned into a dog on a witch hunt, and Dean takes care of her and fluff until the spell wears off?

Characters: Reader (as a dog), Reader (as a human), Dean

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff

Word Count: 1,500

Things to know: At first, I had NO clue how I was going to write this request. Then this story just kind of came to me. I took a few “artistic” liberties if you will, but I hope you like it. I’m pleased with how it turned out. :)

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You Got Me (Becca x MC)

Summary: You are busy writing the essay for Vazquez’s assignment when you find a cat outside the coffee shop. Why would a cat be on campus?

Author’s note: This is my second entry to #ChoicesCreates round 22 hosted by @hollyashton and @ravenclawpokegirl25 as my first to #PlayChoicesFemlashWeek. The story takes place during book three of the Freshman/Sophomore. Hope you enjoy!!

You Got Me (Becca x MC)

“Do you really need to go? We’re in the middle of our study session”. Zack asks pointing at the books all over the table. “Yes, don’t forget we’re: study buddies”. Tyler says with that tune that never fails to make you laugh. You smile, putting back all of your things in your bag. “Sorry guys, I really need to work on that essay Vazquez wants for tomorrow. He just messaged to remind me and I have nothing!”.

“Hey, you going already? I thought we could all hang out for a bit since it’s my break”. Zig walks to where you and your friends are, coffee in his hands. “Sorry. Maybe next time?”. You throw an apologetic look, putting your bag over your shoulder, Zig smiles. “Sure, no problem”.

“Thanks! Coffee goes on me tomorrow!”. You shout, making your way out of the cafeteria and laugh when you listen to Zack yelling: I’ll believe when I see it!. You start making your way to the suite but stop when a sound catches your attention. Turning around, you see a small figure making its way to the alley where the coffee shop’s trash cans are. You hesitate, not sure of continuing your way or following that ‘thing’.

'It could give me something to write about’. You think to yourself and finally decide to make your way to the alley. You start walking to where the noise came from, noticing a yellow/orange cat sitting by the wall. “Hey there”. Blue eyes look up and you smile, getting closer to pet it, but the cat growls softly, your hand flinching away.

Once again you get closer slowly. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you”. You say, waiting for a reaction from the cat. When you see she stays in place you put your hand on her head, giving soft strokes. “Well aren’t you cute?”. You look around. “I didn’t know pets were allowed in campus. Maybe you got lost”. You look at the cat again, who stares at you with an unamused expression.


“Do cats normally do that?”. You ask yourself, shrugging after a few seconds. Your fingers stroke her head another time and you let out sigh. “I can’t leave you here, can I. Guess you’re coming with me”. Rising from you feet, you carry the cat to your arms but the animal seems to try to escape. “Someone is sneaky huh?”. You secure your arms around it and the cat gives up, relaxing in your hold.

Walking out of the alley you’re too distracted with the cat and bump into someone. “Sorry!”. The voice says. “It’s fine-Oh! Hey Madison!”. You greet with a smile. “You look worried”. The cat has an startled look and hides under your hands.

“I am”. Madison frowns as you look up. “Have you seen Becca? She didn’t come to the sorority yesterday and I haven’t seen her all morning!”. You shake your head. “I haven’t. Sorry Madison”.

“Don’t worry”. She smiles at you. “I just thought that you might knew since you’ve got close to her. I’ll have to continue searching then. Bye!”. Madison continues her way as you do the same. The cat looks up from your hands and relaxes again. “You are scared? You must not see much people. Don’t worry, tomorrow we’ll find your owner, or should I say hooman?”. You chuckle but those blue eyes stare at you again, eyebrow raised.

Seriously, this cat was weird.

Entering the suit you check if anyone is home. Hearing no sound you close the door behind you and put the cat down, letting her explore the place.

You enter the kitchen and open the fridge, taking out the milk. You pour some in a bowl and walk to your bedroom, the cat behind you. “Are you hungry?”. You put down the bowl and offer it to the animal, but the cat frowns and walks away. “O-kay? So you don’t like milk”. You nod slowly. “Maybe you’d like some tuna?”. The cat scowls. “Right, no tuna”. The animal stares at you, her expression unchanging. “Geez, you really are picky aren’t you?”.

You walk to you closet and take out a ball of yarn. “You can play with this while I work on my essay”. You sigh, taking a seat in front of your computer. “Now, I’m supposed to write about my weirdest experience until now. The problem is, I haven’t had one at all”. You stare at the screen, blanc space waiting to be used. “Oh! What about that time- No, no, no that’s not right”. You wait for your mind to come up with something but it’s useless, throwing you head backwards, you let out a groan. “Ugh, this is so frustrating!”. You sigh for the nth time. You turn to the cat to see her touching the ball for a second before throwing it away.

You roll your eyes. Wanting to distract yourself you get up and look for a newspaper from last week’s Knightly News, you open it and put it on the floor. “You’ll sleep here tonight”. You say to the cat. Thinking it may help, you decided to sleep for a while and make your way to your bed.

You lay down and cover yourself with the blanket you left aside the previous night. Closing you eyes, you feel a weight shifting in the mattress and look down to see the cat making herself comfortable at your right. “I thought I said you’d sleep there”. You point at the floor, but the cat ignores you and stays there. You let out a chuckle. “You know? You remind me of someone. She’s a meanie just like you”. You  unconsciously smile thinking about Becca, wondering where she is. “I hope she’s alright, last time we saw each other we didn’t exactly part in good terms”.

You take a deep breath. “She keeps shutting me out but I’m sure she knows she can talk to me whenever she wants. Maybe she’s scared of showing she can be nice to someone”. You laugh and look down, blue eyes staring at you once again. You pet her side and the cat gets closer. “Ahh … I don’t know what we’re doing. We said there wouldn’t be feelings involved but last time I saw her I wanted to ask and take the next step, now I’m not sure anymore, I’m starting to get tired of being rejected”. The cat looks down as if deep in thought, resting her head on her paws. “Thanks for listening though, you may not understand but it felt good letting it out”. You stretch, letting out a yawn. “Now let’s sleep before I start writing”.

You open your eyes when the sun goes down, the room is dark and you let out a yawn, sitting to look for the switch of your lamp. You turn to your left and let out a scream, startling the person lying next to you. “AHHH!! BECCA!”.

Becca yelps almost falling to the floor and throws an annoyed look at you. Suddenly she seems dumbfounded and starts touching her arms, chest and face. Finally, she turns to you. “Hey! Don’t scream!. You’re giving me a headache”. She scowls. “W-What are you doing in my room!?”. It’s then when you notice a pair of furry cat ears pointing out from her head and see a fluffy tail wiggling behind her as she sat up. You raise your eyebrows, your breathing back to normal but it’s almost impossible as you notice she’s there in all her naked glory. You shake your head. “And what’s that? Is this some kind of fetish of yours?”.

Your hand reaches to touch the ears but Becca yelps as you pinch them. “Ouch! Those are my ears dammit!”. She swaps your hand away. “Wait, w-where’s the cat?”. You ask, looking around for the animal. You’re so, so confused. “I AM the cat, you silly”.

You look at Becca. “So … you’re the cat … Are you playing a prank on me?!”. A look of hurt flashes across her face but fades quickly replaced by one of anger. “Why would I lie! I am as surprised as you!”. You put your hand up in surrender. “Fine, fine”. You stare at the mattress, silence falling over you. Becca drums her fingers on top of the blanket. Clearing your throat you look up. “So, how did you end up being a cat?”.

Becca sighs. “Madison came home a few days ago with this tonic a woman gave her. It was supposed be and energetic. We wanted to drink coffee so she made some and poured that thing in her mug but at the end I got confused and drank hers”. You nod, taking a few seconds to take in her story. “Then I left to class but I started to feel dizzy, the next thing I knew were that my ears changed and suddenly a cat tail came out of me!. Ugh it’s a long story”.

“Right … why were you in that alley then?”. Becca rolls her eyes. “I wanted to return to the sorority without being seen but you appeared and ruined my plans”. Well now the cat’s attitude made sense. “Then why didn’t you bite or something?”. Becca shrugs. “I kind of understood you wouldn’t give up so I just resigned. And honestly? That joke you made about 'finding my hooman’ was really bad”. You look at each other and laugh. “And I wanted to see what you’d do”. A small smile appears in her face.

“It’s strange seeing you with cat ears and a tail but I could get used to it”. You joke as she shakes her head. “God no! I hope soon they’ll disappear. I have a reputation”. Becca reaches out for you hand, caressing your knuckles. “Those things you said … I’m sorry if I pushed you away”. You open your eyes big, memories of hours ago coming back. “You heard?”.

“Duh, you were talking to me”. Becca points out the obvious, you freeze, now she knew you wanted something more serious with her. What would she do?. “Did you really mean to ask me to take the next step?”. You nod, it was pointless to deny it and knowing Becca, she wouldn’t leave it alone. “Okay”.

“Okay? Is, is that a yes?”.

“Sure, I mean if you want”. She lets herself fall backwards. “Ugh … I pushed you away because you wouldn’t leave my mind. It scared me to think I wanted to be your girlfriend”. You smirk. “So are we together for real?”.

“If you still want to. You said you weren’t sure anymore and I kind of understand that. I’ve been nothing but mean to you”.

“I like it when you’re mean to me sometimes”.


“It’s hot”.

“Seriously?”. Becca seems surprised and you laugh. “Hey, I’m fine with us being together and all but can we keep it down for a while? I’m not ready to go public yet”. You roll your eyes. “Yes, yes whatever”.

Becca smiles and leans in to kiss you as you think of today’s events. Vazquez would be pleased, that was for sure.

Cats Day 18

Summary: You and your son, Frerin II, accidentally turn Thorin, Kili, Fili, Dwalin, Balin and Gandalf into cats and this is the result (Spin off of The Elf and The Dwarf)

Chapter Summary: Baby Vali.

Master List - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 19

Watching Kili and Tauriel with Vali made your heart warm. You missed those days when Frerin was just a baby and you were really excited to have another one on the way.

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SHINee's Reaction To Meeting Your Cat But Your Cat Decides To Ignore You

Requested by ethereal-minho

The Minho Imagined Reaction was also written by ethereal-minho, make sure to give her lots of love <3



‘Aw, that cat is so cute!’ Onew cried when he saw your cat stalking along the edge of the room. Your cat glanced at Onew before continuing on its way as if it hadn’t seen him. 'Can I pet it?’ He asked. 

'Sure,’ You smile. 'Come here (Cat’s name)! Come on!’ You called out to the cat who continued to ignore you. Your mouth dipped down into a frown as you walked up to it and attempted to pick it up. 

The cat glared at you before dashing away. You turned towards Onew.
'I’m sorry, he’s/she’s not usually like this,’ You sighed exasperatedly. 

'It’s okay Y/N. I’ll try.’ You smile back at him. 

'Come here Kitty.’ Onew called. Without a moment’s hesitation the cat strode up to Onew and began purring as it rubbed up against his leg. Your mouth gaped open. What?


A surprisingly girlish scream of joy suddenly escaped from Jonghyun’s mouth. You quickly raised your head, your eyes wide, to see what the problem was. You were surprised to see a look of pure joy on Jonghyun’s face as he leaped out of his seat, he was currently at your apartment.

'It’s a cattttttttt!’ Jonghyun cried in glee. 'Come here kityyyyyy!’

Jonghyun raced after the terrified cat as you silently shook your head. Why was he like this?

Your cat shot out of the room and proceeded to hide behind the cupboard in the kitchen. Jonghyun quickly followed it and crouched down as he tried to look at the cat through the crack.

'Jonghyun,’ You placed a hand on his shoulder,’ She/He isn’t going to come out now. She’s/He’s to scared.’

'But I wanted to play with it,’ He looked at you with a pout on his face.

'Maybe next time,’ You smiled.


'Ew.’ That was the first word that exited Key’s mouth when he saw your cat licking its paw in the corner of your apartment.

'Ew?!’ You exclaimed. 'How is he/she ew?’

'It just is,’ Key glared at the innocent cat. You scoffed at him.

'Come here kitty,’ You called to it. Maybe if Key actually petted the cat he’d say that it wasn’t 'ew’. 'Come on.’

Your cat swiveled it’s head around, gazed at you for a few seconds, then stalked out of the room.

'I guess he/she doesn’t want to come over,’ You sighed.

'I don’t care. It’s dirty anyway,’ Key muttered.

Key and the cat were both stuck up. Key probably would have liked the cat’s company as they’re so similar.


'Hello beautiful,’ He cooed, 'What a cute kitten you are.’ He strolled up to your cat with his palm ready for some petting, but he/she just opened his/her eyes, lazily stood up and hopped off the couch.

He turned to you with an almost desperate expression, his eyes growing bigger in the process. It was almost laughable.

'Why doesn’t he/she like me? Everyone likes me,’ The pout on his lips was adorable and he certainly wasn’t looking or acting his age at that moment.

'Well, if you waited a bit before bursting in I’d have told you that he/she doesn’t like anyone but me,’ you answered with a smirk. 'We can try to fool her to let you touch her though.’ An idea was already forming in your head.

You went to grab his/her favourite snacks from the cupboard and shook it a little.

'Hey (cat’s name), come here baby,’ You called and he/she instantly came in running. Minho stood behind you as he/she jumped up onto the kitchen table eagerly waiting for you to feed him/her. Just after the cat had devoured the third piece from your hand Minho wrapped his arms around you and began petting the oblivious kitten.


'Come on,’ Taemin muttered under his breath as he snuck up behind your cat. It had been avoiding the two of you all day and Taemin was sick of it. Ever since you’d told him that you had a cat he’d been eagerly awaiting the day he would get to play with it. Of course on the day he came to visit your cat decided to ignore everything and everyone. 

'Aha!’ He cried as he reached out to grab the cat. In one swift cat turned around, scratched Taemin’s hand, and ran away yet again. You’d been watching the whole scene from afar. Trying to hold back your laughter you walked over to Taemin who was dramatically clutching his scratched hand. 

'You good Tae?’ You asked as a giggle escaped last your lips. 'Ya,’ He complained. 

'It actually hurts.’

‘Taeminnie, it’s the size of my pinkie nail,’ You reasoned. 

'Well paper cuts are small but they hurt!’ He cried.

You have no idea how mean I felt looking up gifs of Taemin crying

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I love big dogs. dogs always in easy reach for pets. dogs with big, clumsy paws and a tail that’ll readily knock over everything on the coffee table. dogs you can tussle with. dogs you can hug. gentle giants that look scary but just want to love you, just want to keep you safe and happy. big smart dogs. big dumb dogs. big dogs that think they’re little dogs and try to climb in your lap. just. big dogs.

I love small dogs. lil puppers you can carry around in your arms like a baby. small dogs that fit just right in your lap. small dogs that have to do a lil hop to get over the curb. small dogs that stay small and need you even more because they are so little and the world is so big. small dogs who drag around toys as big as they are. and of course, small dogs that think they’re big dogs.

I love in-between dogs. midsized mutts with half flopped ears and big pink tongues. I love wrinkly dogs, and fluffy dogs, and dogs that look like lil old men. scared dogs and sweet dogs and happy dogs and stoic dogs. just. dogs. this post is really not going anywhere. it’s just a dog appreciation post.

shoutout to dogs for existing