i want to pay in the sun

Some of you all have the nerve to think that undocumented immigrants do not want to follow the immigration process so I will have to educate you regarding specifically Latinx immigration.

1) the immigration process is so expensive in itself without the costs of lawyers.
2) Most of the so called “rapists and criminals” work in the field all day with the burning sun for $1.25 a day
3) My family had to pay at least $25,000 to immigrate my mom and my sister. (which caused my family to lose our house)
4) Now tell me, where the hell do you think people can come up with that amount of money to apply? Given that Latinos are the most underpaid minority.
6) Trust me, do not think we get a fucking rush of adrenaline living undocumented.People actually fear being separated from their families. Don’t you think if they had the means necessary to prevent that they would have done it by now?
7) you owe me for educating your racist ass.

Cheat Sheet: The Signs Crushing

I got a lot of asks on this, so here’s a quick cheat sheet on tell tale signs the signs like you!

💜Check Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars💜

♈️Aries♈️: Passionate to be with you; Finds reasons to spend time with you; Asks lots of questions; Finds time for you
♉️Taurus♉️: Cares about you actively; Offers to pay for something or lend you something; Subtle compliments; Pays attention
♊️Gemini♊️: Talkative; Actively engages with you; Playful insults; Seems to enjoy lengthy discussion with you
♋️Cancer♋️: Discovers your emotions; Physical contact or want for it; Shy with you; Wants to uncover the you behind the scenes
♌️Leo♌️: Impresses you; Tries to be the light of a room you’re in; Competitive with you; A lot of grins
♍️Virgo♍️: Wishes to be helpful; Wants to know your faults; Pep talks; Reciprocated flirting
♎️Libra♎️: Flirtatious; Agrees with you; Compliments you; Shies away slightly
♏️Scorpio♏️: Gazing; Tries uncovering deeper parts of you; Flirts; Deep eye contact
♐️Sagittarius♐️: Wants to know about your dreams; Shows off their energy; Talks about big ideas with you; Questioning
♑️Capricorn♑️: Slightly competitive; Tries remaining classy and well-mannered; Shows off their more nurturing side with you; Wants to know your desires
♒️Aquarius♒️: Asks you strange questions; Appears to actively engage with you; Asks your opinions; Shares their own in discussion
♓️Pisces♓️: Wants to find reasons to have physical contact; Asks you about your emotions; Finds out your worries; Actively tries to help you a lot

Of course, no one will do all of these, and there are probably more ideas, but these are the key ones that stick out for each sign!

You can also try using their Rising and Mercury.

Happy crushing✨

the signs when the teacher calls on them
  • aries: has headphones in and doesn't hear them
  • taurus: waking up from their nap "what"
  • gemini: "what was the question again i wasn't paying attention?"
  • cancer: thinking about everything besides the class "oh i don't know"
  • leo: looking up from their phone "what do you want?"
  • virgo: guesses a random answer and gets it right then plays it off like they totally knew it
  • libra: doesn't hear because they're talking to their friend
  • scorpio: slowly rolls their eyes and answers the question
  • sagittarius: "i wasn't even raising my hand"
  • capricorn: answers the question and gets a little too excited if it's the correct answer
  • aquarius: says "um" a million times before saying the answer
  • pisces: says the answer then goes back to doodling on the desk or their hand
Why Herbalists and Pheonix Sorcerers Don't Mix

Our party has found our way into a giant dead tree that was once the home to a very wealthy elf and is now infested with undead and fiends. Most of the party’s energy is spent on keeping the Pheonix Sorcerer (who is also our party’s herbalist) from burning the place down.

We find ourselves in a large indoor garden complete with magical fake sun and weeping treant gardener. Through circumstances the sorcerer has become invisible (partially my fault for rubbing him with a flower that turns people invisible) and found his way into a shack kept dark to grow mushrooms in. Four major mushroom colonies are in here, all of which the rest of the party has identified before, but the sorcerer want paying attention.

Through terrible rolls the sorcerer has falsely identified three of the mushrooms as deadly deadly poison, then he gets to the fourth… Which actually is deadly deadly poison.

Sorc: I attempt to identify the glowing white mushroom. *Rolls, gets a two*
DM: you’re pretty sure this mushroom is great on pizza.
Sorc: okay I have an idea! I pick one.
DM: with bare hands?
Sorc: what no! I’ve got gloves in my Herbalists kit. I put them on when I’m about to herbal.
DM: okay you pick a mushroom. It still glows
Sorc: okay I put some of the spores from the sleep flower on it… And then a petal from the invisible flower!
DM: well the mushroom still glows but is now invisible and has little spores on it.
Sorc: okay cool… I eat it.
Whole party stares
DM: roll a con save *sorc fails* okay you do to 0 HP, roll a death save
Sorc: aw shit
Fighter/bard: wait 0 HP?
DM: yeah he’s dying
Me: that… *Finally realizes* oh…
Fighter/bard: Pheonix Sorcerer…
Me: when he hits 0 HP…
Sorc: oh yeah, I use Pheonix spark
DM: *reads the rules* okay yeah… You’re not dead… *Points to rest of the party* you guys hear an explosion and see fire blow a hole in the roof of the mushroom shack
Sorc: *leaves the shack looking like a blown up cartoon character* do NOT go in there!


Athabasca Glacier

Jasper National Park, Canada

What a site to behold! This place is one that I desperately wanted to see. Surrounded by mountains with glowing light from behind left me feeling small and peaceful. Athabasca Glaicer is easily reached and if you want to you can pay $45 american dollars to take a bus out onto it. I opted out of this option as we were on a budget and I didn’t want to go without Adventure Buddy. It’s receding more and more every year so make sure you visit!

© Michelle Gefre | Trail the Sun


17,again - Chapter 01.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, drama, fluff.

Word count: 7k

Summary: Your relationship of ten years seems to be stuck as your CEO boyfriend works non-stop and doesn´t pay much attention to you or your hints about marriage. Desperate to awaken the spark of love again you beg the universe for a change that will make him fall for you for the second time in his life. And the universe listens.

Author´s note: This is inspired by the Chinese version of the movie “17 again”. Although this story is going to be quite different I recommend not watching the film if you don´t want to spoil yourself anything that could happen in this fic.

PROLOGUE: https://bts-writing-minsuga.tumblr.com/post/158614466764/17again-prologue

It was not the sun rays tickling your face that woke you up but the crazy dream you had just had as images of it were still going through your head. Basically, you were living with this man that didn´t pay attention to you and had stopped pursuing your career as an artist to make it possible. The idea itself was the most nonsensical and absurd thing you had ever heard. Not even for a million dollars would you do that.

A hairy warm thing touched your arm and your eyes shot open while your body stumbled almost falling off the bed in an attempt to cover yourself up with the blankets. The repeatedly movement of your mouth opening and closing couldn´t compare to the shock you were feeling as the man you had dreamt of was now lying next to you, breathing and everything. He was completely oblivious to your presence and lost in a deep sleep, so your first reaction was to carefully examine his features. From his brown locks resting on his forehead to his parted lips you couldn´t recall who he was. Extending a hand to push the hairy thing, which happened to be his leg that was tangled with your limbs, you cautiously placed it back where it belonged and looked around. Maybe you had gone to a party and brought him home to sleep together. That theory would´ve been valid if not for the fact that as you exited the bedroom and wandered around the living room you came to the realization that it wasn´t your place that you had woken up in. There were no sketchbooks on the floor, no walls full of your paintings, no canvases and no huge poster of Nick Carter. A shiver went down your spine as you were only wearing some black lingerie that deferred a lot from your usual panties with the days of the week stamped on them, which only confused you even more.

“Okay. So I´ve probably slept with him or something. I should search for my stuff and go. Do I have college today?”

Muttering to yourself you carefully started looking through the house and gave up after a while as your clothes where nowhere to be found and decided to wait until he woke up. It had only been ten minutes when your stomach started growling. What a great moment to be hungry. You considered the situation and decided to just attend your needs.

“I might as well grab some food if I´m stuck here”

Luckily for you there was a cookie jar placed on the kitchen island and you didn´t hesitate to open it.  Your mouth was watering and as your lips were almost touching the first one someone grabbed your forearm and you threw the cookie at whoever it was by natural reflex.

“For God´s sake what are you doing?”

The man from before, his lips pressed together in a thin line and his brows knitted in a frown, was staring at you as if his eyes would abandon the orbs at any moment. You instantly replied between muffles produced by you consuming the sweet treat that hadn´t had the tragic end of being thrown, trying to calm your nerves.

“I´m having some cookies. They have chocolate chips in them. You want some?”

He looked as concerned as you felt and you shrugged your shoulders at his lack of words.

“Fine. More for me then.”

He scratched his head and for some odd reason you found it beyond adorable. It was almost as if you were familiar with the gesture.

“Why are you naked?”

Once the cookie jar was placed back in its place you fought off the urge to laugh at the question he had bluntly asked.

“I am not naked. There´s something called underwear, duh. Besides, did we not sleep together last night?”

If you though the boy couldn´t open his eyes wider you were completely wrong.

“We didn´t. You were already in bed when I arrived. I wanted to talk about…about us. God, I can´t take you seriously like this. Go get dressed.”

His words made a tangling sensation expand through your chest. Why did his comment affect you so much?

“Why? Am I not hot enough for you?”


It took you a long moment to process that the voice wasn´t his or yours but coming from the inside of your head instead. And it took you even longer to figure out that you had unconsciously answered and were maintaining a conversation with, well, yourself.

“Who are you?”

“I´m… I´m you. We are the same person, except for the fact that I´m ten years older now. Look, I somehow hoped for something and it turned out like this. I don´t even know what is happening either. But I have a plan. You need to get help, go see a doctor or something. My best friend is a clairvoyant. Or that´s what she says. Call her in case they kick you out of the hospital or think that you´ve gone nuts. I want to go back! I can´t do anything from here, but I can see everything you are doing! And you have to stop! Don´t talk like that to Jungkook! You love him!”

“Jungkook? Is he…our husband?”

“No. Just our boyfriend. And he doesn´t like your teenage attitude. I mean, he used to. But not now!”

“So. You are telling me I´m seventeen again but trapped in my future life?”

“You could say it like that”

“So no more college entrance exams?”

“I guess so…”

“Am I an artist yet? Have I gone to France? How many awards have I won?”

“None. He´s your award”

“Him? I don´t like him. He doesn´t want cookies!”

“Ugh. Just don´t do anything crazy and ask for help…”

You immediately snapped back to reality and harshly inhaled air as your supposed boyfriend was carrying you over his shoulder, his cold hands pressed against your thighs and your upper body resting on his back.

“Fine. Two can play a game. If you´re going to act like a child I might treat you like one as well”

If the walk to the closet hadn´t been so short you would´ve had kicked and screamed but when he left you on the floor you stayed quiet and crossed your arms. He was searching for something and you had been so caught up looking around that it was pure luck that your body moved automatically to the side when he threw a dress at you and missed hitting your face by a mere centimeter.

“You are coming with me to the office and you´re apologizing to my boss. He insisted it wasn´t necessary but I think it is. So put the dress on.”

What kind of relationship did you have? No clue, but you weren´t liking it. You found both him and the navy blue dress that was now lying on the floor ultimately boring.


His hands stopped in their way to grab a pair of shoes and letting out a frustrated sigh he turned to face you.


“That´s your name, right?”

There was innocence all over your voice but he wasn´t having it. If he still saw you as your future self being the obedient women he was used to it made sense that he thought you were mocking him.

“Just get dressed”

He exited the room and left you with your nose held high and your mouth opened about to protest. But, if you hadn´t hallucinated and what the voice inside your head had said was true you had turned into such a stuffy and monotonous woman. All you had were blazers, cardigans, pants, dresses…so unlike you. And you had stopped painting for real. What a mess of a life your future self had. Scanning the closet a pair of dungarees caught your attention and you put them on clipping the suspenders over a big fluffy jumper. With the painter looking attire that felt familiar already in its place you checked if you still had all your ear piercings and filled each of the little holes with a piece of jewelry. Tying your shoe laces a smug smile appeared on your face. You were seventeen, but you had all the time in the world and no responsibilities. Besides your prim and sniffy boyfriend there wasn´t anything blocking you for living your life the way you had always wanted. It was going to be fun.

 “So we never have sex?”

By the way his muscles flexed it was obvious that it took all the strength he had in him to not crash the car against the bush ahead of you as he heard what you had said. Once the vehicle was fully parked and you had checked the only flower that stood out in the green plant was intact you unblocked your seatbelt and jumped out desperate to touch the ground. He was a good driver, but not under the exposure of your doubts that had caused the trip to be a little more bumpy than expected.

“You are asking so many questions today”

“And you are not answering any of them”

It wasn´t a rhetoric statement but his mouth remained shut, just as it had done at all your other inquisitives. The building where he worked turned out to be bigger that you expected and by the information you gathered as you walked further in to it you guessed he was a graphic designer and probably occupied a high position with every single person greeting him enthusiastically as he walked through the numerous cubicles. You seemed to also be the center of attention.

“You are standing out too much. Why didn’t you wear the dress? You usually like it when I pick your clothes.”

His head was firmly held high in the air but it was palpable that he was feeling some kind of second hand embarrassment and you couldn´t help but snap back.

“Do I? Well I guess I´ve never told you your taste in fashion for women is horrible then”

The corners of his mouth twitched and you weren´t sure whether he felt offended or didn´t care at all.

“When did you dye your hair though?”

You raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“What do you mean?”

“The purple bit in the back. You had that when we met and then it faded. When did you redo it?”

That super passed your teenage mind and you could hear the voice in your head again for a brief second.

“He remembers that?”

It was immediately brushed off by your body shamelessly telling you food was still needed in your system as your breakfast had been so minimal.

“Jungkookie. I want some food”

His cheeks turned a bright red at the nickname. You pouted at him and you swore the few seconds in which his eyes were able to go from normal to wide open weren´t normal. You grabbed his jacket, shaking the fabric to catch his attention and it only made him blush more. You discovered some female co-workers staring and laughing covering their mouths and a random pang of possessiveness run through your chest. What were they looking at?

“Can´t you just stay still for a moment? I´m the CEO here and it looks like I´m babysitting you”

He truly looked clueless and desperate but he gave in and bought you a chocolate bar from the vending machine. As you were munching on the delicious snack you entered the elevator which happened to be empty and something came to your mind.

“What did I exactly do to your boss?”

Out of nowhere he stiffened next to you. You were honestly curious about what your formal twenty seven year old self had done for an apology to be needed.

“Don´t act as if you don´t know it. You made me look bad in front of him.”

“Oh. So this is about you.”

“It was rude from you to leave the table like that.”

As soon as the doors opened you stepped out not wanting to hear him scold you for whatever reason, but he grabbed you by the backpack you were wearing and pulled you back to him. You had to admit there was something comforting about being next to him and the warmness his body made you feel whenever he accidentally rubbed a shoulder or a hand against you, but there was no reason that came to your mind as to why would you have fallen in love with someone like him. You watched him knock the door and you entered a very spacious office decorated with very minimalistic furniture, a few pictures hanging on the walls. An old men was sitting behind a wood desk and by the way Jungkook was bowing non-stop you guessed he was his boss. Not very impressive.

“Mr. Yuagjon, this is my girlfriend. I´m sure you remember her”

The way Jungkook had addressed you seemed to be hanging in the air, but the old men got up and you instantly liked that his presence wasn´t intimidating but inviting. To you he looked more like a grandpa who would offer you food at any moment than a man who possessed enough brain cells to run such a competitive company.

“I do. A very determined lady. And charming.  If my eyes don´t betray me she must have the key to everlasting youth. Look at her skin”

You limited your courtesy to a nod and a smile as you didn´t really know how to reply to the compliment.

“That´s very nice of you, sir, but she should be the one speaking. Right?”

You bit the inside of your mouth and thought about what you should say. You didn´t know what you had done so far and you came closer to Jungkook, holding his jacket again. If only they knew you were, indeed, a teenager.

“I´m sorry for lashing out like that and…um, leaving with saying goodbye?”

You hoped your voice hadn´t sound forced and that those were the right words to say. They seemed to as Jungkook relieved all his tension and deflated like a balloon as soon as your apology was completed.

“No need to worry. I understand that there is some kind of tension between the two of you. Everyone has their moments. And although the situation was understandable…I want you to pay me back”

Now it was your turn to tense. He laughed at your panicked face and placed his hands behind his back exiting his position behind his workplace.

“Don´t worry. I just feel like you´d fit into the new commercial we are planning to launch. We need a sweet, innocent looking girl for it. You´re perfect for it. Isn´t she, Jungkook?”

“Yes, Sir”

You wondered if he really meant that.

“As for you, Jungkook, I can´t say much that sounds like a compliment. You´ve been very quiet lately, walking around the place like a dark cloud for whatever reason, and it´s reflecting on your job. I know you work very hard, but that may not be what you need to do right now. Fortunately I care about my employees, and I´m willing to give you a chance. You´ll be in charge of this project and all that it implicates. And maybe that way you´ll also get to spend more time together and solve your…premarital problems”

Being in a commercial was something you really wanted to do. Drawing had always been your thing, but as an artist you were compelling to take part in any type of stuff that was run by creativity. And also a tiny compassionate part of you had to admit that you had felt the urge to help him the moment you had seen him go paler. He seemed like the type of person whose world would fall if ever fired by their praised boss. You decided on accepting the offer and then maybe you could leave him, meet someone else. The simple thought of it felt bittersweet, but you were seventeen and still young to be attached to a single person, especially one you couldn´t remember your shared past with.

“Of course I´ll do it”

Wrinkles appeared at the corners of Mr. Yuagjon´s eyes as a toothy smile stretched across his features. The two men exchanged some more words and when they had shaken hands and Jungkook had thanked him like a million times you exited the place. What were you supposed to do now? You eyed him while he wasn´t looking, typing the password to his phone. Almost about to unbutton his shirt fit his muscular shape perfectly, and his body was very well proportioned. From his nose to his eyes and his pinkish lips it all combined perfectly. He wasn´t lacking anything in the physical department. Maybe you should get something out of him. He was your boyfriend after all, so he should be familiar with your affection. Or maybe not, but you didn´t care. Wrapping your arms around him you rested your head on his chest and inhaled his perfume. You could notice him almost stoic under your touch, and you wondered if he was feeling the same type of electricity you were.

“What´s this for?”

Truth be told, you didn´t even know it yourself, but since you had pressed your body against his a certain dizziness had started to posses your senses. Your vision was starting to blur and a strange sensation was creeping inside you aching to escape. Without warning you pushed him away and started running ignoring the way he was calling you or the stares that were being directed at you. Disorientated as hell you managed to ask where the restrooms where and push the door open when you started trembling from head to toe. Living a literal déjà vu you stood in front of the mirror and your vision finally cleared. You were you again. Twenty seven years written on your face.

 “I´m telling you not to move! It won´t work if you don´t stay still”

Your eyes followed the pendulum from one side to the other obediently but you couldn´t stop rocking back and forth on your heels, too anxious to not do something.

 “Are you sure this is effective?”

You had been trying the hypnosis method for almost half an hour, and when you saw your friend securing the shiny object back where it belonged you plopped on the nearest chair.

“I´ve been doing this for several years and no one has ever come to me saying their mind is time travelling, so I´m a bit lost here”

“But Ning, you are my four eyes! You know everything about these things”

You continued following her with your eyes through the room. She opened a little cupboard and pulled a dusty book out. The cover was totally black and the pages looked extremely delicate. Ning opened it and searched for a page towards the end.

The star of desperation, the one for weak lovers, for forgotten things. It appears rarely and will only listen to those with a wrecked heart”

You stayed silent and bit on your lip, wordlessly asking for an explanation.

“I told you I had never seen it. But I had heard of it. It´s some sort of prophecy. Does it sound familiar?”

“Too much. Now that you mention it, I do remember something about a star”

You tried remembering more about that night, but nothing else came.

“I don´t know what to say, frankly. What exactly did you told me that happened?”

Massaging your temples, you tried to explain it as best as you could.

“It´s very strange. Suddenly I´m seventeen, physically and mentally, but I can see everything. And then I´m back to twenty seven and there´s no signs of anything being different. It´s…completely surreal”

If you thought saying it out loud or trying to reason it to someone else would help, well, it didn´t.

“I see. It doesn´t say anything else in here. Apparently once seen it can´t show up to you anymore. It has only happened once?”

“Yes. Will it come back?

Your heart bumped against your chest, fearing the answer. You weren´t sure if you´d be able to handle the situation again.

“Probably. This kind of things usually end once you are at peace with yourself”

“So there´s no cure? Nothing I can do?”

Ning closed her eyes and reached for your hands, and you imitated her intertwining your fingers with hers.

“Spiritually talking it seems like your seventeen year old comes out when you have trouble with your loved one. And considering you live with a heartless rock, she´s definitely coming back”

You freed your hand from hers and retreated in your seat, feeling attacked at the mention of Jungkook.

“He´s not heartless!”

Maybe he was a bit of a rock, though. You yourself had thoughts like that about him all the time, but you always found excuses for his behavior.

“I know he´s a good man. But you deserve something better, don´t you think so?”

It wasn´t as if the thought of being with someone else had never crossed your mind. Jungkook was the only one in your heart, but you felt so lonely. You often wondered if he himself was seeing someone else or cheating, and the mere idea made tears appear on your eyes.

“He gives me everything that I want”

“Of course, he buys you loads of things. But do you make love? Does he cherish you? Does he care? No”

Maybe she was right. He did buy you stuff, and maybe it was his way of showing affection. But it wasn´t that what bothered you.

“I love him. Does no one think that´s important?”

Your mouth fell into a sad gesture and your fingers dug into your arms almost as if you were trying to hug yourself. It was the same topic all over again, the one that never ended.

“I know sweetie. I know you love him. Maybe he just needs someone to push him. Proposing is something serious. I´m getting married in a week and I still have moments where I wonder if it´s the right thing to do. It´s very stressing, you know? There are so many things you need to prepare: the dress, the invitations, the bouquet…Wait”

You lunged against the table while Ning smiled devilishly at you. A smile that only appeared when she had something crazy in mind.

“What is it?”

“I may have a plan”

You tilted your head anxiously waiting to hear it, but her expression turned serious.

“But first, promise me one thing. If it doesn´t work, promise you´ll make a decision. A decision for yourself. Whether if you are seventeen or twenty seven, promise me you´ll think if he truly belongs next to you. If it´s worth it”

Once again you slouched in your seat, feeling small. The idea rumbled in your head for a while. Maybe it was time to do something. Time for an ultimatum. You breathed deeply and looked straight in her eyes.

“I promise”

 The day the plan was going to be put in action arrived and your nerves where all over the place. You had been extremely paranoid checking yourself every five minutes in the mirror in case you had rejuvenated again during the last few days, but nothing unusual had happened. Things with Jungkook were alright, you even spent a little bit more time together as you were now part of his job, but he still kept his distance and hadn´t mentioned anything about your weird behavior. As long as you got to stand next to him, you didn´t care about anything else. The fact that they wanted you to promote a perfume that smelled like youth and nature was a problem as they wanted your teenage self to do it and not you. And although nobody had seemed to notice a major shocking change in your physical appearance when you had turned seventeen it still worried you that you couldn´t keep up with their expectations. But for now, you had even bigger obstacles to frown at. Ning´s wedding was about to start and you were enjoying yourself talking to the guests, holding random babies from their already tired moms, and wearing a beautiful long dress that you hoped impressed Jungkook. Although you had already tried so many things maybe it was the hopeful smile you were forcing that would work to make him feel something again, and not a piece of clothing or a new hairstyle.

As you entered the venue it all looked completely mundane compared to what was going through your head. The ceremony was about to start and Jungkook hadn´t appeared yet. You wished you had someone to express your anxiety to but as you walked towards the altar with the other bridesmaids you told yourself to focus on your friend. It was her day after all. When she entered everyone turned in awe. She looked beyond beautiful, and it reminded you about the countless times you had fantasized about a moment like this to happen, about your own wedding. If the plan worked, you´d soon be dressed in white as well. The preacher started talking and you got lost in his voice. And with how beautiful their vows were and the emotions that you were holding in general you kind of forgot a bit about everything until your teary eyes located Jungkook sitting among the crowd. So he had arrived. Your pulse raced and your heart was banging even louder than the clapping and cheering that filled the room as they had just kissed and were officially married. You clapped trying to escape your trance and the threatening your body was holding against you of puking at any moment. When Ning took the microphone, sweat appeared on your hands. It was the moment.

“I won´t throw the bouquet. Instead, I´m going to take this opportunity to pass it directly to one person. My best friend!”

To say you tried to smile as the bunch of flowers was placed in your hands would be lying, because your expression was frozen in place. Maybe it was a bad idea. There were so many people there, so many eyes on you already expectant. Maybe you could pretend to pass out. No, that wouldn´t work.

“Jungkook! Get here!”

There was no turning back now. Everyone turned to face him and in that moment you went completely blank. Eyes were shifting from him to you as if the guests were watching a drama but your mind had blurred everything out and it was only him what you saw. It was him among everything else, him who you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Him that made your days feel a little lighter.

“I want to let everyone know they´ve been together for ten years. I wish they can be as happy as we are”

Her part of the plan was finished and she passed you the mic. It was all in his hands now. He was unknowingly holding your heart by a threat.

“Propose! Propose! Propose! Propose!”

The guests were standing up and everyone was encouraging him. Please say something. Please say something. That was all that you could think. His deadpanned expression wasn´t making you feel any better. Why was he like this? Why had he had to change so much? He used to care.

“Jungkookie, how long will we be together? One year?”

Putting a strand of hair behind your ear a smile appeared on his face.

“Not enough”

You returned him the smile and blushed.

“Five years?”

He shook his head.

“Not enough”

“Ten years?”

“I already told you. That´s not enough time for all the things I want to do with you”

The loud cheering brought you back to reality. There was no smile on his face, no words, no promises. Nothing. But you had to try one last time. Intending not to sound too weak, you told him what you had been meaning to say for so long.

“Jungkook. I´m so grateful I´ve had you during the best ten years of my life. You´ll always be my one and only”

Your lips were trembling and your hands were going to break the object between your hands if he didn´t say anything. But the moment you saw his eyes staring into the distance and his tongue pressed against the inside of his cheek you knew it was over.

“Today is Ning´s and her husband´s big wedding day. We should not intrude”

As soon as the words left his lips everybody went silent. You swore the sunlight faded and the room went darker, and you felt a piece of you die a little. Unwanted. Used. Miserable. There were no words to describe how you felt. He was rejecting you. And if it wasn´t enough with that, his fucking phone rang. And he picked it up. He fucking dared to look at you and excused himself. Whoever was on the phone didn´t deserve more attention than you. Whatever was in his head wasn´t more important. But he walked away, he run from you living everyone speechless. Eventually people continued with the party dissolving the tense air, they continued with their lifes. But you felt lifeless. It always happened to you, in situations when a strong emotion took over you, your body shot down completely. Completely numb, too broken to function.

The mess you were making didn´t matter at all. Ripping clothes from the racks and throwing shoes in the air all you could focus on was the little box against the wall. At this point you couldn´t control the tears that you had tried to fight back so eagerly anymore. They were falling on the floor, on your dress than no longer seemed pretty to you, down your cheeks. From the second time in a too short period of time your lipstick was smeared across your face letting your mouth fall into an aggravated expression and there was mascara under your under eye circles that you no longer felt the urge to cover any other day for the rest of your life. Fuck looking good for anybody. You finally reached the box and unlocked it with trembling hands. Although you knew what it contained you had never thought you´d had to use it but there it was: a bottle of vodka and the most caloric snacks you had found in the store. It was your first aid kit for heartbreaks, the least convenient thing for the situation but the one that would heal the agony even if it was just temporary. After having half of the drink directly from the bottle and randomly breaking a picture of you and Jungkook you were sitting in front of the TV surrounded by food, DVDs and your puffy dress. Your calmed and detached demeanor came back as images of you and Jungkook appeared everywhere. You wanted to smash the screen. When you were still in college you had to do this stupid art project and record a documentary about someone you loved. Of course, you had chosen him.

“Jungkookie, you shouldn´t appear shirtless. My teacher is going to like you too much”

It was a hot summer day, college was almost finished and you were lying on the grass contemplating the sky and the shapes of the clouds.

“Come here”

Uncrossing your legs you gave in and laid next to him, your hair tickling his bare chest. You positioned the camera where both of you would appear in the frame.

“I´m not supposed to appear on it”

His head turned to kiss your forehead and you felt a sparkling sensation all over your body.

“But you are part of my life”

His words warmed your heart.

“We´ve already filmed how we met. I have to finish this for tomorrow and you still haven´t told me anything about your childhood”

His lips left your skin and you saw his mouth fall agape.

“I´d rather not talk about that”

You sat straight to look at him.

“You don´t need to go too deep into it. Just tell me about school, about your friends…”

“There´s nothing to tell”

His hushed tone made you put the camera down. When he spoke to you like that, you knew the conversation was over.


You were such an idiot. Seeing everything again, maybe it all had been a lie since the beginning. Maybe it hadn´t faded. It just wasn´t there. How stupid had you been? You were too blind to see that at the time he only needed a girlfriend to content his parents and that as soon as you talked too much he forgot about his role. You once read that you should fall for someone that didn´t make you think love was hard. Jungkook did not only make you think it but proved it all the time.

“How you like this skirt?”

His eyes took off from his menu and got up to hug you as you had just arrived to the restaurant.

“It looks amazing on you”

“Thanks. It´s hot today”

“It is. Did you walk till here?”

“All the way. I´m pretty thirsty. I´ll go ask for a glass of water and then we´ll order”

You got up and made your way to the bar where the cashier happily gave you a cold glass of the refreshing liquid. As you were drinking the guy next to you initiated conversation. He was tall and full of tattoos and you remembered he was in your sculpture class.

“That´s a pretty skirt. I´m so used to seeing your legs covered by ripped jeans full of paint splashes that I almost didn´t recognize you”

“Thanks! Well, I can´t say the same. Your tattoos are pretty flashy”

You talked to him for about five minutes about your plans for the summer time and an art gallery you wanted to visit. By the time you turned to go back to Jungkook, he was gone. He had just left you like that in the middle of a date. He didn´t answer your calls or your messages, and you didn´t talk for a week.

You took another sip of vodka and turned off the TV. You weren´t crying anymore, only whining a bit and furiously wiping your redden cheeks. A loud banging came from the door and you flinched at the sound like a defenseless puppy, but your drunken body run to open it annoyed by the constant hitting and ready to lash out at whoever was behind it. You didn´t know what you were exactly expecting but it wasn´t seeing him again, so you barely gave him time to close the door before you were pushing him against it.

“Get out!”

He held your wrist softly to calm you down, but you had never been so angry in your life. You couldn´t remember even one time where you wanted to inflict as much pain as you were feeling.

“I live here too”

You could tell he was being careful, speaking softly at you and brushing his thumb against your palms, but as many of those things he could do they weren´t enough to hide the meaning behind his words. Your mouth dropped open.

“Oh. So that´s why you are here? I don´t want to see you anymore, in case you haven´t noticed”

“I know. I know you are hurt…have you been crying?”

Even though you were trying to prove your bravado in front of him as soon as he wrapped you in a hug and rested his chin on top of your head, your defenses went down. Even though you still wanted to kick him.

“And you smell like alcohol. Have you been drinking…”

He stopped in his tracks and examined the scene and saw the food on the floor, the bottle of vodka and what you had been watching. If not for the alcohol burning in your veins you would´ve felt embarrassed.

“Look. I shouldn´t have done that, especially not in front of everyone. We can talk things through if you want to get married”

Too bad it was too late to talk about that. You swallowed thickly trying to carefully choose your next words.

“It´s not about that anymore. We don´t have to do that. We can still have a family together. We don´t have to go the traditional way”

You mumbled the words and they hanged in the air for a while.

“I don´t know”

Your fingers clutched at the fabric of his shirt, desperate to make him understand.

“Do you love me?”

It came out as a whisper, but you were sure he had heard it. Instead of answering he pulled you closer and pressed his lips against yours. Maybe it was the way sadness was draining in your system or that it was hectic moments like this that brought up the bravery in you but you kissed him back, too thrilled by him initiating physical contact. Shyly breathing against his lips your tongue made its way to his and the action got more passionate, not feeling as romantic as you had dreamt of. You were being aggressive because you still were bitter about the situation. Astonishingly it was him who reduced the distance between the two of you almost feeling as if you were just one body, not having enough space to exist at the same time. But when he reached for the zipper of your dress something rang in your head.

“Why are you doing this?”

His hands stopped pulling down the fabric and he met your eyes,looking at you as if you had stabbed him from the back. How ironic.

“Isn´t this what you wanted? For us to have sex?”

Your resentment increased. You were finally giving up.

“No. It´s not about that at all. It´s about the fact that I keep doing things wrong. I don´t know what you want! Are you seeing someone else?”

It was a doubt that had corroded you for the past few months, and it was finally out poisoning the already toxic air between the two of you.

“No! I don´t even have time for you. But you are here all the time. I´m sure you are the one sleeping around while I work”

Among all the insulting things he had done that day that hurt the most. He was throwing you away. Tossing aside all your efforts to please him.

“That´s what you think I do? You think I wait for you every day with a smile plastered on my face and ask you how´s your day been while I think about other guys? You think I´m cheating on you when I want to marry you? You are sick. It´s not me. You are the one doing things wrong”

“We haven´t done anything wrong. We´ll do the commercial….”

The last drop of patience left on you evaporated.

“Stop it! Can´t you not shut the fuck up about that stupid job? It´s that all you think I´m worth?”

“I didn´t say that”

You wished you could read his mind as his face was telling you nothing. He had this passive attitude all the time and at some point you had started to hate it.

“Well you act like so!”

“Then it´s clear I can´t give you what you want. My job is the only thing I´m good at. I thought you were happy this way. I didn´t want you to have a job or have any burdens…”

Have any burdens? He was the only burden right now. Your eyes danced around the room, too perplex to answer immediately.

“Who said I didn’t want to work? You´re the reason I don´t paint and didn´t go to France”

How could he not see you had left everything for him? You had given up so many things.

“How can you blame me for that?”

You pushed him again, suddenly disgusted at his presence and this time he didn´t try to stop you.

“Just because you are the CEO of a company it doesn´t mean you can boss me around. Forget about it. Get out of here”

That´s all that you wanted. Your stare was trapped in the door, failing to look directly at him.

“I live here!”

“I paid for the house!

“We agreed you´d still let me live here even if things didn´t go as we planned”

“I want you to come with me”

Your eyes widen in surprise and you instantly put down the book you were reading.

“What do you mean? I´m right here”

Delicately, as if he wanted to give more emotion to the moment, he cleared his throat.

“I got the job”

After a moment of processing the information your whole body jumped in excitement and you clunged to his body like a koala, both of you spinning around.

“That´s amazing”

Hands soft as velvet, they brushed against your skin removing the hairs that had rebelliously occupied your face. He took your hand, gently, and guided you to sit back in the bed.

“It is. And I want you to come with me. I´ll be moving to the city. It´s not France, but it´s a new place for both of us”

Tightening your grip on his hand you came closer and rested your head on his shoulders. He seemed nervous at your silence, and he should be. France was your dream, your most deep desire.

“I need you to come with me”

The desperation in his voice, the fact that it was the most similar thing to I love you he had ever said made the decision for yourself.

“Of course I´ll go. We have a plan, don´t we?”

 If things didn´t go as planned. You weren´t following the plan anymore.

“You aren´t keeping any promises so I´ll do the same. Go put a tent on your office and sleep there. It won´t be that different. And maybe you can get your secretary to make you coffee every morning. She already does, doesn´t she? You never drink mine anyway”

At this point you didn´t mind the weigh your words carried.

“I…look. It isn´t easy for me either. We´ve been together for so long”

“Is that so? Is it that difficult for you to come home and watch a film with me? To take interest in what I do? To tell me how you feel? I don´t think this is being as hard for you as you think. And if it is, well, it won´t be anymore. It´s over. Now get out”

He hesitated for a moment, but he finally let you go. He opened his mouth once more, but the way you were glaring at him made him close it. With that, he stormed out of the apartment and slammed the door as if he wasn´t responsible for anything that had happened. You didn´t feel as relieved as you thought you would and after a while you felt on your knees and cried, maybe for an hour or for two, you didn´t know, but at some point everything turned dark even though the lights were on. Everything went completely silent. You knew there was something way better than alcohol to completely forget about him and you reached inside of you and extended a hand. Before you knew it, you were smiling. You no longer felt sad as ten years ago the painful story hadn´t even started. The seventeen you had the green light to mess around your life. You were very tired, so tired you felt you didn´t even exist. Retreating in some place of your mind, the twenty seven year old you was gone. Years and years of suffering were now paying off. You could sleep all that you wanted, forever. If your misfortune was his happiness, you´d happily stay unfortunate then. The seventeen year old you didn´t think that way, and a confused thought that you weren´t sure who belonged to was the last thing that crossed your mind. If he wanted your forgiveness, he´d have to beg.

Fuck you Jeon Jungkook.

Will Be Back
Sun Hae Im
Will Be Back

I also protected 
what I wanted to protect
now I need to pay for it
I have no regrets

“If I had known someone would die because of me, I would not have been so greedy to live again. If only this was a dream… if only I could wake up without remembering any of this,” 


But enough of my sob stories. The reason I’m blogging about my life in the first place is to warn those wanting to become vampires. Most think the strength, the speed, the immortality are reason enough. But you’ll never feel the warmth of the sun on your skin again, you’ll have an insatiable thirst and you have to watch your friends and family grow old and die all around you.

The third point is why I have no friends. I’m also broke because finding work at night (other than becoming a criminal) is a pain. Plus today is the day I need to pay rent… I wish I knew how to hypnotize the landlor-

*Knock Knock*

“Who the fuc –” It’s 2am. Seriously, I have the rudest neighbours. I could be sleeping for all they kno-

The next knock was much louder 

“OKAY! Jeez, keep your pants on” *curses softly*

Honestly I’m confused. I’ve worked with 15 different doctors, and for the most part, it doesn’t sound like they are that happy. They sound envious of physician assistant’s, always noting on how they have less responsibility, more flexibility, and still make well over six figures. They talk about how their friends have days off on the weekends, whereas they need to be mixing in over night shifts and it’s getting harder as they’re getting older. They, for the most part, come from money and had their parents pay off their loans. All this money, all this studying, saving people, helping people, and yet it’s like, where’s the time for them to live? God, I know I’m smart enough. I know I’m passionate enough. I know I want it bad enough. I love working in the hospital and seeing patients.

But I also love watching the sun set, instead of being in fluorescent lights. I want to be sure that I’m not trading truly living, enjoying love, children, family, friendship… for knowledge. Trading it for facts. Trading it for money. Trading it for prestige, a nice car, a nice house. I’ll obviously be saving lives, but what about my own life?
I’m confused.

I’m sad seeing so many doctors divorced and seemingly unhappy. Saying if they could do it all over again, maybe they’d have been a PA. And the PA’s say, “I would have been a nurse practitioner.”

At what point are people truly happy? Being a cog in a machine doesn’t seem to be a likely answer. I just want to be happy. I want to watch the sun set and go surfing with my kids and potty train a dog.

Law school. Medical school. Graduate school. Fuck.

Okay here’s another topic I see people have a lot of issues with. The fact that team RWBY all had to be encouraged by men. Ruby by Jaune, Weiss by Klein, Blake by Sun and Ghira, and Yang by Taiyang.

I can see why people would be upset. But if RWBY was all guys and they were being supported by women it would be completely different though wouldn’t it? Everyone would be mad that women are playing supporting roles. So in this case the men are playing supporting roles! If you’ve been paying attention, most of this show has shown men playing support while the women were in power and playing the main roles.

Now this isn’t always the case which is good because I want to see both men and women play all different kinds of roles.

What I’m trying to say is that, having strong male characters doesn’t take away from the female characters. In fact I’d hate if the only way team RWBY can stand out is if the male characters had to be toned down. Besides, these men weren’t just any men! They were the family and friends that support our beloved main cast!

I hope this makes sense I had a little trouble organizing my thoughts for this post haha.

Moonlight (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Can you please do an imagine based on “moonlight” by Ariana grande? Thank you 😊💕

A/N: This is my favourite imagine I have ever written. I tried a different writing technique and I think it fits this scenario perfectly. I hope you love this x 

The movie is playing in the background, the lights are off. The sun enters through the window, its last rays making the room a mixture of dark oranges and reds.
Peter wraps his arms around her, pulling her closer to him. They lie on the sofa, looking at the TV but not paying attention to what the actors are saying. She plays with his fingers, leaving soft kisses on his fingertips every now and then. He always smiles.
He looks at her and admires her features. She is so beautiful. He wants to caress her cheek, to tell her he loves her. Should he tell her? Should he risk their friendship?
She looks back at him when she feels him staring, and she asks him if anything is wrong. Peter shakes his head and smiles softly, pushing a strand of hair out of her face.
She sits up, and he instantly misses her body cuddling against his own, but she puts her legs around his waist, sitting on his legs. She hasn’t let go of his hand, and she is not planning on doing it.
Peter smiles and looks down to their intertwined hands, feeling brave and pressing a soft kiss to her cheek. She moves her head to the side to give him more access, and he starts to move his lips along her skin, sending shivers up her spine. She moans his name, giving him reassurance to continue.
His lips move on their own, travelling to her neck. She wants him to press his lips against her own, to tell her that he loves her. She wants to let him know she is his, so she rocks her hips against his, making him groan. She smirks softly at that sound.
Peter then looks at her, his cheeks red and lips puffy. He can’t believe he is kissing her. He can’t believe she is his.
She whispers his name before finally kissing him, her hand tugging at the hairs on the back of his neck; her other hand still holding his.
She suddenly breaks apart, realizing she should go -it’s late. But he whispers for her to stay.
And so she does.
She stays, and she kisses him when he pulls apart to breathe. They kiss until they are tired, until they can’t feel their lips any longer.
The movie keeps playing in the background as the sun sets and the moonlight takes over the room and covers them in darkness, their eyes closing, their bodies close to each other, and their hand intertwined as she kisses his fingertips again, feeling the moonlight in them.

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Aiight y'all pay attention. Look we done fucked up but guess what, look outside your window. The sun still came up today. Guess what? That Netflix bill still coming at the end of the month. You still gotta get up and go to work today ladies and gentleman. I got a test next week and that bitch ain't gonna pass itself. Now we got 4 years to get our shit together and turn this boat around. I'm not bout to let my country go down like the titanic. We have the power to make the change we want to see in this world. In the next 4 years we need to get together and get rid of those people who have been in the drivers seat of our country for the last 30-40 years. The president for the most part is just a figure head. It's those old heads in the house and the senate that we need to start replacing with younger fresher minds. I'm gonna let y'all be in your feelings for the rest of today but come tomorrow, suck that shit up and let's get it cracking. There's no way we as "millennials" can sit back and allow older generations who won't live long enough to see the repercussions of their actions affect us any longer. We must do better and that only happens if we do it together. Only way to fight ignorance is through education. The days of sitting back and doing nothing because you don't think one person matters is over. The results of this election shows us that every one of us counts. I don't care if you bitch and moan for the next 4 years but you need to get up and do something if you desire things to be different.

Wafflestheasianyenbear’s Shiny Commissions!

Sun and Moon are officially out, and with it, comes a whole influx of new players, so I figured it was time to update this post! Every commission is 1$ per Pokemon, no matter the Pokemon or the amount of details!

You have complete control over your commission, including:

Caught Pokeball
Hidden Power Type!
and even your OT!

All of this at no extra cost to you!

I offer commissions for Sun and Moon, but also X/Y and ORAS!

If you’re interested in a commission, please send me a message through Tumblr’s instant messenger with the Pokemon you’re wanting to commission, using the template above (under including)!

Payments are made via Paypal’s invoices (if you don’t have a paypal account, you can still pay with card without making an account)

Pokemon are created in pkHex, by default, to allow for greater customization. If you would like me to clone from my shiny collection (using Powersave), that’s fine too! Just let me know!

The following Pokemon are shiny locked (if you want non-shiny versions, I can still make those): Celebi, Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta, Zygarde, Hoopa, Volcanion, Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele,  Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini, Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo, Lunala, Nihilego, Buzzwole, Pheromosa, Xurkitree, Celesteela, Kartana, Guzzlord, Necrozma, Magearna.

Pokemon that do not appear in the Alolan Dex or Island Scans are not able to be traded until Pokebank updates in January. I can make those Pokemon and trade them to your ORAS/XY game, but I cannot make it for SUMO yet.

WEEK 12: Spring Time - Outdoor Photography

Monday is the first day of spring, so I thought it would be cool to see what spring looks like in everyone’s neck of the woods.  Whether you’re still dealing with ice, or dealing with tourist, we want to see!  Submit your best shot of what best represents this season to you.

Since this is outdoor photography, you’ll have more things to pay attention to such as the weather and position of the sun.  Play with your DOT (bokeh effect!) and try to position your subject using ROT to avoid cropping in the editing stage.  

As always, @rkcustom1 and I are here to assist!  Send us your questions, comments, and suggestions!  

Submissions are due March 25th!

Happy Snapping!


sense8 headcanons:

  • since the accident at the parade Nomi hates going to hospitals, so whenever she has to go, will, sun and wolfgang tag along, bc if  anyone even tries to talk to her w/out her consent they will fuck shit up
  • as soon as kala learns about capheus’ mom, she starts sending him medicine every month, bc they are cheaper for her bc of her job, he insists on paying her back, and she says that it’s not necessary bc she just wants to help him
  • whenever one of them need to take a plane, they always call capheus, bc no matter how many times he has been on a plane, he always loves it so much
  • when sun is lonely she will call capheus, sometimes they watch movies, sometimes he will take her to his favorite places on town, and sometimes she’ll just tag along when he’s driving, bc his positive vibe is always good for her
  • lito teases will about that time they had sex every single time they see each other
  • kala shows capheus all her favorite bollywood movies (he loves them all)
  • kala teaches sun how to dance since she is so good at martial arts
  • riley makes them cheesy playlists when she’s bored (each sensate already has about 15)
  • wolfgang teaches lito how to punch things bc “its not that hard man u cant just fake punch people forever”
  • nomi and lito go to museums together all the time

So, I’m currently working on this piece but my T1 toner #copicmarkers dried up on me & I can’t finish it 😭 I need funds to order some supplies & finish this piece! If you want to see this finished & like this style, I am currently taking 4 slots for COMMISSIONS! You would pay $25 for a piece like this that I will ship to you (shipping is $3.50 extra) & I can continue my work! I most likely wouldn’t have them completely finished till end of March/beginning of April (at the latest!) If you’re interested in a commission, email me at: troikania(at)gmail.com - please share this post, as well!