i want to marry you peter

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You and Peter turned the corner into the big living room. You both had wanted to check out where all the yelling was coming from. Ringing through the whole tower.

“Pepper and i are better, Obviously!” Tony defended himself, Crossing his arms and sticking out his tongue at Steve.

“Ororo and i are royalty. I think we win this.” T’challa said calmly. 

‘Pf. As if. Hope and i have a close relationship!” Scott huffed. “I can hall her now and she’ll agree!” Honestly his defense was a bit sad.

“I’m the only married one, Soo…” Clint says. Totally forgetting about T’challa. He gave him the meanest side eye you had ever seen.

“Jesus, Does it really matter that much?” you budded in. Making everyone stop. You were right. They were acting like five year olds. But really, When do they not?

“Yeah guys it’s kinda stupid to fight over.” Peter murmured. Almost quiet enough to not hear. You nodded in agreement. While the rest of the room went completely silent for once. 

“Thinking about it…. Peter and Y/n are actually the best couple.” Bucky said with a smirk. A blush rose on both your faces. Complete embarrassment flooding through you.

“We’re not a couple!” Peter burst.He was actually starting to shake. Poor kid.

“Not yet at least.” Natasha added. Making the rest of them laugh. Oh you were going to kill them.

Spideypool Proposal
  • Wade Wilson: [goes down on one knee, and presents the finest of candy ring pops] Peter, will you marry me?
  • Peter Parker: Aren't rings supposed to be like 10% of your salary?
  • Wade Wilson: I stopped killing people with your help, so I am officially out of the mercenary business. In fact, I don't even have this month's rent.
  • Peter Parker: [starts tearing up] We're both so poor.
  • Wade Wilson: Are you okay?
  • Peter Parker: I'm just a little upset.
  • Wade Wilson: [stands up] Why??? Did I do something wrong? If you need more time, that's okay!!! I'm sorry for rushing things.
  • Peter Parker: No, it's just-- [gets down on one knee] You beat me to the proposal. [presents a plastic Spider-Man ring]
  • Wade Wilson: [gingerly takes ring and puts it on his pinky since that's the only finger that it barely fits] You've made me the happiest man alive, I'll keep this until it breaks! Which might not be too long because I will probably lose my hand during a fight or some shit. [pulls him into a hug]
  • Peter Parker: [smiles] Don't worry, I have more. [pulls out a whole bag]
  • And I'm sorry, but I'll probably eat yours when the ramen supply runs out.
  • Wade Wilson: You have a problem. But I got you covered, babe. [pulls out bag of ring pops] And they're all red.
  • Peter Parker: [smiles] I love you. [pulls him into a kiss]
Dance, Dance, Hug

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Peter Parker x Reader

Anono requested: Hello!!! could you do a Peter Parker imagine where the reader’s sister is getting married and she needs a date so she asks Peter because they’re close friends but while they’re there they dance and hold hands and it’s just super fluffy and cute? Thank you

“Peter please!” You begged, near getting on your knees and pulling out the puppy eyes. Peter watched you in amusement as you pleaded for him to be your date. “It’s just for a few hours. I need a date or else my sister will try and hook me up with some guy that I most likely do not want to know.” His ears perked up at the part of you being ‘hooked up’ with someone. Peter did not want that.

“Fine, Y/N; but you owe me.” He replied causing you to squeal and hug him tightly, muttering thank yous over and over into his sweater. “When’s the wedding?” Peter queried. You looked up at him and smiled sheepishly.


“Hurry up Peter, we’re going to be late!” You yelled from outside his door. Not even a second later he opened his door, jaw dropping at the sight of you and yours at the sight of him. He wore a simple suit that complimented his eyes with a red and blue striped tie. You on the other hand wore a red skater dress, the one your sister picked out for you. “Wow.” You whispered in awe.

“Y-You look a-amazing, Y/N.” Your best friend stuttered out, cheeks flushing red and throat clearing awkwardly. “S-So, you ready to g-go?” You nodded and grabbed a hold of his hand so the both of you could go jump into the cab waiting for you outside. Of course your sister forgot to get you a ride, so you had to hail a taxi moments before you ran in to get Peter. The both of you hopped in and the driver sped off, already going to the reception hall.

“So where you guys headed so fancied up?” He asked in a cheerful voice, glancing back at the two of you squished in the backseat. You smiled timidly at him, playing with a loose string on the skirt of your dress.

“My sister’s wedding; she’s getting married to the man of her dreams right now.” A dreamy sigh escaped your lips as you pictured the beautiful traditional wedding that they were having. The driver nodded and turned on his blinker.

“Who is she getting married to?” He queried once again, prying slightly but not enough to make you uncomfortable. A sly grin made its way onto your lips as you knew him and Pete would be shocked by who it was.

“Steve Rogers.” You were correct; their eyes widened and the driver nearly sped past a red light. Peter turned towards you with his mouth open. “Yup, she’s getting married to the star spangled man himself.” The driver let out a low whistle before settling into silence. Pete leaned closer to you and muttered into your ear.

“Why didn’t you tell me she was getting married to Captain America before we left?” He stated with a lilt at the end of his sentence. You shrugged and settled down into the seat, leaning your head against Peter’s shoulder.

“I thought it would be a cool surprise.” You voiced simply, soon after watching the scenery go by through the window. Peter secretly took out his phone and texted all the Avengers, telling them not to act surprised or like they know him when he arrives.

“Here we are kids,” the man in the front seat stopped the car and turned around with a grin, “have fun!” You thanked him and jumped out, pulling Peter behind you and into the chapel. You both walked in and sat down in the front next to the Avengers who discreetly stared at your best friend. The wedding march soon started and a flower boy walked down the aisle, throwing flower petals into the air and watching them float down. He giggled and walked by you, surprising you with a hug before going to sit down.

Next the bridesmaids came out, all dressed in fluttering pink and blue dresses with bouquets of white lillies in their hands. You awwed softly as a little girl jumped up and wrapped her arms around a bridesmaid’s leg. She chuckled and picked her up, letting her hold the bouquet. As they sat down your sister came down the aisle with her arm around your father’s, eyes only for Steve and his blue ones only on her. 

Peter could tell you were near tears as you clutched onto his arm. He sighed and rolled his eyes but smiled gently, wrapping his free arm around your shoulders. Your sister stood next to Steve, eyes glowering with love and white dress glittering in the lights. The priest recited words that you did not pay attention to as all your attention was on your beautiful sister. ‘I dos’ were soon exchanged and the two loves kissed happily before your sister threw the bouquet in the air. Women clawed in the air for the bouquet and soon your sister’s best friend caught it.

Peter payed no mind to the tradition as he was looking on at you and your wondrous eyes, taking everything in around you. Hopefully in the future the two of you woud be standing at that alter and exchanging ‘I dos.’

You piled your plate full of food at the reception, Peter watching you with amusement. The first dance already happened and now they were playing crappy pop music that caused you to scrunch your nose and mutter at every single one.

“Hey, I’ll be right back.” Peter yelled over the music, receiving a nod from you as you continued to scan over the food like a hawk. He begrudgingly walked over to Natasha who was making a ‘come hither’ movement with her finger. She had a small smile on her face which meant that Peter wasn’t in trouble.

“I didn’t know you knew Y/N.” She mused, unaware of the listening ears from the Avengers. Peter shrugged and glanced behind him at you who was guarding food. 

“We’ve been friends forever,” He explained, “she didn’t want to be seen without a date or else Y/S/N would hook her up with somebody.” Peter tightened his tie nervously, looking back every once in a while to make sure you didn’t see him talking to Natasha.

“You like her.” She stated when he peeked back at you. Peter snapped his head over to her and started stuttering out denies. “You do!” Natasha laughed, clutching a glass of wine in her hand. “Go dance with her, I can manipulate the DJ to play a good slow song.” Before Peter could even fight back she was gone and you took his place.

“You try some of the food yet?” You questioned, setting down your plate and cup on a table. He shook his head, causing you to shove a brownie in his mouth. Peter started choking slightly. You laughed and patted his back, unaware of eyes on the both of you. “Great, isn’t it?” Peter gave you a thumbs up before clearing his throat.

“Damn, that kid is clueless.” Sam Wilson chuckled to Bucky who nodded in agreement, watching the two teens laugh and talk.

“He’s an idiot.” Bucky muttered. Sam raised his hand for a high five and Bucky did the same. “We need to do something.” However before they could Nat came back with a smug smirk on her lips and a DJ in the back flustered.

“I already did boys.” She purred, sitting down by them as the song ended and a slow one turned on. The DJ turned towards the microphone and smiled.

“Alright ladies and gents, buckle up and slow dance your pants off to Impossible Year by Panic! At The Disco!” The part of the crowd that knew the sound cheered and jumped onto the dance floor.

“Peter we have to dance! It’s my favorite song.” You cheered, pulling him onto the floor. He glanced back at Natasha with wide eyes. She gave him a thumbs up and mouthed that he could do it. So he tried; he put his arms around your waist as yours wound around his neck and the two of you danced, forgetting about the world around you and about your sister who was taking photos of the two of you whilst Steve laughed at her.

“Thanks for inviting me to come Y/N, it was actually pretty fun.” Peter mumbled as the song ended and you both walked off the dance floor, hand in hand. You giggled as the two of you stopped next to a gazebo covered in fairy lights that looked like stars against the dark, cloudy sky.

“I couldn’t have survived it without you.” You stated, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks Pete, I couldn’t ask for someone better.” The both of you turned to silence after that, the only thing on your minds was what the other’s lips tasted like. With you being the bold one, you grabbed his tie and pulled his lips towards yours.

The fairy lights twinkled above the both of you, your sister’s cheering turning into background noise as the two of you expressed your love. Natasha shrugged and raised her glass into the air, prompting Bucky and Sam to do the same.

“To our awkward little spider getting the girl.” She voiced.

“To our awkward little spider who is an idiot and couldn’t kiss her first, but still got the girl anyways.”

The Lady of Calormen

Peter Pevensie x Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: This was a fun one to write! I got a bit carried away though lol

He knew the others weren’t a fan of this plan. Peter wasn’t so hot on it himself, but there was no other way to seal their alliance with the Calormen.

“Peter, I don’t see why one our Archenland allies couldn’t be the one to seal the treaty. Why do you have to marry her?” Edmund demanded.

His brother sighed.

“Because Ed, it’s my duty as High King. That, and… I wasn’t going to let them force you into anything you clearly didn’t want.”

“Yes, but–”

“Enough about it. What’s done is done.”

Edmund was clearly dissatisfied, but he didn’t protest it any further.

“When is she arriving?”

“This afternoon.”

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“It’s so cold.” Remus mumbled into Sirius’ back

“Get off” Sirius chuckled, making his back vibrate.

“You two are going to end up married or something.” James laughed, the two both groaned in disgust.

“Padfoot and Moony, sitting in a tree!” Peter began to sing

 “Don’t you dare, Wormtail.”

“I think Padfoot will kill you if you sing anymore.” James joked

“I would explain to you how I’d like to kill you, but it’s too cold. I hate potions, well, the dungeons really. Why can’t they use magic to warm them up? This is a school for magic after all.”

“Do you want my jumper?” Sirius asked, concerned etched across his face

 “Yes.” Remus replied with hesitation, lifting his face from Sirius’ back

“Oh. Well, that wasn’t how this was supposed to go.”

“Give it here.” Remus rolled his eyes slightly “How was supposed to go, then? Oof!” Sirius unceremoniously threw his robes over Remus.

“Well you weren’t supposed to say yes.” he thrust his jumper at the robe laden Remus. “You were supposed be all ‘Oh no Sirius! I couldn’t do that!’” Remus shoved both his and Sirius’ robes into Sirius’ arms “And I was going to go ‘Ah, my sweet Moony! Fear not, I shall not be cold!”

Remus had tugged had his robes back on over Sirius’ jumper, it was at least two sizes too big, and flopped right over his hands

“So then you’d go ‘But Padfoot, how will I even repay you?’ and then I would go ‘You could always go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?’”

“That would’ve been smooth, but you should have remembered that I will always take your jumpers.”

“Well, you are in my debt now?”

“Fine.” Remus sighed causing James let out a strange splutter

“How did that work?” he eyed Remus and Sirius

“I’m just that smooth, Prongs.”

Everything Will Be Alright Kit Walker x Reader

Words: 2,939

Description: You and Kit are married and this is the story of how this whole situation where Kit is placed in Briarcliff. This story was created without the whole alien thing. Please let me know if you want me to make a part two! Enjoy!

          It was the year 1964 and my whole world was crashing down. Kit, my wonderful husband, was being charged for the ‘Bloody Face’ murders. I couldn’t believe this, what evidence did they have? Today is when they take him and I can’t handle it. I love him more than anything. 


           Kit was out working and I was getting the table set up for dinner. I was exceptionally happy and decided to dress up and clean some stuff so Kit didn’t worry about it. It was a good ten minutes before I saw truck headlights shine through the windows. You didn’t know who it was so you were a little agitated and decided to look through the blinds. To your relief it was Kit. You were as happy as you can be, now knowing that your sweetheart was home safely. You heard the car door slam and so you decided to start placing the silverware and the napkins down. You heard Kit’s key jingle and started to chuckle when you heard him dropping his keys and letting out a whisper of a curse word. You decided to look in the mirror on the wall to adjust everything and then opened the door. When you opened the door you saw Kit looking through the screen door. 

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 He looked up and smiled at you. You looked at him and said 

“Would you like to come in or should I go get my husband to escort you off the property?”

“Oh, I’m sorry this must be the wrong house but I don’t think so because I was supposed to meet a really hot babe and you look like you fit the criteria.” He said playfully.

“Oh, really I do huh?” You said encouraging him.

“Oh yeah! I think you actually broke the system of hotness. Wait you said you had a husband? Oh yeah, I don’t really do the whole sharing thing so I think I’ll just leave. Have a good night,” he leaned in closer and said, “and tell me when your husband is gone then I’ll come on by.” He winked and slowly started to walk away but before he could escape you came rushing out and grabbed his arm. To your surprise he grabbed your wrist and twirled you around bringing you close. Since he so quickly displayed this form of affection you stumbled and to keep you up right, you put your hands on his chest. 

“KIt! Just come in already I miss you like crazy all day and I need you to come inside now!”

“Okay, Mrs. Walker but what do I get in return?”

“You get a hot pipping plate of (Your Favorite Food and Side Dish) for dinner!”

“Ooh yum! I’ll be in real quick I just got to lock the truck up.”

“Okay, just don’t keep me waiting or I’ll start eating without you.”

Off you went to place the food on the plates. Kit came in a few seconds later after you got the food on the plate and pulled out your chair, man what a gentleman! 

“Why thank you sir!”

“No problem.” After you scooted your chair in you realized that he hadn’t gone away from the side of you.

“Kit what are you do–.” You were cut off by Kit kissing you and taking your breath away, like always. It was a short but passionate kiss because when we needed to breathe he realized that food had still been untouched and he rushed to the other side of you and plopped down.

“So honey how was your day? I want to know all the details!” Kit took a deep breathe in and gazed deep into your eyes. You could tell that he was immediately saddened by it and you smile turned into a frown.

“Well sweetheart there was this family that came in to refill their gas tank and you know they have these two little cute kids playing in the back and as I was finishing filling his tank I said ‘That’ll be three dollars even.’ and the man says ‘30 cents a gallon. You think because you’re out here in the toolies you can gouge people?’ I was just amazed that this guy would assume that I would rig it so it meant more money that I earned and more money he lost. I mean I know I shouldn’t get worked up but it just bothered me.” You reach over the table and grab his hand rubbing your thumb around the back of his hand. “You know I politley tell him ‘I don’t set the prices sir.’ because I don’t our government does. Then he asks ‘The kids get a coloring book?’ and I respond ‘Yeah, that’d be Texaco.’ then the wife says that she just wants to go home. Then the next thing that he did which ticked me off was that he just threw the three dollars out the window! I was so mad because you would think that he would have more respect for me considering its nine o’clock at night where I should be here with you!”

“Aww Kit, I am so sorry you had a bad night. I wish I could erase that from your mind.”

“Well you could,”Kit got up from his chair and approached you and took your hand, “if you come and dance with me.”

“I think that is a marvelous idea. Just let me get this mess cleaned up and then I’ll turn on the radio and we will dance.” 

“Noo. Leave those dishes for later, lets dance now.” Kit took both of your hands and started to walk backwards to the big open space in our living room. He pulled me close to him and put his hands on my waist and I put mine around his neck. He brought us closer together and started to kiss me. We broke apart and just looked into each others eyes swaying sharing a kiss inbetween. 

    It was a good thirty minutes of us just swaying. We stopped dancingn when I yawned and Kit picked me up bridal style and walked over to our shared bedroom and dropped me on the bed. He crawled on top of em and started kissing me.

“Kit not tonight I am way to tired.”

“Okay you just stay here while I go clean up the mess on the dinner table.”

“Okay, I love you so very much.” You put your hand behind his neck and he leaned his head closer to you and shared a very passionate kiss. 

“I love you too.” Kit got off of me and pulled the covers over me. When he was done ‘tucking me in’ he walked away and shut of the lights giving me a wink. I slowly fell asleep. If I had known what would of happened the next day even sooner I would have spent the whole night staying up and talking with Kit. 


        It all came too soon for you even to adjust to this news. You wake up with someone pounding on the door and Kit unravels from you and gets pants on to open the door.

“Stay here (Y/N)!” Kit whispers harshly. I do what he asks not wanting him to get mad. I still get up and quietly go to the door frame of our room to see who is pounding on the door. 

“COMING!” Kit yells. He opens the door and is met with four police officers staring at him. The next thing that happens is too quick. They kindly asked if he was Kit Walker and of course Kit says yes, the next thing I see is Kit on the ground with two police officers on top of him, restraining him. I quickly grab my robe and rush over to where Kit is.

“What is going on?” You ask the police officers.

“What’s going on is that Kit Walker has been charged with four counts of murder of four different woman.”

“WHAT?!? I am sorry sir but I believe you have the wrong man! I know my husband and I know he could never kill somebody!”

“I am sorry m’am but maybe you don’t know your husband as well as you thought.”

“I know my husband well enough to know he wouldn’t do something like this! Officers I am telling you have the wrong man, Kit is innocent. Anyways, what evidence do you have?!”

“We have several sources saying he was seen carrying dead bodies from his work site at the gas station.”

“And by whom may I ask said these obviously false things about my husband?!”

“M’am I am sorry but they wish to be kept anonymous during this investigation.” I was completley shocked and bewildered. I backed up and leaned on the kitchen counter to keep stabled. All the emotions just came spilling out and before I knew it I was sobbing like crazy, my head in my hands. I looked up when I started to hear Kit get up and rushed over to me before the officers could take him down again. He held me tight, kept me warm and kept me safe for the time being. I eventually stopped crying and looked into his eyes. I got on my tippy toes and kissed him for as long as I could. The officers pulled him away from me and I started crying even more knowing that he could possibly get the chair. They carried him out to the police car and I followed them fighting the other officers to get away from him. When they got him into the back of the police car, the police officer who I spoke to earlier approached me.

“What is going to happen to him?” I softly say because my voice is hoarse from so much crying. 

“We are going to take him to court and they will decide if he gets the chair or if he is crazy and take to Briarcliff Manor.” Just thinking about him getting the chair makes me cry even louder and harder. I ask them if I could have a moment with my husband alone and they said I could. I crawled into the back of the police car and shut the police door so I would definitley know I had privacy. I hugged him and he just leaned in considering he was in cuffs. I slowly pulled away and whispered in his ears what the police officer told me about what was going to happen to him.

“You need to convince the jury that you are crazy so that you don’t get the chair. You need to guarentee that you will be placed in Briarcliff.” I said.

“I don’t know if I can. I can’t fake crazy it’s just too hard.”

“Baby, you need to do it say you saw aliens trying to take you away from me, convince them that you saw aliens. Please, for me.”

“I’ll do it just for you.” I grabbed his face and pulled him in and our lips touching. It wasn’t long until after the police tapped on the glass and said “Time’s up.” I unraveled myself from his arms and slowly got out of the car. I just had enough time to roll down the backseat window so I could say goodbye to him. The police officers got into the car and started the car.

“Goodbye baby! I love you so very much!” I said with all my emotions comming out and me sobbing.

“Goodbye sweetheart! I love you too!” Kit said blowing me a kiss. The police officer rolled up the window and I just collapsed, falling to the dirt ground and my body shaking with sobs. I saw the car slowly drive off down the driveway and Kit looking back at me mouthing ‘Its going to be okay.’ I looked down and countinued to sob more. I finally got the stamina to get up and walk inside. The day went on of just me looking through our scrapbooks and me crying. It was around midnight when I decided to go to sleep so I took one of Kit’s shirt and put it on. I pulled the shirt closer to me and taking in the smell of his cologne. I cried myself to sleep and had the worst night of my life.


          I woke up at nine in the morning and got a glass of coffee and sat at the table gloomingly looking out the window. An hour had passed and a knock at the door startled me. It was the mailman and he gave me a telegram saying that Kit’s court was happening today at noon and that a police car was coming to escort me at eleven. I looked at the clock and it was ten o’clock. I walked over to the bathroom and got ready. In fourty minutes I was all ready to go to his court. Fifteen minutes passed by and the doorbell rang. I got up from the couch and walked to the door opening it up to the police man who came to escort me to the hearing. He opened the car door and I climbed in. I didn’t speak the whole ride, I just looked out the window. The police officer opened my door and escorted me inside where I could talk with Kit for twenty minutes before this whole thing happened. 

           The officer brought me to a room and said that I could go right in and said that Kit is in their with two police officers but they will later leave once you are situated. I walked in and saw Kit sitting in a chair in a straight jacket with a cut on his lip. He looked up surprised to see me.

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I ran over to him and engulfed him into a hug. He did his best to try to hug me considering he was in a straight jacket. The two officers left leaving me and Kit alone.

“They told me that there is no recording so you can say whatever you want.” Kit said.

“Okay. Kit please do what I told you yesterday. I don’t want you on that electric chair and me sitting behing a glass window doing nothing to stop you from escaping. I love you very much and I want to grow old with you! I don’t want you to be killed by something you didn’t do!”

“I know baby! I want that too so much! I don’t want to die and I don’t want you to see me like that. I love you too!” I grabbed his face and kissed him deeply. I just held him until the officers said it was time for his hearing. I whispered in his ear the plan about the aliens before they took me away from him.

They took me to my sit which was in the front row so I could see everything. It was a good five minutes before they brought Kit in a wheelchair. They placed him in a seat at a table. His lawyer was present and knew what to do to ensure that Kit wouldn’t get the chair. The judge took Kit and talked to him and asked him to tell us his story and he did, playing the crazy card perfectly. He shaked, twitched his eye and leaned back and forth during the whole hearing. 

      It was now time to hear Kit’s sentence and I prayed that it was to be enrolled at Briarcliff. 

“Now the case about Kit Walker and whether he should get the chair or be placed at Briarcliff has been decided and the jury decides that Mr. Kit Walker is criminally insane and that he should be immediatley placed into Briarcliff where he will be seen by a physicatrist and then he will give us the final verdict.” The judge declared.

I was so happy that he wouldn’t get the chair and that I could try and get him out of Briarcliff. I started to cry because Kit would still have to be away and in that horrible place. The officers escorted me down to him where he was placed in a van and driven to Briarcliff. They told me that I could be driven and see him be placed there and I said yes. 

     We arrived at Briarcliff and I ran out of the car and ran to the officers who were pulling Kit out.

They pulled me away from him and I watched them taking him in and he stared at me and mouthed ‘I love you.’

“KIT I’M GOING TO GET YOU OUT OF THIS PLACE!!! I PROMISE! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!” I screamed as they held me tight. 

After Kit was emitted into the asylum a lady who’s name was Lana Winters came over to me and started to ask me questions.

“When did you know Kit was crazy? Were scared that he could kill you? Why do you think he did this?” All this questions being thrown at me made me mad, espically because they thought everything was true.

“My Kit isn’t crazy, I was never scared because he didn’t commit these murders, and finally he didn’t do this because if he did I would be dead too. Those are my answers to your questions now please leave me be, I just lost my husband.”

I walked to the car and they drove me home. I don’t know what the next year will have in store for me but I know that it will suck without him.

  • Sirius: Remus and Peter talked to me. I’m on board.
  • James: With what?
  • Sirius: Team James.
  • James: See, I lent voice to thought and that was my mistake.
  • Sirius: If you want to marry Lily, then, damn it, so do I…
  • James: Okay.
  • Sirius: …want that, you know, to happen to you.
  • James: I get it.
  • Sirius: Do you? Because this is about love.
  • James: I think you have a different motivation.
  • Sirius: Laughs?
  • James: Yes.
  • Sirius: Sure, but also as much love, really, as I think either one of us are comfortable with.
Imagine comforting Peter

It was always the same. Whenever you got sad Peter comforted you. He never seemed to get upset about anything himself, but one day he did. 

 "Peter. Babe, I’m always here for you,“ his lips turned up just enough for you to know that he was listening, "Talk to me." 

 You lifted his head up, placed both of your hands on the sides of his face, and stared into his eyes. 

 "I just, sometimes I feel that I’m not good enough for you,” he lowered his gaze to the coffee table beside him, “I don’t want to lose you." 

You were shocked. You had always thought that Peter was too good for you, but you never thought that he would leave you. He would have done that already if he had wanted to. Not 4 years into the relationship.

 "Let’s get married.”

 The suggestion was so crazy, yet seemed so right. “What?” Peter couldn’t believe that you had said that. 

 "I mean it, that is, if you want to.“ 

 His eyes lit up like he had all the stars in the galaxy fighting to light up his being.

 "I do. I want to.”

 "I could never leave you Peter Maximoff. You mean way too much to me.“ 

Again he has smiled. You had made one of his most insecure days, into one the best days he had ever had. 

 "Let’s go get married!”

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Part One

‘Don’t you think this is a bit much?’ you groaned.

‘I think it fits the crime.’ Peter, or Pan as the Lost Boys called him, said calmly as he continued to carve a random piece of wood.

‘It was hardly a crime.’ you scoffed.

‘You kicked me.’

‘You kidnapped me. What was my reaction supposed to be? Lay on my back and spread my legs for a Disney character?’ she replied.

‘You. Kicked. Me.’ Pan repeated.

‘You. Tied. Me. To. A. Fucking. Tree.’ you said, mimicking him.

‘I don’t think you understand, I am Peter Pan and I never fail. What kind of message would it give my boys if I let you get away with that?’ he said.

‘What kind of message does it send a girl you want to marry?’ you fired back.

‘That she should know her place and not challenge her her soon to be husband.’

‘Know my pla- are you serious?’ you said angrily, if you hadn’t been tied to a damn tree you would kicking this this dude’s ass.

‘I’m very serious, you see even though time means nothing in Never Land, I rather not spend most of it dealing with defiance.’

‘Defiance? God do you even hear yourself? What you’re describing to me is not marriage its slavery.’ you glared.

‘I like the sound of that.’ he smirked darkly.

‘OK, you might as well just kill me.’ you said confidently.

‘Excuse me?’ he said in confusion.

‘With those ears I know you heard me, I said kill me now. I would honestly choose death over being stuck with someone like you.’ you said.

‘Someone like me?’ he questioned.

‘Yeah, someone like you. A crazy, power hungry, misogynistic, god complex having, sexually frustrated asshole like you.’ you spat.

‘You can’t talk to me that way.’ he said as he stood up and got in your face.

‘Oooh, big man is gonna hit a girl who is too tied to a tree to defend herself. So very fucking manly. I will talk to you any way I want, because I don’t care if this is your island. I don’t care if the only thing keeping me alive right now is you, I will sooner die than be yours to control.’ you said looking him in the eye.

‘You don’t know who you are dealing with, girl.’ he snarled before walking away.

You smiled as you watched him leave, once you were sure he was gone you reached around the tree and felt a sharp piece of bark. You moved yourself up and down until you felt the rope snap.

‘Just because I’d rather die than be with him doesn’t mean I wont try and live without him.’ you whispered before running into the woods.

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Part 6. But I still so not see joy, touching, love. But watching two acting like a couple. Is it because he has so much power over her that he did not want the public to see tenderness and love (such are some British men) or are they just not together? I do not understand it. Everything is a big mess and I think unfortunately this can have major consequences for her and her things.

Part 7. Dating a man you do not know if he is still married or if he wanted a divorce, he’s very conservative and focused on him self. He is a man child. Her careers and things in the second row. The lack of joy when he is there. His hatred of sci fi which is a large part of her career. (One might fear he would refuse her to make X files) I do not understand it. How can Gillian make such a choice, everything goes against what she said earlier, pronounced and asked to have. 

I received all seven parts, but to keep things brief, I’ll post only the last two, and briefly answer everything you brought up.

I think her social media changed because her social media strategy shifted and she and her PR team reevaluated what they wanted to use it for, what they wanted to accomplish with it, and how they wanted to go about it.  I don’t think there’s anything more to it than that.  It’s a common practice.

Not tagging David or not communicating with him on social media doesn’t mean anything to me, because they can and do communicate other ways, just like the rest of us do.  

It was definitely strange that what she tweeted on Golden Globes night sent an unspoken message to many people that she wasn’t celebrating a win, she was bored and having more fun with chocolate…and tweeting about it.

It was very strange that she tweeted nothing at all yesterday about her own movie premiere.

It was discomforting to see that she left her own movie premiere and after-party to attend a tribute dinner to someone who hasn’t been confirmed to be anything to her and by whose side she only appears when the event focuses on him.  He hasn’t appeared with her, despite having had multiple chances.  

The picture at the GGs with PM in the background was almost definitely not Gillian’s hotel room, unless she chose to rent a grand suite for herself.  From what she’s shared with us before, she actually chooses rooms, not suites. What’s far more likely - and logical! - is that it was one of the prep rooms.  All the networks and studios have them rented for the GGs night and that’s their command central, so to speak.  Netflix would have had such a suite, just as they (and others) always do.

The tabloid means nothing to me.  That story came off a “source”, which came off another “source”, and that falls apart the minute you know the details.  So even if you ignore those facts, Page Six also had the crazy fandom freak-out started by the insistence of some bloggers that being “with” someone, as the Washington Post referred to Gillian and PM in their article, meant they were a couple and attending as such.  (The WP was referring to The Crown premiere in NY and had to include Gillian in the conversation, since that one awkwardly added sentence screamed “PR request”.)  So that also fuelled the fire. Obviously Gillian being with PM at the NY premiere was the start of whatever this is, and there’s still absolutely nothing to say that it’s anything more than a professional arrangement.  

We don’t know that Gillian’s made any choice.  This is a situation that’s sending out multiple messages, most of them negative, dark and wrong, and it needs to be rectified.  If she were with him, she’d want to correct it so that the right image is out there.  If she’s not with him, she’d want to correct that, too, so that the right message is conveyed and her reputation doesn’t take a hit from people misinterpreting things.

There’s one thing with being conservative with your interaction, but Gillian’s just been cold, unhappy, uncomfortable and stiff, and we know she isn’t like that normally.

I see nothing to make me think she’s dating him and in fact, the more we see of her and PM together, and the more she puts him ahead of herself and her own important projects, the more it shows me that there’s nothing other than a professional connection between them.  Her behaviour, overall, has been strange and alarming and so out of character for her, both as Gillian and as a feminist.

This situation is a disaster and it needs proper handling from professional people who know how to fix it and how to intervene.  Messaging and the image you project are paramount when you’re a celebrity, and right now, Gillian and her team should have a lot to worry about.

How to kill someone... Kurt Wagner

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How to kill someone:

Everyone knew that Y/N and Kurt would end up together. It was almost as if they were perfect for each other, which they were. From the moment they met, sparks flew and the young X-Men knew that these two were perfect for each other.

They did everything to get the two teens to realize that they were head over heels for one another. Peter would talk about Y/n non stop, while Scott would try and get him to go to a movie with you. Jean would always ask about him. “What’s Kurt up too?” “You should go see that movie you want with Kurt, I know he wants to see just as bad as you.” While Jillibee would always drop hints that the blue boy liked you.

Fill them up with love

Everyone knew that when Kurt and Y/N started dating, they would probably end up getting married. The two kids were in love and it was undeniable. They were always around one another. He taught her German while they cuddled late at night, while she would teach him everything about American culture.

The teens were lovestruck, making all of their friends roll their eyes at them because they were so cute.

And then, leave.

Kurt held you in his arms, his body shaking in sadness and fear as you took your last moments telling him not to worry. “I’ll be fine,” You told him weakly, before bursting out caughing, a few drops of blood spilling onto your chin. “I-I’m okay. Don’t - don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.”

He cried as you closed your eyes and your breathing stopped. “Y/N!” He screamed, shaking your unmoving body, hoping that you would wake up and everything would be fine again. He cried and cried as his friends had to get him away from your body, looking over their shoulders as they kept kurt back, looking at your body that was being taken away, in shock.

So do you know what it feels like to die? To feel the pain of emptiness, knowing no matter what you do, the person you would always smile too when you woke up, the person who you cuddled with you at night so you could feel better, is no longer there.

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Peter would be at the store with you, cradling his baby in one of those strap on carriers on his chest as you're marking off some things on your list "Babe I'm going to get some Twinkies" "You're in luck! I got lots of coupons for them this week so you can grab as many boxes as you want" "This is why I married you" & he goes off to the Twinkie aisle to empty the shelf & as soon as he walks to the Twinkies, his baby yells "Twinkies!" suddenly & he just stops in the middle of the aisle "Did (1/2)

you just…?“ “Twinkies!” & he just starts crying of joy & after he’s been gone for a while you get worried & find him crying in the middle of the sugary goods section “Peter! What’s wrong are you okay?” “Our baby just said their first words I” “What!? Oh my God what was it??” “Go ahead, tell Mommy what you told Daddy” & you’re both staring at your baby until they finally giggle “Twinkies!” & you just stare at Peter “You’re crying because their first word is Twinkies? Peter what the fuck” Then the baby giggles out a “fuck!” & your eyes widen & cover your mouth & Peter just smirks “Looks like I just won the bet! I knew you’d teach the baby to cuss first” (I will definitely be that parent that accidentally teaches my kid to cuss)



when they tell him that twinkies are awful he’d probably shake his head and fake sniffle while saying “where did i go wrong?”


For @cool-bluemoon…reader is Kurt’s half-sister who’s married to Spencer, making this a crossover. Enjoy!

Kurt: *shocked* You’re what?

Y/N: *grinning* I’m pregnant, Kurt.

Reid: *smiles* We wanted to deliver the news personally.

Kurt: *realization setting in* I…I am going to be an uncle?

Y/N: *nods* Yep.

Kurt: *teleports to ceiling* *yelling* Ich werde ein Onkel zu sein! *teleports to Jubilee* I’m going to be an uncle! *teleports to Storm* I’m going to be an uncle! *to the Professor and Hank* I am going to be an uncle! This is great news! *to Peter* I’m going to be an uncle! My family!

Y/N: *giggling*

Reid: Is he going to keep doing that?

Y/N: *nods* I bet it’ll be awhile until he’s calmed down.

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Prompt by the beautiful brandinicole911

“Oh my God Eric! He is just a kid!” you yelled at Eric. Eric was pacing back and forth in the apartment you shared for the past year since you were married. You were already in a bad mood and you did not need Eric’s bullshit tonight. You needed a hot bath and a drink.

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Part Four

Part Five

The Reception looked more like a Pagan ritual. All the boys dancing, if you can call the strange movements dancing, around the bonfire. Yipping and yelling and shouting, all of this to no music.

‘You won’t hear the music, you probably never will.’ 

You look over and see the boy who had married you and Peter, Felix his name was.

’Why, what makes you so sure?’ you asked as he sat next to you.

‘Only people who are lost, feel unloved can hear it. Pan’s flute it’s hypnotic, its what brought most of the boys to the island.’

‘Most, not all.’ you noticed.

‘I came willingly, no music needed, no tricks.’ Felix replied.

‘Why, why did you come willingly, from what I’ve seen and how he has treated me he can’t be giving you boys rainbow stickers.’ you said.

‘No he isn’t, I didn’t want him to. It’s why I don’t hear the flute either, I don’t want to hear it. Because I never wanted love, but I did want to escape from where I was. I was so unhappy, so weak and powerless. Pan saved me.’ Felix said.

You sat and thought over what you just heard. You imagined Pan being just this awful person. But Felix made him sound like he had saved these boys, all of them, from terrible homes.

‘Alright boys, its been fun, but it is my wedding night, and I have a wife that needs pleasing.’ Pan announced as he sat down his flute and stood up.

The boys all cheer and make childish little kissing noises.

‘Oh shut up.’ you groaned.

‘Come on, I want to show you something.’ Peter said as he offered you his hand.

‘As long as it isn’t Little Peter I’ll be fine.’ you said as you stood up, without taking his hand.

‘For where I’m taking us, it’ll be much faster if we fly.’ Peter said.

Begrudgingly you took his hand, he smiled before he took off. Against your better judgement you held on to the boy tightly as he flew over the island, hiding your face in the crook of his neck to avoid his smirking face.

Finally he landed and you immediately you let go of him and backed away. Pan could only smirk as watched you straighten the wrinkles of your dress.

‘I quite like having you holding onto me.’ he grinned.

‘Yeah and  I love holding onto guys I hate to avoid plummeting to my death.’ you sassed.

‘We’re here, what do you think?’ Pan asked.

You looked around and took in your surroundings, it was a cave and almost everywhere you looked there was skull shaped rocks, Oh yeah and a giant sand timer.

‘Yeah very goth chic.’ you said.

‘This place is a very special place to me, you are the only person other than me to ever see it. What do you think the hour glass means?’ he asked.

‘Well I’d only keep a giant hour glass if the sand meant something very important to me, And I’d bet I’d keep it on a secret island if I claimed to be immortal and it meant how much time I really have left.’ you said as you walked around the hour glass.

‘Clever girl, my glass is half empty and I want it full. The only way to do that is with true love, for that I need you.’ Pan said.

‘A girl I understand, but why me specifically?’

‘You don’t see it, the lava in you, its interesting. I can’t fall in love with someone boring can I? Not to mention that you are quite lovely to look at as well.’

‘I’m gonna take that as a compliment, but what makes you think I’m gonna fall in love with you? I could be gay for all you know.’ you challenged as you stood in front of him.

‘Oh but you’re not, if you were then you wouldn’t kiss back.’

‘What are you- mmph!’ you gasped.

Pan was kissing you, hands on your waist keeping you still, giving you plenty of opportunity to pull away from him.

But you didn’t, you kissed back.

Pan pulled back and smiled in victory.

‘Peter Pan never fails.’

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You know, even if (hypothetically) GA is indeed dating PM, I still don't understand why we, the fandom, are expected to worship him. I don't remember anything quite like that with G's previous partners, and with DD, when he married Tea, I think even the media were slightly disappointed (even his father said that everyone shipped D and G). Gillovny fans still want them together, look at Kimmel. When and why did it become a rule that if you don't ship gilorgan, you are a bad fan?

That’s a good question, and I don’t have the answer. Even if it happens to be true, which I highly doubt, I will never ship them, and I don’t think I’ll ever start to like him. Does that make me a bad fan, probably not. It’s the same with your friends or partners, I guess. You don’t have to like all your friends’ friends.

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Bucky Barnes:

Natasha Romanoff:

Peter Parker:

Pietro Maximoff:


Sam Wilson:

Wanda Maximoff:

Tony Stark:

Clint Barton:

Scott Lang:

Steve Rogers:

Bruce Banner:



Peter Maximoff:


Alex Summers:

Jean Grey:

Charles Xavier:

Kurt Wagner:

Raven Darkholme:

Hank McCoy:

Ororo Munroe:

Erik Lehnsherr:


Matt Murdock:

Robbie Reyes: “You are adorable.” & “Kiss me.” 

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..would this be before heading out on their schooner? or perhaps.. having come here on their schooner?

haha I think they arrived on their schooner to some white beached island with the kind of swanky getaway resorts that are for people who want the luxurious beach vacation without other tourists around, saw some couple they didn’t know getting married, gamely threw rice on them and toasted their happiness, and then as everyone was petering out and heading back down the beach they snagged the priest and goody was all “would you oblige us for a brief moment” and they got married right there in the sand with the sun going down over the bay and turning the waves orange, their hands clasped, calloused from months spent at sea raising the sails, and when they turned to kiss each other it was with smiling sunburned lips, the warmest slide of sea-salt tongues, and fingers curling gently into tangled wind-blown hair

don’t look at me