i want to marry you

I don't know why it bothers me so much

But people always assume that I’m going to get married someday. “You’re a girl, when you get married you’re going to understand.” If I reply with, “I don’t want to get married,” I am met with, “you say that now, but when you meet the man of your dreams blah blah blah.”

So because I’m a girl I’m supposed to want a wedding?
Do you even know how gay I am?
Do you even know how much I really DONT want a wedding?
Even if I do decide to marry someone with a penis, still fuck you.

Updated Masterlist 8/27/16

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…and Always

I wasn’t Hers

Inception au. Villain Mary.

Mary goes into John’s subconscious, disguises herself as Sherlock in the dream (like Eames in inception). In John’s dream, they’re in the landmark hotel except this time it’s with Sherlock and John is about to propose to Sherlock but Sherlock (who’s actually Mary in disguise) will respond with a condescending scoff and tell John how stupid and ridiculous it was and saying things like “you’re wasting my time John. I told you, I’m married to my work. Why would I want to marry someone as average as you?” And that’s how Mary keeps John away from Sherlock


“One Man Disney Movie”
favorite person in the whole world :’)

Backyard Races

a/n : A day out in the sun with Nathan and your daughter. MAJOR FLUFF!

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“Sweet cheeks, please sit still and let mommy rub in your sunscreen.” you try pleading with your daughter, her four year old body squirming in excitement as her deep brown eyes, restlessly set on her father. Nathan’s much larger body swimming in the medium sized pool a couple yards away. She couldn’t stop herself from turning her head every few seconds, not wanting to miss another moment of fun as she gazed longingly at her cousins throwing a blown up beach ball in the chlorine infused water.

“but-mommy-wy do I haf to put this stuff on wen they don’t.” her puffy lips pouted, questioning why she couldn’t just jump into her daddy’s arms and swim around gleefully like the rest of her family. The anticipation dimming her patience with each wasted second.

Sighing, you lay the bottle down by the patio chair you were currently sitting in, before looking into your daughter’s solemn eyes, “Baby, unfortunately you’ve inherited my sensitive skin- meaning..” you pause, noticing a shift in her facial expression, eyebrows scrunching up as she attempts to grasp and understand your choice of words, “that the sun could hurt you, but only if we don’t use precautions and smother you in this lotion that blocks the sun from burning your beautiful skin.”

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