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What to do when you’re stuck with a lazy group? I’m with two guys and we still haven’t chosen a topic. We have to present in two weeks. Nobody replies to my messages and both left after class this week. I just wanted to choose a topic and leave!!!! So I booked a study room today and they all made excuses. Ugh. I’m gonna be the one who’s doing all the work. This is worth 40% of our grade. Same as the exam. FML

Hi there, thank you for asking, as this is a super common problem in high school, university and the workplace! I’ve never seen this question answered in depth on studyblr, so I’ll give it a go! 

NB. It depends on your personality as to the approach you want to take, so let everyone who’s reading this not pass judgement upon others in such a situation~ Remember in all of this to be polite, understanding and gracious no matter how much you want to flip tables. The following 5 Options go in order of how many bridges you want to burn :’)

Option 0. Wait for a bit longer and try communicating with them again.

I have seen a similar question asked once on tumblr where the studyblr blogger answered “two weeks is plenty of time, you’re probably over-reacting”… Obviously, I’m not going to trivialise your answer by giving you just one option like that - I frankly thought that studyblr was quite rude for answering so shortly to someone who took the time to ask them a question.

How to do it: The way you communicate with them now might not be effective, so make sure that you’re ticking off the following boxes if you choose this option, rather than just letting nothing change: meeting face to face, setting mini-deadlines for each part instead of just allocating once at the beginning, and make sure each member knows what and when they have to complete something.

This option is best suited for people who:

  • really don’t want to create a commotion and would rather wait a little longer and reduce the time available for them to do the project,
  • or people who would answer ‘Strongly Disagree’ to “Being organized is more important to you than being adaptable“ and “In a discussion, truth should be more important than people’s sensitivities.” in a personality quiz (a strong prognostic factor for Option 1 tbh),
  • or people who know they can tackle everything in less than 1 week,
  • or people who just realised/kind of know they’re actually overreacting,
  • or have just realised whilst reading this that maybe they didn’t actually try contacting the other group members all that well (i.e. don’t have enough evidence for Option 3).


  • Nobody gets angry at anyone, and it doesn’t reflect badly on you either (because no one finds out if you don’t say anything - people tend to be judgemental if you pick one of the three options below).
  • Less stressful for some people than confrontation.
  • You might get eventual cooperation.


  • You might not get eventual cooperation, and end up being stuck with all the work anyway (hence resulting in options below).
  • More stressful for other people as you feel time is ticking away and nothing is changing.
  • The time you spend waiting for the others will result in less time for you to tackle all the actual work.

Pro-tip: doing as much individual work as possible sometimes will egg those team members to finally start pulling their weight, or can help you with Option 3 if you do end up going for it.

Option 1. You make all the decisions and do all the work.

Best suited for people who: are academically gifted, like doing work independently, have excellent time management skills.


  • You can ensure the quality of the work will be excellent.
  • You get to choose what topic to do and direct the overall project turnout.
  • No one hates you for anything, but NB. your friends and family relationships that suffer as a result of the time you have to sacrifice might not have anything pleasant to say about it all.


  • You need an extraordinary amount of time.
  • The other people in the group get a free ride and in nastier words, some would say you get taken advantage of for your goodwill.
  • Lack of group opinion may make the quality of your work suffer.
  • Other subjects you’re taking may suffer.

Option 2. Badger the other group members until they do some work.

Best suited for people who: don’t want to be stuck with Option 1, but don’t want to escalate to Option 3. Give them an ultimatum about the work, or just decide the topic by yourself if they don’t step up.


  • Very similar to Option 0 in that you wait a bit longer before taking drastic action, so you might get eventual cooperation, and you don’t bother your professor.


  • You stress yourself out badgering other people.
  • Other group members get annoyed at you, and your classmates that happen to watch you badgering have a not-so-great impression of you.

Option 3. Document a significant amount of evidence that shows your effort to get them to contribute and contact the professor about it.

Best suited for people who: would like to do things independently but just cannot afford the time because of other commitments.


  • Professor can step in and (hopefully) offer some sort of alternative solution.
  • Your other subjects won’t suffer.
  • Sometimes you have a really great professor and they end up taking into account that you’ve done the project by yourself and mark super nicely/give a bonus mark, or even penalise the other students.


  • Professor may snuff you and say “the purpose of this project is also to learn about team cooperation”. Had a prof before who told us straight up at the beginning of the project that “you work it out, not me”
  • Professor may help you out, but in a way that doesn’t really end up helping e.g. he just emails the two members of your group to tell them to start working once and that’s it.
  • Other group members hate you for life (and I know this bothers some people enough not to go through with it, again pls remember no judgement fellow readers)

How to do it: Email should be along the lines of the following:

Dear Professor _______,

I am a current student undertaking [course code]. I am sorry to contact you in unfortunate circumstances, but I have been having severe difficulty convening with the other members for the remainder of the _____ project. While I am aware that group projects have a dual purpose to both educate us on the academic topic as well as to improve our cooperation and communication skills, I have tried [insert whatever means you attempted to contact them by, attaching evidence is up to you]. I have already completed the intro/background research/other individual task, however I cannot complete the ______ by myself/without group input.

I would appreciate any guidance you could offer/I would greatly appreciate your help/If it is possible, could you please [insert action depending on how desperate you are - don’t ask for anything unreasonable!]?

I apologise for having to inconvenience you, and thank you for your understanding on the matter.

Kind regards,

[Name and student number]

Option 4. You do all the work and then leave their names off the work.

Best suited for people who: work independently, don’t mind burning a few bridges. I won’t actually recommend this option, but I’ve seen this happen in real life.


  • Sense of self-satisfaction for some people when the lazy members don’t get a free ride.
  • Again, you make sure the project quality is exactly what you want.


  • Similar to Option 1 minus the free ride bit.
  • Not only do the other group members hate you, but their friends in your cohort will too. At least in Option 3, those guys can’t try and gossip behind your backs because whoever they tell will realise that they didn’t do the right thing either.
  • Do this at your own risk, as it can backfire depending on the professor - if anyone’s watched Cheese in the Trap - the main character does all the work but the professor managed to suss out that the other group members didn’t do anything, and as a result penalised her with a D grade for failing to make it “group” work despite the fact she would’ve gotten an A. Some profs are really… they just don’t see it your way :/

Hopefully things don’t have to escalate to Option 4, but whatever you choose to take, I’ll wish you the best! I’ve given quite detailed instructions and written comprehensively, but feel free to contact me any time if you need any more help :)


Please see my #optomstudies tag or my study tips directory (web only) for the full list of study tips + see my kpop vocab lists + stationery + bujo spreads! ^_^

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Finding you

Originally posted by taesscripts

Words: 5992

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut

It has pretty much everything but there is a point where there will be smut so if you don’t fancy something like that you can just skip the part.

Description: Your cousin gave you a gift. It’s a pen, a pen that whatever you write upon your skin with it will also appear on your soulmate’s. Silly stuff, how can what you write with a stupid pen appear on your soulmate’s skin?

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anonymous asked:

Since requests are open if you don't mind could ya do a extra petty MC/Reader giving RFA++ a case of blue balls because they got into an argument over the littlest thing. If you don't want to I completely understand. Thank you ❤️ AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR WRITING LIKE THIS ANON MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE TAKEN SOME TIME TO READ EVERYTHING ON YOUR MASTERLIST🙄❤️

Lol, I kept laughing everytime I read this request, idk why. Thank you, honey, hope u like this!^^

RFA with a MC on sex strike (NSFW-ish)


  • He was late for dinner with your family. Again.
  • When he finally arrived, you pretended that everything was fine, and everybody believed, including Zen.
  • So after you two get home, he’s pretty sure you’ll be in a good mood and ready to play with the beast a little… WRONG!
  • “Good night, Hyun.” You turn your back on him and keep it like this all night. And so it continued for the next two weeks.
  • And he thought the beast would be crazy, drooling and biting its leash, but… the beast now is just a puppy curled up in a corner, whining.
  • You wish you could say you feel bad for him, but in your defense, it’s not the first time he prioritizes work over you, as he told a million times before he wouldn’t do.
  • So yeah, you’re kinda having fun looking at him pouting at you and trying to get more than a quick kiss or hug.
  •  And though he’s struggling so much, he knows why you’re doing this, he deserves. But he needs to focus, he can’t keep forgetting his lines and missing marks like this, if you at least went to watch the musical he’s been working so hard…
  • You might be mad at him, but you wouldn’t lose a premiere of his new musical, it must be really good for him to keep dumping you in order to rehearse for this.
  • And boy… it’s not only good, it’s AMAZING! Maybe it’s because you’re missing him as well, but… this character of his seems a little sexier.
  • As soon as the musical is over, you run to his dressing room. “Hey, babe… did you like the mus…mmmmm.” You practically attack him.
  • “B-babe?” “Why didn’t you tell me this was the musical that was taking all your time?” you ask, but don’t even let him answer, your mouth is on his again.
  • Zen is shook, but in a good way. He’s kinda relieved you missed him as much as he missed you.
  • “B-babe… let me… ahh… let me just take the costume off…” he says breathlessly while you kiss his neck. “I want you to keep it on.”
  • Okay… so who’s the real beast here?



  • He failed one of his tests in college. The one he did the morning after pulling an all nighter to play LOLOL
  • You can’t count all the times you told him to forget this game and go to sleep that night. Did he listen? No. So now here he is whining about this exam and you’re not having it.
  •  All he wanted was a little… comfort from you after the test fiasco.
  • “Go play some LOLOL or whatever to get that comfort, since this works so well for you.” And you go back to your book.
  • That long book you’ve been reading for two weeks and a half now, it must be good since you’re not paying any attention to your boyfriend. Any kind of attention.
  • This poor baby, he could handle not having sex when he was single, but he never prepared himself to be without it when you came along.
  • So yeah… he’s back to those very loooong showers and that constant nervous state of mind from when he was single.
  • But he never shows it in front of you, so you’re pretty sure he’s doing fine without smexy times…
  • And he is, most of the times, the problem here is that it feels like he’s grounded, like a little kid. Because he behaved a like a little kid and ugh… he feels so pathetic.
  • So he replaces those long showers for long study sessions, he needs to ace the next test to get his grades and his relationship back on track.
  • And you’re not made of steel, so of course you help him study. And having this boy so close, so focused, acting so serious and mature… it’s so sexy…
  • “Earth to MC?” he calls for you as he notices you keep staring at him. “I… think you understand a lot about the… constitution of amphibian’s hearts now, Yoosung.”
  • “You think? Well, we’ve been studying for a couple of hours now and… hum… MC?” you keep coming close to him, he’s shuddering.
  • “Why don’t we focus in human’s heart right now? For example, mine and how you’re making it race by acting so grown up…” you manage to sit on his lap, and he’s sweating as you nip his jaw lightly.
  • “M-MC… what about… my test tomorrow?” “It’s early, you need some encouragement for tomorrow and after I’m done with you, you’ll sleep like a baby.”
  • That’s exactly what happened. And after he aced his test, you gave him a reward.


  • Of course you like Zen’s DVDs, okay? You just don’t like that’s the only thing you two watch.
  • You want her to relax and have fun, but… come on, she really needs to be that selfish and not even consider your suggestions for movie night?
  • And she gets so in the mood after watching it, so generally movie night leads to something else… well, not tonight.
  • You doze off in the couch while the DVD is still playing and wake up a little later, telling her you’re tired and going to bed now… oh, okay.
  • And every movie night has been ending like this for a couple of weeks now…
  • Okay, sex is not the most important thing in this relationship, she enjoys just spending time with you without getting all hot and bothered.
  • But… a woman has her needs, you know?
  • And Zen’s DVDs may do the trick for a while, but… she’s missing the real thing… with you…
  • She handles pretty well, but she keeps getting distracted at work and getting a little snappy even at Zen in the chat room.
  • But she knows why you’re mad and… well, it wouldn’t kill her to give a chance to your choices, would it?
  • So yeah, she’s wondering how to discuss it with you and apologize after you two close the café for the day.
  • And you’re kinda worried you’re being too harsh on her, since she’s obviously acting like she’s in some kind of abstinence crisis.
  • So time to make it up for lost time… “Honey, do you mind showing me how to do that brownie dough again?”
  • She sighs, she’s so tired, but you just called her ‘honey’, how can she say no? She stands by your side, you hands moving messily around the dough on purpose.
  • “No, MC. It’s not like this, it’s just…” “Why don’t you guide my hands? Here, you can come behind me.” Lord help her…
  • She’s behind you, but her hands are not guiding yours, they’re all over your body.


  • He got jealous of an old friend of yours.
  • No matter how much you told him this guy was almost like a brother, he was still acting cold and distant.
  • Usually when this happens, you give him the most passionate kiss you can, and you two end up in bed, but… he can’t get away this easy this time, not with such a good friend of yours…
  • Is he acting cold? You’re acting colder as you told him you were sleeping with Elizabeth in the guest room that night.
  • And so it continued for the last three weeks.
  • Okay, this man lived not minding sex for a very long time, so he should be fine, right?
  • WRONG! He lived fine without sex because he had no idea it could be this good with someone he loves.
  • Though he looks all calm and collected, deep inside he could climb up walls in despair.
  • He’s drinking more wine than usual and coming back from work more and more exhausted.
  • You’re feeling a little bad? Yes, but just remembering how your friend said goodbye to you telling he didn’t want to put you in trouble with your fiancée makes your blood boil and you end up enjoying this punishment a little longer.
  • But then you get a call from Jaehee asking if something is going on, since Mr. Han is acting really weird, getting all distracted and rude to some employees.
  • Ugh… you didn’t want to harm his job and his employees… also, you miss him too.
  • So you show up to his office for your usual lunch with him, not so usual when you sit on his lap, he widens his eyes as he realizes you’re not wearing panties.
  •  “I-I apologize for what happened with your friend, MC, I…”. You reach for his ear “You’ve been a bad boy to me, and I already punished you enough. Am I not being bad to you right now?”
  • “I… yes, kitten. A little.” “So… what are you waiting for? To punish me?” his lips crash to yours as you smile teasingly.
  • Mr. Han was calm for the rest of the afternoon, the employees now are trying to find when it’s your birthday to send you a gift.


  • Honestly, you don’t even remember why you were fighting.
  • Probably it was because of a bunch of little things that turned into a big thing as you usually don’t discuss a lot.
  •  Because he quickly fixes what he did wrong with some big weird gesture like showing up at your workplace dressed as a teddy bear to apologize, you laugh and forget why you were mad before.
  • Which is usually adorable, but talking like the two adults you are would be better in order to not get into big messy fights like this last one.
  • And since you’re not even talking, he wasn’t expecting you would let him touch you, so… yeah, he’s pretty conformed he’s not getting any of that.
  • But after almost three weeks, he’s starting to freak out a little.
  • And since he doesn’t have his job anymore to hide himself in his office and just work, he’s spending even more time with his brother.
  • Saeran knows these bonding moments are important, but… ugh, his brother is getting even more clingy than usual.
  • Seriously, his brother is annoying him more than he normally does, making him do these weird hobbies like pedicure and gardening.
  • “Go easy on my brother, MC.” Saeran asks you bluntly, but deep inside he wants to beg on his knees for you to take his brother away from him, because he’s driving him nuts.
  • And though it’s kinda of funny, you’re worried for both twins. Saeran really needs his own space and you… need your boyfriend.
  • So at night, when you finally roll your body to face Saeyoung in bed, you smile sweetly and stroke his hair.
  • Your mouth finds his quickly and he has no shame in showing how desperate he is and how much he missed you.
  • “I’m sorry. Let’s not fight anymore, please?” “We’ll fight again, but it will be fine as long as we talk about it, okay?” he nods, and your lips crash against his again.
  • “MC, before we continue, just know that’s been three weeks of sexual frustration, I hope you don’t have any plans tomorrow because I won’t allow you to leave this bed so soon, copy that?”
  • You copied, and neither of you walked straight for the next two days, which grossed Saeran out.

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jackson

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4,074

Summary:  You’re a medical intern, always a perfectionist and used to being the best at everything you do. Jackson Wang is the male nurse beloved by everyone and constantly on your nerves. When you two are brought together, it could be the best or the worst thing that’s ever happened.

Originally posted by got7official

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Fall For You | Drabble 02

Summary: Sometimes the desire to hit up the hottest party runs thin. Luckily, you and Jungkook have other ways to pass the time.
Word Count: 3.730
Rated: M
Original Scenario: Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03
Mood Music: X

The end of a stressful week of midterms means the beginning of a weekend where you can spend as much time as you want wrapped up in blankets in your bed. For three blissful days there are no assignments from your professors, no responsibilities, and absolutely nothing to keep you from marathoning Netflix until your eyeballs fall out.

Hyeri had left a while ago after confirming that you were, in fact, still breathing from beneath all of your blankets. Saying something about being across campus with her new boyfriend if you needed anything, and now that the sun was beginning to set and sports were getting out for the evening, your solitude would likely be coming to an end.

Just as another episode starts playing, someone unlocks the door to your dorm, and Jungkook comes barreling into the room in all his post-baseball glory, throwing his gym bag into the kitchen without a care.


“In here,” you call back, not bothering to stick your head out of the blankets.

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Exam Season

Hi guys! I’m finally off of school so I’ll have time to write again! However, this oneshot is in solidarity with everyone busy with exams! Tom helps the reader relieve a little bit of stress, and like, I know that we could all use a little Tom support right now lol! Starts and ends sweet, but is very smutty in the middle! I hope that you guys like it!

Exam Season

The heels of her shoes clacked against the tile as she nervously kicked, jiggled, and rattled her legs. Her stomach growled but she’d been so anxious that for the last few days, all she’d had to eat was a slice of toast here and there, but she guzzled espresso as if it were water. She needed to know what her final grades were. If she didn’t meet certain marks, quality universities wouldn’t have her, and she was getting so wound up from all the nerves that she launched up from her seat and began to pace. Barely being able to keep her eyes open from lack of sleep, she paced straight into her boyfriend’s arms.

    “Darling, what are you doing? You’ve got a spot of crazy in your eyes right now. Did you fall back asleep this morning, or did you keep refreshing the college website?” He paused, waiting for her response, which she never uttered. Instead, she pinched the back of her hand and tried to move from Tom’s grasp. “Alright then, I’ll take that as a no,” He muttered.

    Tom understood that she was stressed out, but he also understood that she required water, food and sleep. For the past month or so, she’d been drowning in essays and exams, so they hadn’t really had time to spend together. She didn’t even give herself time to relax. Instead, she just chugged another cup of coffee or swallowed another caffeine pill. He was getting a little worried, Tom could tell that he needed to look after her better because she clearly wasn’t going to do so herself.

    “Let me take you to lunch, you need to eat, you must be hungry! I heard your stomach making angry noises last night baby.” Tom said, coming up behind her to press a soft kiss onto the back of her exposed neck. He loved when she wore her hair in a bun, he thought it made her look like a princess, plus, he had a much easier time gawking at the marvelous beauty that was her face.

    “Tom, I need to stay here. I need to know my test scores because I think that maybe I can drop the class if I don’t end up doing well enough.” She turned around to face him, ruffling one of her hands through his hair.

    “Darling,” Tom sighed, “I’m not trying to be insensitive, but you can only refresh the page so many times. You’re being obsessive and you need to take care of yourself. Let’s go to lunch, we can even go to that french restaurant that you’ve been dying to try!”

    “Tom,” She started, biting her lower lip, “School is just really important to me and I want to make sure that I’ve done the best that I can. I don’t know what I’ll do if I fail.” Her eyes began to water and Tom immediately scooped her up and into his arms. Walking backwards till his knees hit the soft cushions of her sofa, he sat and pulled her onto his lap.

    Pressing a tender kiss to her forehead, Tom said, “Sweetheart, there is no way that you’re going to have failed. You’ve been working so hard, and around the clock for so long. You need to give yourself a break or else you’re going to lose your mind.” He rubbed a soft hand up and down her back beneath her shirt, wanting to feel the warmth of her body on his bare skin.

    Beyond her being too busy to even hang out with him, he hadn’t really touched her in such a long time. His body craved hers and he thought about relieving her stress in so many different ways, most of them involving her screaming his name and clawing down his back when it was over.

    His favorite fantasy was simply yanking back her desk chair, where she sat, typing away, rushing to finish her essays. When she was open to him, Tom imagined dropping to his knees and crawling in between her spread thighs. He’d warm her up with soft, open mouthed kisses, which he’d trail across the length of her figure, only stopping when he finally reached what was in between her legs. In Tom’s mind, she would be aching and begging for him to touch her, to kiss her cloth-covered center until she came. He’d obviously wait until she explicitly said that he was allowed to peel away her panties, and then he’d go at her like he never had before. Tom wouldn’t stop at just one orgasm, she deserved more than that, he’d finish her off at least three times before he decided that she needed to rest.

    Then he’d go off to the bathroom and bring her a warm towel to clean her of the mess they had made, and he would gently tuck her into bed, where she would snuggle up to his chest and fall asleep.

    “But you don’t know that? Maybe my professor hated my essays, I ended up getting political in both of them and maybe I bashed his political party? I shouldn’t have done that, I’ve totally fucked everything up, oh no, oh no, oh no.” Her voice brought Tom back down to earth.

    “Were your points relevant?” Tom asked. “If they were and you provided ample evidence, which I’m positive you did, considering your works cited page was over two pages, everything will be fine. You did perfectly, darling. You’re absolutely perfect.” He licked a small spot on her neck, before lightly nipping at her skin.

    Tom couldn’t help it, he wanted her.

    She gasped softly, unconsciously tilting her head to give her boyfriend better access to her neck. “Tom, you’re being silly! What are you doing?” Her voice shook and her back arched as she spoke.

    Tom smiled and kissed her neck again, “You know you love it, sweetheart.” The hand that was rubbing soothing circled on her back halted its movements, and instead made it’s way down to toy with the edge of the skirt she had been wearing when she’d come home from her final class of the day.

    She sighed dreamily, “uh huh.”

    Tom smirked, knowing full well that he had her. Shifting her frame so that she was situated on his lap frontwards, instead of sideways like she had been, Tom spread his legs a bit so that she could nestle properly into him. His mouth didn’t wander away from her neck, but his hands slid up her body to squeeze her soft breasts.

    “Ugh, Tom,” She moaned out when his right hand moved away from her chest to instead scrape over the exposed skin of her collarbones.

    Tom then removed both of his hands from her body and brought them up to the bun that her hair was currently being constricted in. Doing his best not to hurt her, he finally plunked the rubber band out of her hair and watched as her hair fell softly down her back.

    Settling his hands onto the exposed skin of her thighs, Tom mumbled into her hair, “So pretty darling, so, so, so pretty. Can I do something for you?”

    Her hips twitched and Tom groaned as her bum rubbed against him. “Yes,” She whined, her eyes closing. She was exhausted, but Tom was making it feel so good, he was making her feel too good to stop.

    He chuckled, “But baby, you don’t even know what I wanna do to you yet. How do you know that you’re going to like it?” Tom was teasing her, but in truth, he didn’t know how long he could keep his hands off her. He knew what he wanted to do to her, and the only way that he was going to stop, was if she asked him to.

    “Tom, you’re not being nice.” Her hands tried to guide his own to her center, but he wasn’t budging yet.

    “I’ll be very, very nice to you soon, sweet girl. Maybe I’ll be nicer to you sooner if you tell me what you want.” Tom knew that he was being a tease, but he couldn’t help it. He loved listening to her honeyed, waning voice asking him to do dirty things to her while her hips shuddered in his hands.

    “Tom, please, touch me there.” She brought his fingertips to rest beneath her skirt, and onto the front of her panties. “Please, Tom. It feels like I’m going to combust if you don’t.” She leaned back into his touch, and Tom could feel her eyelashes tickling his jaw.

    “See, baby,” Tom brought a hand up to cup her cheek, “that’s all you needed to say.” And with that, he pressed his lips aggressively onto her own and slipped a finger into the silk panties that he could tell she was wearing.

    She gasped and the moment his finger brushed across her clit, her entire body went lax. “No, no, sweetheart. Kiss me.” Tom urged, holding her up to his chest.

    When she turned her head around, Tom teased a finger into her entrance. “Tom,” She cried, her voice shaking. One of her hands curled into the shirt he was wearing.

    “What’s up darling, do you feel good?” He asked, wanting to make sure that she was alright. Tom knew that she was weak right now, seeing as she hadn’t slept the night before and he couldn’t recall the last time she had something to eat, so he didn’t want to be too rough on her by accident.

    Nodding her head, she managed to stutter out, “I’m good, just more, please.” She kissed his jawline and Tom slid out from his place behind her, allowing the softness of her couch to embrace her. Her eyes opened and she frowned, “where are you going?”

    Tom dropped onto his knees and groaned as he took in her appearance. Her hair was softly waved from being so disheveled and her lips were bee-stung and pink, he knew that he was bound to be covered in her lipstick. “Just going to be down here baby, gonna go easier on you.”

    She cocked her head to the side in confusion but spread her legs for him all the same. “You’ve just been working so hard, and I don’t want to make you work for this too.” Tom said, lifting her skirt and moving her underwear down her legs. “Can I?” He asked, motioning his head in the direction of her exposed center.

    “Yes please,” She whispered airly.

    Tom moved forward, slipping her both of her legs onto his shoulders to help open her up for him. Her skirt was practically around her waist, so neither one of them bothered removing it. Tom kissed his way up her thighs, biting down gently on the flesh of her inner thigh. “Fuck,” he hissed underneath his breath. He had missed this so much.

    Pushing a soft hand through his curls, she wiggled her way a little bit lower on the couch so it would be easier for Tom to eat her out. “I love you,” Tom said, and not waiting for her response, he dove straight in.

    He held her thighs apart and licked and sucked at her mercilessly, doing his best to ease the stress exam season had caused her. When she came, not once, twice or even three times, on the fifth time Tom had finished her off, he decided that she was too sleepy to go on, and moved away from her spread legs.

    As she drifted back down to earth, she caught a hold of Tom’s hand and whispered, “I love you back.” Her eyes blinked themselves open, and then quickly shut. Tom could tell that she was too sleepy to even move.

    Helping her up and into his arms, Tom carried her off to the bedroom. Moving the covers of the bedspread back, and placing her body beneath them, Tom bustled about the room. He grabbed his comfiest, softest sweatshirt to dress her in, and found a pair of underwear for her to wear to sleep in.

    “I’m going to help get you ready for bed, alright my love?” Tom said, and did his very best not to gawk at her breasts when he removed her sweater, and her bra to clothe her in his sweatshirt. He slipped her panties on before he removed her skirt, and he tossed her boots aside as soon as he undid the zippers.

    Pulling the covers up under her chin, Tom hurried off into the bathroom where he spent a furious five minutes jacking himself off so that his excitement wouldn’t poke her in the back throughout her entire nap.

    When he came back, he was pleased to see that she hadn’t gone to retrieve her laptop to check the status of her grades. Instead, she had stayed exactly where Tom had left her. “Will you nap with me?” She asked softly, batting her eyes up at him.

    “Course I will, baby. Whenever you wake up, we’ll go and get dinner, alright?” Tom crawled into the bed behind her and curled and arm around her waist.

    “Thank you, Tom.” She said, tossing over to face him.

    “Thank you for what?” He asked, scrunching his eyebrows together.

    “For taking care of me.” She said softly, placing a kiss onto the tip of his nose.

    “I love you, darling, it’s what I do.” Tom smiled, moving her hair out of her face.

    “Love you forever.” She echoed, before finally allowing sleep to consume her.

stultiloquentia  asked:

Yes!!! Do you have any interest in writing a NurseyDex continuation of your Sprezzatura 'verse? If not, hit me up with some competence kink - Dex POV of Nursey, or Falcs' POV of Bitty, or Jack, or whomever strikes your fancy; I'm so easy. :D

So, uh, this one got long. Here’s a continuation of the Sprezzatura ’verse.

Derek consciously told himself to unclench his teeth and relax his jaw. He hated calculus. So much. His brain simply refused to work the way the book and the professor seemed to think it should and he just needed to get through this class and then he’d have completed his stupid math requirement and never have to worry about it again. But first he had to pass it.

He was going to have to ask for help.

He hated asking for help.

He was going to do it anyway. You don’t have to be perfect at everything, he reminded himself. He was still clenching his teeth again when he texted Dex, though.

Ice: Yo, can you help me with calc?

Fire: Be there in ~15 mins. Need help with English anyway.

Derek sat back in his chair and scrubbed his hands over his face, then rolled his neck from side to side a few times and shook out his arms, trying to just fucking chill already. He found one of his wordless playlists to put on and tried to at least review the examples again before Dex got there so maybe he wouldn’t seem like a complete idiot. Ugh, he hated math.

Well, no, he just hated calculus. Or rather, the way calculus made him feel. He had never found a way to make calculus appear effortless for him, and he was getting really tired of grinding his teeth.

He was glad to get up and answer the door when Dex knocked. “C’mon in, man, you can sit wherever. My roommate has a new girlfriend, so he won’t care.”

Dex frowned at the thought of sitting on someone else’s bed without permission and dumped his bag on Derek’s bed instead. Which Derek had known he would do. He bit back a grin.

Keep reading

theactualmedusa  asked:

Can you pretty please write a PJO Hogwarts AU? And can I choose the houses? I'm going to list my house choices but you of course do not have to stick with them. Nico: Slytherin Percy: Gryffindor Jason: Gryffindor Reyna: Slytherin Hazel: Hufflepuff Frank: Hufflepuff Will: Hufflepuff Annabeth: Ravenclaw Piper: (I honestly don't know. You choose) Leo: Gryffindor And solangelo of course. Please? *puppy dog eyes*

Your wish has been granted in the middle of me studying for my exams.

(This will also be posted on my AO3)

“Ugh, this tie sucks,” Nico groaned, looking over at his two roommates, Reyna and Piper. They had, after talking to the headmaster, been allowed to share a room. Nico felt very uncomfortable with the other boys (mainly because they thought he was a freak) and his only friends from the house were Reyna and Piper. So, now, in their fifth year, they got the permission to share a dorm.

Reyna looked up. “It looks good on you, Nico. You’re way better than me at tying them, that’s for sure.”

“You guys, if we don’t get going soon, there’s no chance we’ll be able to eat breakfast before our first class,” Piper said from the door, eyeing her two roommates, one of which was straightening out their tie and the other one looking for their shoes. Her expression changed from a serious one to a wide grin. “And besides, there’s always something you can look at in the Great Hall, isn’t there?”

Nico scoffed, but couldn’t stop the faintest blush to spread over his pale cheeks. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Reyna adopted the same grin as Piper as she pulled on her shoes, having finally found them under her dresser. “Suuure, so there isn’t a certain Hufflepuff you have your eyes on?”

“No. Leave me alone.” And with that, Nico marched out of their room, past Piper and out of the Slytherin Common Room.

As he made his way towards the Great Hall alone, he let his thoughts wander. How dare they assume that he liked anyone in Hufflepuff? Well, of course he liked someone there - his sister Hazel and her boyfriend Frank - but that wasn’t important right now. He did not have a crush on anyone. Not since the admire-crush thing he had on one of his friends in second grade. He was done with romance already. No one would want a freak who happened to think that necromancy was cool. Especially not perfect blond guys with the bluest eyes in the world that helped out in the hosp- no, he was not going there with his thoughts. Not now.

He walked into the Great Hall and started to look for his friends. After each Welcome-back-to-school party, the house tables got switched out with smaller tables so that the students could sit with whoever they wanted to. Nico, with his ‘friend’ group being spread across all the houses, this was definitely an advantage for them.

At one of the tables close to the left wall, he saw Percy sitting with Annabeth and Leo and he started to walk towards them, also minding the tables around them to see who sat there.

“Hey, Nico,” Percy greeted him as he sat down and got a glass of apple juice, not really having much of an appetite like usual.

“Hey,” Nico mumbled. Then he noticed the faint bags under his friend’s eyes. “Wait, you actually stayed up last night and got your homework done? Since when?”

“Since Annabeth forced me to. We stayed in the library until it closed and then we went to her common room. I fell asleep after 11:30.” He ended his explanation with a big yawn. “And I’m not happy about it.”

Reyna and Piper joined them, followed by Hazel, Frank and Jason. “Of course you’re not. You don’t like homework,” Reyna said before focusing his attention on Nico. “You have to eat. Remember the last time you ‘forgot’ to eat both dinner and breakfast in a row?”

Nico grimaced. He had passed out in the hallway and been brought to the hospital wing where he woke up to find a student looking after him rather than Madam Pomfrey. That was an experience he would rather not repeat again, so he helped himself to a small bowl of cereal. “Happy?”

“Very,” a familiar voice said behind him. Nico turned around and almost knocked his goblet over, glaring at the person standing behind him. Of course it was him. Will Solace. The boy who had taken care of him in the hospital wing more times that he liked to admit.

“You really have to eat breakfast Nico, or else you’ll pass out again. You’re already almost too skinny and you really don’t need to drop any more weight,” Will said, looking down at him.

Nico sent a death glare back in return. “I didn’t ask for you to stick your nose into my friend’s conversation.”

Will crossed his arms. “Well, I didn’t ask for you to be such an idiot about your health either, but funnily you are one anyways.”

The Seven and Reyna watched as Will and Nico continued to bicker, eventually drawing the attention of the people sitting at nearby tables as well. They all could feel the thick sexual tension between the boys and a couple girls sitting at almost the other end of the hall yelled, “Can you two just kiss and get over it?”

Nico’s head whipped up to glare at the yeller before stomping out of the Great Hall with a dark blush covering his face and shadows making a small trail behind him.

Will looked after him with an equally dark blush before joining his friends at some other table.

Later, when the Hufflepuffs and Slytherins had Herbology together, Nico avoided Will at all costs. He couldn’t have a crush on the stupid blond. Not after Percy. No. Nope. Nix. Nada. He was done with romance and Will probably couldn’t stand him. He was just a creepy freak that had always been able to manipulate shadows, bones and ghosts to some degree. It was connected to dark magic in people’s minds and many stayed away from him. Not that he minded, people just wasn’t his thing. Period.

Problem was, Will didn’t seem to want to avoid Nico. No, that idiot walked up to where Nico was working with Hazel and asked if they could talk privately after the class was over. Nico reluctantly agreed, even if he knew Will was just going to make fun of him and his sexuality. But deep inside, Nico knew that Will wasn’t the type of person to do that. So why the heck did he want to talk to Nico then?

Rescuer || Spider-Man / Peter Parker

I’m so happy, I didn’t think you all would like [Oversized Sweater] so much (/ω\) I’m gonna keep posting my nerdy, self indulgent stories for Peter then ♡

warnings: attempt at rape, if this triggers you, then please do not read!

please don’t repost/plagiarize this story! Reblogs are fine!


“Peter, I’m so nervous about this Algebra 2 exam! I really don’t want to fail this, but my whole grade depends on it! Like I’m literally teetering on the edge of a D!”

Your best friend begins laughing at your panicked outburst, “It’s gonna be fine. Besides, we studied a bit last night. I even helped you! You got quite a few of them right, so there’s nothing to worry about!”

You give Peter a deadpanned expression, “Peter, I got 5 right out of the 20 questions given.”

“T-Then at least you know that you’ll get at least a 25% on it?” Peter laughs nervously, making you roll your eyes in response as you playfully pushed him away.

“Wow Peter, you sure know how to make a girl feel great about her exam!”

“You guys should just quit playing around and date already.” Ned tells you guys while taking bites of his tater tots. “It’s so obvious that you’re both into each other.”

“We are NOT into each other!” You and Peter both state at the same time, practically shouting it as your respective voices echoed throughout the cafeteria. Realizing what you just did, you and Peter look around the area to see several teens giving you awkward glances while whispering.

You blush and pick up your empty lunch tray, “I think I’m gonna go and head to my next class.”

“Y-Yeah same, I’ll text you later, Ned.” Peter follows your lead as you both throw the empty cartons of milk away before placing the trays on the cart.

“Dude, stop following me!”

“Uhm, I kind of can’t help it since we have AP English together.”


Ned felt a wide grin paint his features as he laughed at how –clueless– his friends were.

"It’s so obvious that those two are -endgame-.”


After spending the whole school day nervously picking at your nails at the thought of your Algebra 2 exam taking place next Monday, you groan and decided to treat yourself to some of your favorite snacks.

"If I’m gonna spend the whole night studying, I might as well lessen my suffering with some cookies and chocolate.”

Finally reaching your favorite corner store, you make a quick mental note of how much money you had on hand before picking out your favorite sweets off the shelf. Once you gathered all of your preferred snacks together, you greet the kind cashier and waited for him to ring up your items.

"9.18 is your total.”

Handing him a fresh 10 dollar bill, he hands you your change, and you thank him before exiting the store.

Holding on to the bag of goodies, you pull out your phone from the pocket of your backpack and quickly text Peter:

[Hey I’ve got some of our favorite snacks. Do you think you can come over and help me study again? I still feel super nervous about this exam…]

You hit send, almost expecting him to answer back within seconds, only to feel a tad bit disappointed at not seeing the three grey dots that signified that he was in the midst of replying.

"That’s weird, Pete never leaves me hanging like this.”

You walk with a deliberate slowness back home, still looking at your phone’s screen as you practically –willed– Peter to text you back.

"Ugh, he’s probably too busy ogling Liz to pay attention to his phone right now.”

When you place your phone back into your backpack, you were suddenly pulled into an alleyway, the action being so sudden that you lost your bearings for a few seconds.

You were a little dizzy when the back of your head was met with the hard wall of the building, and you let out a soft moan of pain when you felt someone press a sharp knife against your neck, “Shit you don’t look half bad for a minor. Your clothes leave little to be desired but you got a pretty face.”

You gulp, finally realizing the danger you were in when you saw the man with greasy hair in front of you. He had you pinned against the wall with his dirty hand over your mouth. You struggle against him, only to have him laugh darkly at your weak attempts to fight him.

"Yeah baby, keep grinding like that and call me ‘daddy’ while you’re at it.” He breathes in your scent by placing his nose against the side of your neck. “I’m gonna have fun with you-”

"Don’t you dare dirty her any further!”

The creep was /miraculously/ pulled off of you with a hard yank, and when he had let go of you, you fell against the wall with a gasp. Keeping your back against the building, you watch with your mouth hung wide open as Spider-Man himself beat your would-be attacker.

And boy, the mask vigilante did not hold back his punches at all. You weren’t sure if Spider-Man had a huge grudge against molesters, because the man was practically sobbing when he kept beating him, not stopping until he was left with a bloody mess on the ground.

When he was satisfied, Spider-Man made sure that the rapist wouldn’t attack you again by using his web shooters to web him to the ground, preventing him from further escape when the authorities would -eventually- come to deal with him.

Once he was finished, the masked hero faces you and begins running toward you, “Hey, are you okay? Did he- did he go any farther with you?”

You shake your head no and let out a panicked laugh, “N-No, I’m okay. But ugh, he was disgusting. He wanted me to call him Daddy and ugh-” you tried to stand up, but your legs seemed to give out at the last minute when you landed back down on the ground. “O-Ouch, that hurts. I can’t seem to move my legs, I guess I’m still in shock and m-maybe even a little scared, haha…”

You were beginning to ramble now when Spider-Man leaned down to pick you up whilst you carried your backpack and all. You were blushing now, clinging on to him when your arms automatically wrap themselves around his neck, “Uhm, S-Spidey? Aren’t I heavy? You know, with all of this stuff on?”

He chuckles lightly from beneath his mask, “Not at all. You’re fine, Miss. Now let’s take you home; where do you live?”

You tell him your address, and he nods, carrying you when he shot his web against a building before pulling you up with him. He lands on top of the roof and begins walking across it, about to shoot his web on the next building when your soft murmur stops him.

"Hmm? What’s wrong, love?”

You blush at the pet name and shake your head, “I wanted to thank you for saving me back there. For my first time- that wasn’t how I wanted it to go.”

Spider-Man holds you tighter in response, “I’ll always protect you.” His voice seemed to take on a more passionate tone as he stared at you through the mask. Paying attention to his voice, you realize that it sounded familiar to you. Despite how deep it was, you couldn’t help but feel as though you had heard it before.

You shake your head and ignore the familiarity of his voice before asking, “Have you ever been afraid before? You know, when you’re out protecting the city?”

He laughs at your question and continues walking across the roof with you in his arms, “Sometimes. But I can’t really complain. It comes with a job of being a rescuer, you know?”

You giggle at how forward and down-to-earth he was, “Oh Spidey, you remind me of my best friend, Peter so much!” He seemed to stiffen at your words, but you didn’t notice. You were much too excited at the thought of swinging around the city with THE SPIDER-MAN himself.

It takes him a few minutes to arrive at your apartment when he landed on the fire escape that lead to your open bedroom window. He lets go of you, making sure that you were steady when you stood on the metal platform.

Facing him, you nervously grip at the straps of your backpack, “Uhm, so I-I was wondering… uhm…”

"What’s wrong?”

You shake your head. Instead of using words, you decide to tell him using your actions alone.

Leaning toward him, you place a hand beneath his mask, automatically making him lift a hand up to stop you. You gulp and whisper, “Don’t you trust me?”

After a few seconds, he drops his arms, allowing you to slowly peel off his mask so that only his lips were shown. Standing on the tip of your toes, you place a soft kiss against him. He kisses you back with a surprising fervor when he slanted his lips against yours before deepening it. You felt his gloved fingers delve into your hair, preventing you from pulling away too soon as he kissed you.

After a few seconds, you stop the kiss, only managing a short “Wow” in response to the kiss.

Spider-Man gently runs his hand down your face while muttering, “You should go back in, love. You must have some things you need to get done.”

Hearing his words, you groan and remember that stupid Algebra 2 exam, “Fuck, you’re right. I have an exam to study for.”

Spider-Man messes up your hair in affection, “Then you should start on that right away.”

You nod and enter through your bedroom window. When you were safely in your room, Spider-Man left the fire escape and swung his way across the city.

You watch him with a dreamy expression on your face and sigh while murmuring, “Wow. Today was awesome.”


Peter was still thinking about your kiss when he came to your house at 8 pm. In fact, he was so distracted thanks to you that he ran into buildings several time while he traveled home.

He had received your text and apologized for replying so late before promising you that he would help you, which was what brought him to the door of your apartment. Running a hand through his hair, he tells himself to calm down and to NOT mention the kiss to you, since you had no idea that he was Spider-Man.

Finally ready to face you, Peter knocks on your door. After a few seconds, the door swings open, revealing your father as he greeted you, “My man Peter, hey! [Name] is upstairs, but are you hungry? We still have some food left over for you.”

"Thanks Mr. [Surname], but I’m good. I ate with Aunt May about an hour ago.” With a nod to your father, he heads up to your room and opens the door, “Hey, I’m here.”

When Peter sees you, he notices two odd things:

1. You were already studying at your desk.

2. There was a picture frame with a photograph of Spider-Man settled right next to you.

"Whoa, what’s gotten into you? I usually have to force you to study.” You stiffen and stutter out his name, “P-Peter! When did you get here?!”

"Just now.” He steps closer to your desk and picks up the photo of Spider-Man before showing it to you. “Why do you have a picture of Spider-Man?”

Peter notices how you blushed in response, and he had a feeling that he already knew the answer to his question…

He just wanted to hear it from you because man, was he in -fucking love- with you. Ned was right about his feelings for you, since he would do just about anything for you. When you were nearly attacked, Peter thought that he was going to lose his mind.

-No one– messed with his girl and got away with it, even if you didn’t know that you were his girl (at least, not YET.)

"Uhm, well… today, Spider-Man helped me with… something.” You were keeping it vague so that he wouldn’t worry, Peter knew that and gave you a nod in response while feigning surprise that you had seen Spider-Man. “Long story short, we had a little talk, and I asked him if he was ever afraid whenever he was protecting the city.”

"And he told me that sometimes, he felt afraid, but that he was okay with it, since he saw himself as this city’s rescuer.” You take the picture frame away from him and look at Spider-Man’s picture with adoration, “And his words got me thinking, hey, if this hero right here can fearlessly save people like me on a whim, then I gotta man up and tackle my own fears, even if it takes the form of a little test.”

Peter was blushing now when you hugged the picture of //him// close to your chest, “I started thinking that I wanted to make Spider-Man proud of me, so… I’m gonna do my best and study my ass off for this test! I believe in myself, so will you help me, Peter?”

He smiles widely and hugs you, practically choking you in his hold as you giggled and tried to pry him off of you. “Oh my god, Peter stop!! You’re choking me, haha!”

"Of course he’d be proud of you. God [Name] I love you so much. I keep falling harder for you each day.”

He felt you stiffen in his arms, and Peter realized he had basically confessed to you. Immediately, he lets go of you, seeing your face was dyed in a deep reddish hue.

Touching at your lips, you tremble slightly when you ask, “P-Pete, did you mean it?”

Refusing to look at you, Peter nods, “Yeah, I m-meant it. I love you.”

You didn’t answer for several seconds. Instead, you stood up and crept closer to him, wrapping your arms around his back as you hugged him, “Looks like Ned was right about us after all.”

Peter stares back down at you upon hearing your words, “Wait, does that mean-”

"That means I love you too, you dork.”

You stand on your toes and pull at the collar of his sweater, forcing him down for a kiss. While you kissed him, you felt a strange sense of familiarity as your mind briefly pictured Spider-Man.

Nah, there’s no way he’s Spidey. You ignore the thought and decide to simply immerse yourself with Peter when he deepens the kiss, making sure that you would think of no one else but him.


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PLL 7x14 Power Play - (long, sorry!) Thoughts

- Yep, one of the best episodes of the series. Call me dramatic, whatever. But in my opinion, it was. The story was constantly moving and I loved that. That is all I need to classify a PLL episode as good. And, combined with answers.. they had a formula for success. I wished I recorded myself watching it because I genuinely had a smile on my face from start to end, and two particular reveals got a great reaction out of me. Even the romance scenes I appreciated. Ugh, such a good episode! So many feels. Happy, intense, OMG, frustrated, emotional.

- Well… after this post, you know where I’m off to… my unanswered questions post! Finally I get to cross off more! SHOUTOUT TO US TUMBLR FANS FOR THEORISING EVERY SINGLE ANSWER WE GOT TONIGHT WITH 100% ACCURACY!! 

- I don’t know how you guys did it, but theorising that Ted is Charlotte’s father… what the hell! I always dismissed that theory. I thought it was too out-there. But it happened! I was sooooo shocked. I thought Ted was just a random guy from the church that liked Ashley. End of story. Apparently not end of story! Loved it. There is no way they had that planned all the way back then. I really do think that Ted was brought to the show just to be a love interest for Ashely. Then they created the Charles story and realised “oh shit, we need a male to be Charlotte’s father. Lucky we made a character like Ted!” I refuse to believe they intended to use Ted for more than just a pastor in love with Ashley. Anyway, not that that matters. I’m happy with this answer.

- Last week I complained that PLL has severely lacked good production since the dollhouse episodes; production in the sense of unique camera angles, music, etc. Well today they finally returned to its glory. The ending scene was so good and dramatic with the music, that camera angle where Ali finds her hidden puzzle piece and also when Mary steps out from behind the door to reveal herself with Ted… little things like that, I appreciate. 

- The reveal that Lucas knew CHARLES… wow!!! OMG!! I actually said “no fucking way” for once in a few years in PLL. They’re going somewhere with this. Lucas built that board game, he is an app developer and has the resources/money. 

- Another reveal that made me actually throw my blanket off and sit up… when they actually SHOWED that scene from 4B of Mary creeping up on Spencer!! We all kind of guessed that it was Mary in that scene, but to actually SEE the writers SHOW US that link very explicitly rather than let us just guess… it was AMAZING. I hope the series finale is like that, where they actually SHOW us past scenes like that, rather than expect us to make the links. Such a good scene, learning the backstory behind that.

- Mary killed Jessica. I knew it! I was not shocked one bit. But hey. After 7 seasons of this craziness, I am totally happy to take logic over shock. “Sydney killed Jessica!” like no. Get lost. Zero logic. Mary killed Jessica, yeah, I’ll take it!

- People are probably disappointed that it was Sydney under the hoodie… I told myself it’s not AD so I was expecting someone like that. I was happy with that.

- Aria going dark.. I’m all in. But please don’t cause a massive divide in the group. The small divides it causes now is fine, but I don’t want to spend the final 6 episodes with the girls pissed off at each other/Aria.

- Amongst all the storylines going on, they still managed to have scenes relevant to Archer. Thank god! See, that’s what we want. Forget the ping pong, and just keep us updated on other side mysteries like that. We don’t have to solve the side mystery, but just keep mentioning them in the ‘filler’ scenes. That’ll keep us going until the finale.

- I thought finding out who killed Jessica, and that Ted is Charlotte’s father, would be enough for this episode. Nope, they revealed what we’ve all been thinking since August last year! Emison fans on Twitter telling Marlene to go kill herself: fuck off. NEVER wish that upon anyone. As if I’m actually saying that. I know Emison fans are really passionate, and rightfully so, but chilllllll. Spencer said it very well: they are feeling violated. Emily isn’t saying “yippee, let’s have a baby Ali!!” Yes it’s controversial, yes it’s diving into areas of rape, but don’t tell a woman to kill herself.

- Not gonna lie. I did laugh at AD’s hoodie talking to Aria. The concept was cool but it looked far too fake. This show never is good with visual effects and stuff like that (*cough* CeCe watching the girls in the window in 610 *cough*)

- Shoutout to Paily. I really enjoyed their scenes. All of them. I was a shipper of Paily during season 4 and so this brought me right back to those good old days. Paige has barely smiled since she came back in 7B so it was so good to see her be happy for once. 

- There was one thing that someone said that really made me think Spencer has a twin!!! I can’t remember what it is! I’ll rewatch later in the week and update you all.

- Thank god Ezra is being dismissive of Nicole. I mean, it’s sad for Nicole, but at the end of the day and putting realism aside, just get lost Nicole. Ezria is endgame and you’re just making PLL fans frustrated.

- Next week’s promo!! Directed by Troian!!!!!!!!!! Wren’s return!! “Every theory I come up with leads back to you” is Furey hinting towards a Spencer twin? Not that he knows, but if all his research keeps pointing to a Spencer, it’s only a matter of time before he finds something? It is in 2 weeks but I’m so happy because it means the finale is pushed out to when my uni exams finish!

- 9/10. I can’t give it 10/10 because I’ve forgotten what a perfect PLL episode feels like. It’s been way too long. Maybe this is what a perfect PLL episode feels like? Again, I can’t remember. But it’s up there!

- Sorry this is long, but hey, 6 to go. Need to summarise it all and it’s better than sharing thoughts all over the place with scattered messages. Compare this to 712, which never even got a post!

Gryffindor! S.Coups

Part of the Hogwarts! Seventeen Series


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  • coming from a long line of great wizards he’d be so excited on the hogwarts express 
  • wearing his brother’s old robes which are now covered in orange cat hair bc he has an orange tabby cat named Carrot haha get it
  • with the sorting hat on his head he’d just be sweating so much and squirming around in excitement
  • when the hat says gryffindor he practically leaps off of his seat
  • a really big fan of quidditch!!!
  • He’d been playing it ever since he was a little® kid with his brother in his back yard k but imagine tiny cheol on a broom aw
  • he’d practically grown up on a broom so it was only natural for him to try out for the team 1st year
  • even though he technically wasn’t supposed to, damn the kid is a pro with a club
  • beater! seungcheol
  • won the first game of the season because he struck down the other team’s seeker in the first few minutes 
  • second year he and 95 line are best friends!!!!
  • Carrot and jeonghan’s cat are best friends what a concept
  • “we need to set the cats up on another play date. Just make sure you dont give carrot any pumpkin pasties again, they make his tummy hurt”
  • dubbed the “golden boy of gryffindor”  because he’s just that one guy everyone admires and looks up to
  • k imagine cheol in his uniform with the collar slightly undone and the tie loose around his neck with messy hair this is sin
  • cheol has a habit of rolling up his uniform sleeves when he’s studying or really concentrated
  • no one dares mess with the golden boy and he doesnt let anyone mess with him either
  • ya know except jeonghan but apparently “thats different” mhm yeah sure
  • top of his class in dueling! much to jihoon’s annoyance because they’re both really competative”
  • “NEVER”
  • in 4th year he’d make capitan of the quidditch team
  • honestly being both the star player and the captain of the gyffindor house team hed easily have accuired a fanclub of witches and wizards alike almost rivaling in size to jeonghan’s\
  • he wouldn’t let the popularity get to his head though and he’d still be as humble and kind as ever
  • he’d even stay behind in the corridors during his free periods just to help lost 1st years find their way to class
  • “Chan-ah you’re lost again? It’s the 4th time this week”
  • “sorry hyung the staircases just get me confused it’s not my fault they have to move all the time”
  • k but imagine cheol smiling down at lil’ chan and escorting him to class giving him a big hug before he pats his little head saying “off you go”
  • It’s no surprise to anyone when he’s nominated to be house prefect in 5th year
  • cheol sneaking out of the castle past curfew into the forest with friends so they can stare at the stars and talk about stuff without anyone hearing
  • during exam season he sneaks large batches of coffee to the library for all of the students pulling all nighters
  • he on the other hand barely studies for his exams tbh but he passes all of them easily
  • jihoon is like omg how’d you do that boi i haven’t slept for 3 days ugh 
  • imagine cheol getting a crush before the big finals game and he blows it bc goddamit hes a love sick puppy
  • hed try to get his mind off it by suddenly getting really into his studies
  • really bad at divination tho
  • but defense against the dark arts is great
  • hed at least find out that his patronous is a phoenix
  • his “happy memory” that he thinks of to conjure his patronus is the moment he got into gryffindor house
  • “I was so happy back then”
  • “aren’t you happy now?”
  • “of course I am… I’m in love…”

A/N: Oooooooooo cliff hanger~ feel free to interpret it however you like.This is for the anon that requested this! I hope you enjoyed it and it was a lot of fun to write! I just wanted to say I’m not going to be posting much for the next few days because I need to study for exams myself. Hope y’all can understand. So far, thank yall for all of the likes and reblogs! It really means a lot that you’re enjoying our content! If you have any more requests, don’t be shy and send them in. Thanks again ~Rika ♥

Stressed Out

Characters: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Mild Angst

Word Count: 4095 words

Plot: You and stress do not go well together. Things happen and you pass out.

You step into your apartment and let the door slam shut. If this happened a week ago, you’d have flinched at the sound of the door. But today isn’t how it was like last Thursday. Today is another day of stress.

You step out of your shoes and leave them on the rack. Walking into your room, you drop your bag onto the floor with a huff. Your stomach rumbles and you are suddenly hit with the realization of just how hungry you truly are. When was the last time you ate? Yesterday night? And what was the last meal you had? Instant noodles?

You sigh.

There isn’t any time for meals, what with the amount of work you have pulling at you. If you listened well enough, you could hear it. The books in your bag calling for you. The computer on your desk shouting at you. Your lecturers poking at you. All demanding for the same thing— work. Assignment after assignment after assignment, you were given, with no time to pause and rest in between.

Still, how are you supposed to function on an empty stomach? You lumber your way to the kitchen, your lack of energy decelerating your movements. Rummaging through your cabinets and fridge, you realize there is no food. Not even ingredients for you to cook with. Have you been so caught up in university life that you didn’t even notice food in the kitchen is running out?

There is an apple, at least. Just one small red apple.

It makes you sad.

This repetitive lifestyle has turned into a daily cycle. A routine. For the past week, you return home. Eat whatever you have. Stuff your face into your books and computer. Go to sleep. Today is no different.

Your phone rings, snapping you back to reality. It’s an incoming call from Chanyeol and you answer it immediately.

“How has my baby been?” his voice enters your ears and he lets out a small but deep chuckle. You welcome the sound. Just hearing his voice makes everything better. You feel the weight on your shoulders decrease mildly. Just by a little, but progress is progress and you are grateful.

“Im good,” you responded, your voice a little shaky.


You are anything but good. You are on the verge of a mental breakdown. You are exhausted. You need sleep. You need rest.

But you can’t worry your boyfriend. You don’t want to be a burden to him. He already has so much going on with his life and his schedules are busy enough. Exo is preparing for a comeback and no doubt he is working very hard for it, too.

So you lie. You pretend to be okay and you put up a different exterior just for the people around you.

“You don’t sound okay. Can I come over?” You can practically imagine him frowning.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. I’m too busy,” you sigh. You can’t let him come over. If he does, it will just result in you getting distracted from your work.

“You’re busy? Are you working non-stop again? Are you stressing yourself out? Come on, let me come over. I haven’t seen you in so long,” he whines.

His concern almost brings you to tears. This is why you can’t let him know about your current situation. You know he’d go out of his way for you. It was just in his nature. He is one of the most caring people you know and you love him for it. Yet the only thing you can do for now is push him away, and you hate it. You hate that this is your only way out. It has to be, though. Only for a while. Only until everything dwindles down and your assignments are all caught up with. Only until your exams are over. Only until you finally feel like you can breathe again.

“Chan, I’m sorry. I really can’t okay? I just.. Just don’t worry about me. I’m fine.”

“But it’s not like I always get free schedules. We haven’t seen each other in so long. Why are you pushing me away when I just want to help?”

You sigh into the line. “Look, I don’t have time for this! I’m not trying to push you away, I just can’t hang out with you right now. Not just with you but with everyone!” You flinch at your tone. You do not expect things to go this way but you are desperate. Work is calling.

“Stop pushing me away! There’s something wrong, isn’t there? Tell me what’s wrong. Tell me so I can help you fix it,” he chided.

“Ugh, I don’t need your help!” You let out yet another exasperated sigh. Your thumb presses the ‘End Call’ button and you are met with nothing but silence.

You can’t help but to spot the similarities. You’ve just ended the call, disconnecting the line. It’s just like how you feel.

You feel so disconnected from the world. From your boyfriend. From everyone. You know they only have the best intentions in mind, yet you can’t handle that today. You need to tend to your priorities and everyone else just has to wait.

A week passes.

You climb the staircase to your apartment and every step you take is a torture. Your eyes are droopy and you are tired. Today is a bad day. The worst, you think to yourself. There is nothing more that you wish to do right now than run into your room and lie on your bed, letting your sheets swallow you whole. Your head hurts and your stomach feels uncomfortable.

The moment you enter your apartment, you nearly get a heart attack when you spot the tall figure that is sitting in your living room. You almost scream until you realize that it is just Chanyeol. He is in your home, giving no prior message to notify you of his arrival. You are surprised to see him here. He must have used the spare key you had given for him to keep to enter.

“What are you doing here, Chanyeol?” You can’t help the harsh tone that you use. Today has been a pain and you can’t handle anything more. Every little action is gnawing at your patience and you just want to be alone.

“That’s it? Just a ‘what are you doing here, Chanyeol?’ No ‘hello, how have you been’? No ‘I miss you’? Because it was been 2 weeks and I miss you.”

“Look, I don’t have time for this Chanyeol. Come on.” You ball your hands into fists and welcome the pain of your nails digging into your palm. You had to use your pain to distract the tears from falling. Hearing how hurt he was, hurt you.

You scuff past him and walk into your room. You let your bag drop onto the floor and take a moment to inhale a deep breath after feeling the pain in your stomach intensify. You hobble out into the living room to see him staring at you with his arms crossed.

You hear I’m speak, but you don’t listen. You don’t even look at him when you stagger past him.

Suddenly, his voice booms. “Can you stop fucking moving for a second and just talk to me?!”

You jump upon hearing it and your movements come to a halt. You are facing the kitchen but you’re too afraid to turn around. You’re not afraid of him, no, but you’re scared that just one look at his face will break you down. So you stay there. Too much of a coward to face him.

You hear his footsteps get louder, indicating that he is making his way to you, and you know it is a matter of time until he reaches you. You want to move, to run away from him, but you can’t. Your body is failing you and the pain you are feeling is becoming too much.

Suddenly, you feel his hand grab your wrist and your body is yanked into his embrace. Long arms wrap around your waist and the tears that you try so desperately hard to keep at bay start streaming down your face. He sees your tears and immediately softens.

His big palm cups your face as his thumb wipes your tears away. “Shh baby, don’t cry,” he coos. You try to speak but once again, you can’t. It’s too much.

“Chanyeol,” you croak out. “It hurts.” You bury your face into his neck and your hands fist the hem of his shirt to block out the pain.

“What hurts? Baby? Are you okay? Where does it hurt? Can you breathe?” the questions tumble out so quickly, your head starts to hurt again.

You don’t know what does it, but you fall to the floor. Chanyeol drops with you and you start to sob into his chest. “Baby? Oh god.. baby please, tell me what’s wrong. Please,” he pleads. “Is it because I yelled at you? I’m so sorry. Please forgive me, please. Stop crying.”

You are hit with it all.

The immense stress pulling you over. The lack of food deteriorating your energy levels. The sleep deprivation tugging at your eyes, screaming at you to rest.

You are sick of it.

You’re sick of your books. Of the words you read over and over again, desperately trying to absorb as much as you can.

You’re sick of all the times you had to lock yourself in your room alone to study. For all the times you had to decline going out with your friends and rejecting company. Why couldn’t anyone be considerate for what you were going through? Why couldn’t they just leave you alone?
But then again, you are the cause of this. You pushed these people away. You stayed up all those nights to get your work done. You made your own body starve simply because there was just no time for food.

You are confused. What is it that you even want? So many thoughts pushing and pulling in your mind that you are flummoxed and most things begin to become nonsensical.

Had you taken a step back, you would’ve realized sooner.

It’s your fault.

You had a choice. You chose to walk away from the food that you desperately needed to energize yourself with, even though you could’ve spared some of your time to eat. You chose to study for hours, even though your rest is more important than your studies. You chose to isolate yourself from the people around you, even though you knew you needed the company to keep your sanity at bay.

You were aware of all of this. Yet, you chose them over your own health, comfort and social life. You constantly told yourself that it is okay, It’s only temporary. But even temporary actions take their toll on people.

“Breathe, babygirl. Breathe,” you hear Chanyeol say. You are too wrapped up in your own thoughts to realize that your own breathing has accelerated. You look up only to lock your gaze with your boyfriend’s eyes that are so full of concern.

You owe him an apology. You want to apologize to him.

You try to squeak out a sorry, but when the side effects of everything combine with the migraine in your head and the pain in your stomach, it becomes overwhelming. Your vision is blurring and before you know it, you are seeing black.

You wake up and feel something soft beneath you. Are you on a bed? You reach your hands out to confirm your assumption and you feel the cushion beneath you.

Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you blink a few times until you are finally able to see the ceiling above you. What happened? Did you fall asleep?

“Oh thank God,” you hear someone say. “You’re awake.”

You immediately know who it is. There’s only one person that has a voice that deep and low, and it belongs to your boyfriend.

You see Chanyeol beside the bed. Your bed. You are currently inside your room. You try to sit yourself up, only to have your boyfriend’s eyes widen. “Hey hey wait, let me help you,” he  cautions, guiding you to sit up on the mattress. One of his legs are perched up, folded with his knee on the bed while his other leg is supporting him up, foot planted on the floor.

“What happened?” you inquire. You notice him wince at the huskiness of your voice, as if it pains him to hear how tired your body is.

Chanyeol cups your cheek with his right hand and rubs his thumb soothingly over your cheekbone. He is sitting in front of you on the bed now. “I’m so glad you’re okay,” he stated. Before you could even form a reply, you feel him pull you into a huge bear hug. He buries his head into your hair and strokes the back of your head with his right hand. Your hands snake around his waist as you return the hug, obviously appreciative of the affection.

He moves back to take a proper look at your face before you feel him lean into you and cover your lips with his. Your lips move together and he hugs you even tighter, but not too tight to hurt you. He pulls away and plants a kiss on your temple before resting his forehead against yours.

He locks his gaze with yours when he says, “Don’t you ever do that again, okay?”

Once again, Chanyeol pulls away and walks across the room while he speaks. “I’ll tell you everything that happened.” You see him pick up a tray of food from the table across your room. “But first you must..” he walks back to you and places the tray of food on your crisscrossed legs. “Eat this.” He plops down beside you on the bed.

You look down to observe what he has served you. Porridge, rice, boiled meats, different varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables, and mango yogurt (your favorite).

“Wow,” you whisper and look up at Chanyeol. “Did you make this?”

He smiled. “Nope, I had it delivered because I couldn’t leave you alone, not even while the doctor was here.” He pat you on the head.

“Doctor?” you question.

“Eat first baby, then I’ll tell you. Go on,” Chanyeol gestures to the food.

So you do.

You pick up the food and start digging in. You moan at the taste of the first bite and only then did you realize just how hungry you really are. Neverending scoops enter your mouth and you hear Chanyeol laugh. His deep laugh that is honestly nothing less than a blessing to your ears. “There’s just something about seeing you eat that makes my heart warm.”

Chanyeol watches you eat while he questions you from time to time about the food. Other than that, the room is filled with silence but you don’t mind. The silence is comfortable and you know he doesn’t mind it too. He declines every time you offer him food and he pinches your cheeks, saying something about how cute you are for asking him if he’d like to try some of your food even when it is clear how ravenous you are.

Once you’re done, Chanyeol takes a tissue and glass of water beside your bed and passes it to you. Then, he brings the tray back to the table at the corner of your room and settles down next to you. “Had a good lunch?”

“Mmm yes. It was great, thank you very much. Now speak up Park, I’m curious.” He slings his arm around your shoulder and brings you closer to him. Your hand holds his one that is dangling on your shoulder and your fingers intertwine together. He starts speaking and you stay silent the whole time, paying attention to every word that comes out of his lips.

“We… we were arguing and I shouted at you. Then you turned around and you started crying and I felt so bad and my heart literally broke seeing you like that so I went up to you. I went to console you but you just fell onto the floor and Oh my god, I got even more worried. Like seriously, it was so scary to see you like that. Even scarier than that time Kyungsoo locked me in the store room for five minutes and turned off the lights.”

“Yah,” you interrupted, hitting him lightly on the chest. “You’re calling me scary?”

He laughs and takes your hand in his, kissing the back of it. “No princess, I’m just saying it was how broken you looked that scared me. Though… you are scary,” he joked.

“Park Chanyeol, I’m gonna-” you let go of his hand that was around your shoulder and hit him in the chest again playfully. “I’m kidding, i’m kidding,” he chuckled.

“Okay back to the story. Where was I? Ah yeah, you fell down and kept sobbing. You remember that, right?” you nodded and he went on. “Okay so then, I had no idea what to do so I just held you… until your breathing quickened and you fainted. I went into full panic mode and called the doctor to come quick. I really wanted to take you to the hospital, you know? Even though we’d be caught by the public, I couldn’t stand just not doing anything while waiting for the doctor. Anyway, the doctor arrived quickly to my surprise. It’s this guy that the company introduced to us. The one that always comes to the dorms to treat any of us whenever we’re sick. So we laid you on the bed and he did his thing, you know? I don’t know man, he used his stethoscope or whatever it is, all I know was I was worried as fuck. He told me to get some food so I ran to the kitchen but there was nothing. Really babe, you gotta remind me to grocery shop for you if you aren’t going to do it for yourself.”

You try to resist pinching his cheeks because him being so concerned over you is just too cute, but you fail. So you do it and he stops speaking momentarily only to look at you and peck you on the lips.

“Back to the topic… So I ring some restaurants and order you food. The doctor told me what kind of food I should get and yeah, that’s what you ate. After I ordered, the doctor sat me down and explained everything to me,” he pouts. “He said that you’d be okay, thankfully, and I felt like I could breathe again. The doctor also said that you fainted due to various reasons. You’re overworking yourself, baby. You’re not eating enough and you’re getting no sleep so all of this combined with low blood sugar levels caused you to.. yeah, pass out.” He narrows his eyebrows at you, like a mother scolding her child.

“I am seriously worried, okay? You’re going to sleep after this, and I’m going to stay with you for a few days whether you like it or not. You have to take care of yourself, baby. If anything happened to you, I would have flipped. Especially knowing that I could’ve been there to help you earlier,” he scolds lightly.

You take it all in and accept every single word he says. You deserve it.

When you can confirm that he is done speaking, you know it is your turn to respond. “Chan, i’m so sorry,” you begin. “I’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m sorry. For everything. I’m sorry for pushing you away and i’m sorry for ignoring you. I’ve been so stressed out lately from all the work and exams that I didn’t realize how bad I was treating myself and everyone around me and… it was so hard.” You never realize it, but you start tearing up. “There was just so much to do and I was so stressed. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to worry or be a burden to you. I hate that this, something that should be a small deal, has turned into a big one. I hate that I made you worry. I had that I had to break down in front of you — in front of anyone really. I feel like such a failure, God.” Then, you let everything else out. You tell him about that one time last week when you argued with your friends. How your professor was pressuring everyone. How you wrote the accurate answer to one of the questions in your exams, only to erase it out of doubt, change the answer to another one and realize your initial answer was correct after looking it up when the exams ended. How your assignment partner ditched you last minute for his other plans. You tell him everything as you cry. You curl your knees to your body and hide your face behind your hands that you have pulled away from him whilst you blurted all your inner feelings out.

“Hey hey, come here,” Chanyeol changes his position and lays behind you with his back on the headboard. His long legs are on either side of your body and he pulls your curled up body to his chest. He snakes his arms around your body and takes your smaller hands in his. “Don’t hide from me okay? Let me see that pretty face.” You hesitate at first but soon give in, letting him pull your hands away. You see him at the corner of your eye as he looks at you adoringly, like you’re the most beautiful person even when you’re crying, but with a tint of sadness in his eyes.

He wipes your tears with his thumb, pulls you closer and hugs you tighter. “Oh baby, i’m so sorry you were feeling like this and I had no idea about it. I’m so sorry for yelling at you. I really am. It’s gonna be okay, yeah? You’ve got me by your side and i’m gonna be here with you through it all. You can rant and cry about all your problems to me. How could you ever think of yourself as a burden to me? You are my girlfriend, sweetheart. I love you so much and you will never ever be a burden to me, okay? I am your boyfriend, and so it is my responsibility to take care of you. Your problems are my problems and I want you to tell them to me.”

Chanyeol lets out a breath, and just when you think he’s done, he’s not. “You’re not a failure, alright? You are the love of my life, and I love you because you are so hardworking, diligent, persevering along with many other reasons. But you were not, are not and never will be, a failure. You hear me? You are amazing. I don’t ever want you to think of yourself as anything less.” He gives you a long and swift kiss on the cheek and rests his head on your shoulder.

“Thank you, Chan. Thank you for everything. You’re amazing and I don’t even know why I pushed you away in the first place. I love you so much.”

“And I, you.”

A few moments pass before you hear him speak again.

“Oh and baby?”


“The person that ditched you…. who is it? Who do I need to beat up?”

He says it in a playful manner but you sense the defensive tone and you can’t help but let out a giggle at his protectiveness over you. “Ahh, there’s that laugh I’ve been waiting to hear. So beautiful. I should record that and put it in one of my songs… Or maybe not. Such beauty is scared and should be guarded. I shall protect it with my life. I’ll record all your laughter and make an album just for me, myself and I. Oh yes. What a great idea. It’s gonna be a bestseller.. in my heart.”

You laugh out loud. “Oh God, Chan,” you chortled. “You’re crazy!”

“Crazy for you,” he simpered, elongating the ‘you’.

You smile. Your mood starts to lighten even further so you two stay like that for God knows how long. You both indulge in each other’s comfort and love whilst you talk about anything and everything until all your problems dissipate. Before you know it, you and Chanyeol fall into a deep slumber in each other’s arms.


Hi guys!! I lost access to my exo twitter account that I have been using for a while so I need to restart a new account LMAO I’m so sad. So here’s some angst gahhh.

Saeran Fanfiction #5: Calculus Sucks

A/N: Wrote this as a smol pick-me-up for @dancingchestnut, my smol bean lover @saerans-ri (omgomgomg our r/s is public now 😂😂😂) and other people who might be having exams/dealing with a lot of exam stress!! This is like, such a big throw-back to my life last year lmao. Hope you enjoy~ 

Calculus sucks. 

You run your fingers through your hair again, chewing at your bottom lip as you frown at the particularly difficult question on the practice paper you’re doing. How many questions does that make, exactly? You’ve already skipped a ton of them and you’re not even halfway through the darn thing. 

You glance over at the hopelessly tall stack of notes on the table, and dread fills you immediately. The frustration that has been gnawing away at you for the past half hour begins to bubble up in your chest.

With a groan, you throw down your pen, and in the process the inky tip skids across the page that you were reading. Great. As if the dizzying, hypnotic mess of words haven’t been difficult enough to digest already. Squeezing your eyes shut, you lean back in your chair, letting your head swing back.

You need a break. A yawn escapes you and you’re reminded once again of the bitter fact that you only had a measly few hours of sleep the night before because you had so much left to finish.

What you need is a nap. A long, uninterrupted nap. A permanent one doesn’t too bad to you at this point, actually. 

You just want a break.

“Wow. 8cm, huh.”

Your eyes fly open at the sound of someone’s voice, and you find yourself staring up into the face of a certain redhead standing over you. He has an amused smirk playing on his lips at the moment, clearly pleased that he managed to give you a near heart attack. You wonder how long he’s been there for.

You feel your insides melt a little as a moment passes where you’re a little too dumbfounded to speak. That smirk and adorable dimple below the corner of his cheek always makes you go weak in the knees, it’s unfair. 

Snapping up into an upright sitting position, you spin around your chair to send him a glower. 

“Geez Saeran, don’t scare me like that,” you say with a groan. “And what are you talking about? What’s ‘8cm’?”

“You have a pretty big mouth,” he answers, smirk deepening. “Does your mouth always stretch that wide when you yawn?” 

Okay. Forget mushy insides. 

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But You’re the Bad Guy - Theo Raeken Imagine Series

based loosely on this imagine credits to owner for this idea 

Warnings: steamy make out sesh,swearing that’s all i guess

I walked into my class as I normally did not looking up afraid to make eye contact with my peers they thought I was weird. Somehow it felt different today, I couldn’t understand why my heart was racing but just then it hit me Theo my one and only weakness. I looked up big mistake there he was looking directly at me smirking dammit he was seated behind me great. I took my seat just as my teacher came in “class today we’ll be talking about psychology” he spoke.

I felt his eyes burning into the back of my head “y/n” he leaned in and whispered “you’re heart is racing like crazy” I could hear his smirk from here “you nervous or something?” Theo went on. “Mr.Raeken do you have something to add to why serial killers are the way they are?” Mr.Thompson asked raising a brow at Theo “no sir I was just asking Y/n for notes guess she doesn’t have any” Theo’s tone was cold I brushed it off.

I knew it was horrible to not talk to him but I couldn’t he’s the pack’s worst enemy and to have me be seen with Theo or communicating with him was bad news. I wouldn’t risk my friendship with the pack for anyone,Theo especially. He was an asshole he wants to over throw Scott and I’m not going to be the one who helps him accomplish that. But I do admit I have a terrible crush on the power crazed chimera sadly, I knew he couldn’t feel the same so I’ll just say quiet till class was over.

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His bestfriend- justin bieber imagine

smut-you have been warned, oneshot [virgin jb x reader]

“You’re lying” you half laugh at justin’s statement, not fully believing him. “I mean you’ve at least kissed someone.. Right?”

“N-not really” he stutters as his eyes falls to the ground.

You and justin were both in his bedroom, chatting and gossiping, catching up on your math homework, when somehow the subject of ‘how old were you when you lost your v card’ suddenly was brought up.

You stare at your best friend whom you’ve known since you started high school. He sat there as he quickly returned to scribbling some math equation on his book, not wanting this topic to go any further. You let the topic go as you see how uncomfortable he looked.

After you two had finished your last math revision for the day you stretch your arms out, letting the whole bubbled up frustration of your exam tomorrow wash away your body. “Ugh i’m so tired,” you groan out, “i feel like passing out.”

He keeps his eyes on you, studying your body as you fell back on the bed. He looked at how your hair was blown out, how your shirt was risen up your body as when you stretched your arms out. He took in every detail, like how your feet were flat against the bed and how your legs were spreaded out, just enough for him to imagine what was behind your flimsy covered shorts. He silently groans under his breath he sees your panties peeking through your shorts.

“Justin” you call his name again. He finally snaps of out his little not-so-innocent daydream.

“-oh-w-what?” he stutters out, carefully but quickly brushing over his growing dent in his pants.

“I said,” you say again, “are you hungry? I wanted to get some pizza or something.”

“Yeah” he quickly responds before walking out of the room, desperately making his way to the bathroom next door and slamming the door.


I casually as possible walk out of the bathroom after taking a shower.

“Finally,” she muffles out as she keeps chewing her food, “you took so long! I was going to have to finish it all.”

I slowly settle myself next to her as she arranges the food, making space for me on the bed.

“Eat justin,” she speaks again, “aren’t you hungry?”

“Not really,” i reply, continuing to play with my fingers.

I watch as her she keeps eating, laughing at her own jokes. She looked so happy and carefree. I laugh at how at how there was tomato sauce on the corners of her mouth and how she doesn’t notice it at all. She was so beautiful, perfect, amazing. She cracks up at her ‘funny’ joke as she starts to hit me hysterically on my thigh repeatedly, i couldn’t help but burst out laughing as well. She pushes me flat against the bed all of a sudden, taking me by surprise.

“I know how happened earlier,” she giggles, her body so close to mine causing me to heat up at the position we were in. “I heard you groaning in the bathroom, you weren’t exactly quiet”

My cheeks automatically heat up, i could feel it heat burning my whole face. She laughs as she gets up from the position that was making me faint.

I scan the room, not making any eye contact with her. I could feel the tension raising up in the room.

“Justin,” she begins, “I could help you ya know?” she says looking dead serious.

I feel my lungs bursting out of the body, my head spinning a thousand times around and around. “Don’t,” i say.

I didn’t want to make this anymore awkward than it already was. Sure i liked Y/N for more than i could remember, but i truth be told, I was scared, scared she’ll hate me after it, i was scared of screwing up our friendship. There was so many reasons why nothing sexual could not ever happen between us.

She reaches out, touching my arm softly. I shudder at the touch. I think i stopped breathing all together. I keep my eyes on her hand, so delicate, skin so smooth as she softly grips my forearm. She steadies herself on her knees, leaning into me, closer, closer as she keeps her face there. I could feel her breathing fanning the side of my face.

She plants a soft peck on my left cheek.

I feel her lips. She had the softest lips i ever felt- ive now officially lost my ‘kiss on the cheek’ virginity.

“Lets have sex.” she states blantly, so casually.

“No.” i say, virtually stomping my foot on the ground.

She sighs out. “I know you’re scared justin, but this could change for the better. C’com you’re already 19, you’ve got to break free out of your shell.”

I was scared. I was scared, not of girls but of the girl in front of me. I was so scared.

“Lay down,” she instructs me, “i’ll guide you through-step by step okay?”

I huff as i knew she was never going to let this go. We had already gotten here, there was no going back. “Just do it,” i repeat in my head.

I do as i’m told. I see her smiling at me, a warm smile plastered over her face, “Good, wasn’t that hard, was it?”

I feel my insides screaming as she starts to lean in. I could smell her perfume all over her causing my insides to melt as i take a sniff of her scent. I couldn’t help myself but reach up and touch her skin, caressing her the tender skin on her neck. I feel her head stop moving. I take my cue to lean up from my bed and plant a needy kiss on her neck.

I didn’t realise how much i was biting and nibbling on her neck until i heard her a whine leave her lips. I pull away to find a huge coloured spot on her neck.

She pushes me back on the bed, almost harshly, causing my arms to detach from her body. She traps me under her body, her core on my waist, knees planted each at the side of my body. “Are you sure you’re a virgin?” she laughs out, tilting her head slightly.

I look at her, studying her features, how amazing she looked above me. “Yeah i am,” i trail off, feeling her hips began to move against the thin fabric of my tshirt. I swear i could feel everything rubbing against my body. I narrow my eyes at how her hips were moving. I could feel my body heating up, my cock twitching at the sight.

I swear this girl could make me explode by just watching her grind and how she would close her eyes every now and then. This was definitely than all those times i was alone, with nothing but my hand, this wasn’t an imagination, this was reality.

I stare at the girl in front of me and something inside me couldn’t help but want to be the reason she was going to let go. I cautiously slip my hands in her shirt, slowly. She still had her eyes open, i didn’t want to freak her out or anything. I see her eyes opening, fluttering almost. I see how her mouth was open, slightly, little heavy breathes were let out every now and then. I think she liked my slow movements.

“God,” she groans out, her voice causing a sensation to bubble up, my cock automatically catching on her pleasure. I shift my hips, feeling the restriction in my pants build up. I leave a hand off her waist and make my way to my pants. I take a hand in and begin to rub myself through my boxers. I groan out.

Suddenly i feel a more delicate hand around my shaft. I open my eyes to find her orbs staring straight into mine. I swear i saw a smirk on her face. I couldn’t help but raise my hips up to her hand, she was beginning to slow down. I loved the way her cold fingers would touch so softly against my hot sensitive skin. I could feel myself heating up. I could feel myself being restricted almost, my manhood painfully hard and sore as he halts her rubbing.

“Fuck,” i curse out as she begins to rub her clothed core over my now exposed manhood. I could feel my face heating up at sight. I swear i could feel something damp. I flick my eyes up to her as i watch her facials. This was a sight i could never unsee.

I didn’t know what came over me but i feel the sudden desire to take this in my hands as i easily flip our bodies over. I watch as her eyes blown wide at the sudden move. Hell, i was surprised too.

“Justin,” she says as she tugs her bottoms down in one go. I start to feel the sweat on my forehead start to build up. I swear i was going to start hyperventilating as i flickered my way down to her heat. She softly takes her hand in mine, tugging it down to between her legs. I feel how wet she was. The feeling was making me go wild. “How?-your so wet?”

“Justin-fuck, me,” she breathes out as he yanks my bottoms down as well. This girl as going to be the death of me. I could help but want to please her, not myself. I wanted to see her cum. I had pictured this in my mind again and again- it was finally becoming a reality.

“I’ve always wanted you,” I say as I position myself at her entrance, “f-fuck-”a shudder of pleasure ran down my spine as I feel her walls. Was she suppose to feel this tight? I quickly look at her for any signs of discomfort. I see her eyes fully shut, eye brows slanted.

I quickly pull out, slipping out of her heat. I didn’t want her to be in pain.


You feel your walls suddenly empty. What was this boy doing?

“What the f-” you open my eyes to see a worried look plastered all of his face.

“Are you hurt- are you crying?” he stumbles over his words.

“Justin,” you couldn’t help but laugh at his silly words, “get in me you idiot!”

You wrap your bare legs around his waist harshly, causing his cock to plunge into your core, brushing your walls perfectly.

You could feel him touch everything inside of you. You hear him curse above you. He sounded like he was enjoying this as well.

He hold your hips in place with one hand, his fingers making your side hurt a little at how hard the pressure was. Justin looked lost in the moment, he probably didn’t know how hard his fingers were pressing at your sides. You could feel him speed up. He was hitting all the right places and friction of his shaft against your tight walls made you go crazy, your head was spinning a thousand miles per second.

“I think i’m going to cum-fuck-fuck fuc-” he spits out, tugging his head into the crook of your neck, panting crazily into your ear.

You could feel your legs start to shake at how amazing the pleasure felt. The rigidness of his shaft, plunging into you, hitting the spot that made you see black and white was so much, you swear you couldn’t hold onto your orgasm any more.

You wail out as you feel your sensitive bud being rubbed so fast and roughly. You could feel your eyes roll to the back of your head. Was this boy really a fucking virgin?

Justin speeds up. You feel the thrusts become a bit sloppier. He suddenly spills inside you, his seed warm as he groans a animalistic growl at the back of his throat.

You let go seconds after him. You feel the tightening in your stomach wash away. You stare at him, eyes fluttering closed. He simply stares back at you, golden orbs not leaving your face, almost as if he was trying to read your mind. “Thank you” he softly mutters. 

He had finally had what he wanted since.. well forever.

Don’t Leave Me

AN: Everyone knew Suga was in love with her. He just didn’t want to say it, that was- until she was going to leave. 

Y/N was nearing the end of her time at BigHit as BTS’ personal assistant. She shared her job with a noona, and they split the band between them. Y/N was in charge of Yoongi, Namjoon and Jimin’s schedule whilst noona took care of the others. 

Y/N was feeling optimistic about leaving, she was going to go to college to study English Literature after taking a year out to figure what she really wanted to do. During that time, she was mostly running after Min Yoongi who couldn’t get his but out of bed to get to interviews, or seemed to pester her with the most obscure requests. She was his PA, but his requests were the most obscure things anyone could ever come up with. The other guys weren’t like that, and it seemed that he took fun in specifically getting her to do these things. Sometimes he could be the sweetest person ever to exist for her too, which often meant he was hot or cold. His mood changed like rapid seasons around her. 

He also seemed to like teasing her, sometimes it went over board and Y/N ended up on the verge of tears not too long ago.


“Is he cute?” Noona PA asked, as Y/N let it out that she had a date tonight set up with a mutual friend of theirs during lunch. But now, whilst the guys were getting their hair and makeup done did noona PA decide to ask her about it out of the blue. 

Y/N blushed. 

“Ah, young love! What are you going to wear? Sexy, cute, preppy, vintag-” Noona PA asked, too loudly for Y/N’s liking. It got J-Hope’s attention. 

“Y/N whose the lucky guy?!” He semi asked-yelled. 

“I feel bad, this is all happening and you didn’t tell us.” J-Hope play pouted. 

“Yah, Y/N I think you should go for cute-sexy. If it were me, I would be captured and wanting to know more. “ Namjoon offered his thoughts on how she should dress for her date. He explained it with his hands, like she was some sort of concept. 

“Namjoon, If it was you, you’d spend most of the time going on about some theory that no one knows about.” Y/N teased back. 

“Aish. Whatever, just know that guys like cute-sexy.” He said.

Y/N rolled her eyes. 

“Who has a date? Y/N?” Suga asked, in a blunt voice that bluffed up. 

Y/N never knew how to react around him. He was sometimes hot and cold. Today, it seemed like cold. 

“Suga- hyung, what’s your opinion on what Y/N should wear on her date?” Jimin asked, smirking. 

Suga contemplated his answer. He wanted to say that she should wear that baseball top with the number 3 on it, paired with her black ripped skinny jeans and nike sneakers when he would pick her up to go and get pizza. 

“Nothing really makes a difference. Plain is plain.” He said nonchalantly. 

The rest of the guys rolled their eyes or silently huffed. They knew Suga had a thing going on for Y/N. He couldn’t express his feelings, or even try and convey it to her he had some feeling in general. 

J-Hope shot him a dirty look. He signalled that what he said was uncalled for. 

Y/N on the other hand, was on the verge of tears. She had to keep it together, since she was working. She tried her best, but felt her eyes about to pour out. Stripping it back by looking up, she willed herself to stay composed. Y/N didn’t know why his words sometimes cut through to her. 

“I think we should keep our personal lives, personal. Now, Namjoon- you have an interview for 4 today.” Y/N said diverting the topic. 

Suga was an asshole to her. Later that night, when Y/N was about to file their scripts from todays interview, she was surprised to see Suga standing in the doorway. 

“Can I help yo-” She was cut off by him. 

“Who is he?” 

“I’m sorry. I’m your PA. My life isn’t that interesting or necc-” She was cut off again.

“Answer my question. “ Yoongi said, taking a step towards her. 

“Why are you wearing that?” He asked, looking at the red ensemble she was in, paired with black stillettos. She looked enthralling. Yoongi wanted to be the only one to see her legs. Not whatever frat boy she’d be going to see tonight after work.

Scrap that, Yoongi thought to himself. There was no way in hell he was letting her out of his sight, dressed like that for someone else. 

“I need you to help me tonight.” Yoongi said, about to lower himself to a last resort.

“Please, Yoongi I really want to go out tonight.” Y/N half way begged. She couldn’t stand his how petty he was being. It was clear he was trying to mess up her night off. 

“Too bad. I call my monthly negotiation today.” Yoongi said, smirking. A monthly negotiation was when he could chose one day a month where his PA could be asked to stay with him to help beyond the hours they normally worked. 

Today was that day for Yoongi. 

“UGH. I hate you.”  

Even though Y/N didn’t end up on her date, Yoongi got her to order in pizza and made her sit down with him eating. To anyone else, it looked like they were having a date night in probably. Weirdly, she enjoyed herself even though she shouldn’t considering she was on the verge of tears not too long ago. Yoongi had this weird ability to make her feel like that, something was up; but Y/N didn’t want to think about it too much. It would complicate things. 

End of flash back 

“She looks like she’s seen herself in the mirror lately.” Think of the Devil and the devil shall appear, Y/N said to herself as none other than the guy who took over her nightmares said walking past her into his dressing room chair. 

The rest of the boys just huffed, annoyed at Yoongi’s blunt rudeness whenever he was around Y/N. Namjoon just wished he’d confess his feelings already, considering he spends so much time usually just talking about how ‘weird’ she is or asking about her to the other members. 

Y/N was now a bit more use to his random requests and bluntness, although he was polite to the other PA noona. 

She rolled her eyes and went back to the chart she was looking at to organise their schedules. 

“Yah, how am I going to live without Y/N when she goes to college?” Jimin huffed. 

“Why, someone finally let her in?” Suga asked, blunt as ever again. 

Jimin ignored him and Y/N usually just rolled her eyes, but no one doubted her intelligence.

“All five accepted me, including two USA ivy leagues.” The Ivy leagues were thanks to Namjoon’s helping when he could in preparation for the tests, but still- Yoongi just tried to make her seen incompetent. 

“So you don’t think BTS are good enough for you, is that why your’re leaving?” Yoongi asked, aggressively getting up from the chair he was about to sit on. 

“Nice to know you’ll miss me.” Y/N said without looking up from her sheet of schedules. 

“Get me the lyrics I left on the desk on the third floor from the other day.” Yoongi said, trying to seem unaffected. This was an example of the weird requests he had, which Y/N had no option but to do. She tried to be sassy about it at first, but now she was close to giving up. 

“Yes, your majesty.” She said under hear breath as she tried to find where an obscure bit of paper would now be in this giant building. 

Later that week 

“That’s the last of your things? I’m going to miss you.” Noona PA said, seeing Y/N pack the last of her things from her office into a big box. 

“I’ll be back this summer, we’ll go to Han River and watch fireworks. I promise.” Y/N said, knowing she’d be back from the US this summer once she got over all her exams. 

She couldn’t help but feel emotional saying goodbye. She had also said bye to the boys apart from Suga, who didn’t even bother looking at her. She bought all of them cupcakes that she made and was met with goodbye gifts from each of them. She said they’d go far, and it would be a matter of time before she’d wake up one morning in New York hearing BTS on Capital FM. 

Jungkook and J-Hope had let some tears loose, so she broke down saying her final goodbyes with them. They had become friends without her even realising, they all spoke about how it didn’t feel like Y/N was a member of staff to them, but like a sister.

“I’ll go check if your cars ready.” Noona PA said, excusing herself from the office. 

“Oh, Suga…” Y/N heard Noona PA say as she was about to leave. Noona PA looked back and forth between Y/N and Suga, deciding it was best to leave them. Noona PA wasn’t dumb, she knew Suga probably liked her, because he picked on her like a boy would pick on a girl he liked. 

“What is this?” Suga asked, stepping closer to Y/N and pointing at her two boxes. 

Y/N figured this was his weird way of saying good bye, so she got the spare cupcake she had made for him out. 

“Here. I know you don’t like me, but I just want you to know that I wish you the best. And-”

Y/N should have expected how he would cut her off by now.

“You’re not leaving.” He said, as-a-matter-of-fact like it was obvious. 

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows. 

“Okay…” She rolled her eyes, before it clicked he might pull another negotiation trick on her.

“Hey! No more negotiations, I’ve formally quit.” She warned.

“Quit?! How dare you! You can’t quit.” He yelled, which was rare. Suga’s voice going up octaves wasn’t something people usually saw or heard. Y/N nearly flinched. 

She was confused, his behaviour was ice cold at the moment.

“Aren’t BTS good enough for you? Is that why?” He took more steps towards her, closing in on her against a wall. 

“Why, Suga? Why do you care?” She asked, trying to keep composed. She wanted answers, this guy who seemed like he could spit on the ground she walked on was now looking at her like she was the focal point of his world. 

He laughed, which did something to Y/N she didn’t want to admit. 

“Aish. I can’t do this.” He said, pushing his head back and running his palm over his face. 

“Suga…” Y/N didn’t know what came over her, but she reached out to touch him. 

“Don’t go.” Suga said, in a low voice. 

“Why? You have to tell me why…” Y/N said in a quiet voice. There had to be a reason why he was acting like this.

“I like you”. He said, their bodies so close they could be one person. 

Y/N’s eyes widened. 


“All this time, you treated me like absolute shit, you nearly made me, no in fact- made me cry on-” Classic Yoongi, cutting her off. This time, he took her into his arms and pressed a surprise kiss that Y/N warmed up to in seconds. 

Shut up. I was in love with you, you idiot”. Yoongi thought out aloud in the midst of his heated kiss. Y/N had gripped his shirt and was overcome with an unexpected need to be as close to him as possible. His gentle, calm, teasing kiss made her feel light headed. 

“I’m so confused by you Min Yoongi, we need to go through what’s going on in that head of yours.” Y/N said, forcing herself to break off. She had no clue why she kissed the guy who made her cry and feel like shit for months. In repressing how she thought Yoongi was attractive, suddenly she let herself feel what she felt towards him. 

Y/N felt like she had missed so much, like how he had a lop sided grin right now, like all that hatred that was bottled up had finally deflated. 

It was like looking at a new person, or the real Min Yoongi. 

He had said he was in love with her, which Y/N couldn’t get her head around. Yet, any fool who looked at his expression now could tell he looked like someone who was in love.

“From when you walked in to that room a year ago and introduced yourself, I thought you were cute. I watched you joke around with my hyungs, and saw you thoughtful you were. I saw how you helped people when you didn’t have to, but most of all- when you spoke to me. I realised that getting you riled up had become a past time of mine, but there was more, I-”

This time, Y/N cut Suga off for once. She could tell it wasn’t easy for him to pour his heart and soul out like that.

“It’s okay. I know.” She said, trying to make him feel better. 

Little did she know, that’s what people who are in love do. 

part i | part ii | part iii | part iv

part v: in which there is a name

“Maybe I can come with you.”


“Why not? Your mom loves me!”



“No!” Sasuke grumbled under his breath, already regretting having brought Naruto with him to KU Cafe to wait out for Tinder Girl. And also to work. Looking down at his course syllabus and how much of his textbook he actually skimmed, Sasuke was about three weeks behind on his readings. He broke out his highlighter and pencil, ready to mark some stuff on the pages to make himself feel like he was studying. “Fuck my life.”

“Are you already behind?” Naruto asked. He had his laptop open in front of him as he typed up his essay. Or, you know, browsed Imgur. “Didn’t class just start?”

“Didn’t you just shut up?”

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When Life Leaves Us Blind (love keeps us kind)

Belated Batfam week day #2: Shenanigans!


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    Tim was having a bad night.

    Not physically, of course. Patrol was quiet and almost boring. But a quiet city meant more time for him to wander the dark, empty alleys and rooftops alone, more time for his brain to twist a knife in his emotions while disassociation crept up his vaguely tingling fingers.

    He couldn’t even nail down exactly what was bothering him, which meant it bothered him more. Every noise seemed amplified, he jumped every time something moved near him. It was like his nerves were all on fire while he walked the silent roof’s edge, twirling his bo staff in one hand to give the numb and tingling fingers something to do.

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Stop Apologizing

Intro: My inspiration for this piece comes from a nap I took the other day.  I was feeling especially anxious and was curled in my bed, trying to take a nap, my arms wrapped around my pillow.  You know those pillows that have like arms and are meant to act as like a back rest for when you are sitting on your bed?  Yeah I had my arms wrapped around one of the arms and I thought it felt weird (yet very comfortable), like I had my arms wrapped around someone’s leg…. and voila!  You will see what I mean when you read this.  

Pairing: Bones x Reader (I promise more Kirk x reader to come!)

Word Count: 1904

Triggers: Fluff, awkwardness, nothing else

Summary: So basically the preface for this story is that Bones and the reader are classmates at the Academy and have become really close friends, studying together all the time.  The reader secretly loves Bones, but doesn’t say anything lest he not return the feelings and it ruins the friendship (yes very overdone plotline I know).  But one day it all changes…


You felt warm and cozy as you pulled your pillow closer to your face, your arms wrapped around it tightly.  Snuggling your face into it you recoiled at the harsh texture of the material digging into your skin.  Lifting your head from the bed, you squinted your eyes against the light of the beside lamp and looked around, your eyes landing on a figure lying in the bed beside you.  

It was your best friend and fellow future doctor, Leonard, sitting slightly propped up against the headboard, a book in his hand.  He noticed you stirring and dropped the book a little, giving you a small smile. 

“Good morning, princess.” He teased and you could only squint up at him. 

It was in that moment that you realized that it was not a pillow that you had your arms wrapped around and face pressed against; it was Leonard’s jean-clad leg.  You froze in embarrassment, your eyes fully opening now as you realized the intimacy of your position.  You had your shins pressed up against the headboard, your knees at a 90 degree angle, and were laying on your side, the front of your body pressed against Leonard, your head near his knees and your arms wrapped around his thigh.  Only when you shifted did you realize that he had draped an arm over the back of your thighs, his hand resting on the bed just beside your butt.  

You rolled over, quickly pulling yourself from the intimate embrace and sat at the edge of the bed, your cheeks flaming in embarrassment and from the feeling of his arm draped against the bare skin of your thighs.  You took in a couple of shaky breaths before turning to face him, pulling your knees to your chest protectively.  

“How long was I asleep?” You asked, and rubbed at the sleep in your eyes. 

“6 or 7 hours.” Leonard responded non-chalantly, looking especially charming in his black-rimmed reading glasses.  

“7 HOURS!” You yelped in disbelief and looked at the clock, it was true, it was 7 hours later. 

You had come into Leonard’s quarters to study with him for the upcoming exam on alien anatomy, and had studied successfully for a few hours before you decided to do some independent reading.  You had lain down on your stomach beside him, your face propped up on your elbows, reading, your eyes getting heavy as the words blurred together, and you must have fallen asleep using Leonard as a pillow.  

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Stressy as Hecky

Originally posted by crankyethans

A/N: Ooh god please help. im having a terrible time. ive got so much fucking work im actually dying and cant make myself do a bit of it. vent write?  maybe. whatever its another “ethan likes to be helpful” fic. also guess the fuck wgat lol i wrote this instead of doing my own actual essay due in two days for my hardest class yikes lol. i hope everyone who’s doing their exams survives. good luck yall.

You shove the pile of papers away from you with a loud noise of frustration. There was just too much stuff. You prop your elbows up on the table and drop your head in your hands. Things felt so… shit right now. Every time you looked at your copious amounts of work, the words swam on the page and you couldn’t focus on anything, not to mention the hour you’d spent staring at an empty word doc, trying to type up an important essay. You could feel your hands shaking as tears welled up in your eyes. You tried to fight it but couldn’t stop the sob that escaped your mouth. You just had too much to finish and no motivation and you couldn’t stop thinking about all the things that would happen if you didn’t get this done.

You were so frustrated and upset. Just… ugh! You shoved your chair back, pacing up and down the room and rubbing at your eyes to stop the tears. The stress and hopelessness had been building up and was just waiting to crash down on you. “Fuck!” You lash out in your anger, kicking the wall hard. A precariously balanced book wobbled and fell off the shelf on the wall, hitting the ground with a bang. You clenched your fists and tried to calm down, returning to pacing. You didn’t know what to do. You wanted to do your work, but at the same time it was the last thing you thought you could force yourself to do. You felt so choked up and pissed off as tears sprang up in your eyes and began to slip down your cheeks. You made another loud noise of frustration.


From outside, Ethan’s soft, concerned voice made you crumple. You caved in on yourself and lowered yourself down to sit on the ground, hugging your knees close to your chest.

“Y/N?” Ethan’s voice, closer this time, rang out. The door to the room opened slowly and Ethan poked his head in. “Everything all right?” He asked, eyes going wide when he saw you on the floor.

You shook your head, staring at the carpet. You heard him shuffle in and you rubbed at your eyes, sniffling and trying to hide the fact that you’d been about to burst into tears.

“Hey…” Ethan says softly, kneeling down in front of you. “What’s wrong?”

You shudder with a heavy breath out and wrap your arms tighter around your knees. “It’s just so much…. Shit. I’ve got so many assignments and essays and I still have to get ready for finals and it’s all just… bullshit!’ God, I hate it.”

“I’m sorry…” Ethan tries. You know he can relate to the stress seeing as he’s raving about all his projects and video deadlines every other day, but school is a different type of Hell.

“I don’t want to do any of it. I’m trying really hard but it’s like… I look at the paper and none of the words make any sense, I just can’t process them. I’m having an even harder time focusing than usual. And I’m trying to force myself to figure it out and finish my work by thinking of all my deadlines, but that just makes me stress out worse and then I start freaking out thinking that I’m gonna fail and-” You gasp, deep and breathless. It’s too much. A sob tears itself from your chest and you bury your head between your knees.

“Hey, hey come here.” Ethan pulls you towards him and you move without protest. He pulls you into a tight hug, rubbing soothing circles against your back and cradling your head against his chest.

“I know this is stressful, Y/N, and there’s really nothing I can do to fix that. But you need to calm down, okay? Easier said than done, yeah, but you need to.” He pulls away to look at you and cups your cheek in his hand, rubbing his thumb against your skin and wiping away a tear. “Just think about it!” He smiles brightly, “All you have to do is finish this stuff and you’re done! No more assignments, just videos and creating your own life! You can do it, I know it.”

You sigh, leaning back against him and letting him hold you close to his chest. You focus on his breathing, trying to match up your own breaths. You stay there, letting him hold you, until you can feel yourself relax. Looking up at him with a sigh, you try to put on a smile. It’s small and still a bit watery, but it works.

“Yeah… okay. That’s good that’s a good way to think about it. Thank you.” You stretch to give him a kiss on the cheek. “I think I’m gonna take a break for tonight, though.”

“Sounds good.” Ethan smiles warmly at you.

“Wanna go watch movies on the couch with a copious amount of blankets?” You ask, smile becoming brighter.

“I’d love to.”