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hux is just……..so terrible

when there’s nothing to his characterization beyond spitting angrily and being a space fascist, the fact that SUCH a huge fandom exists for him is terrible

the fact that people ship him with kylo and it’s so popular is terrible

the fact that people ship him with rey AND kylo is even more terrible

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Top 5 reasons for black paladin lance

1: he’s my fave and i’d shit myself if he got to do something as kick-ass as piloting the black lion and leading the team and being treated on the same level of of badassery as Keith or Shiro

2: it would make for a very compelling plot

3: character development for everyone!

4: Lance is a natural born leader and has the traits that would make him a fantastic black paladin

5: he’d be so happy! he wants to lead! he really does!

Thinking a lot about accessibility, and how even though I’m working toward helping as many children as I can…the field of child psychology is expensive and seeking it is expensive so even if my services are available, how many children’s parents will be able to afford them?

I can’t see myself just sitting in my office and charging x amount of dollars an hour for sessions and being content with that. Especially if my main goal is reach black children. With the type of person I am, I can’t just have my hands in one thing, anyway.

I find myself wanting to be so involved in children’s community programs, hospitals, the education system, private practices and non-profits but also I’m only one person. There are things that I could be doing with the credentials I already have, or will soon have, mostly involving non-profits and community programs which makes me feel good because I just need to be doing something and soon..

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Umm, hello! So I've been mulling something over in my head for a while now-that is, whether I can actually call myself a Baccano! fan if I haven't caught up to the light novels. I have a vague sense of what happens, and have read the first few, but it's been a while and because I haven't read all the novels thanks to sheer inability I'm kind of nervous. Everyone seems to know so much more than I do and I'm afraid to try to join the community because of it and I was hoping for your advice.

Hey anon,

Thank you so much for asking me this, because I want to make something clear right now. 

You are a Baccano! fan.

You know, if we started deciding whether not someone was a fan based on how knowledgeable they were in regards to a series, that would be utterly terrible. There are Star Trek fans out there who have certainly never seen all iterations of Star Trek, nor have they read the comics, or books. There are people who’ve only seen the Lord of the Rings movies, but still consider themselves fans. 

And you know what? They are. They are fans. 

Being a fan does not mean you have to know everything there is to know about a series - there is no ongoing competition here, no race that some of us are trying to win.  There are twenty-two novels in Baccano! so far, and it’s still going - that’s a lot, you know? No one will fault you for ‘being behind’ and revoke your fan card of the series, because that’s just silly. 

You’re a fan because you like Baccano! a lot. That’s it!  That’s the bar. You’ve passed. 

I promise you, there are several people in this community who are still in the process of reading the books. Some have been liveblogging their reactions (to the immense delight of those of us who have read them.) Some are still stuck in 1933, some in 1934, some are (probably) desperately rereading the 2002 arc because they’ve forgotten half of what happens. 

And there are those who are still only mostly familiar with the anime and the first few novels. And they are just as much fans as those who have reread the novels three times and counting

The thing is, you’ve always belonged to this community. You always, always have.  Don’t worry about ‘not knowing as much’ as everyone else - there are those still powering through the series, and even the more supposedly ‘well-read’ fans forget stuff left and right, because holy shit there’s 22 novels two drama CDs two manga one DS game one anime one short story and there is SO MUCH content, honestly, dear Lord. 

Frankly, the only thing you should be worrying about is spoilers, in case you plan on picking up more of the novels at some point. I’ve been trying to use the tag Baccano! spoilers now and then but I’ve been fairly inefficient on that front.

And you know what, anon, I think you’re forgetting one thing - this is a pretty small fandom, all things considered. Which means people are uniformly delighted every time someone starts participating in this community, regardless of how much they know or read. I’ve seen more than once people join - people who have only seen the anime (and sometimes not even the OVAs) - and be met with unabashed welcome (and sheepish warnings of - “aha, we’ll try to warn for spoilers if you’re concerned about them”). 

So, fellow Baccano! fan, I’m so glad you’re here. Please do join in the fun - we are more than happy to welcome you. If you have any questions at any time about the series, someone will be sure to respond (like me!). I am so looking forward to seeing your content. 

Thank you for speaking up. Everything I’ve said here applies to all folks who feel similarly - folks who’ve only seen the anime, folks who’ve maybe picked up the first novel - anyone and everyone who feels like they’re not ‘good enough’ to be a part of this community. 100% bunk, that. You’re all fans and I’ll shout it from the rooftops if I have to. 

- Rev 

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seeing all those new SHCJ in your ask, it makes me want to say something too. I'm also just becoming a SHCJ recently although I like them since This Love era but because I don't have any friends to fangirl (even until now) so I refrain from calling myself a SHCJ :(

You know, you don’t have to have friends to fangirl with to call yourself a SHCJ, being a SHCJ means you love and support Shinhwa. Personally for me, it’s a criteria extra, I have to love the group and the fandom to consider myself as a fan. Fangirling alone, with friends, whatever, as long as you are devoted to a group you love, that’s a fan.

I’ve decided to make my own aesthetic, so that  you can (if you want to) get to know me a little better. 

I am known for:

~ Writing, constantly, either on my laptop, books or phone. I never stop writing. 

~ My low self esteem, I think very low of myself and struggle a lot with that. 

~ Messy buns, I love messy buns or fishtail braids. 

~ Guitar and music. Mostly music. I always listen to something, anything really. And I also played guitar for 2-3 years

~ Animals, mostly dogs. I live for dogs. 

~ Series and strawberries, I love spending nights watching series and loove me some strawberries whenever I feel down. 

XX ~ if you want to know more in the future don’t be afraid to ask.

Friendly reminder that it’s okay not to be okay. You are allowed to be upset even if you can’t change it. You are allowed to feel like crap even if you can’t think of a logical reason to. You’re allowed to know that your brain chemistry is making you feel bad about yourself, or making you think things you know you don’t actually want to do, and still be upset by that.

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seriously though Liam, throw us a bone. TELL US WHAT SOON IS??? (yes let's be friends) (same anon)

Also thanks, calling someone savage is like the ultimate compliment. (Especially from your favourite blog)

Hi savage anon,

You’re really pretty savage, I’m just pointing out the facts. Something tells me you and Liam would get along famously and then he would giggle his obnoxiously adorable soft giggle and today’s turning out to be a day to obsess over Liam’s giggles, siiiiigh.

I’ve seen a post just recently where the anon makes a good point. I haven’t even been into the fandom from the start and I was only here to see one album take birth (MITAM) but I can tell that we get conditioned to wanting back-to-back quick music from the boys. Regardless of what is happening BTS, I do find myself torn between wanting the music asap and wanting Liam to take his time, it’s his music and 1D’s team did him dirty so I really hope he’s fully satisfied with what he’s done and makes sure he drops the music when he wants to.

It’s tough being a Liam stan sometimes, and like you said, throw us a bone, or let us bone you, I mean

And no wayyyyy, you’re kind kind and supremely adorable. Xx

(Let’s be friends and bitch about Liam being a tease, aha)

Exclusive footage of Liam after he made his Snapchat public and disappeared: 

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I think I'm depressed but I don't want to tell my mom she'll feel so sad.I'm not like, oh I want to kill myself. But lately I've been so sad & just want to sleep and cry,it has something to do with my incapacity of making friends in my school I guess

I think people hear “depression” and automatically think that coincides with suicidal thoughts and it definitely doesn’t- there is such a spectrum. 

I think that it’s great that you recognize your depression and want to deal with it, that is like such a huge step in the right direction that you may not even realize. It takes a lot of people a long time to admit they are depressed and be open to getting help. So good for you, seriously. 

It’s also very showing of the type of person you are that you are worried about your mom and her feelings. But she’s your mom, and just as you care about her being sad, she cares if you’re sad and wants to be there for you or be given the chance to help make it better- trust me. Sometimes with depression/anxiety/metnal health you need to be a little selfish and let yourself ask for help, because things won’t get any better until you do. You aren’t supposed to have to fight this alone and you shouldn’t have to and as the person who probably loves you most in this world, your mom will understand that. Sometimes just to talk about it with someone who you know cares about you can open a door to making things better. And hopefully she can take you to talk to a professional (which seems like BS I always used to think it was but it’s actual a great outlet). 

Either way, I think you should talk to her. And always remember that it gets better. I know it may seem some days like it won’t and you will be sad forever but I promise that you can beat this, and this too shall pass. 

Y'know those Facebook Memories?

You use them to look at good times with friends and eliminate yourself from 2010-2011?

Well, today a quote came up. It was a quote from the Princess Diaries, and was a quote that I suggested to myself would be an excellent quote for myself as a teacher. Something to live up to. It goes:

“But then I thought, if I cared about the other seven billion out there, instead of just me, that’s probably a better use of my time.”

I kid you not, I cried reading that. Thinking to myself how far I had gotten from the quote. There were times I never thought of others, and put myself first. It really opened my eyes to make me want to better myself so I can help others.

As an educator, my primary role in life is to help students attain greatness.

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I get super protective about my SI's to a detrimental point like... I am a polyglot, but couldve been a hyperpolyglot but PTSD has ruined my life etc.. and I wanted to study linguistics at uni, but the thought of meeting someone who also "likes languages" makes me soooo anxious and literally enraged? so i chose something very different to protect myself. Like in my head it's MY thing. I'm not posessive in other aspects of life, so why am i like this? It's ruined my life literally haha...

It’s fairly common for autistics to be very protective of their special interests. For a long time, anytime someone would bring up Harry Potter I would get irritated and need to prove that I was more invested than they were. Over time, I’ve managed to quell those feelings so that I can appreciate having someone to talk to about my special interests.

If this is ruining your life, I would suggest seeking help. A therapist may be able to help you work through this and come to a place where you are no longer enraged at meeting someone else who shares an enjoyment of your special interest. 

If a therapist is not an option, I would suggest trying to expose yourself to others who like your SI over the internet. Don’t necessarily engage with them, just observe that there are others who appreciate your special interest. Try to change your self talk from “this is mine!” to “it’s ok that someone else likes this.” At first, those will feel like hollow, fake words, but over time, you may actually start to believe them. 

I hope you are able to work through this and pursue your dreams!


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Hello! I want to have a wand but i read it has to be from nature like a dry branch of a tree or something. But can i do it somehow myself or is it necessary to make it from nature?

Doing it yourself can help connect with your creativity so that’s good! It really depends on your tastes. You can get one from nature and decorate it, or do one yourself. Listen to what you actually want to do and not to what others tell you!

Let’s all stop trying to “be” something. I just want connections. I want friends. I want good times with good people. I don’t want to force anything. I don’t want any expectations of myself, or for someone else. I just want things to happen naturally. I don’t want to disappoint and hurt anyone, and I don’t want to hurt anymore either. I just want to take everything lightly. No more high hopes and let downs. Stop trying so hard. Let’s just be.


He’s weak for the most ridiculous stuff and they 100% know and take full advantage of it

And I tried. I tried to be beautiful in a way that caught you off guard. I tried to be smart without having to use a calculator. I tried to be funny without having to think of some stupid joke to say. I tried to be sexually experienced for you. I tried to have all my shit together. I tried to figure what I wanted in life. I tried everything just so you could look at me the way I look at you. I tried to be something that wasn’t me and even when I tried all theses things it still wasn’t enough to make you look at me. It still wasn’t enough to make you want me. It still wasn’t enough to make you love me. Never again will I ever be something other than myself for a guy. Never again will I betray the body I was given. The home that I hated for so many years and treated like shit. Never again will I put a mans needs before me because really men ain’t shit. They do not home a person for 9 months just to go through extraordinary measures to bring that tiny human into the world safely. They do not bleed for a week and have extreme pain just because they aren’t pregnant. Women do not open their hearts and hips and birth a child when it feels like every bone in their body breaking and more just so a man can decide if she’s the one he wants for the week. My point is, do not ever settle for a man that does not see you as magic and more. Women are not ordinary. We did not give birth to civilization just so we could be treated like shit.
—  You not wanting me was the beginning of me wanting myself. // love, heartbreak & everything in between.

Based on @paperficwriter‘s Genos headcanon(s)!

Being an hero isn’t half as glamorous as they make it sound, really